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Caught in the Web: Reactions to Lakers' 102-89 Game 1 victory over Celtics


Game stories

--The Times' Mike Bresnahan believes the Lakers set the tone with a 102-89 Game 1 NBA Finals victory Thursday over the Boston Celtics.

--The New York Times' Jonathan Abrams credits Kobe Bryant for getting others involved.

--The Boston Globe's Julian Benbow chalks up the Celtics' loss to their bad start.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding credits the Lakers' toughness.

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's David Lassen points to the Lakers' refusal to back down as being instrumental against Boston.

--The Washington Post's Michael Lee believes the Lakers have more satisfaction playing Boston in the Finals instead of the Orlando Magic.

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford details the Lakers' physical play.


--The Times' Bresnahan highlights Ron Artest's strong offensive and defensive performance.

--The Boston Globe's Benbow reports Celtics guard Ray Allen wasn't thrilled with the officiating.

--The Orange County Register's Janis Carr features Pau Gasol's interest in tennis.

--The Daily News' Phil Collin and Teaford explain why Artest is still coming to grips with playing in the NBA Finals.

--The Daily News' Jon Gold details how Celtics guard Rajon Rondo has changed to a new role.

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's Lassen looks at how the Lakers' reserves in the team's Game 1 victory.


--The Times' Broderick Turner credits Gasol's contributions as well as Andrew Bynum's efforts.

--The Times' Lisa Dillman breaks down the matchup between Gasol and Celtics forward Kevin Garnett.

--The Times' Baxter Holmes details how Boston turned out to be the slower team.

--The Daily News' Collin thought Lakers center Bynum didn't miss a beat in Game 1, despite the torn cartilage in his right knee.

--The Daily News' Gold highlights how the Celtics struggled on the glass.

--The Boston Globe's Bob Hohler details how the Celtics' frontcourt got manhandled


--The Times' Bill Plaschke contrasts the Lakers' Game 1 Finals performance to how they fared in the 2008 Finals against Boston.

--The Times' T.J. Simers already feels bored with this series.

--The Times' Mark Heisler thinks the Lakers are doing all the right things.

--The Times' Diane Pucin analyzes the ABC broadcast.'s J.A. Adande notices how the Lakers learned their lesson from the 2008 Finals loss to Boston.

--Sports Illustrated's Chris Ballard credits Artest for playing with high energy while maintaining his composure.

--The Daily News' Vincent Bonsignore believes the Lakers will end this series sometime in Boston.

--ESPN The Magazine's Chris Broussard credits the Celtics' loss to their failure to play well inside.

--Apparently there is an app for that. The Riverside Press Enterprise's Matt Calkins discovered the iPau.

--The Orange County Register's Ding notices how the chemistry between Bryant and Gasol has evolved for the better.

--ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg blames Boston's loss on poor rebounding.

--Former Laker Rick Fox writes in ESPN Los Angeles that Artest's tussle with Pierce at the beginning of the game immediately set the tone for the Lakers' win.'s Scott Howard-Cooper showcases how Gasol played much differently in Game 1 than in the 2008 Finals.

--Fox Sports' Mark Kriegel argues Gasol dominated Garnett.

--Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix breaks down the nuts and bolts of the game.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin thinks the Lakers made their win look easy.

--The Orange County Register's Jeff Miller believes Gasol made a statement game.

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's Gregg Patton likes the Lakers' effort.

--Hoopsworld's Eric Pincus provides a detailed breakdown of the game.

--Fox Sports' Charley Rosen argues Boston needs more from Rasheed Wallace in Game 2.

--The Boston Globe's Bob Ryan credits the Lakers for managing to win in an ugly game.

--The Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy argues the Celtics were outplayed in every aspect of the game.

--Sports Illustrated's Ian Thomsen notices how much the Lakers and Celtics essentially pulled role reversals from the 2008 to 2010 Finals.

--The Orange County Register's Mark Whicker noticed Garnett's disappearing act.


--True Hoop's Kevin Arnovitz breaks down Gasol's game.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy and Brian Kamenetzky break down the game, analyze some numbers and present post-game video.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius points to the various team contributions as being instrumental to the Lakers' victory.

--Silver Screen and Roll's Dexter Fishmore argues the Lakers made the Celtics appear soft.

--Pro Basketball Talk's John Krolik details how the Lakers' shut down Celtics guard Rondo.

--Pro Basketball Talk's Matt Moore remained impressed with Gasol's block on Garnett.'s Sekou Smith explains how Allen's foul trouble disrupted Boston's game plan.

Tweet of the Day: "Quote I never thought I'd hear from Coach Doc Rivers: "They killed us on the glass. I thought they were by far the the more physical team." -- Mike_Bresnahan (L.A. Times Lakers reporter )

Reader Comment of the Day: "I don't want to get too excited about this, we have 3 left to go. But this game answered all of the questions that needed to be asked. Can Bynum play? Can Gasol beat KG? Can Rondo be an offensive threat that will occupy Kobe? Do we have a bench? YES! YES! NO! YES! etc. The Celts will, sorry, cross that off, can win a game or two this series. But can they adjust enough? You guys tell me." -- phred

Radio Interview

---I previewed Game 1 of the NBA Finals in the audio file below with Sportsline's Travis Jones, Chip Fontanazza and Greg Hunter on MetroNews (based in Charleston, W.Va.)


-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers power forward Pau Gasol slams the ball for a crucial basket in the fourth quarter of Game 1 on Thursday night. Credit: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times

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Is it true that Celtic fans speak Gaylick?


Paging Captain Jack(@$$)...

One down 3 to go. On to the next ONE.

Cannot get ahead of ourselves, the Green will adjust, but truthfully, who's thinkin' 3 peat?

Gasol was saying to KG, this one is for you. Viva Espania, Ole'.

June 3rd massacre is already history but it's still a savory in our ears the leprechauns chickened out and did not compete in the end. There is nothing to compete because they could hardly breathe, they were exhausted by the eliminating the worthy gladiators in the East. However, by Sunday it will be a different story, Doc Rivers will deliver another strategy, a better adjustment in getting for rebounds, tightening the screw on physicality and they will apply desperation game in every possession. Lakers will face a different kind of leprechauns who want to steal one game before they go back to their hub. How? They will smash some delicate parts, injured areas on Lakers big, bait Kobe or Artest into a fight to go ejection, anything can happen on Game 2. Lakers should stay cool and collected, concentrate on higher objective which is REPEAT. Don't succumb to temptation of the leprechaun bait and switch. Don't be complacent with one victory, we still need three more in order to put this team history. If they lose this series, there will be no more Celtics in the coming year because it would start the dismantling of high priced players who are olddddddd! lol!

Meanwhile, it's past time to change the 2-3-2 format.

OK, all this talk about adjustment this and adjustment that...

Here's how I see it... From what I saw last night, it's the Celtic's that need to TRY and make adjustments to match what the Lakers displayed. The Lakers don't really have to make any adjustments. Well, maybe one... and that's adjust the proper RING size for Ron Ron.


I hate the Ceptics so much and loved every bit of our win. 3 more wins to go.

I am so pissed about Garnett. He elbows Pau who went down in same motion of raising his arms like Sasha did to Drag. So why no flagrant 1? Garnett owns the bets and can get away with pushing them and get no foul. Bets suck.

Lakers I hope we sweep.

Bynum was the difference! Artest did what we brought him here for! Pau played like the best skilled big in the league! Kobe was Kobe the BEST player in the league! Fisher haters have been silented in these playoffs! Farmar was good as was Brown! Sasha and Luke gave us good minutes! And Lamar well he was Lamar so I expect him to have 20 & 15 the next game! 5 games mabey 6!

truthfully... calm down. and knock on wood.

Hey, isn't this Kobe's 7th Finals appearance.
Even the great Michael J didn't take his team to 7 Finals appearances.
Granted Kobe needs another ring or three, but there is something to be said for taking your team to the finals.


I hear ya. Calm is sensible. We all know it's one game at a time and things change but then again, none of us are suitin' up on Sunday and have no influence on the outcome whatsoever. Unbridled joy is nice way to spend the day.

***.................WE GOT THIS
The swagger is back and so is the Style, this dynasty looks like it might last a while
A repeat is something The Lakers can’t miss, As Justa says, WE GOT THIS!!!
No more talk about where is Ariza, Be damn glad that we have The “Thrillah”
Never again question the Heart of Gasol, Last night he made KG fall
Pau has finese, sure you right, But he damn sure don’t back down from any fight
So if any Lakerholics are still nervous, Tell them what we got Justa : “ WE GOT THIS”
Did any of you watch the Celtic players eyes, They sure looked Shell shocked & surprise
They were not ready for what they saw, The Lakers greeted their @zz with Shock & AWE
With a lineup of Kobe, Pau, Thrillah and Dfish, Even a fool knows that WE GOT THIS
You better enjoy these games I say to you, Just a few more and basketball season is thru
Then what does anybody want to bet, First question will be if we trade X, what can we get.
This is the most together team the Lakers ever had, If you don’t like it To Damn Bad
Title 16 is something I don’t want to miss, But I don’t have to cause: WE GOT THIS
Maybe being a Lakerholic is not for you, for each blogger that leaves we gain two
Best Blog, Best Owner, Best Player, Best Team, Justa pinch me, this must be a dream
A player who pays for 2 court row seats for a fan, This only happens here in Laker Land
Tell me it’s not a dream, The Lakers feel me with Bliss, OK let me hear it: WE GOT THIS
So savor each remaining game like it’s gold, years from now tales of this series will be told
Appreciate what you got in Kobe Bryant, A once in a lifetime true Basketball Giant
Also appreciate the LakersBlog Family, I don’t know about you but it means a lot to me
This is one season I really will miss, but I have a smile on my face cause WE GOT THIS


I challenge you to check out something that can easily go unnoticed. Immediately after a score, either by Lakers or Celtics, pay close attention to Kevin Garnett. You will notice that better than half the time, he either pushes or elbows the Laker big who is closest to him.

It is a little thing, helping to give him the momentum heading the other way. But it is a big deal how the Laker Bigs, especially Pau Gasol, do not overreact and flail away when he does this.

It is an illegal push that will never get called unless he makes contact with somebody's head or face. But, it is a small indicator of how his tactics are getting old and predictable, the opponent being prepared to handle his cheap shots.


Hey, isn't this Kobe's 7th Finals appearance. Even the great Michael J didn't take his team to 7 Finals appearances. ranted Kobe needs another ring or three, but there is something to be said for taking your team to the finals. Posted by: Art - FL Lakers Fan | June 04, 2010 at 11:16 AM


"COMAPRED"--"COMA-P-RED" MEANS "I'm in a "COMA" because we lost to the Lakers, "P"-lease "RED" AUERBACH, come back and save us..."


Really, MR. T.! Yet there wasn't a single grain of basketball analysis in your post. Just hyperbole, shear puffery!!!


Here's a Quick Quiz:

1. What is the "Pinch Post"?

2. What's the difference between a 1-3-1 zone versus a 2-3 zone and how do you break them offensively? What variation of zone do your beloved Keltics use as their defense?

3. How many triangles and posts are there in the triangle offense?

4. How many steps are allowed before traveling is called?

5. What's an illegal screen? BONUS QUESTION: What's a KG Screen?

6. How many hands in the lower back can be used to defend a post player?

7. What's the difference between Pick-and-Pop and Pick-and-Roll?

8. What player did the league implement the 3-to-make-2 rule for? When was it rescinded?

9. Since 1980, which team (Lakers or Keltics) has won more championships? Since 2000, which team (Lakers or Keltics) has won more championships?

10. Was Trevor Ariza a starter in 2008? Paula Pierce seems to think so by the way he compared Artest to Ariza when he was asked about the differences between the 2008 Lakers and this year's team.

I'll give you the answer: Ariza had just been cleared to play in the Finals after suffering a broken foot early in the season. He came off the bench for very, very limited minutes and wasn't a factor. "Space Cadet" Radmonovic and Luke Walton played the majority of minutes in the 2008 Finals. It wasn't until the 2009 Championship season that Ariza became a starter and played significant minutes.


I'm sure the rest of us ignorant Laker fans can come up with many more questions to test just how Keltic fans have deluded themselves into believing that wearing green makes you more knowledgeable.


The Fact is that Chris Rock, like the Keltic team and fans, thinks that trash talking and puffing their chests like a parrot in heat will somehow distract the Lakers.

Our fans are so knowledgeable that we see right through your buffoonery!


Our Basketball Knowledge Surpasses Keltic Green!!!

I'll See Your Red Auerbach (9 Rings) and Raise you a Phil Jackson (10 Rings)!
I'll See Your Doc Rivers (1 Ring) and Raise you a Pat Riley (5 Rings)!







The Celtics have no answer for Bynum. Not a single team in the NBA does. Kobe is the best player in the world, but Bynum was the difference, and will be the difference for years to come.

Just look at what he brough to the table, ON ONE LEG!

Shaq-time is over, D.Howard had a great run, but Bynum is the undisputed heavy-weight champion of the NBA.

Lakers in 5

Love me some Dunknasty!

No self-respecting Celtic loyalist is hiding from the LakersBlog.

Today is a day where Celtic fans must be with our "own", to commiserate and reflect upon what adjustments Doc must make for Sunday.

Congrats to the Laker fans who regularly "reside" on this blog. We got crushed last night in every conceivable way...with the most disturbing and troubling being in the area of hustle and commitment.

Now, in the name of Teniente...I must get back to "my people"!

That was brilliant, entertaining and...OUT FREAKING STANDING SIR!

Now, in the name of Teniente...I must get back to "my people"!Posted by: RED`S LOVE CHILD | June 04, 2010 at 11:34 AM
Hey Red, I know why your team lost. 131 forgot to do his pre-game warmups! He didn't have to worry about post game cooldowns because the celtics shooting was Cold all game. Lol!

Nice to see some appreciation for Bynum here today. There is a simple explanation for the ease with which Laker guards were able to get into the paint, which the announcers seemed to miss. In 2008, Perkins guarded Gasol, and KG "guarded" LO. In fact, since LO played in 2008 much like he did last night, KG was able to roam defensively and clog up the lane.

Last night, however, Perkins was stuck to Bynum, forcing KG to guard Gasol. With two legitimate low post scorers, Celtic bigs were very reluctant to leave their men, allowing Laker guards easy access to the paint. When the Celtic bigs rotated over (late) they created offensive rebounding opportunities for Bynum & Gasol.

All of this was made possible by the presence of Andrew, and no Celtic adjustment will change the fact that Bynum changes everything (as evidenced by the Lakers 4-1 record against the C's since the 2008 finals, with Bynum playing in all 5, and the Lakers' sole loss being a game Kobe sat out).

Boston will adjust and bring faster double teams to help the guards, but that is just going to open up scoring opportunities for Laker bigs in game 2. I predict multiple lobs and dunks for Gasol and Bynum. Moreover, as Perkins is forced to double, he will undoubtedly be called for some fouls that he will disagree with. Look for him to get his 7th technical in the second half of game 2 when the Lakers go on a run to blow open the game.

Boston will be shown to be a paper tiger. For all the talk about 2008, many people seem to forget that Boston's roster this year is much worse than the 2008 team, and those players that are left from the championship team are all worse now, with the exception of Rondo. By contrast, the Lakers are a better team, with a better starting 5 and a better bench, and one can argue that the Lakers starting 5 are all better than they were in 2008. This series will not be considered a "classic" when it is over in 5 games.....

I like your take on Bynum, Dunknasty.

To compare Dwight Howard with Shaq is laughable, though. Howard's a steroided up glorified defensive power forward with no offensive moves who's never won anything and never will. To put him in the same breath with one of the best centers of all time is funny at best...

enjoyed reading Rick Fox's view point spot on!!

Whew, isn't it nice to see 3 of the most maligned Lakers during the season get some respect.

Trade Drew for Bosh?
Yeah, right.

Gasol is soft?
Uh huh.

Fish is too old, slow whatever.
Really now.

Better learn to like these guys cause I think they all be back next year.

That tear-drop floater Kobe pimped over Kendrick Perkins last night was a thing of beauty. Almost brought a grown man to tears in front of his ole-lady... we are truly all witness.

-Fowl Out

Does T.J.Simmers really get paid for that garbage? The man can't possibly be a sports fan. What a moron!

The only funny line he had in that piece of garbage article was..."If you're a Celtics' honk, just what do you hang your hopes on now? Nate Robinson growing a foot by Sunday."

Though a flop artist he be, Gasol made Garnett look downright decrepit last night. As a Celtics fan, it was painful to watch. But as joyous as you bandwagon jumpers are now, if the Celts win Sunday night they gain the homecourt advantage.

The only funny line he had in that piece of garbage article was..."If you're a Celtics' honk, just what do you hang your hopes on now? Nate Robinson growing a foot by Sunday." posted by: EastCoastJessie | June 04, 2010 at 11:54 AM

WUTTUP CRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so very happy today - my face is replete with the goofy grin & knowing smile LOL!!!

I said WE GOT THIS - and we did. I'm still confident - WE WILL REPEAT. It's just a matter of time LOL!!

Mamba24 - this whole virtual thing isn't working for me. UNLESS I GET MY RING!!!!

Everyone (except trolls) who have posted on here since the Lakers took Game 1 has made me smile - HUGELY!! This is the absolute best place in the world for Lakerholics to unite and enjoy this team. Bar none.

I'm still savoring the replays in my head. RonRon taking down Paula. Socks bringing the thunder. Pau leaking out for the slamma jamma. Fish rocking the ally & Kobe freaking the oop. Kobe focused so hard he doesn't hear Chris Rock yapping. PJ with the mind games & the in-game work. I LOVE THIS TEAM!!!!!!!

Game 2 will be tougher, I expect, but still ours.



Nothing but another title will suffice - Kobe Bryant

"Now, in the name of Teniente...I must get back to "my people"!"
ROTFLMAO @ Red's Love Child! Gotta be the Reader Comment of the Day!
By the way, where is the Golden Fool today? Heh. FWIW, I've finally figured out that the "T" in Mike T actually stands for TROLL!

I tell you, each time I see Kloe (Odom's wife) at the game.....I just wonder "what was Lamar thinking that he married her?"

I mean the woman has an ego the size of her sisters pooter and has thoroughly been beaten by the ugly stick. You couldn't pay me Lamar's contract to marry one like that!!!

Utz, good old Mike T got banned once again.

IMO, the arguments of the past still haunt him.

Good evening fam (well, in sunny lovely LA, it's actually morning, I know...).

I am toddling with this sense of easy pleasure since game ended.

And while it does feel sweet and adorable, I keep saying to myself it's time for me to stop dwelling into premature honey.

I have to frame this joy and the images of the game that keep glowing right in front of my eyes (it's like a glittering loop... one of those cheesy videos from middle 90s hip hop stuff, full of blings and gold...) and be like my warriors.

Our warriors.

They hopefully know and have clear in mind this is just one of four chapters that we have accomplished.

It means JUST a step less to the Parade.

It's NOT the Parade yet.

We all have seen the game... we all now know what we can do (I'm proud to have always believed THESE were my Lakers... from day one).

But now also the Celtics have splattered their faces on our thick wall and I am sure they are all but ready to give up and surrender.

They are not a joke, and for how much I want this to be quick and celebratory and glorious... I can't really trust tales.

I know Celtics can show up and be very dangerous in Game 2 and not only.

Like I tried to remind you all in times of despare that Lakers are strong and the best team, I have now to make you see and remeber Celtics know what it takes to win.

And to win.

And to win.

What kind of message we as fans send to the Lakers?

The more we think this is easy now, the more we:

1) underestimate the awesome effort and skill they all displayed yesterday;

2) we keep fooling with the wrong and fake assumption we (they... but it's a WE in my heart) can avoid to put our 110% in to win.

These two things are both unfair, they both can hurt us and in the end they can also diminish the sense of satisfaction we must feel once this all will be ended and hopefully (I so totally believe it) we will wear our 16th ring.

Yesterday we made Celtics look poorer than they are.

They were shocked by our impact.

But analyze, please, because this is important: Celtics shoot poorly and they seemed pretty toasted at a certain point.
I love this to repeat all series long, but I'm skeptical it will happen again this way.

Celtics had troubles deciding whom they should put on who: but now the past game has erased some options, and this paradoxically can help them more than us.

Celtics have in their roaster someone NOT used to the Final. This counts in a Game one. It won't count as much in a game 2.

The peculiar way the Final is shaped (the awful 2-3-2 system) makes NEXT game basilar for us and THEM.

I was disagreeing on fundamentality of game 1; but I am way more oriented in HUGE importance of Game 2, given that generally Game 3 belongs to the home team in this system.

We have so much in ourselves.

Game 1 proved us THE BEST.

But I wouldn't rule out Celtics thirst nor their talent.

Basically because this is the easiest way to lose that focus and determination and brilliance that yesterday made us literally SPARKLE on court.

Celtics are physical. The moment when referees would be less attent than yesterday, their physical and grunting impact could cost us a lot.

I don't wanna water down any of the right excitement surrounding the past game.


But as I said... let's frame this love we feel and put it up on a shelf: waiting to take it back and put it together with three more "loves" from three more games that we will have in this series, as brilliant and valuable as the number one.

Then let's clean teh shelf and create one big big big sense of love and pride.

And let's wear it all down to Figueroa.

Let's be like our warriors; like My Kobe, whom was so intense yesterday that even at the end of the game you could see all he was thinkin about was next step: let's put this victory aside and FORGET IT.

This is the best way to have soon a number 2, 3 and 4 win.

And our totally belonging and deserved 16th ring.

In Lakers I Believe.
In Kobe I Trust.

Let's go.

Glory and Rest are only three steps away from our reach.

And they are OURS to be taken.


Later Laker Fam. ;)

Garda Lake evening is as beautiful as ever today :)


Millard...shut up. I have watched all but nine Laker Games since 1979..That is called being a fan. Kobe can do no wrong. Nash is a whining piece of crap who stole two MVP's. Fan refers to fanatic. ?..that is what most bloggers here are. I understand why you wouldn't get it. Why are you here then? Go ahead and try to kiss MM's butt, but that wont get you any favor. Nobody wants to hear your "level-headed synopsis of what's wrong with Blogs and their participants".

Nash was being disrespectful by insinuating that Kobe and not Raja's heinous actions were at fault here. All that matters is that it was a deliberately dirty play and that is not OK. Even if Nash says it is. Clotheslining and intentionally injuring people in basketball is wrong Steve! Got it Millard?

If you have anything negative to say about the most talented and driven player of this generation, you are a hater. Thus,.."Kobe-hater"

JVG is an east coast biased hater of all things west. Just because you have no passion doesn't mean we want to be saddled with your apathetic inane takes that do nothing but attack those that we know and love. You can't love without passion. Enjoy your loveless life, and enjoy Suns basketball.

BTW there are only two groups. US and Them. Chris Rock is them. My 25+ years of season tickets allows me to refer to myself as "US".

Enjoy us winning in 6

Posted by: Kobesbad | June 04, 2010 at 11:49 AM

I think Kobe's last second 3 he sank, had to shoot to avoid 24 second violation, (well he could have just handed it to a Celtic, cuz the difference was a second or two) sent a statement. I think that some of the Celtics probably didn't take too kindly to it, but I always say about these situatations..."tough lumps"....the ease in which he sank it musta rubbed it in deeper....for that night....3 more victories to go.


"WE GOT THIS!" Amen.

Some observations and thoughts...

-Ray Allen wasn't thrilled with the officiating? Well that makes two of us, Ray, because I'm still waiting for one of your screeners to get an offensive foul similar to the one Artest picked setting an identical KG-type screen. Stop whining and start playing, superstar (George Karl's words, not mine).

-Everyone is talking about Gasol and Kobe, I have to tip my cap to Ron Artest. First play, take down. Then he went on a 5 point tear to put us up 9. Then he switched on to the low block for free throw attempts bullying KG off the block. All game long. Ron has heard all season long, 'Well know if the Artest/Ariza trade was the right one after the playoffs.' Well Ron isn't waiting for the end of the Playoffs, he started with Durant and hasn't really looked back since. Sure he's taken some ill-advised shots, but who hasn't? His physicallity will be ESSENTIAL over the course of this series and if he keeps scoring as well as he has been since 'The Put-Back' it's going to be very hard for the Celtics to gain any traction in the series.

-The Benchies. Sorry, Bench Mob is dead, never really came to be. They were still outscored by the likes of Glen Davis, Tony Allen and Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed, but they still found a way to help the team. Despite a piss-poor shooting game and not too many rebounds Lamar was crucial in the 4th where he scored all but 1 of his points. Brown was a huge spark in the 1st half helping ease the foul trouble that both teams endured but to which we responded to better than the Celtics. Farmar wasn't a liability defensively (actually had a sweet steal in the 2nd half) and helped in both halves with buckets. Luke played great in his 7 minutes of action and I really want to see Sasha make his next shot so his 0-fer Finals streak can come to an end. He did play good D, though.

-10 Rings and Co. Pushed all the right buttons. Got the team fired up, but not wild. Managed the foul calls in the first half perfectly (even the broadcast team was surprised to see Sasha as the first man off the pine to replace Fisher, although Van Gundy had a good point in rmembering that Vujacic was one of the better players in 2008) and played the match ups as well as you could. Excellent preparation, excellent in-game adjustments and basically looked like they had done everything to right to get the team ready for the series.

-What kind of carry over should we expect? None. Absolutely zero. That's a veteran Celtic team over there and Doc Rivers ain't going to come to work today and say, 'Well I'm out of ideas." Look for Tony Allen and Nate Robinson to try and reprise James Posey's role from 2008 as perimeter Laker killer. Van Gundy made another nice observation during one stretch of the 3rd quater when Rondo had drove and kicked it out to a wide open Tony Allen, who promptly drove it right back into the paint and picked up an offensive foul. Van Gundy said, "That's where the Celtics miss a James Posey, in 2008 Posey takes that wide open 3 whereas Tony Allen's limited range forces him to drive it into the teeth of the defense" Or something to that effect. Only 10 3-pointers for the Celtics so expect them to come close to doubling that in Game 2. Granted, some of that was due to Allen's limited play due to foul trouble, but I look for a few more threes to be cast on Sunday.

-Ray Allen still won't like the officiating so he's likely to do something about it. Look for Ray to drive more and force calls, calls that will likely go in his favor on Sunday so hopefully the Lakers are ready for that and prep the guards and bigs. I think Ray's going to go big on Sunday and we need to be ready. I'm less worried about KG whose heart won't let him stop playing but his body just doesn't look right. I'm sure he's limited somehow, just like Bynum, but his age is making it harder for him to play through the pain.

Over all, a satisfying win, but it only alleviates 2008 by 1/4 so we need 3 more just like it. Even if we win Sunday, I expect it to be three times as hard to win in Boston because that crowd will be so fired up it'll take close to a perfect game to squeak a win out. But if any team can do it, it's this one.


Mamba24 - this whole virtual thing isn't working for me. UNLESS I GET MY RING!!!! Posted by: justanothermambafan | June 04, 2010 at 12:00 PM
Honey I gave it to you virtually. Don't you remember?


Tough lumps is right.
When that happened I thought Kobes was saying, "take that __________"!

But then, in Kobes mind he may have just been pretending the score was tied as the clock was winding down and wanted to practice yet another game winner.

Utz, you're surprised? lol...

The guy had a chip on his shoulder the size of....well, the size of Kwame Brown's calves.


Are you a pastor?


Naw Kobe hit that 3 to get to 30 points. Only 33 more to go to pass Jordan!

Naw Kobe hit that 3 to get to 30 points. Only 33 more to go to pass Jordan! Posted by: Jamie Sweet | June 04, 2010 at 12:24 PM
Hey I didn't know that! Thanks Jamie!

Was just looking over Jordan's accomplishments. he really did have to score a crap-load of points for those teams to be successful. 69 points in a playoff game. man...

A great game 1 win but even more crucial is the next game where the Lakers need to hold serve and protect its homecourt advantage. If they can win game 2 and steal one in Boston, then I think the O'Brien Trophy will be Lakers' property. It was tremendous to see the Lakers establishing aggressive mindset from inception and, more importantly, the seriousness among the players that it's only one game and that the mission is only one-fourth complete. Let's hope the Lakers can stay the course with its focus, physicality and execution out on the court this Sunday. Lakers need to prepare for Boston's hooligan-brand of basketball ala McHale's infamous clotheslining of Rambis in order to throw things off course for the Lakers.


Was that the Celtics or the Clippers last night? Celtics were softer than Gasol!!!

TELL ME! Was that the Celtics or the Clippers last night? Celtics were softer than Gasol!! Posted by: Staples24 | June 04, 2010 at 12:42 PM


I wonder what Kwame Brown and Chris Mihm are thinking seeing Bynum and Gasol dominating in the Finals with Kobe Bryant.

Next year, I wish Mbenga and Powell won't be resigned and Kwame and Mihm signs with the Lakers for 1 mil each. I want them to experience LAKERS CHAMPIONSHIPS, after all they have been through with the organization.

BYNUM and ARTEST!!! Loving it. The big difference.

As long as Kobe attacks the basket, Ray Allen will be in trouble and out of ryhtm.

As long as Pau plays defense, rebounds and do put backs, Garnett is equalized.


where did you go pastor, or a wolf in sheep's clothing? How can you call your self a pastor when you spew so much hate and hanger in one hand then pretend to be a God fearing man?

Look what you wrote: Paging Captain Jack(@$$)... Is this what a pastor banner holder of God writes?

That is it, me and my family are no longer coming to your church. I am disappointed that you are giving our christian faith a bad name by being such a hypocrite.


How much does Kobe loves Ron Artest?

Taking out PJ Brown and JAmes Posey and adding Andrew Bynum and Ron Artest is the difference.

I will take the Lakers in FOUR! I want a LAKERS CELEBRATION IN BOSTON GARDEN! I want to see all the GREEN fans with their heads down! I want Kobe Bryant to put a dagger in the heart of those Celtics fans!

Marc B:

Really, you know all about Triangle? Hold on it hurts, laughin as I recover from surgery. Ron Artest has been playing BB for a long time now, great player, he still does not understand the Triangle but you do, wow!! Even Ron told the reporter that there were couple of players on the Lakers team who still are grappling with the concept of Triangle but you know it, wow..

if it is not asking too much please explain to me what you asked of Mr T and I hope you can compose a paragraph.

oh it hurts, I mean laughing. As Mr T. would say You Fool!!

Captain Jack Donkey
The only wolf in sheep's clothing around here is Paula Ironside and her band of green goblins.




Paula TALKS like a wolf. But she's really a sheep. Just like you. Yesterday you made 3700 blog posts about how the Celtics were gonna pulverize us but today only 2. Both addresed to me. Like Mary Mary said, it's the God in me. :)
P.S. I never said I was a pastor.


Lakers will sweep!!! Last night game was won when the players were being introduced judging from facial and body lingo.


Lakers will sweep!!! Last night game was won when the players were being introduced judging from facial and body lingo.

I was told by my son that there are horde of media assembled at UCLA hospital today because JW. There is no good or bad news to relay because his medical prognosis is similar to yesterday. At age 99, all of us should be prepared for any unworthy breaking news. Just keep him in your prayers.

Dear Mamba24 - I must have missed that post.... Oh well. All is forgiven if the Lakers give me the ring I REALLY want.

PS - pick up some milk on your way home


Thank you for confirming my doubts, all along I knew you were not a pastor but someone pretending to be and doing a very poor job of it.


*** This Just In:

Cap'n Quack, owner of the Quack Pearl aka The S.S. (Super Sucky) Celtanic, was last seen headed straight into a HUGE PURPLE & GOLD Iceberg.

Final intercepted transmission heard was: "Arrrggh, shiver me timbers mateys, we're GOING DOWN!!!!"

Staples 24.

You and Troy are always on the extreme side either too good or too bad, full tank or empty tank. Try to keep it in the middle, it's just the first game. Anything could happen to any good teams if the assignments are taken for granted. Be always aware of the old adage of Yogi: "not over till it's over". On Sunday, it will be a brand new game. Watch out for the adjustments.

Hey, Jamie! Good observations for the most part. Think you missed the point on the bench. Outscored? By one point with 10 more minutes of playing time? I think not. And when you consider that the bench, even with Lamar's off shooting night, still shot over 43% compared to the Celt Whelps 33.3%, I think they did a great job. It's true that many times they turn in a sub-par performance. But doesn't it make sense to show appreciation when it's merited? Just saying....

Edwin Gueco:

Did you meet lakerTom face to face during your visit up north?

Captain Jack:
Did you cry when the Lakers took a 20 point lead last night?

Captain Jack,

Nope, My stay at San Rafael was too short. LakerTom and I emailed each other several times plus of course his phone call on my cell while we were crossing the Richmond Bridge. I could speak long enough on my cell w/o blue tooth or earpiece so I think that was a fruitful contact with good old time buddy in the blog. If the Lakers make it to the parade & he comes down to the South, well he knows how to get in touch with me through our personal emails.

We ended our conversation with GO Lakers and in my case, Go Bynum. I'm sure I tickled him to death. haha!

Captain Jack, please try to moderate your comments on Utz, he's already absorbing a lot of problems. We are all Laker fans in this blog, it is time to unite under one tune - REPEAT.


thanks for your response. Ok, I will cut utz some slack and let him surface for air.

cheers and yes Go lakers and a "MUST" win game # 2 for the lakers because of the format of 2-3-2...


thanks for your response. Ok, I will cut utz some slack and let him surface for air.

cheers and yes Go lakers and a "MUST" win game # 2 for the lakers because of the format of 2-3-2...


As a matter of fact I was elated to see the Lakers as eventual winner, go figure.


I am a pastor. Feel free to measure my worth as you please.


This LITTLE MAN IS very green.

It won't be soon until Nate Robinson will be the most hated Celtics in Lakers history! The way he raises both hands and tries to cheer the Celtics crowd.

I am just glad Farmar and Brown just went by him for layups.

How dare Nate tried to jump on the jump ball with GASOL. Shannon Brown must dunk on this little LEPERCHAUN man.

Did he or did he not wear GREEN in the slum dunk contest?

I say Celtics have finally released the LEPERCHAUN in the mid court. Now it is time to take him down.

Dear Mamba24 - I must have missed that post.... Oh well. All is forgiven if the Lakers give me the ring I REALLY want. PS - pick up some milk on your way home. Posted by: justanothermambafan | June 04, 2010 at 01:31 PM
Justa...I'd give you the world if I could

Dear Mamba24 - I must have missed that post.... Oh well. All is forgiven if the Lakers give me the ring I REALLY want. PS - pick up some milk on your way home. Posted by: justanothermambafan | June 04, 2010 at 01:31 PM
Justa...I'd give you the world if I could


Is the worth in monetary or spiritual sense?


I thought I did give them props. Outscored is outscored, let the records show that it's one of the few areas where Boston had a statistical advantage. however, the bench overcame that one, measely point by providing hustle, heart and timely buckets. All of their points were needed and more will be welcome.

I would also venture to say that had Ray Allen played more than 27 minutes in the game that Boston's bench would've scored even less. But I'll take Boston's bench outscoring our bench as the only thing the Celtics lead for the entire series. Cool with you?

@Edwin Gueco

Glad you made contact with LakerTom in San Fran, too bad you didn't get face time with the Bay Area Don of the Lakers, maybe another trip.


Since you're running errands for Laker Bloggers, would you mind taking my lil dog Chip Coffee for a walk? He loves the Lakers and is real cute and likes having his ears scratched. Thanks!


In whatever sense you sought to apply to UTZ....


Edwin Gueco: No need to ask for any slack on my behalf. I've been here before.
Some folks can dish it out and take it like a man (Red Love's Child, 131-92). Some folks (obviously) can't. When faced with embarassment, they resort to personal attacks. Like calling Jon K. a murderer, questioning one's spiritual commitment, etc.
Bottom line, El Capitan: You came into our house and spent all day yesterday spewing garbage about how sucky our team is and prophesied our doom in Game 1; only to find out that the doom & gloom you levied upon Laker Nation ended up getting levied upon your own team. SURELY you didn't think we were gonna just let you just walk away without a lil payback. Right? And when confronted by The Banner Holder, you got personal. Not a shock. ain't the first time...won't be the last.
At the end of the day, you come to my house and trash my team, I trash yours. I just have not mastered the art of turning the other cheek just yet.'s the Peter in me. :)

@Mark Medina

Hey Mark, hope you enjoyed the game. Just wanted to say that the new Chat ap is waaaay better than the old, thanks for keeping us up-to-date on how loud Staples was, it doesn't come across on TV whereas when we play in Boston it's like they've miced the crowd. Hmmm, maybe they do?

Also, if you did start an '8 on 5' chant or any other chants I threw out there last night, thanks again. But you've probably got enough to do.

Anyone going to Sunday's game? Start your voal warm-ups, get the 5 resonators in tune and practice your tongue twisters like any good actor woul, we need Staples LOUD on Sunday. let's show these greenie weenies who's taking home the Larry O this year.

Besides, it's CONCEIVABLE that it could be the last Staples game this year.

Or is it

I think we shouldn't get too far ahead of ourselves. I think this will be a fairly long and tough series. Boston isn't going to roll over. If we play like we are capable of every night I do think we will prevail, but we can't revert to poor play, like we sometimes do, all teams do for that matter. Stay tough Lakers and bring home number 16!

It is interesting to note that Boston has lost 3 of their last 4 games.

Wait a minute.... game 2 is a must win for the Lakers?!

not even close, Lakers win game 2 and the series is OVAH

Kendrick Perkins and KG are no match for the BIG BEAST in the paint with one leg!

The way Dwight Howard played in the East Finals who did not command a double team the whole series. It seems the Lakers NOW HAS the 1ST "BEST" BIG MAN IN THE LEAGUE and the 2ND BEST BIG MAN.

It has been a fact that Championship teams almost always needed a great big man. Russel, Wilt, Kareem, Hakeem, Duncan, Shaq. Unless you have a Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.


With BYNUM (Wilt) unstoppable!, GASOL (Hakeem) best skilled big man!, Bryant (MJ) best player ever in discussion!

Like Jerry Buss said, this team is a delight! No wonder Ron Artest did everything to get into this team. Ron Artest is the smartest NBA player in this generation. Lamar Odom signing for 7 mil, 2nd most smartest player in the NBA.

Bynum = Best big man with one leg!
Gasol = Most Skilled big man!
Odom = most versatile in the NBA now!
Bryant = Best player ever in discussion with MJ now!
Artest = most physical defender now!


No two people are alike but since you want to steal the limelight from utz and want me to tell to your worth so brace yourself and here it is: Your worth: to your family, assuming that you are a good person is invaluable; your worth to your friends, again assuming that you are not a jerk is also invaluable; your worth to your congregation, assuming you have not been defrocked is also invaluable; to people who don't know you nor do you know them, your worth is zilch.

Now from BB sense your worth to me depends on yours posts and views relative to BB.

You dig.

UTZ world:

I am not the Cap Jack, Boston Celtics fan. I think you have the two mixed.

There are 2 different people posting as Captain Jack? Crazy.

Staples 24:

Posted by me this morning:


Kobe still the Best player
Pau is the Best Big skilled man
Ron is the Secretary of Defense
Lamar is the Swiss Army Knife
Bynum on one leg is still the Beast
DFish is old reliable aka Ol' yeller

BENCH ....... good

Posted by: FAR SIDE | June 04, 2010 at 07:45 AM


Don't get your panties in a bunch over fictitious characters, especially you don't even know them from adams.

Continue to pray for your salvation!!

Well, today I am not happy, but satisfied with the tone and attitude of the Lakers. There is very little chance what happened to the C's in game 1 will happen in game 2. LA will get their best shot. They'll be more active, more physical, more productive.

That being said, LA has won 4 of the last 5 against Boston, the 1 L coming by 1 point in a game Kobe sat out. Game 1 was the first game in the Big Three era where LA truly dominated the C's. They may not dominate Sunday, but they can win.

But they need more from LO.

Everybody else from 1-10 gave LA what they coulg give. LO due in part to foul trouble was awful. If he can raise his play, and everyone else plays near the same level, LA will be fine even in a close game. I was furious that he had iso'ed Glen Davis at the top of the key several times and did not just drive by him, forcing him to foul. But he did come up with key rebounds and baskets down the stretch to keep the C's at bay.

LO is, outside of Kobe, a nightmare of a matchup for Boston. None of their bigs can stay with him, he can handle the ball, and he's as tall as the C's bigs. If Odom notches 4 or 5 more buckets and 6-8 more rebounds Sunday, LA will not lose, and will set themselves up for a quick close out.

Keep the faith. Keep calm. Things are looking up.

the lakers have to remember for game 2 - defense. the big D. as long as we play good defense, we will win. the offense will take care of itself.

"Next year, I wish Mbenga and Powell won't be resigned and Kwame and Mihm signs with the Lakers for 1 mil each. I want them to experience LAKERS CHAMPIONSHIPS, after all they have been through with the organization.

Posted by: Staples24 | June 04, 2010 at 12:54 PM"

What the HELLo are you talking about, not signing Mbenga and Powell, M'Benga has talent and physical prowess, it's just not in sync...Powell is pretty much a steady player who has a decent midrange shot, I think he just needs to get that chip on his shoulder, He obviously is Kobe's "lucky charm" because he is always the last to hug Kobe before each game, and they talk, and he is always one of the first KB seeks out when heading back to the bench,,,,I believe he is an "old soul"....someone who keeps Kobe on track, in focus, and Kobe respects any words from Powell.
Kwame was a joke from the second he was drafted till the world stopped after he was part of the trade that brough us Pau. Chris Mihm, I like the player, but your proposition is too far fetched. Maybe someday Mihm can latch back on to the Laker organization as a big man coach, he had skills, and he had leadership attitude. I don't know if he has any game left in his body, after the surgeries. If not, then I wish him well and I know he will succeed in whatever he chooses to do.

marc B.

about the triangle, it is "dynamic", Laker offense is predicated by what the defense is doing.....There are probably only a few Lakers who know it very well, Kobe, Fish, Walton. The others know it but not all the intricacies, the reads, the best reaction to a defensive stunt. We are blessed to have many of Phils staff and players from before constantly in the ears of those less masterful, for example Craig Hodges, serves as shooting coach, for obvious reasons, but I bet his grasp of the T offense is up there......It's a shame though because when a coaching change does come, unless it is Shaw, or someone similar, the Laker's will migrate back to showtime, as that is what the Buss Boys want, and Magic, who will probably push for hiring Byron, who will be hi puppet.



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