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Caught in the Web: Previewing Game 6 of Lakers-Celtics series


Lakers links

-- The Times' Mike Bresnahan outlines what the Lakers need to do to turn the series around.

-- The Times' Broderick Turner looks at how the Lakers are maintaining a positive attitude heading into Game 6.

-- The Times' Mark Heisler compares this series to the 1969 NBA Finals.

-- The Times' Lisa Dillman provides a medical update on Lakers forward Lamar Odom.

-- FanHouse's Sam Amick wonders if Ron Artest will become the Lakers' version of Bill Buckner.

-- The Daily News' Vincent Bonsignore argues that there are a few positive things the Lakers can take away from Game 5.

-- ESPN The Magazine's Chris Broussard thinks the Lakers may be too consumed with Game 7 while playing Game 6.

-- The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding explains why the Lakers will benefit from having home-court advantage.

--'s Scoop Jackson predicts that Kobe Bryant's play the rest of the series will define part of his legacy.

-- Former Laker Magic Johnson gives his keys to Game 6 in the video below.

-- ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky argues that plenty of the Lakers' legacies are on the line Tuesday night.

-- ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky lists what the Lakers need to do to win Game 6.

--Fox Sports' Mark Kriegel believes Bynum is the key to the series.

--Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix argues the Lakers need more from Artest.

-- The Orange County Register's Jeff Miller believes the Lakers' saying the right things mean nothing.

-- The Daily News' Jill Painter profiles Lakers team attendant Jason Wagers.

-- The Riverside Press-Enterprise's Gregg Patton thinks the Lakers haven't played championship-caliber basketball yet.'s Shaun Powell argues this series has lacked a signature moment.

-- Former Lakers assistant and current Timberwolves Coach Kurt Rambis tells Dan Bareirro on KFAN in Minneapolis that Pau Gasol has looked tired.

-- The Boston Globe's Bob Ryan remains impressed with Bryant's performance in Game 5 but believes not many will remember it.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Ramona Shelburne provides an update on Phil Jackson's possible coaching future.

-- The Daily News' Elliott Teaford observes the Lakers' level-headed approach heading into Game 6.

-- Sports Illustrated's Ian Thomsen argues that the Lakers need to make a lot of changes in Game 6. Thomsen also explains in the video below how the Lakers can win Game 6.

--The Washington Post's Michael Wilbon believes the Lakers are flirting with disaster.

--Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski reports Bryant cursed out his teammates following the Game 5 loss.'s Sekou Smith says the Lakers' legacies are in danger.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius believes "there’s an eerie familiarity to what’s currently happening in the NBA Finals. Much like the 2008 match up between the Lakers and the Celtics, the Lakers look a bit befuddled on offense while their defense is coming up short at inopportune times."

--Silver Screen and Roll's DexterFishmore previews Game 6.'s Mike Trudell compares the team's production in the paint at home and on the road.


Celtics links

-- The Times' Baxter Holmes explains why it's going to be tough for Boston to close out the series in Game 6. Holmes also details the adversities Boston guard Ray Allen has experienced this series.

--The New York Times' Howard Beck credits Doc Rivers for embracing the Celtics' tradition.

-- The Boston Globe's Julian Benbow also details the Celtics' spotty record in close-out games.'s Fran Blinebury believes history is on the Celtics' side.

-- The Boston Herald's Steve Bulpett wants people to stop griping about the officiating.

-- The Boston Herald's Gerry Callahan believes Rivers will leave after the season.

-- The Riverside Press-Enterprise's Matt Calkins notes that the Celtics were not offended when they heard that Lakers Coach Phil Jackson told his team that Boston blows fourth-quarter leads.

-- The Boston Herald's Dan Duggan likes Kevin Garnett's leadership.

-- ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg outlines wht to watch for in Game 6.

-- The Boston Globe's Christopher Gasper believes the Finals are far from over.

--The Washington Post's Michael Lee credits the Celtics' teamwork.

--Sports Illustrated's Lee Jenkins looks at Pierce's resurgent play.

--Yahoo! Sports' Johnny Ludden argues Rivers has outcoached Jackson.

-- ESPN Boston's Peter May reports the Celtics are treating tonight's game as if it's Game 7.

-- The Boston Herald's Mark Murphy observes the Celtics' confidence heading into Game 6.'s John Schuhmann argues the Celtics are in control of the series.

-- The Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy looks at Finals in which the Celtics have clinched the title on the road.

--The Boston Herald's Laurel J. Sweet reports a local teacher and Celtics fan went undercover to bust a con artist after getting scammed out of a ticket.

Tweet of the Day: "Just picked Phil up at the airport. He is concerned but upbeat. Fellow Lakers fans let's stay optimistic and LOUD!" -- JeanieBuss (Lakers executive vice president Jeanie Buss)

Reader Comment of the Day:The problem is not that the Lakers can't beat the Celtics. The problem is that the lakers player don't think they can. All along, I've felt that this team has the power to beat the celtics, but when times get tough they fold. Maybe this was becuase they were playing 3 games in Boston, but mentally they need to snap out of this by tomorrow. They need to all start believing again just like us fans believe in them. - jac

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Coach Phil Jackson diagrams a play for the Lakers during a timeout late in the fourth quarter of Game 5 on Sunday night in Boston. Credit: Charles Krupa / Associated Press.

Photo: Celtics forward Paul Pierce, who finished with a team-high 27 points, declares to fans "one more win" for an NBA title after Boston defeated the Lakers, 92-86, in Game 5 on Sunday to take a 3-2 lead in the best-of-seven NBA Finals. Credit: Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times.

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Dear Lord: If this team has truly learned the lessons from Game 6 2008; if this team does indeed have the mental fortitude required to overcome this 3-2 defecit; if this team is truly worthy to be called Champions, LET THEM PROVE IT. TONIGHT.


you wrote: You can always lighten my mood & give me a good chuckle when the pressure is on!

my response: I gotcha girl! Chatter on defense. Chatter on offense. Watchin'
your back.

I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you walk away.

Go Kobe!
Go Lakers!!!



UTZWORLD - thank you brother. We need all the positive vibes flowing our way! Hope the Mini Bannerette is doing well....

HOBBIT - LMAO! I have no response to that!!


you wrote: HOBBIT - LMAO! I have no response to that!!

my response: Hobbitmage for 3. Bang! Puts it in!


Captain Troll, I don't pray Kobe.
I don't need to.
I know he's there to make us win again.

Prayers are messages delivered to an entity you never see, and you're confident do exist somewhere to protect / guide you.

Kobe instead is a reality that everybody has already seen, and that I have been guided from and protected by in my sporty life all along.

I don't see what bothers you so bad in me having an hero in sport, that inspires my approach to obstacles in life, as a wonderful example of drive and commitment and perfectibility that never ever gets to rest itself.

I pity your tendency in coming here bashing Lakers fans, (while I do appreciate for instance 131-92's perfectly gentleman behaviour here, instead), but to me it's a clear sign of frustration, and even now that I take way too much time to answer you, I can see I shouldn't have, because you're here just to be provocative, in the most childlike way.

Not that I care of what you think or say, of course.

Keep blabbing.
I guess without that your only little fun in life would be gone.

Must be really bad have to live a life as such, buddy *patting over your shoulder*.

REALLY, really bad.

Oh well... World's nice cos it's different, right?

Guess so.

Did y'all read the comments of Kurt Rambis?

[ btw, great link MM ]

“I think Pau really made an adjustment after the Lakers lost to the Celtics two playoffs ago. Throughout the playoffs, Pau did a lot of bitching and complaining and whining to the referees. Then the following year, when the Lakers won the championship against Orlando, that year Pau did a great job of just playing. He absorbed a lot of abuse. I think it got a point where teams saw that they couldn’t intimidate him. They couldn’t take him out of the game by being physical with him. Then they had to deal with two players. They had to deal with Pau and they had to deal with Kobe. I told him in Orlando after we won that championship that he was the biggest reason why we won that championship because he learned that lesson. He started that way against the Celtics, but… it just looks to me like he is tired. He still has that aggressive mindset, but just physically he cannot absorb the punishment that the Celtics are putting out.”

For the Kobe bashers:

“I saw a Laker team that was stagnant. I saw an awful lot of players that were either indecisive, non-aggressive or making improper decisions when it came to executing shots or sequences offensively. It was just stagnant. It was dead. I thought that he did a good job of jump starting the team to motivating them to play better. But, in a lot of ways it didn’t. The players didn’t seem to ride his coattails of momentum. They just stood around and watched him – which puts a lot of pressure on him. I can’t tell you how many times they are executing their offense and they pass up 2-3 shots. Finally, Kobe gets the ball in his hands and he has to find his shot… This is where he has to move the basketball on and his team has to step up. I think that fine line was not adhered to. It usually is with him. But in that ballgame, more of the responsibility falls on his teammates. They weren’t executing. They weren’t being aggressive. They were being very timid last night. That’s why he had to step up. I don’t think he had a choice.”

hobbit - you forgot the AND 1... :)


@utz, AMEN

@ZAIRA, hang in there WE GOT THIS!

Wow... Smeldicks, and Trolls and Gnomes oh my...Smeldicks, and Trolls and Gnomes oh my... Geesh... the Trolls have invaded our blog the way fleas invade a homeless mutt ! A very very sinister part of me LOVES THIS..I LOVE reading all these ignorant lame posts about complete nothingness because it shows Boston fans have fooled themselves into believing they're the better team.. Just like in game 4, when the camera panned out into the fans leaving TD Gardens and they were like the walking dead.. stunned.. defeated.. in my heart, I know THEY think they got this.. its over tonight.. I'm here to tell ya... it wont be CLOSE .. Lakers in a rout... bank on it !!! lol

Win or go home is what they say, But the Lakers are already home in LA
Win or lose a Dynasty, That sounds much more frightening to me.
Dynasty 4 has just started to begin, Lose one game and it will end
But Lose is not even in the Vocabulary, of every Laker including Kobe
They know what stakes they are playing for, Win this game and play 1 more
I liked the gleam in 10Rings eyes, Tonight Boston celtics U in for a surprise
The 5 previous games were just a prelude for, Game 6 & 7 which will be all out war.
No prisoners will be taken lakers come out firing, When it’s over U will think about retiring
This is Staples Center, you’re in our house, Once you stepped in you had already loss
As utzworld said it’s already done, All that’s left to do is for the 16th banner to be hung.
Big Baby says he is ready for battle, Beast will kick his @zz & feed him his rattle
If there’s mumbling from the Bald headed Lunatic, Knock his @zz out with a hard @zz Pick
Paula your time is now here, Keep that freakin wheelchair real close and near
Cause we got something special just for you, after this game you’ll need not 1 wheelchair but 2
Back too your cave in Hell you are about to be sent, You shot your best shot & now you’re spent
But fools you got 2 more games to play, Game 5 was a gift from Darth Stern they say
We are the Lakers & we asked for you, You’re time in the playoffs is just about thru

Mamba24, Jon K., Faith, Utzworld, Rick F., LakerTom, JAMF, Edwin... ALL my blog family: Tonight is the only game that matters. If you want to be champions, you have to play like champions.

May the best team win.

Go Lake Show!

This series just abouts sums up the entire season for the Lakers. Good. Sometimes great. Sometimes underachieve. Sometimes unbeatable. Every time unpredictable. I read a lot of stuff written about them throughout the year and you can take one article from one week and compare to an article written another and you'd think it's a completely different team.

As the Talking Heads said: "Same as it ever was."

These Lakers is like LA weather. Almost always good and we don't appreciate it. When bad, it's all hell has broken loose and we bust out the Doppler 5000 like it's the end of the world. I'm going to take a walk later. Take a deep breath. Enjoy the sun and hope for pleasant weather between 6-9:30pm today. Just hope, since I can't do anything about it personally.

Enjoy the weather Angelinos!

The Celtics lost game 3 in Boston, the owner, the mayor, the city,..,blaming everything on NBA refs. You know the C's will come back, but Phil had wrong strategy for this Lakers team, they tried to win game 4, instead of saving your energy for game 5. In game 5, Gasol look tired, he couldn't jump high to dunk the ball. Why ? Because Boston had 4 guys, Garnett, Wallace, Perkins, Davis, they can rotate, rest. Lakers only have Gasol, Bynum, Odom, it's not enough. Boston used Garnett, Wallace to beat up Gasol, KObe tried to win the game by himself, it did not work.
Lakers can win game 6, 7 in LA, true championship team can come back and win, the botom line is having a desire , heart, extra effort to win a championship.

Thank you, thank you Utz, whatever you do unto others, it will be done in form of blessings to you and your family.

Tonight, it will be the defining moment of the purple and gold franchise. Celtic leprechauns will meet their untimely death here first today, and next will be on Thursday. No let up, don't get into arguments with leprechauns because you can't win against weird creatures.

Mamba24, Jon K., Faith, Utzworld, Rick F., LakerTom, JAMF, Edwin... ALL my blog family: Tonight is the only game that matters. If you want to be champions, you have to play like champions.Posted by: The Outlaw | June 15, 2010 at 11:56 AM
Hey Outlaw, Now Baby Outlaw will see what The Heart of a Champion Looks like. The Best Tesam will win...THE FREAKIN LA LAKERS. WE GOT THIS!!

C'mon, people, tell me how you're doing. I know you're not getting any work done. I'm trying, but I'm totally distracted. This is for all the marbles.

Not everyone is Boston is so confident, this from the Boston Globe:

"Close-out games on the road have not exactly been the Celtics forte since Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen revitalized the franchise. Boston's starting five has never lost a playoff series (7-0), but only once have they closed out one on the road -- the 2008 Eastern Conference finals in Detroit. The Celtics are 1-7 in put-away away games over the last three seasons, and may I remind you the last time they lost a playoffs series, which was sans-KG last season, they were up 3-2 on the Magic and that was without the added burden of the 2-3-2 Finals format putting the final two games on somebody else's floor.

This series is close with a capital C. After five games, the teams are collectively separated by just one basket -- the Celtics have scored 464 points and the Lakers have scored 462. The team that has won the rebound battle has won each game. The Celtics are averaging 47.8 rebounds per game to the Lakers 47."

Lakers gotta put on blue collars tonight and move that green stuff away from the basket.
Rebounds rule.

Lakers.....for yourselves...for all the fans who never doubted you....for all the marbles....hell, for your 5th ring.....WIN TONITE....WIN with skill, passion, heart, good decisions, bucket after bucket after bucket after rebound after rebound after rebound....Please win!!!....we all know u guys have it n you....we have witnessed all ur criticisms time and time again...YOU ARE CHAMPIONS, so play that way tonite!!!...PROVE THEM ALL WRONG....GO LA!!! (to the guy above with the prayer....AMEN!)

The winds of change will be blowing 2nite just like all series...
After gm 1- it was Lakers will dominate. Phil is 47-0 after winning gm 1 etc.
After gm 2- Lakers can't slow Rondo or Ray Ray - PP goes anti-Notorious B.I.G and declares he's NOT going back to Cali.
After gm3- Artest has PP on lockdown, Pau is too much for Odom...Celtics in big trouble.
After gm4-Boston bench too much, Allen is the Kobe stopper, etc
After gm5-Gasol,Odom too soft, Drew too hurt and Ron Ron too skitzo. Lakers are dead.

The Lakers will handle their business tonite and show everyone in the words of their famous scout...never underestimate the heart of a champion



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