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Caught in the Web: Lakers-Celtics links


Lakers links

--The Times' Mike Bresnahan reports that Andrew Bynum had his right knee drained.

--The Times' Broderick Turner talks to Lakers assistant Frank Hamblen, who details the keys to Game 5.

--The Times' Bill Plaschke talks to former Celtic Cedric Maxwell, who believes Boston is in good shape.

--The Times' Phil Willon reports the Lakers will pay for a city parade if they win the NBA championship.

--The Daily News' Vincent Bonsignore looks at why Kobe Bryant couldn't close out Game 4.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding wants Ron Artest to go crazy in Game 5.

--Fox Sports' Jeff Goodman wants more from Kobe Bryant.'s Scott Howard-Cooper credits the Lakers for not panicking.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky looks at how Bynum's limitation affects the Lakers.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin looks at how Chuck Person has positively influenced the Lakers.'s Shaun Powell argues Bryant needs a Michael Jordan moment during the NBA Finals.

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford has more details on Bynum's knee.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius chops up each game of the NBA Finals into a mini-movie reel.

--Sports Illustrated's Ian Thomsen looks at five players who will decide the 2010 NBA Finals.

Celtics links

--The Times' Baxter Holmes focuses on how Boston's resiliency has paid off.

--The Boston Globe's Julian Benbow looks at Rajon Rondo's poor free-throw shooting.

--The Boston Herald's Steve Buckley looks at how Doc Rivers' dad influenced him.

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's Matt Calkins explores Boston and finds how passionate the city is about sports.

--The Boston Herald's Dan Duggan credits the Celtics' resiliency.

--ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg wonders if Game 5 will be the last game at TD Garden for Celtics forward Ray Allen.'s Scoop Jackson expresses relief that the officials didn't become a topic of conversation after Game 4.

--Yahoo! Sports' Marc Spears likes the work the Celtics are doing on Bryant.

--The Boston Globe's Gary Washburn wants more from the Celtics' Big Four.

Celtics Blog's Greg Payne looks at Big Baby's most memorable moments.

Tweet of the Day: "A strong "Beat LA!" chant has started with the Red Sox taking a 12-1 lead on the Phillies in the bottom of the sixth inning." -- ArashMarkazi (ESPN Los Angeles' Arash Markazi)

Reader Comment of the Day: "Lamar has to show up every game for as long as the series continues. Somehow, this many years into his career, people are accepting Lamar for what he's been: about as reliable as a drug addict. He's as likely not to show up (or more so) than he is. It's time for Lamar to understand that he is indeed the Lakers' X-Factor; when he comes to play the Lakers win. They rarely do it without him. Phil tweaked Lamar today, but that's not the same as making him accountable. Damn it, Lamar, grow up and take responsibility." -- Rick Friedman

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Boston power forward Rasheed Wallace draws a foul from Lakers power forward Pau Gasol in Game 4 on Thursday night. Credit: Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times.

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“We’re going to try and establish the fact that we’re going back to L.A. with a 3-2 lead,” Jackson said Friday. “We believe we can do it. We felt we let one get away last night.”

Are you kidding me? Stupid Jackson has got to go already. Pat Riley would have had this team sweep this years celtics. Unbelievable!! They gave away game 2 and game 4 - now game 5 is critical. Whatever teams wins this game probably wins the series. I don't see this laker team winning 2 straight at home without bynum.

I'm going to laugh when the lakers lose to the most hated celtics at staples. WOW - PJ makes this way harder than it should be. This team should have been ready to roll over this lame boston team.

2008 - celtics were definitely the better team. this year - the lakers are better but they are blowing it every way they can think of.

They should be ashamed to be in laker uniforms except for kobe.

Rick Friedman,

"It's time for Lamar to understand that he is indeed the Lakers' X-Factor; when he comes to play the Lakers win."

This is true.

I think it is important to also learn from the enemy. I admit that I see basketball entirely through Purple and Gold colored glasses, but I attempt to temper my passion and loyalty with objectivity.

Out here in Ohio (I'm leaving on Monday! Wow! Nerve-wracking!), I, as you know are surrounded by LeBroniacs. Many of them; however, really know their sports. They know their sports in a very different way than Lakeraholics do.

Many of their understanding is more cold statistically-orientated than personality-orientated as I see many Lakeraholics see the game. Many due to the influence of the "Zen Master" we pay a lot of attention to the psychology of the game, which I believe is good.

Anyhow, if anyone appreciates what Lamar Odom brings to the game, it's LeBroniacs. In terms of matchups, Lamar Odom is a potential match-up nightmare for pretty much any team in the league because he is so flexible as a player. The achilles' heel of Lamar Odom is focus. He just disappears sometimes.

The only person, it seems, who can beat Lamar Odom, is Lamar Odom... and he can be pretty good at that sometimes.

But this Finals is about rebounding and Lamar Odom is probably the best rebounder on the floor.

To quote a LeBroniac, "When Lamar Odom brings it, the Lakers win."

So, Lamar Odom has got to bring it.

It's that simple.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Rick Friedman, congrats again for the RCOTD. You are my favorite blogger here. You tell it like it is and not some who are too afraid to say the obvious and be counted as little chickens. You are a true Lakers fan who wear his heart on his sleeve.

I wonder if half of bloggers here will still be Lakers fans if Kobe is not playing for the Lakers. I Love Kobe and I think he will be GOAT but I love Lakers more than any player. The jury is still out on Kobe. This is his moment to seal the legacy, 2 or 3 more to go.


USA-England tied 1-1 at halftime!


No matter what happens in the next few days, the Lakers will stay calm, focused and unafraid. I expect the same calmness from Lakers' fans, too. No matter what happens in Boston, we can't lose home court, so there is no reason to freak out if we go down 2-3. The national media will definately be freaking out and jumping off the Lakers' bandwaggon, but that doesn't mean we as fans have to follow suit. No matter what happens tomorrow, game 6 and maybe game 7 will be in LA.


I wonder if half of bloggers here will still be Lakers fans if Kobe is not playing for the Lakers. I Love Kobe and I think he will be GOAT but I love Lakers more than any player. The jury is still out on Kobe. This is his moment to seal the legacy, 2 or 3 more to go.
Posted by: jette | June 12, 2010 at 12:09 PM

Interesting point, I don't know the answer for others. While I think Kobe is an awesome player for the most part, and the Lakers wouldn't be here without him, if he would have opted out this year and gone somewhere else I would no longer be a Kobe fan. To me Kobe is still second to Magic until he gets a 6th ring. I am a Lakers fan first, so if Kobe left, or any other Laker, I would be done with them. I wouldn't hate them (unless maybe their name was shaq). I wish Turiaf well, but if they left and played against us I would want them to do poorly.
And I have liked the Lakers long before Kobe and will after he is gone.
Actually, I think most of the people here are Laker fans first as opposed to just Kobe fans.

And Rick, get that heart off your sleeve and put it back where it belongs, it's making a mess, ugh.

The Snake,


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"I wonder if half of bloggers here will still be Lakers fans if Kobe is not playing for the Lakers."

I am a Lakers fan first and above all, and Kobe will ALWAYS be a Laker no matter what.

When we win this Championship, Kobe will the very least equal Magic Johnson as the Greatest Laker of All-Time.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



There is no reason to seperate the curd from the whey at this point. Yes Kobe's great and he's one of the reasons we watch the Lakers, but for many fans like me, the Lakers are THE ONLY reason we watch Kobe. I would not follow Kobe if he was a Bull or a Knick or whatever. I'd watch the finals so long as the games were close, but I would have little interest in Kobe as a player if he were on another team.

I suspect that any fan who only likes the Lakes because of Kobe is probably a novice BB fan or maybe a bandwaggon fan -- and I don't think there are a large number of those type of fans out there. I think most Laker fans are long-term fans who have a pretty good knowledge of BB beyond just Kobe Bryant. At least I would hope this were the case.

Hold fast guys. Don't look away. That's the line from "Gangs of NY" when Liam Neeson gets killed by Wild Bill. As he's dying he refuses to let his boy look away. I guess the idea is by watching the death of his father, he (the kid) would be facing the worst moment of his life, and nothing the world throws at him after that can hurt him. So, no matter what happens these next 3 games, we won't look away. Ever.


And the reason Laker fans can ligitmately call themselves "lifers" or life-long fans, is becaiuse the Lakers have been so good for so long there has never been an opportunity for fans to jump ship. Even from the early 80s on, the only years lean enough to cause fans to look elsewhere for their BB fix were the early 90s when the Lakers had a team with super exciting young guys like Van Exel, Jones, Vlade, Threat, Campbel...

So I think there really are very FEW bandwaggon Lakers fans. To a man (or woman) there is legitimate time put into this Lakers obsession by the majority of people who call themselves Lakers' fans.


OK, My Blood Pressure Was Through The Roof!!! I've finally calmed down enough to type.

I was yelling and screaming at Lamar all through that game, even when we were up. My aggravation led me to start calling him "O'Dumb" every time he played Matador-D on "Big Lard Butt" Davis in the 4th Quarter.

I was also yelling "Come On Punxsutawney Phil! Call a Time Out and Put Drew Back In!!!" Even an injured Bynum would be better than the D Lamar was playing.

I don't usually call Lamar or Phil names during the game or otherwise, but from the start of the 2nd half I felt it slipping away. If Lamar doesn't wake up suddenly and/or Drew isn't available, we're in big trouble.

His problem is that he's taking Phil Jackson's "Move Your Feet On D" too literally. He's trying to dance around "Big Lard Butt" to get into position to attempt a block instead of moving his feet to cut off the baseline lane. He then gets called for a foul since Lamar's out of position when "Big Lard Butt" lowers his shoulder into Lamar's body.

My observation is that Lamar is fluent on committing a charging offense. He's constantly lowering his shoulder on his drives to the basket instead of sliding around the defender.

Yes, He's Fluent at Committing the Charge, But He Doesn't Seem to Be Able to Translate His Experience into How to Get the Call at the Other End of the Court! If he'd just look at the tape of his charging offenses, he might learn something about defense.

Moving your feet on D is about sliding into position to deny or disrupt the driving lane (in the case of "Big Lard Butt", the baseline). Once he's in position, "Big Lard Butt" would get called for the charge when he lowers his shoulder.

Come On Lamar, You're Better Than That!!! You're Quicker, You're More Talented, But You're Letting a "BIG LARD BUTT" Beat Your @$$!!!!!



I want Andy Bynum out there on the court just so we don't have to listen to the non-sense about how they Lakers would have won it if he played. But Bynum like Gasol, Artest, Odom and Kobe and the Magic and Cavs before them are getting worn down and out of this series by the Celtics intensity.

On the other hand it is pathetic to watch the Lakers trying to goad Perkins and Rasheed into technical fouls that would cause them a one game suspension. Thankfully Perkins and Rasheed aren't biting on this crap and the officials are aware of it. This tactic is the lowest form of competition and would be the same as having a Celtic kick Bynum in the knee just to get him off the court; real classy there Kobe, Odom, Gasol and the rest of Phil's gang.

I'm so concerned with Bynum's knee, that getting to games 6 and 7 is almost more important to me than winning game 5. Maybe not, but you get the point. We need to play Bynum sparingly enough in game 5 that he can explode in games 6 and 7. He is 100% the key to this series and I really believe that we will win it all if he plays big minutes in games 6 and 7. His play has been impressive. I can't imagine any other payer, including Bosh, who could influence the series against the Celtics like Bynum is doing. Length, size, stubborness, strength, attitude. Andrew is a keeper.


M2, jette, et al,

I'm at a loss for words to express my appreciation for all the generous feedback. It's humbling and embarrassing, as I so highly value the information, opinions, and sense of community that all of you contribute. I have days where I'm concerned about the extent of my Lakerholism, and wonder if I've gone over the edge. (Art, sorry about the mess!)

As to the question of whether I can be either a Lakers fan or a Kobe fan, I'm grateful I don't have to choose. I love our team, and at the same time there's no athlete I enjoy watching more than Kobe. Period. As it appears Kobe will be a Laker for his entire career, fortunately this is one crisis I'm likely never to confront.

As we go into Game 5 with the series tied 2-2, I find myself reflecting on a conversation I had with a new neighbor this morning. He quickly revealed himself to be a Bostonian and a hard core Celtics fan. The conversation never got to Kobe, Ray, KG or anything like that. His first question was whether I thought the games were fixed. Yes, he talked about the officiating. Having posted what I thought was kind of a tongue-in-cheek positing on the subject a few days ago, here it was again. A Celtics fan asking the same question so many of us have been asking. Weird, huh?

Let's see what the ABC-TV storyline is on the pre-game show and throughout the coverage tomorrow. Its focus on Boston was certainly spot-on when it came to Game 4, just as it was for Game 2. The narratives were certainly comparable to the ones Vince McMahon scripts for every one of his WWE telecasts and we all know how wrestling goes.

It's a direction I don't want to take. The investment of time and energy that goes into being a Lakers fan and contributing to this blog would be devalued to a degree completely devastating. I'm so much more comfortable believing that Game 5's outcome will be determined by the superior contributions of Kobe, Pau, Andrew, Fish, Thriller, LO and the bench. Finding out that Andrew is indeed prepared to play has drawn a huge sigh of relief. So. I'm going to stay in my comfort zone and focus on the competition. I'm going to stay with the thought that the Lakers are deserving champions and will receive sparkling new rings because they've earned them. On with the show. Go Lakers!

All i know I am a Laker fan even before Kobe was born and I will still be a Laker fan when Kobe is through and gone!!!!Lakers for life!!!!! 0-82 or 82-0 does not matter as long as this team play I will stay!!!

wesjoenixon................You are so right. We are native Minnesotans and have been LAKER fans from their days in MN. I guess that makes us real OLD. We have one team and one team only...and it isn't the Timberwolves. We will be LOYAL FOREVER. Winning Championships or not. But we are going to win this one in 6. Cooler and calmer heads will prevail!!!!!!!!!!!

Regarding Lamar, he shows up every 3 games. That seems to be the pattern. He did well on game 3, so he will do well on game 6. For game 5, we need to win without Lamar. It's totally doable. Then, on game 6, THE RING!!!!!!!

I wanna know what was the game, in your opinion, that the Lakers played their best?

Magic Phil - LAL x OKC game 5 - That was a bball lesson.

Jon. K,

Three words, lucky bar stool.

Tomorrow of course.



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