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Caught in the Web: Lakers' NBA Draft reports


--The Times' Mike Bresnahan and Broderick Turner report that Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw will talk with the Cleveland Cavaliers on the vacant coaching position.

--The Orange County Register's Janis Carr mentions the Lakers were surprised that West Virginia sophomore forward Devin Ebanks was available for a 43rd pick.

--The Daily News' Jon Gold and Vinny Bonsignore debate Phil Jackson's coaching future in a podcast.

--Pro Basketball Talk's Kurt Helin believes the Lakers need to go with Shaw if Jackson retires.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky highlights how happy Ebanks was to land with the Lakers.

--Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix gives the Lakers a B for their draft picks.

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford notes the defensive intensity Ebanks could bring to the Lakers after they selected him.'s Mike Trudell detals what Ebanks and Texas El Paso forward Derrick Caracter can bring to the team.

Tweet of the Day: "Draft night is very quiet here at Lakers' training facility in El Segundo. Verrrry quiet. Great catering, though (Nate 'n' Al's deli)." -- Mike_Bresnahan (L.A. Times Lakers beat reporter Mike Bresnahan)

Reader Comment of the Day: "Mitch did a good job with this draft. When you draft that low, you pick by players available, not by need" -- Tom Daniels

Photo: Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak was happy with the 2010 NBA Draft. Credit: Richard Hartog / Los Angeles Times

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As much as I love Bynum's potential, everything I've seen from Bynum indicates that he will be injury prone for the rest of his career. He was injured in high school, was injured the last 3 years IN A ROW, will have 4 surgeries in 4 years, has issues with BOTH his knees, as well as his achilles, has a wide pelvis, and is knock-kneed.

Seriously, how much more evidence do you people need? Open your eyes people! A couple of his injuries may have been flukes, but his slow as molasses recovery time from those injuries is no fluke. The damage done from those injuries is no fluke.

There is a dynasty at stake here, and you people want to gamble it all on Bynum's health? Some people want to give Bynum one more year, but if he gets injured again next year, his trade value will go down the drain. This is the time to trade Bynum for a healthy big man. If someone like Bosh is offered (which seems unlikely), it is a no brainer. We can argue all day about who's better between Bosh and Bynum, but NOBODY can argue against the fact that a healthy Bosh is better than an injured Bynum.

Bynum makes $4-5 million more than Lamar, but Lamar has contributed at least twice as much as Bynum in the past 3 playoffs. As inconsistent as Lamar has been, he is still more reliable than Bynum. Bynum also has much more trade value than Lamar, so if anyone is to be traded, I say trade Bynum and keep Lamar.

Laker Truth,

I believe I have made my feelings on this matter quite clear and have posted
stats & links for why I have my opinion. :)


If Bynum is injury prone then what makes you think that he has has any trade value? Why would anyone want a injury prone Bynum? Would you as a team owner? He is the best fit for the lakers and will come back next season and prove everyone wrong, I hope :). He is only 22, two injuries he suffered were freak accidents, just like Kendrick Perkins got injured in game 7.

Laker Truth: I Agree 100% with your assessment of AB!! It was exactly what I have been telling all my Laker buddies all season long. At the pinnacle of his productive age, he has not really impressed us (with very few exceptions). Even Andrew's top supporters do not argue his overvalued status. If we are lucky enough to enter into a Bosh trade discussion, it should be a no brainer. In my view, a healthy Bosh will yield far better prospects down the road than a "healthy" Bynum.


That is what you will get with Bosh.

No thanks.


Sam characterizes Bynum as --

"At the pinnacle of his productive age..."

22? Pinnacle?

look at the skills difference between the 22 and 23 year old Dwight Howard.

BTW, Kobe played 50, 66 and 68 games when he was 20, 21 and 22.

we can judge, but the proof will be on the court--we'll know in a year.

There is no big man available that gives you the inside presence that Bynum does. Those 10 mutes/half he gave during the finals were crucial to the Lakers win. Lamar provides somethig quite different from Bynum. Bynum was a 20-10 guy when Gasol was out.. remember. His interior presence makes Pau way more effective, and his inside defense made the lakers better. The trick is to have him healthy for the playoffs. Well worth the risk... but if they got Pau's brother as insurance, that would be awesome.

I like Bosh, but let's not get crazy. You're talking about dismissing a productive center in exchange for a power forward. Eh, isn't Gasol a power forward?
Lose Bynum and lose the size advantage that has made the Lakers what they are.

Why would we trade away a solid C for an All-star PF that overlaps with our other all-star PF? Gasol and Bynum can and will effectively play together for years to come. Gasol and Bosh... they have very similar games. Who would play C? Who would provide the inside presense that's critical to winning rings?

For all who are questioning Andrew Bynum importance to the lakers think about this. Bynum is one of the few bigs who other bigs fear on both ends the court, yes he has been injury prone but Gasol will never be a power guy and get respected unless the lakers have a power guy on the opposite side of him. Yeah I know you all are saying well they really didn't play much together well the mere fact that he's on the team (Bynum) and you have to deal with him is enough. The lakers have to keep bynum for the fear factor aspect of the game similar to why the celtic have Kendrick Perkins. Now my hope is that the lakers just got the steal of the draft in drafting Derrick Caracter who at one point was considered a can't miss prospect and now he has a very good chance to be the other big with power that strike fear into the laker opponent. Why do you think Ron Ron is so effect inspite of his failure to score, it the fear factor and thats and important component remember basketball is still a contact sport you hit me and I will hit you back and my hit might hurt a little more than yours. Caracter, Bynum and Artest together will strike fear into LA's opponents and lamar, kobe and gasol will finese you to death that a winning combination. Keep Andrew even if he has to wear a brace all season long, therefore the next mission is to find a point guard and if they do the laker will be in and/or win the next 3 to 4 championship and go down in history as a great great team, with that said I will see you all next year at championship celebration go lakers.

Ironically, Caracter sounds a bit similar to Fat-Baby Davis to me. Good scorer and rebounder with problem controlling his weight. If the C's make it back to the finals next season, maybe the two could sumo wrestle.

The 2009-2010 season and the 2010 playoffs should have made everything clear for all of us. The only guys who have what it takes to win and who are willing to engage any team even in the most physical game are Kobe, Artest, Gasol and Fisher, and maybe Brown. And they are the only solid contributors throughout. Debate is over. We just need to look at the past season and playoffs. Odom played only 2 good (not really great) games against the Celtics out of 13 finals games dating back to 2008. Bynum is indeed injury-prone. He maybe a good center during the regular season but if he can't play 100% during the playoffs, he can't help the team. The rest are Non-Performing Assets. And with the impending belt-tightening that Buss will institute next season, what we need are cheap but reliable role players. The trading of injured players can be done through package deals, e.g., Bynum and Farmar for Bosh, Luke and Odom for Amare, Farmar, Vujacic and Luke for Derron, etc. Maybe not exactly this combo but it can be done. Teams will rebuild to beat LA and LA has no option but to have a better bench next season. We don't win championships merely out of loyalty, glamour or finesse. And to really have a good chance of a 2nd 3peat, PJ should stay. Let us not debate on the many "what-ifs" or "maybes." We need 2 solid centers, an Ariza-type to control the traffic on both ends and 2 gutsy playmakers.

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Well said. I never thought I would agree with this opinion, but I’m starting to view things from a different view. I have to research more on this as it seems very interesting.



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