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Caught in the Web: Lakers' free-agency stories


--The Times' Broderick Turner reports that Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw will likely be named head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

--AOL Fanhouse's Sam Amick reports Shaw is close to finalizing a deal with the Cavs.

--The Orange County Register's Janis Carr showcases Pau Gasol's singing.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding believes Kobe Bryant's right index finger will never become fully healthy.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky ranks the potential free agent guards that would help the Lakers.

--Ball Don't Lie's Trey Kerby highlights Nike's "Kobe Banner" T-shirt in honor of Kobe Bryant.

--Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix ranks Lakers guard Jordan Farmar as the 38th best free agent in the 2010 class.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Ramona Shelburne talks to Lakers guard Derek Fisher, who says if Phil Jackson were to depart the Lakers, it would be bad not only for the team but also the NBA as a whole.'s Sam Smith reports the Lakers are expected to offer Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom to the Toronto Raptors for Chris Bosh and Jarrett Jack.

--Yahoo! Sports' Marc Spears reported Byron Scott is interested in the Cavaliers' job even if Jackson retires and LeBron James leaves Cleveland.'s Mike Trudell gets to know West Virginia sophomore forward Devin Ebanks, whom the Lakers drafted with the 43rd pick.

--The Cleveland Plain Dealer's Brian Windhorst reports the Cavaliers want to have a coach hired by Thursday.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius previews what's in store for this week.

--Silver Screen and Roll's Saurav A. Das relives the Lakers' 2010 NBA championship.

Tweet of the Day: "I have been sleeping like 12hrs a day for last three Just up at crazy times But sleep is sleep" -- RONARTESTCOM (Lakers forward Ron Artest)

Reader Comment of the Day: "Whether it is PJ, Shaw or Byron we should not be scared of the Lakers stewardship of the future. Whether LO, Shannon, Farmar, Powell and Mbenga are gone and replaced by new strong players, we should not be scared of the future if we maintained the core. Whether Lebron teams up with D'Wade, CBosh, we should not be afraid of the future especially is Lakers Showtime will be back." -- Edwin Gueco

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw, right, is reported to be near a deal that will make him the Cleveland Cavalier's head coach. Credit: Lori Shepler / Los Angeles Times

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LO and Drew for Bosh and Jack?

I like Bosh for LO but Drew? I'm not sure about that. Jack is moot.

I wish B Shaw all the best if he's named head coach of CLE. He deserves it, and that's why people put all their time and energy into their jobs, so they're promoted.


you asked for french:

Si, tu peux avec fait/effort. c'etait un idiome.

re: not doing anything brazillian. Too bad. The food is AWESOME!!!

Edwin Gueco,

you wrote: Just thinking, if Pau Gasol could help us bring in half of Team Spain to the Lakers starting from: Rubio, Navarro, Fernandez and his brother Marc we will contend in any kind of competition again Wade, James and Bosh. We are just facing another type of Celtic team.

my response:

no. NO! NON!

You would *KILL* this blog. We would be inundated with scrubs from

How much of Ricky's blathering stupidity can you actually take???

Andrew and LO for Bosh and what's his name?

You know what Bosh isn't? A champion.

He has the shot Lamar should have developed, but the team would be weaker underneath and with less options off the bench.

Didn't the return to Showtime already fail once?

Time for PHIL to Tweet somethin' positive.

Steve Blake, Tracey McGrady, develop Ebanks, keep Phil.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Thought you guys would like this...

Another great KDing article about Kobe and his battle weary appendages.

Everybody plays hurt, but our super star has taken it to another level.

He'll never be healed, but he'll always deal with it. Respect.

Meanwhile, bad time for the market to tank.

Not an environment conducive to an owner wanting to gamble the big bucks.

WHAT...This is getting very strange...Are we entering the "The Fourth Kind"

The only conclusion I can come up with, Brian Shaw knows that PJ is coming back...

We need to let everything fall into place, whatever shuffling happens in the league...

Mitch needs to stay focused and get us those PGs, some gems in the rough...

I've heard that Wade-Bosh-James is a done deal in Miami...Why would Cavs want to sign Shaw over Scott...

The rumor was, James is into the triangle, and Shaw would be the best candidate, with PJ either gone or with the Lakers, and Rambis is at Minnesota...

So whatever...Everyone try to get as good as you can...for to win a Championship, you will have to go through the Lakeshow...

Bad for the NBA as a whole if Phil retires? Phil has to do what is best for himself, he doesn't owe anyone anything at this point. The Lakers philosophy isn't going to change much if Phil leaves unless everyone under him leaves as well. Only difference I could see is that no other coach would let Fisher play as much as he does, so I'm guessing that's what he's worried about.

Why is LeBron talking about wanting a triangle? They already have the best setup for him in Cleveland if he just stays there. The perimeter is filled with competent shooters, he can dominate the ball, if they just stay patient with it, that team will be winning championships. I don't think anyone liked LA's chances if Cleveland had advanced to the finals.

Chris Broussard just pointed out something I hadn't thought of...

Miami has an advantage over the other teams - Florida has no state income tax. So even if LeBron, Bosh, and Wade don't get a full max deal each, it'll be partially made up for by the fact that the state won't take a big chunk out of what they earn.

For example, Illinois has a flat income tax of 3%. So 16.5 million in Chicago is equal to 16 million in Florida.

In New York, the income tax rate for big earners is 6.85%. So 16.5 million in New York is equal to 15.3 million in Florida.

In New Jersey, the income tax rate would be 8.97. So 16.5 million in New Jersey is equal to 15 million in Florida.

Trading Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom for Chris Bosh and Jarrett Jack would be the worst possible trade the Lakers could pull. This is the same journalist who was 90% sure Kobe was coming to the Bulls. LMAO. There is no way in the world that Jerry Buss, Jim Buss, and Mitch Kupchak would make this deal. NO WAY!

Trading either Andrew or LO by themselves is not smart, let alone both of them, Especially for Bosh and Jack. Dumb Dumb Dumb. No way would Mitch and Jerry break up a championship team like this and just give away our size and length advantage for no reason. No way does this happen.

We need B-Shaw.
We have to sign him NOW as head coach - for 2011-12. Then let Phil groom and mentor him this year, much as Don Nelson did for Avery Johnson years ago in Dallas.
When the Phil & Fish era finally ends we'll still have Kobe and Pau and we will NEED a coach who can keep the continuity of the triangle if we're to ever have a hope of four-peating and beyond. This solves the problem for Phil as well since he knows he's coming back for only one more year and can even let his protege and our future coach fill in for him on a road trip or two.
Let's NOT lose Shaw the way we lost Rambis and wind up left trying out a new system or teaching someone new the triangle when Phil finally does leave.

Bosh is no threat to our title aspirations on the Bulls or Heat. The only way Bosh stands in the way of our three-peart is if we trade our length (Bynum & Odom) to get him. I don't see Buss allowing a trade involving Bynum. He is son Jimmy's only claim to fame.

Perhaps the most damaging background on Byron Scott is that he was fired twice DURING the season, meaning he had his team to such an extent that ownership felt they could not even wait until the offseason before pulling the plug. That speaks oceans about how Byron’s ranting and raving grows old. It would be like having Ouchhhhhhhh as a head coach. LOL. Just say no.
The other thing is his lack of any offensive schemes other than the pick and roll. Don’t get me wrong, I love the pick and roll but watching Byron’s teams play offense, it is painfully clear that the Hornets never had any other offensive options other than CP3 dribbling around in circles looking for pick and rolls and lobs inside. And I never saw anything approaching Showtime even though he had the best point guard in the league.

How much of Ricky's blathering stupidity can you actually take???

Edwin Gueco is Ricky in disguise.......

Hey justa, how can you bow out of the race so soon! It hasn't even heated up yet! Phred-4 and Justa-3 and you're quitting? That's only 7 total votes! We need more time with this thing (and more time thinking about butts LOL).

I vote for Justa!


Bosh, LBJ to Miami Heat.... very scary proposition

Btw, I would have thought Justa would run away with the victory! What's going on here?

Troy B - that was exactly why I gave it up & bowed out. This place is whack!

you asked for french:
Si, tu peux avec fait/effort. c'etait un idiome.
re: not doing anything brazillian. Too bad. The food is AWESOME!!!
Posted by: hobbitmage | June 29, 2010 at 11:43 AM

JUSTA, Brazilliians have some serious BACK.


"The only conclusion I can come up with, Brian Shaw knows that PJ is coming back..."

How did you come to this conclusion?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"The only conclusion I can come up with, Brian Shaw knows that PJ is coming back..."

How did you come to this conclusion?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Laker Tom,

I agree with you. Byron Scott is a Great Laker, but he is absolutely the wrong guy to be our coach.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


@ Jon K -

The reason for my conclusion of Shaw knows that PJ is coming back:

1. Both Scott and Shaw was offered the job at Cleveland...
2. Both were waiting to see what PJ would do, before they commit to Cavs...
3. Cavs had said that they prefer Shaw over Scott, due to LBJ's new interest in the Triangle offense...

Conclusion 1 - So with the news that Shaw is taking the Cavs job...I can only come to the conclusion that Shaw has inside information that PJ is coming back...

Conclusion 2 - The Lakers have told Shaw, he will not be the coach if PJ doesn't come back...

I like conclusion 1 over 2...

puddle - Nice, to all the HATERS.

I am praying that Miami land LBJ and Bosh. I lay awake at night. Because that move would be Kobe's opportunity to cement his legacy. I know Kobe wants to personally keep LBJ from getting his first ring for as long as he can. Kobe want to be the Micheal Jordon of LBJ's Malone.

Kobe wants to be the reason LBJ gets no rings. I want Kobe to get that chance. If Kobe can beat LeBronze back with Wade and Bosh at his side, then there would be nothing anyone could say.

LTLF, tell me that wouldn't be perfect!


First - sup FEARless! 2nd - I'd like to say I agree that if Kobe does beat the princess with that kind of talent at her side it would be CRAZY perfect. On the other hand, if princess needs that kind of talent to beat KOBE - well then THAT says something too now doesn't it?!

I'd prefer NOT to see any team really loading up, but who knows what's gonna happen? I just know I want PJ back, I want our core back, and I want us to 3-peat. That's pretty much it.

A little perspective

So, it's no secret that Jerry Buss has never liked the triangle offense and wanted to bring Showtime back. As long as PJ was winning title however, he was always gonna be given the opportunity to return. We saw this in the summer of 04, PJ leaving and Buss bringing in Rudy T in an attempt to bring back a faster paced and more exciting offense. Why would the same principle not apply here? If PJ decides to retire it would give Buss a perfect excuse to return to the system he loves. Hence the idea of hiring B Scott. Now if PJ decides to return Buss will most likely bring him back for another title run. Otherwise B Scott is the most likely candidate. Now I'm not saying it's the best choice just most likely.

It seems as if Buss is determined to cut costs .... if he is determined to part ways w/ LO's 8+ mill a year my first option would be

CP-3 and Okafur for Bynum/LO

unless he could get Bosh/ Jack and sign Drew Gooden/ Raja Bell

IMO Bosh/Lebron/Wade and roles player would be a threat to a Laker 3 peat

If Shaw does sign with Cavs - right now that is a very high possibility, Shaw a triangle system on his own. Shaw should not pass on it. Congratulatins B Shaw - you deserve it!

If PJ retires - hign possibility if the owner cuts his check. Phil would never go for it. Congratulations PJ on your 11 rings!

WOW! What happens to the Lakers! Sky is falling!

Without a triangle Coach, Lakers will have to abondon the system.

SHOWTIME here it comes, exeriment for ONE YEAR! I will trust a LAKER HEART of Byron SCOTT. If it fails FISHER IS THE NEXT HEAD COACH IN 2012 - TRIANGLE IS BACK!

Byron Scott - Pat Riley (Head Coach)
Magic Johnson - (SPECIAL ASST Coach to ODOM)

Lamar Odom - Magic Johnson (PG)
Kobe Bryant - Michael Cooper (SG)
Devin EBanks - James Worthy (SF)
Pau Gasol - Kurt Rambis (PF)
Andrew Bynum - Kareem Abdul Jabbar (C)

Carater - Bob McAdoo
Ron Artest - AC Green
Jordan Farmar - Norm Nixon

Now let's pray PJ comes back or we are all going to spin of all the changes that is to come.

Bynum and LO for Bosh and Jack? How bout Bynum and LO for LeBron and Varejao or LeBron and Shaq.

>>>Trading Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom for Chris Bosh and Jarrett Jack
>>>would be the worst possible trade the Lakers could pull.

Well, not the worst possible, but pretty darned bad if that's the whole trade.

Bynum and Odom are two very high quality front court players, and Bosh and Jack would cost about the same amount of money.

As I said before, the only way I could see it working is if there was something else in the deal for the Lakers. What could that be?

Dump off of a contract - Luke goes to Toronto, Marcus Banks comes to LA.

Salary reduction - Sasha goes to Toronto, Marco Belinelli goes to LA

Draft picks - Ed Davis &/or Solomon Alabi &/or future draft pick comes to LA

Basically, Bynum+Odom for Bosh+Jack isn't completely off, it just requires some sweetener to the Lakers.

Byron Scott - Pat Riley (Head Coach)
Magic Johnson - (SPECIAL ASST Coach to ODOM)
James Worthy - (SPECIAL ASST COACH TO Ebanks)
Jabbar - (SPECIAL ASST COACH TO Bynum/Gasol)

Lamar Odom - Magic Johnson (PG)
Kobe Bryant - Michael Cooper (SG)
Devin EBanks - James Worthy (SF)
Pau Gasol - Kurt Rambis (PF)
Andrew Bynum - Kareem Abdul Jabbar (C)

Maybe we can see the SKY HOOK BACK.

Carater - Bob McAdoo
Ron Artest - AC Green
Jordan Farmar - Norm Nixon

It is amazing how all these past Lakers superstar are still around hanging with the LAKERS ORGANIZATION. THAT says a lot about JERRY BUSS!!!


>>>LTLF, tell me that wouldn't be perfect!

Look, whether it's in Miami, Chicago, Cleveland or elsewhere - Kobe's Lakers beating LeBron's team in the finals would be truly special. Not quite as special as beating the Celtics, but just a notch below.

>>>You know what Bosh isn't? A champion.

Yes he is. The only time Bosh played with Kobe, he won a championship. And I felt he played better center than Dwight Howard for that team.

Wouldn't you like to see all these guys in summer camp oldies versus newbies... 80's taeching the 2010's!!!

A little perspective part 2

On the idea of trading Bynum. Jerry Buss has been attempting to get his kids ready to replace him in control of the team. He decided for better or worse to give Jeannie the financial responsibilities and Jimmy player/personnel. Jimmy put all his stock in Bynum. Jimmy will either succeed or fail based on Bynum. Trading Bynum now will be viewed by Jim as a failure, rather than viewing as "my choice got us Bosh". I say that based on other possible tramdes for him that Jim has squashed. At this point I only see two possible ways that Bynum gets traded. 1- if we get back someone so good that no one would argue it was a bad decision, even accounting for the big for small debate. To me that leaves four possible names - Lebron, Wade, Howard, and Durant. Since those four are likely impossible that leaves us with 2- if the laker training staff convinces theBusses that Bynum will always be injured and never be healthy. In that case a number of options would be acceptable, just get the best value you can. So if Bynum returns it's because the Laker brass believes he can remain healthy.

Shaw will have a hard time running the triangle without any asst coaches in CAVS? Maybe he can call Harper, Pippen, Fox and Horry as asst coaches!

Whatever direction Jerry Buss decides, I am all in.

The man is proven!


"I like conclusion 1 over 2..."

We are in agreement on that.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


By the way, in case you weren't aware of it...

Technically, free agency begins July 1 at 12:00. But that's EASTERN time.

So free agency really begins tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 9:00 Pacific time.

Hopefully we'll see some fireworks before the end of the week.


There is no chance in hell the Lakers will part with Bynum AND Odom. NONE, folks. In fact, there's no chance the Lakers will part with Odom, unless they can secure a bona-fide big man to back up an injury prone center like Bynum. Like him or not, the Lakers need Odom because Andrew is a year-around knee-injury waiting to happen, period. Having said that, Andrew is also one solid injury-free season away from being the best center in the league, Howard notwithstanding.

All these trade rumors are for the birds...

Jon K. writes, "Byron Scott is a Great Laker, but he is absolutely the wrong guy to be our coach."


I want PJ back as well, but why go and say something like Scott is "absolutely the wrong guy to be our coach?"


Scott has a bit of a history. Players often burn out on him due to his unnecessarily intense practices (ala Pat Riley) and arrogant manner. There are some doubts about his offensive creativity and selfishness that I've read about as well, but the latter two issues I've only heard from one source (here and it seemed informed) whereas the other two issues fit with his duractions with teams before firing and there are multiple sources that discuss it. has a long article about why Byron Scott wouldn't be the next great Laker coach:

It's certainly worth a read.

Another issue with Scott is he's likely to impose his system on a team, further disrupting a team that has made 3 Finals appearances in a row. That chaos worries many people that the team will perform significantly less well.

If Brian Shaw and Phil Jackson are not available as a head coach it's possible Byron Scott will be the best option available.

Many of the criticisms of Byron Scott also apply to Larry Brown. He wants players to play HIS way and gets good results (defense first, team play highlighted), but it typically only takes a few years for players to tune him out. Once players tune you out, you're done in this league.


After reading SSR's article further, there's a lot of confirmation of Scott's love of golf over the team and offensive stagnation.

My thoughts on the Lakers summer situation is as follows....

1 - Hire Byron Scott (IF Phil Jackson does retire)

2 - Re-sign Derek Fisher and Shannon Brown

3 - Sign Shaun Livingston and Earl Barron using a portion of the mid-level exception.

4 - Sign and trade Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vujacic in a s/a for Travis Outlaw (Clippers)

Next season this could be the roster...

Starters: Fisher, Bryant, Artest, Gasol, Bynum

Key Reserves: Livingston, Brown, Outlaw, Odom, Barron

Additional Reserves: Walton, EBanks, and Caracter

All the moves are feasible, economical and beneficial to the Lakers. They place the Lakers in a strong position not only to 3-peat but to keep the championships coming for the next few seasons.

I am starting to believe that the best move for LeBron James is Miami. Although putting 3 superstars together doesn't automatically mean championship, it would put them in serious contention right away. I'm just wondering whou would fill out their roster seeing as how they will lose most of their players just to acquire those 3. Boston had a similar issue a few years ago but they managed to find enough free agents to fill out the roster and it turned out to work.

If Bynum does get traded, he only has himself to blame. Instead of getting his knee fixed right away he opted to go partying at the World Cup. Same old Bynum, party first, work later. This guy will never grow up, his poor work ethics will always prevent him from reaching stardom.

Thanks, Benjamin. I'll take a look.



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