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Caught in the Web: Lakers off-season stories


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-- The Times' Broderick Turner reports that Lakers guard Shannon Brown plans to opt out of his contract.

-- Dillon Tabish writes in The Times about Lakers Coach Phil Jackson's contention that how Denver Coach George Karl battled his throat cancer last season affects the way he's approaching his coaching future because he doesn't want to leave himself vulnerable to having to miss time during the season.

-- The Times' Kevin Baxter highlights Kobe Bryant's trip to South Africa for the World Cup.

-- The Times' Mark Heisler reports that the Lakers may try to dump Lamar Odom's salary.

-- Some readers express frustration to The Times about Jackson's failure to make a decision about his future with the Lakers.

-- Sports Illustrated's Paul Forrester looks at the issues surrounding free agency, including the Lakers'.

-- ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky looks at Josh Powell's future with the Lakers.

-- Yahoo Sports' Martin Rogers details how Bryant inspired Argentina forward Lionel Messi.

-- Fox Sports West's Matt Smith argues that the Lakers need to do whatever it takes to keep Jackson.

-- Forum Blue and Gold's Darius reflects on the 2009-10 season.

-- Silver Screen and Roll's DexterFishmore says Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw would be a good fit to coach the Lakers if Jackson decides to retire.

-- Silver Screen and Roll's wondahbap feels that former Laker Byron Scott would not be a good fit for the Lakers' possible coaching vacancy.

--'s Mike Trudell highlights the 2009-10 season.

-- You can order your Lakers championship DVD here.

Tweet of the Day: "Cavs coaching search is nearing an end, sources say, with Brian Shaw scheduled to meet in Cleveland this afternoon and tomorrow morning ... No offers have been made to Shaw or Byron Scott, with a decision expected before Thursday." -- samickFanHouse (FanHouse's Sam Amick).

Reader Comment of the Day: The key word is CONSISTENCY which [Lamar] Odom did not have, even when he was healthy. Talking about health, Bynum and Bryant have played with injuries much more serious than Odom's during the playoffs. Granted the Lakers want to pay less luxury tax, they want to dump salaries, but his contribution this Finals was pitiful for a player who is making 8.5 mils and that certainly weighs heavily on the Lakers decision. It is much better to have a player who is not as talented as Odom but more consistent; after all Odom talents mean nothing when he does not show up on court. It seems every playoffs, the team and its fans hold their breath waiting for Odom to contribute. The Lakers need to address that issue this season. How much longer is this unprofessional inconsistency allowed? -- ctran

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Coach Phil Jackson is surrounded by family and friends after the Lakers won Game 7 of the NBA Finals, 83-79, over the Boston Celtics at Staples Center. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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1. I suspect that Shannon is hoping but not expecting a higher annual salary, but really aiming for more years on his deal. Opting out gives him the chance to re-sign here for more years at the same or slightly more per year, and that is still a possibility. If he's looking for a big annual raise, well, then he's a goner (although I'm not sure where he'd get a big raise, though Indiana comes to mind).

2. Announcers for other teams like Lamar because they don't see his inconsistency on a nightly basis. I think everyone enjoys Lamar's contributions. When he makes them. That's the problem; he doesn't make them often enough. What baffles me is the repeated blather about how "unselfish" LO is. His passivity on offense is not unselfish. The Lakers are at their best when he is aggressive and attacking the basket, and any time spent doing anything else is actually selfish in my book (because it deprives the team of what they need).

The idea that this is an all star player who sacrifices his numbers for the good of the team simply ignores the vast majority of Lamar's career, when he was starter on a bad team and still was not able to become an all star. Did it ever occur to anyone that the Lakers make LO look better than he is, rather than the other way around?

>>>Weak bench play
>>>Shannon, Jordan, Lamar, Sasha

That's really not fair. "Inconsistent bench play" would be accurate. Weak bench play doesn't give them credit for the good things they did - they actually had some good games, even in the finals.

Thanks Phil for all you have done for the Nba and the Lakers... lets get Byron trade Sasha , Walton , Morrison , let Farmar go resign Brown... give the rookie Ebanks some burn... resign Mbenga let Powell go and sign Will Bynum and T-Mac off the bench in a Vinnie Johnson role and we are looking good...don't you dare trade Odom... he played big in the big moments and definitely helped us win...and everybody needs to leave his wife out of it she's good peeps! we also should sign Dorell Wright...

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