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Audio of Andrew Bynum's exit interview

Andrew Bynum exit interview

Among the highlights of Andrew Bynum's exit interview:

-- He had his knee drained today.

-- He plans on getting surgery on his right knee around July 18.

-- Bynum's take on how he fought through injuries, and his growth as a player.

-- Bynum on the improving on-court relationship between him and Lakers forward Pau Gasol.

-- Mark Medina

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I like his forward thinking in regards to Gasol. Those two really started clicking near the end of the season with their back and forth taps on the glass, Pau's post passes and Bynum's finishes and they could help each other out even more on defense.

Gotta keep this kid, he's built for this team. just needs to start playing whole seasons.

Interesting format, MM.

Well, Fatty, I’m glad your pets and family (I suppose that might be the same thing to some people) are safe, and I hope your house has made it through. I thought my post Finals let down was bad.

Well, I’ve made it through all the celebratory articles and comments (I’m not tired of it, I could never be tired of it) and I think I’m back for the long, dry summer. If last year was anticlimactic and boring (hey, Lamar resigned! Just what we knew would happen! But we discussed it for a dang month with all the intensity and attention to detail that the History Channel reserves for the American Civil War and the Nazi party. (I’m not sure what is up with that either.) ) So this summer will be even more exciting, I’m sure.

Anyway, before we get into that, I want to thank our esteemed blog moderator, the ever Funky and Cold Mark Medina, for being here for us all year, and we hope he’ll be back next year, cause breaking in somebody new would be way too much for me right now. (Yes, it is all about me. Thanks for noticing)

And to everybody (almost everybody), thanks for a great year of comments, discussion and the greatest even game chats that anybody could hope for, there are way too many of you to list here, and Mamba24 and LEWSTRS (hey, welcome and howdy) do a great job of that, so let me just say; everybody except pfunk. No, that’s a joke. I love pfunk, he lets me have somebody i can pretend to give crap to without acknowledging trolls and jerks. A vital purpose, which can never be appreciated enough. Seriously, love and thanks to everybody for a great year.

Congratulations to LRob for winning the Laker Times Blog Love fantasy basketball league, and thanks for telling me about it finally, cause I have completely neglected that sucker since January. No excuses, it was a bad year for me, but it and my managerial luck will both be back next year I hope.


I love all of you guys, and I don’t regret a minute of watching the games, win or lose, because it’s all part of being a basketball fan.



I will hopefully get around to talking about and thanking in much more detail all the great people who write comments here, the great Blog Crew. I love all of you, but some of you give so much more of yourselves to us, and many of you never get acknowledged enough. So I gotta work on that. Also I have some songs to get posted, and a few more to write. I should have lots of extra time for that, possibly.

Thoughts on the summer, free agents, resigning, trade, etc wise; worth what they cost.

This is gonna be a boring summer, probably. It might even make last summer seem interesting. Everything goes well, handshakes all around, a couple of gold watches, and y’all show up for training camp. Ok, a few thoughts.

Trade Drew for Bosh? Ok, if you ranked all the NBA players top to bottom, Chris Bosh gets put higher than Drew. That’s in abstract world. (Sorta like Bizzarro world, but less stupid) My real thoughts? If Drew is healthy, it would be crazy to trade him for Bosh. If he isn’t healthy, we won’t be able to trade him for Bosh. There is probably a middle ground there, but that seems to be the gist of it for me.

We need a back up PG, who can play starters minutes but who doesn’t necessarily get to start cause that’s Fish’s deal to lose. Apparently everybody and his sister thinks that Farmar isn’t going to be back. Well, thanks for what you’ve done, Farm, good luck in the future, I’m not gonna cry over it. Blake, Rid, and Watson, well, if they don’t mind taking second fiddle to Fish and signing for less than MLE, they all seem to be pretty much the same level as Farmar, but still ?s. I like Felton, he would be an upgrade, but I’m not sure how much he would cost. Cheaper options? I don’t know where to start.

I feel pretty comfortable taking the ‘wait and see’ option as a fan. Hypotheticals are fun to kick around, but I’m glad we have a brain trust with Mitch et al. that can do the figuring. They know a ton of stuff we don’t even though the internet at least lets us have some info.

Other possible miracle or ‘guys coming here cheap to win a ring’ signing possibilities;

Tracy Macgrady? Beats me. He isn’t anybody to sneeze at, but his health is a huge question, as is his salary. I’m not sure how much he has left in the tank.

Kyle Korver? He’s a sorta SG SF, probably on the downside of his career, probably a bit overpriced, but that’s up to him. How much do you want to pay him vs how many minutes are you going to give him? Beats me.

Mike Miller- A bit like Korver, a bit better athlete, a good shooter, a better rebounder, probably a better passer, has some injury history, not sure what he can do on defense, overall one of my ‘guys’ that I like on other teams, all things being equal, better than Korver, and a quality starter. Where would his minutes come from at SG/SF? How much money does he want?

not really sure if any of these guys are really available, based on how much we would have to pay them.

anyhoo, that's my thoughts.

I know I haven't posted a whole lot, but I can't see the Lakers trading Drew at this point when he's the youngest Laker on the team and he's the one that the "future" Laker team will be built around.

We definitely need a PG to start transitioning from DFish. We also need somebody to be able to relieve Kobe. He's 31 and not getting younger despite what we want.

Don't know how much Buss will put into the team considering that right now with just who they have signed for next year we will be over the cap and anybody we sign, we'll be paying double when you consider the tax.

Hope Mitch and Shaw make the right decisions in this off season.

-I'd love to have Chris Bosh, but not if it means losing Bynum, love this kid, always have, no question, he's the future of the Lakers

-Lakers need to bring Fish back....but not as a starter. I can see Steve Blake starting opposite Kobe in the backcourt

-Sasha's earned another shot at being Kobe's back-up. But he's gotta be ready. Kobe's not a spring chicken anymore, Phil's got to keep his minutes down to no more than 33 per game

-If Walton is the worst Laker next season, that's a team improvement in itself

-Would love to get a defensive minded back up 3 for Artest, so the pressure on the wing players never stop (Posey?)

I am cheering for Drew Bynum for next season and his development but questions his retard decision-making:

1) For not undergoing a meniscus surgery as soon as he got injured.

2) For not giving any credit to his mentor, Kareem Abdul Jabbar

3) Lack of urgency to attend to his condition rather wanted to go to South Africa for the World Cup. "Don't defer for tomorrow what you can do today." Go for surgery first before having a good time.

What if he's traded to the Raftors for Chris Bosh while he's in South Africa watching football, that would be a teachable lesson to this young man similar to the 'chise player, Cedric Ceballos.

I really like the on-court relationship between him and Pau. Yesterady watched a recap of the seven games and they are confident each other. I didn't even thought that was possible but Bynum showed he is a great player and also a great person. Bosh is not!!


Chris Bosh? Watched few Toronto games las year and he s*cks.

The guy who always says he is the first option on the team? And woudln't go to other team to be the third option? not even the second? WTF!! Jose Calderon would be a better option, Lakers dosen't need a PF needs a PG or a Center.

I don't really like that guy, who is a craying baby and lakers already got one.

He can't even clinch the playoffs bench with a great teammates and that means he is a cancer in the locker room.

Bye!!! You Bynum heaters!!!

bynum said earlier he will posponed his surgery so that he can go to africa to watch the world cup sucker. that's just one example of urgency he has on getting back to being a 100% healthy for next season. gotta get rid of that lazy gorilla.



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