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Audio from Josh Powell's exit interview

Highlights from Josh Powell's exit interview: 

-- How Lakers Coach Phil Jackson and Powell's teammates appreciated his work ethic

-- How Powell stayed positive even without much playing time

-- Why he wants to stay with the Lakers

-- How he struck a close relationship with Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher

Josh Powell exit interview

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Re-post (sorry, but the threads terminate so abruptly sometimes):

Not even the Lakers could beat a healthy team that includes James, Rose, Bosh, and Noah. Chicago would probably win 75 games in the regular season alone. It would also be extremely tough for the Lakers to get past Orlando if (as some rumors are suggesting) the Magic get Chris Paul. So I’m afraid it’s time for a pre-emptive strike. Either offer Bynum for Chris Paul (certainly a better opportunity – both salary-wise and talent-wise – for New Orleans than swapping for Carter and Nelson) – or, if Kobe and LeBron can be convinced to share the spotlight – Bynum and Artest (or Odom) in a sign-and-trade for LeBron. LeBron gets his max. money – and Cleveland gets the pieces to stay competitive in the East.

So some friends of mine got me TWO Sports Collector's Edition magazines, recapping the Finals series.

The first one is a pic of the Lakers with Kobe holding up the Larry O and the captions read "LA Repeats" and "Kobe Bryant MVP".

The 2nd is bizarre. It's green-hued - even the floor - shows paula with the ball while LO and Pau are behind him looking like they're trying to block and the title reads "Celtic Pride!".

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The insides are exactly the same in both. It's like the biased east coast media wanted to do something special for the LOSERS. "Awwww - you guys lost - well here's a cool magazine for you. We know you have a lot of pride guys... too bad... we'll get them bad Lakers next time. Don't cry. We still love you."

LMAO!!!! This is just too pitiful for words!! I'm crying I'm laughing so hard!!

Just heard on Jim Rome show on the radio...

Byron Scott has left the Cav's offer on the table and waiting for what Phil Jackson will do...

As much as I love Scott...I think he will get rid of the Triangle and run a pic and roll offense...Not suited for our roster...

Now Shaw has been cleared to speak with the Cavs...

PJ just come back one more year...and we don't care who coaches where...

-==-------====--- -------==========
|____Please Comeback PJ ___\__\__


Jon K
Magic Phil
Tom, Long Beach, California
Art - FL Laker Fan
Tom Daniels
Jeannies Bad
teddy wilson
Rick Friedman
Jay Jay
Nemaia Faletogo
KB Blitz
dave m
Hügö Böss
WintonDupree (seat 1)
WintonDupree (seat 2)

Hop aboard and show PJ some love....

LEWSTRS, thx for putting me in the PJ bandwagon. As much as I criticize him, he's needed.
I believe he will be back because of who he is; his cycle with the Lakers is not complete until they try this 3-peat. He'll not leave until the job is done, winning or loosing.

You must really hate Bynum because my original post did not mention Bynum once.
All I asked is why people are so high on him, and stated my view of him as player. I'm sorry if you took the word "People" in my post to mean "hobbitmage".

None the less I'm going to take the bate and see where this goes and only because I'm an A-Hole like that.

Injured 3 out of 3 years - Bynum played 60 this year Bosh played in 70 (this is for the regular season). See I can make this argument to dating back to 03-04 Here are Bosh's game totals. 75, 81, 70, 69, 67, 77, 70.
WHAT BOSH HAS BEEN INJURED 5 out of 5 years!!!!!!
(I love statistics)

The boards and the points and the double double are easily attributed to the fact that Bosh is the best player on a CRAPPY TEAM!!! Bynum has to compete with Kobe, and Pau for points, Pau, Odom Boards. Who does Bosh have to share stats with let’s see....Bargnani and O'Bryant??? WTF???
Makes one wonder why Bosh is the only double digit rebounder on that team doesn’t it.
Also I would certainly hope Bosh is quicker seeing as he is 63 pounds lighter than Bynum. As for wing span?? Really???? Wing Span???? HA!! thats funny. I Never new wingspan was do or die metric in the NBA.

Come one hobbitmage everyone knows you are all over Bosh's Tip, but you have to agree that most of his stats are due to being the best option on a crap-tastic team in the crap-tastic eastern confrence.

Negatory on Bosh even he cut his hair and does not look like the Predator anymore...

LeBron with 2 more max players...


With a healthy Kobe, Kid Bynumite, KaPau, Ron Ron, the new draft picks, and the rest of the roster (whatever that will be) and Phil Jackson, (he will return)...

No one will prevent the 3Peat...

All this making cap space, mortgaging the future, and FA sweepstakes...

It is everyone in the league CHASING the Lakers...All the GMs and owners in the league wake up every day and think to themselves...

What can I do to match up with the Lakers...What moves can we make to give us a shot to beat the Lakers...How can we become like the Los Angeles Lakers...

Reality is evident...To win a Championship in the next few years...

You will have to come through the Staples Center and the back to back reigning champs...


Can you dig it!!!

IMO only three players are UNTOUCHABLE on the Lakers: Kobe, Gasol and Artest.

Odom? I'm not advocating to get rid of Lamar but if Mitch can find a good deal I won't miss him. Lamar has been and will always be an underachiever. After two rings and now with a celebrity wife with a celebrity lifestyle I just don't see Lamar with much motivation, that is enough motivation to go for a third ring.

Bynum? somewhat different but also the same to me. Even if I give Bynum's supporters all the benefits of the doubt, that is he has great upside potential and will be a good center (even All-Star maybe) I still believe Andrew is an injury-prone and physically delicate player. He will NEVER, EVER stay healthy enough to realize his full potential. What we have seen so far of AB will be what we see in his future: periods of brilliance followed by breakdowns from various knick-knack injuries.

Think about it folks! When I was in my mid 20s I was nearly INDESTRUCTIBLE and I'm sure many of you felt the same way. And even whenever I got hurt, it took only couple of days to completely heal. So if somebody is in his early 20s like Bynum and cannot stay healthy for extended period of time that is a HUGE RED FLAG!

What good will future-All-Star Andrew Bynum do for his Lakers sitting on the bench? How many points, rebounds, block shot... will he be able to offer up from the pine?

I would trade Odom for Bosh in a heartbeat but would hesitate in case of Bynum. I still like Bosh a lot but would rather have a Center so that Gasol can be PF and not getting beaten up so much by opposing centers.

Maybe Bynum for Marc Gasol + 1st round draft pick + filler player(s) for salary purpose?

The Infamous El Guapo,

you wrote: You must really hate Bynum because my original post did not mention Bynum once.
All I asked is why people are so high on him, and stated my view of him as player. I'm sorry if you took the word "People" in my post to mean "hobbitmage".

my response: I responded with Bynum because many people, including
myself & some sports writer ( Peter Vescey ) had spoken about the
Bynum for Bosh trade before the trade deadline. That's why I mentioned
Bynum. No, I don't hate Bynum at all. No, I didn't take
"people" = "hobbitmage". However, I am a person, therefore I would be part
of people. Therefore I responded.

you wrote: Injured 3 out of 3 years - Bynum played 60 this year Bosh played in 70 (this is for the regular season). See I can make this argument to dating back to 03-04 Here are Bosh's game totals. 75, 81, 70, 69, 67, 77, 70.
WHAT BOSH HAS BEEN INJURED 5 out of 5 years!!!!!!
(I love statistics)

my response: Bynum has played 35, 50 & 65 games over the last 3 years.
If we go back to pre-college grading schemes for a comparsion that means
that 66 games is a B- in attendance. i.e. that's 20% In the last 5 years,
Bosh has done better than that. Bynum has not reached that level once.
In addition to that, Bosh has been an all-star 3 or 4 years in a row, while
competing against KG, Howard & Shaq. Bynum has not been an all-star
once. Gasol, of course, has been an all-star twice. You can make that
comparison if you want to, however, I think that any reasonable person
would prefer the person with the higher attendance rate.

you wrote: The boards and the points and the double double are easily attributed to the fact that Bosh is the best player on a CRAPPY TEAM

my response: hmm ... I think this argument is *WEAK*! Pathetically so!
If Bosh's attributes were solely due to his teammates, he wouldn't have been
invited to team USA & he wouldn't be one of the marquis free agents this
summer. Furthermore, if you take a look at Joakim Noah's stats you'll find
that they're better than Bynum's except for points. I bring this up, because
you linked Bosh's stats to his teammates & that is simply not true.

you wrote: As for wing span?? Really???? Wing Span???? HA!! thats funny. I Never new wingspan was do or die metric in the NBA.

my response: There are many people on this board, including
justanothermambafan, who *RAVE* about length. My assumption is that
they're talking about the length of the arms, aka wingspan, vs height. Many
of our opponents complained about the length of the Lakers and how it
caused problems. I don't consider it a do or die metric, however if everyone
is complaining about the length of the Lakers and Bosh has that length then
we shouldn't use it as a metric for disqualifying him should we?

You wrote: Come one hobbitmage everyone knows you are all over Bosh's Tip, but you have to agree that most of his stats are due to being the best option on a crap-tastic team in the crap-tastic eastern confrence.

my response: We can be polite or we can get ignant. Choose one. If you had
paid *ANY* attention to what I wrote in December you'd realize that I'd
much prefer Noah to Bynum. Since there was a proposed trade for
Bosh I spoke of it and responded to people's criticisms.

Educate yourself:

I don't understand what's the fascination with Brian Shaw -in case Phil does not return? Has anybody said that Brian is the Lakers version of Tom Thibodeaux? Or did anybody say he's the offensive genius braintrust on the Laker? for heaven's sake, Brian is just a lowly assistant with a few years under his belt. So far the only thing going for him is that supposedly he gets along well with players. What about basketball savvy? strategical intelligence?

If Brian Shaw is to be a head coach he should start by coaching the LA Clippers, not the LA Lakers. The next coach for the Lakers should be somebody with LOT and LOT of cachets and experiences. We're talking NBA head coaches in the elite rank OK? Coaching a championship team is definitely NOT a job for amateur or newbie...

Hobbit what I meant for "quicker defender" was actually in comparison to Ron Artest. Artest is the physical defender but if you wanted quickness you wanted either Ebanks or Ariza. I"m not saying Ebanks is quicker than Ariza time will tell but going by the reports Ebanks is definitely quicker than Artest defensive wise just like Ariza.

Let me add some ammunition to the laughable arguments.

"I Never new wingspan was do or die metric in the NBA."

So that doesn't mean anything for Lamar, Bynum, Gasol, Kevin Durant, or heck even Rajon Rondo? Wingspan really helps a TON. Having a wing span allows you to alter shots better/block shots/get rebounds better/heck score a hella lot more easier. Are you saying that it wouldn't matter with "shorter" arm length?

"The boards and the points and the double double are easily attributed to the fact that Bosh is the best player on a CRAPPY TEAM!!! "

So why hasn't Gasol's stats go down when he joined LA? Oh that's right he became more EFFICIENT thanks to being with Bryant and outplaying a 7'0 person who is supposed to be the successor to Kobe franchise player wise! Let me flip the table also on the crappy team wise.....if Bynum was put in there sure his numbers would go up but would his SUCCESS go up? What about his FG%? Case in point Brook Lopez. Sure Lopez had his points per game go up from his rookie year but FG% dropped by what 3% (which is huge since 1 shot missed is 164 points potentially missed)? Also look how New Jersey's record became WORST without Vince Carter to help draw double teams....even worst in the lottery. So imagine Bynum if he went to Toronto and be target of double teams....sure he would get his inflated stats but would he at least bring the Raptors into the playoffs twice with that roster (As Bosh has TWICE especially once after a season where they were so bad they got the first overall pick....)? Bynum has not shown ability to really punish double teams with passing and he's going to have a hella lot more to deal with. So yea put the "Inflated Stats" argument because we'll see how successful he can be without lobs and double teams from a top 8 player of all time and the best most skilled big man for "touches"....tell that to the 08 Olympic team that was FULL of Alpha Dogs yet did they complain? What about the Celtics did Ray Allen complain about touches or KG or even Paul Pierce?

random lurker,

50 games from Kobe when he was at 20 was during the NBA Lock out season....

and "look at the skills difference between the 22 and 23 year old Dwight Howard."

So Mehmet Okur>>Shaq because he has more skills? There's a reason why there are so MANY comparisons between Dwight and the former Diesel. For example times that has broken the shot clock (pure strength):

O'Neal: Twice
Howard: Once
Bynum: Zero

The only real skill difference between Howard and Bynum is two: Free throw shooting and having an okay mid range jumper. Does that make Bynum better than Dwight?? Wow if that's the case Jose Calderon must be better than MJ and Kobe huh since Jose has shot 3 pointers better and the free throw better than either of those two.

for the Wilt is number one (Hell yes Wilt is):

"Those 10 mutes/half he gave during the finals were crucial to the Lakers win."

So Bryant/Gasol/Odom's contribution were not needed compared to Bynum? Heck Fisher contributed MORE to Laker wins than Bynum has in BOTH finals (Game 4 2009, Game 3 2010, Game 7 2010) versus Bynum's effect on Wins (Game 3, 2010). Wow 10 minutes of doing little but scoring 2 points and grabbing 3-4 rebounds is superior to 30 minutes and 18 rebounds hm?


That is what you will get with Bosh."

To Happy Gilmore: What a way discredit Pau Gasol. So Pau is an outside shooter like Rasheed Wallace now? Pau Gasol went head to head against DWIGHT HOWARD the DPOY of the year and WON while Bynum has been defeated every time (even in the regular season) by Superman. How about let's get rid of Kobe and Gasol and see how Bynum does??

And you don't even know what Bosh's game is. He HAS a post game. He is an INSIDE presence. Why else would OTHER teams want Bosh if he was a softie? Why on earth is he the GRAND PRIZE over other Stoudemire and Boozer and David Lee big man wise?

Again to all the fans who want to respond by blasting Bosh as "not inside presence: Show me WHAT CENTER we need Bynum for. Shaq? Bynum even when healthy couldn't handle old man Shaq (I shudder what prime Shaq would have done to your boy). Dwight? Gasol outplayed Dwight Howard in the 2009 Finals AT CENTER (because Bynum was in constant foul trouble):

Gasol: 18.6ppg (60.0%), 9.2rpg
Howard: 15.4ppg (48.8%), 15.2 rpg

In fact lets see how Dwight Howard did against Kendrick Perkins:
21.8ppg (56.8%), 10.8rpg

As you can see "No inside presence" Gasol not only outplayed Dwight on the offensive end he did a BETTER job on defense against Howard than "physical" defender Kendrick Perkins did!

Who else on the list: Yao Ming. Ah yes the 7'6. We faced him last year. The Rockets won Game 1 thanks to him and Aaron Brooks. However Game 1 Bynum started on Yao and couldn't handle Yao. Then Pau started at center in Games 2-4 and before his injury Yao didn't go off on Gasol in either LA or his last game in Houston! So again Pau did a BETTER job on Yao than Bynum could.

Who else in the NBA do we need Bynum to really hold his own against? Oden? Chris Kaman? Noah? Tyson Chandler? Jermaine O'Neal?

(Still waiting for an answer btw.....)

Most likely none of you guys can't provide me an answer where we need Bynum against a great center because frankly Pau has OUTPLAYED those centers even as a second fiddle. We do have an inside presence his name is PAU GASOL and while I'm not dying for a Bosh trade (I wouldn't mind either way or if we got CP or LBJ regardless), all these myths about Bynum isn't true (inside presence/was a HUGE factor in the NBA finals/need him to get Perkins (wow Perkins and the Celtics this year is DONE). Bosh at back up Center will face off against BACK UP centers which you cannot deny Bosh is better than most Back up centers. Remember the Lakers WON at Boston at Center in 08-09 against a better Boston team with Pau at CENTER (Bynum injured his knee before that), snapped Cleveland's 23 win streak at Home, and simply won EVERY game on that road trip. If you want to make an argument that Pau was exhausted sure go ahead....only to forget that Pau was playing 40 minutes at CENTER because his back up was DJ Mbenga who is a fan favorite for those blogs isn't as good as Bosh is at center!

And to top it was Rasheed Wallace who really did the most damage to our bigs defensive wise over Perkins....Sheed pulled chairs on both bigs and unlike Perkins DENIED the pass inside which made it TOUGHER for an inside game to go there (and you guys wonder why Kobe kept on shooting tough fadeaway shots).

"He is only 22, two injuries he suffered were freak accidents"

Ball Hog (btw Kobe is not a ball hog compared to Bynum)....there is NO excuse for this year's injuries.

There's a lot of crack heads posting in this area.

1st, Bynum is a CENTER! Name a more productive CENTER in the NBA? Most of the CENTERS in the All-Star game were PFs who struggled against Bynum becasue of his SIZE.

LO is such a versatile player that creates major mismatches against other teams. Whe he plays well the Lakers win.. always.

That proposed Bulls lineup, can not beat the lakers becasue of Bynum's inside presences, LOs versatility, Gasols skillz, and of course Kobe.

The only thing the Lakers need is a defensive stopper for those small speedy PGs that seem to give the Lakers fits. From a Team defense perspective, the Lakers can stop LeBron, and Pau will outplay Bosh

I wish they could package Josh & Bhenga together to get Pau's brother for depthe behind Bynum.


my bad on the lock-out season. sorry, miracle of repression.

as for "compare the 22 and 23 year old DH," I was referring only to Howard's growth as a player--not comparing Howard to Drew. Just referring to when someone has "peaked"

We'll be even better next year if we sign Blake for MLE and TMac for Vet Min. They're more than adequate replacements for Farmar and Shannon (if he opts out). Go Lakeshow!

Not know what Phil is going to do is causing me considerable anxiety.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


There it is. I knew there was a center for us. I knew I was forgetting someone. Kaman. He's had some injury issues the 2 and 3 years ago, but he's a big solid body with a strong post game, a solid jumper, decent FT shooting (for a big man), solid rebounding and good effort.

He is 28, but that puts him in a similar experience area and age as our core (except for Bynum) of Kobe, Gasol, Artest and Odom.

I'm not being fantasy GM here. I think Kaman could fit well with our team. His focus was dramatically improved when his therapist realized he had an anxiety issue, not ADHD. Kaman is a 7 footer with mobility and could be another tall tree to help shot block along with Pau Gasol to frustrate teams like the 2010 Boston Celtics that were used to easier lay-ups and were unpleasantly surprised about how not easy they are against the Lakers.

Is he tough? Anyone remember what happened when Reggie Evans grabbed his family jewels?

With another EXTRAORDINARY rebounder in the floor in Marcus Camby, Kaman still managed a respectable 8 rebounds.

A straight up trade doesn't work because Bynum is a base year compensation player so even though Bynum makes 12.5M and Kaman makes 10M we would need less value coming in or more going out.

If we do a sign and trade with someone the Clippers want, we can add 2.5M to our side of the equation to balance things out. If we did this trade and got some draft picks as well, we'd be in good shape. We'd obviously want to protect them as the Clippers could be decent with Blake Griffin returning.

Maybe we go for distant future draft picks (first round 2013/2014) so we can minimize payroll and be set for a rebuilding once our main guys are on their decline.

I think the Clippers would consider this trade. They are built for winning later (Griffin, Eric Gordon, DeAndre Jordan) based on 3 of their 6 signed players. They get a better (but riskier) player in Bynum with great upside that's younger than what they have in Kaman. It's not like they care about winning anyway. They just want to make money.

I know Jon K. is on board with his love of the Clippers' players. What do the rest of you all think?

Oh, and Kaman shares an agent with Kobe Bryant, Rob Pelinka.

Lewstrs.........We NEED PJ to hop on this bus so we can all relax for next year. Maybe give BShaw a bigger role to prepare him for 2012............That would be GREAT!!

>>>Byron Scott has left the Cav's offer on the table and waiting for what Phil
>>>Jackson will do...

And now an additional level of indecision and mystery kicks in.

Everybody THOUGHT that this was going to be the summer of LeBron. That every team and free agent would wait with baited breath to see where LeBronze signed, and after that the other players would fall into place.

But 11-rings has trumped the wannabe "king".

Everybody's waiting to see what Phil's going to do. Will he retire? Will he re-sign with the Lakers? Will he sign with another team? Maybe Chicago?

Two of the top coaching recruits (Scott and Shaw) don't want to commit to ANYthing until they know if the Lakers' coaching job will be open.

Meanwhile, the coaching position at two of the potential LeBron destinations (Cleveland and the Clippers) are still open. I doubt LeBron pens with Cleveland before he knows who will be coaching there (and elsewhere) next season.

So while other free agents wait to see what LeBron will do...

LeBron waits to see what Scott and Shaw will do...

And Scott and Shaw wait to see what Phil Jackson will do.

And thus PJ has hijacked the Summer of LeBron.

(at least for now)


As it should be. You gotta earn it Lebronze.



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