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Audio from Derek Fisher's exit interview

Highlights from Derek Fisher's exit interview

--His exit interview consisted of team business, player performance and chatting

--Fisher outlines how he's weighing whether he'll come back, including his admission that a starting job is a "priority," although not a "deal breaker." Nonetheless, he said he'd like to return as a Laker. "I've never mixed in any statements or positions about winning and wanting to be associated with winning championships and being on the best team in the NBA," he said.

--Fisher said he's open to a one-year or multi-year deal, saying "it depends on the circumstances and the details of how the deal would look."

--Fisher said he'll field offers from other teams just so he properly goes through the research process. He said his family would like him to stay in L.A.

--Fisher details the key to maintaining longevity in his 14-year career

Derek Fisher exit interview

--Mark Medina

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I just posted this in regard to Dwyer's blog on the last thread, but threads got changed super-quickly again so I wanted to re-post..
Dwyer's blog is a joke - he thinks LeBron is God and hates Kobe. I post on Yahoo sports blogs a lot and this was my response there yesterday to Dwyer's anti-Kobe rant. Just wanted to share it today with my "home team" .................

Kelly Dwyer you're at it again! Your anti-Kobe rants are pathetic.
Kind of like a guy who got dumped by his gorgeous girlfriend dissing on the hunky new guy she's with.

I'm a Laker fan that watched EVERY Laker game this year and was once told by the Laker coach that I'm among the most knowledgable fans he ever talked to. So shut up and listen - here's Kobe's story in 2010:

He played hurt. Badly hurt. He couldn't even grip the ball without the tape on his finger and barely could grip it with the tape. He shot mostly left handed for a month. The broken finger would have sidelined any other player - let alone the bad knee and ankle. Baby LeBronze would have called in a team of specialists with those injuries and sat out til the playoffs like baby Shaq did.
But Kobe played through it because he's a true warrior and the true MVP of the league. His fierce competitiveness led by example. Bynum played through a debilitating injury because #24 showed him how to shut up, suck it up, and play. Odom was actually injured the whole second half of the year but you never heard a peep out of him because how could he dare with what Kobe was playing through. Gasol went from Gasoft to one of the best and toughest big men in the league by playing next to the Mamba.

I don't give a f--k how much he shoots or how much he passes. Kobe makes everyone around him better by his example. Unlike pouty LeBronze or whiney Shaq or sit-it-out KG. You play with Kobe, you win. Period. Watch and learn.

Fisher wants to be a starter next season? OY VEY!!!

Fisher needs to stop kidding himself, on any other team he won't play big minutes let alone be a starter.

>>>Is it just me? I really do NOT see the upside for the Lakers in a Bynum-
>>>for-Bosh scenario.

It's not just you.

Before the playoffs, I would have gone for that trade in a heartbeat.

But after seeing Bynum play through injury and still provide enough to help his team win a championship, I'd rather take a risk on Bynum staying healthy than take a risk that trading for Bosh would weaken the defense.

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | June 23, 2010 at 11:58 AM

That is just what i was going to point out.
In the past seasons, we all saw Bynum being the young guy he is. Bynum with a playmate in his shoulders... i would do that if i -remotely- have the chance.

BUT, and is a big one, BUT he displayed in the playoffs a Kobe-like attitude. I wanted him to do that. I dreamed him doing that, but frankly, i thought that could have been a long shot. I even write that wish here, before this last series began.

We all saw him maturing because of his injured knee. We all saw him playing in spite the pain. Running, jumping, doing blocks, making alley oops. He showed the mental toughness and commitment he lacked all the previous years. Lebron with Bynum's actual maturity can be the real King of the NBA, but he hasn't matured yet, he is still a spoiled children. Bynum is now a Man, and a Mamba creed follower.

Let him show his newfound self this year. If he can't, shop him, dump him, whatever. But now i'm intrigued of what he is cappable now.


To be fair and not seem Kobe is perfect (we all know he does have his fault), his largest blame was in 04. In 08 his teammates didn't step up and despite a lower FG% in 2000 Kobe did play through an injury in Games 4-6 (he suffered it in Game 2 yet took over in Game 4). As much as Payton being owned by Chauncey, Malone being injured, Fisher and Kareem Rush shooting bricks, and Phil putting Kobe on Richard Hamilton instead of Chauncey (tiring KB out on scorer than the go to guy), Kobe didn't help much by shooting 38% when Shaq had single coverage against Ben Wallace and destroying him for 27ppg on 63% and yes it was single coverage. True Wallace did outrebound Shaq but offensively Shaq destroyed Wallace and Shaq had much more to do compared to Ben Wallace who was playing defense mostly and grabbing boards.

"Still, the Lakers have not been feeding the ball to the Big Fella with as much regularity as they did in past years—even with the Pistons often defending him with single-coverage from Ben Wallace or Elden Campbell."


"BUT, and is a big one, BUT he displayed in the playoffs a Kobe-like attitude."

So why not give Lamar the same thing when he not only played through a shoulder injury this year but also in 06-07 (and he put a 33 point game against Shawn Marion in Game 5)? Or when Fisher played through a foot injury in the 2008 playoffs? Or even last postseason when Bynum chose to come early from his recovery to play in the offseason but stunk up the joint production wise and being no less than a foul dummy?

So he played with injury? Nothing new...if you can play to win a title you play regardless. He should great heart in doing it. Yes he did nobody can dispute that. IQ wise he laid a brain fart with his mouth in the WCF.

"Let him show his newfound self this year. If he can't, shop him, dump him, whatever. "

But that's the point. If he can't prove that he's a franchise player or he can't prove that he can stay a role player on KOBE's team then we will be stuck with him. Right now is the opportunity since there are great free agents available for a sign and trade. Would I be surprised if he got traded? Yes and No. No since well Bosh is better while at the same time I would be surprised if Lakers management allowed their pet project to go.

Mr.Nano as much as it was great seeing Bynum play through injury did he truly impact a series compared to Kobe or Pau? When Kobe or Pau struggled did he WILL the team to victory in spite of his injury? Having great heart is one thing, laying the "He played injured" card is another when so many other players do it in the playoffs as well.

it's time for this guy to hand over his starting game to a younger player. if lakers decide to sign him, he should start off the bench.

Fisher is irreplaceable in the playoffs.



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