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Andrew Byum and Lamar Odom see maturation process in playing through injuries

Lakers forward Lamar Odom has frequently remained in his garage late at night performing various sit-up and push-up exercises. Ever since spraining his left shoulder Feb. 18 against Boston on a dunk over guard Ray Allen, Odom's simply had to find ways to compensate.

"If something is going to hurt," Odom said, "I need something else to be hard and tight so I can protect it."

Meanwhile, Lakers center Andrew Bynum has undergone numerous procedures to treat the torn cartilage in his right knee. In addition to missing all of practice during  the Utah and Phoenix playoff series, and also missing Tuesday's session, he had his knee drained Monday, has worn a compression boot and has undergone interferential therapy. Bynum currently describes his knee as a "little stiff," though he'll have a better idea how healthy his knee really is when he practices Wednesday. Bynum provides a pretty simple reason for why he's delaying surgery until the off-season.

"For me," Bynum said, "it's more not to want to miss out on the collective energy that we all put in together."

With the Lakers preparing for their Finals matchup against Boston beginning Thursday, it's fair to say performances from Bynum and Odom will significantly determine whether the Lakers defend their championship. Those looking for evidence only need to point to the Lakers' 2008 loss to Boston. Bynum missed the series  because of a dislocated kneecap. Odom may as well have been absent with his disappearing act in the 2008 Finals, which entailed Lakers Coach Phil Jackson describing him as "confused" in Game 2, collecting more turnovers (five) and fouls (five) than points (four) in Game 3 and recording single digits in rebounds through the first three contests.

Given the unpredictability regarding Bynum's injury and of Odom's play, it's hard to say whether both will provide what the Lakers need against Boston's frontline that features Kendrick Perkins, Kevin Garnett and Rasheed Wallace. But one thing is painfully clear: Odom and Bynum have made the effort to overcome their respective injuries. Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, who's played this season through assorted injuries, including his right index finger, left ankle and right knee, notices that "Lamar keeps playing." He also views Bynum's fighting through his latest injury  as a growing step in absorbing them.

"It helped him mature a lot faster in having to play through injuries," Bryant said of Bynum. "You have to still produce and figure things out about your game."

Bynum's done that at times, but it's been a mixed bag. First, the good: In the Lakers' 124-112 Game 2 West finals victory over Phoenix, Bynum scored 13 points on five-for-five shooting in only 18 minutes and helped present one of many mismatches Phoenix had trouble defending. It was no coincidence that Bynum's performance correlated with the Lakers' strong inside game with Pau Gasol (29 points) and Odom (17 points, 11 rebounds), since the Lakers' big men are known to have big nights when they're involved early in the game. Then the bad: Bynum finished with only four points on two-for-four shooting in 19 minutes in the Lakers' 128-107 Game 1 victory over Phoenix. It's no coincidence that the Lakers' first-quarter run began as soon Odom replaced him at the 5:31 mark and scored seven consecutive points. In his effort in Game 3 against Phoenix, Bynum's two-point performance seemed more rooted in the four fouls he collected than his knee. It also didn't help that Odom collected as many fouls as rebounds (six).

Despite Bynum's unpredictability, Jackson sounded even-tempered when describing his health. "We're concerned," he said. "But we're not troubled by it."

Odom's production goes beyond his sprained left shoulder, which Jackson estimated took him a month to adjust. Odom entered Game 1 of the Western Conference finals averaging 8.5 points and 8.1 rebounds, which ranked below his regular-season average of 10.8 points and 9.8 rebounds per game. And the West finals  featured Phoenix forward Amare Stoudemire suggesting Odom had a "lucky game" in Game 1 as well as up-and-down efforts by shooting below .500 in three of the six games. But Odom at least feels comforted that his health won't heavily factor into his efforts in the Finals.

Said Odom: "I'm really become in tune with my body with what I need to do, how I need to feel and how I need to get there."

--Mark Medina

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Saw this on ESPN "Bynum says no improvement on knee"



MM said the same thing on his earlier post. I believe that the Lakers and Phil would prefer to keep the news on Bynum's progress quite for now. I certainly hope that his knee would respond the same way Kobe's did after he got his knee drained during OKC series. We need him to contribute in the Finals.

I'm bored...2 more days before game 1...:(

Go Lakers!
In Kobe, I trust.
Posted by: LAKER TRUTH | June 01, 2010 at 01:45 PM

thanks for the link.. this is just what every laker fan need to see to get their bloods boiling for the finals.. just a brutal and stark reminder of HOW DIRTY these celts playball.


KG is like a schoolyard bully, who needs to be dealt with in the same way. If he tries that crap with us i suggest someone with some balls throws an elbow in this guys crap. He tries that crap with Zaza two years ago and had to back down when he got him mad. KG is a joke and a disgrace, this is how he plays when he is frustrated. We punked him for better part of a decade when he played for minny and now all of a sudden he is a tough guy?
Posted by: RIZZO | June 01, 2010 at 07:20 PM

I so totally agree... crybaby KG is a loudmouth skinnyboned wanna be tough guy that just tries to pick his fights.. he knows dwight is mr nice guy without a mean bone to his body and would never challenge him to a fight.. when push comes to shove KG always backs down.. i also remember in the heat series when he shoved qrich to the bench haslom came after him but KG just pretended he never saw him, stayed behind his teammates, and never made eye contact once.. WHAT A WIMP!! thats why he picks on pau.. do that to ron ron and we'll see what happens

FATTY… This was a typical ESPN headline to generate hits. Notice that ESPN’s Google link says: “Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum's knee shows no progress after draining” while the actual title of the article is “No change to Bynum's drained knee” whereas the exact same content in the OC Register title read “Bynum knee drained and ready to go” and USA Today went with “With knee drained, Bynum determined to impact NBA Finals.” All from exact same interview. Typical ESPN.


somehow after pau's meltdown in the desert i still have a strong feeling he is gonna come through in the series.. dont ask me why.. i know it makes no sense whatsoever.. my big gut is just telling me so and lately its been on fire and been getting what it wants...

pls pau this is your one golden opportunity to shed that soft label once and for all... DO NOT LET THOSE PUNKS BULLY YOU... and btw thanks for opting out of the silly eurogames... to a strong and rigorous offseason at the gym.. HIP HIP HOORAY!!

the more i think about the matchups.. the more i am likin our chances.. when you compare our matchups from 2008 to 2010 lakers are just so much more favored

-- BYNUM FACTOR.. healthy or not his presence alone totally tilts the inside matchups completely in our favor.. its now pau/bynum vs KG/perkins or mostly pau vs KG or bynum vs perkins.. remember in 2008 it was mostly just pau vs perkins (BAD!!)... for pau he will match up much better against a KG than a much stronger perkins or much quicker amare..

-- ODOM off the bench... in 2008 it was odom starting and matched up against KG who dominated him.. now we got BOTH our seven footers to rotate on KG (their best and only true low post player) since perkins is a defensive center who poses no offensive threat.. this should liberate odom offensively somewhat... KG also averaged close to 20 pts and 15 rbs in the 2008 series.. AINT GONNA HAPPEN AGAIN.

-- KOBE... i cant harp enough what it means for boston to not have posey.. he didnt shut kobe down but he was one tough mean SOB who averaged over 25 minutes in our 2008 series which took a huge load off their starting guards defensively.... now the celts have to counter with either rondo/allen who kobe should dominate down low and tire out.. theres absolutely no other guard on that bench who can play defense.. yes tony allen including you.

-- RON ARTEST.. what can i say? this one man changes the whole game...EVERYTHING! a combination of vlade/luke on pierce in 2008 are you kidding me?? this is where the series will be won... contain pierce and thats half the battle

-- RONDO.. much improved but they're gonna need his scoring and how much scoring can he really provide.. kobe will not have to guard paula so he can concentrate on defending rondo.. kobe will limit his playmaking abilities and dare him to shoot outside and that is the shot we want them takin.

-- the way i'm seein these matchups so far there's only 2 ways we lose this series (KNOCK ON WOOD)... the REFS AND PHIL.. its all on you phillip... please dont get outcoached!!

I think that the determination which Kobe poses should be a measuring stick when finding new talent. That's why Nash was drafted. Someone took a chance on a guy who really didn't have it all figured out his first year in the NBA. It took Nash experience at the NBA level to figure out how to play with the best basketball players in the world. If I were drafting a player in the 2010 draft I would get a guy who had some solid numbers but who also has that killer DNA, a guy like Grevis Vasquez. I believe that his projected 40th pick in the draft by some expert analysts is ridiculous. In my opinion he should move up a few dozen slots from his projected pick. If I'm a GM I pick that guy in the early teens of the draft based on how composed he gets at the end of very important games. Maryland was a team that played with a sense of "magic" in the NCAA tournament and always seemed to make those late surges to pull out victories. That determination that he played with would make him succeed playing around other professionals who could hit an open shot. That guy hit a ton of clutch shots this year and I think that his makeup will make him continue that in his 2nd year in the NBA. All he needs is some team to trust him through his rookie mistakes in the first year. He's gonna take baby steps but he'll adapt by his 2nd year in the NBA. (We all remember Kobe's rookie year airballs). Rookies in the NBA aren't that great in their fist year in the NBA because they need to fail and see their limitations before they can go on to succeed. Whoever takes a chance on this 6'6 point guard and gives him minutes is going to reap real dividends in 2 years (after his mistakes). Mark my words.


Greetings fellow patriots of Laker Nation!

I wish I could effectively convey to all of you the visceral rage I feel against the Celtics.

It's not just the memories of 2008. It's the memories of THAT team. THIS team that we need to cripple. It's the history of all that Jerry West and Elgin Baylor had to go through.

In all seriousness, it almost makes me cry that Jerry and Elgin had to go through all that suffering at the hands of the Celtics. I don't hate Bill Russell, but I sure do Red Auerbach. Something about that creep makes me want to invade Boston and begin tearing out the cornerstones of every building not directly involved in the Revolutionary War.

[Pausing while trying to control a very real physical adrenaline response.]


I have NEVER felt such desire in a series in my life. Never.

They have all mattered, but this one matters more... and I'm not entirely sure why... but it does.

Seriously, if by some bizarre act of fate I could be put into a Lakers uniform during the series, I would play until my heart literally gave out. Not figuratively. Literally.

I just want to win so bad because on some crucial level to all of us in Laker Nation, it really matters.

Let's get this done.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


The only thing I'm worried about in this series is the hipsters who are at Staples Center.

That's it.

They better release their animal self or I don't know what I'll do.

No more stupid spoiled malaise.

We need rabid fans at Staples Center during this series.

Rapid fans.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Posted by: LAKER TRUTH | June 01, 2010 at 01:45 PM"

Phil Jackson used to send film to the league office before a series. Haven't heard much of that lately, just comments that draw $35k fines.

The fact that we're not hearing about film being sent says something: Either Phil decided he gets a better reaction from the league by going public or he's decided the league turns a deaf ear to factual evidence.

It's a great video. Too bad MM or Mike Bresnahan doesn't interview David Stern and present this video for his commentary.

The most unbelievable part is that in each segment the refs are looking right at the Keltics illegal actions and ignoring it. Either they're all Donaghy clones or Darth Stern put the word out that he wanted the Keltics to take the series.

After Darth Stern's latest comments about Kobe being at Michael's level (, the Refs better start treating him as such.

Big news for Lamar:

"Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian and her husband, Los Angeles Lakers star Lamar Odom , are expecting their first child together, a family friend told RadarOnline Tuesday.

Kardashian, sister of Kim Kardashian, is two months pregnant but wants to keep the news secret until it can be announced on her show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, according to the source.

Kardashian, who married Odom in September 2009, wanted a child of her own after her sister Kourtney gave birth to son Mason Dash Disick in December.

“Khloe was inspired by Kourtney having a baby,” the source said.

“Lamar is happy and ecstatic” about having a baby with Khloe.

The source said the family was excited by the news and Kardashian, 25, was already getting pregnancy cravings.

“Khloe is having cravings of fruit and ice cream,” the source said.

“They’re really happy, but Lamar is a little weary of exposing his baby on TV. He already doesn’t like his life being played out for everyone to see eight months of the year.”

Kardashian’s pregnancy is expected to be featured on “Keeping Up With The Kardashian”, a show which follows the life of Kardashian sisters Khloe, Kourtney and Kim.

Odom, 30, has children Destiny and Lamar Jr. with his ex-girlfriend Liza Morales. Odom and Morales also had a son Jayden who died at six-and-a-half months from SIDS while sleeping in his crib in New York on June 29, 2006."


Watching Andrew's eye movement and body language, he (relatively speaking) is a refreshingly honest person.

If one wants to know what's going on (at least emotionally), ask The Beast.

By the way, he knows we can win. He's ready for it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


We all heard the chants of 'WE WANT BOSTON', well now we got them, Staples Center should be rocking and have all the people there on time, and on their feet the whole time chanting 'REPEAT'

Later today (which is Republic National Holiday over Italy) I will come with a more full post about all past threads that I read, but I didn't comment under yesterday (full day and even fuller night for me... I had *other* stuff in mind for many hours, sorry if I ditched blog writing for them ;)...*not really THAT sorry myself though*).

But before drowning in a HUGE lunch ritual at my grandma's house along the family, I want to express my confidence once more about this series.

All that I have read these two days enforce the feeling.

I can't wait for this to start, and it's a beautiful sense of tickling expectations.

Even if it's gonna be point on point and even when we will win of one, or lose by one, I am confident.

Maybe is today's sun, I don't know...

Wish you all a great TODAY.

Later on, for more words (awwwww... Gotta thank phred for what he wrote yesterday on my post... *sigh*... u know your words means so much, due to my admiration for YOUR writing. :) Thanx :)!)

Later Laker Fam.

In Italy in days like these, holiday+family (and after all you had Memorial Day weekend just past, haven't you?) means at least 4 hours of intensive lunch time.

And when I say intensive... I mean KILLING, truly ;)

Later! & Lotta Love.

Well we have this moment before us can Kobe and the lakers do it, time will tell. But as for me if I can help any way possible just call me Jerry Buss and I will be there for the greatest franchise of all-time. This one will be for us all who dearly love the Lakers.

The Lakers should study the way Orlando beat Boston in games 4 and 5 of their series. The Celts resort to physical tactics when they can't match their opponents' skills however it is obvious they don't do well when they are on the receiving end of same tatctics they dished out. This is no news bulletin. McHale clobbered Rambis in 84 Finals and they won the series. The next two Finals against the same Celts, the Lakers figured out the antidote, went on to win both series in 85 and 87. On a different note, it was only poetic justice that Rambis replaced McHale in Minnesota.

Kobe is too old to hang with Rondo.

Kobe built his defensive reputation nine years ago during a regular season game against Allen Iverson where he played him and used his length to disrupt AI into a bad shooting night. His status as top notch defensive player has been riding that game for years but, that was a long time ago, a bum knee and a lot of milage on his really old 31 year old body will make this a disatourus matchup for the Lakers. After the idea of Kobe guarding Rondo is destroyed (somewhere during the second period of game 1) who is going to stop Rodno from running all over the Laker defense? Fisher? Farmar?

This is the series most serious mis-match and the one that will provide the advantage for the Celtics.

"On a different note, it was only poetic justice that Rambis replaced McHale in Minnesota."

"Coach" Rambis really trasnformed Al Jefferson; he changed him from a 23.1 and 11 rebounds per game into a 17 and 9 player. Rambis accomplished this amazing coaching feat while leading the T-Wolves to nine more losses than they lost the year before, wow, the Lakers really missed out by not promising the head coach job to Rambis after Feel Jackson retires.

Cleveland : 61 wins, 102.1 PPG...{Playoffs vs. Celts 95.2 PPG}
Orlando : 59 wins, 102.8 PPG....{Playoffs vs. Celts 90.1 PPG}
Lakers : 57 wins, 101.7 PPG.......{Help please, the reason we should be worried is...??}

Wait, wait... Kobe can shut down Westbrook, but he's "too old" to guard Rondo?


Looking over this article again, considering other reporters takes. You can possibly see an editors revision of the headline and first paragraph to sensationalize the story. .....interesting.....

Amazing what people will do to get more reads.

"On a different note, it was only poetic justice that Rambis replaced McHale in Minnesota."

"Coach" Rambis really trasnformed Al Jefferson; he changed him from a 23.1 and 11 rebounds per game into a 17 and 9 player. Rambis accomplished this amazing coaching feat while leading the T-Wolves to nine more losses than they lost the year before, wow, the Lakers really missed out by not promising the head coach job to Rambis after Feel Jackson retires.

Posted by: Abe Frohman | June 02, 2010 at 05:16 AM

Do you enjoy this? Have you been banned from the celtics blog or something? Why do you think anyone here is interested in your opinions? Go home.

Hi Red:

Interesting stat you have there. I have a stat for you (from to look at to:

1st round wins (4-2) - OKC 93.5, regular season OKC 101.5 or -8
2nd round wins, Jazz (4-0), OKC 102.0, regular season Jazz 104 0r -2
3rd round (4-2) wins, Suns 109, regular season 110.0,or -1

Yeah, you should be worry for your team since the Celtics can's score crap either during the regular season, 99.0, nor in the playoff, 95.8, 100 and 93.5. The Celtics might need to clone their cheap shot artist KG to play all five positions or bribe the ref to look away when he does his dirty crafts like your last game against the Magics. Warning to the Celtics, you're not playing one dimensional team in the Finals any more. We can score in difference fashions, fast break or half-court. Unlike the opponents you faced in the East; Heat, Cavaliers and Magics, the Lakers will definitely test your east coast defense!! Celtics' style of play killed the NBA!!

By the way, do you know among the two teams left, which team has most fans in the US and the world? (Hint: It's not your team).

Good day Red.

In Kobe, I Trust.
Go Lakers!

For nearly a year the chanters would say, Beat Boston and Beat LA
Very soon their chance will arrive, only one teams walking out of this one alive
Two storied franchises soon will meet, One on the Downward and one on the Up Beat
Both will claw and scratch and fight, Neither will go gently into the night
One is full of Brash and flash, like the Neveau Rich with new found Cash
The other is calm and self assured, like Old Money that for centuries has endured
But their can be but one King, One ultimate champion who wins emerges from the Ring
For 3 years in a row the Lakers been here, So they come to this fight with no kind of Fear
The Celtics have been here 2 out of 3, this is their last best chance to make history
The pundits are almost evenly split, As to who will have the most determination & grit
But I know a secret and so do you, The Lakers will not slog, but Bulldoze their way thru
We know this match aint even at all, The Lakers are the Masters of Basketball
Starting with the Coach who mastered Zen, No other Coach approaches his 10 title wins
Many speak with reverence of Red, But Phil Jackson stands Tall and Red lies Dead
As Dead as the Celtcs will be, For trying to destroy The Lakers 4th Dynasty
Like a new idea that cannot be held back, Now way can the Celtics stop the Lakers attack
To Brittle, To Old, To slow of Feet, To even try against The Freakin Lakers to Compete
So I hope from this that you all know, Bet all your money on The Freakin Lake Show
And then when your team does come thru, Say I’m a Rich Laker Fan who the hell are you

According to honest Abe, Kobe would bow to Rajon Rondo. Well, that is a far fetched leprechaun optimism to psyche oneself that their foxy guard is better than our sensational shooting guard. If you were PJ, while we u assign Kobe to guard Rondo, all you have to do is go on switching defense. It will still be Fisher and I guess it would be Shannon who will be the best guard for Rondo being taller. Kobe will be preserved from fouls as offensive weapon of the Lakers.

Here is a fact, Rondo has a poor FT shooting at 6.3%. If Lakers were able to stop Westbrook, D'Will, Steve Nash what is so difficult with foxy Rondo who is only 6'1". Well, he could penetrate inside make some plays which effective to teams who have poor scouts, teams who don't win championship because they succumbed to poor defensive assignments. Well, Lakers are known to adjust perfection in a minutest detail. They solved the Thunders shield on Durant. They solved the physical game of Utah Jazz and finaly the p & r of Nash and Amare plus the shooting threes of the Suns.

Leprechauns can only win by targeting the index finger of Kobe, hitting the knee of Bynum or riding on the back of Odom. Go for Lakers injury, that's what dirty players do to win ball games. Doc River is a dirty PG during his time. Danny Ainge is dirtier in the 80's, what do you expect on the new generation. The smugness and the smudge is what gives the Celtics the fuel in moving to the Finals plus of course those cheering leprechauns at TD Garden yelling at LBJ.....Knicks, Knicks, Knicks while he is on the FT line. Only leprechauns could make those kind of chant.

The Celtics guard play is very good but drops considerably when they go to their bench.

Celtics Achilles heal will be Rondo's reluctance to shoot from the outside. He has a glaring weakness in his game unlike any other point guard in the NBA.

Phil will scheme a plan to take advantage of his weakness, while Kobe and Fisher enforce it. You are mistaken if you think Jackson is not capable of doing this (see 10 rings pattern in previous playoffs)

The Lakers will not respect his shot and his confidence will fade even more.

He will still get good lanes to the basket and score, but they will be limited. As we all know, you don't have to stop someone over the full game, just from periods of 6-9 minutes. With both teams having difficulty scoring, a lead 0f even 7-10 points can be difficult to overcome.

The Celtics back up Tony Allen is worse at shooting than Rondo. Don't be fooled by his title of SG, he's not. Even his FG % is misleading. Like Shaq who shoots at a great clip, his shots are created around the rim. Make him an outside shooter and he becomes a liability to his team. His three point shooting is historically bad. He's made one all year, that's all just one.

In-experienced Nate is their only guard off the bench who can score from the outside. He has limited ability to play in there system and is a complete liability in the defensive system. A little flash from him might excite the fans, but will change the flow and hurt the overall efficiency of the Celtics. He has little time in the playoffs and will make many mistakes. With every possession counting as so precious, I don't see Rivers using him too much, except to try and ignite a possible lethargic effort by the rest of the team.

Unlike the 2008 Celtics, the Celtics guards play, drops considerably when they sub. Rivers is forced to play his starters more minutes than he is used too. Overall team play diminishes in the 4th quarter as his guards tire.

A cost cutting measure of not resigning House and Posey will seriously hurt the Celtics chances of winning another Title. The Celtics shooting three's at nearly 50% will not happen this time and their ability to spread the court like in 2008 won't happen.

With limited options, this Celtics team is easier to defend than 2008. Still a tough task, but can be done capably by this 2010 Lakers team.


"Here is a fact, Rondo has a poor FT shooting at 6.3%."

LOL ... Really? Thats what you call a fact? After a week vacation ... thats the best you can do? LMAO

We have the sausage king of Chicago here? And he's a Boston fan?

LOL, now I've seen everything....

A cost cutting measure of not resigning House and Posey will seriously hurt the Celtics chances of winning another Title.

Posted by: Fatty | June 02, 2010 at 07:03 AM

Laker fan-

Do you guys follow the NBA? A cost cutting measure of not resigning House? If we didnt resign House ... How do you think we got Nate Robinson?

Good morning,

Blog sync always makes me nervous. OK, I know a lot of what I'm reading is smack talk. Yes, I understand the science of match-ups and I do think the Lakers have an advantage here. Yes, I think the Lakers will win.

But this series is going to be won at the margins: Preparation, execution, and adjustments. At the end of the day, both teams are pretty evenly matched. That's why it's going to be a great series. That's why neither team can look forward to a walk in the park.

When the Lakers lose, 2/3rds of the time it's because effort, focus, and execution come up short. The other third is simply because the other team was better prepared and/or wanted it more. Of course there are no stats to back up this hypothesis; it's a qualitative analysis, not a quantitative analysis. What I'm saying is Boston wants to win this as much as we do. It's about each time anybody blinks.

So we're back to the margins. Help defense. Court awareness. Being ready for the pass. Making free-throws. Wanting rebounds. Looking for the other guy's lapses and being ready to take advantage of them. Good decision-making Calling time-outs to stop a run.

The more the Lakers respect their opponent, the more likely they are to take advantage of opportunities. The more we as fans respect the opponent, the more enjoyment we will get out of the games. There will be plays within a game we win, there will be plays within a game we lose. The sum of the final score is based on plays won, not on who is the better team on paper.

Both teams are looking forward to a trophy ceremony. That's as it should be. Fans of both teams are expecting and demanding victory. Victory goes to the team that first wins the most games and that's the team that wins the most plays. I want the Lakers to make this the Finals of No Regrets. That means paying attention to the margins as even more than the match-ups.

I think this Finals will determine Bynum's future. I feel the two teams are evenly enough matched that the series will hinge on how effective he'll be. 

If he's not effective, it causes a domino effect where Perkins can guard Pau, then KG on LO, and we have 2008 all over again. Maybe not that bad with Artest, but still Perkins on Pau is a complete mismatch. 

If he's effective enough, he'll give Perkins enough fits that he'll wrack up that dreaded next technical, if not more. Bynum can drive Sheed crazy too, always a good thing. 

If Bynum were healthy, the Lakers would have a clear advantage. If they lose because he's not, then the Lakers have to look at other options, including hopefully a sign-and-trade with Toronto. I'd rather have a real center that Bynum promises to be, but if he can't be healthy three Finals in a row--and the Lakers lose two of them as a result, they need to trade him for someone who can. 


>>> I think this Finals will determine Bynum's future. I feel the two teams are evenly enough matched that the series will hinge on how effective he'll be.

I think you're reflecting the sentiment of many fans more than you are of the Lakers' ownership and management. Andrew is Jimmy Buss' pride and joy. I think the Buss family would be more inclined to say, "If only he were 100% healthy..."

Regardless of what happens this time around, I think Andrew gets one more year to establish himself as the dominant big man Jimmy Buss and Mitch Kupchak think he can become. As impatient as we all are, there are increasing signs he can get there.

Laker fan-

Opp. Defenses PPG rank this season

1st Round ... Heat 2nd ... Thunder 11th
2nd Round ... Cavs 5th ... Jazz 12th
3rd Round ... Magic 4th ... Suns 26th

One more day, all the crabs will be crawling in and out of their little holes to spew venom and hatred at these Lakers, more when we lose and non-existent when we win, but it will all be over in a couple of weeks and the latest chapter in laker lore. One way Boston can win?....................................KILL KOBE!!!

Do you think these Celtics are ready for what is coming? Will Paul pierce be running around this summer saying he is the best basketball player in the world? These questions will begin to be answered tomorrow night. I feel the same burning that Jon K was talking about. That make you want to punch something feeling, i get it from watching those Celtics. If I feel this way, how do those guys feel that was in that 40 point beatdown? There is a storm coming, they can watch tape of that 2008 finals all they want but this is a different team, we will not be denied!

Keys for Celtics victory
- Use zone defense like sissy suns
- Slap Pau and Bynum around
- Gaurd Kobe like Pistons in 04 and Celtics 08
- Let Ray Allen run through million screens to flatten Kobe (done in 04 by Hamilton and 08 by Ray Allen himself)
- Let Rondo and Robinson run at Fisher and whoever
- Go to Perkins and Big Baby against Bynum.. yes attack him and wear him out
- Oh yeah .. let KG slap Pau one more time for me
- And let Paul "Inglewood" Pierce do his thing.. 3 pointers.. flopping on every shot attempt.. love his oscar winning antics.. Ron Ron will fall for it.. he and odom r soo dumb..

oh yeah one more thing.. let Lamar go to his right... dude is a handicap when he goes right.. and still dumb to figure that out..

Kobe can cry after the series that 3 people guarded him like in 04 and that Pau is soft. Since he uses the word "Challenge" so much .. it is predictable that he will say.. "It's a Challenge that I look forward coming to the finals again and taking the Title Away from the Celtics". Phillup will complain about the Refs and Dirty play of KG and Pauls Antics.

Truth is that Lakers try to take shots at weaklings.. like Fisher head budding Nashes nose, Stoudamires reconstructed eye (fisher) ,Vuja (wateva) at Dragic, Scola (09), Bibby's nose (kobe), Kobe kneeing Yao (ending his career)... but against thugs like Pistons of 04 and Celtics of 08 .. they start

Let the Crying Begin!

Monday was our Memorial Day here and there is also a tradition in my family that we get together for an early dinner. This year it was my turn to cook for my brothers and sisters and we gorged ourselves on Chicken Piccata, Pasta Puttanesca and several other dishes that appeared on my table (Including a Mushroom Pate that I would kill for).

As usual when we get together, the discussion went between remembering my Father (who immigrated from Falerna in 1919) and the Lakers vs Celtics and the match ups through the 60's, 80's, and in this new century.

The general consensus was that the Lakers made the right choice in getting Ronny to keep Pierce's scoring in the teens and having our big guys own the post and paint. Lakers in 6 with bad feelings starting in game 2.


If Feel Jackoffson and old man Kobe plan on ignoring Rondo like they did in 2008 finals the Celtics will be hanging banner number 18 in the rafters.

I hope the Lakers bench steps up this series -- I think they have the opportunity to make a huge difference -- to get out and run against Boston. I know the Celtics struggled with Phoenix during the regular season; our bench cannot replicate the Suns group, but if they can adopt some of that mindset and offensive attack, it could prove critical. The bench needs to increase leads, not just hold them, and needs to force Rivers to use his starters more than he wants to.

I can honestly see Kobe putting up 40 in game one. Not only is he well rested, but he has such a good foundation to play with.. Lakers in 6 or 7… here’s proof with a prediction and gallery of both teams cheerleaders…
It’s not that I don’t believe in Rondo and the big three (who are honestly ‘the final four’ now) but lets be honest… Kobe, Gasol, Artest, Bynum, Odom, Fisher will just be too much to handle!

Abe Frohman is quite the idiot. How appropriate that he claims to be the sausage king of Chicago.

The big question is:

Against a mighty organization which has so dominated you through the years, can you avoid a sweep?

Not to worry, because I think you can. I'm betting on it.

With any luck at all, Kobe should be able to pull out a victory in game one.


Re: calls for Bynum's trade.

First off, can we wait until the end of this season before we start ripping the roster apart?

And secondly, no matter how good Bosh is, and no matter how great Pau is, why would you want 2 Paus? Bynum is fine as is (i.e. slightly worn or not). Other than Dwight, Drew is the best true center in the league--injured or not.

He is never going to be Kareem, he's never going to be Bill Russell. But you know what--no one is. He is an extremely good fit with Pau and Lamar and that should be enough for us. This is a team built to compete for the next 4 to 5 years -- with tweaks at the 1 spot and on the bench. No need to play Chicken Little here and do anything drastic.

Above all, time to focus all our collective energies on getting the repeat--which we will.

Whatever you do, just try to put Detroit out of your mind.

Even we, will be embarrassed for you if it happens yet again.

Go Lakerz! No sweep!


2008 Kobe Stats:

Game 1: 24
Game 2: 30
Game 3: 36
Game 4: 17
Game 5: 25
Game 6: 22

2008 AVG 26 (Celtics Defending)
2004 AVG 23 (Pistons Defending)
2009 AVG 32 (Tragic Defending)

Even last year with Orlando's weak Defense he scored 40 once. His Avg 32.

Do you honestly think Kobe will score 40 at 45 -50+FG%? Unless he takes 50-60 shots I don't see it happening. I see him scoring no more that 32 at 40FG%.

It just occurred to me.

Without Gobee,
you are Memphis. Hmm.

Good luck against the most dominating professional basketball organization to ever step onto a court.

The Lakers do have Phil, I give them that.

Go La La Swish. No sweep!


Hey guys, congrats from Barcelona. Yesterday and today Kareem visit our city for introducing the "Lakers vs Barça" game for this summer. Will be a interesting game (NBA champion vs FIBA champion)

I hope Bynum can play. We need him b/c Pau cant play against 4 bigs, obviously not in the same time, but in the game, the celtics bigs can share his work guarding Pau (not easy for Pau) Drew is Key for this finals. No Drew, no ring. Lakers cant win with only 1 big ready to play. Impossible. True, we have Odom, but Odom is not really 1 Big that can guard Garnett or Perkins with succes.

I think Lakers should worry more about their Bigs (LOL at that term) getting gaurded rather that who they will gaurd.
- Pau will get clobbered
- Odom driving to his fav right .. clobbered
- Bynum won't get point blank shots .. clobbered

How ur bigs will guard .. well look at Suns Series
- Softie Stoudamire making a living in the post .. Bynum can't move
- Even Dudley found a grove on even more softie Pasoft Gasoft
- Knudsen (Spellin ?) .. Lopez making more living in the paint

All I remember Gasoft raising both his hands without the ball to the basket.. Bynum fouls.. against a short lime orange skirt wearing los sonitas.

Good luck Posting and getting Posted!

Capt. Jack, do you realize that Amare is a better offensive player than Perkins, Wallace, Davis and Garnet? Do not be fooled by the way the Celtics beat the Heat, Cavs and Magic during the playoffs...they are not the Lakers!!!!! You guys always mention about 08' but do you realize that since the Lakers beat your team 4-1? The only win you had when Kobe did not play!!!! Learn to read the writings on the wal!!!! This Laker team is not the same as the team of 08' warned!!!Go Lakers...


So you are telling me Pau, Bynum, and Odom can pound the ball harder than SHAQ/That wacky Brazillian/Igluskas the russian guy and Howard? Celtics contained all of them.

Remember Orlando beat LA both times this year .. does it matter .. no!

What matters are the playoffs and this year Celtics have taken down two 60 win teams. What matters is that Celtics have beaten the odds and vegas line in both Cavs and Tragic.

Lakers have not played a defensive team yet Los Sonitas defense bothered your Frontcourt by clogging up. Pau vanished and you relied on outside shooting over nash who never defended and broken hill. Now you have a series where you have size vs size. But what you lack in Front court is Grit and Heart. Can Pau take the Hits? Can Bynum get put backs on battle tested perkins? Every ball will be contested and every inch will have to earned.. try that for a change. Only Michael broke that kind of defense down against the Riley's Knicks. See if Kobe can break it down.. because he has failed twice against that defense in 04 and 08 finals.

This rests on your bambi #24 .. i don't even think he is a garden snake!


"Help please, the reason we should be worried is...??"

Those are Eastern Conference stats.

That's why.

Ummm... didn't you guys lose to the Nets, AT HOME?

And we should be worried, why?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"Without Gobee,
you are Memphis. Hmm."

But we do have Kobe. That's like saying the Bulls without Jordan would be Charlottte.

And, by the way, Kobe's pissed. Really, really pissed.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.





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