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Andrew Bynum plans to play Game 7 against a depleted Boston team

As soon as Lakers center Andrew Bynum woke up Wednesday morning, he was quickly reminded of the pain he feels in the torn cartilage of his right knee. He immediately stiffened. He immediately felt the swelling around the knee. And he immediately reminded himself why he can't think about it.

Bynum is only one day removed from experiencing increased swelling and missing most of the second half of the Lakers' Game 6 NBA Finals victory over Boston. But he's also one day away from playing in Game 7, in what will decide whether the Lakers repeat or fall to the Celtics twice in the past three seasons. Said Bynum: "I have to go out and be ready to play."

It's unclear whether Bynum's presence will make a difference inside in both points and rebounding, or whether he'll essentially be a non-factor. It's also unclear how the team will respond to his presence or limitation, with either the Lakers featuring a balanced offense or the team demonstrating they can't perform without a healthy Bynum. That's good news for the Lakers who surely want to have every variable on their side in the series' deciding game.

Even if Bynum says he is definitive for Game 7, there are several areas that remain unclear, including his production, minutes and when he's having surgery. But there's one thing that will keep Lakers fans happy, and the Celtics eager to post as bulletin board material. And that's Bynum's confidence the Lakers' will win Game 7.

"When we win it," said Bynum, "it's going to taste much sweeter than the one last year just knowing I played with the injury, came through and was able to contribute. It was big."

Celtics Center Kendrick Perkins woke up this morning too with immense pain, so much that he had trouble walking. That's when he knew he wouldn't be able to play through the torn MCL and PCL ligaments in his right knee, an injury that happened with 5:30 remaining in the first quarter. He leaped for an offensive rebound between Bynum and Kobe Bryant and appeared to land awkwardly on his knee, but Perkins said the weight from Bynum's 285-pound body mainly contributed to the pain.

"It hurt bad," Perkins said while nursing crutches. "You're not in this situatuon a lot where you make it to the Finals, especially with this rivavlry this big, Celtics-Lakers and the whole thing going on with the history. Some guys only get to the Finals one time."

Perkins reiterated to the team to appreciate that situation, stressing for his team to have "No regrets." He individually talked with Glen "Big Baby" Davis and called him "the most important guy right now," arguing that the Celtics will win Game 7 if Davis grabs at least 11 rebounds. Though Celtics Coach Doc Rivers hasn't publicly discussed how the team is affected by Perkins' absence, it's widely assumed Davis, Rasheed Wallace and Shelden Williams will receive increased minutes. If anything in the video below reveals anything, it's that Davis is relishing the opportunity and Wallace doesn't like the media one bit.

--Mark Medina

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HERE is some MOTIVATION TO KILL !!If they beat us without their center, we will NEVER LIVE IT DOWN !!!. And the excuse that Bynum was injured will satisfy no one. We must WIN or forever live in shame.

We have already beaten the 6 game curse from 2008. One more barrier to being the champs remains. LET'S DO IT TOMORROW FOR ETERNAL FAME !!!



for those of you who can't see the re-play of the game, this UTube person has all the game on his site. and one can subscribe


Just published on the LAT web site:

Should the Lakers clinch the NBA championship, tentative plans call for a parade Monday at 11 a.m. beginning at Staples Center and traveling south on Figueroa Boulevard to Jefferson Boulevard.

Early plans do not include a rally at the end of the parade, in contrast to last year when the Lakers appeared at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in front of an estimated crowd of 90,000 people.

No rally would be an absolute bummer. But the Lakers are picking up the whole tab, so I guess the Coliseum is just not in Dr. Buss' budget.

Yikes! Fans will start lining the parade route and camping out right after the game should the Lakers win.

Adrenaline alone will fuel Andrew all the way to "I love LA" under the streamers.

GO Andrew, Go Lakers

looks like Sheldon Williams best skill is carrying teammates to the locker room after being injured.

he is the new road WHEELCHAIR

{Jon K. Reporting from Albequerque}

Let's win this.

Utzworld, dude, we need a prayer from you tomorrow.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



nuff said

ok there's more 2 say actually .... like omg we're 1 win away from a back to back title or 1 loss away from ultimate anguish ... idk if i should be excited or petrified ... omg i can't wait ... omg omg omg it's the last game of the season .... omg the entire nba season comes down to 1 game ... omg we've got kobe on our side ... oh yeah we've got kobe ... piece of cake ...

2nite the celtics will hit us with everything they have ... i wish i could say it'll be as easy as the last game ... but nah, many lakers will wilt under the pressure ... but as a team, we will not break ... for everytime they deal us a blow, #24 will be there to shield us from despair ...

2nite our legend leads us into battle ....
2nite we fight as a team ...
2nite we forget about vengance ... cuz
2nite we repeat

I can't wait ... can't wait ... can't wait ... outfreaking standing that we made it this far ... now let's go celebrate by tapping some celtic booty ... 1 last time ... lol

Based on the recent past it looks like Andrew has one run in him before the knee swells and locks. I know he has indicated that his mobility improves after the game begins and he gets a chance to loosen it up, but realistically, once he sits, he's going to experience swelling. So, hopefully, Phil gives him a long first run in which he is effective--not pressing to make big plays because he knows that is all that he will get; let the game come to him.

And then the game takes on a different character in the second half with Lamar starting in his place. If I'm the Cs (icky thought), I take it hard at Lamar, since there is no one behind him if he gets into foul trouble. The lakers would then have to move Pau to center (where he is less effective) and go smaller all around. This is one place where the Lakers will have to scramble if the game moves in that direction.

The key is meditation! Inner peace. Don't force things, be flexible, adapt. Merge into oneness, play as a group.

It will NOT be as easy as yesterday. It will require some key in-game adjustments, but victory can be for the guys in purple and gold.

For those thinking '69 like Mark Heisler. Do you really think that Phil will hold out his star player for extended minutes at a critical juncture, like Van breda kolff?

For the first time in this series, Andrew Bynum did his job - by taking out Kendrick Perkins.



Path to Victory

1. Lakers should sleep early and have 8 hour sleep

2. Wake up early tomorrow and practice free throwing for 2 hours

3. Have a meeting before noon time with PJ and try communicate on the possible adjustments to be made by Celtics. For sure their attack will be centered on the big 3 Pierce, KG and Ray Allen. The others will be secondary.

4. Assume that Kendrick Perkins will play as a form of motivation or rallying cry even by numbing that foot and will appear as a form of defiance.

5. Assume that Bynum will not be able to play.

6. Championship prescription
Starters: Fisher, Odom, Artest must contribute again both offensively and defensively. Kobe and Gasol will be our 1-2 combination to close the series
Bench: Brown, Farmar, Sasha, Walton should show their interest in supporting the starters by carrying the score. Add more and avoild t/o's.

7. Maintain a double digit lead at all times as an insurance in order to carry up to the end

8. Prayers tomorrow by the Banner Holder, Utz.

9. Avoid discussing parades, celebrations. Let us finish the job first. Focus on the game on hand than aftermath. Don't underestimate the power of the leprechauns.

10. Lastly, Lakers will leave the final strategy to Kobe and Phil. Like food, they are the protein and carbo that create life. An abuse of it will also cause death. There has to be a balance diet.

Edwin, as always, your words of wisdom are well taken but I got a Q4U.... Do leprechauns really exist or is that some sort of myth created by people that had one too many brewskies. DF has never seen one and neither have I.

Regardless of whether they exist or not, our team is focused on the mission to repeat game 6 and the Championship!!!!!


@Ouuch, hilarious wheelchair comment.
I'm sure when it happened last night everyone was thinking, oh sheeet, he better not bust out Pierce's wheelchair.
Tough break for Perkins, hopefully he recovers in time for next year.

As for Drew, he has shown us how tough he is throughout the playoffs. His grittiness will result in another title for the Lakers tomorrow night.
Much respect for the kid.

No doubt C's will be tough tomorrow. But if we bring the same intensity as last night, the teamwork and passion, it won't matter what the Celtics do.
I hope we hit them hard and fast like last night, take the fight out of them.
Without Perkins in the middle, we must attack the rim and feed our bigs even more.

Strike First, Hit Hard, No Mercy Sir!

It's winning time Lakers!

The only way Lakers can beat Celtics is intentionally injuring their opponent. Nice blind sided attack on Kendrick Perkins, Bynum, that's all you're capable of doing, because you can't beat Perkins playing basketball. Even if the Lakers were to win the championship tomorrow, the win is "stained" by Bynum's cheap shot. SHAME ON ALL YOU LAKER FANS, YOUR CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY WILL FOREVER BE TARNISHED BY BYNUM'S DIRTY DEEDS.

The only way Lakers can beat Celtics is intentionally injuring their opponent. Nice blind sided attack on Kendrick Perkins, Bynum, that's all you're capable of doing, because you can't beat Perkins playing basketball. Even if the Lakers were to win the championship tomorrow, the win is "stained" by Bynum's cheap shot. SHAME ON ALL YOU LAKER FANS, YOUR CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY WILL FOREVER BE TARNISHED BY BYNUM'S DIRTY DEEDS.


Lol, what about the celtics 0'8 trophy being tarnished for Bynum and ariza being out? lol hahahah

@ Joseph

Mr. Joseph
Definitely you should sue your psychiatrist: he’s doing very little for your mental health… You should be hospitalized and cured before you can harm yourself or other innocent people…
Take care

Get your facts straight Nazsem: Bynum committed a "CRIME" by intentionally injuring Perkins. Back in '08 Bynum and Ariza were out due to their own stupidity injuring themselves. Go back to the your country first before you be an expert in American Sports.




Bynum intentionally hurt Perkins?

Really Joseph wants to take that route?

Gooooood Moooooorning!!!!

Heck... no Coliseum???
Oh well, at least I bet right in moving to reach LA on Saturday not expecting Parades before Sunday.

But out from that now because I better focus on work.

I came in JUST to say to Larry that I totally get why he may need time out of Internet for a while.

I think often the same, it's healthy to detach from Internet and detox.

And then I'm sure Larry's gonna be back actually as new season starts, won't you?

I'm also a very vacationing spirit once seasons end in sports.

Anyway, all this just to tell you this Blog Needs You Mamba24!!! So take a holiday (after the Ring of course) but don't forget us and your role and absolutely manifest yourself as new season will be in okay?


Time for me to work again.
Catch you later in my evening to warm up to Battle7: THE ARMAGEDDON.

Ah, if you wonder... this is how I plan to look like for the Parade.
Kinda impossible not to notice so if you see me, shout out, and I'll be happily cheer you all ;) (saving sanity of my sweet half then. He's kinda privacy freak. Don't judge him. By the time our residency in Los Angeles will be more extended, - sometimes around next year - I'm sure he will get more makeable on that "all meeting" plan. I will work on that, promise!)


Later, Fam!!!

***.................WE GOT THIS
The swagger is back and so is the Style, this dynasty just might last for a little while
After Game 6 a repeat The Lakers can’t miss, As Justa says, WE GOT THIS!!!
No more talk about where is Ariza, Be damn glad that we have The “Thrillah”
Never again question the Heart of Gasol, Game 6 he gave an answer to all
Pau has finese, sure you right, But he damn sure don’t back down from any fight
So if any Lakerholics are still nervous, Tell them what we got Justa : “ WE GOT THIS”
Did any of you watch the Celtic players eyes, They sure looked Shell shocked & surprise
They were not ready for what they saw, The Lakers greeted their @zz with Shock & AWE
With a lineup of Kobe, Pau, Thrillah and Dfish, Even a fool knows that WE GOT THIS
Enjoy this game I say to you, When it’s over the basketball season is thru
Then what does anybody want to bet, First question will be if we trade X, what can we get.
This is the most together team the Lakers ever had, If you don’t like it To Damn Bad
Maybe being a Lakerholic is not for you, for each blogger that leaves theBlog gains two
Best Blog, Best Owner, Best Player, Best Team, Justa pinch me, this must be a dream
A player who pays for 2 court row seats for a fan, This only happens here in Laker Land
Tell me it’s not a dream, The Lakers feel me with Bliss, OK let me hear it: WE GOT THIS
So savor this last remaining game like it’s gold, years from now tales of this series will be told
Appreciate what you got in Kobe Bryant, A once in a lifetime true Basketball Giant
Also appreciate the LakersBlog Family, Don’t know about you but it’s meant a lot to me
This is one season & Blog I really will miss, I have a smile on as I leave cause WE GOT THIS

@Zaira, If you think I'm going to miss the Parade, try to stop me! Lol! though it's a bummer as you say that no Rally is planned. Oh well. Talk to you later on Chat. Enjoy your day Zaira! :-)

As TJ Simmers says, Celtic fans, like their team, are losers. Perkins was injured because he landed awkwardly while rebounding, not because of anything Bynum did. To say otherwise is to be ignorant of the facts/video.

Joseph --

The real crime is that you're free to spew your stupidity on this site. You should be locked up on charges of high stupidity and misdameanors. You sound patently moronic, bro. No offense, but I bet your IQ is also your shoe size.

Andrew committed a "crime?"

What. Are. You. Smoking?

The guy landed wrong, period. Its the Celtics who've been hacking and playing dirty throughout these playoffs. Do you have eyes, bro?

Or are you that much of a boner-homer? Besides, what are you crying about, the Lakers have pretty much played this entire series without the services of Andrew Bynum (ala 2008 Finals, plus no Ariza then).

Seriously, man, you need serious help! May I interest you in a pound of rat poison???

Let the team that wants it more win.

The Lakers will win game 7, and it won't even be close!

Again, and louder: the greatest franchise in sports, the Los Angeles Lakers, will win game 7 tomorow night, and it won't even be close!

This is not your 1962 Lakers, and these are not your 1969 Lakers. This is Kobe's Lakers, 2010, playing at home, in front of 18,000 crazed fans. The Lakers would have won with Perkins, with no doubt in my mind, but without Perkins clogging the middle, the Lakers will toy with the Celtics tomorow night.

It will be a thing of beauty.

It will be joyous.

And it will be historic.

Most of all, it will be sweet ****SWEET**** revenge.

Congratulations, Lakers!

Now let's start working on 3-peat!!!

And, oh, yea... BOSTON SUCKS!!!!

So does/did that cheating bastard retard, Red Auerbach! I wish he were alive so I could shove a lit cigar up his wrinkled rectum!

Fat lady retard --

Didn't you also blow some noise out of your fat ass poopooing that the Celtics were going to win game 6???

Suggestion: get out there and ride a bicycle or run a mile, you fat tub of goo, lose some of that fat, your brain is clogged with too much green blubber.

Fat lady retard --

Didn't you also blow some noise out of your fat ass poopooing that the Celtics were going to win game 6???

Suggestion: get out there and ride a bicycle or run a mile, you fat tub of goo, lose some of that fat, your brain is clogged with too much green blubber.

With Perkins out the Lakers should not be over confident because in recent history when Howard ws out the Magic beat the Cs in a pivotal game. Having said that Gastrong must have a big game and the game should flow through him. Almost a triple double was Outstanding. Bynum we need about 8 rebounds from you before you sit but you deserve the Purple Heart award for determination and bravery. Odom close out game 7 the right way with a double double. UPS/Farmar/Sasha push the bal after each celtic miss to get some easy basket. Kobe control the whole game and set the defensive tone for your team. I was happy that you won ring number 4 and will be exstatic with number 5 because you deserve it due to your hard work and commitment to the game. Like the Priest you were knocked down once but didn't stay down. Phil ring number 11 is here just manage the game. Most importantly the crowd must bring the same enrgy as in game 6, let those A list celebrities stay home and fill the arena with blue collar workers. Let's go Lakers.


Game 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The big win in game 5 doesn't matter tonight. The three losses don't matter tonight. As we have seen, nothing carries from game to game. Teams that get beat by 20 points or more in the Finals are 22-18 in the next one. It's a new game.

Perkins is out. Bynum is a question mark. The Celtics have had the health advantage at center up until now - now the Lakers have it.

It's just one game - a role player will have a good game and be elevated to a hero - like Cornbread Maxwell in '84. Lakers have to make sure it isn't Shrek or Donkey waste. Let's have it be Odom, or Farmar or Fisher ot Artest. Or all 4.

Prior game 7s don't matter. Old Laker Celtics history doesn't matter. One night, one game. What happens on the floor tonight is all that matters. These teams are even - 50-50. But based on home court and inuries and Kobe Bean Bryant I would have to say the Lakers are more like 60-40 to win this one.

The excitement and stress level rises.

Go Lakers! Let's put a hurt on the Big Baby and the rest of the Big Green babies!!!!!

DEEEEEEFENSE and good ball/man movement. Play harder than the other guy and execute, and the trophy is yours. One game. Leave it all on the floor

Tom D.

Odom has good game lakers win. Odom has good game when the Lake show is spot on. Odom make us proud!

Too many Boston fans in my town...

Go Lakers!

In reverence - the jello is a jigglin for one team.

Plaschke's "do or die" article is ignorant. This is nothing like '04 - a dysfunctional squad whose stars could not play together and whose role players were over the hill. A team at the end of a run instead of the start.

How can this great paper publish such ignorant pap?

Good morning LakersNations:

No need to discuss the parade, we haven't won anything yet. There is a game to be played and our team must not let their guard down despite the news that Perkins will not play tonight. The Septics' Big 3 will come out in force knowing that their back is against the wall. It will be the most physical game in the series! I wouldn't surprise if some of the Celtics got thrown out of the game tonight.

Focus! Focus! Focus! We haven't won anything yet!!!

Mabma24(LarrY) my brother, you have my permission to put me in any bandwagons you suggested!

It's extermination time! Let's send these nasty and dirty Septics players off to their losing cycle. Our team will make a statement tonight!!! Time for redemption after 2008. It's our moment and they will not waste it.

I have the feeling that Stern will set up the referees to give gasol some foul trouble to make for Perkins absence. It´s just a feeling, but not a nosense.

Please remember what happened when Yao Ming got injured last year versus the Lakers in the playoffs. I don't know for what reason or maybe just overconfidence, but Lakers got blown away in that game. Please Lakers... make sure to stay focus!!!


Good morning Laker Nation. Rise and Shine!

The history of things no longer matters, though it's been fun to talk about. Game 1 wins, playoff series wins, previous player stats no longer matter. It's now about *who* makes history tonight.

It's now a one game series. It's for all the marbles. Legacies will be made.


Go Lakers!

Per KevinDing on Twitter: Referees for Celtics-Lakers Game 7: Joey Crawford, Danny Crawford and Scott Foster.

How tonight's game will be called really matters. Some of the Celtics are already on record, saying tonight's game will be *very* physical. I expect them to play physical. They will feel the need to make up for Perkins' absence. They will feel the need to compensate for the Lakers' home court advantage.

How the Lakers come out and establish themselves therefore matters. The Lakers don't have to play physical, but they do have to play STRONG. They do have to come out with the same energy that ruled Game 6. Don't let the Celtics in the game. Don't let the referees in the game, but make them hold the Celtics accountable.

I make one guaranteed prediction: Productivity among Lakers fans today will be near an all-time low. Mine certainly will be. There is this singular thought:



The Celtics went out and got Rasheed Wallace for just this sort of situation. The results have been .... mixed at best. Now they live or die by him.

Expect him to get a lot of fouls and maybe a tech and put the weight on big Baby. Rasheed should have been an all-time great with his skills. He has under-performed his entire career. That career may end tonight with a real clunker.

A little Celtic history for you.
Do a youtube on Mchale - Rambis 1984 finals, game 4. It should make you proud, it is absolutely one of the biggest cheapshots in history. Mchale wasnt even ejected, i still shake my head on that one. It turned the series.

Next stop...Figueroa Station...for the LAKERS #16 Parade

-==------ === ------==--==---===-- -====--===-===-===
/_____\______\_____\____\____\____\_ _____\
ll l - --> LAKERS DYNASTY EXPRESS <----- l----- l---|-----}
L___Jl(0)____ (0) Jl____Jl(0) __ __Jl(0)__Jl(0)____J
Rick Friedman
Joe_ Corad
Laker Tom
Jon K
Edwin Cueco
Mark G
complex brotha
Purple & Gold Reign
Tom Daniels

Looking at the world through the sunset in your eyes,
Traveling the train through the Staples Center skies
Kobe, Fish and Pau call,
Ron-Ron, LO play some ball
American ladies wearing Purple 'N Gold.
Sweep the Utah Jazz and play with Nash's mind,
Had to get away to see what we could find.
Hope the days that lie ahead
bring us back to where they've led
Number #16's waiting just for you!

Don't you know we're riding on the Dynasty Express,
Don't you know we're riding on the Dynasty Express,
The LA Lakers are the best.
All aboard the train.
All aboard the train.



Relax Tom,

That's a good omen. Whatever Plaschke writes about the Lakers, the reverse always happens. He is rarely correct in his assessments. And face it: he's one of those across-the-board "I have an opinion about everything" sportswriters who know very little about any one sport. His basketball acumen is thin, to say the least.

We got this one 2nite!

BAH!!!!! Figures...

With the way things are going for me lately I am not at all surprised I have to fly to Friggin Dallas on game 7 day... I have to get there find a Lakers friendly bar to watch the game.

Any who... Blog I apologize for not being on to watch the games with you guys lately. Something happened a that completely changed my life last week, and its still taking a lot of getting used to.




Lead guitar – Kobe
Lead Vocal – Dfish
Drums – Ron Artest
Steel Guitar – Pau Gasol
Base – Bynum

Chorus – Bench Mob

Actually, during the warm-ups, the Lakers entertainment crew ought to cue up the old McHale closeline and play it in slo-mo. Get those refs thinking about what's Boston's M.O.

You don't think seeing that 3 times before a game on the big screen won't get in the ref's heads about how bad those Bean-towners are.

It ought to also pump up the crowd.

And for good measure -- they should show the ball going off Paula's foot and Shannon's break away and freeze the replay to show Paula trripping Pau.

Yeah, there should be a whole clip segment of Boston pushing, hitting, playing dirty so that the refs get it ingrained from the start that that is how the Celtics will play this one.

A little propagandizing never hurts a cause.

So, the ref assignment is set and here is their record in these finals:

Joey Crawford = Game 1 in LA (Laker W)
Game 5 in Boston (Laker L).

Dan Crawford = Game 3 (Laker W in Boston)

Scott Foster = Game 4 (Laker L in Boston).

Hopefully it'll be a fair fight.

Chowder will play dirty as ever...They will be playing desperate ball...
Doesn't matter...for our boys will be playing...

#16 COMING UP!!!!

Now I lay me down to sleep...
I pray my Lakers the Lord to peak...
If we win a back2 back...
I pray the Haters shut their smack...

Now I pray the bling we reap...
From Boston there is not a peep...
The Crabs again fall on their face...
God please put them in their place...

Now I pray Lakers stay strong...
No injuries, good health we cruise along...
Give Kobe strength, and PJ wisdom...
God please bless the Laker Kingdom...


I said my prayers last night...had a dream that I clicked my heels twice...and woke up in Figueroa with millions of people...partying and celebrating #16...

Can you dig it!!!

Greetings Laker Fans, First congrats on a great series - They are much better then I thought. Tonight's game should be a great one regardelss of the winner - I just hope the C's come out victorious.

While this is my 1st post on your blog, I have been reading it since the post season started. Much like the blogs in Boston, NY, Cleveland, etc. there appears to be a major problem with group think mentality. One on one, I'm sure most of you would probably be great to converse with, but in a group you become almost unbearable - granted, some of my fellow Celtic fans have fanned the flame. In reality I'm sure most of you are as nervous about tonight's game as I am - But on here there is little but false bravado and heightened rhetoric.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and good luck!! With Perkins out, I figured the Lakers had a 60% chance of winning -- But, if the refs are those identified above by Tom Daniels then it will be a very long night for the Celts. I guess time will tell.

Mere on refs, per

Home team win %: JC: 77%; DC: 50%; SF: 64%
Home Team Points differential: JC: -1.3; DC: +7; SF: +3
Fouls Called: JC: 44.3; DC: 48.9; SF: 46.2
Foul % (Visitor): JC: 53.6%; DC: 52.4%; SF: 51.4%
Foul % (Home): JC: 46.5%; DC: 47.7%; SF: 48.6%
Technicals called (Visitor): JC: 0.8; DC: 1.1; SF: 0.6
Technicals called (Home): JC: 0.8; DC: 1.2; SF: 1.1

Fouls called are about at the mean of all refs scored. The Foul % bodes well (especially for a Celtic bench that has a philosophy of using fouls, but is thin in the front court now). Techs look like they could go against the Lake show. Point differential is generally LA's way.

But these are all averages -- any one game can be an anomaly -- which is what makes any one game playoff so nerve wracking. Throw all percentages out the wondow; it all comes down to everything that can and will happen in those moments.

Good morning Lakers family!!!!

So excited today! All their hard work, sweat and tears for the chance to play in this 1 game for all the marbles. I expect the Lakers to come out swinging again, as will the Celtics, but this is going to be an epic game. As much as I would love a hige blowout win by the Lakers, I know it will be a much closer, nail-biting game.

The Laker fans who have the privilege of being in attendance tonight must be at their looking cute people...let it all out tonight. We don't want Boston to be able to hear Doc on the sideline.

@Rick...absolutely no productivity from Laker fans today whatsoever.

@LEWSTRS...great posts, you write like our main man Mamba24.

LET'S GO LAKERS!! 1 more to the ring baby!! WooooooooYeahhhhhhhh

sorry for the misspelling in the last post.

And welcome to the board Mainrnxile. We actually have a decent crew on this board, but the invasion by C trolls (many of whom have gone out of their way to be obnoxious) have really left a bad taste.

It is like having uninvited guests just bang the door down, stroll into what was a really clean, comfortable home, and then settle in -- for no reason other than they wanted to track in mud and piss on the furniture. Will they be here in 3 weeks? No. So, why did they see fit to squat here? Just for the sake of raining on our parade.

There really is no nice way to say (or spin) it. Some of them simply need to take a few humanity pills.

Next stop...Figueroa Station...for the LAKERS #16 Parade

-==------ === ------==--==---===-- -====--===-===-===
/_____\______\_____\____\____\____\_ _____\
ll l - --> LAKERS DYNASTY EXPRESS <----- l----- l---|-----}
L___Jl(0)____ (0) Jl____Jl(0) __ __Jl(0)__Jl(0)____J
Rick Friedman
Joe_ Corad
Laker Tom
Jon K
Edwin Cueco
Mark G
complex brotha
Purple & Gold Reign
Tom Daniels
The Infamous El Guapo


Rick - you got that right - zero productivity from any LA Laker fans today. I am looking for any morsel of news, interviews, etc.

Mamba: where for art thou?

Are we getting a prayer today?

Okay TEAM - focus, rebounds, transition D. Not necessarily in that order but just all of it.

I am FOCUSED. I am hoping for all rebounds to land right in any Laker hands. And I can't wait to transition D to the TV tonight and get my purple on.

GO LAKERS!!!! #1-2-GO


@LakerGurl, Hey LakerGurl how are You? I was Just waiting for the Lakers Good Luck Charm to show up. I was confident that we would win but now that I know...WE GOT THIS!!
*______* THIS IS IT *______*
Said they were not going back to LA, Well here We are after whipping their @zz the other Day
They didn’t think it would be a Game seven, Game seven is today & Phil gets Ring Eleven
This is our House, This is our Time, If We blow this game it would be a Freaking Crime
For the Boston Celtics I don’t give a SPIT, You said you wanted Us you Got Us & THIS IS IT!!

2009 was an Asterisk you say, What will be your excuse when we beat your @zz today
Don’t want no excuses that Perkins not their, It’s an act like Paula, in a Freakin WheelChair
After Game 6 Know what I saw, Panic & Fear in Celtic faces after The Lakers Shock and Awe
Beat them so bad they just lay down and quit, Boston bring you’re a game cause THIS IS IT!!

The Boston Celtics you know they hate YOU, All I Know is that History Awaits YOU
Win this game and Dynasty 4 continues ON, Lose this game & The Dynasty will be GONE
If you want the title, thru the Lakers you must GO, That’s not happening I’m sure you KNOW
Time to pack your stuff Boston, time to SPLIT, This is OUR HOUSE and THIS IS IT!!!

When it’s over & the final whistle is BLEW, The Last team standing will be You know WHO
You Knew it couldn’t come out any other WAY, Not a Game 7 played here in LA
We’ll shake their hands cause we got CLASS, Least we could do after whipping Their @ZZ
I’m not worried about the game even a lil BIT, This is OUR HOUSE and THIS IS IT

I just saw a poll taken on ESPN...

Who will win game 7...

67% Lakers
33% Celtics

The funny thing is the map that showed the demographics of the vote...

Of course the New England states voted Celtics...but the only other state to pick them was Arizona...

You think Phoenix fans are still mad we took them and Nash out...


@Lewstrs, Good work sir, you got that Bandwagon filling up fast. They better hurry up and get on-board Game Time will be here before they Know it!

@LEWSTRS...great posts, you write like our main man Mamba24.
LET'S GO LAKERS!! 1 more to the ring baby!! WooooooooYeahhhhhhhh
Posted by: EastCoastJessie | June 17, 2010 at 07:05 AM
Hey Princess! Give Lewstrs some credit. He's better than me & that's good!
Nobody is going to get any work done today! Especially me since...I didn't go Lol! Strangely before Game 6 and continuing still I have this errie strange, serene confidence. So I would say don't work to hard, but saying something like that to anyone today would be ridiculous! Lol!

is the team anxious to get this started? I hope they are. The team was anxious for game 1 and game 6 and you see how those turned out.

Tonight a new Lakers Dynasty will close their hands with the second ring in 3 years finals. King Kobe with Marshal Gasol and the Conductor Fisher will send bostonians to the hell.

48 minutes to the glory.

Alleluya !!

Lakers Haiku

Kobe Bryant plays...
like legend of N B A
Uh... any questions?

Let us calm ourselves.

Let's approach this game as fans with a quiet confidence and healthy respect of the competition.

The Celtics' mystique fuels the opponent's confidence. Apart, none of their core players had a lot of success. Together, wearing that C-Green that 16 title squads wore before them, they're awfully confident and don't even consider losing a series as an option. They've shocked the world and LA in Staples Center once. They're capable of doing it again and adding to Celtics' lore.

But the LA Lakers have no less powerful a tradition. The Lakers have no mystique, they have a brand. Lakers tradition is all about sustained excellence fueled by legendary superstars. And their stars are not only on the floor but on the bench. Kobe, Fisher and Phil have significant title experience, and more than a little Game 7 experience. They have an energized supporting cast, and the luxury of only needing limited minutes from their Boards Anchor. They have the best player in the world and the best coach of the last 40 years.

This thing could go either way. I have confidence the Lakers will be ready, but whatever happens, whoever wins will deserve it. For Lakers' fans, this will be the ultimate payoff for not only the last 3 years, but the last 41. The redemption will echo to 2008, and 2004, and all they way back to 1985, 1984, and yes, 1969.

Que sera, sera.

Rest easy until then.

>>>The only way Lakers can beat Celtics is intentionally injuring their opponent.

Ironic. They haven't even lost the series yet and the Celtic Trolls are already making excuses.


And THAT is the truth.

>>> ... you fat tub of goo, ...

Another classy Celtic fan.

It really makes you wonder why some pundits claim that Boston fans are more knowledgeable of basketball when Laker fans talk about the game and Boston fans are spewing infantile personal attacks on the Laker blog.


>>>Please remember what happened when Yao Ming got injured last year

The difference is that the Lakers don't make their whole defensive game plan around stopping Kendrick Perkins and then have to scramble to figure out what's going on when he goes out.

>>>Productivity among Lakers fans today will be near an all-time low.


I have stuff I need to get done ASAP at work, but I have doubts I'll make much progress on it with the weight of game 7 weighing on my mind.

"Chowder will play dirty as ever...They will be playing desperate ball..."

Posted by: LEWSTRS | June 17, 2010 at 06:44 AM

Whatever it takes to win a championship, baby. Don't kid yourself the Lakers are pristine after Artest's accidential elbow to Rondo's chin.

If the lakers come out for game 7 as they did in game 6, they win, and deservedly so. Although I'll be disappointed, I'll be happy with the loss knowing we don't have that smug, arrogant, self-centered narcissist Kobe Bryant on our team. I don't remember the day when the world stopped and let him on, nor can anyone, but it surely must have. I thought Barry Bonds was the biggest dick in all of sports, but I now stand corrected. Even though he's an amazing talent, the likes of which come through the league every 20 years or so, it's too bad his arrogance is higher than his skill level. All the great ones AREN"T like that, so that's no excuse either. I hope his teammates tire of his act and revolt one day.

Just too much cocky LA fans here. See what happens when the C’s are within 5 by 3rd qtr. Staples Center will be quiet. Kobe will take over launching all the shots abandoning the triangle. C’s will squeak by 3 and Doc will distribute the 100 dollar bills, he hid in the Laker Girls skirts. Go Celtics

Geez big baby looks like he already lost the game. Is that why he got his nick-name, he doesn't exude confidence like a man, he exudes concern and fear like a baby

Go lakers

Lakerfan since '81

Kobe needs to big up himself when he wins tonight. Say, "i am number "!!



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