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4 storylines to watch in Game 4 of Lakers-Celtics series

1. Will Andrew Bynum play?

Bynum expected to play in Game 4, after noticing the swelling in the torn cartilage of his right knee returning to normal after Wednesday's practice. But in what usual entails an unpredictable turn of events regarding Bynum's knee injuries, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson expressed uncertainty whether he'd play tonight after he experiencing more swelling during Thursday's shootaround.

One only has to look at the 2008 NBA Finals loss to know the the consequences Bynum's absence could entail. And in this season, the Lakers showed they couldn't absorb his absence as they had in other years. The Lakers went 6-7 when Bynum missed the last 13 regular season games because of a strained left Achilles' ankle. Bynum's absence also prompts Pau Gasol to move to center and Lamar Odom to start at forward, meaning there's less of a height presence, less depth on the frontline and a bench unit without Odom as its leader.

"He allows us to have different lineups and different looks out there," Gasol said of Bynum. "He does a really good job of being a big presence for us, rebounding, intimating, block shots, altering shots. He's bringing a lot of positive things for us and is giving us a bigger size and presence out there."

2. Which version of Ray Allen will we see?

Jackson isn't the only coach to question the officiating through the press in hopes it rattles players or the referees, themselves. Thinking that Jackson's public criticisms has gained him an advantage, Celtics Coach Doc Rivers played the game too and suggested part of Derek Fisher's defense on Allen consisted of something usually charged at Duke basketball players.

"Besides flopping, he doesn't do a lot extra," Rivers said of Fisher. "He plays hard. He's been in the game long enough to understand. I thought he got away with a lot."

Whether that plays an effect remains to be seen. But many don't expect Allen to replicate a zero of 13 clip a game after breaking the NBA Finals record in three pointers. Rivers thought ALlen lacked some lift. ALlen told reporters he took extra rest to regain energy. And Lakers guard Kobe Bryant simply believes a good shooter such as Allen won't have another bad night.

"If somebody goes zero of 13, defense has got nothing to do with that," Bryant said. "He just missed shots. He won't miss them the next game."

3. Will Paul Pierce bounce back?

Depending on your interpretation, Pierce's non-existent presence in the NBA Finals points to him just hitting open shots or Ron Artest frustrating him.

"I don't really see anything he's doings special that any other teams haven't done throughout the course of the playoffs," Pierce said when asked if Artest has been responsible for his 36.1% clip in the series. "That's it."

Fortunately, ABC broadcasts the games and DVR makes it easy to rewatch them. Bottom line, Pierce is either delusional, refuses to praise Artest or both. Artest was only too happy to play along with that storyline when a reporter suggested to him he hasn't played good defense on Pierce this series. Apparently, making Pierce work for his shots and drawing him into foul trouble doesn't count.

The Celtics expressed strong confidence Pierce will pick up his scoring slack. But with the wrong perception that Artest hasn't really done much on Pierce plus the fact Bryant and Fisher have instructed him recently not to force things offensively, it's a safe bet to think Artest will devote most of his energy on defense in Game 4.

4. How will the Lakers offense look?

Not only did Fisher's 11 fourth-quarter points further cement his legacy as a clutch player, it also bailed out a Lakers stagnant offense. That role usually goes to Bryant, but Jackson thought fatigue and shot selection contributed to the Black Mamba's 10 of 29 clip. The shooting mark also represented an even-handed mix that sometimes contributes to Bryant's poor shooting nights. The Lakers lacked consistent ball movement, didn't make enough of an effort to get the ball inside as indicated by the 20 combined field-goal attempts from Gasol and Bynum and Bryant felt compelled to take over the game.

This isn't the first time the Laker's offense looked flat. In their Game 2 loss to Boston, the team went one of nine from the field in the remaining five minutes of the game. Though the Lakers' post players exploited the Celtics with points in the paint (50-38) in Game 1, the Celtics outscored them inside the remaining two games. That's why Boston center Kendrick Perkins chalked Fisher up as the X factor.

"He's playing within the offense," Perkins said. "That 1-2 pick and roll with Kobe was killer. It wasn't going back to Kobe. It was him. He was taking all the big shots."

--Mark Medina, in Boston

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LET US PRAY...again.....
Dear Mephistopheles, we thank You for Your marvelous wisdom which conquers ignorance. We thank You for giving us untapped powers, which can overcome sadness. We thank You for Your strength that manifests itself into our strengths. You bless us in so many ways by giving us the power to bless ourselves. We can never thank You and praise You enough!
Satan, We boldly come before You in confidence and grace, for we take no shame in accepting the fact that we make our own fate. We ask You again to help our team realize that the power of will is within themselves. Please give Kobe/LO/Pau/D Fish/Ron Ron/Sasha/Jordan/Shannon/Josh and - ESPECIALLY - Andrew the power of mind over matter. Grant them the knowledge, wisdom & insight that they have already EARNED through dedication, experience and hard work. May they continue to seize every rebound by force. Let our guys boldly and confidently get out there and do what they have to do, for at the end of the day, confidence ultimately comes from within.
We know our team will / can overcome all. We know You will not answer our prayers as You see fit, because you have already bestowed up us the power to answer our own prayers. But we, once again, boldly and unashamedly ask You to lead our Lakers to the Tree of Wisdom and Life for another bite, and onward and upward to another victory. This team is already united, they already know they are the best team in the league, and are truly worthy of retaining the championship crown for another season. Let them play in confidence. Let them show pride because Laker pride is the best pride in the universe. I have no doubt that they will make their fanbase here in LA and across the world proud to call themselves LAKER FANS!
We thank You for helping us understand that the power is within us, within this team...AMEN!

KOBE: TRUE WARRIOR, WHY DO YOU HELP ME? (Pause for uncomfortable silence, as both characters
Gaze at each other) RON: (Finally whispers) BECAUSE OF THE WAY YOU ARE LOOKING AT ME NOW!

(01) LEWSTRS – CEO - Paula Pierce & his mouth running loose.."We going to take it home & finish it" and "Anyone got A BROOM" when up 2-0 in the Orlando series. "Best player in the world" following the 2008 Finals. "We ain't coming back to L.A.!" after winning game 2 in LA. Right now I hate his arrogance on the back of consecutive terrible games. When your nickname is "The Truth" , it's blasphemous to speak words which are blatant lies. it's time for Pierce to put his money where his mouth is, or shut his mouth altogether.
(03) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN – DRIVER - It's a great thing to be able to share my Lakerholism with you guys - here & on the chat both. The lows never get too bad and the highs are even sweeter. So thank you Laker family. I appreciate you all. I can feel it coming in the air tonight.....Nothing but another title will suffice - Kobe Bryant Oh yeah - almost forgot - WE GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!
(05) LAKERTRUTH – DIRECTOR OF SECURITY - Kobe: True Warrior, why do you help me? (pause for uncomfortable silence, as both characters gaze at each other) Ron (finally whispers): Because of the way you are looking at me now. Kobe: You have bled with TMac and Yao, NOW BLEED WITH ME! CHAAAAARGE, KILL THE CELTS!
(06) TROY – SEARGENT AT ARMS - I see no viable way that the Celtics can beat the Lakers. The Lakers have a superior front line, and their guards can offset what the Celtic guards can do. Both teams are mentally tough, but the Celtics just don't have that "trump card" they can deploy to get an absolute win. The Lakers would have to self destruct and play poorly (like they did in game 2) for the Lakers to lose. I called this Lakers in 5 from the very beginning. After the game 2 loss, I was thinking toss-up. But when you look at this series carefully, one can easily say that the Lakers should be up 3-0 at this time. The Lakers played poorly in 2 out of 3 games, and yet they still really should be up 3-0. I see no reason for why the Lakers cannot win all 3 games in Boston, unless they continue to shoot horribly and no one steps up (like Fish did in game 3). People keep referring to the 2008 Celtics. That team is dead and buried. That team had a determined Bit 3, they were younger, very hungry, and most important, they had multiple 3 point threats in Allen, House, and Posey. This Celtic team is like night and day compared to the 2008 Celtic team. Again, the Celtics cannot affect a Laker loss unless the Lakers contribute to that loss. Assuming that Kobe and Bynum will not have another poor shooting game, I still call this series Lakers in 5.
(07) SEGEBOY- THE SHERIFF - Yo words can not describe how proud I am that we're returning to the finals for the 3rd year in a row. We started the 55 win bandwaggon when we were running with smush parker, we believed so hard in our team and they laughed in our faces. They gonna respect us yo cuz we ain't asking for it, we're here to work for it, to fight for it, to cement our place in history. I love this team yo. And shout out to our PGs for their play last game, y'all know we keep calling u d weakest link but nobody's happier when u prove us wrong. Fish u d man. Our time is freaking here and the next series is against our arch enemies, the green weanies from the east. In the words of 300 ... we're gonna take everything from them and give nothing back ... F the celtics and anyone who loves em.
(08) ICELAKER – RIDING SHOTGUN - I loved seeing the hate and intensity in Michael Cooper's eyes when he told Boston "You wanted us, here we come!" These Lakers are angry right about now. I really fear for the celtics come thursday. I know Pierce needed a wheelchair in '08. He's gonna need a stretcher once Ron Ron is done: "If you're not strong enough, you shouldn't be fighting with me. If you can't match my strength then why would you try to pick a fight and test me?" I'm hoping for Lakers in 5. I want them to celebrate on the Gah-den's floor.
(09) Nop BKK 10122 - Lakers in 5... 3 NBA final in 3 years with 2 championship...hey Mr.Simulation...what is the prediction of 2011 NBA Final ??? uhhh...
(10) DAVE M. That's one awesome Suburban. Can I have a window seat, somewhere in the back is fine. Would totally dig a cold shot of tequila and a beer chaser as well. Oh, and maybe some pretzels or something (11) FEARLESS-
(12) OUTLAW - SECURITY 2 - To all my fellow Lakers fans: This is what we've been waiting for. Thursday, baby. It's gonna be fun. Go Lake Show!
(14) FAN OF THE MAMBA - The Lakers are going to the Finals for the 3rd straight year. That is an awesome accomplishment for any team. Injuries haven't stopped them, officiating hasn't stop them, team chemistry issues haven't stopped them, up and down play hasn't stopped them, and the Celtics won't stop them either!
(15) INFAMOUS EL GUAPO – GRENADE TOSSER - Put me on the Armageddon Bandwagon!!! I don't need a seat I'll Be ridding on the roof Tossing Grenades, Manning the 50 Cal Machine Gun, The flame throwers and swinging El Guapo's Pair Machetes named "Death" an "Doom"!! And I'll be picking off every little green leprechaun zombie all the way to the Larry O'Brien!!!!
(16) RDLEE – MERCY DISPENSER - 14 down, 2 to go. No mercy!!
(17) FAITH
(22) MAGIC PHIL - Well, let's ask somebody who really understand the game: - Kobe, who do you think is gonna win the championship? - We will So, I get the word of King Mamba. LAKERS IN 3!!!! I MEAN, LAKERS IN 5!!!
(23) KEIFO –
(24) ANOTHERBLACKMAMBA - I hate PAUL PIERCE PERIOD. Celtics basically bought the championship in 2008 with 3 franchise players in one team. Pierce Celtics sucked ass before KG and Ray Allen and now all of a sudden he is freaking a showboat. KG is another showboat. You know there is no way Celtics is gonna win the finals. Just look at Suns, how steve nash and raja bell and ...were showing off in 2006/7 when Kobe was playing with bunch of trolls. I wonder how far Steve Nash would have taken a team with Kwame Brown and Smush. I wanna bitchslap Paul Pierce and KG. I just hate Paul Pierce or I should say Paula Pierce THE QUEEN of Celtics.
(25) JOE CORAD - I rather see the Lakers Hoist the Hearts of the celtic team than the trophy,Actually i take it back, i want to see the Lakers hoisting the trophy while stomping on the hearts of the Celtics.
(26) LET’S GO L’S -To wrap this 2010 FINALS in a bow, here's the long as the Lakers PLAY HARD, INSPIRED basketball for 48 minutes each game on both ends of the floor, with a heavy dose of patient INTERIOR play (making their bigs MOVE and FOUL prone) and "consistent" perimeter defense (chasing guys like Allen, Wallace, Pierce OFF the three-point area via Fisher, Artest, Odom, and Kobe), they will hang their 16th NBA Championship banner. Most of all, win it ALL with a CHIP on their shoulder, injuries, adversity and all, for the debacle in 2008. Go get em' Lakers like you did in 2009...Back to Back! Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!
( 27) LEFRAUDS ELBOW - Thursday can't come soon enough. Revenge will be sweet.
(28) LAKEERSRYDEORDIE - If we beyotch slap them on the boards -- we will bust their ass! Believe that. Lakers all the way baybee --- otherwise DIE!
(29) LEONARDBAST78 - Let's Go Lakers! Bring that Championship home! (kobe puppet to Lebron puppet,
(31) TIM-4-SHOW – I’ll take a rid in that Suburban

If we open like 15 points ahead of the Cs, we'll hear lots and lots of whistles.
This game needs to be crushed by the 4th quarter. We should manage the game and punch them at the end...
That'd be sweet.

Not going to be easy; wounded dog fighting for its life...

Do you think Kobe smells blood?

There's no 'we' in Lakers. You want THEM to do X and Y tonight. You're going to be sitting on your asses watching.

Though I must say, I'd love to see paul pierce try to draw a foul and get legitimately injured, 'cause fuck that guy.

Praying to the one who caused Mini Banner Holderette to get level 5 lead poisoning: NOT SMART.
Thanks, but no thanks, Satan. WE GOT THIS!

@ Are you guys all retarded?

What sort of Troll ARE you? Don't you think it's a little unneccessary to use the word 'retarded'? Don't you feel like you're back in 3rd grade? Have you absolutely NO class whatsoever? I could come up with a lame handle, too, however I prefer to kick ass and take names using the real me. That's me, Jamie effin Sweet not some clever quip or lame sentence.

So why don't you come out from behind your little brain and be a man about it. Leave the mentally challenged alone, Paul Pierce has enough on his plate besides standing up to bullys like you. I got his back on this one, we don't need him hurt to win (besides, it'd just give the rest of the Celtics something to blame when they lose).

I'm with Utz...WE GOT THIS!

Predictions for Game 4:

- Bynum plays, and plays strong. Celtic Nation does a collective sigh when they see Bynum suited up and ready to play.

- Artest continues to shut down Pierce.

- Artest looked a bit jittery on offensive in his first road game in the finals. Those jitters will be gone tonight.

- Lakers will run the P&R with Kobe and Fish again, but this time, the Celtic defense switches onto Fish, freeing up Kobe.

- All the nasty chants and signs directed at Lamar's wife will continue to motivate him on the road. Lamar will be an even bigger factor tonight than he was in game 3.

- The Machine will make at least two 3 pointers.

- Shannon will have a highlight, momentum shifting dunk.

- Now that Stern got his wish (an extended series), the officiating will be fair and consistent from here on out.

@ RLC . . .

lol . . . Acrostic Poetry to promote your Celtics team here?!?!

With just a little due respect, allow me to make some alterations that better fit this blog.


C rybaby ("He's a flopper!")
E gotistical ("I am the greatest!")
L oudmouth ("We ain't coming back to LA!")
T ongue-freak (Just what was Glen Davis doing with that tongue in game 3?!?)
I mposter (Wheelchair was just a prop)
C harlatan ("They set illegal screens!")


Don't worry, by this time next week, we'll be talking about potential trades, who's attending the parade celebration, and our expectations for next year.

So, enjoy the ups and down until then. It taste so sweet and there's plenty more sweetness to eat. In fact, two more doses, and the Lakers are hungry.


That is my point, oh innocent one. I have no doubt that YOU do indeed "got this", because the power is within you my child. The Lakers got this because they believe in themselves. Everyone got this as long as they believe in themselves, and no silly idol living in the clouds will take that away, because we all got this, we just have to realize it, believe it, and accept it. The Celtics will not "get this" because deep in their hearts, they know they are nod good enough.

This was a public service announcement from the Tree of Wisdom and Life.




Any word on who's out on the floor early tonight working on their shooting? (if anyone?)

@ RLC ,,, PART 2 . . .

L aying wood (You reading this, Mike T.????)
A gain we win (Back-to-Back championships 09-10)
K icking butt ,,, and some throat (Oops, sorry about that Tony Allen)
E n masse` (Kobe, Drew, Gasol, Artest, Fisher, Odom, etc. etc.)
R edemption (One more for the Logo... and gaining)


ESPNews reported at 7:06 PM EST that Bynum will play. Good News!!

To win the series, the Smell-tics would now have to win 3 out of 4 games.

No way on Earth will that happen. The Smeltics could win 2 maybe, or at least 1, but never 3.

So I'm feeling confident that the title's in the bag. As long as the Lakers play SMART the rest of the way.

Whewwww! Per usual, I'm just now logging on and naturally, there's I don't know how many threads and around 11,000 comments. I perused the first couple hundred and then my trusty old laptop friend started weeping boiling cyber teardrops. Sizzle, sizzle, rust. If I push on, I fear the whole front end will drop on the freeway. I'm with you in spirit though, my merry blogster brothers and sisters. Let's kick some Celtic ass!

Hey y'all on the west coast. My wife and i have been planning a move to LA for sometime now. That being said I grew up in NE and am a huge Celts / Sox / Pats fan.. That being said i have the following to offer: At the Garden tonight on my way home from work I ran into several LA Lakers Fans.. I gave them some shit which they much appreciated saying noone had given them a hard time since they had gotten to Boston (hard to believe i know). Anyway, we had the best time talking trash, talking basketball, talking life. My point is this is a game. A great game. And whether you are a Celts or a Lakers fan lets respect each other and have fun with it. Trash talk is all good but no need to make it personal. My wife and I plan on moving to LA ( would have sooner but my newborn son put a slight delay on things ).. When I'm there i'll be wearing my green with pride but hey lets have a drink and talk some friendly trash.. It's just a game..

Brian Kamenetzky wrote:

"Pau Gasol was on the floor for 66 Lakers possessions in Game 3. For the 32 on which he had a touch -- not a shot, but a touch -- the Lakers shot 55.5 percent. For the 34 he didn't, they were 42.3 percent.

The meaning: It's instructive that these numbers came out of a game in which Gasol finished 5-of-11 from the floor, an inefficient shooting night by his standards and hardly prodigious production. It demonstrates both the value of moving the ball (Gasol can't touch it if nobody gives it to him) and specifically of moving it to Gasol, whose great court vision and decision-making put major pressure on a defense. Against the Celtics, who feast on isolation sets where they can load up on one player and one side of the floor, it's even more important.

When Gasol is used effectively in the flow of the offense, it allows Kobe Bryant to free himself away from the ball. Anything the Lakers can do to give Bryant opportunities to catch on the move benefits their offense."

Ouchhhhhhhhhh... please, learn about basket before write your stupid opinion about a sensational player.

Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryan, Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, Fisher... and the United States President Mr.Obama are in consense about the spaniard player: his arrival to Los Angeles Lakers was the stone who put the team in the right way for win "rings".

Keep talking Paula, keep talking. The more she talks, the better the Lakers play.

Trolls, trolls, trolls. Need more TrollBGone.

Remember when Staples was over-run with trolls at Staples during the first few games in Boston in 2008? At least our virtual friends aren't that suicidal.

Come to our neighborhood to talk smack, and we remove you. Forcibly if needed.

This is Lakers Nation.


The devils are in our midst influenced by silly leprechaun jokers. Bynum will play and punish the big 3, Gasol will play and score 25 pts, 20 rebounds, 6 block shots (3 from KG and 3 from Paula Inglewood), Sasha will play and match pt. by pt. whatever Ray Allen will do which is 2 pts.

SHOUT LA, SHOUT LA, SHOUT LA ......This is the day after 101 games from Nov. to June from beast to chihuahua back to beast, from RonRon to Thriller, from Chocolate Odom to Kardashian-Odom, from old Fisher to sunset to veteran to playoffs PG. Viva Catalan, Viva Barcelona, Viva Pau WE ARE HERE. Let's get rid of leprechauns starting from 131 hahahaha! turn Red into purple/green (bad combination) Red add brown it becomes purple then you have European color. We will give Red legitimacy to live La Quinta. You will no longer be illegitimate because we just gave you license to live if you shrives your leprechaun upbringing. LMAO! Let's turn all leprechauns into beneficial friends MAKE THEM OBEY starting from demon who kept on tempting us. Teach how to pray the way we do it in LA.



1. Paul Pierce, Doc Rivers and many of the "experts" continue to refuse to give Ron Artest any credit for Pierce's performance. Here's the facts (and watch how this works).

a. Ron Artest does NOT allow Pierce to post up at the elbow like he loves to do.

b. Ron Artest forces Pierce to try to drive around him, but leading him directly into a sagging-off-of-Rondo Kobe and at least one Laker Big (Bynum/Gasol/Odom) taking away his easy opportunities at the rim.

c. Ron Artest forces Pierce to use pick-n-roll to create switches. Gets rid of Artest but still have that length to deal with.

So many times Artest is indeed not DIRECTLY the reason for Pierce struggling. But Artest is the catalyst. Pierce will continue to struggle unless he can knock down a lot of 3-pointers or get Artest to bite on pump-fakes at 18-20 feet.

2. Ray Allen pump faking and taking the ball to the basket is a weapon that has yet to be unveiled (why the delay I have no idea). Lakers are VERY vulnerable to this, due to run-outs at him to contest the 3-point shot. If this scheme develops, foul-trouble for Laker bigs is the jeapordy due to interior rotations that will not be able to keep up with the ball.

3. Fisher / Kobe 1-2 pick-n-roll is a VERY dangerous weapon. Expect to see more of that late in the game. Almost impossible to stop Fisher getting good looks from 15-18 feet away if Celtics are committed to keeping the ball out of Kobe's hands in the 4th Q. If indeed they do chase Fisher hard and force pass to Kobe, expect Laker Bigs to benefit with Kobe penetration, Celtic rotation, Kobe pass to Laker Big leading to dunks.

4. The single most telling stat indicating winners and losers is the offensive rebounds. Bynum's knee is an X-factor. Odom is an X-factor. Rondo is an X-factor. As the 2nd chance points go, so will the lead.


I Personaly don't mind if we see the same Ray Allen of Game3.

PJ said Bahnum will definitely try to play in tonight's game.

good stuff.

LakerMike, re: points 1 and 2,

1) Agree with it all. Let's just say that Rondo and Pierce both have bigger obstacles to get around and pass around than in previous series. Its not that easy passing around the 2 multi first team defense guys like Kobe and Ron.

2) Ray Allen pump fake and shoot is more likely the tactic he'll take. Trust me, being in your mid-30s and trying to run at full speed through a forest....well, your mind tells you NO more often than not. So he'll pump fake and shoot a 3 or 17 footer.

Great points, just wanted to add 2 cents.

I was on CNN and there are reports that Obama and the National Guard are considering an airlift of Kleenex to Boston if they lose tonight. Reports are indicating that Doc hasn't stopped crying since Tuesday and that there is a real shortage of the tissue. Stay Tuned!


So, I'm here in NYC watching the Yankees on TV waiting for the Lakers to come on, and the topic on the Yankee telecast turns to the NBA. They asked Yankee shortshop Derek Jeter which player in any sport he most enjoyed watching and he answered...Kobe Bryant. He said it was because in the last few minutes of a game, Kobe always wants the ball. Game knows game and champions know champions.

Laker Tom...that one is for you!

Incidentally, Yankee color commentator Ken Singleton, who is a former big leaguer, mainly with the Orioles, is the cousin of Doc Rivers. Small world!

Let us turn all dirty leprechauns to human beings.....

According to Albert Einstein:

"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us 'universe', a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."

~~We need to be free from that freakin' score of 131-92 who is enjoying the carefree life in California yet maintains an eerie leprechaun heart. Albert said free us from this delusional prison. WE CAN ONLY BE FREE IF WE WIN AND ERASE THAT SAD EPOCH IN 2008. Lakers are the defending Champs while Celtics are defending the existence of their expensive contracts. By July, Rivers is turn into mad, Thibodieu is adieu, goodbye to the 2 Allens. This is the last hurrah of the Celtics. Adios, Au Revoir, Goodbye you will sleep again for the next 20 years in Eintein's theory of relativity in time and space.

Celtics fans are bringing their green towels tonight -- don't let me get a hold of one, and you definitely know what I'm gonna use it for.

@ #4 . . .

I agree with you about the likelihood that Ray Allen follows pump-fake with only a dribble or two for a closer jumpshot. Pacing himself and conserving his energy are BIG concerns to him. I think you have revealed perhaps the biggest reason why he has yet to exploit the Lakers on the interior ~ it just takes too much energy. Check with Kobe on that one!


BY THE WAY ~ RE: THE "BIG 3" . . .

Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce haven't scored 20 points in the same regular-season game since November 26, 2008.


Tonight, the Lakers need to push the ball. 3rd game in 5 nights favors the Lakers. During the Orlando series in the game that went overtime, Inoticed the Celtics were sucking wind in the 4th quarter and the OT period. Paula, KG and Ray Allen had nothing left in the tank. This long playoff run has taken a lot out of Boston. Their stamina is definitely a question mark.


2nite we face an opponent that has humiliated us in defeat before ...
2nite we face an opponent that has no respect for our skills ...
2nite we face an opponent that believes we can be bullied ...
2nite we face an opponent intent on showing the last blow we dealt was a fluke ...
2nite we face the opponent on their home turf ...
2nite the odds are against us ....
2nite we will bleed ...
2nite we will stamp dynasty in history books with our blood ...
2nite we will bleed as a team ...
2nite the opponent will cower when they see our blood is not red because ...

2nite we will bleed purple and gold!

24 + 16 + [3|1|7] = The Purple Tinted Golden Age

BY THE WAY ~ RE: THE "BIG 3" . . .

Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce haven't scored 20 points in the same regular-season game since November 26, 2008.


Posted by: LakerMike | June 10, 2010 at 05:21 PM

Great information considering we are playing the finals

Laker demon

Praying to Satan 'Mephistopheles' is a sin and I rebuke u demon dog.

After 4 games, everything should be very clear to the Lakers coaching staff...
1. With or without Bynum, if the Lakers give up the boards, they will lose. No rebounds, no championship.
2. Kobe's arsenal works only if the rest of the team can defend.
3. Involving the rest of the team before Kobe takes over works only if the rest of the team will deliver. And they DID NOT in game 4. If Kobe is hot, he should keep shooting.
4. The Celtics have proven beyond reasonable doubt that they have a very huge advantage in bench depth. 2nd stringers Davis and Nate humiliated the Lakers.
5. Whoever wins game 5 will be the champs.



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