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Video Caption Contest: Pau Gasol sporting a black eye from Game 1 against Phoenix

Lakers forward Pau Gasol entered the media workroom Tuesday at the Lakers' practice facility sporting a black eye, which Gasol believes is a result of Phoenix forward Grant Hill falling on him in the third quarter of the Lakers' 128-107 Game 1 Western Confernce Finals victory over the Suns. Apparently Shane Battier's scouting reports went beyond detailing how to cover Kobe Bryant and included how to rough up El Spaniard.

I haven't found a video of the actual play online, so anyone who does find it should feel free to pass it along. In the meantime, Gasol's bruise near his right eye was plainly visible. It's not quite on the level of Steve Nash's swollen right eye, a result of Tim Duncan's errant elbow in Game 4 of the Suns-San Antonio semifinals series, but it's still good enough for a video caption contest.

The best comment will be featured in Thursday's links post.

--Mark Medina

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You want Hall of Fame Coaches, Check it, we’ve had four
We got the Finals MVP, By the name of Name Kobe Bryant
He scored more points than an entire team without even trying
He scored 81 points in a game & could have scored more
But Rings not number of points is what he plays for.
We got The Logo Jerry West & First Great center George Mikan
The Legendary Elgin Baylor & Magic Johnson the Icon.
We’ve had all great centers like Shaq, Wilt & of course Kareem
Super guards Worthy, Goodrich & Silk played on the Laker team
Karl Malone & Gary Payton, A glove & Mailman we just leased
A 10 time Title Winning Coach who mastered Zen in the East
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Now he’s Broadcasting from Heaven & is in the Hall of Fame
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We play for Rings & Rings only , which is why teams fear us.
That’s just a summary of our Resume, we don’t talk we Do.
We’re The Freaking Champion Lakers, Who the Hell are You

The Lakers look like the team they were when they were steam rolling the rest of the league earlier this year. They don't need to run much of their offense, since they can get the ball to the post so easily. Robin Lopez is a game changer, and needs to play much more. He had a +2 point differential - which is next to impossible for a starter on a team that lost by 21 points. For complete video breakdown, visit:

From Adrian Wojnarowsk:

'The Celtics walked into Amway Arena with a 2-by-4, and just started pounding on the Magic. The Magic are downright dazed, staggering and on the brink of a TKO. The Celtics jumped Orlando, and they’re halfway home to a possible meeting with the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals."

A 2-by-4? That's a piece of wood isn't it?

I guess you can say that's the Celtics are laying the wood on the Magic.

I wonder who predicted that? Of course, your friendly old basketball favorite...

mike t.

Why does a black eye on Steve Nash make him look like a warrior and a black eye on Gasol make him look like he's been punked?


mike t.

The Celtics took a HUGE step towards the Finals last night - a 2-0 lead on the road. Aside from a breakout of swine flu, looks like the Green Ones will be in the Finals this year. Their only major weakness is a tendency to let leads slip - may be age related fatigue? They look very ready to battle for a title.

The Lakers have a chance to take a much smaller step tonight - hold home court and head to Phoenix. I doublt it will be as easy as game one. But who knows? Kobe is back and Phoenix will have to make adjustments on him that may open up the inside game more. I expect a quick start from Drew tonight. An admittable quesionable prediction, but I think he will want to prove something and that Phoenix will not be focused on him after he cleverly played possum the last three games.

If Drew doesn't get off to a good start, we will see Odom early and often

Mamba24, I don't see the name of the basketball mind in the roll call. Is he now considered part of the leprechaun fans?

Mike T said:

"Why does a black eye on Steve Nash make him look like a warrior and a black eye on Gasol make him look like he's been punked?"

Ummmm, because you are a completely biased observer? Steve Nash has not and will never even make a trip to the NBA Finals. But he has not and will never adjust his game to do so. He likes playing the way he does. Nash is a great player, but he plays a certain way and it doesn't win titles.

Imagine a 2006/2007 team with Amare, Shawn Marion, Boris Diaw, Barbosa, Raja Bell, Kurt Thomas, Jalen Rose, Marcus Banks, James Jones.....

and Kobe Bryant. That team wins an NBA title. Trade Kobe for Nash? You get a good regular season team that can't get out of the Western Conference.

I am not insulting Nash - he is good, fun to watch, all that. But he ain't a warrior. He'd rather run than fight for a title.

Hey all,
It's been a few days since I threw my $.02 in so here it goes.

1. Gnash takes an elbow and he's cut like cellophane. Like an old boxer I remember called the Bayonne Bleeder. Pau takes an elbow and it's a little bruise under the eye. Gasoft no more!

2. I vote for no more discussion of immigration on this blog.

3. Did anyone else notice that the Celtics didn't play exceptionally well against the Magic in either of the first two games? Orlando just isn't hitting the kind of shots that they did all year. No outside shooting allows better inside defense, which means no penetration and no love for DH. The Magic may find an outside groove in BAH-Stin, which would help prolong the series, but I seriously doubt that's gonna happen. I'm just not seeing the heart that they had last year.

4. Death to the really 8 up trolls (not red or 131 of course)

5. GAME DAY!!!!!!


"That's not a black eye. That's a warrior spreading black war paint beneath his eye, preparing to do battle."

Mike T,

I give you your props. Right now you're looking positively clairvoyant!

Do you have lotto numbers?

Mamba24, I don't see the name of the basketball mind in the roll call. Is he now considered part of the leprechaun fans?
Posted by: Edwin Gueco | May 19, 2010 at 09:54 AM
HUH? Who's that?

A little side effect of the draft that hasn't been mentioned...

It kills all dreams of any top-notch (or even very good) point guards becoming available.

If New Orleans, Utah, Minnesota, or New Jersey had won the lottery, then there might be a decent PG on the block this summer. Washington will just draft John Wall and keep him.

OTOH, if Fisher and Farmar keep up their playoff level of play and the Lakers win it all again, then why change a winning formula.

Jolly Rancher - On Stevie's shiner

He looks like Marlon Brando (except uglier) from 'On the Waterfront'

"I could have been a contender, if...if....if not for Horry's throwing the hip and Stern fixing the fight, I mean the series"

Yeah, but it's Nash that always ends up getting punked in the Playoffs.

Warrior, not so much.

"He looks like Marlon Brando (except uglier) from 'On the Waterfront'"

Heyyyy Ammarrriieee....


Eddie Gureco

You seem sure Magic Johnson`s praise for the Celtics last night was a subliminal message to the Lakers.

You could be right.

It might have been "code" for : "Mail in the remaining games against Phoenix. It`s our only hope to save face. Unlike the 2008 Finals, we might not even get 2 wins this time around!"

I think the lakers should do a sign and trade involving andrew bynum, luke walton, sasha for chris bosh. pau could move back to five bosh would be great in the triangle. and toronto colud move bargnini bacck to four ands play bynum and have a go to man. bynum is gettin lost in the mix here and I think he would really flourish in toronto...just a thought

Pau Gasol showing off his 'Black Badge of Courage'.

This season is a near reversal of '08.

We came in looking weak, but the playoffs made us strong. We have homecourt in the NBA Finals.

The opposition has an easy opponent to warm-up with (we also have an easy one, so comparison is not totally parallel)...

Heading into the Finals, 9 out of 10 pundits predicted road team to win, but the home team won.

And so sayeth 2010 - home team will win, except in 5 games. Hope PJ has a cigar handy so that he can light it at mid court when the clock expires.... I can see him doing something like that.

Im so tired of espn and this lebron crap< lakers get no pub..WE R THE FREAKIN CHAMPS we should be gettin the pub we are on a seven game win streak and we gets no


I have a cigar I've been saving for just such an event.

And amazingly, it looks and smells like a Cuban cigar but the band has been removed?? uhm.....

Do you have lotto numbers?

Posted by: hobbitmage | May 19, 2010 at 09:59 AM


2, 7, 16, 17, 37 and MEGA # is 24

do you think is a winning combination?

Red's Illegitimate Child,

What did you call meGureco? haha you're forgiven. Magic's statement can be interpreted in two ways: 1) trying to appear as an independent analyst working for ABC-ESPN or forcedto be one; 2)asking the Lakers to be serious with the Celtics because they have been complacent in dealing with teams they have beaten in the past.

With regards to his pro-Lebron message, perhaps he is the backdoor agent of Jerry Buss telling LBJ something.....what is that message?

Here is my fanciful idea why Magic is trying to recruit Lebron? Supposing we go with our fellow fan, EJK's campaign of Lebron as a Laker, what are the benefits of Lebron being a Laker via MLE offer?

An MLE offer is only 5.5M per year for 5 years compared to 20M per year with a 5 year contract with teams under the cap.

All other options available to Lebron are similar to the Cavaliers, they are all about rebuilding a team composed of new players, remaining players who are known to be losers as well with a new coach. If Lebron joins any of this team, they could give him perhaps 100M for 5 years. Are there any guarantee of winning a Championship, it falls on Lebron's lap just like the Cavaliers. If within 3 years, Lebron could not land the team to the Finals, he will be forever identified with the losing team and his advertising value goes down.

If Lebron opted for MLE with the Lakers his stock immediately goes up being with the Championship team, with the winningest Coach and also assured himself of getting a ring in the near future with Kobe, Gasol, Artest and Lamar plus Bynum. As such the expectation are low, yet the future gravy has lots of potentials. Yes, he may have sacrificed immediate dividends of 100 million but the value of his stock will rice accordingly to his to sustaining popularity perhaps in the vicinity of maybe half billion after 5 years. With other teams, it could have another Cavalier depression so his name is tarnished and could also affect his value to the Advertising value being a non-winner. While with the Lakers, it is a deferred income. A sacrifice in the first five years of an MLE contract just interned with the Lakers contract but eventually when Kobe retires, Lebron will be at his prime to take over. He has guaranteed himself of multiple ring, multiple endorsement being with the 2nd largest media mega city, his deferred income goes up astronomically in the the next ten years. securing his own retirement and also legacy with an excellent team.

Therefore, which option will he take: immediate dividends or the prospective value of his name associated with a winner?

I know everyone wants to get to the Celtics so we can spill their putrid green guts all over the floor of Staples Center, but let's focus on the Suns.

Yes, those same Suns who caused us so much pain in 2006 and 2007.

Revenge is won one game at a time.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


smooth d WELCOME BACK. Where have you been?

Mike T, Fatty, Smooth D, Complex Brotha, well who else is missing? Korey, Xodus, AZ, wiZo, Peter McGuire, Tulley, Shady, Hariyahu, Generic One, Zacky, Compton's Finest......time to report to the blog.

Mike T's possible entry into the caption contest?

"Hell, that's no black eye, that's just the Gasoft girl's mascara running"

Jon K - That is so true. And I feel no matter what we feel on this blog, the Lakers are focused to the task at hand.

But its okay to dream, no?

Justa......"Quick, pinch me! I think I'm dreaming again!!"

Honestly if we didn't have ron ron right now I would be sh**ting GIANT BRICKS the size of oversized genetically enhanced watermelons..

Boston likes to play physical. That's how they establish an edge over you.. They will try to push us around and punk us mentally till we back down but guess what .. It could work on gasol but now we got the meanest tuffest MOFO in the league in RON RON to back us up.. so sorry boston u don't wanna go there..

I see paula as the key for boston.. their best playmaker and 4th qtr scorer, their only true crunchtime player.. Contain paula and u cut the head off.. the body will die.. If it comes down to kg in the clutch then I guarantee victory..

Go back to 2008 and freakin luke walton was guarding paula.. Paula had a cakewalk then but he's in for a rude awakening now.. By the middle of the series he will be crying for his mommy... The wheelchair business will be booming in june.

Why does a black eye on Steve Nash make him look like a warrior and a black eye on Gasol make him look like he's been punked?


mike t.

Posted by: Michael C. Teniente | May 19, 2010 at 09:32 AM


Magic Johnson has been acting really weird recently.

It sounds like he's caught a bit of Charles Barkleyitis. He sounds almost like he's worried about his legacy so he's playing down the success of the current Lakers as a result.

It just doesn't feel right.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"Contain paula and u cut the head off.. the body will die.. "

I must agree.

Even if we don't have Bynum and everyone is screaming "GASOFT!" (a belief I disagree with), Thriller negates Paula Pierce.

By doing so, I just don't think they can beat us.

Thriller = Finals MVP

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



That was a funny post at the end of the last entry --

Lakers definitely teabaggin' the Suns!


Sorry about misspelling your last name. Accidents happen...remember Chick always talking about why they put erasers on top of pencils?

As for the cannot develop strong teeth and bones by constantly dining on soft, mushy foods.

Feasting on soft, small, injured "girlie teams" from the WC is no way to prepare themselves against the "beef" of the NBA! That`s where size, skill, strength, relentless tenacity, and the heart of a champion is required.

did u guys/gals ever seen this?

Ron Artest Serenades Paul Pierce......

Seriously, we have Kobe (won't back down from anyone), Ron Ron of course is the toughest and did you ever see Fisher wilt, NO! Pau can play Garnett straight up. Odom and Brownie will do just fine. Don't see physical play a problem at all this go round!!

ouchhh enjoys Mike T.'s banter on his faux pau spin. huh!

Where will the Lakers be without Pau Gasol? They will still be with Kwame the butter fingers. Perhaps, this blog will no longer be existing, Kobe is gone and Lakers are forever tied to cellar dweller teams in the West. That's the value of Pau when he joined the Lakers in Feb 01, 2008. I knew the date because it falls on my birthday.


Ron on Paula

Kobe on Rondo

reminds me of the Thunder Game 5?

Pau Gasol got a self-induced black eye in his dream imagining the nightmare of playing AGAIN against Perkins and Garnett.

the Power of Self-Suggestion

Edwin Gueco,

An incredible birthday present, eh? I agree with you completely regarding Pau -- things would be very different if he had not arrived. Forget about a championship, another trip to the finals. We could be looking at a Laker team with no Kobe, no Odom, no Artest. Not a pretty sight or an enjoyable future to ponder.

I understand some folks don't like, appreciate, or value Pau. Ok, I guess, but I don't really get it.


"2)asking the Lakers to be serious with the Celtics because they have been complacent in dealing with teams they have beaten in the past."

LOL ... Really? When? 2-9 vs Boston ... is this the past you speak of?


I think Pau played pretty well against Garnett back in 2008. Not Perkins (or Powe, if I recall), but did well against KG.

Laker fan-

Just confirmed that Ill be at the game tonite. Remember to look for me. Dont forget ... Ill be wearing a white shirt with a red gatorade stain!


Those sound like winning numbers to me!


Wow, Celts better make some hay this year, because they're probable done for another 20 years! The average age of their 4 best players next season (not counting Rondo) is 35! Where's that fork at?
In contrast the Lakers best 4 (not counting Drew) will be just 31. More titles to come!


your scenario of LBJ taking the MLE is really naive

1. LBJ wants to be the first billionaire in Sports (or something like that)

2. Why would LBJ play second fiddle exactly to Kobe, whom he appropriates to make himself look better in the picture when on any other team he can be the MAN and in case of failure he can point fingers around.

3. Do you really think that playing for Lakers will bring him the daily dose of adulation that fuels his performances?

"I think Pau played pretty well against Garnett back in 2008. Not Perkins (or Powe, if I recall), but did well against KG."

Exactly why the Lakers are in trouble if Bynum is hobbling.

If Bynum is limited Gasol pushes over to the 5 spot against Perkins.

But this is also about positioning. When the Celtics are on offense with Perkins' big body to set screens the lane should be wide open for them. Can you imagine that? Garnett screening Gasol out and Perkins screening Bynum out, that give an open lane for Rondo to hit.

It all goes back to the big body theory, which the Lakers don't have.

mike t.


"That`s where size, skill, strength, relentless tenacity, and the heart of a champion is required."

I assume you are talking about FOUR TIME CHAMPION and GOLD MEDAL WEARER Kobe Bryant, right?:

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


"1. LBJ wants to be the first billionaire in Sports (or something like that)1. LBJ wants to be the first billionaire in Sports (or something like that)"

With Tiger Woods beating him to that punch...I pretty sure Lebron will take the MLE.


mike t.

Sorry, Fatty - I learned my lesson the last time I tried to pinch you.

There's not enough hand sanitizer at Costco to get this stuff off me!

Wow, Celts better make some hay this year, because they're probable done for another 20 years! The average age of their 4 best players next season (not counting Rondo) is 35! Where's that fork at?
In contrast the Lakers best 4 (not counting Drew) will be just 31. More titles to come!

Posted by: D(erek)J(eter) | May 19, 2010 at 11:04 AM


How old is Mariano?

Rag doll, rag doll
He's nothing but a rag doll.

Mop head, mop head
He's noting but a mop head

He gives himself a black eye
to make himself look like a tough
rag doll.

mike t.

Feasting on soft, small, injured "girlie teams" from the WC is no way to prepare themselves against the "beef" of the NBA! That`s where size, skill, strength, relentless tenacity, and the heart of a champion is required.

Posted by: RED`S LOVE CHILD | May 19, 2010 at 10:47 AM

I forget, Red, can you tell us how well the Celts did against the Suns this year?
How badly did the Celts beat them?
What were the final scores?
I'm sure the tough, mighty Celts must have walloped them.

Oh, here it is, the Celts playing a soft, girlie teams from the WC:

Suns 116-Celts 98
Suns 110-Celts 103

Wonder how the Celts did against the Lakers playoff opponents like Utah and OKC?

Justa......"Quick, pinch me! I think I'm dreaming again!!"
Posted by: Fatty | May 19, 2010 at 10:37 AM
Hey Justa pinch me too! I'm not dreaming i just like your pinches. Lol


1. LBJ wants to be a billionaire. That can't happen on an athlete's salary. Especially if he wants to be like Buffet, he needs businesses. Who in the Laker organization is successful in owning many businesses? Who is the same guy that kisses LeBron's behind.

Thus, I've said it at least three times on this blog - MLE is only possible if we offer him the keys to the Magic Kingdom.

2. Losing, especially if he's "2nd fiddle" should not be a concern. It's the winning as 2nd fiddle that would be the concern.

3. Daily dose of adulation? Nope. He'd just be another star in LA. He'd be another star in New York, also...

ohhhhhhhh brother. looks like i'm out of business. :-)

While we are waiting for the game to start.......

Its time again for one of Fatty's Amazing Predictions!

Lebron will accept the Clippers offer and come to LA.

To do this, the Clippers will offer the max, plus some guaranteed measures and conditions.

1. Lebron gets to choose the new Clippers coach
2. The Clippers will agree to change their to name to "The Lebrons"
3. Gloria, his mom, will become the new 'Head Cheerleader'
4. Lebron will secretly be given 100% ownership of the team when he retires.
5. Sterling must name him as his sole heir upon his death
6. The Staples Center logo on the roof will be replaced by a giant, "The King Plays Here"
7. Lebron will be promised starring roles in movies, including the new "Shazzaam!" remake.
8. The Clippers must buy Delonte West's contract and ship him off to the Siberian Huskies of the Russian Federated League.
9. All the lights will be turned off during the games with a lone spot light following all of Lebron's moves everywhere he goes.

When this happens in July, know that this amazing prediction, so amazing that even the National Enquirer will not print this, was stated first on the LA Times Lakers blog.

Fatty - Who's amazing predictions can make even The Amazing Kreskin's jaw drop

It's not going to happen, but if it were to, it would require Magic Johnson throwing the stars and moon at the guy.

Is this likely?

I doubt it.

Wonder how the Celts did against the Lakers playoff opponents like Utah and OKC?

Posted by: Art - FL Lakers Fan | May 19, 2010 at 11:20 AM

Laker fan-

You just dont get. You keep talkn bout the regular season. Its like talkn bout the preseason during the regular season. One would think that after all these years you would get it. One would think!

Fl Lakers Fan ... I know its gonna be especially hard on you. First Miami ... now Orlando ... then the Lakers. Please stay away from all sharp objects!


So good to have you back.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I can think of one more soft girlie team the Lakers want to feast on, but they're from the Leastern Conference.

I'm new on here. What's up?

Lakers vs. Celtics. Avenge the 2008 debacle! Ring #16, baby.


A Keith Wilkes reference, very nice. Talk to Mamba24, have him put you on the roll.


A reference to Chic. Cool. Welcome aboard.


Fl Lakers Fan ... I know its gonna be especially hard on you. First Miami ... now Orlando ... then the Lakers. Please stay away from all sharp objects!
Posted by: 131-92 | May 19, 2010 at 11:28 AM


I don't care about Miami and Orlando.
I am a LAKERS fan, have been ever since I used to live in LA decades ago.
I loved watching the Lakers beat up on those Celtics in the 80's.

The Lakers traumatized them so bad they couldn't get back to the finals for 25+ years later.
And when we beat them this year it will probably be another couple of decades until they get back. May not even be in this lifetime, so better enjoy them this year!


Red's Love Child,

OK, So Rondo is Playing Much Better than 2008. But your Big Three are Self-Admittedly Less Than Their 2008 Selves.

Now, Here's Some Points For Your to Chew & Stew On:

1. Gasol had only 1/2 a Season with Kobe and the Lakers When He Faced the Keltics in 2008 (He's Stronger and Has Championship Blood in Him Now!!!)

2. Bynum was in Street Clothes in 2008 (He may be injured, but he's a body to deal with and Learning How to Play Through Pain!!!!)

3. Ariza had Just Come Back From a Broken Foot and Was A Non-Factor in 2008 Finals. Whereas, Artest is a Beast Defender that will Body Up Pierce (Vince Carter is NOT Artest!!!!)

4. With Artest on Pierce, Kobe Will Be On Rondo. Ask Russell Westbrook How Difficult It Was With KB24 Defending Him!!!


With that Said, Let's Stay On Target and Focus on Setting the Suns!!!!


Lebron and Amare will be playing with D-Wade in Miami next season.

Why blog administrator enables a subject as rude and insulting loudmouth as a player ouchhhh: Pau Gasol not know? Why, however, to protect this shameless Ouchhhh of criticism from others? Why people do not ask ocuhhhh blocking until something gives states education and objectivity? Those who protect these subjects are of the same countenance ...

Ouchhhhhhh is the result of bad U.S. educational system.

I hope this year, and I'm sorry that I have always been a fan of the lakers Lakers lost against the Celtics do not deserve so bright you have players like Kobe and Pau, Lamar Odon.

They should have tattooed band jumping and mascachicles stupid as I likes this painful character: Ouchhhhhhh.

You have a bad taste about the sport and personal elegance.



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