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Congressman Jason Chaffetz implies Kobe Bryant is ignorant in bid to end House resolutions honoring sports teams

Well, congressman, you've gotten your 15 minutes of fame. But do you really want to be remembered this way? In an apparent effort to garner attention for his efforts to end House resolutions honoring sports teams, Utah Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz suggested Lakers guard Kobe Bryant was, in some respects, ignorant.

"We recognized Kobe Bryant last year, but does Kobe Bryant even know who his congressperson is?" Chaffetz recently said to Fox News. "Can he even point to Washington, D.C., on a map? I don't think these people even care, yet we're spending all this time and resources on it."

Hmmm, it seems the Jazz's three consecutive playoff series losses to the Lakers still aren't sitting well with some.

You can call Bryant many things, but to suggest he's ignorant is just absurd. He speaks English, Spanish and Italian and spent most of his childhood in Italy. He's made plenty of trips to Asia, including sharing basketball know-how with kids while promoting his shoe as well as for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. And Bryant knew enough about the location of D.C. to make it to the White House in February when President Obama honored the Lakers' 2009 championship season.

No doubt, Chaffetz singled out Bryant knowing that his name recognition would result in his comments receiving more play and perhaps more support for Chaffetz's cause.  Hence, this blog post. Chaffetz's cause, though, is a debatable one.

To say that these resolutions and ceremonies don't mean much to teams are unfounded. It was obvious the White House trip meant something to the Lakers, for whom it wasn't just a break amid a grinding schedule but a reminder to keep their eye on the championship prize. 

Chaffetz says society overemphasizes sports at the expense of more serious issues. Perhaps true, but routine resolutions take up little time and few resources. It's just a nice gesture to honor the success of various sports teams. There's rarely any debate, partly because people know there are more important issues to debate (unless, say, you're U.S. Rep. Marion Berry [D-Ark.], and you feel you're taking a principled stance by not honoring the Syracuse men's lacrosse team).

It seems like the time Chaffetz is spending on this issue could be better used to ponder serious matters -- healthcare, perhaps? The oil spill? The national debt?

Talk about dropping the ball.

-- Mark Medina

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This Congressman deserves everyone's pitiful lateral look.

Kobe knows 4 languages.

I bet he can says in all of them to this clown not only where Washington is on the map, but also where the mum of the Congressman is when he thinks she's at home.

What a j**k.

(sometimes, you gotta be unclean with dirty people. But I autoedited myself. ;))


I would have wanted the post in the previous thread be my last one today, but I couldn't let this one past unnoticed.

J*§*SS (it's a game of Word, there ;))

Again... nite nite Laker Fam (and thanx Larry for your cuteness before ;) U sweet :) )

The congressman is a by-product of inbreeding among polygamists.

LMAO. Oh dear, Mr. Congressman, you mad?

I guess the sweep still stings around those parts.

To imply that Kobe Bryant is ignorant is, well, ignorant. I know that we don't discuss politics on this blog, but I will say that the one thing that infuriates me most about any of our elected representatives is that their main impetus is not serving their constituency but worrying about getting RE-ELECTED.

You would think that in a nation where so many of our youth are living sedentary lifestyles and are overweight as a result, our leaders would seek ways to promote athletics and physical fitness. These House resolutions honoring successful sports teams have the additional benefit of encouraging our youth to strive for good physical health.

The only thing I hate more than politicians is the Boston Celtics!


You' d have to be pretty ignorant yourself to pick Kobe as the example when you're trying to generalize professional athletes as ignorant.

Well, its obvious he's a typical Utah Jazz fan.

He's from Utah. He's Mormon. He hates the Lakers. And for especially singling out Kobe that he is ignorant, un-educated, and stupid, shows a strong hint of racism.

Hey, I used to live in Utah and have relatives from there. I know what it's like.

After all, it's Fox news....

This guy has a smirk that suggests that as a kid, he took too many dodgeballs to the face...
and now he can exact revenge on "sports".


At first I was going to grill you about your use of the word ignorant since the congressman didn't actually use the word when he slammed Kobe, but then I listened to the interview and came to the conclusion you're right. When Caffetz asked can "Kobe even point to Washington DC on a map," he's pretty much calling Kobe ignorant.

Hey moron stick to having sex with your sister and the rest of your family. You do not have to prove your worthlessness to us we already know. just stay in that garbage dump of a state.

It's just ironic that he is spending all this time on this issue yet criticizes the government for spending FEW minutes to honor sports success.

All this needs is a roll of his eyes and grin from Kobe.. that's all the attention it deserves.

What a idiot. He can't even back up his arguement. I bet he can't even point out whao are his state's professional basketball team is.

MM…Just a suggestion that I am sure you will not follow through on but isn’t there a legal minimum age to be able to comment on this blog. There is little doubt from the content of his posts that Ricky does not meet the blog’s minimum age to post requirement. I think it’s time he got carded, No?

There are definitely times when Mark Medina reminds me of Brian Kamenetzky, especially when his journalistic intuition prevails when fan instincts should. The difference between a blog moderator and leader is the difference between being a reporter and a fan. Why not review the 2008 Finals from the standpoint of what has changed rather than regurgitating past faults and failures? Why not focus on the reasons why the Lakers are likely to beat the Celtics this time than why they lost last time?
Like any business, your job is to deliver what your customers want and your customers do NOT want pro-Celtics content. This does not mean that you have to become an unabashed homer but it does mean that you have to start thinking about what your audience wants. We want intelligent insightful news and information about our Lakers that inspires us to respond. And unlike ESPN, we don’t want to be fed negative or controversial commentary whose primary objective is just to generate hits.
Count me among the critics who laugh at the analysts who have elevated Rajon Rondo to greatness even though he is seriously flawed as a player. How in heaven’s name are the Lakers going to be able to stop the Celtics now that they have a young Magic Johnson at point guard plus 3 Hall of Famers? Pinch me because I must be dreaming but doesn’t it seem as if this is another re-run? The way you stop a great ball-handling point guard who can’t hit the broadside of a barn with his shot is to stay in front of him and force him to take jump shots. Rajon Rondo is just another Russell Westbrook.
Like 2008, Kobe will guard Rondo and Fish will chase Ray Allen. And like the series against the Thunder, Kobe will “truly” turn Rondo into a pass only point guard, punishing his inability to hit the outside shot by sagging off him and clogging the passing lanes. I don’t buy the theory that Doug Collins and some of the network analysts have been spouting about how you need to crowd Rondo to take away his floor vision. That’s just playing into his hands. The only way to play Rondo is to sag off him to keep him out of the paint and force him to shoot jumpers. Just like with Russell Westbrook.
The Lakers biggest concern right now has to be Pau Gasol, whose woefully soft and weak play in the close out game against the Suns probably has the Celtics big men salivating at a chance for some “déjà vu” with respect to Pau Gasol. Thank God that Andrew Bynum is able to play despite being injured because I shudder to think what would happen if Pau Gasol were forced to match up against Perkins. Unfortunately, Kevin Garnett will still be an intimidating physical and mental challenge for Pau.
Despite Pau being a better passer, I think the Lakers might be better off running their offense through Drew against the Celtics because Pau may not be mentally prepared to be a primary offensive option. For sure, we need to make sure Pau gets some easy buckets either in transition or off of penetration rather than trying to isolate him one-on-one against KG. We need early success for Pau so that he won’t disappear like against the Suns. More than any other Laker starter, Pau has a weak psyche.

Isn't President Obama supposed to honor the Utah soccer team this week at the White House? (Or was that last week?)

Does he want the President to rescind the invite as well?

What a joke. Kobe speaks fluently several languages (I bet the congressman barely speaks English) and was a straight A student. Maybe Kobe is not the ignorant one.


Any word as to whether or not Drew is going to have his knee drained?


Rick Friedman: "I don't know how many times the simulation was run, but it is also worth noting that apparently Las Vegas odds makers run such simulations thousands of times."

Apparently Vegas odds makers don't use NBA 2k10, I was in a sports book last night and here's the line for Game 1:

Lakers 5-1/2 point FAVORITES! Over-Under 193.

If you do the math, Vegas' simulation of Game 1 came out Lakers 99/Keltics 94




KOBE on Rondo--KOBE will have to stay home more on Rondo's outside shot, but, just like against Russell Westbrook, KOBE has the length and defensive prowess to close him off. PLUS: KOBE is healthier than he was in the OKC series. ADVANTAGE: KOBE

DEREK on Ray Allen--Allen has the height advantage, but DEREK will dog him. May have to put Shannon Brown and/or Sasha V. on him if DEREK gets in early foul trouble fighting the double screens. ADVANTAGE: RAY ALLEN

RON-RON on Pierce--ARTEST has the body strength and defensive prowess to shut down Pierce. Pierce went off in the Orlando series because Vince Carter and Matt Barnes aren't great defenders (at most they're pesky); that is, they aren't ARTEST!



PAU on KG--This is PAU v2010, not version 2008. He's stronger both mentally and physically. He's going to have a chip on his shoulder in the Redemption 2010 series. He's blocking more shots and rebounding his best this playoff run. KG is looking limited, but once he's on the court we've got to figure him to step it up for the finals. ADVANTAGE: EVEN (PAU if KG is hobbled)

DREW on Perkins--Perkins is no high fly act and is definitely NOT Mr. Mobility. Even without getting his knee drained, DREW will be able to defend him and grab some rebounds. He'll also be able to block and alter shots. PLUS: If DREW has fluid on his knee, that would provide additional pain and lack of mobility. Draining the knee could dramatically reduce his pain and increase his mobility. ADVANTAGE: DREW if Knee Draining Works, Otherwise EVEN


LAMAR will have to step up on Big Baby and/or 'Sheed (If 'Sheed's 3s drop, it will difficult for Lamar but Post-D against 'Sheed won't be due to Lamar's length). ADVANTAGE: LAMAR Against Big Baby; EVEN Against 'Sheed

JORDAN will have to stay in front of 'Lil Nate (easier said than done, but not impossible) and defend smarter by forcing 'Lil Nate into traffic and the Lakers length rather than laying off and giving him the 3. ADVANTAGE: WILD CARD

SHANNON will have to defend smarter against the baseline screen the Keltics like to use to free up Tony Allen for layups and dunks (NOTE: Artest will body up Pierce and take away that same play). PLUS: SHANNON's more athletic. ADVANTAGE: SHANNON

SASHA is a WILD CARD. If he plays smart, he's a pesky defender that will get under the skin of the Keltics bench. ADVANTAGE: WILD CARD


KOBE is Healthy and on a Mission. Keltics will have to double, even triple team him. Pierce can't stay in front of him, Ray Allen can't stop him, etc., etc. Moreover, KOBE's body won't be banging Pierce on D. 'Nuff Said. ADVANTAGE: KOBE

DEREK is Mr. Big Shot 2010 (and 2009) Playoffs. He finds a way on offense and defense. 'Nuff Said. Rondo will guard him, in all probabiliy, and DEREK will have to protect the ball from him. PLUS: DEREK plays smart and will find a way. ADVANTAGE: DEREK

RON-RON is a Wild Card on Offense. Not sure what he'll do from game to game. But he'll be there when needed. ADVANTAGE: WILD CARD

PAU has mobility, skills and added mental and physical strength since 2008. He'll force double teams which will open up other players for shots, including DREW. A limited KG will mean a long night for the Keltics. If KG steps up and fights thru his physical limitations, he still will need help--can't put Perkins on Pau with DREW on the floor. ADVANTAGE: PAU

DREW's knee is the big question. If draining the knee increases his mobility, scoring will come back up to 15+ points. Otherwise, 6-10 points a game. Either way, a bonus. ADVANTAGE: DREW


LAMAR needs to step up his game like he did in 2009. In the last 2 games of Western Conference finals 2009, he started elevating his game and it carried over into the Finals against Orlando. The Phoenix Nones are a different team than the Thuggets and LAMAR didn't bring his offensive game. ADVANTAGE: WILD CARD

JORDAN will need to post up 'Lil Nate. Keltics will either have to double team and force the pass out or take their chances that 'Lil Nate can defend the taller JORDAN. ADVANTAGE: JORDAN

SHANNON needs to get some transition dunks and shots to get his rhythm. ADVANTAGE: WILD CARD

SASHA is a WILD CARD. His shot is starting to drop and if it continues he'll help spread the floor. ADVANTAGE: WILD CARD


ADVANTAGE: LAKERS (10 Rings to 1 Ring. Doc Rivers Finals Approach was a Wild Card in 2008 since hadn't been there before. Thibidoux's defensive scheme was basically an unknown in '08, not anymore.)

HOME COURT: NO ADVANTAGE. Both teams can win on each other's floors.




Of all the comments to see the light of day on this day, Memorial Day, this is truly abhorrent. Our brave men and women in the armed forces are putting their lives on the line for people like this pathetic politician? Have we learned no lessons from the fall of the Roman Empire? Ugghhhh.

This congressman has racist written all over him, for this clown to assume Kobe is an ignorant man speaks volumes.


UTAH as a State is Still Stewing over the Fact that their Team, the Utah Jizz, was thoroughly Emasculated by the Lakers!!!


Great post LakerTom, dead on point.

Hey Mamba24, Can You Start An "IGNORANCE IS BLISS" BANDWAGON...

We should try to get blog god Mark Medina, of Syracuse and lacrosse-lover, to organize a Lakers Blog meet-up. He can agree to hold something like "office hours" at a trendy coffee shop at a certain time and all blog followers who are interested in meeting him can come by and talk Lakers.

Anyone down?

-- D J Wags

He not only mouthed off on Kobe but on Obama....(from wikipedia)

"Upon hearing that U.S. President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize on October 9, 2009, Chaffetz said he had "lost all respect for the award", claiming "it used to be one of distinction, but [now] it is hard to give it any credibility".[14]"

Who does he respect?

He was a Democrat until he met Reagan, then turned Republican. Obvious case of a professional politician. Speaking now just to make noise. I heard a tree fell in the forest. It didn't make nay noise.


Lakers need to focus on winning game 1, one breadth at a time....if they win game 1 then I predict a sweep.

I lost all respect for the Nobel Peace Prize when Yassar Arafat won the award.

I lost all respect for Utah when their fans treated Derek Fisher like cr@p and made false allegations about his reasons for leaving the Jizz.

As for politicians, there was NO RESPECT for them to lose.



Floodgates now officially open:

This yokel from the Party of No, whose party's philosophy on one of the issues he'd rather debate is "drill, baby, drill" is complaining about this? Hey, buddy, where was your outrage for the 8 years under your party's president that drove this country into the ground--6 of which included your control of the congressional agenda? You are worried about frivolous issues dominating the headlines? I'm sure that will be a lot different under President Palin.

What a perfect example of today's Republicans. Maybe he'd be happier if we just limited our sports-related resolutions to white athletes.

Truth: "Floodgates now officially open"

Dividing Our Fan Base By Drawing A Line In The Sand Between Political Beliefs Is NOT A Wise Strategy!!! SAVE IT FOR THE POLITICAL BLOGS!!!

MM--Here We Go Again...



Mark G - The Lakers aren't practicing until later this afternoon. We'll keep you updated once we find out regarding Bynum's knee.


Laker Tom - Yes there is an age requirement. You have to be at least 13 years old. Haha I think everyone meets that criteria.



I was hoping for a "Big Girls Don't Cry" Post with Steve Nash's face on it.

Marc B

I hate to break it to all of you, but just because you speak many languages does not make you intelligent and informed on political issues. The congressman is just making the point that the US House of Representatives should be devoting all its time to important matters like the economy, national security, energy policy etc. The NBA and other sports just do not measure up in terms of importance.

The comments here are hilarious as you scream and call the congressman an idiot.

implying that a "black" athlete cannot point to washington dc on a map comes across as, well, RACIST.

But he garnered the attention he wanted by riding kobe.

Dan, that is true, but neither is it the case that if you are a basketball player you are ignorant. Perhaps the congressman should not spend so much time appearing on national television and should actually go to work for his constituents developing solutions to these problems. His fake outrage is evidence enough of his idiocy.

Jesus Santos

You are repeating what many are saying here and you are right.

PJ's teams win game one and its over. We know it. The media knows it. And the Celtics know it.

"So if those Celts lose game one
Those poor Greenies, they are done!"

- So says Pastor Fatty


Ahh, the sort of dog-whistle camo-racism we've all come to expect and cherish from Utah. Thanks Mr. Chaffetz!

I say right after they honor the Celtics this one last time they should stop this waste of time.

OK, enough with silly distractions. Back to the business at hand. Two late-breaking tweets are worth our attention.

From Rich Levine rlevine33: Doc says Rasheed still isn't right. Wasn't allowed to have any contact at practice today. Rondo went for abt 80% of prax. Is feeling better (about 4 hours ago via Echofon/Retweeted by KevinDing)

From: mcten: RT @Pflanns: Could we see the celtics throw a zone at the Lakers? We might. Doc just told me they're working on one.

Interesting stuff. Makes the infirmary report from today's practice a notable to look for. Doc learning from Alvin Gentry's use of the zone was probably to be expected.

In addition to what others have pointed out, Kobe also had a pretty good SAT score despite not going to college.

This jackass is trying to get some attention using Kobe's name. What a clown.

I was in Las Vegas during game 1&2 in 2008 and I can tell you back then, the line on the first game was Celtics (I think by 7 or 8?)

If the line is now on the Lakers, that should tell you something.

Rick Friedman -

As one Sicilian said, "Never trust a tweet from a green weenie"

You should know that already.....

And second, I thought the Suns were copying the Celtics zone from 2008?

After a series against the Suns where the goal was to slow the game, do we take the opposite approach and try to run the old guys in green out of the gym? I kind of feel like the roles are a little reversed from the last series, and if we see the Lakers shooting with under 10 seconds on the shot clock we play into Boston's hands.

It says here that the Celtics cannot win more than one game in which the Lakers score over 100. Boston stays in games because they keep scoring to a minimum. Push the tempo, get over 100 and win this thing in 5.

TIM… It’s the home court advantage, that’s all.
That is why many of us wanted Boston in addition to the redemption factor.

Celts zone Lakers.
That shouldn't come as a surprise.
I would guess the Lakers are already preparing for that possibility.
Suns may have caught them off guard, but as our fearless former President used to say: "Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again". (I guess W liked The Who, lol).
First 'W', then Palin, now Chaffetz, way to go Republicans.

Well dave m thinks Chaffetz is a poopie-head boot licker.


MM, re: feedback with specificity (earlier thread), I'd have to honestly say that topics like Chaffetz are welcome, it's good to veer a little from the playoffs at hand. Once we get past the finals, it would be nice to explore the draft in and free agency an in-depth manner, specifically what can be done to bring in and cultivate talent when we don't have a pick worth mentioning or cap room to play with. Last year, Mitch seemed particularly disinterested in the draft, basically saying it was a cost versus value decision. I think we need to keep growing our garden as a team, especially given cost restrictions. It would be fun at some point down the line, to open a discussion about hidden talents, possible second round picks, vets that haven't landed on a team, euro players or U.S. players in the euro system, etc..

First Clinton, then Bush, then Obama...

Way to go America!


LOL, you win.

Hey, I`m no Kobe fan...but this Congressman is a moron!
That`s what happens when cousins get married!

Celtics are "tempted" to lose Game 1...only to put an end to Jackson`s 46-0 record of winning playoff series after jumping ahead 1-0.


This saying has been around longer than any of us; "Defense Wins Championships." And as much as I love to watch skillful, streamed-line, NBA teams race up and down the court, I have to admit this saying is true for the most part.

In the last decade we have seen teams like the Suns & Mavs fail to win a championship even though they had the talent to do so. Teams like the Warriors could score but not even come close to winning. The great Showtime Lakers were a great fastbreak, scoring team . . . but built on their defense; thus their championships.

So, with defense being the key word and trait, I have to believe that the Lakers enter the 2010 Finals in good standing.

In 2008 Finals lost by Lakers (and well-chronicled by our dear MM in recent thread), games 2 and 4 were lost due to lack of defense by Lakers. That is a HUGE swing of two games.

Here is the simply-stated but extremely signficant comparisons between 2008 and 2010 regarding defense...

--In 2008, the Celtics had Posey to match-up with Kobe,,, 2010 offers Tony Allen ~ a significant downgrade for Boston.
--In 2008, the Lakers had Radmonivic/Walton assigned to Pierce,,, 2010 offers Ron Artest ~ a signficant upgrade for Lakers.
--In 2008, the Lakers had Pau at Center,,, 2010 offers Andrew Bynum ~ a significant upgrade for the Lakers.

Those three changes are VERY SIGNIFICANT and I believe will prove to be the difference in the Lakers winning this series.



Actually the problem is that the Congress himself is not very smart for bringing up a non-issue. As is too common these days with politicians they spout useless rhetoric instead of sound policy so that most Americans are conned into arguing about fluff such as whether Kobe Bryant is ignorant or not instead of focusing on and insisting on holding our elected representatives accountable for the policies they enacted or insisting that they work on enacting sound policies that change the course of our continued economic problems, so that those policies benefit more than the wealthy few.

As a black person I could care less what the Congressman thinks about Kobe Bryant's intelligence or lack thereof. Besides the congressman is on Fox News, he knows his audience. In my opinion Kobe was used for the name recognition and negative stereotypes generated by using a black athlete.

Be he smart or not so smart Kobe's providing for his family in a way I wish that I could right now. I work hard everyday and it's still a struggle for me and mine.

Switching channels. Let's beat those green weenies into the ground. This ain't 2008 and Ron wants a ring.

As my fellow blogger says ONE, TWO, THREE!!! DOMINATE!!! Then Kobe can take his ignornant behind back to the White House, using his GPS of course, for another Rose Garden Ceremony with a few of his closest friends!!!

Go Lakers!!!


Celtics to concede game one? A shrewd psychological ploy....But I'm not buying it.

Fox Channel News Station is a ¨Prejudice Station¨,that ONLY Breeds Racial Epitome Statements.Nothing will Surprise me coming from...Fox!!! What a wasted Story Line were speaking of and Why should we give this Stupid,Ignorant Story (Legs) ??? If Kobe is ignorant,than He is Mentally Unstable and should not be holding (ANY OFFICE)....

You talk about vengeance. Is vengeance going to bring your son back to you or my boy to me? I forgo the vengeance of my son. But my youngest son had to leave this country because of this Sollozzo business. So now I have to make arraignments to bring him back safely cleared of all these false charges. But I'm a superstitious man. And if some unlucky accident should befall him, if he should be shot in the head by a police officer, or if should hang himself in his jail cell, or if he's struck by a bolt of lightening, then I'm going to blame some of the people in this room and that, I do not forgive. But, that aside, let say that I swear, on the souls of my grandchildren, that I will not be the one to break the peace we have made here today.


Son I am disappointed at you, look at you mixing with my enemies and making me turn in my ....... .

shame shame shame on you...

Red Auerbach- maybe you should have acknowledged his mother in the legal sense. Can you blame him?

''Congressman Jason Chaffetz implies Kobe Bryant is ignorant in bid to end House resolutions honoring sports teams''

Hey Mister Chaffetz, If Kobe Bryant is ignorant, what is Georges Bush? A monkey?

Let's not talk about Sarah Palin, my dog is smarter than her...

Republicans... What a joke!

Gee there "Congressman". Still feeling the sour grapes, er sting of the Jazz' emasculation a few weeks back, huh?

FYI: Kobe can speak several languages and he is completely fluent in Italian and Spanish. He was educated in Europe as well as the U.S. All this guy sounds like is that he received about 80% of his education from the Book of Mormon.

I bet this inbred son-of-a-Brigham Young can't even find L.A. or Boston on a map.

Any Republican calling anyone else "ignorant" is laughable. Look up "ignorant" in the dictionary and you'll see its definition is "Republican". Or just watch Fox "News" for about thirty seconds.

I'm a lifelong dem but I don't go along with calling Chaffetz stupid just because he's a republican. There's smart democrats and stupid democrats, smart republicans and stupid ones. Chaffetz is an idiot just because he is, not because of his party affiliation.

Dood looks like Marge Simpson

Oh no wait, I meant the Preacher's Wife on the simpsons

Is the congressman a Mormon or Moron. I think is the later.

Why Kobe, pick someone else. No one like the Lakers, thats why.

GO Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2010 NBA CHAMP

I have commented in the past (was assaulted at the Rose Garden last year while cheering for our beloved Lakers) but tend to just read enjoy the love you guys have for our Lakers. But reading some of the comments made about this article make me furious and shows how ignorant some ppl are about things they don't know anything about, they take the statements from this idiot Congressman and say since he is from Utah that Utah are full of racists. Really? Those comments are completely uncalled for...but those on this blog that make such comparisons are complete retards. Seriously...I grew up in Diamond Bar, CA and am a life long Lakers fan. Also I am Mormon and also am not racist. To imply that being from Utah that he is a by-product of incest is absolutely shows the knowledge you have of the state of Utah and the faith of the Mormons. That is like saying the ppl from the Midwest are boy lovers because the Catholic church is strong in that area of the U.S. Just because this guy is a complete idiot has nothing to do with the faith of God, and those that try to put those two together are just as ignorant if not more so. I hate the Utah Jazz and always have and will, but once like Phil Jackson commented on about Sports have their place and Politics shouldn't be part of it, same thing goes for Religion. Get a life and stick to the subject. Your antics are uncalled for and make you look like a complete idiot. I am a Christian just like anyone else is and all ppl are imperfect but because they do/say things that are wrong doesn't mean lets generalize the 13 million members of a religion as racists is ridiculous and not Christ-like. So do as the great Lakers fans and make comments about how awesome our Lakers are and how we are about to go Back to Back and demoralize the Celtics and leave the religious discussions for other blogs.

@ Mark:

hear hear

in other news, the funniest comment i read on an espn article said something along the lines of: lakers in 3, boston waves the white flag in game 4

This "Congressman" has no life.

Noah's right... "As a kid, he took too many dodgeballs to the face...
and now he can exact revenge on Sports." LOL!


Over emphasis on sports vs real world issues? Maybe he should be less "ignorant" and talk to his own state senator (Orrin Hatch) who continues to present the Bowl Championship Series to Congress for government review and intervention.

I wonder what would have happened if a Black congressman made that same comment about a Latino. This country is full of double standards. The guy should question his own intelligence and not anyone elses. I could care less who my congressman is, what is he doing for me absolutlely nothing.

This incompetant poor excuse for a congressman can go shove his ignorant opions up his incest infested ass. Talk about ignorant,I think he fits the profile of being ignorant more than politician I ever heard of or knew. The next time you have an opion congressman,keep it to yourself or use it before you fuck your sister.

As a resident of Utah, I am ashamed of my representative. This guy is a joke, and we are trying our best to get him out of office. I'm not a Lakers fan, but Kobe is legit and there is no need for name calling and hate. If you want to help get him out of office check out Karen Hyer, she'll spend her time on real issues and work for the country.
Just remember, we're not all idiots like Chaffitz here in Utah.

Still smarting from John and Karl never winning a championship. "Sore Loser" comes to mind!

Lets see how dose KOBE say rapist in those 4 languages that KOBE speaks and would it be racism if KOBE was white ??? Its funny you PEOPLE THAT ARE ALWAYS POINTING THE FINGER ARE THE ONES THAT ARE THE RACIEST PIGS. You KALIFORNIA people just make me laugh..And thats why I left that shit hole .



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