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Phoenix Suns try to remain upbeat after beat-down by the Lakers

The Phoenix Suns came to practice in a good frame of mind Tuesday just hours after a 21-point whipping put on them by the Lakers.

It was just one game that put the Suns down 0-1 in the best-of-seven series. Game 2 is Wednesday night at Staples Center, and that means the Suns have another opportunity to redeem themselves.

"I tried to forget about last night after the game," Suns forward Grant Hill said. "You've got to be disappointed, but we can't be so discouraged and lose confidence. We've just got to improve."

The Suns allowed the Lakers to shoot 58% from the field, 47.1% from three-point range.

The Suns allowed the Lakers to score 56 points in the paint.

The Suns trailed by 28 points in the fourth and never recovered.

They met with the media at Staples Center and then went to practice afterward, looking for ways to win Game 2.

"We've just got to between now and tomorrow night improve upon our defense and tighten up some of our rotations and schemes," Hill said. "And we have to do a better job. I don't quite know what that is right now."

After Portland's Andre Miller scored 31 points and handed out eight assists to lead the Trail Blazers past Phoenix in Game 1 of the first-round series, the Suns double teamed the point guard the rest of the series.

Since the Suns used that strategy against Miller, Phoenix Coach Alvin Gentry was asked if he would double team Kobe Bryant after he burned them for 40 points on 13-for-23 shooting.

"Guys, the shots he made, we can run anybody at him. We can run Schwarzkopf at him, OK," said Gentry, referring to Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, who served as commander of coalition forces during the 1991 Gulf War.

"It does not matter. He makes shots and he'll make shots against anybody."

The Suns didn't make many three-pointers in Game 1, hitting just 22.7% (five-for-22). But the Suns did shoot the ball pretty well, making 49.4% of their shots.

It's just that their defense was bad. And it didn't help that Amare Stoudemire had just three rebounds for the Suns.

-- Broderick Turner

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Larry, I wasn't sure in which section to post culinary questions, so I reposted. Sorry for any inconvenience .


does leprechaun BBQ well?

It seems like it might be a touch on the bitter side, not to mention old and stringy.

Magia32, Shot attempts don't count when you miss while you're fouled.

Posted by: Mark G | May 18, 2010 at 12:44 PM

Mark G-
i never had a problem with you. it is, as they say, all good.

it'll be interesting to see what the Suns do next. i'm praying they get another beat-down handed to them, one that they don't recover from.


agreed bro

Man, that was awesome. I'm still a'smiling from last nights smackdown. If this Mortal Comabt we would have heard Lawerence Tanter say, 'Fatality' over the Staples PA.

I expect a more focused Suns team tomorrow, however, the long layoff probably contributed to the leaden legs more than anything and when you're not feeling it in your legs in an NBA game, the loss is practically inevitable.

Why didn't the Lakers suffer the same fate you ask? Three reasons: the guys who were hurting could only get better and thus played better despite the long layoff, the staff absolutely pounded into their heads the importnace of game 1 (sending a message to the hotter team, Phil's Playoff mojo when it comes to the 1st game, don't let 'em feel they have a shot from minute one), and layoffs don't affect how tall you are. Ever.

Hopefully Lamar or Lamar can bring it at that level every night. Should there be a night when only one is contributing, I still like our chances...but imagine the beating we could inflict if both were rolling! That's something I'd like to see against any NBA team.


On a shot attempt in which you are fouled, your shot does not count as an attempt if you miss it. If you make it, it counts for all statistical purposes (ie: field goal percentage, attempts, points, etc).

That's why Stu Lantz likes to rail on guys who dish off when they hear the whistle. Just shoot it, if it goes in then bonus points and you only have to shoot the one free throw. If you miss it, no biggie, just sink the two and play some D.

Hope this helps.

Can I fire up the "way back" machine?

Hello, my name is Hate. I've been around for a long time. Thanks for creating me.

I'm here today to talk about Kobe Bryant. Yeah, you know, that dude. The one who keeps me alive, simply because of the way so many of you feel about him. You see, there's hate, and then there's the way millions feel about him. There's animosity, jealousy, anger … and then there's the way so many of you feel about him. And now that the conversation has come to the forefront -- about his place in history if he wins Championship No. 4 -- I have returned with a vengeance.

[+] EnlargeKobe Bryant
Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty ImagesSo many people are rooting against the Lakers just because of Kobe. Maybe that's just what Kobe wants?

Yeah me, Hate -- I'm back. And it seems, thanks to you, I'm stronger than ever.

The funny thing about me is, my existence has nothing to do with basketball when it comes to Kobe Bryant. When people say they are rooting for the Magic strictly based on their hate for Kobe, or they just don't want the Lakers to win because of their hate for Kobe, 99.9 percent of the time basketball is not the reason.

It's his attitude -- he's arrogant and smug. He's selfish. He's phony. He thinks he's better than everyone.

The Colorado incident comes up -- it sits in the back of people's minds like a trump card in Bid Whist. The breakup of the Lakers dynasty? Blamed on him. Sides are still being chosen. Shaq comes up. Love him, hate the other. People have even said they like LeBron's Nike puppet more than Kobe's.

Now that's hate. That's me on a whole 'nother level.

Lemme breathe. Ahhhhhh. Feels good.

Kobe can't even have his wife and kids meet him when he comes off the court after home games without me dominating people's feelings. Why does he get to have his kids come give him a hug after the game, and none of the other players' families are allowed? Without even knowing the reason -- because it's him, and not, say, Derek Fisher -- I am allowed to reign over even his family portrait. And if he loses a game in this series, I'll be the "I told you so."

Now, some people have given the people who hold me against Kobe a name. They call them "Haters." Population in the millions. Outside of L.A., we stretch all across the globe. Now the Haters, they reach for reasons that do sometimes have something to do with basketball. He shoots too much. He's not a team player. He doesn't make anyone around him better. The 81 points didn't impress them -- that cemented their belief he's a ball hog. The MVP award last year went to the wrong player. The 40-point performance in Game 1 of this series? Whatever. And Lamar Odom was the reason the Lakers won Game 2. The hatred continues.

The Haters are blinded by one thing when it comes to Kobe: He's not Michael Jordan and he never will be. And they'll stand on that until the day they die.

So here I am, back in the Finals again, making my presence felt. Doing everything I can to find fault with Kobe Bryant, and fuel the fire against him getting another ring.

The problem with me is that, the more I'm thrown in his face -- the more you all allow me to play a role, the more you hold me against him -- the stronger I make him. I'm counterproductive when it comes to Kobe.

See, Kobe loves me. He loves the fact that I, Hate, play such a large role in his life. He didn't always feel this way -- he used to have a hard time understanding why I was always around. He didn't get it. What have I done to make people hate me so much? That's what he used to say to me in private moments. All he ever wanted to do is be considered the best player to ever ball. He thought, if he pushed himself hard enough, the world would appreciate him.

But it didn't. And now he doesn't give a damn. What you think about him is no longer one of his concerns. He's driven almost to the point of obsession with getting this fourth ring, not in spite of me, but because of me. He wants you to keep hating him. He calls me Nietzsche.

So please, people -- if you don't want Kobe to win this series, if you don't want to see him get his first Finals MVP, if you don't want to see his place in NBA history vault to an argument-free Top 10 All-Time status, then stop. Stop tossing me at Kobe Bryant. Because at this point, you all have made me the best thing that's ever happened to him.

Nice reminder Hobbit,
Amar'e sparked that fire with his trash talk and now he can't handle the heat.

I'm rooting for another blowout win that'll take away any sense of hope the Suns may still have.

Alvin Gentry former Clipper didn't recognize the Laker's box and one defense that prevented dribble/drive plays by Suns. Why because Boston uses this defense to win World Championships against Lakers and defeat Cleveland . Suns inexperience players shows in play-offs games. Laker's have played together for three seasons and won one championship. Laker's are still angry over lost to Boston and want revenge. Boston has five all-star level players on court and four of five have been MVP's of championship games, all-star games, or league play-offs. Question, will Suns bench rise to occasion to support Suns starters? Why isn't Barbosa used to guard Kobe with Hill to avoid foul troubles? Why did you change line-up that won you division? Is Lopez ready yet? Should he come off bench instead of start to avoid foul troubles? Is Charles Barkley the Suns problem from TNT broadcast group?
How much money do broadcasters make each season, game, or broadcast?
Can they be fined by commissioner?

buttler- come out and play

ok for now

hey everyone, just read this on the az republic about 10 minutes ago. today, before the suns practice, amare stoudemire told the press that Lamar Odom had a "LUCKY GAME"! it's there, trust me. as if the suns didn't need to add a little more fuel to the flame for L.A.! ha ha

if you don't want to see him get his first Finals MVP, if you don't want to see his place in NBA history vault to an argument-free Top 10 All-Time status, then stop. Stop tossing me at Kobe Bryant. Because at this point, you all have made me the best thing that's ever happened to him.

Posted by: hobbitmage

Hobbit: Kobe won finals MVP last year...

broadway joe:
the article hobbit was citing was also written before they won the championships last year.

Also, I'm surprised there's not much more publicity on how Kobe broke Grant Hill's ankles last night

Why are y'all celebrating? According to the great sage of wisdom Butler, this was really a Suns victory. 5 reasons why:
1. Gnash didn't play in the 4th quarter - giving him extra rest.
2. Bynumb's play didn't shut down Amare.
3. Gnash outscored Sasha.
4. UPS missed that dunk attempt.
5. They denied us TACOS.

Butler!! Where are you?


Dude, it is good to see you back.

I'm just keeping your seat warm until you return.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


suns, with a talker amare, got no chance to win even the respect

It's only on game boys. Don't think for one minute the suns are going t0 lay down. I know Jackson is a great coach but at the same time Gentry has done one hell of a job with a team that wasn't even suppose to make the playoffs.

"buttler- come out and play

ok for now

Posted by: ding how in prattville | May 18, 2010 at 02:14 PM"

Hey idiot, that was Ding Ho years ago, quit messing around,

MM....please don't let this troll in, it's a troll imitating a troll...



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