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Steve Nash's swollen right eye brings to mind various characters

Steve Nash collage

With the Lakers and Suns having a week to prepare for their Western Conference Finals matchup, it's unlikely the Lakers will have to deal with Steve Nash, the one-eyed monster. Instead they'll just have to deal with somehow limiting his assists, as if that's not a daunting task in itself since he's third in the NBA in that category, dishing out about nine dimes a game.

The time off will probably heal Nash's swollen right eye, which needed six stitches after he took an errant elbow from San Antonio forward Tim Duncan on Sunday in Game 4 of the Suns-Spurs semifinals. In that game, Nash essentially lost one eye, but he didn't lose his court vision, leading a fourth-quarter charge and collecting 20 points and nine assists in the Suns' series-clinching victory. While marveling at his skill set, I couldn't help but wonder if I was actually seeing Two-Face, Cyclops or even "SNL's" Admiral Spaceship come to life. Fortunately, Nash didn't kill anything, except, of course, the Spurs' playoff fortunes.

With Nash's eye swollen shut, who would you say he most closely resembles? What would be your photo caption be for the above photo? The best comment will be featured in Wednesday morning's links post.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Suns point guard Steve Nash, with a stitched and swollen eye, gets a high-five from a teammate during the fourth quarter Sunday, when Phoenix eliminated the Spurs with a Game 4 victory. Credit: Eric Gay / Associated Press.

Photo: Two-Face. Credit: Warner Bros.

Photo: Laser Cats. Credit: "Saturday Night Live"

Photo: Cyclops. Credit: Getty Images.

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There's a game on that has some bearing on our road to the ring.

Cleveland doesn't look like they believe. LeBron hasn't started his free throw parade yet, but it's beginning to look a lot like Orlando.

Not that the Nash eye thing isn't relevant... just love to watch LeBronze implode.

What, No Rocky?

"Cut me Mick..."


LBJ playing low and expecting to come back in the 2nd to play HERO

Boston by 7 with 43 seconds left in the 1st half.

Come on Boston. Beat these crabs. Lets have some crab chowder.


Ray allen just hit back to back 3s to start the 2nd half. Boston up by 12...

My favorite Cyclops:


The secret to offense is penetration. The secret to defense is anticipation.
The secret to stopping Steve Nash is force him to go left because of his eye.

the Lakers will have to deal with Steve Nash, the one-eyed monster

Who is the biggest "one-eyed monster"?
a. Nash
b. Shaq
c. LeBron

Oh! the crabs are being cooked in slow fire. The leprechauns are going to eat some sea food tonight.

Cavs by 15, LeBron is 0-7 half way tru the 3rd quarter.


We are all witnesses.

Celtics by 18...20-8 second half run by the Celts.

Wait...Ray Allen hits another 3. Celtics by 21.

Wait, Jamison hits a 3, Celtics by 18.


So I'm watching this septic crab game and the only thing I keep thinking is how much princess jimmy has that look in her eyes that KNOWS she's going down.

This is just too delicious.


Cyclops-Satyr, you don't see those too often.

Justa, you think it's his last game in Cleveland?

I'm picturing Nash in a puffy shirt saying "but I don't wanna be a pirate".

Mark G - oh yeah.... she's outta there.


is it possible for septic crab to be delicious?

Hey hobbit!!

I hear it's almost as good as the crab bisque they're currently serving at the Q.

I don't know, LeBron James is really wilting under the heat of this game. Like last year, I wonder if the championship might just go to the team who can go the longest without self destructing. And since we have Kobe, we have a real chance of being the last ones standing:


Last night, was I the only one hoping that those girls in the green Fish Lied t-shirts would get hit in the face by a bullet pass?

James 2-11, Celtics by 18, 1 min left in 3rd.


Justa, i think about him too. What he is going to do?
He will leave next season, knowing the crabs didn't win because of him?
who is going to be his scapegoat?
Where is he going to be the Queen? in wonderland 3d? he will team up whith the bunny?
and a long etc.


suddenly I'm remembering "Wedding Crashers"

Crab cakes! I love crab cakes!!!

"Mayor of Cleveland, puts city on suicide watch."

wes - watching this game and seeing how the princess is dealing with this adversity is kinda like watching the Thuggets implode. They just don't look like they believe they can do it.

Mark G - I wouldn't have added "pass", but yeah - you weren't the only one.

Justa, yeah those skanks were foul.

Mark G,

They reminded me of this precious lady:


MrNano - I have a sneaking suspicion that we are going to hear one HELL of a lot of yapping tomorrow about how sore her elbow is. LMAO! So they won't lose because of her - but because she was injured. See??? The elbow is the scapegoat. Therefore, she can go anywhere she wants because she'll be healthy! HAHAHA!

Hobbit - that's a great movie!! I can't even remember how many times I've seen it LOL! But for our analogy, I still like crab bisque better. This way they're nothing but puddles on the floor. The snot beat right out of them. Crab cakes are more of a solid, implying there's something left. Crabs lose tonight and it's O.V.E.R.


I love the Jazz Sax with a 60's Kurosawa film.


lol, they were at least that bad.




Well, this game is OVAH!


We may get that match-up, but we'll have to see how the septics do against the Magic first. Personally, I would love to beat the green weeners down in the Finals, but I'm not sure I see them getting there. Then again, Magic haven't been tested yet.

the ECF should be pretty interesting to watch.

Mark G,

Yep, Kurosawa was a master of sound. You can close your eyes and still enjoy the feast. Heve you see the scene in his "Ran" where the King's entourage gets ambushed? There's great stretches where one instrument plays behing the slaughter. Check it out:


Celtics by 24. The more Shaq plays, the worse the Cavs play.


Kurosawa should have scored this game.

wes - the curse of the Big Mistake continues....

Not to mention the Curse of the MVP....


Justa, seriously, the worst possible outcome this year was Shaq getting a 5th ring.

It's not how you start. It's how you finish.
The oldest saying in the NBA. Best records in the regular dont mean squat. The NBA enforced the home court advantage to the best record to prevent teams from phasing themselves.


lbj = nash 2.0

Mark G - I hear suicide hotlines are opening up all over Cleveland.

Call 1-800-whatthehell?

Hi Guys

Is this the adios crab chat?

Mark G - that, in combination with some bling on the princess, would have been too much for me to handle.

I'd rather get the weeners in the Finals over them any day. At least there's a rivalry there. (But I still think it may be the Magic).

Bron doesn't trust his shot. He's a regular season shooter.

Justa, maybe his elbow is really his evil-not grown- twin?
or is really posessed by an evil spirit? It will turn around vomiting green...?
Just too many questions!

hobbit - LOL - perfect!!!!

usedtocare - this is the dress rehearsal! Still 1 more to go back in Bahston.

"Cleveland Liquor Stores Sell Out"

Biggest Choke in BBall, since . . . . , Last year, when the Cavs choked.

is selfless when you throw the ball to you teammates like a hot potato, not wanting to live to your marketing legend? not being the real MVP who can do anything?

mti312 - that is exactly why I don't get too high or low during the regular season. The Lakers are BUILT for the playoffs. They are COACHED for the playoffs. That's why we WIN the playoffs !!!!!

Everyone else is going for the longest streak, or the best record, or the MVP, yadda yadda yadda....

WE PLAY FOR RINGS!!! (nod to Jon K)


these are just the last rites.

It really looked to me like the Cavs expected this game to be given to them, and they were not prepared to find an opponant willing to exchange punches in the jaw. There was so little passion in that Cavs performance, I wonder if they can recover.


Mark G - you are rollin brah!

I was just looking at vintage travel trailers --called "canned hams" on ebay
and bid 20 bucks on what looks like an mvp trophy.



wes - I think it is. The blow to the psyche is the most damaging. Tomorrow we'll hear all about the elbow. Maybe even how she doesn't have enough talent around her. It will be fun! But I don't see a 7 game series anymore. It'll be done next game.

Justa, you are too kind sis

I'll be here all week,

please remember to tip your waitresses

Wow. This is the 3rd win of the series for the Celtics? Amazing. Poor Cavs fans, this will be a week like we had leading up to game 7 against Portland a few years back. Every call to talk radio back then thought we couldn't win that game. We did, and we had that 16 point 4th quarter comeback to get the victory.



Have you seen iron man 2?

I keep hearing that song in my head. Thinking about Kobe with all the injuries.

funny bone? what is a funny bone?

the ELBOW Sleeve DOES NOT fit. we must acquit.

mmmmmm crab bisque with a side of baked beans.... yummy

Used to care, those vintage trailers are super cool. I love those things.


hobbit - not yet but I plan on it. I liked the first one a lot.

I know not of the song to which you are referring though.... I try to stay away from previews so I enjoy the movie more.

ouchhhhhh - LMAO!

I'm dying to see LBJ's post game interview, if he goes to it.

That Shaq trade is looking better by the day. :)

Everything about LeBron and Cleveland rubs me the wrong way. No fire, no camraderie, one big machine built to showcase the "king" and when it fails, it fails spectacularly.

Anyone making the argument that LeBron passed Kobe better check the past three years of playoff basketball. Kobe = Leader, LeBron = Figurehead.

I want to read JonK's special report about this game!!

ustedtocare, ROFLMAO, that was classic

Wow...who wants to bet Princess Jimmy's elbow and the rest of the team get the blame for not "coming through in the clutch"... I hope Shaq throws him under bus for crying about his elbow. When Kobe played all season with one hand and claw, then threw out his back, then sprained an ankle THEN tweaked a knee.


*insert 911 is a Joke parody Lyrics here

hobbit - he's a secret Laker undercover agent lol!

Hey - do you think he'll end up back in LA at all? I personally don't see it. I don't even see his jersey up in the rafters.... you?

this is heating UP

usedtocare, I meant the MVP ebay line, just to clarify. I'm still laughing.

teamn - I disagree. They can totally dance well together.

Two girls in the crowd wearing "Boozer Lied" t-shirts. Remember how he promised to stay, then after the Cavs built a team around him, he slipped out and signed with Utah.

Sing it with me....


the song is "iron man. " by black sabbath.

teamn, are you saying that the Black Mamba, the assassin is the power behind
David Stern's throne?

sup el guapo!!

We all know that the princess isn't fit to carry Kobe's jock.

Actually - she's not fit to even look at it.

Oh gawd, how I want the Lakers to play the C's in the Finals. I'm salivating.

Is that 34 pts with 3 minutes left?

hobbit - oh.... duh....

Hey - it's been a long day and I'm tired lol!

"I was just looking at vintage travel trailers --called "canned hams" on ebay
and bid 20 bucks on what looks like an mvp trophy."

Posted by: usedtocare | May 11, 2010 at 07:33 PM

I nominate it for snarky comment of the day.

Will 131-92 change his handle to 110-82?

Kobe = Leader, LeBron = Figurehead.

Le Brick = more like the Bubble Head porcelain figurine in the Playoffs

p ang - easy man! They still gotta get past the Magic!

hobbit - yup. A complete beatdown. Like I said - crab bisque!


The only thing i know is that if she loses, princess jimmy will not shake hands because of his elbow.

justanothermambafan -- as long as Kobe leads, it's all good.

hobbitmage -- if not for Kobe, this league would be toast! (I was gonna make a Sauron reference, but that would be way too nerdy).

wuttup chic!!

What do you predict for the Suns series?

So do Cavs fans riot tonight, or do they wait for Game 6?

What is proper etiquette in these situations?

oh man!

the looks of the fans in cleveland!

teamn - NO LOL! I was talking about the crabs!!

You said they had no commaraderie - I said that wasn't true - they dance well together.

Sup jamf!!

Im thinking lakers in 6.

This game tonight is sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!

Somewhere ....

David Stern weeps!


"Le Brick" pretty much sums it up -- this guy has about the worst shot I've seen in awhile. I cannot believe people actually think he's better than Kobe?!?!

why isnt lebron dancing?

I think Stern would be pretty OK with Celts v. Lakers.

It looks like we may very well be able to get revenge on the Suns and the Celtics in the same year. And that may increase our chances of landing LBJ in the summer.

I wouldn't count the Cavs out yet though. I think it's going 7 games.

chic - I'm very happy about the princess going down.

However, I feel nauseous looking at the smiling faces of the weeners.

All in all - meh....

Damn it is quiet in there, sounds like a HS gym.

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