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Ron Artest appears hypocritical in criticizing Phil Jackson via Twitter


It took only three Twitter posts from Lakers forward Ron Artest about Coach Phil Jackson to set everyone ablaze, ranging from Artest confirming but downplaying the comments, his brother suggesting his Twitter account was hacked, Jackson expressing amusement over it all and the media facilitating the conversation to the nth degree.

Before I showcase the reactions from Artest and Jackson, let's catch everyone up to speed on the background first. As Lakers fans are painfully well aware, Artest and the basket haven't gotten along, with the forward shooting only 10% from three-point range in the Western Conference semifinals against Utah after making only 18% of his three-point attempts in the first-round series against Oklahoma City. But with Artest rarely seeing a shot he never liked, Jackson on several occasions has shed light on Thriller's shooting struggles. Jackson wondered if Artest would ever get out of a shooting funk after he went 28% in the first two games against the Thunder. With Artest's clip worsening to three of 23 through the first four games against OKC, The Times' T.J. Simers asked Jackson last week whether Artest should limit his shooting, and Jackson replied that Artest should stop taking so many corner three-pointers.

Fast forward to Thursday evening, and you have Artest sharing on his Twitter page his frustrations about Jackson's criticisms. Below is a chronological rundown: 

Thursday 9:25 p.m.: "“Finally Phil Jackson didn’t mention me in media before talking me Now I can build on game 2. Hopefully he talks to me before the media.” 

Thursday 9:41 p.m.: “Ever since phil mention things about me in media before coming to me first I was weird. So every pray he can somehow close his yapper and now say AMEN.” 

Thursday 10:47 p.m.: “Its just something that I have to get use to. He is a different stlye [sic] coach. Just bad timing during playoffs and midseason for me!! ... "I think right now the team is improving so we just need to keep building or moving ahead or forward. Locking down etc....”

Artest's brother Daniel then wrote on his own Twitter account that, “Whoever hacked [Artest’s] twit page is foul," an accusation The Times' Mike Bresnahan reported today also came in a statement from Artest's representatives. Though Artest confirmed that he made those comments to Bresnahan, he shed very little light about it after Friday's practice to reporters.

Since that interview, Artest made a few more comments via Twitter on the situation. They included the following tweets:

"So many media tried to blow up the comments. Lol Me and Phil are it's just healthier being direct to me rather than media first."

"I see him everyday so it's nothing he can't talk to me about."

"I would have gave media these quotes but they like to spin situations."

"One guy named Kurt Helin said I'm not a fan of my coach. I just said it's weird to here things from media first."

"I think I have the best coach. But that doesn't mean I want to find out in media that I need to be more aggressive or should not take ... Corner threes. rather he tell me personally and direct. I found out about his comments from my friends. But that's yesterday. Game 3!"

"I think it's weird that I didn't make the all defense team. But congrats to the award winners. They deserve it. I came to LA to win not to win awards. The team awards are better than individual. But if I did win I would have been thankful."

And for the sake of fair play, here is Jackson's response.

So what to make of it? Well there's a few things. Let's start with the substance of the matter first. Overlook for a second Artest's awkward attempt to defuse the situation and Jackson's amused response over the whole issue.

Artest's main complaint involves not that Jackson criticized him, but that he did to the media before talking to him directly about his three-point shooting. To be partly fair to Artest, that's to some degree legitimate. In any working environment, it's always best to hear criticism directly from the source rather than through a third party. It clears up any misunderstandings and surprised reactions. But here's where the issue becomes a bit murky.

"I've been very upfront with him about his three-point shooting," Jackson said.

Without getting into the he-said, she-said, here's where the issue stands. If Jackson never ever talked to Artest about his three-point shooting, then Artest has a point. But I highly doubt that conversation has never ever taken place, meaning this whole spat really just involves Artest's frustration that Jackson called him out about his performance to the media. Regardless of either scenario, Artest reeks hypocrisy for tweeting his grievances about Jackson because it doesn't exactly follow the whole "talk to me first before criticizing me to the media" argument.

And here's the thing. Jackson isn't the only one criticizing Artest's shooting. Players don't say it specifically, but it's obvious who they're referring to when they speak about the team needing to have better shot selection. The numbers speak for themselves, yet Artest still acts like his shooting isn't a problem whenever reporters ask him about it. 

And it's not like Jackson goes out of his way to criticize Artest's shooting, either. He just directly answers the questions, which actually often involve Artest's strong defense, a quality Jackson and the team have universally praised him for having. When Artest didn't appear this week on the NBA's All-Defensive team, the Lakers, including Jackson, argued he should've received the honor

Jackson's never shy to needle a player, a quality that Michael Jordan has argued on several occasions why he enjoyed playing for him so much. Oftentimes, a coach's attitude toward a player can range from two extremes. One involves being overly critical of less talented players and too lenient on superstars. Another involves being too positive with less talented players and passive-aggressive with superstars. Jackson takes neither and instead has an equal opportunity approach. Whether it's regarding Kobe Bryant or Sasha Vujacic, I've never seen Jackson in my limited experience covering the team for the past four months express any hesitation in criticizing a performance. 

There may be times he's had hidden agendas, such as his contention before the Lakers' first-round series with the Thunder that Kevin Durant receives favorable treatment from officials. But I've never observed Jackson appearing afraid to say something critical about one of his players as well as appearing reluctant to praise one of his players.  That may not fit what Artest wants in a coach. But there's a reason why the Zen Master has 10 rings, which speaks to his courage to speak out on players of any caliber while also giving them the proper space to figure things out on their own. 

So that's my take on the substance part of the issue. The other part of the issue involves Artest's perspective on social media.

"I'm only talking to you about basketball. Twitter is for my fans," Artest offered as an argument for why he's detailing his grievances regarding Jackson on his account, but not with reporters. 

To some degree, I understand Artest's point. Many athletes view Twitter as a great tool for reaching out to fans and promoting different interests. For Artest, he's had direct interaction with fans through Twitter and has updated them on his whereabouts. He also mentioned in a tweet highlighted above that he chose to express his frustrations with Jackson's comments through Twitter instead of the media because he didn't want to make it possible for reporters to twist his words.

Those are both fair points. But to say the media and Twitter are somehow two separate entities is entirely absurd. The great thing that many reporters, including myself, enjoy about Twitter is that it gives us another avenue to provide additional reporting, links, general musings and direct interactions with readers. But that doesn't mean we're not held to the same standards to what we write. The same concept applies to athletes, including Artest. You can't write something that's considered newsworthy -- in this case his frustration with Jackson's public criticisms -- and not expect a reaction.

In the end, this episode will likely be forgotten about rather quickly. But even if the issue isn't that significant, there's obviously some clear disagreements between Artest and Jackson that they still need to settle. And that should be done through face-to-face conversation, not through us or in 140-character tweets. 

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers forward Ron Artest dunks over Utah forward Carlos Boozer in Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals on Tuesday. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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Remember we may have our disagreements and our battles against trolls/other teams fans and one another but remember to call your mother and greet her a Happy Mother's Day (or take time and remember her if she has passed on).

Regardless of whether we are a Laker fan or not take time (before the game or watch the game with her) and celebrate with your mom's and/or wife if you do have children.

To all the mothers of the world regardless if they are Laker fans or not (I hope you are a Laker fan but hey can't please everyone hehe):

Happy Mother's Day

Exactly my thoughts ( just the heading ) MM ! Ron should have gone to PJ if he had any problems with him and instead of tweeting his gripe to everyone. And PJ shouldn't have to tell him to not take those threes when he makes them at an abysmal rate. He had said after another poor outing from behind the arc "I am going to keep taking those threes" which is not cool either.
Ron Ron plays hard every time and brings a lot to this team's defense with his toughness but he needs to voice his problems without asking the coach to "close his yapper". Ron certainly isn't normal like all other players and has a different way of countering things that he doesn't like, given his upbringing in tough neighborhoods and a history of "craziness", for lack of a better word :)

Oh and great post ! Thanks

Everyone stop trying to second guess what effects each others comment have on each other, Phil is well versed in players with issues....remember, we're kinda busy here trying to do something, and it is the damn championship.....Phil and Ron are both strong willed men. It's their first year together as coach and player.....Ron may not be hitting the outside shot, but you don't pack up that part of the offensive play book and call it a day. By being out there, he still has to be guarded somewhat, so he needs to stay out there. AndI think he needs to use the shooter's mentality, of " hey, even if I'm missing, the next one is going in"..... If he's out there, he may doesn't clog the lane for our 3 bigs, Bynum, Odom, and Pau...he will have a running start for rebounds, and as I said what's your alternatives? Put in Morrison???? Everytime he shoots, there's that moment of silence wher people are asking themselves as the ball is in the air..."is this the one that puts him back on his career track?" Me, I doubt it. I think Artest should continue to play the offense the way he has, maybe fake the 3 then drive to the basket looking for a blocking foul, or praying that there are 6 big hands up high in the receiving position as he get into the paint. Do not mess with his mind. The marbles are on the table, let's keep them from rolling off. Tell Ron he's dong fine, but that the 3 isn't mandatory every time he's open in the corner. They've had two games that they opened leads, but let it get close as the clock winds down. I think tomorrow will be a very decisive letting them creep back within striking distance, maybe we can get some extra rest for the team even if they have had almost a week off.....we're going to need it.

and PJ is hypocritical criticizing Artest in the press and NOT in his face

is PJ the shrink of the TEAM or the coach?

obviously, sheltering Pay "corn fakes" Gasoft's FRAGILE ego, he damaged the chemistry.


it was announced the NBA first TEAM and also the 3rd "team". our representative r Kobe and the OTHER guy. how come is no THREAD about IT?

because Faux Pas got only the 3rd tire?

and Kobe got the first?

aren't you following BB news? obviously not, U r too concern with KB's fashion shots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. that one had like 3 threads. with comments from journalists. I did not know that Journalists EQUAL esthetics.

looking at your avatar, at BREZ and BT how r dressed does not give me any sense OF.

isn't this blog MORE about KB's PLAY?

First thread where I'd ask the question why?

It has the feel of gossip. This article adds to making a mountain out of a mole hill.

I don't care that Ron Artest criticized Phil on his twitter account. So what. Phil's not immuned from criticism in the exact way he loves to give it out, publicly. This smacks of an extremely slow Lakers news day. As a fan I don't care about this. I care that the Lakers keep winning by any means necessary.

I hate media created drama. Reminds me of kids on a playground with the he said, she said crap.

Ron Artest is a hypocrit. This is a story because....

Wow! just Wow!

MM you're better than this!

The tweets are a non-story. Artest will be fine, and Phil doesn't care. It's a sideshow.

I found the great thing about the Cleveland/Boston series - I enjoy it immensely when either team loses.

Are the Spurs finally really washed up? Or are the Suns actually tough and able to defend this year? I wasn't taking the Suns too seriously but they could be tough in the Western Conference Finals.


Long time lurker, and yeah, this is really reaching. Save it for the tabloids.

No need to try to force dissent and dissolution of our team. THIS IS A DECISIVE DAY!! THE WIND GOES OUT OF THE JAZZ SAILS THIS EVENING!!

SWEEP !!!!


What Ron-Ron should be having for breakfast: Shredded Tweet.

Yeah, I think it's no big deal at all. Remember when PJ tried to pick on Horry the 1st year and Horry was so pissed about it. PJ needs someone to bully, I thik. He'a like that High School drafing teacher I had.


What Ron-Ron should be having for breakfast: Shredded Tweet.
Posted by: CornerJ | May 08, 2010 at 07:16 AM
Good One CornerJ

It's time to do something we haven't done all year. Put our foot to the throat (figuratively) when we have an opponent down. No more slacking off when we're ahead. Everybody put on the Kobe face and let's get it done!

Hey LakerLass

Preach RDlee!!

Good morning Larry. What's new?

And I LOVE the fact that our posts are going straight thru. This makes having conversations so much easier. Sure, there will be bumps, but it's worth the occasional idiot post/poster.


Listening to PJ talk about his players in the media.

Listening to the players talk about each other in the media.
[ *cough* Gasol *cough*, *cough* D-Fish *cough* ]

I am reminded of the phrase "The Dysfunctional Family".

Which, by the way, is an AWESOME album!

Good morning,

Game Day! Seems like forever since the last one. Let's be sharp today, Lakers. A Game 3 always seems to be a pivotal one in any series, and is always the most dangerous.

This whole Phil vs Thriller issue is a microcosm of the Lakers issues, but not in the way that Mark Medina has framed it. (Sorry, M2.). This is not a social media story. Communications issues among the Lakers have been recurring throughout the season. How Phil communicates with his players and how they communicate among each other have contributed to the unevenness in the team's performance.

Phil has alluded to this himself, wondering publicly whether he still has the team's ear and being a factor in whether or not he should return next season. (Recently, he's signaled that a return is likely, but that's a new development.)

Phil has occasionally been seen to communicate through his captains, Kobe and Fish, limiting pronouncements from Mt. Jackson to avoid diluting their impact. This is ok. Long tenured coaches routinely take this approach for obvious reasons. But in doing so, Phil & his lieutenants risk creating an "us vs everybody else" divide.

Pau has unwisely used the media to critique Kobe. He was forced to pull back from his first comments, but the original message was clear.

How Phil communicates with the younger players has also raised hackles. There's an abundance of evidence, his mind games have backfired with Jordan and Sasha, whose play has largely deteriorated rather than improve.

Of the most concern is when the Lakers fail to communicate among themselves on the floor. In a fast-moving game, when they don't talk to each other bad things happen: turnovers, defensive collapses, and missed opportunities. Considering how long this group has been together, it's troubling and frustrating that this happens so often.

By the time a team gets to the playoffs, one might think that communications issues have been solved. With this edition of the Lakers, it clearly hasn't been.

At today's tip, it will first be about energy, focus, and determination to deny the Jazz as much of their home court advantage as possible. Putting the Jazz on their heels and taking the crowd out of the game from the start are crucial.
Then comes the predictable problem of sustaining that energy, focus, and determination for all 48 minutes. The Lakers are a high ADD team and I hope they all take their medication! The execution part of the game requires good communication throughout. If the team communicates on the floor, good things will happen. What was said on Twitter and in the media room won't matter. And that's the lesson of this highly overblown controversy between Phil and Thriller. Go Lakers!

hi guyS let stop this nonsense and kick some ass tonight.go lakers.KOBE the GOAT!!!


"is PJ the shrink of the TEAM or the coach?"

I believe Phil has a Master's degree in Psychology.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



You bet. We need to show our stuff today. Both games were shockers last night with the Suns starters getting more bench time than a wad of gum, and the Celtics getting the biggest home-playoff beatdown in team history.

Those are our opponents, and they're both playing great.


I think of Ron Artest as like a pit bull.

Pit bulls are actually extremely sensitive dogs with a strong urge to please; however, when they are abused/treated poorly and overwhelmed, they have a tendency to freak out, in part because they are so sensitive.

So, yeah, it seems that Thriller got his feelings hurt and did a little freak out on Twitter.

Twitter, by the way, is totally lame and is ruining the English language.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Game Three is going to be interesting...

1. The Jazz are in a corner and no one fights harder than when their back is to a corner.

2. Jazz fans HATE us. So we can expect a lot of negative energy tonight.

3. We've had a few days off. Maybe some healing.

4. The Lakers could relax tonight. They shouldn't. Hopefully they still have that killer instinct. If they do, that bodes well for our Championship chances.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


So ....

Where is 131-92?

Where is the "Green Asterisk"?

Can I ask the question?

Is Paul Pierce "the truth" or is he "fiction" ?


"I am reminded of the phrase "The Dysfunctional Family"."

Methinks that what happens is that Phil probably communicates what he wants to his players directly, or possibly obliquely, and, being competitive, possibly egotistical, individuals, they probably aren't always quick to listen.

In all likeliness, Ron is probably of the mentality (as are most shooters) that he just needs to "shoot it out" to get his shot back. Well, that's not what Phil wants.

So, what does he do?

Well, he knows that most people who are egotistical actually have something called "the narcissistic wound" and deep inside are sensitive to criticism AND one of the reason's why they are so competitive is that they want acclaim from others by being "winners."

So, Phil snidely publically shames them and when reporters ask questions the player can no longer psychologically avoid the issue, gets their feelings hurt, and, thus, by reawakening the narcissistic wound, the competitive instinct of the player is put in overdrive.

Does it hurt chemistry? Sort of... only if they lose.

If they win, the player gets that winner's acclaim that they crave so badly and all is forgiven.

If they lose, yeah, it's a chemistry killer, but I guess Phil is willing to make that educated gamble.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


By the way, "the narcissistic wound" also can make a player less open to coaching. So, one of Phil's greatest challenges is that the best teams are composed of the most competitive players... who also tend to be the most inflexible to coaching, as they view being coached as someone trying to "out-Alpha" them.

So, one has to be a real master of communication to get through to these types of people and often manipulate them in ways that you would not manipulate a "normal" person.

I know Thriller is trying to re-invent himself and be open to coaching and all that... but as my mafia princess ex-girlfriend's father used to say, "A fish will never be a bird and a leopard won't change its spots."

Thriller can mature, but he's still Thriller... which is a highly competitive person and it is probably at times very difficult to get through to him on certain issues.

People often rip on Phil Jackson as a coach. I don't think they know what they're talking about, nor do I believe they understand how difficult his job is as a communicator and as a motivator to bring out the maximum extent of competitiveness of his players without everyone completely foregoing the system.

It's a delicate balance that must be constantly, and intelligently, nurtured.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K,

1st. Hola

2nd you wrote: Methinks that what happens is that Phil probably communicates what he wants to his players directly, or possibly obliquely, and, being competitive, possibly egotistical, individuals, they probably aren't always quick to listen.

In all likeliness, Ron is probably of the mentality (as are most shooters) that he just needs to "shoot it out" to get his shot back. Well, that's not what Phil wants.

my response: Actually, the "shoot it out" philosophy is exactly what has been
employed by D-Fish & Kobe & Sasha. Unfortunately, of those 3 only Kobe
has had true success.

you also wrote: So, Phil snidely publically shames them and when reporters ask questions the player can no longer psychologically avoid the issue, gets their feelings hurt, and, thus, by reawakening the narcissistic wound, the competitive instinct of the player is put in overdrive.

Does it hurt chemistry? Sort of... only if they lose.

my response: You mean like what he did with Gasol?
[ That's for your Ricky! :) ]

you lastly wrote: If they lose, yeah, it's a chemistry killer, but I guess Phil is willing to make that educated gamble.

my response: Is there a reason to go gently into the night? It's not like the
majority of today's players have anywhere near the professionalism of
past athletes. The vast majority of players seem to be spoiled, pampered
and protected [ Bynum ].

However, let's focus on the positives.

Bynum is playing hurt. He's driving for a championship. I appreciate this.
Pau is playing well. I appreciate this.
Kobe is getting his teammates involved. We all appreciate this.
Kobe is being more of an offensive force. I appreciate this.

Go Kobe!
Go Lakers!!!


"Where is 131-92?

Where is the "Green Asterisk"?"

I'd like to get Red's Love Child's take on last night's debacle.

The Celtics really need to simply not let the Cavs get a significant lead early. You let that happen and they suddenly think that they're the Harlem Globetrotters.

In contrast, they are not a very mentally tough team, you keep it close early, they tense up, their decision-making falters and they self-sabotoge.

It's pretty simple actually.

First quarter is ALL about defense and slowed down, careful, deliberate offense. The next three quarters are about more up-tempo offense and keeping the Cavs on their heels as they get psychologically overwhelmed.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Where did the Suns get all these new bench guys? They are playing super great. Can't wait to give the the beatdown.


Jon K,

You haven't moved West yet? In my dreams I'm living in some warm weather state...Maybe in Flagstaff, Arizona...San Diego, CA...


Listen: Granola Clusters is handling Grape Nuts with humor and grace.

No issue. I think M and Bres occasionally fall into the tabloid headline thing.

Rick - I never said it was a social media story. I devoted two grafs out of a long post to it. The rest of it dealt with the dynamic with Jackson and Artest


to hobbitmage,

Heyyyyy, i not doubt you lives in Europe, probably in Spain (Madrid or Barcelona) You are a spaniard, too??????

ouchhhhhhhh - wow i think you only have to go back a day to see i did a thread on arguing the fact artest should've made the defensive team

go back two days and you'll see the item about kobe being on the defensive team



I'm working on it. Really.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Red did come in last night to comment. He said he hadn't watched the game, but he had taped it, and was really looking forward to watching it.

Justa suggested that 131 be renamed 95-124.

I'm thinking about adding 95-124 to my name in solidarity with 131.

To emphasize my point about the difficulty of managing highly competitive personalities...

Look at the Thuggetts. George Karl gets sick and the team implodes. Everyone was saying that the Thuggetts were the most dangerous team in the West. Why? Because they were a bunch of psycho-competitive hyper-athletes.

But without a central, strong managing personality, their discipline fell apart and they were out in the first round.

Phil's job ain't easy.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


sorry hobbitmage

i dont read LA Times yet. I dont know about this "Artest History", today is satuday, too in Barcelona, and i did a little pedestrian walk to de beach (Castelldefels is one of more beautiful beaches in BCN)

Yesterday i have a problem with my nickname on the blog (another rick on the blog and that become clonation of personalities in cyberspace- Excuse me Rick Friedman)

The Lakers are still the playing Jazz? Oh yea right, sorry I kinda flash forward to June. Anyway Good Morning lovely bloggers!

Kobe's cereal should be Wheaties FUEL! He's the fuel that keeps us all fired up and keep us going.

PJ and Ron will be fine. PJ knows how to get the best out of all his players. There's no real issue here. His crazy tweets might be one of the tools that'll help straighten out his 3pt shooting woes. Maybe tweeting is R0n's way of letting all his frustration out, his coping mechanism isn't the same as everyone. He's Ron Artest being Crazy Ron Ron we all love. So let the man be.

I am a littel bit dissapointed with te NBA all teams selection. Man, Pau Gasol on the third......???????????

For me, that is te real and loyal selection to the first team:


2 team:

Brandon Roy

3 Team

Ricky Rubio
Juan Carlos Navarro
Manu Ginobili

Jon K,

You haven't moved West yet? In my dreams I'm living in some warm weather state...Maybe in Flagstaff, Arizona...San Diego, CA...


Posted by: wesjoenixon | May 08, 2010 at 08:34 AM

Based on his belief, Jon K. deserves to live in Arizona.

One of the big reasons why this blog has been so phenomenally successful has been great chemistry. It’s the intangible that transforms a website into a community and an IP address into a virtual home. It generates the camaraderie that leads to courtesy and respect and intelligent dialog and discussion. And it creates an environment that encourages and rewards good writing, intelligence, and insight.
I wonder how many of you realize automatic posting is already transforming the essential character of the LA Times Lakers Blog, socializing and morphing the blog into a full screen version of Live Chat. It’s fascinating watching the new dynamic develop, which is going to enhance the sense of community while necessarily expanding the scope of discussion and range of interest to areas beyond basketball.
The other major change is the sense of freedom that MM has created. Yes, there have been occasional abuses but they have been obvious and quickly managed. As someone recently posted, the blog is a freer and less biased place to visit today than when the KamBros were patrolling posts with iron fists. You even could say that it was like being in California rather than Arizona. LOL! Thanks, MM.
In many ways, the Lakers Blog is a macrocosm of the Lakers themselves, a team that needs chemistry in order to function well, where differences of opinion between the coach or moderator or teammates or blogmates occasionally flares into friction. But in the end, none of it ultimately matters because the team-sync-think and the blog-sync-think are only focused on one thing – repeating as NBA champs.

Jon K, lead us on a mission to Inflict the NARCISSISTIC WOUND on the Jazz and all who dare stand in our way to the O'Brien trophy.

The Jazz may not succumb to such a tactic, since they are already cursed with the self awareness that they are an inferior opponent, however, this tactic will be extremely effective in the latter rounds, especially if Cleveland should slither out of the EAST, featuring the original BIG Narcissist and that other guy.

GO Loud, GO Lakers!

I'll tell you what, I expect Adam Morrison to be able to come in and play like Goran Dragovich played for the Suns last night. Sure, Goran had the best nights for an unknown in NBA playoff history (I can't remember how or why, but he did). Still, I expect that Morrison should have similar moments in him. He was a guy at Gonzaga that could make all the shots, and I believe he just needs to hit one basket with something on the line so his confidence can get that boost that only comes when you find success in dire moments.



Regal FC Barcelona vs Olympiacos BC!

It should be fairly interesting match, as the Greeks have a good team of very strong Greek players and a pair of former NBA players (Childress, Kleiza).

Of course, Barca has some great NBA-level talent as well.

Both teams feature talent that has competed with Team USA in either the Olympics or the World Championships.


nope. I am from the LA area.

I have family in Europe. :)

re: your team selections. Generally speaking when selecting the best
players in the "NBA" no one counts members in the FIBA league.

re: your 1st team selection. You have 2 shooting guards, 1 Small Forward
& 2 Power Forwards. I believe that you need to have 1 player per position
on the court.

re: your choice selections in general.

You are spanish. You vote with your emotions. I get that.
People who are knowledgeable about the game would respect
your opinions more if y0u based your opinions on facts vs.
your emotions.

To put this a different way:

Your statements about basketball are similar to the following statement:

I live in Spain & I have a big apartment, therefore Spain is the largest
country in the world.

People who know geography won't respect what you say.


to 4

yes, i think will be and interesting match.

Uffffff, today i am lazy to write english. Here with LakerTom and others professional writers i feel a neurotic with illiteracy complex. I cant write with this level, excuse me for me pathetic grammar.

well as usual, LA writers are TRYING to stir up controversy and trouble in order to have things to report. nice job MM, now you're one of the old ladies too.

there's nothing bad in any of those tweets anyway. in the end, he says "i need to get over it, it's no big deal". it's not like he won't play hard now or PJ won't trust him anymore, RA was just tired of all the bogus and leading questions that he's asked here in LA.


>>> I devoted two grafs out of a long post to it.

Actually, I counted 17 paragraphs with a reference to media, tweets, or Twitter. There were 15 uses of the word "media," 12 uses of the word "Twitter," 4 uses of the word "tweet," and one usage of the word "twit." But who's counting? LOL!

The main point of my post was summed up in the close, which is that the fracas is a microcosm of the team's failure to consistently communicate on the floor, where it most matters.

btw-why are all the "media" outlets demanding that we pay attention to ANYTHING on twitter? what's the agenda, who wants us on there? why must we sign on to such a service in order to participate in a chat, when the blog itself isn't even moderated? who is twitter, really? why can't the "powers that be" get it through their thick heads that the majority of humans aren't interested in anything as mindless and silly as twitter?

heyyy hobbit, que tal, como va todo!!!!!!!!!!!

Welll, Spain is not the largest country in the world. "Aux contraire mon amie", Spain is a little country (40 Mio) with many problems actually (economy, job......) and my appartment is not bad (alongside the beach and that, for me, IS LIFE, i cant live without the beach)

KG and Pau can play center and PF both. Kobe can run the point (wade, too) For me, is a very competitive team.

Boston clearly misses the presence of a guy like James Posey who can guard the other team's best perimeter player, and hit the open shots. They now don't have anyone who can slow LBJ down.

I think we'll all be thankful that we signed Ron in the offseason when we play LBJ in the Finals. Ron's 3 point shooting may be off right now, but he'll get it back eventually in the playoffs. Plus, he can make LBJ play some defense in the post. I think we'll see Ron and Kobe share defensive responsibilities on LBJ.

But if LBJ can consistently knock down jumpers like he did last night, there's not a player in the league who can slow him down. Not even MJ or Pippen could've done so.

Hobbit, BB is a sport. Sport is basically emotions and passions. We cant see BB since a scientisc point of view. CP3, D-Will, Kobe, Wade and Lebron should l be and amazing team too.

Good morning crew:

Great to see all the passionate comments and posts on our team. Still, we can't take any prisoners and must play hard tonight and not allowing the Jazz to get into their grooves. I expect DWill to play a BIG role tonight along with Boozer. We'd better do a better defense on Milsap who ate our bench's lunch on Tuesday..

Both Phil and Artest need to chill their disagreements and resolve them internally instead of airing them out via media or social network such as twitter.
See you at the live chat later today.

Go Lakers!

Hey Hobbit, you are my angelena connection for sure. I have never visited Los Angeles, but, man, maybe in the near future (not easy, i have not family, friends or bussines in L.A.)...... Yesterday in the spanish TV i can see a very interesting show about Los Angeles Life (globe trekkers was the program). Bro, L.A. is chaotic, to much bigger, traffic impossible, bufffff. But, i like it Isla Catalina????? (i cant remember the name) Nice, also the journalist of the programm, Megan McCormick, nice, too.


Catalina Island (Isla Catalina) is just OK to me. Some islands in Greece and Italy are much better places to visit. Majority of the Catalina I is still private and owned by the trust created by the founder of the Wrigley gum. There are some nice places to stay on the island but they usually quite expensive. I used to dive and fish there all the time (Off the Casino Bldg.) but got tired of hauling all the equipments from the ferry dock to the dive area. Besides, there isn't much sealife to see at Catalina neither. The best time to go to Catalina is in the summer. The last time I was there was last year to watch a jazz concert. Unless you owned a boat or private plane, the only way you can get to the island is via Catalina Express Ferry Service. The fare is not cheap!

I look forward to visit Barcelona one of this day and hope we can hook up. You can show me around. The same for you if you happened to make it to Los Angeles.

Go Lakers!

Jon K says:

"In contrast, they are not a very mentally tough team, you keep it close early, they tense up, their decision-making falters and they self-sabotoge.

It's pretty simple actually."

The stuff that comes out of your mouth is pretty funny sometimes. Have you watched the Cavs this year? The Cavs (with Lebron) are 32-9 in clutch games this year (games that are within 5 points in the last 5 minutes), and are +116 in those situations. The Lakers (with Kobe) by comparison are only 13-11, and only +19. So the Cavs have been FAR better in close games than the Lakers have been.

It's amazing the random stuff you just make up because you want to believe it.

To hobbit and Wallace

I hope you can visit Barcelona. I think is a very similar city than L.A. (more little i think) but we have mountains, beautiful beaches, good "cuisine" and right now we are all the Catalanes Lakers Fans b/c Pau. A angeleno cant be surprised by Barcelona City. L.A. and Barcelona been very similars (beaches, mountains...). Here we have not desert as you (i cant remember the desert´s name - mojabe maybe?????)

To Hobbit and Wallace.

When you have plans to visit Barcelona, see you in this blog to send for both my telephon number and adresse. I can be your "cicerone catalán" in Barcelona. Plaza Cataluña, Las Rambas, El puerto de Barcelona, all the beaches, Paseo de Gracia...........For sure you can enjoy it a lot.


You got it. I've been wanting to visit Barcelona ever since I watched the "On the Road Again to Spain" show last year hosted by the master chef Mario Bartelli, Gwen Peltrow and one of the spanish's soap star. Spanish cuisines are great!).

I'd be glad to show you around LA as well as long as you don't come during the summer months (July-Sept.). Mojave Desert is interesting if you are a nature lover and love hiking.

yes, "Ob the Road Again to Spain" Right now in the Spanish TV (Canal Viajar, a brother channel of Canal Plus) The Spanish soap star is, i dont Know if is exactly, Nuria Bassols, a catalana actrees. Gwen Paltrow speak spanish very very well. The other starring was a New York Times´reporter?????? i cant remember his name.

"and PJ is hypocritical criticizing Artest in the press and NOT in his face"

ouchchhhhhhh, I don't think you know what the word "hypocritical" means. Get a dictionary.


Yes, I think the NY Times writer is Mark Bittman. I think Claudia Bassols is very sweet and play her role superbly with Gwen Paltrow and Batali. I love every episodes of that show especially the eating & drinking! (Sorry Justa...I'm start thinking about drinking again too early).

Can't hardly wait for the game to start. I will go out and play badminton for a few hours..

Claudia, si, yes, exactly. Es muy guapa. He is not very popular as actrees in Spain yet. "Eating & drinking part", yesssssss, we have the famous "PAELLA" (a Valencian food) and, of course" "LA SANGRIA". Well, i hope you can visit Spain soon.


"Based on his belief, Jon K. deserves to live in Arizona."

Beautiful state. Sensible laws.


I'd rather be home though.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K - I gave you facts. Why can't you respond with facts? Do you have any?

I have never once written to you with the anger and immaturity that you use against me every time. Get a handle on yourself. Those kind of comments are not appropriate on this or any blog.



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