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Ron Artest-Deron Williams matchup a compelling storyline heading into Game 2

Let's face it. There's little intrigue in the Lakers-Jazz series, with the Lakers' 104-99 Game 1 victory confirming the team's recent dominance over Utah will likely continue.

Sure, there have been compelling developments, such as Kobe Bryant's improved health, Andrew Bynum's knee and the bench's inconsistency. Let's not forget the attention on Bryant's recent photo shoot with Los Angeles Times Magazine. But there's very little regarding the Lakers-Jazz series itself that sparks excitement beyond the team's familiarity with one another.

Until now.

After Utah guard Deron Williams scored 24 points on seven-of-15 shooting in Game 1, he suggested he could exploit his quickness over Artest, who had shared duties with Derek Fisher and Shannon Brown in covering the Jazz's guard. Artest since has remained coy about it, but his body language suggests this should be an interesting match-up to watch.

When I asked Artest how he could compensate for Williams' quickness, he remained coy. "I don't know. It's something he's going to try to exploit. So it's something ya'll should look forward to seeing."

Artest provided equally quirky answers to questions involving his standing with the Lakers, a topic that will become more talked about as the team advances further in the playoffs. When I asked Artest if Coach Phil Jackson ever shared with him an assessment of Artest's performance this season, he said, with a smile: "He probably did, but I probably wasn't listening.

"I don't know. I think about playing hard every day. I go to sleep, and I just want to play hard. I even sleep rough. I'll be sleeping and knocking the wife over the head. I eat my breakfast rough."

As for Jackson, he had expressed concern entering the Jazz series that Artest wouldn't be as focused against Utah because there was no high-profile scorer for him to defend, such as Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant. Jackson plans to keep the same system in place for Game 2; we'll have to see about Artest's focus while dealing with Williams.

-- Mark Medina

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Please put me on the Mamba24 bandwagon as well, and I ain't jumping off even if we all go over the cliff together.

Ron making Fisher irrelevant again.

With Bynum busted, LakerTom tries to be relevant singing the Mamba24 kumbaya

PJ tries to keep Ron focused? Or just deflecting Fisher's inabilities?

"Please put me on the Mamba24 bandwagon as well, and I ain't jumping off even if we all go over the cliff together".

Looks like we're heading towards that cliff if we don't get a DRIVER soon. HAHA

Hello Laker Blog Fam,

Haven't been able to post for a few months and have barely been able to lurk. Just popped in for a few and saw the MAMBA24 bandwagon.

I must have a seat. I've long since professed my love for Mamba24, but let it not be forgotten.

Mamba24: you really are the heart, soul and glue of this quirky family. You make me smile.


Love, LakerLass

P.S. Even though I haven't been able to post, I have not missed one game. (I think Mamba24 would somehow know if I did miss a game and would report me.)

Damn Larry U gettin all the girls!


Tonight could be a trap game if the Lakers are ASSUMING they've already won it. When the Jazz haven't beat them in Staples in years (and the last Utah victory here happened only because Kobe was suspended), the Lakers could become complacent and assume it's already in the books.

They need to go out and own this game. 2 point victory would be fine, but a 15 point victory would imprint on the Jazz' brains "YOU CAN'T WIN IN OUR BUILDING". Then a single road victory for the Lakers and the Jazz would lay down like lambs for the slaughter.

But it all starts with tonight. Take care of business, Lakers.

I'd like to see them have a big enough lead that the Bench Mob could play most of the fourth quarter - more PT is what's going to get them back into the swing more than anything.

I hardly ever yell:


Lebron 7 years in the NBA = 0 NBA ring!!!

I cannot believe Magic Johnson said the torch has been passed from Bird/Magic to MJ to Kobe to Lebron. Magic Johnson did not realized Lebron has NOT WON A THING in the NBA!!! (0+0+0+0)+(0+0+0)= 0 NBA ring!

The NBA torch will only be passed among Great Champions!

When Lebron has won atleast three rings then only then Kobe should pass him the torch.

Otherwise, it seems, Thunders Kevin Durant might be taking Lebron's place if Durant starts winning rings in the future, as the Western elites ages Spurs, Lakers.. Durant has a team built with young talented players around him. You can not say that about Lebron's team with an aging Shaq as his sidekick.

Kobe might be passing the torch in four years to Durant and not Lebron. It is too early to SAY, to tell, as both has not won multiple championships and Kobe is still well positioned to win more rings.

Steve Nash can pass the torch to Lebron! But not the Kobe's torch, the NBA Championship SIGNIFICANCE with GREAT PLAYERS winning it.

Lakers just needs 6 minutes of dominance from Bynum in the 1st quarter. Lakers will be Champions! Injured or not the BIG BEAST will provide this 6 MIN DOMINANT SPURT!!! He knows what time it is!!! He would not miss the chance to contribute to a Lakers run to the Title.

I am expecting Odom to have another great game tonight for a W.

Damn Larry U gettin all the girls!


Posted by: yellofever | May 04, 2010 at 02:35 PM

That's right man, don't hate.... congratulate!

(001) LAKERTOM – OWNER – Let’s show Larry how much we appreciate everything he does to get us jacked up for our beloved Lakers. He is the heart and soul of the LA Times Lakers Blog and deserves the love and respect of every blogger who has made this their virtual home away from home.
(002) JEANETTE - SHOTGUN - FINALLY!!!!....BANDWAGON FOR LARRY (MAMBA24).....Do we still to say we need to get a seat on them?.....It's a scramble now!!!
(003) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN – WINGMAN ELITE- Count me a resounding IN for the THANKS MAMBA24 BANDWAGON!! Larry - for everything you do - for everything you mean to me and the rest of the blog - a heartfelt THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.
(004) #4 – THE ENFORCER - LakerTom, please put me on that Bandwagon for Larry. The guy is the heart and soul of this blog.
(005) ZAIRA - OUR ITALIAN PRINCESS - Larry, you're like our wonderful rainbow over here.
No matter how hard times get, no matter what curse or bad moment we face, you are always in with so much lively power, so much embracing flair and so much inspirational pulse that we can never really feel like anything else but a very happy, tight and special family.
(006) EASTCOASTJESSIE – OUR LATINA PRINCESS - I'm definitely on the Mamba bandwagon. Larry has been the glue that holds this blog together. During the miserable years of Smush and Kwame, Mamba single-handedly helped us keep our sanity. He has rallied us all when all we wanted to do was trade everybody not named Kobe.
(007) ART – FL LAKERS FAN - Put everyone that's on the Roll Call on the Mamba bandwagon!!!
(008) J24 – LONGTIME BLOG PRINCESS – THE LADIES LOVE MAMBA24 - Please put me on Mamba24 bandwagon. THANK YOU for all that you do for this blog. You truly are one of the gems of this blog fam.
(009) RICK FRIEDMAN – CONDUCTOR - Please punch another ticket for THE THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, MAMBA24, BANDWAGON. The man makes me a better Lakerholic.
(010) CHIKNSTU – STYLIST - For Larry's Wagon: We want another photo shoot with Mamba24 in his purple and gold thong!!
(011) MR NANO – QUAKE SURVIVOR - Sorry Larry, you can't stop the unstoppable. We love you!
Tom, put me on the mamba bandwagon.
(012) BRONXLAKERFAN - Needless to say, I want in on the "Thank You Mamba 24" bandwagon. The man is such a positive force....he always brings a smile to my face! This site wouldn't be what it is if not for that gentleman!
(013) D(erek)J(eter) - Add me as well to the MAMBA24 Bandwagon! Whether the ride is smooth or bumpy, MAMBA24 always gets you there safe and sound.
(014) HOBBITMAGE - Why do you even wait to put me on the thanks Mamba24 bandwagon?
(015) JOLLY RANCHER - Larry, Larry, Larry, Larry!!
(016) BD – BYNUM SUPPORTER - Please add me to the Bandwagon. Larry is the GodFather of the blog.
(017) FEARLESS – A LAKERS WHACK JOB - BTW, why am I not on the Mamba24 bandwagon. How have I managed to let it pass me by? I need to board, post haste!
(018) THE OUTLAW (& BABY OUTLAW) RIDING TANDEM - Um... yeah, LakerTom. You better put me on THAT bandwagon. I loves me some Mamba24. So does Baby Outlaw. We'll both take a seat.
(019) EJK - Put me on the Mamba24 bandwagon. He's a legend here. He'd be even greater if he started an LBJ to LA Bandwagon...
(020) LAKERMIKE - Put me on the Mamba Bandwagon! Our own Laker's chicken soup for the soul!\
(021) LAKERINBC - Please put me on the Mamba24 bandwagon as well, and I ain't jumping off even if we all go over the cliff together.
(022) LAKERLASS - I must have a seat. I've long since professed my love for Mamba24, but let it not be forgotten. Mamba24: you really are the heart, soul and glue of this quirky family. You make me smile.
(023) YELLOFEVER - Damn Larry U gettin all the girls! LARRY! LARRY! LARRY! LARRY!
(024) MARK G - I hardly ever yell: THANK YOU LARRY!
There just must be 100 bloggers who care enough to speak up and be counted


You're actually mistaken, LO had a good 4 minutes out of the entire last game that he can be proud. In fact, I could not recall when LO had an outstanding game during this post season, and when I said game I mean playing complete game on both ends of the floor. Don't forget, LO was a part of dismal bench showing at the beginning of 4th.

Please put me on this BANDWAGON - Larry can not thank you enough for keeping our spirits high no matter what...

Some thoughts as we go further against the Jazz.
Once again Kobe bailed us out last game. I am a little concerned about what if he has an off night?
Can Ron cover Will?
Should he?
Maybe he should just shut down someone else.
They are daring Ron to hit the 3 (and if he does the Jazz are goners) but the odds are not great that he will.
Should he be posting up inside more?
Drew hurts when he jumps and moves lateral, wonder how the Jazz will try to exploit that.
A big game from LO would do the trick.

i've almost forgotten:
May the 4th be with you all Lakers fans!!

Whats with the double posts happening?
Does anyone make any $ based on # of posts, lol.

Phred -

You have a point about Kobe's 2004 season. And once again, he doesn't look gay, he looks like a demented villain in a 60s spy movie. And look, he has a bunch of henchmen in the same uniform.

I can see it now: Utah is chained to an oversized table (it would have to be now wouldn't it). Kobe taps his finger on his pet snakes head and says: "#4, begin the half court torcher"...fade to black as the Jazz scream in unison.


Artest has been the perfect team player all year long, not once did he step out of line, say the wrong thing, lose his emotions on the court....yes he struggles to keep in the flow of the triangle, when they go in and out of it....I think we're getting pretty much the same out of every player that we got last year, one exception may be a little less KB, due to injuries. I think that Artest will be the key to bringing #16 to the collection. He's proven to be a versatile defender, and versatility has always been one of the keys to the Lakers, mainly on offense, but now on defense....and we all know it's defense that wins the games, especially in the David Stern Tournament (aka NBA Championship Playoffs). We will get past Utah in 5, and let's hope that the Suns can finally shovel the dirt on the Spurs' grave, and end the run of that team as we know it. Beating the Suns will be a cakewalk, by the way I wonder what Kwame is doing nowadays.....Hopefully the Celtics and the Crabs (man, that is such an illegal move!!!) that they are still discombobulated by the time that the Celtics (I predict will make it to the finals. The key to the Celtics now is Rondo, I'm going to take a look at the list of players who were drafted ahead of him, I'm sure he's in the top 3 of the draft for that year, in terms of quality player, not for position picked. I had no issues at all with the Kobe pictures in the LA Times....which is a strange paper to begin with. I think they were very well done, if I had shot them, I would have been ecstatic....we could have had a shoot with Kobe in fine suits, or leisure clothes, but those 4 pictures were each a statement and the look on his face was quite different from any we have seen in previous pictures, I guess they picked a nice wine to mellow him a bit.

Artest will hold DWill under control tonight. Then it's time to put on the oxygen masks and fly up to Utah and take two more at altitude. (4226 feet above sea level) and don't tell me that these finely tuned athletes are not affected. Watch them sweat more, watch the subsitution affects them....the fact that Denver and Utah have never won a championship is amazing, but I guess Utah came close but Mr. Jordan had not yet gone to Washington.


Even my son, who doesn't follow basketball at tall commented that there must be something wrong with Ron. Why? I asked him. His response: "Because he hasn't gone nuts, he has worked at being a good team player for the Lakers, and he's trying to do good things in the community". I'm feelin' Ron's defense even at the expense of any offensive production. The way things have been going, when Ron scores it's gravy and I've got no problem with that at all.


huh. first my comment was there twice, now it's not there at all.

Hello my LA friends,

Well, the SUNS finally made the spurs pay in a Game 1. If this keeps up it'll be an all-Pacific WCF with the chance to play BOS hanging in the balance.

Can't say I see Utah as a serious threat. LA has its way with them...I only wish we could have seen DAL or POR play LA before the WCF for more entertaining series, because watching UT is boring.

Posted by: BUTLER | May 04, 2010 at 01:43 PM


I will be watching your series as much as possible (finals crunch/papers/grading to do). It should be quite exciting, considering the recent history between the two teams.

We're working on keeping the fans at Staples Center focused though; they seem to fall asleep at inopportune times.



Please put me on the "Thank You Larry" bandwagon. Perhaps we can buy him a beer at a bar while watching the Lakers Game? I'll personally pony up for one when I move back to Cali in a few weeks.

To Everyone, I’m touched overwhelmed, unbelieving shocked, teary eyed, weak in the Knees. WOOOOOOOW! Thank you family! The funny thing is I really needed that at this time. You can have all the money and gold and silver in the world but if you don’t have friends and you don’t have family…you have nothing. This blog and the participants on it are like an extended family of mine. Some of you I swear I love more than my own family. When I came on this Blog 3 years ago I didn’t know what I would find I was just looking for some information about the Lakers. I sent a very tentative post in as a feeler and who was the first to greet me. Edwin Gueco! Boy was I raw when I came on here. I didn’t understand Blog culture or anything. But Edwin kind of helped me along & then lil sister Faith gave me a couple of assist. Next thing you know I felt just like one of the family. My poems corny as they are, are my way of trying to give something back to the Blog & to Laker Nation in appreciation of all the joy & happiness that all of you have given to me. Some of you remember when I lost my Mom. The overwhelming outpouring of concern really helped me thru a very bad place which is why I try to stay on the positive side. So wow this week I find out the person I’m closest to on the Blog is a Lady not a man. After 3 years of posting you can see how wonderful my powers of deduction and observation are. But that’s cool “Justa” you still are my best Virtual friend. In reality I would rate you right up there with my best friend. Faith is my lil sister. Laker Lass is my unrequited Love. So who is Mamba24. Well he works with Computers, has degrees in Computer Science and Math. He’s a lil past the big 4-0 as Justa will tell you as I cried on her shoulder figuratively speaking a couple of years ago when I passed that milestone. He’s into Science Fiction, Computers & Consciousness development. He’s on a path seeking enlightenment. He has about & this is no joke 2000 Science fiction DVD’s. He’s also a fan of Martial Arts. Not a student, just a fan. He thinks the best TV series of all time that no one ever heard of is Dark Angel written by James “Avatar” Cameron. It was on 2 years and I loved it to death. Well that’s a lil about Mamba24 and I just really want to thank you Laker Blog family. I’m really touched by this and I never could have expected this kind of a reaction in myself. OK enough of this

from tokyo, japan......."feeling it"! go lakers!'re 2 - 0 with me out of the country! ha ha. time for ron-ron to hit an outside shot! this it was we got you for. start making some shot from the outside, pu-leeeeeze!

you're 2 - 0 with me out of the country! ha ha. time for ron-ron to hit an outside shot! this it was we got you for. start making some shot from the outside, pu-leeeeeze! Posted by: Lakeshowinphx | May 04, 2010 at 03:54 PM
I hope you know what that means. You're going to have to stay outside the country now until the Lakers win the title. LOL!


Thanks for sharing and letting us folks who haven't been around since the beginning learn more about you.

I would bet there isn't any other sports teams blog that has someone like you.

The poems are great, the enthusiasm contagious, the bandwagons unique and your optimism unparalleled and you bring just the right amount of corniness to keep it all fun.

I'm sure I am speaking for more than just myself when I say,
"we're glad you're here".

Mamba24 - I'm really touched by all the kind words. You are the main reason I switched from lurker to poster a few years back. You really are the heart and soul of this blog. These are not mere words. I speak the truth. Logging on here for one of your roll calls or a poem really adds (exponentially) to the joy I feel in feeding my Lakerholism. I'm sorry I threw you for a loop the other day, but that's a conversation for another day lol! Let's just say this bandwagon is about YOU. About what you bring to this crazy place. About the joy you add to our lives. I know what you mean about some people on here feeling more like family than your real one. I've felt that way many times over the past couple of years myself, so I can relate to what you're saying. There is nothing better than the feeling of belonging. Of being heard. Of being accepted for who you are. This place does that for me, and I can see it does it for you too. I know it's a virtual place, but still - the commaraderie is the reason we come, and the existence of the family feeling here starts with you. So thank you. Many times over.

Am I the only one who did not know Kobe flew a helocopter to work? Amazing. No wonder no one has any stories of seeing Kobe on the freeway.

"Bryant lowered his guard with Cabbie so much he gave him and his camera crew the first -- and still only -- ride on the helicopter he rides to practices and games to avoid traffic. Cabbie flew with Bryant the day the Lakers played the Miami Heat and Bryant hit the buzzer-beater over Dwyane Wade to win the game.

"When we were in the helicopter all strapped in and going up, the moment hit me, 'I can't believe I'm in a helicopter with Kobe Bryant,' " Cabbie said. "This doesn't make any sense. I'm just some kid from Toronto. I'm just some idiot from Canada and I'm in a helicopter with Kobe Bryant."

The trip took about 20 minutes and was filmed for Cabbie's popular segment on The Score, "Cabbie on the Street." During the trip, Bryant said the helicopter cost him about as much as his Ferrari California ($250,000) and saves him over an hour of travel time a day so he can spend more time with his kids. He said he drives from his home in Newport Beach to John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana where a helicopter takes him to LAX for practices or to a helipad on top of an office building in Downtown L.A. for games. In either case, a driver is waiting for him to take him to the practice facility or Staples Center."


@Art-FL LAKER FAN, Thanks Art, I'm glad you're here too. Yessssssssss!

This is a great line, LTLF, man you're AWESOME!!!
I think LeBronze should join the Suns in the off season. Then they could have 4 MVPs and no rings. It would be AWESOME!
Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | May 04, 2010 at 02:01 PM


I saw an interview with Kobe regarding the helicopter. He said he wanted to fly it into the Dallas arena with the retractable dome and come down into center court on ropes something like Mission Impossible. Laughingly he said they wouldn't allow it.
Can you imagine Kobe dropping into center court on ropes from his helicopter into Staples. Total darkness, spotlites only following him down, the place erupts, how wild would that scene be?

Alls I know is that Frodo and the Leprechuans ate Princess Jimmy's lunch last night and that aint not bad...

By the way... This has got to be the best line Ron has given all year... "I even sleep rough. I'll be sleeping and knocking the wife over the head. I eat my breakfast rough."

Deron might want to stay clear of Ron tonight.

Is still say they need to cut back on Ron's meds as the playoffs go along. That way he will be at Ron Ron Level 70 by the time the Lakers reach the finals.

still say they need to cut back on Ron's meds as the playoffs go along. That way he will be at Ron Ron Level 70 by the time the Lakers reach the finals.
Posted by: The Infamous El Guapo | May 04, 2010 at 04:26 PM
I say Aye!

wes - this is old news man! Where you been? Under a rock or something?? LOL!!!!

Phred - That's because I'm trying to keep any derogatory slights toward homosexuals out of the thread


Sorry for my late note here. Laker Tom, PLEASE put me on the Mamba24 Bandwagon. That man is the heart and soul of the blog. And Thank you Laker Tom for taking the time to do it, for speaking up and for noticing.

I love Ron Artest!!! DWill should've kept his mouth shut, Ron was going easy on him on Game 1. He wasn't as "rough" to DWill compared to how he guarded Durant. So tonight, we will witness another epic defense of Ron Artest.

Let's get this W Lakers! Show the haters and the doubters what a REAL CHAMPION SWAGGER is made of!

I would be remiss not to join my very first bandwagon... THANK YOU - MAMBA 24... You bring daily joy to Lakerland and that is exactly what we need as we battle for another Ring... I vote MAMBA24 as "Sixth Man of The Year!"

(LO's got nothing on you... you probably shoot better 3's)

Let's Go Lakers Live Chat!!!!!

I was out the whole morning and afternoon, I would like to be in tail end on Thank You Larry Mamba24 Bandwagon. God of Bandwagon. ( just promoted from soul to God. Justa is the goddess of all drivers. lol!)

If you are at the game tonight, you better shout your lungs out!

I'm warning you! I mean it!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Your freaky fandom makes this blog much better! Here's hoping you never leave. Thanks for all the positivity to keep the rest of us in line.

FCM- sorry, i was trying to say the exact opposite of that. I was commenting on the fact that there were tons of comments of that vein, and that i didn't like the premise.

again, sorry, i'll try to be more clear in the future.

phred - no worries. i deleted the other comments too



I'm in South Bend, where laker news goes to die. I like to tell my friends, I'm half way between Green Bay and Detroit, about as far from anything as it gets.

Still...a helocopter?


Hello to all my LA blog family...

I have been away for months... how are things up here?

It's good to see some old people here... :)

MAMBA24, "i hope you know what that means. you're going to have to stay outside of the country now until the lakers win the title, lol"! you know mamba24, not be superstitious like "the logo", jerry west, it can be done, i can totally arrange my schedule like that! ha ha. go lakers, put me on the bandwagon AGAIN. can't wait to see the highlights tomorrow when i get back to the states. jerry sloan, YOUR TEAM IS GOING DOWN TONIGHT!

@BENJAMIN, thanks bro. I really appreciate that.
@EDWIN GUECO, thanks for helping me find my way on LakersBlog. I will always apppreciate that sir. You have my respect & admiration.
@DC-MAMABA, STOP THAT! LOL! Thank you sir, I really do mean it.
@JOHNNYV, thanks bro, now lets rip out the Jazz's throat! Lol!
@JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN, Justa, you the Besta. Love you Sister!
@ART-FL LAKERS FAN, Thank you sir, now lets get rolling
@CALIPHILOSOPHER, Thank you and I know I don't have to tell you, you are one of my favorites since you along with Edwin help school me.
@LAKERTOM thank you sir, I said it before & I'll never stop saying it, you are my favorite poster.
@phred, thanks buddy, richard pryor, Martin Lawrence, Steve Carrel, have nothing on you bro.
@MR NANO, As always thank you sir for your kindness.
@ChicNStu, Thank you, thank you sir.
@LAKERINBC, Thank you brother! by the way does BC mean Be Cool? Just playing Bro!
@LAKERLASS, Thnak you mam and keep on smiling. Did I tell you, I love you? NO...Lass I love you!
@STAPLES24, Keep doing what you doing bro, even if I sometimes don't agree.
Thanks Bro!
@YellowFever, Thank you very much sir. I still got your back
@OUCHHHH, OUCH, OUCH OUCH, translated thanks big bro.
A full list of thanks tomorrow. Lol!

*If you are at the game tonight, you better shout your lungs out!
I'm warning you! I mean it! What do we play for? RINGS!!!
Posted by: Jon K. | May 04, 2010 at 05:07 PM


YOUR TEAM IS GOING DOWN TONIGHT! Posted by: Lakeshowinphx | May 04, 2010 at 05:25 PM

@DICE8UP, HEYYYYYYYY! where the hell you been?

@LAL_FAN, thanks so much my brother!

Justa, you said it THE BEST!

This blog has been my one and only virtual family. Thank you Larry for treating me as your blog sister. You always have my back, never fail to make me smile. You are my bright sunshiny day!!!

Before I get carried away here and be emotional, LET'S GET IT STARTED, IT'S ALMOST GAME TIME!!!BE PROUD! BE LOUD! LET'S GO LAKERS!!!

Edwin - thanks for the promotion lol!

wes - yeah. He said he gets cramped/tight when he has to be in the car for so long lol! Still - you gotta appreciate that he can spend more time with his wife & kids by taking the chopper. I'd do it too if I had the benjamins!

@LAKER MIKE, THANKS Big brother!
@HOBBITMAGE, I'm speechless and Honored. Thank you sir. I mean it.
@EJK, Thank you sir. Yes in the path of the LakerHolic even Princess Jimmy may one day be redeemed and have his own bandwagon! Lol! Thanks guy!
@RICK FRIEDMAN, Seems like I'm always thanking you, so once again thanks Rick!
@OUTLAW& BABY OUTLAW, do I have to say it? Thanks! You know you're like family to me.
@ZAIRA, Oh wise and beautiful writer of verse & Kobe Bryant worshiper, Thank you Goddess!
@EASTCOASTJESSIE, Princess thank you! You know you got my love forever.
Now get back to those books tomorrow!

@JEANETTE, Blog Sister hell, You are my Sister! lol! Thank you my dear

You know Folks that Orlando team don't look half bad. Whoever comes out of the East are going to be some Beat Up, tired players.


I too am a PsiFi fan and also enjoyed the brief run of Dark Angel. I thought the serie was only OK but for the one bright star: Jessica Alba. I was nut about Jessica before she became famous -that is before she became blond! Sure she looks good as a blond but I still miss my original dark-haired Angel.

Anyway, I look forward to the Artest vs. DWill match. Should be interesting.


I saw that segment of Cabbie on "The Score" here in Toronto. Cabbie seems to have Kobe connection. His interviews with Kobe are hilarious and he is a certified Kobe fanatic.

1 hour 'til gametime. it's going to kill me to follow the game online. although, does a pretty good job of play-by-play. i'm sending positive vibes from across the pacific. let's go L.A. play for 48 minutes, not just 36 minutes, BUT the whole 48. let's go 2 - 0 in the series!

Did anyone see ORL vs ATL game?? MAn that was "Sadistic"... this is the semifinal and they got 41 pts lead..... that's scary man..... I dont think Clev will come out form the way!!!! after Boston and then Orlando.. if they do come out from there, i'm not sure if they will have anything in tank for the final.. LAL vs ORL in final..... LAL in 6..

Put on the Mamba24 bandwagon and put me on now! Larry, You are indeed the soul of the Mamba clany



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