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Ron Artest expresses amusement over brother's arguments with Trevor Ariza via Twitter

May 21, 2010 |  6:36 pm

Lakers forward Ron Artest vowed not to post again on Twitter until the season ends, fearing that doing so would  serve as a distraction during the Lakers' playoff run. He would know. Just two weeks ago, Artest found himself in a tight spot after lamenting via Twitter the fact Phil Jackson publicly had  criticized his three-point shooting before consulting him first, though Jackson stated then he had already talked to Artest directly about his shooting.

However, Artest's brother, Daniel, hasn't followed Ron's lead. Daniel has never shied away from tweeting and has often given his two cents, such as his suggesting Cleveland would've been a better fit for Ron, or that Ron should've been named to the NBA  all-defensive team, or, lately, that Ron served as the better end of the free-agent exchange in which Artest went to the Lakers and Trevor Ariza to Houston last summer.

Of course, the latter topic has been nothing new and has been annoyingly regurgitated with a predictable pendulum swing. When Artest has a lock-down defensive performance or suddenly shoots well, the Lakers are deemed to have benefited. When Artest has an off defensive night or a poor shooting stretch, the Lakers are said to be worse off. Well, Daniel's contention spurred Ariza to get in a spat with him on Twitter, an event that Ron could only express amusement over.

"What's going on with the world?" Artest said, laughing.

--Mark Medina

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