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Ron Artest acknowledges sending out Tweets criticizing Phil Jackson

Fabforum Lakers forward Ron Artest sent out a series of Twitter messages criticizing Coach Phil Jackson and owned up to it Friday when shown a copy of the dispatches, saying, "I'll handle it."

Shortly thereafter, while talking to reporters, Artest said he wasn't mad at Jackson and shrugged when asked if he had sent out the messages, or "Tweets."

"I'm only talking to you about basketball," he said. "Twitter is for my fans."

Artest is active on the social-networking site, often sending out updates about where he is eating or, earlier this season, at what nightclubs he is appearing.


Jackson seemed more amused than anything when told of Artest's actions.


"I've been very up front with him about his three-point shooting," Jackson said. "I'll talk to Ron about it. I know he he's sensitive about it. I had a player once who was one of the great bench players, Toni Kukoc, was two-for-29 going into the Finals and I used to kid him about it all the time about his percentage and he ended up hitting, like, four in one ballgame against Seattle.

"We expect [Artest] to break out of it at some point, but he's got to be discriminative of what's a good shot and what isn't."

The messages began Thursday night at 9 p.m. with the unedited statement that, “Finally Phil Jackson didn’t mention me in media before talking me Now I can build on game 2. Hopefully he talks to me before the media.”

Then came the second dispatch, an hour later, also unedited: “Ever since phil mention things about me in media before coming to me first I was weird. So every pray he can somehow close his yapper and now say AMEN.”

The third post, an hour after the second one, said that: “Its just something that I have to get use to. He is a different stlye coach. Just bad timing during playoffs and midseason for me!!

“I think right now the team is improving so we just need to keep building or moving ahead or forward. Locking down etc....”

Artest's brother, Daniel, wrote on his own Twitter account a couple of hours later that, “Whoever hacked [Artest’s] twit page is foul.”

Before Artest spoke to reporters after Friday's practice, a statement from one of Artest's representatives said the account had been hacked.

Jackson had been praising Artest's defense throughout the playoffs but said publicly last week that he wanted the Lakers' forward to reduce his number of three-point attempts and pass the ball more often.

Artest is shooting a dismal seven for 42 (16.7%) from three-point range in six playoff games. The Lakers lead the Utah Jazz, 2-0, in a best-of-seven series that continues Saturday in Utah.

Is Artest, one of the game's top defenders, really that sensitive?

"I guess so. I guess he might be a little sensitive," Jackson said. "I usually tell the truth. I usually don't pull punches. A person has to withstand that. If they're hearing it on TV in front of a massive audience, they must understand that their coach saying it to them is going to be probably a little more harmful, a little more hurtful perhaps, but they have to be tough enough to take that on.

"Ron's been great. I think still at times, you still see a little hesitation in his game out there sometimes when he catches the ball as to where the next option goes, but he's finding his way."

--Mike Bresnahan

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I know the common line of thinking is that if Ron Ron is shooting 16% from 3, then he should probably stop shooting. I kind of think the opposite.

This guy for his career is nearly a 40% 3 point shooter. Yeah, it's a bad time to slump, but what we're seeing now is not the norm. If it's an open 3 and he has both feet set, I want him taking that shot. If he's off balance or has a man in his face, it's a different story, but a hesitant, no-confidence, wide-open Artest is not what this team needs.

The law of averages says he's got to get hot soon, but he can't get hot if he's getting messages from the coach that he shouldn't be shooting.

Wait - since when was putting something on Twitter news?

Maybe they should call them "Twits" instead of "Tweets".

That whole Twitter thing is about a half-step below MySpace and a quarter step above sending text messages on a cell phone about 5 years old.

cali -

Twits are the USERS - tweets are what they put out there!


No hate mail please.

Problem is everywhere else he had the ball in his hands.

He isn't a spot up shooter, he likes to shoot off the dribble.
he needs a bit of a rhythm, and he shoots off-balanced pretty well.

This sort of thing happened all the time with Ariza. Dude was nothing but trouble....

"Ron's been great. I think still at times, you still see a little hesitation in his game out there sometimes when he catches the ball as to where the next option goes, but he's finding his way."

Good answer Phil, way to give some props to smooth over a little rough patch. Give him a little and take it back. Way to use the delicate balance of praise for the good and correction for the bad to make Ron the best player he can be!

Go Phil!!!
Go Ron!!!
Go Lakers!!!

I see Ron so unfocused on offense sometimes, when he winds up for a shot I'm thinking he's gonna miss about 9 times out of 10. And he usually proves me right - unfortunately. BUT - when his head's in the game at that end of the floor, he's a bulldozer. Too bad he can't jump worth a crap.


Well my friends, let's see if the SUNS can continue to turn the tables on old SA, this time in Texas. It's been a sweet feeling so far but the spurs aren't dead until they've been given the coup de grace and we know it's tough to kill a champ.

Yes, we the Laker fans wants Boston to beat Cleveland then beat the Magic so we will meet your team in the Finals. It will be an easy battle for us because your team is so old. It will be like Grandpas (Celtics) against Grandkids (Lakers) It will be Lakers in 3 because the Celtics won't be able to play game 4 anymore (Forfeit)

@Butler. Yes! Go Suns!!

Mamba, I knew you were a SUNS fan (this week anyway)!

It will be Lakers in 3 because the Celtics won't be able to play game 4 anymore

Now THAT"S funny! It will be the first ever 3 game sweep!

Celtics` breakfast cereal?

What else could it be?

Lucky Charms! They`re magically delicious


Have to agree with you. I want Ron shooting the 3 everytime he's open - without hesitation, with confidence. Great players always believe they're gonna hit the next shot, no matter how many they've missed before it.

Lucky Charms! They`re magically delicious Posted by: RED`S LOVE CHILD | May 07, 2010 at 04:04 PM
I hope you know we gave you that softball Red.


I assume you are a twit then?

Mamba, I knew you were a SUNS fan (this week anyway)! Posted by: BUTLER | May 07, 2010 at 03:55 PM
Oh yeah! This week Butler, I'm a Big, Big Suns fan!

BUTLER, good to see the Suns finally get some payback.

Nash is looking quite spry...

Good Ron and Phil are finally communicating and this is good......

Hey Red, when is Rasheeds contract up?

Yes Broken Record, they are communicating all right but they are speaking in two different languages. Lol!

^^Anyone have a Zen-Martian translator we can hand those 2?

The refs are already trying to give the game to the cavs. LeBron gets a flagrant foul given to him against the Celtics on an ordinary defensive play. Simple foul, nothing more.


^^Anyone have a Zen-Martian translator we can hand those 2?
Posted by: #4 | May 07, 2010 at 04:17 PM

broken record -

I actually don't use twitter, so I guess I'm not a twit.

Sounds like you know all about it, though.

The refs are already trying to give the game to the cavs. LeBron gets a flagrant foul given to him against the Celtics on an ordinary defensive play. Simple foul, nothing more. Posted by: wesjoenixon | May 07, 2010 at 04:19 PM

No, No, no! We have to protect the Princessses Bobo. That Precious dear.
Shame on you Wes! Shame, shame, shame! LOL!

How the heck old is Nash anyway?

Stern and the refs are in full force.....

Aw my God! FIX big time!

Bynum will destroy Big Baby!

WHY?? What's going on guys???

Stuck at work for another half hour.... ARGH!!

Justa Darth Stern is stealing the game for the Princess!

@ Fan of the Mamba, I was kind of joking, you kind of have to see the video.

Obviously this is a problem Riley never had to deal with.

Mamba24 - that figures.

Let's see how Bahh-stin responds.


Rasheed has 2 more years after this one.

Does LA want him?

Yeahhhh! Agent Zero is released from a halfway house. Free At Last!

Unfortunately Red, I think the Green Guys are in trouble tonight.

Rasheed has 2 more years after this one. Does LA want him? Posted by: RED`S LOVE CHILD | May 07, 2010 at 04:32 PM
Thanks Red. Naw we have our own crazy we don't need another. I was just wondering how long the old grey Mare would be able to continue.

You know I'm getting sick of this Princess Jimmy love affair on Espn.

Justa, Doc is not looking too Happy!

God###%^ Red, You Promised! Cavs by 19 points. God##$@!@%^&**(

Aw Hell! I forgot Iron Man2 came out today!

Since none of us are perfect and I'm sure that most of us will agree that Phil Jackson is not perfect it beyond the realm of possibility that Phil Jackson should adjust his attitude when dealing with Ron Artest?

There is an old adage that reads "there are no such things as bad students........only bad teachers".............Phil Jackson should internalize that quote because his attempt to motivate Ron is backfiring.................and if he claims to be the "zenmaster" or master teacher then maybe he should develop an alternate strategy when dealing with Ron.

One of the things that strikes me and I'm sure Ron has noticed it as well, is how inconsistent Phil is when criticizing a player to the media............what's the point? Especially if you have already expressed it earlier to the player face to face like a man

I think Phil is very selective when he criticizes mainly because either purposely or "on purpose by accident" he creates camps and dissension on his teams.

Phil who is forever in a power stuggle with Kobe allows his ego to take control and in the process creates camps within the team. How do I know this?

Derek Fisher has been horrible most of the season and especially horrible in the OKC series. Derek was abysmal on defense against Westbrook, he made terrible decisions with the ball, and missed so many wide open shots and layups that I can't count all of them.

Yet despite this...........Have any of you EVER heard Phil publicly criticize Derek Fisher???

Have you EVER heard Phil publicly criticize ...............Luke Walton?????

God only knows how many mental mistakes and abysmal shots Walton has committed.

Phil Jackson has been engaged with Kobe in a power struggle ever since he arrived in L.A.............unfortunately this battle mainly exists in his own mind but he uses players and the media to gain leverage and as a result Phil destroys chemistry on teams that he coaches since being in LA

Ron Artest has been a model citizen since being in LA and his defense on Durant was a key in getting past is also clear that Ron fully supports Kobe and understands what his role is at it relates to Kobe.

Ron also never plays into the nonsense usually created by Phil in the media.......especially during the time Kobe was out and Phil and the media was asking the silly question how would Kobe fit back in with the team.

Ron's answer? "Don't get it twisted, it's how are WE going to fit in with Kobe...........this is the Kobe show"

If the Lakers do not get Phil as far away from this franchise as possible after this season they will be making a terrible mistake.............And when I say get Phil away from this team I mean get rid of the branch, tree and the root where it concerns Phil Jackson............get rid of the leftover paper cups he drank from.............EVERYTHING!!

pfunk36, I agree, Ron's been on his best behavior since he's been in LA, I think PJ has kind of missed the boat on how to deal with Ron. It'd be ironic if PJ's attempts at mind games backfired and caused Ron to go on Tilt.

To anyone who criticizes Phil Jackson and thinks they know more about running a basketball team, here's a simple stat to ponder:

Number of NBA titles Phil Jackson has won - TEN

Number of NBA titles Ron Artest or YOU have won - ZERO

Any questions?

aww look at the old men Ceptics being blown out at HOME haha.

celtic mystink on full display.

They don't pay Phil enough to deal with the huge egos he has to manage. Their is an essay entitled "Your mother was wrong, you're not special" that Ron Artest and anyone with a personality disorder like his should read.

Everyone knows Ron should be taking less threes.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


So what did the Celts eat before that 30 point beatdown from the "KING", Crap?

>>>Have any of you EVER heard Phil publicly criticize Derek Fisher???

Definitely. Several times this season. Both for shot selection and not making his shots.

You know, when they didn't get Arizza and got Ron, I thought, "on paper, it makes sense, but he's gonna do something to make them regret the move. I have no problem with how hard he has played, and his defense has been awesome. But his head has never been 100% "in the game", either or or off the court. He looks like he is confused out there when the camera moves in on him. He doesn't "understand the Triangle offense yet"? What did it take Pau when he got traded, like three minutes? There have been nagging issues all year, those above, the Xmas fall, costing many missed games, some of the stupid comments - he just isn't all there. I hope he can keep his head in the game for 10 more wins, and then we can reassess.



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