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Reliving Derek Fisher's clutch playoff moments


Even when Derek Fisher's shooting stroke was off the mark, both he and Lakers Coach Phil Jackson remained steadfast. The reasons include Fisher's mastery of the triangle offense, his positive influence in locker room dynamics and, of course, his ability to make clutch shots. And it's at this time of year when Fisher usually fulfills the latter responsibility.

It happened again Saturday in the Lakers' 111-110 Game 3 victory over the Utah Jazz. In that game, Fisher scored 20 points on seven of 13 shooting and made a key three-pointer that gave the Lakers a 109-108 lead with 28 seconds remaining. I had argued just before the postseason that Fisher remained a valuable presence to the Lakers even as he struggled on defense and continued to shoot poorly, finishing his 14th regular season with his lowest points-per-game average (7.5) and shooting percentage (38%) since his 2003-04 season with the Lakers, although he improved his numbers in April, averaging 8.3 points per game on 41.7% shooting.

Well, Fisher's shooting has no longer been an issue. Although he shot six of 22 (27%) in the first two games of the postseason, he has since gone 28 of 53 (52.8%) in the last six playoff games, showing he has found his shooting stroke just when the Lakers needed it. 

Of course, this is hardly a revelation. After missing 62 games because of a foot injury in the 2000-2001 season, he set an NBA record with 15 three-pointers in the Lakers' four-game semifinals sweep over San Antonio. Fisher made a game-winning shot with .04 of a second left in the 2004 conference semifinals against the Spurs. He hit two clutch three-pointers in Game 4 of the 2009 NBA Finals against the Orlando Magic. And in an interesting twist, Fisher's performance Saturday coincided with the third anniversary of his spending the day with his daughter, Tatum, during her cancer treatment, only to return to the Jazz in the third quarter of a playoff game against the Golden State Warriors and lead the team to victory. (If only Utah fans properly gave Fisher his due now as they did then).

Yet his resurgence still serves as a perfect reminder that Fisher, who will be a free agent this summer at age 35, can be counted upon to produce playoff theatrics. Below the jump is a rundown of the clutch shots Fisher has made during the playoffs.

May 13, 2004: Lakers' 74-73 Game 5 victory over San Antonio Spurs in West Semifinals

With Lakers guard Kobe Bryant covered at the top of the key, Fisher cut across the foul line and received a pass from Gary Payton. Immediately, Fisher turned around, fired the 18-footer over Manu Ginobili and saw the shot swish into the net.

"As it got closer," Fisher told reporters, "I knew the ball was going in."

The question entailed, however, whether the shot counted. Many of the Lakers, including Fisher, dashed toward the entrance tunnel, as officials determined whether Fisher got off the shot in time. Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich had argued the clock did not react to the catch, meaning San Antonio should walk away with a victory, thanks to Tim Duncan's fall-away 18-footer with .4 of a second left. Officials saw the replays and concluded otherwise.

The Lakers' victory marked the first time a team had beaten the Spurs at home in 19 games. It also was a storied chapter  in Fisher's legacy, with his brother, Duane Washington, describing Fisher's game-winner to The Times' Tim Brown as "the biggest shot of his life."

May 9, 2007: Jazz 127-117 Game 2 victory over Golden State Warriors in West Semifinals

Fisher's clutch performance capped a day where basketball remained rather insignificant. He had missed Game 1, as he and his family went to New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City so that his then- 10-month-old daughter, Tatum, could have surgery to treat a form of eye cancer. The surgery went so well that Fisher managed to fly back to Salt Lake City and arrive in time to play in the second half.

When he took the court with 3:18 left in the third quarter, the fans at EnergySolutions Arena gave a rousing standing ovation. Fisher forced a key turnover by Warriors guard Baron Davis with 27.3 seconds remaining as the Jazz trailed by three; he forced Davis to the sideline, deflected the ball, and Davis  stepped out of bounds when he picked it up.

The game eventually went in overtime, and Fisher's corner three-pointer with 1:06 remaining gave Utah a six-point lead. The effort concluded an emotional week for Fisher, who reportedly wore sunglasses to and from practices and shoot-arounds while processing the news regarding his daughter's illness.

"We have been on an emotional roller-coaster, and we will probably be on it for years to come, because it is a cancer," Fisher told reporters afterward. "But we're going to help her beat it and help other kids beat this as well."

June 11, 2009: Lakers' 99-91 Game 4 overtime victory over Orlando Magic in NBA Finals.

After the 2006-07 season, Fisher asked for his release from Utah so he could seek the proper medical treatment for Tatum. Shortly after, he reunited with the Lakers, and  moments like he provided in the 2009 NBA Finals show why they value him so much.

Fisher became a lightning rod for criticism in the 2009 playoffs because he shot only 27.1% from three-point range heading into Game 4 of the NBA Finals. But that didn't deter him. After missing his first five three-point shots in Game 4, he made the baskets that counted. His three-pointer with 4.6 seconds remaining in regulation tied the game. His second three-pointer with 31.3 seconds left in overtime helped secure the Lakers victory.

"I have a responsibility to my team," Fisher told reporters, "that if I'm going to be on the floor, then I have to make a difference."

May 8, 2010: Lakers' 111-110 Game 3 victory over Utah Jazz in Western Semifinals.

Fisher entered the postseason riddled with similar questions as last season, including his age (35), inconsistent shooting and struggle to defend quick guards.

But in Game 3, he proved how he can still make a difference. He drew charges, resulting in Utah guard Deron Williams getting in foul trouble. He made shots, finishing with 20 points on seven of 13 shooting, including a three-pointer that gave the Lakers a 109-108 lead with 28 seconds remaining. And he made defensive stops, such as disrupting Carlos Boozer on a missed layup on the following play.

Although Fisher's performance helped silence a bitter and antagonistic Utah crowd, it's a shame Utah's fans treated him with such hatred when his departure hinged on his daughter's health.

"I would venture to guess that if I was a construction worker ... who requested a transfer to another department for the betterment of his family, I would be commended for it," Fisher told The Times' Bill Plaschke. "But because it's sports, there's just so much passion added to it."

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Derek Fisher celebrates with teammate Byron Russell after hitting the game-winning shot against the Spurs in Game 5 of the 2004 NBA Western Conference semifinals in San Antonio. Credit: Jeff Mitchell / Reuters

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Fish is pure class. I would like to think that anyone who truly knows the story on him and his daughter would have understanding and empathy for them. Unfortunately, there will always be people unwilling to look beyond their life and their expectations. To them, Fisher betrayed them by going back to LA. Never mind that he left an 8 million dollar contract. Never mind that his daughter had cancer and LA has better hospitals than Utah. Small minded people will always think about themselves first. Utah fans who think this way should be ashamed of themselves and unfortunately that might never happen.


.4 by far and away is my favorite. Hated those Spurs!

Kobe on PJ:

"He's had a couple pretty good clutch players with him," Bryant said. "He's had a couple guys that made big shots for him."

Hmmmmm. I wonder if the media would want to exploit this (as in PJ is just a lucky coach to have MJ and Kobe).

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I say TONIGHT!!! KOBE BRYANT will have one of the GREATEST SINGULAR GAMES in the history of the game. In the history of the known universe. Many refer to 'THE SWITCH' as though it is tangible, physical object in someones control. The truth is that THE SWITCH is one that can only be ACTIVATED by the SPIRIT, and by METAPHYSICAL FORCES. In the case of Kobe Bryant, the switch is the PLAYOFFS and the BACK AGAINST THE WALL, ELIMINATION GAME. From there, the chattering of the masses shuts off, the instruction of SPIRITUAL MASTERS & SENSEI can be more easily understood, and the HEART OF A LION can be revealed in it's truest form. What the team needs more than coaching, more than new players, more than just a simple win streak is a chance. It needs a MOMENT. It needs a SWORD wielded from a rock that only ONE MAN can retrieve to be struck at the right time. It needs a GAME. It needs a thriller. In it's DARKEST HOUR . It needs a MOMENT. I say, it needs a thriller. I SAY IT NEEDS KOBE BRYANT. The Moderator Universal Love Corp. @ The Moderator | Kobe immortality
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We got The Logo Jerry West & First Great center George Mikan
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Guys are the Suns for Real? SHould we be worried at all. This team just swept a Spurs team that that was playing at a high level. THey beat Dallas who was a favored contender and the Suns Swept them. NBA TV was saying that Grant Hill Will cover Kobe 1 on 1 Is this possible? I Ask you guys this, wasn't Phoenix about ready to rebuild? I was not even worried about this team, but they are killing everyone. Do you think we can borrow Kover for the Finals!!!! I would love to have a player like that. THe Lakers would be unstoppable. I'm Out


I wish I could get game tickets then to fly to Utah and hold up a sign written in Purple and Gold using a Lakers Font, while wearing my Black and White Kobe Jersey (what I like to call my executioners jersey) that reads as follows.

"All Your Base are Belong to Us!!"

Mamba24 - THANK YOU for the rousing roll call!!


I have been a fan of Fisher since he was drafted as a Laker in 1995 with Kobe. he a great pg of Razorbacks who contribute to their only NCAA Championship season. I also felt, it was not a good move in 2004 for not re-signing Fisher and Payton and opted with this unknown Tierre Brown and later on Smush Parker, thereby wasting the prime time years of Kobe.

However, in 2010 whether it is a season or this playoffs, I consider Fisher as a prized possession in the Getty Museum. You can enumerate his illustrious past but not so dependable on his present value. He is a good reserve for those last shots before 24 time expiration, I honestly believe he does not have anymore the aura of the best shooters like in this Utah Jazz line up D'Williams or Koerver, against the Suns Steve Nash, Channing Frye and Jason Richardson. i would rather see him in the free throw line than going for those long threes.

With all apologies to the Tokins;

In the Arena, ES Arena The Lakers Sweep tonight
In the arena, the loud arena The Lakers Sweep to-ni-ight

A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh
A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh

Now hush you haters, despair you haters
The Lakers sweep tonight
Hush you haters, Shut-up you haters
The Lakers sweep to-ni-iight

A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh
A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh


I AM READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!! Posted by: justanothermambafan | May 10, 2010 at 08:41 AM
Ahem, in what context do you mean that mam! Lol! Just palying with you sister

Yes the Suns are for real! They are for real going to get their behinds swept by the Frakin LA Lakers!

In the Pantheon of Laker Lore, Fish is one you should really route for

Nice combination here of Mamba's inspirational roll call and JR's parody of SWEEP. On a garbage day in our street, I try to sweep those falling pine tree cones, just looking at them it's really tiring to sweep them on the side walks and accumulate them on bunches. However, the day after when the truck sweeper comes to do the job, it is easy and automatic with one brush every litter disappears. I think JR and Mamba24 combination provide a 1-2 punch combination that gives no more time to think, preparation has been set, therefore the order of the day is just SWEEP and move on.

Mamba24 - what do you mean what do I mean? LMAO!!



GO LAKERS!!! Is it game time yet??? Sheesh - the waiting is killing me.

(BTW - It's prolly easier if y'all justa continue to think of me as one of the guys. I'm fine with that! As a matter of fact, I prefer it. I'm more comfortable that way anyhow. I'm like the girl next door - easy to hang with. I don't want anyone thinking they have to be careful about what they say to me. That would be just plain wrong and has no place in this "fabulous forum".)

Ahem, in what context do you mean that mam! Lol! Just palying with you sister - Mamba24

~~I know it is real but I also feel awkward in referring to Justa as sister. We were accustomed in referring to snake as male species, well she came out from that hole and said I'm a different snake. It doesn't jibe with her fighting words but we have to trust the fighting lady, our Lady Liberty in the blog.

Edwin - LOL - I'm justa another member of the House of Mamba. See my post above - I'm justa one of the guys!

Great job with the sweep call!
I've got my broom ready. Look for the Kobe face tonight!
Hey Bynum, wake up!!
Lamar, get aggressive!
Ron Ron, go to the hoop!
Pau, stay tough down low. Keeping blocking those shots and tipping in our misses.
Fish, keep firing it up!
Let's get it into our bigs!
Farmar & Brown: Keep it under control.
Win # 8 is ours for the taking!!


Posted by: justanothermambafan | May 10, 2010 at 08:41 AM

Lol, Justa, are you Gassy? :(

MarkG - I knew I could count on you to be a smart azzzz! LOL!

Justa, Damn Skippy!

I had gotten used to using sis, but Edwin keeps confusing me. If you prefer bro, brah, or my favorite, brudah, let me know.

Yes, we need to win tonight to get some rest and such. Should be an interesting game for sure. Let the Black Mamba strike from out of his White Dove clothes!

Wonder what those Spurs will do next year? They basically will be one year older and I'm not sure who they can pick up (Jefferson) that can help them compete for a title next year? Probably the last year for the Celts as well.

MarkG - doesn't matter - as long as we can all partake of some interesting Laker talk, who really cares?!

@JustanotherMambafan, Just playing with you Justa! And don't ask me what do I mean by that. lol!
@RDlee, If it's sweep you want, Sweep it shall be sir!

Goooooood morning blog-o-maniacs! Just returned from the BEAUTIFUL city of KNoxville in our grand ol' state of Tennessee for a high school chum's wedding. Knoxville is a great town, bars are open 'til 3, NBA action isn't listed in the Sports section 'til page 5, and you can get great, greasy breakfast at Pete's just off Market Squar.

But I digress.

That was our best win of this post-season yet, lost amidst the game-by-game focus of our modern media corp (not you, M to the second, you flow through NBA seasons of past, present and future like the ghosts in Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol') is the fact that Derek Fisher has been tracking up steadily since we got to OKC. In this fact is an entire newspaper article, in the loudest venue with a dangerous young team that had a PG he couldn't outplay, Derek Fisher stepped up and made his presence felt. This could have been the season where those shots sorely needed miss long, where that uncanny defensive anticipation finally failed, and where his teammates tune him out.

None of it has. I read arguments listing Fisher's lacks and foibles and the collective Laker folly of keeping him around. Honestly, you're not wrong and you know what, some of those things I listed above might start to become more of a factor in the year. But I'll still take Fisher over lots of other, quicker, more ath-e-letic (a lil shout out to Coach) PGs in the NBA.

Not too bummed with Bynum's lack of offense, when he was on the floor he disrupted the Jazz offense around the rim. Made it real tough for Boozer and to be honest I wouldn't have been surprised if Phil had sat Lamar who just didn't seem to be able to get himself involved in the O until he hit that 3...which we needed big time...and he hit those 2 clutch free throws. We'll see how they both play tonight. A big game for both of these guys would be great.

Brown looks like he might be ticking up, too. A trio of decent games since he ditched the wrap looks promising for the team and it's chances. When he's dependable for 10 points on less than 10 shots/game it bodes well for the bench because they'll put the better defender on Brown giving Jordan a chance to break down a lesser guy. If neither guy is playing well, they'll both get sagged off of and that's when the paint gets crowded.

Maybe in the off season Farmar will go to a basic keep up with his man in transisition camp. Hit a big three, though. He'll always have trouble with Deron Williams, too, that guys is really good. He didn't take the bait about Fish 'knowing his moves before he can get to them' bait at half-time. He is who he is.

Another fact that was over-shadowed by Fisher's gutsy performance and Artest whale season's latest breath of air was the fact Kobe came out with both barrels blazing and looked poised to score some big-time Playoff points by taking over the offense, but kept the team involved and the bench did well enough to not demand it of him. Imperative for him to stay fresh for the next two rounds.

Yeah that's right, next two rounds. I'm calling a sweep. I'm calling a big game from Gasol, I'm calling Luke Walton for 6 points on 2 shots with 3 assists and 3 boards if he plays (otherwise those numbers are transfered to Jordan Farmar 3 assists out of him would be great and he's a PG), I'm also calling out the Suns.

I watched a couple of those Spurs games and the Spurs tried too often to keep up with Phoenix on their end of the floor. Phoenix is going to run almost every time they touch the ball. The Spurs tried to do it, too and never adjusted (or admited) that they couldn't play that style of ball as well as the Suns.

Phil knows. I like our chances. It just might be Orlando and the Lakers where we might find out what happens when our team doesn't have home court advantage for the first time in two seasons. If we win the title as the under-dog, that would be sweet.

But first, another date with the Jazz.


PJ not only had Kobe and MJ. He had Horry, Shaw, Fox, Shaq, Fish, Pippin, Harper, Rice, etc. etc. He keeps coming up with clutch performers.

Have you noticed that other than Fish and Horry, the other clutch performers weren't necessarily considered clutch before he coached them.

What is even more ironic is that these players became more clutch while playing alongside the most "clutchest" players in NBA history. At situation that would seem to suppress a role-player's need to be clutch.

Something about the way he coaches enhances a guy's ability to execute in pressure situations.


>>> This team just swept a Spurs team that that was playing at a high level.

High Level? Really?

No 3-point shooting, and Timmahhh looking very very very old.

Manu Ginobili shooting 41% for the series?

Duncan hitting less than half of his free throws?

Richard Jefferson, who was supposed to be their savior hitting 42% for the series (and 0% on 3-pointers).

San Antonio is an old breaking-down team. There's no way they could keep up with the run and gun Suns.

The Lakers already played one push the ball at breakneck speed team (Oklahoma City) and finished them off pretty easily. The Suns are deeper than the Thunder, so it'll be more challenging, but the Lakers will ensure a Sunset in the next round.


Don't we have home court against Orlando?


Great posts, Mamba24! Finish Utah tonight then sweep the Suns.

Interesting comparison between Kobe and LeBron -- Kobe tells Phil he will guard Russel Westbrook (behind closed doors, not in the media), then goes out and does it. LeBron tells the media:

"I would love to [guard Rondo],'' James said when asked about taking on the Celtics' pocket rocket. "It's something that we maybe should explore because Rondo is definitely dominating the series at the point guard position. For me, I don't have a problem taking Rondo or guarding Rondo throughout the course of the game. If the coaching staff or the guys want me to do it, I will.''

So LeBron can take credit or deflect blame, either way, he wins! Although his team might not...

The Suns maybe for real, but they are no match for the Lakers inside presence.

The only question now is...

Is it Orlando, Boston or Cleveland?


Thanks for keeping the blog juju running full steam ahead. You, my friend, are a gentleman, a scholar, and a frickin' poet.

Go Lake Show!


Has anyone noticed that during the Lakers struggles early in the playoffs against OKC that every other article was focused on "old" Kobe.........especially in the L.A. Times?

Now that Kobe is averaging 32pts on 53% shooting with 4 rbs and 6.3 assist in this series against the Jazz I can't find an article about Kobe's it seems every article is headlined with the "Lakers".

During the preview of the Jazz-Lakers series on TNT on both nights they talked about Bynum and Gasol the first night and then Artest and Fisher the other night..........not one word about Kobe.

I think Charles Barkley has made his way into the edit room because his opinion that Kobe was "old" is being exposed everytime Kobe steps on the floor.

Is it me?

Edwin Gueco,

You're making up stuff about Derek Fisher. He didn't play for Arkansas, let alone when they won an NCAA title. He played for Arkansas Little Rock.

The importance of Ron Artest.

If Pierce vs Artest
If Carter vs Artest
If James vs Artest

It is truly nice to have Ron Artest. It makes the Lakers tough, and players like Gasol and Odom rides on Artest's toughness. Artest is very important to Lakers phsych.

The Lakers does not have a player like him, now they do. Bynum and Artest had already made a difference in this playoffs. Both will play an important role in the Finals.

>>>Don't we have home court against Orlando?

Nope. That slipped by in the last week when the Lakers were resting both Kobe and Bynum.

Doesn't matter. Lakers can beat Orlando in Orlando no problem. They did it TWICE in last year's finals.

I know Jameer Nelson being healthy will make a difference, but so will Ron Artest's defense. And Bynum is in better shape than he was for last year's finals.

@ lakergurl

you wrote: "Kobe on PJ:

"He's had a couple pretty good clutch players with him," Bryant said. "He's had a couple guys that made big shots for him."

Hmmmmm. I wonder if the media would want to exploit this (as in PJ is just a lucky coach to have MJ and Kobe)."

I do believe that Kobe is alluding to guys like Steve Kerr, Ron Harper, John Paxson, Robert Horry, Derek Fisher and Rick Fox more than either he or MJ. I think Kobe thinks of himself as a little bit more than just clutch. Which he is, he's dominant. The stronger that right leg of his gets, the better this team will play because Kobe will no longer have to adjust his shot selection. When healthy there are only a hanmdful of shots Kobe takes that make me cringe, usually with multiple defenders, fading away, from distance.

That's when the Laker offense gets even easier because now one man cannot guard Kobe Bryant. You have to send a second defender, especially anywhere near the post. Now he switchers from gunslinger to surgeon, slicing your defence to shreds with his bad ass passes.

C'mon lakergurl, let's be honest about Kobe's commenst and not be insidious, or go ahead and be insidious, but let's not veil it so thinly.

Somehow Farmar and Brown's contribution to the team is their speed, this is exactly what the Suns want.

Odom, Adam and Luke should play more in the Suns series..

Sorry Rudylarusso, don't know much about the Arkansas schools in detail but I just know Fish came from that state. Thanks for the clarification.

No more confusion Mark G. Justa is our sistah and also our brah in live chat. OK, I will keep on memorizing that line like that Geico lizard, Justa is our sistah...

Thanks LTLF, I didn't realize about the slip. Dang! Then again, it means that I get to see more of the first two games because they start earlier.

I have to get on a better schedule :).


After the Detroit meltdown, 6 million for a player that had Kobe's confidence was pricey but worth it. I ran into Derek as he was in the process of fielding offers. He admitted he really wanted to stay in LA. It's always amazing to me that a million here or there, considering other lopsided contracts, kill a deal to keep a proven player, especially one your superstar likes.

He's done a good job on D Will but I think he's really gonna make Nash miserable next round. A class act that refs give the benefit of the doubt, he's money this time of year and it's all about this time of year.


Nope. We were third best in the NBA this season, that skid at the end hurt more than it seemed. Orlanda 59-23. Lakers 57-25. Unless Boston comes out of the East, it's a road series for us.

A real test of the team's mettle.

Not to rain on our parade, but Suns look pretty good. Does anyone think it will be a struggle to beat them or are we just too big?

The Lakers already played one push the ball at breakneck speed team (Oklahoma City) and finished them off pretty easily. The Suns are deeper than the Thunder, so it'll be more challenging, but the Lakers will ensure a Sunset in the next round.

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | May 10, 2010 at 09:52 AM

The Lakers finished off Oklahoma "pretty easily" ... really? Sure didnt look easy to me.

But then again, Im not a myopic longtimelakerfan.


If our bigs will make those big shots, we'll be a team to be reckoned against the Suns but if they get too sloppy, GAsol allowing to be boxed out and Drew thinking of his injury too much while letting Amare, Jones, lopez and Frye dominate the paint, then it will be a long series. They have Nash and we have Kobe, we beat them during the season and see if it will be extended in the Western Finals but first, we have to finish the business on hand against the Jazz. I also think the Suns in the playoffs are a changed team, it cannot be treated lightly in the blog.

Edwin Gueco,

You're making up stuff about Derek Fisher. He didn't play for Arkansas, let alone when they won an NCAA title. He played for Arkansas Little Rock.

Posted by: rudylarusso | May 10, 2010 at 10:04 AM


Dont you know Laker fan never lets facts get in the way of a good story? Didnt Farmer play for UCLA when they beat Fishers Arkansas team?

Hi Everybody!

Back to posting after a long time only reading all of your posts.

Mamba, please put me in the Lakers sweet bandwagon. SWEET SWEEP AND GO TO SLEEP!!

Talking about our captain, I still can't believe how some people have doubts about him. We all know his strengths and weaknesses from day 1 and those have never changed in all these years. You may like him more or less but you can't deny his contribution to the team. Besides his basketball skills, I think we have a unique personality in this team, different than most of the players we see every day. Some may say that his experience and age makes him learned but I think he has shown that personality for many years already.

Talking about our captain and others in the team that had or are going through a shooting slump. I would ask people to be more patient with our
players. It may sound stupid, but let's not forget that the player is shooting the ball because he wants the ball in and most of the times he thinks the ball will go in. They train everyday to get better and keep practising but if you have played bball you know that every once in a while you go through slumps and even those shots where you are wide open, are missed. The key is to gain confidence quick and try to improve mental toughness. In cases of long slumps (like Sasha's') we have to find out where is the mind getting "distracted". For sure Sasha's tecnique and strength is the same... On the other hand, Dwight Howard or Shaq can be trainning free throw technique and shoot 500 per day (well, not Shaq, at least not now) but they will never improve their percentages significantly AND I am pretty sure that Orlando Magic bloggers can live with that without bashing Howard.

Hey guys a links post should be up in about 15 minutes or so. Just a heads up.


That's OK James Worthy, I think you are right in one aspect, I thought I saw Fisher in the Razorback NCAA Champs but I erred. I don't claim to know everything. With regards to English language, I also admit there are lot of errors and missing words and I never claimed to be a good writer. We are not writing a book here and we don't have the luxury of an editing assistant, we just go with the flow of what comes out in our head. I'm not in competition with anybody. Do you also hate my race and guts? It is just an OPINION. If you do not agree then that is fine we move on. Read those posts who can provide you factual content and a better grasp of the English language.

"The Suns are deeper than the Thunder, so it'll be more challenging, but the Lakers will ensure a Sunset in the next round."

Not only are the Suns much deeper. The Suns have veteran players on their roster with the playoff experience the Thunder lacked.

131-92, what do expect a leprechaun to say? He will find faults and seize it. That is the reason why we call them leprechauns, they're mean and unkind.


Well said -- please keep up the posting, I enjoy your opinions.

You're worried about depth?

No, don't worry.

Don't worry at all.

It's not like we're facing Westbrook or Williams. We're only facing Nash - a guy that is more of a hybrid between the former and as good as neither of them. He is, on the other hand, the most over rated player of the last 10 years aside from McGrady or Carter.

I think the Suns will set in 5 or 6 tops.

Forgive me, but it's a little early in the game to either praise Fisher or bury him. We're still in the WC semi-finals.

My jury is still out. Only when the complete storyline on the Lakers' season and post-season is written will I celebrate or denigrate what Fish contributed to the party.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Derek Fisher has answers when the game is on the line. He's really a clutch player. Knows fully well the triangle offense and when to shoot the ball. His game-winning shots makes the game of basketball exciting for players, coaches and the fans.

Derek Fisher should have a job with the Lakers as long as he wants one. If he can't play, he should coach. If he can't coach, make him a consultant. Pay the guy good money and keep him with the organization. Pure class and pure clutch.

Kudo's to you for doing the roll call of all the lifers and the jumper-on-er's......that's a piece of work!!!!

Jamie Sweet: "I've always had issues with the change in format of the finals (I know, looking too far ahead), but I think it turns home court advantage into a break even situation. The only time it would be home court advantage is if the series goes all the way to seven games. I think if you're "Underdog...great cartoon" if you can take one of the first 2 on the road, I think you're in!!! I looked up and went back a bit.....and in the last 23 years the series went to 7 games only 3 times out of 23 years....I do need to look up the record of which team with the better record won over those series...Most likely heavily tilted to the team with the better record. winning in 7 games or less.

Marky Mark,

Thanks for the thread.

Derek Fisher is one of my favorite players, especially as his o.4 shot kept me from punching a Ukrainian mobster who had been riding me the entire game and stood behind me swearing after Tim Duncan made his shot.

I put my head to the bar, clenched my hand in a fist and waited for the last moment to tick off to throw my punch. Instead, Derek made his shot. Overwhelmed with joy and exulation, I got in the mobster's face, screamed "F YOU! GO LAKERS!!! [Followed by wild war cry at the top of my lungs.]"

The mobster apologized (this guy had been aggressively riding me since the end of the first quarter and we were the only two people in the bar), began buying me vodka shots, and discussed money laundering with me.

Ah memories.

Thank you, Derek. It's curious how the fates of Lakeraholics are tied to actual Lakers.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Edwin Gueco,

Good post.

So you wrote this: Fourth, if you ask anyone in NBA where is the Lakers strength? they will point at these 5 players. A good prized fighter will give his best punches in the last round, he's going for rally points or finish the fight with punishing blows.

my response: I don't argue that those are our 5 of our strengths. I argue
that you're using a knife as a spoon. In your proposed lineup, you have
Lamar at PG or SG. That alignment limits LO's rebounding and arguably
he's the 2nd best rebounder on the team.

So ... You're getting slower at the pg or sg position, so that you can be
taller. What is your gain from that?

Your perimeter shooters are now: Kobe, LO & Artest. Does that *REALLY*
give you confidence? Given Fisher's clutchness, why on God's green earth
would you substitute LO for Fisher?

Again, I want to make sure that I'm clear on what you're saying. You're
saying that you prefer LO's shooting over Fisher's shooting in the last
5 minutes of the game? Especially given Fisher's body of work?

To say this a different way: You're saying that you want to remove one of
our most clutch playoff perimeter shooters for the sake of playing LO out
of position?


WHO? Me worry?LOL

I havent worried bout my Lakers all season, why should I start now?

I'm just throwing some facts out there to chew on.

I'm saving my prediction till the W/C semi's is over.

I did predict a 5 game series with the Jazz with game 4 being our only loss. I'm gonna buy me a broom before the game!

Wow, world's turned upside down, with 131-92 making accurate statements in a courteous way about Edwin Gueco's inaccuracies...Edwin, I had thought was usually OTB, on the ball....and 131-92 was always just precoccupied with slamming the Lakers over the last 2 years.....It's going to start raining frogs soon.

Edwin---back to IloIlo for you! - James Worthy

~~I think you are the Filipino troll blogging in an internet cafe and trying to rile us to submit to your uncanny ways. You have been banned and bounce from one name to another. Hey, remind you again and also to everyone - we are here because of the Lakers not because of the bloggers. Please shift the attention to the public figures not to the opinion makers. Opinions from us are a dime for a dozen, take it or leave it; hate it or love it; but you can't stop us from saying it.

Edwin Gueco,

you also wrote: you a lesson on "Perseverance" History reminds us of:

An outstanding lawyer failed in business in 1831
Defeated for legislature in 1832
Second failure in business in 1833
Suffered nervous breakdown in 1836
Defeated for Speaker in 1838
Defeated for Elector in 1840
Defeated for Congress in1843
Defeated for another Congress in 1848
Defeated in Senate in 1855
Defeated for Vice President in 1856
Defeated for Senate in 1858
Elected President 1860
Story of President Abraham Lincoln, regarded as the best President this country ever had.

my response:

1. I don't know who told you that Lincoln was the best president. I would
actually disagree with that. It would depend on how your criteria.

re: perserverance

1. Look up the Nez Perce indians.
2. Look up the IMF and whether or not they've had a good return on loans
to emerging markets in latin america.

I would agree with you that perserverance is a great trait. I believe that
throwing good money after bad is a foolish thing. One could argue that
throwing good money after bad is a sign of perserverance, but ... most
times it's just not smart.

As of this point in time, the people arguing for the *TALL* lineup seem to
be of the belief that Tall is better than Quick. Statistically, that argument
isn't true. You certainly must take into account positions, but ... there is a
reason why guards tend to be 6'5" and smaller. It has to do with agility and

EG made a mistake, wow, everybody move on., unless of course you've never made one. I think I may have made one or two in my lifetime, ha, ha!

One of San Antonio's mistakes was playing at the pace favorable to the Suns instead of slowing down the game. In their series with Dallas, the four games that SA won had an average pace factor of 85 possessions. In that sweep by PHX, the average pace factor was almost 95 possession. Big mistake.

So one of the keys for the PHX matchup is to sloooooooow it down. And that's where the value of a veteran PG like Derek comes in. He is one of the best in managing the pace of the game.


The only reason I recommended LO for Fisher in the last 5 minutes is the hight advantage. I'm also not satisfied with the defense of LO but nobody can discredit him with his rebound play and long hands than Fish. Somehow, the big comes out a better defender than the small player. What I just want to insert is Bynum & Gasol working together in the post. They are slow and also tentative but because of the lenght of their coverage of the post, there is no way Boozer and Milsap, Cj Miles or Kirilenko penetrate the lane without being blocked.

Of course, Hobbit that is only a suggestion and an opinion and I think PJ will still go with his former rotation.

OUTSTANDING that ROLL CALL get the energy flowing, Now let's get down to business, Ladies and gents start your engines. We see the finish line and theirs no stopping us now, the Jazz know this. If not today then next game, BUT YOU CAN"T STOP DEVINE ORDER. Also WHY, WHY would we the WORLD CHAMPIONS fear the SUNS? No way in HELL, this is DESTINY.

Rick - When is the perfect time to relive Fish's shots? His shooting has turned around in the past six games so it's not like this is a one-game reactionary type thing.


Jon K - I'm glad you liked the thread. Its' definitely chilling to rewatch all those videos. I found the .04 shot video interesting because EVERYONE thought Duncan's shot won the game for the Spurs. Interesting to see all the body language and commentary before Fish's shot.


Also WHY, WHY would we the WORLD CHAMPIONS fear the SUNS? No way in HELL, this is DESTINY. Posted by: 2PHATT | May 10, 2010 at 11:22 AM

To Edwin Gueco -- Derek Fisher played for the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and their mascot is the Trojans. He never played my alma mater, the University of Arkansas at Faytetteville, which is the home of Razorbacks.

id have to say Lincoln was our greatest president. i mean, he did fight to preserve the union from Southern Democrats, the secession of the southern states and subsequent formation of the confederacy, and kept the border states in the war on the union side, even as it was killing him. to add to that, he also emancipated the Slaves (whether or not it was a political move or an ethical move, he clearly had the balls to do it). hahahaha, just had to get my piece in on that.

The suns go down in 5 for one reason and one reason only: Amare dont play D. Never has, never has wanted to, and more than likely, never will! we got this guys, beat the snot out of Utah and bring on the Suns!!!!

Mamba: We should be re-living that D-Fish bandwagon from a couple weeks ago. We need to remind folks of those that have always been Fish believers.

GO LAKERS!!! Close out tonight!!!


So, I come back to the blog for D-Laker talk and an Honest Abe thread breaks out? Wow.

My last extended post on the blog 2 months ago was in defense of Derek Fisher. My current post praises him. Now, let's be clear -- LA will have no answer for its opponent's point guard the rest of the way. Nash, Rondo, Nelson, or Williams will shred them offensively. Fisher is a defensive liability.

That being said, he is one of a select few Lakers over the last 3 decades I trust with the ball and the game on the line. He is my favorite Laker of this era, period. I do believe LA needs to find a long-term answer at point guard to be competitive beyond this season. But D-Laker should always be a part of this team.

Go Fisher!

Go Lakers!

And the Suns? Nah, Lakers are better team.


I've been saying it all year about Fisher. I didn't understand why all the NEW Laker fans were saying he should be benched and he was their weak link and Jackson didn't know what he was doing and had too much loyalty to him. All long time Laker fans know that D-Fish always comes up big and is a true professional and his leadership, toughness, mastery of the triangle and ability to hit HUGE shots is why he's still playing and why Jackson trusts him. Just like last year in game four against Orlando and this year against Utah, it's no surprise that Lakers fans are yelling FIIIISSSSHHHH, after one of his patented, high arching threes splashes through the net to put a dagger in the opponent's heart. I'm not surprised, I've seen it time and time again and after all it's playoff time.

PS, when he struggles next year at times hold your tongues, and don't hate on him like you did all this year and remember that FISH comes through when it matters. Kobe's never won a ring without him. Go FISH!!

Mamba, I'm with PsychedLakerGirl. Bring back the "Ride or Die with Fish" bandwagon. Everyone might at well jump on.


So many clutch shots in Derek's career, but 0.4 will always be my favorite. I loved the way he ran off the court, too! I wouldn't want to stick around with those angry Spurs fans after putting THAT dagger through their hearts.

Fisher is pure class, apparently OFF the court as well as on, which his peers have acknowledged in a variety of ways.

I know we're likely to lose him this summer...but I'm holding out hope that despite his age, his declining regular season stats, etc., he'll remain a Laker until he retires. Look what he does for us time and time again in the postseason--our REAL season.



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