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Poll questions for Lakers-Celtics series

May 31, 2010 |  3:10 pm


Like an early morning shot of espresso, the Lakers-Celtics NBA Finals matchup has served as a jolt of energy for the rivalry's history, the Lakers shot at redemption for the 2008 Finals, the league offices, the media and, of course, the fans. It's going to be an anticipation-filled few days before Game 1 begins Thursday with pregame analysis, matchup assessments and I'm sure some back-and-forth exchanges between both teams.

As I've done with every series, I've liked to get the pulse of the fans and get a sense of what they're thinking about heading into the series. And whether it's the want for the Lakers to redeem their 2008 Finals loss, wondering what a fifth championship would mean for Kobe Bryant's legacy or hoping the Lakers have the physical toughness to defeat Boston this time around, there's plenty of topics Lakers fans surely have on their minds.

To process all that, below the jump is a litany of polls. Before Game 1 on Thursday, I'll follow up with an analysis to properly explain what's making you all tick heading into the Lakers-Celtics 12th Finals appearance.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: For the second time in three years, Kobe Bryant, right, will lead the Lakers against the Celtics in the NBA Finals. The championship rivalry dates to 1959 and includes such legendary matchups such as Larry Bird versus Magic Johnson, left, and Bill Russell versus Wilt Chamberlain. Credit: Los Angeles Times