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Poll Question: Do Lakers fans prefer Boston or Cleveland?

May 6, 2010 | 11:31 am

I've often asked readers in the Lakers blog live chats questions regarding their attitudes toward other players. It intrigued me how many felt disdain about Ron Artest's antics during last season's Western Conference semifinals, only to feel excited knowing he'd bring that to the Lakers this season. It fascinated me that many Lakers fans wouldn't welcome LeBron James to Lakerdom, but would greet Kevin Durant with open arms if he wore the purple and gold. The Times' Fabulous Forum blog did a recent poll on an question I had also asked some of the Lakers' fans: Are you rooting for Boston or Cleveland in the Eastern Conference semifinals?

The poll results currently show 80% of respondents want the Celtics to win over Cleveland, but I'm sure the answers could be wide-ranging. Is it the fact that Cleveland would have home-court advantage over the Lakers should they meet in the NBA Finals? Is it because Boston seems to be an easier Finals matchup? Do Lakers fans simply dislike Cleveland more than Boston, or do they just want to see the classic Lakers-Boston rivalry add another chapter to its storied history?

Vote in the polls below, and share some of your thoughts in the comments section.

-- Mark Medina

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