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Poll Question: Do Lakers fans prefer Boston or Cleveland?

I've often asked readers in the Lakers blog live chats questions regarding their attitudes toward other players. It intrigued me how many felt disdain about Ron Artest's antics during last season's Western Conference semifinals, only to feel excited knowing he'd bring that to the Lakers this season. It fascinated me that many Lakers fans wouldn't welcome LeBron James to Lakerdom, but would greet Kevin Durant with open arms if he wore the purple and gold. The Times' Fabulous Forum blog did a recent poll on an question I had also asked some of the Lakers' fans: Are you rooting for Boston or Cleveland in the Eastern Conference semifinals?

The poll results currently show 80% of respondents want the Celtics to win over Cleveland, but I'm sure the answers could be wide-ranging. Is it the fact that Cleveland would have home-court advantage over the Lakers should they meet in the NBA Finals? Is it because Boston seems to be an easier Finals matchup? Do Lakers fans simply dislike Cleveland more than Boston, or do they just want to see the classic Lakers-Boston rivalry add another chapter to its storied history?

Vote in the polls below, and share some of your thoughts in the comments section.

-- Mark Medina

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It's all about home court. I want home court, so bring on Boston.


The Celtics still owe us one from '08.


you wrote: Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, and of course, Colombia, all of them is America (South America exactly) Spain is Europe. Spain is alongside France, Portugal and Italy. You can see Pau Gasol that is the perfect example of spaniard (white, tall and hot) The Spaniards been similar to Italians and Frenchs. Nord-spain is most like Britons.

my response: Actually, Guatemala, Mexico & Nicaragua are not in South
America. Mexico is in North America. Guatemala & Nicaragua are in
central america.

re: Pau Gasol. I've been to Barcelona & I didn't see a lot of tall people. No,
I don't find him hot.

If you like them tall & white, then have at it/him.

re: Pau's similarity to the best centers to ever play the game. No. It's not
close. The best Centers *DOMINATED* in one way or another. Russell
dominated on defense. Wilt dominated offensively. Kareem was all around
the best. They were all more physical & physically gifted.

Be well.


I prefer the leprechauns too. We have unfinished business with them and 131 kept on reminding it. There is no substitute for the happiness of a repeat and doing it against the Celtics.

I prefer the Celtics, but only because they are physically less gifted than the Cavs. We have matchup advantages across the board, or ways to counter their matchup advantages over us.

Plus, its freaking hilarious to see Lamar get under KG's skin.

This of course is assuming the Cavs/Celtics get past the Magic. I'm not sure either can do that.

There is no rivalry between Cavs and Lakers. What would the story-line be? Kobe puppet vs Lebron puppet? 0 rings vs 4 rings? BORING!

Boston has some payback coming, and the time has come!

Boston vs Lakers, Where NBA Happens!

Why Boston? I don't want Lebron to come anywhere near a championship. He's won nothing. Not getting to the Finals would humiliate him and he needs to be humbled. Do I flat out hate Lebron. Hell, YES!

I saw a pretty good comment on another article or message board. To paraphrase, its not about who we play to get the ring, its about the ring itself.

The Suns can claim playoff victories over us. They can dance in the streets if they want, provided they have their papers. But did they ever win a championship because of it? No.

And remember, that 9-2 record boston has against us dimisses the 13 other times Boston wasn't even good enough to be in the finals when we were there.

Its about the ring, fellow Laker fans.

Satan Stern and his refs are giving the LeCrabs every call against Boston, just like last season against Orlando. Not a single foul was called against the Cavs in the second quarter of game 2 (totaling 16 consecutive minutes without a single call against the Cavs), and only one foul called against Lebron in 41 minutes. How is this possible with two physical teams? Like in game 2, Boston will have to overcome, not only the Cavs, but Stern and the refs to win the series. The only reason I would rather face Boston is because Stern will ensure that the Cavs will get all the calls against us.

Lakers vs's payback time!!!

After watching Orlando, I'm not sure either Cleveland or Boston makes it to the NBA Finals. But, given that choice, I would rather see the Lakers crush the Celtics -- four straight, with a 30-point beatdown in game 4.

MM…Here is an interesting statistic of which I bet most Lakers fans were unaware. Andrew Bynum played in 65 of 82 regular season games this year, which was exactly the same number of games that Pau Gasol played. Yet, the perception of fan seems to be that Pau played more games than Drew.
Some other Pau and Drew statistics: Drew averaged 15.0 points and 8.3 boards in 30.4 minutes per game. Pau averaged 18.3 points and 11.3 boards in 37.0 minutes per game. If you extrapolate Drew’s stats to 37.0 minutes per game, he would have averaged 18.3 points and 10.1 boards per game.

MM…Here is an interesting statistic of which I bet most Lakers fans were unaware. Andrew Bynum played in 65 of 82 regular season games this year, which was exactly the same number of games that Pau Gasol played. Yet, the perception of fan seems to be that Pau played more games than Drew.
Some other Pau and Drew statistics: Drew averaged 15.0 points and 8.3 boards in 30.4 minutes per game. Pau averaged 18.3 points and 11.3 boards in 37.0 minutes per game. If you extrapolate Drew’s stats to 37.0 minutes per game, he would have averaged 18.3 points and 10.1 boards per game.

Posted by: LakerTom | May 06, 2010 at 12:34 PM

Oh no, here comes a KB blitz post next.

LTLF… “It sure would be nice to get revenge on the Suns AND the Celtics in back to back series. It would just close the door on the 2005-2008 years.” That was exactly what I was thinking. The old saying that revenge is sweetest served cold definitely applies here. Nothing like killing the Suns revival before it even got going and then the Celtics last gasp hope before another 20 year hiatus.


Doesn't anyone remember our regular season games against the cavs?? The scandalous officiating? I am scared S**TLESS of facing the cavs and every laker fan should too..

Besides I want payback... I really want to see drama queen kg and wheelchair paula on OUR floor with confetti all over their faces

MM.. how bout havin the chat tomorrow night during the cavs/boston game?

I can't wait to see the crab choke up in boston.. Let's see how he responds to real pressure in boston garden. I predict another boston massacre.

"It fascinated me that many Lakers fans wouldn't welcome LeBron James to Lakerdom, but would greet Kevin Durant with open arms if he wore the purple and gold."_MM

One would never guess that they both have ZERO rings. Is Durant gonna start dancing around just cause he won a scoring title? NO. The kid has much respect for the opponent, unlike LeKing Crab who has won Zero championships. Lebron wont even shake hands if he loses. Is that how we teach team play and leadership to the young boys and girls who play the game? I have much more respect for Kevin Durant as a player and as a person.

I'm thinking of the bigger picture. I don't care about rivalries; I only want the banner. The easiest route for our Lakers to repeat is to avoid the Cavs in the finals. Boston is a slower team than when they beat us 2 years ago. The Cavs would be very hungry for the following reasons: Lebron to confirm his dominance over Kobe, Shaq to win one and then retire, the Cavs to win it all to keep Lebron in Cleveland.

Likewise, the Cavs are the hungrier team (than the Celts), and this alone makes the Cavs more dangerous.

We need to get the Cavs out of the playoffs asap. The Celts, or better yet the Magic, would be an easier foe than the Cavs.

MM, I'd take LBJ or Durant, but don't tell anyone I said that.

The poll question about the team LA would prefer makes little sense.LA would have home court against Boston and one victory doesn't make them anywhere near as formidable as the Cavs. Besides, Orlando might win the east too.

I've said it before, Shaq winning another ring would be a major catastrophe.



SELF banning????



Dude - you KNOW I won't let you go without a fight. Do you really want to see that? Really?? Beside, who else could wear the purple & gold thong with the same pinache that you do?


MARC B… “Since you don't agree with them, you bash them for being newbies and tell them to get lost. Since you've been here four years, you somehow have been anointed "King of What's Right and Just"! That's the way you are coming across.”
I will of course defend Larry against all comers as he is truly my blog brother. As another long-time Lakers Blogger, I think Larry has been one of the main reasons why so many “newbies” finally get the courage to post on this blog. I have heard many new posters comment on that specific point.
And there is something to be said about having had numerous conversations and interchanges with another blogger over several years providing one with a better context and basis for judging others and their motivations and quirks. The Larry I have come to know and respect is probably the last person I would ever consider to be judgmental of anybody else on the blog. And that is not JMHO.
You do raise an interesting issue, however, which is whether or not the newbies should be considered to be illegal bloggers and whether or not MM needs to enact a version of the Arizona immigration law. Perhaps newbies like DFish and Achtung should NOT be able to come to the blog without proper ID? Maybe we should close the blog borders, especially if the newbies are causing more trouble than the good comments they contribute. Or maybe we just eliminate any people with green colored skin.
After all, we were here first so shouldn’t we have the rights to keep others from coming here and taking advantage of everything that we have done over the last four years to make this blog successful. Why should we share that with newbies who have never paid the price of having a team with Smush Parker and Kwame Brown as our hopes for the future. Maybe they should be charged a service fee. Anyway, this is obviously just a joke on my part but there is a parallel and ID issue here as in AZ. :-)

MM - quite the can of worms being opened.... yes I'm talking about Septics or Crabs LOL!

I say bring on the Septics. We owe them a humiliation. Let it be done.

And yello - MM.. how bout havin the chat tomorrow night during the cavs/boston game?


MM - can we do that?????

Don't u know about bad karma, and being jinxed?!?! how can you ask about the NBA finals (and who the Lakers 'prefer') when the Lakers still need to beat TWO more teams JUST to get into the finals.

WTF, I had to go back and read some comments (including the immigration fiasco).

Did Larry really leave. Dude don't go. Seriously!

I take back what I said about being willing to take LBJ.

Justa, how did this happen?

unequivocally BOSTON! we have a lot of payback due for all of the years they defeated L.A.! we still have many demons to exorcise for baylor and west!

Why is Orlando not mentioned here?
THe only reason LA fans want to see Boston is because Cleveland will smash them and in the process give Lebron his ring, taking the top spot away from Kobe and watching FAT SHAQ surpass Kobe with 5...

Get your reprting in order Medina...Orlando is the hottest of the three East powerhouses and the reigning Eastern Conf. champs...

It's irresponsible and weak reporting to keep neglecting to report on the real threat besides Cleveland to the Title - the team with the Def. playa of the year and the best outside shooters in the league....doesn't bode well for the team with the softest and most injur prone big men in the league with the worst outside shooters in the NBA -LA...


I just read your posts on the previous threads. Beautiful, just beautiful.

I think Orlando isn't mentioned because most people here don't give a cr@p about Orlando. I guessing most Laker fans believe we can take the Magic even if they have home court.

MAGIA32… “Oh no, here comes a KB blitz post next.” ROFLMAO. That was a good one. Thanks.

Justa, how did this happen?

Posted by: Mark G


This has nothing to do with match-ups. I think the Lakers can beat Cleveland even without the home-court. All this has to with a little thing called the 2008 NBA Finals. (game 6 to be specific) Living out here in the Boston area I have to go to the internet to get Lakers news, and all I hear from co-workers and others are what a disgrace the Lakers were against their "precious Celtics" during that series. I would love for the Lakers to demolish all these Celtic fans' hearts and win it in 4 or 5 at the Garden!!!! Then everything will be alright out here and I can rock out the 2010 NBA back-to-back Champion Lakers shirts while rubbing it in their "green" faces!!! Remember Game 6 fellas'!! Payback shall be sweet!!!!

Celtics, one reason ,no one in this world wants Shaq fool idiot to have a chance to win another ring and ask you to taste his damned big a**.


Larry was joking, right?

I live by the adage "To be the best, you have to beat the best". If the winner of the L-eastern conference is either Orlando, Boston, or Cleveland, i dont care. Im ashamed to hear people talking about conspiracy theories and home-court advantage as reasons to want one team or the other. fooey! if you wanna stop the trolls in their tracks, show them whats up! if we beat Boston, sweet its revenge. If we beat Cleveland, Awesome, Lebron aint getting one while the Lakers crew are breathing, if we beat Orlando great, Matt Barnes had it coming after the last game we played. Above all of these opponents however, is this: The Ring. It dont mean a thing if you dont got that ring (just ask Barkley). so Cheer the Lakers no matter what, we love them and where they go we'll follow!!! Go Lakers!!!!


>>>What you think is the real succed, winning a first round playoff game with
>>>L.A. LAKERS o playing a playoff game with the GRIZZLIES. Really you think
>>>the two Franchises, Lakers and Grizzlies been at the same level??????

Oh, I see. So the name of the franchise makes a difference. So it doesn't matter who makes it to the highest level, it's all relative to the group you're playing with.

So by your standards, Hamid Haddadi must be the greatest player in the world, since he had some limited amount of success playing with the Iranian team, which isn't anywhere near the level of the mighty U.S. and Spanish teams. Winning a single game with Iran is much better than Michael Jordan's 6 championships.

Get this clear: the NAME of the team has nothing to do with it. The players on the team does matter. And the opponent matters.

This should make things a bit more clear for you...

The Grizzlies, led by Pau Gasol, played the Suns in the first round of the playoffs in 2005. Pau had Mike Miller and Shane Battier as two of his teammates, both of whom have played on the U.S. National team. He also had Jason Williams and James Posey on his team - both were strong role players for championships with other teams (Williams with Miami, Posey with Boston). They got swept, losing by an average of 11 points.

The Lakers, led by Kobe Bryant, played the Suns in the first round of the playoffs in 2006 and 2007. Kobe had only one teammate who was good enough to make the U.S. National team team - Lamar Odom. The other Laker starters were Kwame Brown, Luke Walton, and Smush Parker (and occasionally Chris Mihm or Brian Cook). The other players who got rotation minutes were Sasha Vujacic and Devean George.

So CLEARLY, Pau had better teammates than Kobe did. CLEARLY. Not even close. Not up for debate.

Most of the core Suns team that faced the Lakers was the same as that that wiped up the floor with the Grizz. Nash, Amare, Marion,etc.

In 2006, the Lakers took Phoenix to 7 games. There were three iconic moments of the series. The first two were in game 4: Kobe hitting a buzzer beater to send the game into overtime, then Kobe hitting a buzzer beater to win the game. The third moment was in the waning moments of game 6. The Lakers had a lead, and if they won the game, they would eliminate the Suns.
But with a few seconds left in regulation, a long rebound bounced out to Tim Thomas. Kwame Brown didn't bother to go out and guard him, so he casually shot and tied the game. The Lakers lost in overtime and lost the series.

In 2007, Lamar had an injured rotator cuff and he wasn't the same, so the Lakers only managed to win one game vs the Suns. Kobe CARRIED the team to that one win - he scored 45 points on 58% shooting, and also had 6 assists and 6 rebounds.

So it has nothing to do with the NAME of the team or the franchise. A team with good players should be able to win AT LEAST ONE playoff game. Getting swept shows incompetence, or at least lack of leadership. No Kobe led team has EVER gotten swept in a playoff series. NEVER. Not even once.

So if you want to say, "Pau is my favorite player, I like him more than Kobe." then that's fine - go for it. But when you make ridiculous statements like "Pau is a better leader than Kobe." or "Pau is the best player on the Lakers.", then you're wrong. It isn't even a debate. You're just plain wrong.

If Pau is ever able to lead a team to a playoff win where he's the best player on the team, then maybe we can talk. But until then, you have no factual grounds for your claim.

I think we'll be playing the Magic in the Finals.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


ugh. I just threw up in my mouth a little... I voted for the Celtics to actually win the series vs the Cavs.

But I guess it's a little like being on some reality show and being given the choice of eating bull testicles or live maggots. Either choice is disgusting.

Either way the Lakers will probably handle them, but I'd just relish a finals victory over Boston more than one over Cleveland.


Larry was joking, right?

Posted by: ChicNstu

Chic - I certainly hope so, but I fear he wasn't.


MM - first of all - Laker fans do not PREFER Boston or Cleveland. We HATE them both. We want them both to lose. I think it makes us all puke a little in our mouths even discussing this lol!

That said, I said Septics cuz payback would be sweet. Still - the championship parade will be just as joyful no matter who we have to clobber in the Finals!


>>>Nothing like killing the Suns revival before it even got going and then the
>>>Celtics last gasp hope before another 20 year hiatus.

I got chills.

Nicely put, Laker Tom


OWNER - MarkG - getting it started!

DRIVER - Justa - cuz no one runs off our Mamba24!

Losing Mamba24 might be the biggest threat to a repeat.


I did want the Cavs so we could beat up on LBJ and Shaq, but after reading Ricks comments about not wanting them anywhere near a title and hobbitmage's comments about turning LBJ into Nash 2.0, and basically, just wanting to win and thinking home court advantage may play a role, I now change my vote to the Celtics as the preferred team.
The Magic will not be as easy as last year. Last year they may have learned a lesson, they may be a tougher match up than anyone.


Enters Lebron James into the world of 3rd dimension where he won many MVP awards but never won the NBA title. Lebron James name becomes synonymous with the word perennial bridesmaid.

I prefer that Lakers play the Celtics. If you think Durant got a lot of call against Lakers in the first round..... Wait till we play Lebron, aka "The Chosen One". All you will hear are emergency sirens going off at all corners of the court if any Laker so much as smells Lebron talkless of touch him.

Anyways, I believe the finals will be Lakers vs. Magic part II. GO LAKERS!!!

No offense to us all, but I think MAMBA24 is the M(ost)V(aluable)B(logger)!

Laker Tom,

Nice post on Gasol/Bynum stats, I wasn't aware of that.

jeez. this place is crazy.

Cavs, Celts, Mags, MEHHH they all look beatable to me! I think the "Championship Swagga" is talking haha, bring em on!

Mamba24 this is for you:


OWNER - MarkG - getting it started!

DRIVER - Justa - cuz no one runs off our Mamba24!

NAVIGATOR - D(erek)J(eter) - put me on there!

Guys - I suck at this - can someone with mad skilz take over??? LOL!!!!

I want the Suns and the Celtics! Period.

I am still sour about tle playoff loss aginst the Suns two in a row and the Finals 08. I want revenge!



1. if he stops pouting

2. IF stands on top of the chair and apologizes to the blog community

3. if he promises to never to say "OUT FREAKING STANDING"

I'll split it with you JUSTA


(01) MarkG -OWNER (TEMP)- getting it started!

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(002) JEANETTE - SHOTGUN - FINALLY!!!!....BANDWAGON FOR LARRY (MAMBA24).....Do we still to say we need to get a seat on them?.....It's a scramble now!!!
(003) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN – WINGMAN ELITE- Count me a resounding IN for the THANKS MAMBA24 BANDWAGON!! Larry - for everything you do - for everything you mean to me and the rest of the blog - a heartfelt THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.
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No matter how hard times get, no matter what curse or bad moment we face, you are always in with so much lively power, so much embracing flair and so much inspirational pulse that we can never really feel like anything else but a very happy, tight and special family.
(006) EASTCOASTJESSIE – OUR LATINA PRINCESS - I'm definitely on the Mamba bandwagon. Larry has been the glue that holds this blog together. During the miserable years of Smush and Kwame, Mamba single-handedly helped us keep our sanity. He has rallied us all when all we wanted to do was trade everybody not named Kobe.
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LakerTom, you are in charge, I leave it to you!

Larry, if you leave now, and we don't win the Ring, people will always say, "What if?" What if Mamba24 had been there?

MM, is that true, has Larry been banned?

phred, is that a professional opinion?

MARK G… Thought it was appropriate to repost Larry’s Bandwagon. For those who take Mamba24 for granted, you should stop a second and realize how much time and effort this guy devotes to his beloved Lakers and his grateful blogmates. In the early days, I was the guy doing the bandwagons until Larry took over and believe me, he does a hell of a better job than I ever did. Come rain or shine, whether he has had a bad day or a great day, the guy can be trusted to lift our spirits with his caring, wit, and dedication. You want to disrespect this guy, you are going to find you have an instant roll call of enemies. He is gold and deserves at the least the respect and thanks of every Lakers fan who has enjoyed this blog. Larry is at the heart of everything that has made this blog so great. PERIOD!

Lakers should sign Joe Johnson over the summer as the next Point Guard for the Lakers.

Adam, Fish, Farmar, Brown, Mbenga, Powell are all expiring contracts or will sign with another team. All their salary should match Joe Johnson..


+2 from the draft and 4 from the d-league.

I get back from taking a final, and right before I'm going to get something to eat, and I see that the blog became a political forum, a place where people who NEVER talk about the Lakers start posting about the Suns (and their jerseys), immigration policy, newbies who start to unleash on established personalities, and MAMBA24's apparent banning of himself?

WTF is going on here?

Justa, Jon K, Mark G, Phred, Troy B, Corner J, Rick, LakerTom, Art, Zaira, EastCoastJessie, J24, D(erek) J(eter), anybody... can you PLEASE tell me WTF is going on here?

The Big three Bynum, Gasol and Odom played very well in game2. For Lakers to win in Game3, Kobe and Fish has to be efficient.

Larry, get back to your position, you need to stop D'Williams huh. "Absence sharpens love and presence strengthens it. You have to be here up to the end of the playoffs.

Wow, we have a financial meltdown today before noon here in Southland, good gracious a lot of retiree became poor again when stocks plunged by 3% because of the financial turmoil of Euro, Greece in particular, Portugal and Spain might follow. What is the effect on this to our Lakers

If our astute GM could act immediately, he could invite the finest guards in Team Greece and Team Spain to come to the Lakers because their team might not be in a viable position to pay them promptly and might collapse soon too. I am referring to the team Panathinaikos and Olympiakos. Greece is in austerity program, work cut backs, credi cuts and possible high inflation. As such the mighty dollar of Mr. Jerry Buss will be very attractive to the best point guards like: 1) Diamatidis Dimitris; 2) Spanoulis Vassilis; 3) Nick Kalathis 4) Antonio Fotsis; 5) Nicholas Andrew; 6) Josh Childress and lastly 7) Theodoros Papaloukas. On the Spain side, Pau would know who needs the money. lol!


OWNER - MarkG - getting it started!

DRIVER - Justa - cuz no one runs off our Mamba24!

BILLY IN SLO - Along for the ride (unless Larry does not return; then I'm outa' here!

Let me get this straight. Satan Stern fines Danny Ainge for interfering in a game by waving a towel during a free throw? Yet Stern publicly interferes in free agency by stating he wants Lebron to stay in Cleveland? What's next for the evil dictator? Dress codes?

I want the Green Goblins for pragmatism and idealism purposes.

As much as I detest the Celtics, I really cannot stand LeBron James and his sense of entitlement and disrespect for other players not named Michael Jordan. His dumb on court antics- those stupid fake photo taking, and dancing around shows such immaturity and poor sportsmanship. I'd love for some Eastern team to deny the Crabs from even smelling the finals.

We also owe the Green Goblins a long overdue payback- a trouncing so bad, it'll be the talk for a whole generation. I want revenge and I want redemption.

This is not the same Boston team of 2 years ago. AND we have home court advantage this time round. I'm confident our boys will take care of business this time round.

So bring on the Boston Pee Party!


you asked: WTF is going on here?

my response:

The quick answer: the NBA playoffs.

The longer answer: 1st there was a political discussion FYI, I was not the
instigator. :)

2nd. Someone got rude in tagalong, I believe.

3rd. A Spanish national went berserk over Pau, named him the leader of the
Lakers, & professed his admiration for tall, white Europeans. I did my
best to refute the leadership thing, but was magnanamus ( not to be
confused with eggmanamuffy from the commercial) in allowing him ( I think )
to be into to tall white europeans.

4th. Some *pick an insult* of a sportswriter had the gall to indicate that the
Lakers were scared of Nash 2.0 ( aka LBJ) which led to a question about who
do we want to play and why.

The political discussion had to do with immigration which led to talking
about the Suns because they're going to wear jerseys which say "Los Sol".
PJ commented about this which helped get the ball rolling.

Justanothermambafan ratted herself out with the following:

1. She's smart.
2. She's cool.
3. She's hot.
4. She's Canadian.
5. She was an illegal immigrant, but now she's a US citizen.
6. She likes vodka, but doesn't drink a lot.
7. She's smaller than a size 8.

She refused to give her cup size, although I did ask. Hobbits are curious
creatures. She refused to talk about how she gets in to her (tight?) jeans,
although I did ask because Hobbits are curious creatures. Apparently,
we're bad too. Who knew?

How did the final go? What was the subject?

Cali, OK from what I can see, Larry got into with a couple of Trolls, one was named litebeam. Look on page 3 of the thread where PJ comments on the Immigration/Los Suns issue. It's like 2 threads back. That's where it seems to start. The guys sounded like trolls to me, and were here just for the political angle. It was like being on HuffPo again. IMHO.


Thanks for adding me to the bandwagon.


Sorry. The stock market tanked, and funds that I'm expecting aren't quite
here. Missed opportunities while I float in the vulture position.

I had a run-in with a judge & a bank. I was mildly successful vs. wildly

So. Who would you prefer the Lakers to play & why?

bonus points if you can get justa to talk about her cup size. Hobbits are
curious creatures.

Go Kobe!
Go Lakers!!!

What the h--- is going on here? This blog has been out of control since the PhilJAx quote was posted. Whatever happened to our ability to disagree without being disagreeable?

Mark G, Justa, LakerTom,

Mamba24(Larry C.) can't be allowed to disappear. Call out the FBI and the Secret Service. Roll out all necessary band wagons; make sure to punch my ticket, even if there aren't any seats left; I'll stand, if necessary.

All of us being Lakers fans is enough to declare our unity. Or, at least I thought so. Order must be restored in the Universe.

Oh no, here comes a KB blitz post next.

Posted by: Magia32 | May 06, 2010 at 12:42 PM

Actually I had no problem with the post by Laker Tom. He was mostly right and I agreed with it. Only thing was that Pau played more consistently than Bynum but that's about it.

Hey Magia32 are you now obsessed over me? :). I'm flattered though sorry already taken. Hobbitmage and I loved our little duels. In any case if you want sure though for the sanity of the blog I prefer not to but if you want be obsessed with me like DFish is with Jon K. heck come take my spot I'm ready to go :).

Rick F, I agree, that thread just opened a one big ugly can of worms. Bleh!

I picked the Celts. If we had home court against the Cavs but not the Celts, I would have picked the Cavs. My druthers are based entirely on which opponent would have to travel for games 6 and 7 in Staples, and not on which opponent is the better team.


I'm with Rick.

Strength & Honor.

See what happens when you have this many days between games!


Bynum is still very young even though it seems he has been around for ever. Unfortunately, his brilliance has been overshadowed by his injuries. Some of Bynum’s ardent fans built the Virtual Beast while the real Bynum hobbled from one rehab to the next. In his young career, Bynum already has over come adversity that can make a grown man whimper. Some of you fans sit on your high horse reading your complaints list to them I say look up to Bynum for inspiration. This year, the real Bynum has surfaced and I am very impressed by his rock solid contributions. I applaud the kid for standing big and tall. There is no doubt that Bynum is the real deal, barring any injuries (knock wood) I say roll out the red carpet for the Champ. Bynum’s star is burning bright…….

Chupain mo ako!
Where is Edwin and Jeanette?

~~MM This is another derogatory remark coming from Filipino juveniles playing with your blog. I thought you already banned this poster.

Edwin Gueco.....could you imagine Pau having to bail out his own country, maybe if baby bro, mark helped too, right?


Filipino versus Filipino battle is on the uprise:

Chupain mo ako!
Where is Edwin and Jeanette?

~~MM This is another derogatory remark coming from Filipino juveniles playing with your blog. I thought you already banned this poster.

Posted by: Edwin Gueco |

mamba24 was pissed to put this on his roll call:

"You misunderstand brother. I wasn't getting on them cause they were newbies, I was reacting to his comment abot they want to come to a place where they can be free of Blah Blah. I interpreted this to mean they had been coming here before and so I called him on it. But my dear brother since my comments seem to be as unpopular as my dear departed brother Aztronaut. I now Self Ban myself from the Blog. It's all yours go at it."

~~This is address to MarcB 10:33 post in trying to support the allegation of Mr. A than Mamba has thin skin.

Again, MM, you need to look at indiscreet posting going on in your blog, this is no longer going against the Lakers but personal attacks on traditional bloggers. Perhaps, it is envy thinking we enjoy some kind of entitlements being old posters so we are now the enemy. I hope you take care of the indecent occurrences in your blog, we can take it lightly.


MAMB24 done this before, last time he threatened a blogger suggesting that works for IT and knows how to get to the fan..and then disappeared for a month..

These antics of an mamba24 are nothing new.. don't be misled Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde Larry!!

To Mr. Mike James and Mark Medin

This is what you call "intrigues" playing different handles from Ron Artest, the horrible to Marvin Gaye see the pattern Eric, Manny Pacquiao, Oshea Jackson, I hope by now you are convinced that your system that is LAT blog automatic is going out of your control. You need to take over your blog and before you lose interest from regular posters.

One Adam 12, One Adam 12
Lakers Blog reports missing person
Goes by name of Mamba24,
Please respond 10-18

I want to see a pay back for 2008. This time it will be different. In 2008 , the Lakers made Perkin look likes an AllSTAR. This time Andrew should drop 50 on him and be an AllSTAR. I also think Ron is a very good match up with Paul.......Exciting series. At the end of the day. Lakers Win.......


While you may be correct about the various problem posters I don't agree the blog should go back to having every post read before being posted.
Mark has stated he will monitor the posts, though not real time.

Let them have their day of fun.
As long as you and/or others point them out, give MM 24 hours to work on it and do what's needed.
The instant posts are a nice improvement.

Edwin Gueco:

Marvin gaye handle belongs to me and not to Horrible Ron so stop your panick stricken self, sit down and drink some water. I merely posted the note as I find it amusing that someone is getting under your skin and calling you names in your native lingo. MM knows and can tell by email address tied to the chill

The reason why I want Boston to beat Cleveland is because I cannot stand Lebron James. It's not even Lebron I can't stand, it's the people that are Lebron James fans. They always try to argue that James is better than Kobe and I'm tired of hearing it. Bryant and James are both different players in different stages of their careers and in two different generations of the game. James is a good seven years younger than Bryant. Personally, I think that if people are still making this argument, then Kobe is a better player considering the fact that people are trying to argue a 25 year old is better than a nearing 32 year-old. I mean come on, really? Age is a huge factor, especially in basketball!

If Lebron fans would get off his jock and talking about how he's better than Kobe then maybe I wouldn't hate Cleveland more than Joakim Noah.

I wanna end on the simple note that Kobe has been playing with an injury all season long; Lebron barely hurt his elbow and he is playing like a little B****.

I never thought I'd say this.....


There is no rivalry between Cavs and Lakers. What would the story-line be? Kobe puppet vs Lebron puppet? 0 rings vs 4 rings? BORING!

Boston has some payback coming, and the time has come!

Boston vs Lakers, Where NBA Happens!

Posted by: ChicNstu | May 06, 2010 at 12:03 PM

ChicNstu, I couldn't have said it better myself. There just isn't a story line with LA v. Cleveland.

Bring on the Celtics!


Hey guys, Brad Turner has a post up from practice


MM…Here is an interesting statistic of which I bet most Lakers fans were unaware. Andrew Bynum played in 65 of 82 regular season games this year, which was exactly the same number of games that Pau Gasol played. Yet, the perception of fan seems to be that Pau played more games than Drew.
Some other Pau and Drew statistics: Drew averaged 15.0 points and 8.3 boards in 30.4 minutes per game. Pau averaged 18.3 points and 11.3 boards in 37.0 minutes per game. If you extrapolate Drew’s stats to 37.0 minutes per game, he would have averaged 18.3 points and 10.1 boards per game.

Posted by: LakerTom | May 06, 2010 at 12:34 PM

DAAAANG! Tom. What you are saying is, "its a good thing we kept that kid", huh? I'm with you on that one!


EDWIN & MM… One possible solution to allow us to continue the auto-posting is to have a link at the end of the signature line for us to click if there is something objectionable about the post. It is a fairly common link on blogs that auto-post. I also think it is a staple on Craig’s List. I really like the auto-posting. It is like turning the regular blog into a Live Blog with instant gratification only a click away. We just need a simple and easy way to alert you when something is objectionable and needs review.

Edwin - As I've said before, ignore any negative comments. I will delete them when they come. I banned that specific IP address and that email but it appears they're using different IP addresses and different emails.


Looks like he/she is testing the system. Edwin, congrats! You're getting the Jon K treatment from Dfish.

MM… The link could also just be your email address to send you a copy or notice of the time of the post.

I voted for Boston. My reasons:

1) Home court advantage
2) I want revenge for '08
3) I dislike Lebron's attitude and the fawning the press does over him enough that I want to see him fail miserably.

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