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Headhunting Jackson? Lakers say nobody’s tried to tempt the coach away

Phil Jackson has not been contacted for any NBA coaching vacancies, a Lakers official said Tuesday.

"Not to my understanding," Lakers spokesman John Black said. "Obviously, if they were to contact him, it would be tampering."

An ESPN report said the Chicago Bulls and New Jersey Nets went through "back channels" to gauge Jackson's interest in coaching their teams next season.

Jackson, 64, is in the final year of a contract that pays him $12 million this season. Earlier this month, he said he was not interested in coaching the Bulls.

"No, I'm not," Jackson said. "I think it's a wonderful job for whoever takes it. It's a team on the rise, and there's some young talent that showed their ability to come back after probably a devastating first two months."

The Bulls fired Vinny Del Negro after losing to Cleveland in the first round of the playoffs. The Nets fired Coach Lawrence Frank a month into the season and recently indicated they would not renew the contract of his replacement, General Manager Kiki Vandeweghe, who came down from the front office to coach the team the rest of the season. The Nets finished 12-70, the worst record in the NBA.

The Lakers play the Phoenix Suns in Game 4 of the Western Conference finals Tuesday in Phoenix. The Lakers lead the best-of-seven series, 2-1.

-- Mike Bresnahan, reporting from Phoenix

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Wonder if PJ would change his mind if LBJ signed with Chi-town?

I think the bottom line is that plenty of these kind of reports will come out until an official decision is made.


Dear God,

Please forgive Machine for Machine has sinned. It has been 1 year since Machine win championship. Machine thought cutting hair would give Machine more power, but like Sampson, power went away for Machine. Machine thank God very much for sending Maria to Machine. Machine very happy off the court, but very sad on the court. Please God help Machine.

We need you draining 3's SV!!

Chris Broussard, the ESPN reporter who 'broke the news' on the backdoor PJ headhunting by Chicago, also predicted that Cleveland will win the NBA Finals.

Nash was so banged up after game 3 you would have thought he forgot his ID at home!

It's LA or a walkabout for PHil. He's accomplished everything and made his money. There are no incentives left to lure him anywhere but back to the beach with Genie.

I don't know about PJ LA or done. I mean you could have:


not too shabby!

posted by mamba24

3. Jack Bauer routinely jacks off shots just like Kobe.

excuse me?

MAMBA... Thanks for the Beast Bandwagon. Never underestimate the heart of a Beast !!!
DJ... “We may want to slow down a bit, Celts haven't won their series yet, but they probably will. I've noticed them slowing down in the 4th Q. I think the way to beat them is to run them HARD! Tire out those old bones, ha, ha!” I have an even better one for you, DJ. With the Magic having two of the next three potential games at home, the seeds are sown for the younger Magic to perhaps get us payback for the Red Sox 0-3 comeback on our Yankees. How sweet would it be for the Magic to stun everybody and win the next three games. I would think that would be worth even missing a chance for revenge. Celtics first NBA team to blow a 3-0 lead.
MARKB... “Dear LeBron, Thank you for expressing your interest in joining the Los Angeles Lakers. Unfortunately, we presently do not have an opening for a small forward who is unable to elevate his game to the level of his dancing. I have forwarded your resume to the Laker Girls VP of Operations in the event an opening should become available.” ROFLMAO, Mark. That was inspired. My pick for RCOD. LOL!

Game Day. It is time, time to show these upstart Suns that no gimmicky defense is going to get them past the Lakers. No last hurrah by Stoudemire on his way to Miami. No last gasp by Grant Hill. No more lucky broken body parts for Nash (although i think he's made of a fiborous goo the amount of damage he sustains and keeps on rolling. he must have a lot of hit points!).

No more. Draw a line in the sand, Lakers, and then punch any Sun in the face who dares cross it. Metaphorically speaking, of course, no suspensions needed to get the 'tough' point across. We need to play our game, you all know, the one where 7 footers tap the ball to each other off the rim and back board. You've seen it, where Lamar plays steallar defense and his offense is gravy. Where Bynum has a double-double, where Fish hits clutch shots and Kobe and Gasol are a tandem to be feared on both ends of the court. the team where Ron Artest shuts down J. Rich and gets himself double-digit points on single didgit shot attempts. Ditto for Farmar and Brown.

I know you've all seen that team 'cause you're all like me, in a way. Die. Hard. Laker. Fans. So it's time for us to act like it.

It's time.


Now there you go reminding me of the Red Sox miracle! Ughhhhhhhh!

Wonder if PJ would change his mind if LBJ signed with Chi-town?

Posted by: D(erek)J(eter) | May 25, 2010 at 01:37 PM

I got the info from Jim Hill of KCAL9/CBS2 sports. The deal was to get LBJ and PJ to coach the new bulls.

I don't know where Hill got his info as journlists are supposed to check the validiy of what they say/print. Either way if it did occur nobody is going to admit it.


In a way, it's a no win game for PJ to go back to the scene of the crime, with another "best ever" candidate, and do it all over again. The Chicago lineup is good but so what? He's got God status now, nowhere to go but down. Not like the man needs anything except maybe a thrill or two.

In that case, if Jerry should do something extremely stupid or, say, insulting, which he's certainly capable of, Phil, who loves the competition, could give Chi a go out of spite.

If we don't win it all this year, my money would be on him wanting another shot here.

im surprised not alot has been said about that elbow by Robin to Fishers head.
That was about as premeditated as, well, when Fish laid out what-his-name last year in the playoffs

If PJ goes to Chicago, I. Will. Puke.

Is lebron even smart enough to play in the triangle?

You all have a valid point about PJ, especially if we win this year, he could ride off in the sunset!

Whatever rumor has reported that much is clear: If Phil Jackson want a 10 million dollar salary, there is no doubt that there is more than 1 NBA owner out there who would be dying to pay to get him. Therefore, as a Laker fan I trully hope that the Buss family and the Lakers management can work out a deal with Phil Jackson as soon as possible. He has brought home 4 NBA titles for the organization, and there is no any other coach in the NBA who can handle the existing Lakers roster at this moment. He is the QB of the team, and he deserves the 10 million dollar pay more than Kobe, Gasol, Bynum and Odom.

Hey!!! I want an iPad!!!

God!! What's up with that? I thought I was your homey...

It's ok if Phil goes to Chicago and takes puke with him

Dear Laker fans,

My team will win tonight, oKAY?
Robin and Amare will dominate Pau and Bynum again, oKAY?
The zone is a Laker killa, oKAY?
The series will tied tonight, oKAY?





Phil is NOT GOING ANYWHERE!! Except maybe Montana for the summer.

Phil will stay even with a paycut. Do you honestly think that there isn't a "behind the curtain" deal in place that will entice PJ to STAY?!?! I wouldn't be surprised if we aren't already looking at a "SILENT" minority owner of the Purple & Gold as we speak.

Mark my words... LAKER ... 4... LIFE!!

LOL Troll Man - I never thought of that!

But no. If PJ goes to any other team, it will be a tragedy for the Lakers. He's a vital cog to the championship wheel. I certainly hope Buss understands that a couple more years of the triangle will put us ahead of the weeners in bling. No doubt in my mind about that. THEN he can resurrect Showtime if that's what he wants.

Wonder if PJ leaves, if a coach with a more running style would be hired?

Let Phil ride off into the sunset so we can gripe about the new coach coming in

Wont Happen.. sure, everyone has memories of pleasant times in their past, but PJ? NOW?? Nawwwwwwwwwww.. He's older, his body wont respond well to Chicago winters now.. He likes life in Playa Del Rey layin around with Jeanie :) His escape is Montana... the dude is living the dream if you ask me... I doubt if Dr Buss lets him walk.. just like I doubt the Suns will Win tonight.. Lakers in a close game.. Kobe goes into Mamba mode early.. stuns the crowd and Big Mouf Barkley

As for the flood thing, my bad.

Posted by: God | May 25, 2010 at 02:25 PM

bwhahahaha.....that hilarious.


Is that a commandment?.. about the Celtics, I mean.
Like when you had me gather all the animals..
Any idea what it smelled like below decks?
And couldn't you have waited.. there's so fewer species now.


Posted by: Noah | May 25, 2010 at 02:20 PM


Is it true that Greg Oden was with you in the Ark? I know he looks old, but really?

When you go to the back door, it's ok. When u go directly on front door, it's tampering. Why don't the Lakers go on the backdoor? That is where the shady deals are done.

Let's focus on the game tonight, this is another distraction.

Rick F. the Wednesday ratings were affected by American Idol.

Laker fans couldn't stand any coach besides Phil

A new coach would...
call timeouts when things are going bad
play the hot players and bench the cold
make in-game adjustments
substitute according to need rather than custom
emphasize defense

No Phil needs to stay or this would be one boring 70 win team

>>>No Phil needs to stay or this would be one boring 70 win team

who would lose in the first round

REVISIONISTS HISTORY SASHA V.: "It has been 1 year since Machine win championship. Machine thought cutting hair would give Machine more power, but like Sampson, power went away for Machine."

Power Went Away When You Grew Your Hair the Summer 0f '08 Before the Championship Season and Started Dating Maria Scharipova!!!

The ONLY Scoring You've Done Since the 2007-2008 Season is with Maria!!!! Not That I Can Blame U!!!

On The Court, You Went From "Sasha Vujacic" to "Snausage I'm-Ur-Biatch" After You Inked Your Long Term Contract in the Summer of '08!!!!

Hair Had Nothing to Do With It!!! Maria's Just Sapped Your Energy... ;-)

Rumor mill..............B Scott to coach Clippers...

Rock Breaks Scissors!

Scissors Cuts Paper!

Paper Covers Rock!

Triangle Breaks "Girlie Zone"!!!!


Dear bloggers of L.A. Times/lakers:

In the United States, why you do not prevent who reproduce subjects with serious intellectual deficiencies and morals.

What type of educative institutions have you stops to leave to deficient intellectuals and morals like our friend “Ouchhhhh loose”?

This filisteo, this enquistado toad, this vile worm is allowed to dishonor blog human beings with its lees malolientas, its tragi-comic manipulations and that continuous one “bothers that something is”.

Boy, is the last time that I go to you in this blog. I hope that the rest of normal people does just like I from now on.

There is a proverb in Castilian that says: “There is no better scorn than not to make esteem”. Or what is the same, to troll pure indifference, has the poor man with its own ruindad enough.

Hopefully you rot in your own stupid hatred miserable clown. Until never!

All things are impermanent. Just ask the Celtics, who are experiencing a brief, impermanent stretch of good basketball. Soon, they will endure the endless suffering that is rightfully theirs. All beings suffer due to having an unclear mind. The most prominent case-in-point is the Little Lieutenant, Mike T., who suffers endlessly. He became attached to the calves of Kwame Brown, and this attachment led to unclear thoughts, which led to his endless suffering and feelings of confusion. The Lieutenant is beyond clarity and is bound to suffer unto eternity. Consistency is illusory. The Cleveland Cavaliers, whose regular-season consistency was phenomenal, regained their inconsistency during the post-season. The only thing constant in Cleveland is foul weather and fouler women. The Lakers are on the path toward enlightenment as they fuse with the Divine. Posted by: Buddha | May 25, 2010 at 03:17 PM

Estimados bloggers de L.A. Times/ lakers:

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¿Qué tipo de instituciones educativas tienen ustedes para dejar sueltos a deficientes intelectuales y morales como nuestro amigo “Ouchhhhh”?

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Muchacho, es la última vez que me dirijo a usted en este blog. Espero que el resto de la gente normal haga lo mismo que yo a partir de ahora. Hay un refrán en castellano que dice: “No hay mejor desprecio que no hacer aprecio”. O lo que es lo mismo, al troll pura indiferencia, bastante tiene el pobre con su propia ruindad.

Ojala te pudras en tu propio odio estúpido miserable payaso. ¡Hasta nunca!

Escarpia, vaya por favor hallazgo un hoyo a arrastrarse en y morirse.

Hey blog! Who prefers me to Sasha? I'm partial to me. I'd have asked about Jordan, but I think that one is obvious.

We often hear how difficult it is for a team to learn the triangle offense. (Incidentally, Ron Artest's TV quote during a TV interview last week, about how hard it has been for him to learn the triangle: ". . . there's no play book!", was a classic.))

In theory, it might take a year or more for Chicago to develop into a reliable playoff team, even with LBJ. James has already proven that a team can't get to the finals based on his talent alone.

Given enough time, there's no doubt that PJ could probably create another dominant team. However, this late in his career, would PJ be willing to coach for the couple of years it could take to develop a team in Chicago that doesn't know the triangle?

Some of you guys know a good deal about this sort of thing, what do you think?



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