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Andrew Bynum reports more pain in right knee but Lakers remain unconcerned

The torn cartilage in Andrew Bynum's right knee has worsened because of increased swelling, he told reporters after practice Saturday.

"It's something where I'll have to continue getting treatment and pump the swelling out," said Bynum, who added that the pain increased at some point last week either in Game 3 or 4 of the Lakers' Western Conference semifinals series against the Utah Jazz. Nonetheless, Bynum said his knee hasn't experienced any more structural damage.

The timing makes sense. Bynum finished with 17 points, 14 rebounds and four blocked shots in Game 2 against Utah, but then went scoreless in Game 3 and had only six points in Game 4. He sat out Friday's practice to get more treatment. But the Lakers viewed his absence along with Kobe Bryant's during Friday's session as strictly taking advantage of the week-long layoff before the team faces Phoenix on Monday in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals.

Would Bynum have been able to play had the series started earlier?

"I've played in every game," Bynum said. "I don't know how effective I would be, but I'd play."

Bynum and Lakers Coach Phil Jackson provided differing answers on how much he practiced Saturday, with Bynum saying he went through the full session and Jackson saying he played through most of it. But both Jackson and Bynum remained unconcerned about his health.

"He's running with some limitations, but he still looks good," Jackson said. "It's good to see him out there."

--Mark Medina

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Anyone else notice that all the teams with players Artest is needed for, all those teams, with the exception of the Celtics and Paul Pierce, are gone? We got Artest for Carmelo, LeBron and Pierce and only Pierce remains.

Still, I think Ron wil go on a 3 point streak, and make his presence felt on both ends of the floor. And is there some kind of NBA trick Ron can do to irritate Matt Barnes? Like Olinemen in the NFL can poke out people's eyes. Can Ron stick his thumb between Barnes' ribs or something? Give him a good pinch that swells up as big as a grapefruit and as blue as deep space? Please?

Just a thought.



dont forget about VINCE CARTER; of course hes no melo or bron but hes played well this postseason and did so last time we played the magic in orlando. If we could negate howard w. our length, vc with ron, lewis with pau, then just leaves jameer nelson. either way ron would and will help.

We’re in for an exciting finish watching the NBA’s version of the Final Four head into the home stretch with each Conference Final featuring matchups between a young 3-point-shooting offensive-oriented team and a veteran pound-the-ball-inside defensive-oriented team. It’s the ultimate test for the run-and-gun practitioners, their chance to show the basketball world that inside-out basketball is not the only way to win a title.
The key to stopping 3-point shooting teams like the Suns and the Magic is to force them to shoot non-paint 2’s. Keep them out of the paint, chase them off of the 3-point line, and turn them into midrange jump shooters. Slow the pace down and play half rather than full court. Avoid turnovers and 3-point shots out of rhythm that can lead to fast break points. That’s what we’ll see the Lakers and Celtics do against the Suns and Magic.
I like how the Lakers matchup with the Suns. Kobe is going to be going for the Suns’ jugular the minute the clock starts . Drew, Pau, and Lamar should have a field day against Stoudemire and whomever else the Suns trot out there as front court players. Fisher will have his hands full with Nash but the Lakers have always had great success turning Steve into a shooter rather than a playmaker, since he gets the rest of team going.
Like every past series against the Suns, the winner will be the team that is able to impose its will on the other. It’s the constant tale of tall ball versus small ball. I would not be surprised to even see Phil Jackson put the Lakers Big 5 out there sometime during the series just to mess with the minds of the rest of the teams in the playoffs. One way or another, the Lakers are going to be doing a lot of posting up on the Suns this series.
Expect the Suns at times to try fronting the Lakers big men like the Thunder did, hoping to tempt our outside players into casting off 3-pointers rather than patiently running their offense to get the needed ball and player movement to open up opportunities in the paint. The Lakers will need to play with discipline, especially early in the shot clock, and not be seduced by to play into the Suns hands, something only veteran teams can do.
These playoffs are quickly turning into the Lakers Revenge and Redemption Drive as we get a chance to pay the Suns back for our playoff ousters in 2006 and 2007 and then hopefully the Celtics for our 2009 Finals debacle. Throw in the 2nd round collapse of LeBron James and the Cavaliers and the stage is set for Kobe Bryant and the Lakers to open some distance over their major rivals in their ongoing battle for basketball supremacy.


Does your Mic have a windscreen? That would cut down on all the noise during interviews.

Does any one remember from two years ago, some on here were saying Bynum needed to tough it up and play through pain with his knee? (see Jon K's comments)

Is it now Bynum is more of a 'tough man' playing with pain or is it his injury is not as severe? Or perhaps a little of both?

I wonder if Drew will hurt us more than help? Perhaps start Lamar and bring DJ in as backup when needed. Seems like it sure would be nice to have a healthy Chris Bosh instead of Drew right about now? Too bad perhaps that Mitch didn't try to make that happen. And please don't mistake for a Drew basher, would like him to be all that, but hasn't been when it has counted for the past two and this post season(s).

FATTY... Wow! It’s great to hear from you. We’ve all missed your great humor and wit. I hope your health is fully recovered. If I remember I think Faith advised us that you had been in a serious automobile accident. Anyway, I think I speak for all of us that we would love to have you back posting regularly. I still remember rolling on the floor laughing at some of your great classics like Shaq at Dunkin’ Donuts. So welcome back. Looking for your “take” on the new Phoenix Suns. Always a Fatty supporter and fanatic.
To answer your question, I think it is a combination of Drew becoming more mature as well as totally different kinds of injuries. The dislocated knee two years ago made it impossible for Drew to come back at all. The torn tendons in the other knee healed in time for Drew to play but limited his ability to play at a high level so he was only a part-time contributor. This year, the Achilles and meniscus tear were not as serious and thus Drew was able to contribute more but still wears down due to the pain. Bottom line, despite the injuries, he has played the same number of games this year as Pau Gasol and has been at times a real force in the playoffs. I am hoping this week off really helps, although this thread is not exactly encouraging. Fortunately, the Suns don’t have any real inside force so Drew and Pau should have a field day. I say Lakers will sweep Suns away.

Was better for the team not to fix Bynum's knee?
if the procedure would have keep him 7 days out, and with our present time off, and with bynum not nearly playing at nearly 40%
Last year we won in spite of Bynum playing limited, and we are going to do the same?
They need to put the pros and cons in a balance. Bynum right now is a big CON right now fot the team. And will be until he learn to play with passion like Kobe does, and forget about the pain.

C'mon Drew, it's ok to divulge that the pain is worse but SAY to everyone, "I'm gonna play, and I'm going to be effective..." Then go out and do it. I you believe it and if you say it YOU"LL DO IT! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND YOU CAN OVERCOME AND DO ANYTHING!!!


I would like to feel as optimistic about placing a whippin on the Suns, but I think they will be a very tough out for us. Here's hoping we will be firing on all cylinders!

Bynum continuing his All Star season. Spectacular, Spectacular. But it's not REAL.

for 12 mil. even a Yugo takes u further than the BEAST.

a swollen Beast.

Disney, pay attention at this character.

ready for a new Block-Buster?

Bynum continuing his All Star season. Spectacular, Spectacular. But it's not REAL.

for 12 mil. even a Yugo takes u further than the BEAST.

a swollen Beast.

Disney, pay attention at this character.

ready for a new Block-Buster?

Posted by: ouchhhhhhhh | May 15, 2010 at 05:08 PM

Hey Couch (sorry I was laughing when someone called you that hehe) aka ouchhhhh,

You can't harm this dude. He's the one averaging a mighty 10ppg so far! how dares you! 3 out of 10 playoff games he had a significant effect means he's already a franchise player! You can't make fun of him ouchh because he's andrew bynum! the beast! the MVP of the league 2010, the finals mvp (already), the DPOY! A true center which makes him untouchable next to Kobe Bryant! You can't make fun of Bynum fans I protect dems! Har Har. He's underpaid he should be earning the same as Lebron aka 20 million!

Was gonna ask how come Drew didn't opt for surgery and come back the finals given the fact that he wasn't needed against the Jazz and/or Suns. Yet, even though B-Roy came back within weeks- the typical recovery will take 4-6 months.

So, Drew keep your head up, hands up and surely get in some good hacks on nash.

While doing my "honey does" today I was looking for the broom but I found a note in it's place, saying it was on vacation in Phoenix.



thanks for pointing that out. i did not see it. i have my personal list of scroll through. also, if it not addresses with hhhhhhhhhhhh, it's not me or for me.

good u had a good laugh. i would have had one too. i like self-irony so yes i can also take a jab especially on a blog. it's part of my daily make-up.

but i think they really meant Coach.

unfortunately i'm just an overpaid blogger with too many years on my contract with the LA Times blog. i will be modest and say that Coach is not my aspiration. i'm just greatfull that I can run around with a clipboard in my hands.

Coach? no. but i got my INTANGIBLES

Wuttup peeps.

Haven't had much time to post and just got caught up - finally!

WELCOME BACK FATTY!! I didn't know you'd been in an accident - sorry about what you must have gone through. Being back on here must mean you're doing better - so hurray for that!

PJ cracks me up. It's funny how everyone knows that he's playing mind games with him, but yet they continue to work. The Zen Master continues - ring 11 waits!

I can't wait for Monday... this waiting is making me crazy. If I see one more sports segment about the princess I"M GONNA GO POSTAL. Seriously. The guy chokes in the biggest game of his career to date, and he's still all that and a bag of chips??? Really???? Where's the laughing? The pointing of fingers? The shock? The dismay? UGH. I even saw one segment about his career where the Team USA win showed highlights of the princess and pictures of her and other teammates with the gold medal - AND NOT ONE GLIMPSE OF KOBE - NOT EVEN ONE.

I'm losing it. In a big way.

I need a Laker game. Reruns are just not cutting it right now. I need to see them stomp the Phuns into nothing but a layer of pigment on the Staples Center floor. I want Nash to just try to drive into the lane and meet up with another elbow - this one from Socks or Pau don't care which - and have another black eye. I want Amare to try an oop - just once - and get mblocked. I want complete destruction - utter annihilation - a total meltdown of the idiot Phuns. This may begin to make up for the level of anger I'm feeling right now over the stupid BSPN crap that's all over TV. If nothing else, it will be a good start.


Nothing but another title will suffice - Kobe Bryant

The Bynum injuries will eventually take their toll. The knee is one thing but the Achilles heel isn't sound. I think this guy is going down at some point.

The Suns aren't big enough to really make Bynum put pressure on his knee and achilles...but Boston? Perkins weighs 278. That's a lot of pressure for a guy who's knee and achilles are iffy.

Orlando, I think Bynum can deal with a 265 pound Howard.

Lakers/Suns...Lakers in 6
Lakers/Magic...Lakers in 6
Lakers/Celtics...Celtics in 6

mike t.


you wrote: Was gonna ask how come Drew didn't opt for surgery and come back the finals given the fact that he wasn't needed against the Jazz and/or Suns. Yet, even though B-Roy came back within weeks- the typical recovery will take 4-6 months.

my response: Drew didn't opt out for surgery because:

1. It was deemed that he couldn't make the injury worse by playing.

2. There was an issue with conditioning for the game. Apparently, he gets
out of game condition very quickly.

re: typical recovery. Actually, you're incorrect on this. The meniscus
gets almost *no* blood flow. Therefore, there's nothing in the meniscus
to heal. The stronger your leg/muscles are before the surgery the faster
you recover from the surgery. The recovery is:

A. the swelling goes down.
B. The muscle fibers start firing again.

Yes, I had the surgery two years ago. I speak from experience.

Achilles Heel:

"The strongest and largest tendon, the Achilles tendon connects muscles in the lower leg with the heel bone. Sports that tighten the calf muscles, such as basketball, running and high-jumping, or a direct blow to the foot, ankle, or calf can overstress this tendon and cause a strain (Achilles tendinitis) or a rupture."

If at this point Bynum's achilles is "strained" the next step would be for it to rupture.

That's only logical.

mike t.

If you're a betting person, put your money on the Lakers, with or without Bynum, against the Suns and the Magic.

Against the Celtics, put your money on the Celtics.

mike t.

I knew it was worse. There were some put backs that he just laid in softly in game 4 that he normally dunks. %^*&!

Justa, is it Monday yet?

Mike T,

re: the achiles tendon. The word from Bynum & the Lakers is it healed. There
was *never* any description of the tendon actually having any tears. This
would coincide with how the "injury" happened. i.e. he was just running
up the court. I *think* it may have been something like tendonitus .

re: putting $$ against the Celtics. Um. No. We have seen the Lakers w/o
Bynum beat these Celtics. Our defense is better because of Artest. We can
agree to disagree. Make sure you buy that beer to go with the crow.

To Everyone else,

I wonder if Jim Buss has to pay Bynum's salary due to injuries.... That would
be "justice".

Monday can NOT come soon enough.

I'll have to pass the time watching the Septic / Magic game tomorrow.

I think Magic will take that series, but I kinda don't care....

Mike T,

Sorry. that should have been putting $$ against the Lakes when playing
the Celtics.

Michael C. Teniente like a vulture circling the Blog and waiting for a cadaver (or a Big getting hurt) to spew his venom

the philosopher becoming doctor. The Renaissance Man

he will miss the opportunity to see Shaq flattening Bynum the way he did it to Perkins (the big Shaqtosaurus Rex on his four, with a banged knee, looked like a silhouette of a Hollywood prop ready to be recycled - what a vista)

"The word from Bynum & the Lakers is it healed."

That is pure BS! The guy hurt his achilles towards the end of the season. He missed the rest of the regular season. He came back for the playoffs, even though it wasn't fully healed.

The heel is not sound. The knee is not sound. The knee and the ankle/foot? The guy is injured.

The Lakers beat the Celtics without Bynum in the playoffs? I don't think so! The regular season doesn't mean a thing. Just ask the Cavs.

mike t.


you wrote:

Monday can NOT come soon enough.

I'll have to pass the time watching the Septic / Magic game tomorrow.

I think Magic will take that series, but I kinda don't care....

my response:

I agree about Monday. I disagree about the Celtics. It is perfect that the
Celtics take out LBJ and then get crushed by the Magic. This would lead
to a rematch of last year, which hopefully we win. :)

I don't want those old men to get within spitting distance of a championship.

They're not worthy!

Not sure who was talking about it (hobbit?) but I also watched the show about the Lakers called The Association- and I loved it!!

I enjoy the real-time video of what's happening and what's being said during a practice or an actual game, MUCH better than the canned responses to questions being posed by the media. I feel I get a better insight into what the actual philosophy of the Lakers is, and how they go about executing it. It especially cracked me up to actually hear PJ yelling at the team from the sidelines! Yes pfunk - he was awake and actually involved in the game LOL! I also really liked the parts where it showed Kobe coaching Thriller on how to run the offense - where he should be, what he should do in different situations - very educational. Even LO is in there doing it.

As a fan I KNOW these discussions are happening during practices, etc. BUT during the game sometimes we completely stress over the "bone head plays" we see developing. It's good to know that all that stuff is being talked about and worked on, so their game improves and their chance at winning increases. I know it's always worked this way - it's just good to see it in action. It not only makes them better, but it makes this fan's basketball experience that much more educational and enjoyable.

Is it Monday yet?

LOL hobbit - okay okay!! Let the Septics go back to the sewers from whence they came!!

Mike T,

you wrote: That is pure BS! The guy hurt his achilles towards the end of the season. He missed the rest of the regular season. He came back for the playoffs, even though it wasn't fully healed.

The heel is not sound. The knee is not sound. The knee and the ankle/foot? The guy is injured.

my response: Do you know what the achilles injury actually was? In medical
terms? I'm asking, because *I* paid attention to this. My rememberance is
that there was no medical information given. I believe they said there was
no tear. Hence, my comment about tendonitis

If the achilles *was* tendonitis, then it is healed because that's just swelling.

re: the knee. He has a tear in the meniscus. *I* would have preferred that
he had the surgery. It *can't* heal. There's no blood flow.

Yes, he's injured. Yes, the Lakers beat the Celtics. No it wasn't in the
playoffs. If your basis for picking the Celtics is: the Celtics won last time
they played in the playoffs. That is certainly your prerogative. I choose to
believe that Kobe, Phil, Pau & the Lakers can learn from past mistakes and
play better.

My dear hobbit - you're wasting your time arguing with Mike T about anything. You know he won't give up. Do yourself - and your fingers - a favor. Starve the troll. Your keyboard will thank you cuz it won't have all it's letters worn off in a vain attempt to speak logic to a guy who doesn't even get pleasure from a Laker championship.

"That is certainly your prerogative. I choose to believe that Kobe, Phil, Pau & the Lakers can learn from past mistakes and play better."

It not about playing "better". It's about not being physical enough for the Celtics.

Every team the Lakers roll over it's because they have a huge height advantage. No one can really deal with two 7-footers, who are actually skilled. Then you have a 6'10 Odom to back-up the the 7-foot power forward.

That's too much height and talent for teams to deal with. The Jazz had a raw 7-footer in the middle and a short Boozer at the 4 spot. Why do y0u think the Lakers swept the Jazz.

The Suns will go in the way of the Jazz but I don't think the Lakers sweep. The Suns don't have depth at the 5 spot. Even if they had wouldn't matter because he's too raw. He's not skilled enough offensively or defensively to offset a healthy Bynum. An unhealthy Bynum...hmmmmm.

Frye might be able to do something if he can hit the outside jumper. Whatever, I think the Lakers win with or without Bynum against the Suns.

Sorry, the Celtics have three 7-footers with the perfect combination of defense/offense skills. Those three can rotate against Gasol and punish him. Then people will remember why they call him Gasoft. With a healthy Bynum and a healthy Celtics, now that would be a series. But with an injured Bynum, Celtics in 6.

mike t.


Mike T is not a troll. He's a Lakerfan just like LakerTom.

He's actually quite knowledgeable about basksetball just like LakerTom.

In fact, he and LakerTom share a lot of similarities.

Mike T doesn't believe that spindly Pau Gasol can suffice at Center.
He thinks you need size. There is some logic/sense to that isn't it?

LakerTom believes that Bynum's size and soft hands can make him dominant.
There's some logic/sense to that isn't there? If Bynum wasn't injured, his
size would meet Mike T's requirements and his soft hands would address
LakerTom's desires and we'd all be singing kumbaya.

"Look at your man, now back to me
Now back to your man, now back to me
Sadly he isn't me, but if he could stay healthy
he could be like me.

Look down, look up
in my hand are two tickets to the NBA finals
...... [grin] "

*I* "CHOOSE" to believe that Phil, Kobe & Pau are
smart enough to compensate for the deficiencies of Bynum.
*I* CHOOSE to believe that Kobe is hungry enough, that he is
*GREAT* enough to drive this Lakers train to the championship.

Go Kobe!
Go Lakers!!!

Welcome Back Fatty Bandwagon

01) Justanothermambafan
02) Laker Tom
03) Rick Friedman
04) Everybody else!!

Dude, you've been missed. Hope you're doing ok.

hobbit - i know he's not a troll in the truest sense of the word (as we use it). BUT - anyone who doesn't get any pleasure from a Laker championship (his words) and yet professes to be a Laker fan, is a TROLL in my books. I don't care how much knowledge he possesses, or how well he frames his arguments. He's a troll.

and you're a cheerleader. you know...girlish.

mike t.

Thanks for the welcome back.

Things are better for me and its time to become focused on the matter at hand. Putting a beat down on the greatest team to never win a Title.

Over the next two weeks, I will try to give you my insight and perspective from deep inside the state that makes it illegal to say 'Hola' to your neighbor and might deport me for not speaking the language of the Phoenix Suns.

With my Lakers license plate, I expect to be profiled and pulled over several times a day by the local police. "Excusa, Senor POLICEMAN, but I noa speaka Suns. My card is not-ta green, not-ta Orange , but Purple and Gold, Comprende!"

Ah, this series is going to be fun........

I'd be lying if I said Andrew's health doesn't concern me. I hope he can make it through the entire Lakers' run and be effective. The Lakers are stronger with him than without him, as we all know. I also hope that with his increasing maturity he can mentally be in the game while playing through the pain.

Mike T,

you wrote: It not about playing "better". It's about not being physical enough for the Celtics.

2/5/2009. The Lakers played physical enough to win.

re: the 3 7 footers. Actually, they don't have any 7 footers. KG & Wallace
are 6-11. They're also older than Pau by 4 & 7 years respectively. You
*never* pay attention to their age. Age makes a difference. You *never*
give Pau any credit for being able to adjust his game. He did that last year.

I repeat. Go look at the box scores. You'll find that Pau plays quite
well against KG. Let me help you:

Pau had 24 pts & 14 rebounds.
LO had 20 pts & 6 rebounds.

KG had 16 pts & 6 rebounds.
Perkins had 4 pts & 9 rebounds.

No the Celtics didn't have the aged Wallace. No the Lakers didn't have

*I* "CHOOSE" to believe that Kobe, Pau & Phil are smart enough to figure
out a way to combat the Celtics. You may "CHOOSE" to believe that
yesterday is today. Buy some dos equis to go with your crow.

re: Celtics in 6. They aren't going to make it to the finals. You'll be eating
crow on that one too.

I *ALWAYS* show up when I'm wrong. Make sure you show up when the
Magic beat the Celtics.



mike t.

Hobbitmage & Justa -

I am only here for a small bit (still writing & grading for tomorrow), but I just wanted to say hello. I hope you're having a good weekend so far, and while I didn't get a chance to read much the last few days, I think you two are on the right track (although I'm not too sure who I would like to come out of the east).

That's pretty much it. I should see you two on the blog/live chat on Monday.

Have a fantastic sunday tomorrow! And Justa, your e-mail from me should be in your box sometime tomorrow.

Mike T,

Justa *IS* a girl. She's HOT TOO! [ even if she won't share her cup size. :( ]

Hola Caliphilosopher,

Good luck on the writing & grading.

I am concerned about Bynum, but not for this series. I foresee a rematch with the Celts in the Bynum, and a repeat of '08 without Drew's toughness in the middle. I think missing Drew was the x-factor in losing in 6 to the Celts 2 years ago, and he'd be the difference this year--if healthy.

Hey cali - yeah - good so far! Hope all's well in your neck of the woods, too. Now get back to work!

Hobbit - what am I gonna do with you? BTW - about those 2 tickets you said you were holding - is that an invite? LOL! And yeah - being called "girlish" isn't high on my list of things that insult me! Now if he would have called me a closet Septic or Crab fan, well then we'd have a war!!!

yea so said Mike T. last year when he said we wouldn't get out of the WCF and have Phoenix beat us when Phoenix didn't even make the playoffs.

So said that Detroit would become an elite team with Kwamay Brown and the Brown man barely played and whom the Lakers embarrassed twice with Mr. Small Hands this year and that's with a Bynum who played like a BUM.

No Hobbitmage, Mike T. isn't a Laker fan. He said it himself he's not a Lakerholic. If that's not enough try his quote when the Lakers won the title in 09:

"The Lakers did it. The Lakers finally brought a championship to LA.

I'm not a Lakers fan until Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson leaves LA"

Mike T. went to the Detroit blogs last year and did not but whine about the Detroit Pistons especially when they didn't play kwamay brown. Then he created his own blog and researched games all right but more to DEFEAT the Lakers rather than what the Lakers should do to win then bailed after god knows what and now he's backing just making points about how Boston will beat LA.

He's not a Laker fan hobbit and you got to choose to accept that from him that he posts more anti-Lakers (not the Celtics rule or whatnot since he's an Angeleno). Just pointing out how the Lakers will lose just because Perkins and Garnett rules.

Was Teniente the guy who had a man-crush on Kwame Brown, of all people? Those were hilarious posts. Anyone who believed Kwame was the answer to any question except "whose hands are made of stone?" has the basketball IQ of, uh, Kwame Brown.

"I repeat. Go look at the box scores. You'll find that Pau plays quite
well against KG. Let me help you"

You ever heard of garbage stats?

When the Celtics beat the Lakers in the finals two seasons ago, Gasol had decent stats. But he was bullied and made ineffective. Those decent stats are considered garbage because they come out of context with what's going on in the game. What was going on? The Celtics were making runs and keeping Gasol in check. When the Lakers did score, while the Celtics were leading by 10 and 15 points, Gasol was getting his garbage stats.

Dude, stats mean nothing! Ask Kevin Durant. Regular season records mean nothing. Ask the Cavs! It's a new ball game these playoffs. The only thing that matters is who wins the Championship not who gets garbage stats.

mike t.

if you're a girl...there's nothing wrong with being girlish. That's why you're like a cheerleading fan.

Little knowledge... lots of emotion.

mike t.

I'll take that every day & twice on Sundays.

Maybe I don't have the basketball knowledge that some do, but last I checked it wasn't a requirement to be a Lakerholic. I bleed purple & gold - through and through.

I'll wear my lack of knowledge and lots of emotion as a proud badge of honor.

Now stop referring to me at all, you freaking troll. I'm done with you.

Mike T,

re: stats. To some degree we actually believe the same thing. Have you
looked at the box score yet. Along with those nifty stats for Pau you'll
find out that we won the game. Therefore, the stats support my theory.
To put it differently, in the game that the Lakers won, Gasol played well/hard. That stats are indicative of his play.

re: two seasons ago. I completely agree with you that Gasol played soft.
Last year he didn't & you refuse to acknowledge that a player can learn
from his mistakes. I don't.


you wrote: what am I gonna do with you?

my response: *sigh* I am *NOT* going to turn this into a Craigslist ad ...

KB Blitz, you said that Mike T is not a Lakers fan.

Ok. I stand corrected.

"Mike T. went to the Detroit blogs last year and did not but whine about the Detroit Pistons especially when they didn't play kwamay brown. Then he created his own blog and researched games all right but more to DEFEAT the Lakers rather than what the Lakers should do to win then bailed after god knows what and now he's backing just making points about how Boston will beat LA."

I'll tell you what happened. I got a night time job and could watch the Lakers anymore to write about them. But before I had to leave the blog, where I had my own column, I predicted the Lakers would win it all. The people who owned the blog spot are out of business and all the posts are gone.

I don't the Lakers are winning it all this year.

Besides how I feel about the Lakers weakness with the bigs...they're bench is too weak. This is a flawed team. Too much money in too few players makes for a weak bench.

mike t.

"Now stop referring to me at all, you freaking troll. I'm done with you."

You done when I say you're done. Now take your emotional state of being and sit in the corner.


mike t.

"re: two seasons ago. I completely agree with you that Gasol played soft.
Last year he didn't & you refuse to acknowledge that a player can learn
from his mistakes. I don't."

That was based on playing the Magic who didn't have two 7-footers to deal with Bynum and Gasol.

The Magic beat the Celtics because Garnett was injured. If Garnett wasn't injured I believe the Celtics would have won it all again. Well, with a healthy Bynum, maybe not. But it would have been a hell of a series.

mike t.

Mike T,

you wrote: That was based on playing the Magic who didn't have two 7-footers to deal with Bynum and Gasol.

The Magic beat the Celtics because Garnett was injured. If Garnett wasn't injured I believe the Celtics would have won it all again. Well, with a healthy Bynum, maybe not. But it would have been a hell of a series.

my response: No it wasn't. My observation about Gasol's play was based
upon the entire season's work not just a few games. From the tip off of the
first game, the entire team was focused on being physical and winning a
championship. They walked into every tough, physical team's house and
beat them there. They beat the Celtics at home. They beat the Cavs at home.
They beat Utah at home. They beat the Nuggets at home.

You refuse to acknowledge that age makes a difference. You refuse to give
anyone credit for being better. You refuse to give anyone credit for learning
from their mistakes. I am not making those mistakes/choices.

The Celtics will not make it past the Magic. Rasheed is old & decrepit.

"You refuse to acknowledge that age makes a difference."

Kobe is NBA old. His knee are what they used to be.

Get physical with Kobe and he becomes an outside shooter.

The Jazz are too weak in the middle so Kobe looked like he was
healthy. He's not! He's NBA OLD!

Watch against the Celtics. He gonna look old.

Fisher is just play old. Against Nash, that means something.

mike t.

Heck, Nash is old...but he runs around like like he's in his mid-to-late twenties.

And old Nash vs. an old Fisher...I wonder what's will happen according to your old theory.

mike t.

I hope the Celtics somehow get passed the Magic, so the Lakers can school---i repeat "SCHOOL" the Boston Crabs. Lakers are too skilled, and grissled playoff tested vets--unlike in '08 when most of the team were playoff debutatnes.

Artest+Lamar+Gasol+DFish+Black Mamba will form Voltron and tear Boston a new one.

Boston didnt beat the Cavs...the Cavs beat themselves, which is something the LakeShow will not do---oh yea, this is if the Baaahston Celticks get passed Orlando--which i Doubt.

And when the Lakeshow takes down the Boston Clowns, Mike T. will still be on this board---meekly congratulating the Lakers while making up some stupid excuse about how his predictions. haHA. Damn, Mike, dont you have something better to do than hang out on this message board all day long?

Come on, Mike T, for those on here who wasnt here in 06,07 this guy lost all his props when he kept tellin us about the greatness of Kwame Brown, and write 15 paragraphs to back up his fallacy.


Run for the for the ur golden years.

That's what Garnett and Wallace are going to be singing to Gasol and the Lakers.


mike t.

Mike T,

As I said, make sure you're here at the end of the magic-celtics series.

If the Celtics lose, as I predict the will, I want you to say:

"I was wrong hobbit."

Sure...why not?

But the Magic aren't going to beat them.

mike t.

Fellow Fans, Bunums knee may be sore but he was voted by an all-star panel of HOF'ers, GM's, and analysts into the top 50 players today and ...drum roll....Kobe was voted numero uno in a landslide over LeChoke. Lakers lead the league with 5 in the top 50. Check it out boys and girls, here's the link.

http://www.sporting seline/entry/view/46 066/nbas_top_50_play ers_all-star_panel_p icks_kobe_bryant_no. _1_over_lebron_james

Doesn't this sound like a tune we've heard before:
"That's why you're like a cheerleading fan. Little knowledge... lots of emotion."?

I have to wonder about someone that keeps referring to something that he did on this blog a couple of years ago such as: "But before I had to leave the blog, where I had my own column..."

Like most of us here really care that you had a column on a fan blog a couple of years ago. I certainly don't. Hell, I had my own local radio spot 10 years ago, but who really gives a flying fickle finger of fate (a little Laugh-in reference there)?

Basically the only thing I'm seeing out of Mike T. is his opinion and the basis of his facts is that he wants them to be correct and if you disagree you don't know anything...sort of like DFish.


I still can't beleive some of you guys still claim that Gasol not that great. Just where were the Lakers before they got him?
They were getting bounced easily from the playoffs while hoping Kobe could win every game for them on his own. They haven't missed the Finals since aquiring him and they are going to win their second Chanpionship in three years with him being the most steady and trustworthy big man on the team.
If you want to lose any more credibility, then keep on claiming that Pau is soft and can't ball.

...that was supposed to be "Championship"

What am I reading, Mike T is now a Celtic fan, OMG this is a complete turn around revolution of our prodigal brother. From embracing kwame's calves to get out attention, he's now embracing the leprechauns calves hahaha KG, Wallace, Perkins - these are collection of has been who may be traded at the end of the season. Mike T, they are oldddddddd like you. lol!

Hey, don't take him seriously, he's our blog jester that provide laughs about Kwame's calves and Mihm upper extremities. Who is in the right mind here who would question the basketball mind? Give me a break.....pass

LA,LA,LA,get yourselves together and use the brain you have and think realisticly!! LAKERS SUCK!! SUNS RULE!!!!!

Hey Fatty, welcome back! You've definitely been missed.

Hey Mike, long time. Some valid points about size, etc.. I don't think they would have run Drew in a full practice if the archilles was still a problem. Knee soundness in general is worrisome but Kendrick's also having knee problems. He sat out today's practice. I think all the injuries will tend to even out.

Justa to add on to what Hobbit said about the Geezers having "no 7 footers." Not only are Sheed and KG only 6' 11", Perkins is only 6' 10," if that. Another Hobbit front line, so to speak.

Thank God, at least there is an NBA game on tomorrow.

is Michael C. Teniente is the only curmudgeon laker's fan i know, "Andy Rooney" in desguise? ha ha

M. T., Fatty hey this is 3 years anniversary reunion of funny guys on the blog. On the former, if you take his word seriously (Justa) you turn nuts like him. hohoho! On Fatty, it's different story, he is a mood changer our planted Arizonian courier behind the enemy lines.

Welcome back. Mike T be nice to our Justa. You have been away for so long so nobody could understand your banter which applies to another set of bloggers. If you are a Man of God, act like one.

laker hater - I love your name. It tells us much about you. First of all you hate us, that's nice. That you are very simple and straight forward. And.......we must have given you many reasons to hate the Lakers over the years.

That's the part I like the best about your name.

- Fatty

Mark G,

6'11, 6'10...yeah, buy the key is that Perkins weighs 278. With that weight Bynum or Gasol aren't going to have inside position so easily like they do against everyone else. Plus, Gasol is a weak 7-footer. With Wallace and Garnett rotating on him...He's done.

Have you notice how many minutes the Celtics' starters are playing in the playoffs?

Glen Davis is barely getting 10 minutes if that.

The Celtics play a defensive scheme, which just makes their focus on Gasol that much more effective.

And what will the Lakers do, if Gasol gets big minutes and Rondo hitting the lane like he's been lately?

They say the Celtics had the big 3, Garnett, Allen and Pierce. You can add Rondo to that list now.

mike t.

"big 3, Garnett, Allen and Pierce. You can add Rondo" - MT

~~gather all the leprechauns, they still have nobody to stop Kobe. They didn't stop him at TD Garden this season and also in this playoffs.

Do you really buy that Bynum's knee is again hurtin'? That is a simpleton kind of thinking if you believe in those old playoff tactics. On Monday, you'll see Bynum jumping up and down like a leprechaun who ate a bunch of jalapeno.

Why are we talking of Lakers vs. Celtics? Are we now in the Finals or just another Mike T. vaudeville of make believe. Go to the Boston blog and tell them how to win the ECF first as we will take care of the WCF, then we can proceed with this talk. If any courtroom, they don't allow hearsay and hypothetical assumptions (because assume means a** u & me).

Hey guys we got a new post up


Must say I'm disappointed Bynum is talking up his knee injury - that comes off like a pre-packaged excuse for future play. I would respect him a lot more if he had simply said "Yes the knee is still bothering me but it will not be a factor in my play."

Seriously - what point is served by this "more pain" tongue wag? Is it really SO BAD that he cannot figure out something useful to do on the basketball court that doesn't require excuses?

I hope I'm wrong about this.

Why are we talking Lakers,Celtics in the finals! Its more like Suns,Celtics!! Get it right LA IDIOOTS!!

Aloha Mike T'

I see your still not watching a lot of B-ball. So let me fill you in. First of all Bynum achilles is he healed. All you had to do was watch the first five games of the Thunder series to see he was moving just fine. No limps, running the court at full speed, good lift etc. You really should try and find someone who taped them, there was some good games.

Now on to other things. First of all we do not need Andrew to dominate, all we need is a few boards, a few points and a couple of hard fouls on Rondo. Because just having him out there changes the match ups. Perkins is forced to
guard Bynum. While Perkins is the kind of center that gives Pau trouble, Pau plays very well against KG. I don't know if you recall the finals game in 08 that Perkins had to sit out but Pau completely out played KG. He had 19 points 13 boards 6 assists and 2 blocks. And please don't call it garbage stats, it was a close game And as Hobbit pointed out he has out played KG in 3 of the 4 regular season games since. So all Andrew has to do is play even with Perkins, which he can do even injured and we are just fine for the following reasons.

1. KG can not roam on defense with Pau . Pau is to skilled with a good mid range jumper. This provides more space for Kobe to operate in.

2. There was a guy named James Posey in the last series that played Kobe tough and killed us from the 3 point line. He is gone.

3. Paul Pierce was the series MVP. But there should be an * next to the award because he was guarded by Luke. This time he draws Ron Artest. You don't think Ron will be up for this challenge? It will be redemption time for Ron he will show no mercy.

Hey if you ever get a chance to watch a few games we can chat about it.



If you were to believe certain posters, Pau Gasol is fools gold, a 7-footer that turns into a marshmallow the second the game turns physical. While that may have been true 2 years ago and while there may be occasions when Pau still backs down and plays soft, I think he showed everybody during last year’s playoffs that he is certainly capable of playing tough offense and defense when his team needs it.
If you watch his body language during a game, you get a big key as to why Pau is a much better player as a Laker than when he was with the Grizzlies and it is all about his relationship with Kobe Bryant, who never receives enough credit for how much his high standards and professional approach to the `
game influence and motivate his teammates. Kobe is the primary reason Pau has played better when the game turns physical. Playing with Kobe has taught him how to play with more fire and effort.
Those who think Pau threw Kobe under the bus by talking about more touches in the post are wrong. The truth is that it is Pau’s adoration and desire for Kobe’s approval that has transformed his game. Look back at the several times that Pau has played soft this year and each time you will see Pau fight back and make a critical play down the stretch to redeem himself. Then he will sheepishly rub Kobe’s head, letting him know he had screwed up but thanking him for trusting him to still come through.
Bottom line, Pau knows that there are times when he will have to be more aggressive, finishing strong at the rim on offense and not settling for jumpers and physically challenging penetrating players by blocking and altering shots to protect the paint and rim. Pau knows Kobe will respect nothing less and his desire to please Kobe will motivate him to respond appropriately when challenged. It has been a tough year in some ways for Pau and his contribution to this team is grossly underestimated. He is the second best player on the team right now and can be the best power forward in the NBA.
If we play the Celtics, I think Pau is going to win the matchup against KG this time. For one thing, KG never was a power or low post player. Even in his prime, he was basically a mid-range jump shooter. Today, that is all he is. Pau has a much more polished low post game than Garnett and he is a much better passer and rebounder in my opinion. Those who think the Lakers are going to be taken down by the physicality of the Celtics should they meet in the Finals will see a different Pau Gasol this time. And that is not to forget the additions of Andrew Bynum and Ron Artest, two very physical players.
So I will keep on rooting for the Celtics to take out the Magic. I think that home court advantage is very important in the Finals. And if we are fortunate enough to get a shot at avenging our 2009 Finals loss, I am confident that this Lakers team will be able to out-tough and out-physical the Celtcis.

hey fatty thnx for the respect. NNNNOOOTTT don't need it and don't want it!! This is WWAAARRRR!!!


You don't know me, because I rarely post. But I've been following this blog for several years and I've always enjoyed your postings - they often made me laugh. So it's really nice to see you back on the blog again and hope you'll be here as regularly as you used to. Also glad to hear you're recovering from the accident.


I went crazy on Saturday cos every time I go to BSPN or SI or msnbc, everyone of those writers who had built this stupid myth of LeGone's greatness are falling all over themselves condemning him. Cmon, who cares about LeBrick, he's gone fishing. Losers don't deserve more coverage than winners and we have 4 winners in the conference finals and barely a mention or a shred of analysis about the Lakers-Suns and Celtics-Magic matchups.


I think Bynum should get his knee fixed during this playoff series..Lakers can beat Phoenix without him...but we will need him for the finals....

Don't get ahead of yourselves lakers fans. The suns handled portland and swept the spurs. Not too bad for a team that wasn't suppose to even make the playoffs. Some of you clowns are already talking about the finals. With or without Bynum, you are going to have your hands full and the suns bench can mop up the floor with the lakers bench.



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