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Phil Jackson discusses immigration protest & coaching plans

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson on immigration protests

Jackson on his coaching plans

--Mark Medina

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JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN... “This upcoming LA / Boston clash reminds of that scene in The Matrix where Neo and Mr. Smith are coming for each other - in the air - slow motion - and then BOOM!!!!!!” Perfect, Justa. Last night between commercials for the Celtics-Magic game, I watched Mission Impossible 2 and there was a similar scene where Tom Cruise and the villain drove at each other on motorcycles just like medieval jousters, with both leaping into the air to collide as the cycles passed. Definitely, how the NBA finals are shaping up.

Main Objective: Plant the Seed.

Phil has planted his seed in Nash.

Lamar has planted his seed in Amare.

Shannon has planted his seed in Richardson.

Today Bynum shall plant his seed in Lopez.


There is a new focus, a new mandate.
The Suns aren't overlooked, they're in the way.
Only the Lakers can balance the power.

chic - you gotta stop man. I'm getting visuals that I just don't need in my head LOL!

The Celtics took a HUGE step towards the Finals last night - a 2-0 lead on the road. Aside from a breakout of swine flu, looks like the Green Ones will be in the Finals this year. Their only major weakness is a tendency to let leads slip - may be age related fatigue? They look very ready to battle for a title.

The Lakers have a chance to take a much smaller step tonight - hold home court and head to Phoenix. I doublt it will be as easy as game one. But who knows? Kobe is back and Phoenix will have to make adjustments on him that may open up the inside game more. I expect a quick start from Drew tonight. An admittable quesionable prediction, but I think he will want to prove something and that Phoenix will not be focused on him after he cleverly played possum the last three games.

If Drew doesn't get off to a good start, we will see Odom early and often.

Kenny Anderson made an excellent point about Lamar playing in a system not that suited to his talent.
Unfortunately for Phoenix, their system is suited to his talent.

Another double digit Laker win is inevitable. GO Lakers

Anyone else notice that the older Coby gets, the more he looks like Scatman Crothers?

Posted by: BUTLER | May 19, 2010 at 01:25 AM

Well, since there's nobody named Coby on the Lakers, I have no idea what you're talking about.
I have noticed, however, that since Steve Nash ran into Tim Duncan's elbow Li'l Stevie resembles that half and half character in "The Dark Knight". You know...Harvey Dent/Two Face.

The immigration law is a complex issue, and I have dealt with it in many ways in my life - as a descendant of immigrants, as a co-worker with immigrnats, as an employer of immigrants, and as a one time resident of a town near the border in the path of human and drug traffickers. I have no illusions about simple solutions or simple rhetoric on either side.

Why should I care what Phil Jackson thinks? He has never dealt with this issue as an NBA lifer. He is focused on the playoffs. I care about his opinion on the immigration issue as much as I care what the Arizona governor thinks of the Suns, or what Janet Napolitano thinks about the NBA playoffs.

In other words - irrelvant question in this environment. Move on.


Yeah Amare will be "luckiefried" by Odom tonight.


Sorry, i shoulda gave my post a rating for *mature audiences*
( no i'm not implying anything)

1. Good morning, fellow Lakeraholics!

2. It's so nice to see that everyone is getting excited about the Lakers' game instead of arguing over ARIZONA'S law.

3. Mark Medina actually cares enough to try to limit trolls! The Kamenetzky Brothers did NOTHING to try to limit troll infestations. It was so frustrating.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Red's Love Child,

OK, So Rondo is Playing Much Better than 2008. But your Big Three are Self-Admittedly Less Than Their 2008 Selves.

Now, Here's Some Points For Your to Chew & Stew On:

1. Gasol had only 1/2 a Season with Kobe and the Lakers When He Faced the Keltics in 2008 (He's Stronger and Has Championship Blood in Him Now!!!)

2. Bynum was in Street Clothes in 2008 (He may be injured, but he's a body to deal with and Learning How to Play Through Pain!!!!)

3. Ariza had Just Come Back From a Broken Foot and Was A Non-Factor in 2008 Finals. Whereas, Artest is a Beast Defender that will Body Up Pierce (Vince Carter is NOT Artest!!!!)

4. With Artest on Pierce, Kobe Will Be On Rondo. Ask Russell Westbrook How Difficult It Was With KB24 Defending Him!!!


With that Said, Let's Stay On Target and Focus on Setting the Suns!!!!


MM--Please!!!! Leave the La Migra Issues for the National News, Not Sports!!!

The Suns Want Us to Make This a Distraction for Our Team and Our Fans...

Don't Buy Into Their Ploy!!!!

Don't mind the trolls. This is their only source of joy in their lives. I just have one reminder for them, KARMA is a BI@#%€%.....Be afraid!

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