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Phil Jackson and Pau Gasol discuss 104-99 Game 1 victory over Utah Jazz

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

Lakers forward Pau Gasol

--Mark Medina

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I'll take an ugly win over a pretty loss any day of the week (assuming we're talking about the playoffs).

Phil's rotations bite. Brown thinking he's Kobe. Lamar playing Odumb. And they just keep getting burn until the lead is gone. Then on the flip side, he leaves Lamar in when Bynum would be better (sorry, but I don't care about two bricks he threw)

Nuff of my rant. Just glad the Lakers pulled out the W. Utah is no Oklahoma - so my hope is that the Lakers keep up the intensity from the last series without getting lulled into bad habits from a worse Utah team (in other words, regressing)


--Much like Cavs/Celtics game 1 when a 2nd half lead evaporated into a Celtics loss, Lakers/Jazz game 1 includes LA jumping out to big, early lead, then challenged, and finally pulling away late for the win.

--The level of the Laker's post-Thunder, playoff-intensity drained away throughout the game like a slow-draining shower. Steady, noticeable, and maddening.


--Fisher seems to have found his playoff stride. Other than continuing his horrendous habit of bricking passes to the post, he has steadied his play. More hope and less cringe when he puts up a shot.

--Bynum played through significant injury to the asset of the team while perhaps to his own limitation. Big step of maturity there. (And to those who say, "get surgery and come back in 10 to 14 days... we can beat Jazz without him" ~ STOP IT!!!! That's the arrogant, ho-hum, flip-the-switch, attitude we are fighting to rid the Lakers of!!!)


--KEY ELEMENT: Watch whether Artest shoots more in the paint or behind the arc. No need to explain which is the better choice.

--KEY JAZZ ADJUSTMENT: Pass on the 3's and drive right at the Laker bigs.

Reminder #1 - EFFORT on D and ACTIVITY on O
Reminder #2 - REST AWAITS the winner of a short series... hint-hint


Laker Mike

"REST AWAITS the winner of a short series... hint-hint"

Totally agree, Is there anything new with Utah Jazz that we have not seen before? Those Milsap's inside attacks should be checked. Those Koerver's perimeter shooting should be sealed. Lastly, Matthews and Price and we have Shannon and's about time Lakers dominate this area. Not again please, Farmar and Brown have been in a Championship season, these guys don't even have the names Westbrook and Jeff Green, so there's no excuse at all of being beaten by 2nd team of the Jazz.

Man what was that? I was at Red Lobster sneaking a peek once and awhile, Lakers ahead by 11 and thinking this will be a walk in the park. When I got home and turned on the tv the Jazz was up by 4! Sure am glad Kobe is playing for the Lakers. Though Lamar played so-so he did made it up with some great plays that sealed the win. Just like what Mark Jackson said the Lakers need to have that killer instinct and not let a down team hang around. Now on to Tuesday.

That's right Laker fans. Be scared, be very scared. Kobe always have to bail this team out. Phil Jackson should leave, he is not a good coach. He did it with the Bulls and now the Lakers. Let his bench players squander leads. What a loser.
The Lakers will not change therefore it's time to pack up and hand the championship over to the Cavaliers.

All I know from experience is that the Lakers were that good when they lost to the Pistons and Celtics on different years.
All I know that Cleveland should win it this year. They are better than the Lakers.
All I know is that we can only play with what we have. An injured Kobe and Bynum. Inconsistent bench and I am not giving up. I am enjoying every win because we are not supposed to win it this year.

Last but not least. All I know, you can demand as loud as you can hear. But guess what??? THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU! LOL.

Stop sounding like you have an impact. Just enjoy the victories and you won't be as miserable. It's good for your heart too!

Lakers should have won by 15. Another disgraceful performance by the Laker bench led to a scary ending. Poor shot selection, TOs, lousy team play at both ends and more wear on the starters. This bench will give the Cavs/Magic/Celtics a 30 point advantage if they make the finals & less opportunity for Bynum to heal! LO, SB & JF played like this was their first year in the playoffs! Their strength should be scoring with aggressive drives to the basket & cuts w/o ball not 3 pt shots when they can't even make free throws! On offense they commit charges & on D fail to take a charge! Starters played well. Go Lakers!

"Lakers fans are happy with mediocrity
By T.J. Simers They still root for an underachieving team that shouldn't even be tested by the Utah Jazz."

It's official.

T.J. Simers is the King of the Trolls.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.




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