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Live chat: Celtics-Magic, Game 5

Will the Celtics close out the series following their overtime loss to the Magic in Game 4? Feel free to share your thoughts on the Eastern Conference finals.

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from sportsillustrated article:

In the locker room after the game, the Lakers had already transitioned from mocking the zone to truly hating it. While Lamar Odom stood and talked about how he hadn't "seen this much zone since ninth grade," and how he expected to see it from now on, "every game, every minute," Ron Artest sat a couple chairs down, a towel around his waist and his feet in ice, staring at the box score glumly. Next to him, Luke Walton was explaining to a reporter how the team, "needed to be more aggressive and re-set on the swing pass." Artest looked up from his stat-induced stupor.

"Yo, we didn't re-set, did we?'

Walton shook his head. "Nah, we'd just swing, swing, swing."

"And when we did re-set," Artest said, a light coming on, "it worked, right?"

"Yeah, and when we were aggressive, even if we missed, we got the tip-ins and the layups."

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How on earth can I log to the chat, MM?

Here is more stats for the media who dismisses the Phoenix favorable.
According to these apologists, the Suns were the aggressors, they were driving the ball in that's why they get more free throws.
Really? Check this out:
Points in the paint: Lakers 42, Suns 32
Free throws: Lakers 13, Suns 32

You dont have to be a mathematician to know that the Lakers went inside 10 times more than the Suns, yet the Suns went to the line 19 more times than the Lakers? One stat I am curious about is how many times the Lakers missed in the paint.
The Gasol, Bynum and Odom tower over most of the Suns who are a shorter team. The Suns have no shot blockers on their team. Yet they missed a lot of gimmes. I recall one possession when Gasol got hacked and no call, then the Suns went the other way, got the ball to Admunsson and got a foul. A superstar did not get the call but a bench player did?

"favorable calls"

I just click on "make a comment" on top of the chat box

why do you want to chat. No one will read your posts in there if everyone's chatting at the same time. LOL.
You post it on the blog, it's permanent.

If Orlando wins today, which I don't think they'll do, I think they'll choke in the 4th, we'll really see if the NBA is fixed.

If the NBA rescinds one of Perkins' Ts, then we'll know it's fixed.

I think Orlando can hang on, especially playing at home.

What is it with these Celtics players layin' on the floor for so long while faking injuries. Seems like they've fallen and they can't get up. Somebody better donate some medic alert devices for these geriatric thespians.(LOL)

Hey Justa,
Though I can't bring myself to participate in the Live Chats that don't involve the Lakers, I am reading the posts and I must admit, some of the comments have me crakin' up.(LOL)

I just click on "make a comment" on top of the chat box

Posted by: mti312 | May 26, 2010 at 07:22 PM

Thank you sir....but there's no such link at the top of the chat box, at least for me.

I guarantee that the NBA will rescind that 2nd T or both, which is totally ridiculous since they they should review ALL Ts on argued calls for the entire playoffs and this season.

The fact that they would even consider doing that shows that the NBA is fixed.

"Looks like I picked the wrong night to quit watching Celtics/Magic basketball"

I go out for a nice Japanese dinner with Sake bombers, and miss a classic game.
Sounds like it was a great game...

It was nice to see the Magic win tonight.

I have minimal negative feelings against the Magic. Matt Barnes is a doucebag and Vince Carter is a loser, but it goes no deeper than that.

Tonight I feel angry.

Let's just win this.

Let's stop playing around.

If the bench continues to play like a bunch of nincompoops I will literally show up in El Segundo and pepper spray all of them. Get a fricken grip.

Literally. Not figuratively. Literally.

{Fricken Urgh.}

Seriously, how much nightlife is there in Phoenix to distract our "role players" to the point of being useless? Get a fricken grip.

Farmar, I am a fellow Bruin and I will slap you silly if you don't grow up and be a man for once in your life, you cocky jerk. Embrace humility! Because you can be a TRULY exceptional player, but your ego is throwing your natural talent away.

You LITERALLY should be as good as Chris Paul but you are too busy worshiping at the one man Cult of Jordan Farmar to spend enough time to reach your potential.

It drives me nuts. I try to be nice about it, but, man, you are the biggest underachiever I've seen. You are THAT GOOD but your mind lets you down.

Be a fricken Laker and not a loser, okay?

Stop faking and embrace who you are.

[Sorry for the tirade. Feel free to insult me. I'm being emotional... but honest.]

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


we all know that Phil Jackson isn't going anywhere.
what team can figure out the triangle in one year
there are players on the lakers who have been there for years and still dont understand it

so after watching the magic get the calls at home i tell you SVG is a pretty good coach
that is when his assistant coaches are the refs

I thought I saw Mike Tyson knocked out Glen Baby Davis. It reminded me of how Tyson knocked down Berbick the way Davis struggled to get up, wobbled and fall again ( if the ref did not come to hold him). It was a scary sight, remember Hank Gathers? It was unintentional elbow from Howard, but I really like the intensity of the game. Well, I hope that our team the Lakers come out tomorrow with a sense of urgency, the way they played 5th game at OKC. I am not losing confidence on our team, they are excellent in handling adversities w/c proven in the past. We are be shaken and we will be not intimidated...Go Lakers....

Correction...We are not shaken...and we will not be intimidated...

Reading the SI article linked above by hobbitimage gets me all fired up all over again.

Especially after seeing excerpts of Kobe's postgame presser again.

Then read all the Times coverage:

Makes you wonder if any of the players besides Kobe have any heart or any basketball IQ. Either that or one is forced to say that Alvin Gentry is a genius.

I don't want to believe any of that. I hope the team answers Phil Jackson's challenge, that if they can't solve this riddle, they don't deserve to go to the NBA Finals, anyway.

I don't believe Phil's statement that the Lakers love the challenge that Phoenix has presented. Lamar doesn't sound like he believes it. I don't think Pau does either. All the fingerpointing by Pau and Lamar leaves a bad taste in my mouth, too.

And Phil needs to do better, too. Take Sasha and Mbenga out of mothballs.

Yeh, this post is kind of disjointed and rambling. Sorry. My point is, I'm still angry about Game 4. I'm angry at the players who wasted a spectacular performance by Kobe. I'll probably stay angry until I see the Lakers redeem themselves.

SVG is a pretty good coach
that is when his assistant coaches are the refs

Posted by: Calling Tim Thibodeau | May 26, 2010 at 09:51 PM


I agree that Phil should now use Sasha and Mbenga coz the rotation the Lakers has right now is too predictable especially the bench, besides these 2 can play defense. I do not see any problem with the offense, we can have off night with the offense but not on defense. The Lakers for the past 4 games scored an average of 100 pts and that's good enough in the playoffs but to allow your opponents to score 110pts that's ridiculous. I hope the refs allow the players to play playoff game basketball.....Go Lakers...

And yes, Sasha should definitely get some of Farmer's minutes as he's quicker, plays peskier defense, and is a better 3-point shooter. The fact that Sasha did not play in game 4 is 100% ridiculous.

Jon K....sorry, I also don't agree with you. I think farmar is a turd and needs to be traded this off season. I do agree that he is an underachiever and is in love with himself though. His cockiness also drives me crazy.

I know many of you are enjoying the journey with this team but I think they need to blow up this group of losers. You can see it in their game and you can hear it in their interviews.

Kobe is the heart and soul of this team and he is the ONLY one who comes to play every game. Sick of a bunch of players with tons of talent and refuse to use it. It's disgusting to watch. Granted the Suns are a great team - but seriously, if all the Lakers decided to show up and play d, this would have been a sweep.

It's not so much that the Lakers just have to win every game for fans to be pleased - but these guys are the elite - they play int he freaking NBA and they can't break a zone defense? They make fun of it but they lost so the Lakers need to shut the heck up....then they didn't even adjust to win game 4. Seriously disappointing. Now it's tied and a lot can happen when it's only a 3 game series. Suns now have confidence and their bench may continue to annihilate the sucky laker scrubs. Lakers can't win EVERY home game. It's the law of averages where one visiting team is going to just be scorching hot one night and win at Staples. If it's game 5 then lakers are in big trouble.

1/2 wits! You're writing as if you think this is real!? If it were, The Boston (Best damn team in pro-sports) Celtics would never lose! Can you spell WWE?



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