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Lakers-Suns Chat

--Mark Medina

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[Game Day Prayer]

Let us pray...

Heavenly Father, thank you for your love, your grace, the beauty of your creation and the freedom you provide us in our lives.

We thank you that you have blessed us with what we believe is the best team in sports--the Los Angeles Lakers--a team that has brought so much joy, passion, and memories to us.

This blogmunity is composed of people of different backgrounds, different ages, different genders, different beliefs, different perspectives, different ethnicities, different experiences, different nationalities, diffferent political affiliations... but we all come together out of a common appreciation, an appreciation for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Out of that appreciation has come dialog, debate, humor, discussion, learning, and, yes, friendships. We thank you for that opportunity.

This blogmunity is much like the community of Los Angeles itself, a patchwork of people from different backgrounds and within all that diversity so much community pride is built upon the role and success of the Los Angeles Lakers. We thank you for that source of pride and ask that you continue to bless the franchise.

Something that brings so many people together must be a good thing, Heavenly Father, and we ask you to continue the joy, wisdom and passion of that unity through continued inspiration.

We thank you for the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Utah Jazz--two teams that pressed our Lakers to grow towards their BEST. We ask you to bless the Phoenix Suns with the strength to press our Lakers to be their BEST and, above all, Heavenly Father, we ask you to lead our Los Angeles Lakers to know their BEST in VICTORY!

Lead us to VICTORY, oh Heavenly Father!

Many of us (including myself) are concerned about the injuries on our team. Heavenly Father, you are a healer, you have always been a healer, if it is within your will to heal our players so that they may play at the BEST of their physical game, then please heal our players.

Heavenly Father, we are not asking for things to be easy, we are asking for VICTORY and for our team to acheive its BEST. If it is within your will that some of our player know their BEST through playing with pain and through that pain acheive a Greatness that they could not know otherwise, please bless our players with the strength, fortitude, presence of mind, and equanimity to play through that pain and transcend to another level of Greatness in VICTORY!

Please bless and protect our players and the players of our competition from further injury.

Game Time! Lead us to VICTORY, Heavenly Father!

And in that VICTORY let us all be inspired in some way to strive for something Greater, something Better in all our lives.


Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Thanks for the prayer Jon K.

I like what I'm seeing, Bynum is moving light as a feather so all those playoffs jitters that he cannot play are part of the game. Kobe, getting out the fluids in his knee...big deal! If you believe it then you were just conned by Hollywood Lakers. Go Lakers make them obey in the 2nd half. Keep the intensity and defense altho' don't get too jerky Sasha cuz' Anna K. is watching.

Ouchhh, did you see the Catalan IQ, blocked by Lopez. Didn't blink in the jump ball and got back the two too easy like taking candies from babies. Next time, when we say he is goooood, BELIEVE!


did you see what happened before Gasol's play?

Lopez the scrub passed by him 2 times for thunderous DUNKS

the Live Chat crew started to complain that Gasol does not have Shots. i was not sure if SHOTS AT HIM or the same old famous TOUCHES.

fast forward 1 min. to the play you pointed out. Gasol tries to create and is blocked by Lopez. jumped ball. Kobe penetrates and gives Gasol a shot/made ball.

Gasol passes by Lopez. alone under the basket and HE PASSES out to Ron? scared as … to not be blocked again.


beginning second: Gasol like a highway pole: Lopez dunk
next possession: Nash layup while Gassy just watching

it's not only me. go to the Live chat box and read how many other FANS mentioned: GASOL, WAKE UP

yes, i believe what i see.

just wondering, does anybody have a link to a replay of the game? i thought was gonna have one, but i can't find it. anywhere?

ouchhhh - every player has lapses over the course of a game. Why do you focus only on Pau's? Not anyone else's. Not Pau's great overall game. Just his few lapses. It doesn't make sense.

Barkley and Miller talked too much, much of it non sense basketball, welcome to Laker's practice session...session 1 is over see you on Wednesday for another scrimmage.

Like I've been sayin' all along...when LO scores BIG...LA usually wins...BIG!

Think back to the last 2 games of last year's WCF against the Thugetts.

Now let's just hope he keeps it up.

Let's Go Lakers...all the way to a repeat!!!!!

Is it just me, or does Amare kinda look like a Klingon - what a forehead.


I am so very happy right now! My pre-game nervousness was dissipated quickly once the P&G took the court. Kobe is the most amazing man in the world. What a performance. LO was fabulous. Pau was solid. Fish was all heart & hustle. The bench put in some great time on the floor. Shannon has given us the highlight of the year - still can't believe what I saw. I love my Lakers. The statement has been made. The gauntlet has been thrown down. The Suns may not know it yet, but this is over.

Um... So where was the improved "D" the Suns are supposed to be sporting these days? Was it out protesting Arixona's immigrant law and missed the game?

amare looks like krs-one. google him and tell me i ain't right...

the lakers played good pick n roll defense tonite.

i really hope bynum gets it together. we probably don't need him to beat the suns but the celtics and magic are a whole other issue.

9 down 7 to go.
As Chick used to say, "they're dancing in the streets in L.A."


What you posted is really ouchhh, I'll give u a chance to take it back. You are forgiven for you did not expect what was about to happen. Lopez is a rookie who got a good lesson today, perhaps his time will come in the next five years but not tonight.

Tonight, it is the coming out party for Odom, he's like a wild stallion that just got out from the corral. The 3rd sleeping giant just woke up. Bynum the beast became a reserve but he's also buoyant as tho' they put a spring on those meniscus. How about the Shannon dunk? It didn't go in but even MJ was amazed by the elevation and length. Now they're wondering why they traded this player.

it was raining today in the Bay Area. i did not see the Sun's.

it will rain again on Wednesday.

I hope the Lakers against the Suns will have the Largest Offensive OUTPOUR in many years. show them what is an offensive scoring machine.

Jon K. that prayer is awesome. Thanks!

Go Laker's!!

I would like to thank those two Utah girls wearing those green T shirts saying "Fish Lied" for insulting and waking up DFish.

Note: Am I the only one getting the bot requirement MM? Can you not hire one of the KBros back to LA Times and take a good guard of those troll? You need a company in the blog because the site is the most visited blog at this time of the year. They want to read what the basketball mind is saying.

Good Lord, Lakes are scared at Kendrick Perkins. he is the new calves King idol of Mike T.

131, I told u we want the Celts to win again tomorrow. Orlando was able to close the gap yesterday. Can you win Game 2? We want the Celtics in the Finals.....Bring on the leprechauns, they rhyme with fun, fun, fun.

Ummm... I heard that Kobe kid is pretty good. Maybe he's got a future in the NBA and all.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



get to your corner, like justa. everything what i listed happened in the game. watch the re-play. i don't care about your chances

by the way you listed the freedom of speech on this and any other you have NO RIGHT to give chances to anyone. take care of your problems and your ADD. you never comment on the point and issue. just blabber away.

i'm not DFISh. i listed everything you asked. same before when you asked me about Ron to Cavs issue.

stop being patronizing and condescending.

i do not have to like all the players on the Lakers team

how many bloggers r KOBE haters and basher??????????????

ouchhhhhhh??? You're sending me to a corner??? LOL!! I was just honestly asking you a question, man. I thought we were good....

If I hear one more "player's coach" be he Mike Brown or Alvin Gentry scream in the huddle, "We gotta play hard!" and/or "We gotta win this as a team!" I'm going begin throwing used chalkboard erasers at the TNT announcers whilst shouting the lyrics to Fear's "Let's Have A War!"

I'm just letting everyone know in advance.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Justa - I'm happy too. It was a terrific game, a great way to start the series. Lamar was the perfect sixth man, a bench player who comes in and flat out changes the game. Kobe was amazing. And that Shannon elevator? You're right, it was unbelievable. Did you see the look on Fish's face?!

Why this series is all academic since the beginning??
1) nobody can guard Kobe
2) Pau and Lamar can dominate the paint ( they are lucky Bynum is still injured)
3) the lakers play good defense than the Suns
I've said before, the Lakers already played the WCF against OKC in the first round, that team challenged our team really well and it turned out as a blessing for our team to collect themselves and play like champions....GO Lakers...get well soon Bynum we really need you in the NBA finals for now enjoy the scrimmage against the Suns....

seriously, is there a replay anywhere?

Upsides of this Game:

1. Awesome awesomeness!

2. Phil is like what, 42-0 when winning the first game of a playoff series? Thanks Phil. Thanks guys.

3. We owned the boards. We fought on the boards. Lamar played strong. We WIN when Lamar plays strong, almost without exception.

4. Kobe. Gasol. Their banner are going to hang from Staples someday. They played great.

5. I loved our defense.

6. I so happy we played as we did today.


1. Andrew played well, but he didn't play a lot. I'm worried about that.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



on sometimes people play the replay after a few hours. one has to click on all the channels to find it. but yes, there r lots of Lakers fanatics who will stream it again. ESPN does it after 2 hours. this was on TNT.

Ouchhhh, how many points Gasol made tonight? 21 points. What is the difference in score? Coincidentally, it was 21 pts. too. Therefore, Gasol just paquiao'ed his guards. No chance to rehabilitate.

We're not condescending, you can say whatever you want on Gasol. What we are doing is just laying out the facts that the softness does not jibe with his total score. Somehow he must have talents that the power player Amare or the Stanford product, Lopez had. He would not be recognized as the best international player in NBA if he lacks the talent. The talent is expressed in soft and easy hook shots or fade away shot.

OK, I'm sure we will agree on Kobeeeeeee. Where is LA Guy? Lebron is busy for the fishing expedition at this time of the year. Most Valuable Fisherman.

We want the Celtics to win tomorrow and see that miracle players K. Perkins, Sheed Wallace, Baby shaq. They are the heavyweights of NBA according to Mike T. The weight is really heavy!

sorry, it was phred

Does anyone now understand why I'm talking about Boston?

This isn't a series. The Suns don't have the bigs to deal with the Lakers.

Plus, the style of play the Suns do just plays into the hands of the Lakers.

Man, you have got to give it to Steve Nash. That guy is a warrior. I have nothing but respect for the guy.

How long will it be until these teams learn? You can't beat the Lakers without, at least, 2 defensive big men.

This looks like a sweep. I said Lakers in 6 but not from what I saw.

I was being kind out of respect for Steve Nash.

mike t.

Very impressed by the Suns improved D.

Now that god LeBron is out I am starting to notice this kid named Kobe. Not Bad.


if you r taking me that way: when Kobe left at the 8th minutes of the 4th it was +26. so by pau scoring 21, he is MINUS 5.

by the way, from the Option #2 is EXPECTED a 20-10 game, don't you think?

or the Faux MVP?

and maybe 6-8 of those points where when the game was out of reach and steve was cooling his back on the sideline. so those r as Mike T. will say garbage stats. i will say are stat padding. like Le Bron when he was playing in the 4th with the Cvas up by 30 and he needing his triple-double to make the ESPN front page.

did Kobe ever do that? how many times with the team up he never played in the 4th or he was cheering from the bench?


and by the way, before barking at the wrong tree, please go to the Live Chat. after gasol had the baseline penetration leaving Lopez in the dust i had the following line. u can check the time of my comment and the replay of the time of the game:

"now, that is GOOD Gasol" posted by ouchhhhhhhhhh

anything else???????????????

there is one more corner empty so please take your place tooooooooo

Mike T.

Nash is a great player as well as the Suns as a whole shooting almost 50%.

Lakers are just inspired tonight starting from Kobe. As I said before this game it is not about WCF, it is the 4 year wait of Redemption from that 3-1 meltdown then followed by 2-4 in the following year. It has been so long of waiting, Kobe just pound it tonight in every shot because there are no more defenseless Smush around or this butter finger Kwame. I think he was thinking of the guys while he was on the free throw line. This game is dedicated to the scrubs of '06 and '07.

Do you want to come back as a Laker fan again, Mike? It is not too late to repent.

"Do you want to come back as a Laker fan again, Mike? It is not too late to repent."

Dude, you sound silly.

mike t.

ouch- thanks. not sure why everyone is pointing out the flaws in your gasol disliking right now, but really ok, I do. Your Gasol disliking is pretty weird.

i'll keep checking bspn and justintv.

and my comment secret phrase hasn't been 1t2luv, but i'm sure it's just a matter of time.

Edwin, I got the bot requirement too but I'm okay with it if it works to safeguard against trolls who were previously banned, etc.. I keep thinking about Brown's skywalk... he just kept going up, it seriously looked like invisible stairs. Just awesome.

i'm sure FCM linked to it earlier, but the K Bros really had a pretty good post where they did a pregame discussion with a couple of suns dudes, and the suns dudes did some pretty entertaining predicting. Check it out, y'all

{Lakers Secret Agent Jon K. Reporting From DEEP Behind Enemy Lines From The Wet Cold Rainy Wetness Of Another Sullen Night In Northeast Ohio}

So... perched valiantly upon my lucky barstool I was blessed with another victory from the supremely awesome awesomeness of the remarkably awesome awesome Los Angeles Lakers.

I, of course, endured my share of slings and arrows from people "strangely" and passionately rooting for the Phoenix Suns, despite none of them have ever actually seen a sun for more than two consecutive days in their lives.

As the game ended, the trolls slimed towards the doors and I was left with a small crowd of people I've know well for years now.

As I sat there with a broad Cheshire cat smile across my face, I engaged with a local who was championing about how the Celtics were going to beat us in the Finals.

I dismissed him and we volleyed back and forth and then frustrated he said almost aside, "I can't believe about Delonte West."

Perplexed, I responded, "What are you talking about?"

His eyes focused for an instant and said, "You know, about Delonte West and LeBron's mom?"

Suddenly I was like a middle school child who had been convinced that "gullible" was not a word in the English dictionary. "Huh?"

He went on to tell me that after Game Three in the Cavs/Celtics series LeBron found out that Delonte West had been having [intimate romantic relations] with LeBron's mother. And it completely freaked him out. It was such a big deal that he combination a) lost concentration b) took his frustation and anger out on Cleveland.

After hearing this story, I did not believe it. This guy has been an acquaintance, but not a reliable LeBroniac source.

I said, "You're making this up. WHERE did you hear this from?"

"I've heard it around."

I said, "That's not good enough."

He said, "Ask Nate!" Pointing to the bartender and my third best LeBroniac source.

I looked over at Nate, a lifetime Cavs fans NAMED after Nate Thurmond of the Cleveland Caviliers. He looked down and didn't respond.

"Nate, come on! He's making this up, right?"

He paused. "That's what I've heard. I heard it from [Jon K.'s number one best LeBroniac source.] I've heard it from multiple people who know."

"I don't believe it."

"That's what I've heard."

I looked around the room and all eyes seemed to be on me, perhaps because my disbelief was so pronounced.

Another said, "You haven't heard this?"


Then another said, "That's what people are saying. It's on Facebook."

I looked over at Nate. He gave me a knowing look of profound disappointment, "Yeah."

As a I surveyed the room, multiple people looked at me silently and nodded. I just could not believe it.

I will not include too many details of the matter, but, man, it sure sounds like things are really, really screwed up here with LeBron, the Cavs, and his crazy mom.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Ouchhhhhhhhhhhh you say.
"by the way, from the Option #2 is EXPECTED a 20-10 game, don't you think?

or the Faux MVP?"


I see you're still the clown chat. That's fine boy!!
Always need a jester in a reign and this is the reign of the lakers.

Your gonna go game after game with your ridiculous comments on Gasol
but pau game after game will continue making the whole world to see
you're a poor jester.


Thanks JOn K

Yea I gotta agree, I'm changing my pic to a sweep. Wifee said Nash looks like he's half dead. He's always laying on the court because his back is killing him, a la larry bird towards the end of his career. He didn't even play in the 4th quarter, 28 minutes tonite. Grant Hill played only 22 minutes, finally giving up on kobe bustin his you know what with the kobe face in full mean mug mode. What the heck is phoenix doing, are they really not double teaming him? And did you hear gentry's motivating speech when he was mic'd up? Come on, you're goin' to need more than that tired clippers speech. This is a wrap and I love what I'm seeing from Gasol and L to the O, I love you my dog! Next game Fish will be wide open- watch.

That can't be true.

In other non-related news, Snaq had the team in his hotel room after game three for team building. They watched American Pie and Snaq nicknamed LBJ "Stiffler" - I have no idea why.

Okay, sorry, I couldn't help it.

Great win tonight. Scrimmage on Wed - see you then

Mamba24, I thought it was going to be Goose, but it looks like we just got Canadian Bacon. At least it smells good.

How about that Phoenix defense!


Andrew didn't look great but he's helpin the rotation. Love that DJ got some run. Like to see he and Sasha tuned up for the FInals.

Finals? Yeah. We know, Phoenix knows. It is inevitable.

Jon - that is CRAZY... and just crazy enough to be true. Actually, it's supremely funny... Delonte West and Lebron's mom!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! Dude, true or not, that's the icing on the cake tonight. Does NOT get better than this.


"That can't be true."

It can't be true anywhere but Cleveland.

Listen, I don't know it's true, but I was utterly surprised how people were convinced it was true.

I even thought back to Bruce Drennan's show on Sports Time Ohio (this guy is a great sports celebrity, but they way). Several people would call up on his show and ask if LeBron had any immediate "personal problems" that were distracting him.

Bruce was evasive, but ended with "Maybe."


I don't know. I'm just reporting what I see and hear.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K,

It's not true..If it were true, it would be a front page story.


"It's not true..If it were true, it would be a front page story."

You might be right. I don't know, but to quote someone at the bar, "It's going to be in the papers in three or four days."

Everyone else in the place seemed pretty confident.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K,
That means Lebron is staying in Cleveland then. Didnt you say he will only go where his mom is safe? Well now we know she is safe with Delonte.. :)

it's simple.

anyone who doesn't like:
1.Phil Jackson
2.Kobe Bryant
3.Pau Gasol
4.Derek Fisher
5.Lamar Odom
when thinking of the basketball team, just isn't a Laker Fan. if he's on this blog, he's probably trying his best to make fans of the team he hates(the Lakers) miserable. that's it. Lakers fans have no reason to hate these guys, or any of the rest of the team, not right now anyway and probably not ever. they are doing their jobs, entertaining fans and winning games as usual.

That would actually be a decent excuse for LBJ tanking in the playoffs. That is an UGLY rumor.


Like I've said, I don't know. I have no first hand information.

I'm only reporting what I've seen and been told. That's it. All the best I can do is to do so honestly.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


that's a stupid excuse for tanking in the playoffs. it might be nasty, but mom was already like that if it's true and Delonte West is only one teammate. why take it out on the rest of them? actually, i don't care. they all need to fall by the wayside, i'm a Lakers fan....

Go Lakers! Quick question does anyone know if a FG is counted even though you go to the free throw line? Does the ref make that call?

"that's a stupid excuse for tanking in the playoffs. "

Really, wow, what would be a good excuse, famine? You seem pretty upset by my comment for someone who doesn't care?
I'm a real Laker fan.

That's a funny rumor but dangerous if it turns out to be false. LBJ has lots of money to hire attorneys and chase all messengers of the rumor (or West) because it defames his personal well being. On the other hand, if it's true, he has no recourse because they're consenting adults. Btw, how old is the mom of LBJ? Is she good looking? Can somebody post a link here of her picture? Is Delonte West married?


Missed shots don't count as FG attempts when you are fouled.

Edwin Gueco,

"Btw, how old is the mom of LBJ? Is she good looking? Can somebody post a link here of her picture? Is Delonte West married?"

I've decided that I don't want to personally discuss this matter any further.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Third quarter:

Suns: 24
Kobe: 21

If the Suns are the most efficient offensive team in the league,what does that make Kobe?


Dave M,

Going back to that Shannon Skywalker Dunk, had he done that dunk during ASG, he could have gotten a 10 from HOF judges. The kid was nervous and may have had stage fright compared to his daring character on Laker games. Only Laker fans knew what he is capable of. I think everyone did good including Luke Walton who made two shots, enough to equal his production in Game 6 of '07. lol!

Jon K,

It's OK, we got the answers in this link. Your story is already on the internet gossip sites.

TJ Simers is off his rocker again:,0,2893703.column

Now, if only he had a coherent treatise on why he thinks that despite today's loss the Suns could still beat the Lakers in 6. However, his writing is just superfluous drivel with nothing tangible to say.

Why does he even write about Lakers basketball? Hell, why does he get paid to write for the LAT?


You didn't read the whole article, to wit:

"The Suns might still win the series, but only if they can stretch it out to 13 or maybe 15 games and the Lakers lose interest."

He only thought that the Lakers might loose if Andrew didn't show. Drew played well tonight, in limited minutes.

Not even TJ thinks the Suns have a chance, anymore.



I actually get what he is saying, it's just that the method of delivery (the writing style and espeically the choice of title) leaves a lot to be desired that instead of coming across as funny, his writing comes across as belabored, contrived, and exasperating.

But then again, I guess he had to use such a title to maximize his article's SEO score and attract attention. =(

Edwin - I figured that'd be a method to help keep trolls away from here, especially with duplicate posts


Somewhere in Phoenix, BUTLER WEEPS. Poor boy.



You wrote:

"Third quarter:

Suns: 24
Kobe: 21

If the Suns are the most efficient offensive team in the league,what does that make Kobe?"

Actually Charles Barkley might be right, Kobe is OLD.

Back then, Kobe would've outscored the whole team. This time he was outscored by the Suns. Yeah right Kobe is OLD!!!LOL!!!!!


Charles Barkley is STUPID.


Pau is dunking the basketball everytime he has the opportunity!!!! Gotta love that!


Michael C. Teniente,

Remember when you said that, "Without Bynum or with a gimpy Bynum, all bets are off in the west. Lakers will not win."

HOW CAN YOU EXPLAIN THIS? We have a gimpy Bynum right? But here you are talking about Lakers sweeping the Suns? What happened there? Are gonna admit now that you were WRONG?

BTW, you have no other conditions when you said that, it's just that, "Without Bynum or with a gimpy Bynum, all bets are off in the west. Lakers will not win."

I hope you will still be here when the Lakers KICK those Septics' butts!!!

just released news that Chicago is number one in the running for chris bosh.

hoping for Mitch to make things happen again.

follow on twitter golakers2424

cant wait for this decisive game 3. have a good feeling suns are going to put up a fight, because if they lose this one its done. then it will be lakers and celtics for the rematch everyone wants.

follow on twitter for Laker talk and updates. @ golakers2424

i hate boston SO much i stopped eating my vegetables beacause they are green. bananas and grapes ALL DAY. ha

follow on twitter: golakers2424

think that all you LA.L fans that live in AZ need to go home,and start to be prepared for the Big One.Game 7, the upset,SUNS vs. Celtics FINALS



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