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Lakers-Suns Chat

--Mark Medina

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Mark G-

Thanks for noticing. I stopped in every now and then. I dont really want to read about whether or not Kobe is better then Lebron 24/7. I can deal with it for a bit but not all yr long. Even today before the game there were posts about Kobe v Lebron. Who cares. Your playing for the chance to go to the Finals.

But to each its own. Its your blog and you can talk about whatever you want. I just dont care enough to read about it everyday. Its a long season and if Phil can get tired of it making 12mil ... so can I.

Ok, I think I am going to go and chill with the Dude now, just relax and let it all be good. Me and the Dude are going to abide.

: P tried a demented wall/spiral eyed ouchhh, but it looks too happy


I started following the Lakers following Elgin Baylor's devastating knee injury, so I also never saw him in his prime. The post-injury Baylor was pretty good, but nowhere near the player who revolutionized basketball and who was a forerunner of Doctor J. and Michael Jordan. Elgin was the reason I became a Laker fan. And I'm glad I did. Over the years, I've been thrilled by a plethora of great Laker players giving great, iconic performances. From Elgin to Kobe, it's quite a legacy of greatness.


Of course I remember Mel Counts. Big stiff! He played hard, but he could never match some of the better centers in the league, particularly Boston's Russell in the Finals.

yeah, 3 in a row.

Killed in the first one.

Face a young Magic team in the 2nd one because Garnett was injured and
Boston couldn't win without him.

Now for the 3rd one...

Garnett is healthy!

Lets see.

3 years in a row! I'm betting 2 finals losses against Boston because Gasol is fools gold when it comes to physical play, which is Boston's game.

Quit the chatter! The finals are here. We'll see who the fool is once and for all.

mike t.

Mel Counts! Noooo! I went to the Elgin Baylor/Gail Goodrich basketball camp in junior high, and Mel came one day. He demonstrated a dunk... and missed it!

Guys...We are the Lakers, but they are the Celtics...Whoever is saying Lakers in 5 don't have a good understanding of the game...
Lakers in 4.

Here's the comment of a two time MVP on Kobe's performance:

“Those aren’t shooters shots, they’re scorers shots,” Phoenix’s Steve Nash said. “Those are best-player-in-the-game type shots.”

Of the past six years MVP awards, the "best player in the game" has had one, three years back, the only player to regress every year in terms of exiting the playoffs won two, a player who led his team from the finals to a first round exit won one, and the player who just mentioned Kobe as the best player in the game won two.

The MVP of the season should only be awarded after the playoffs. It doesn't mean that it's automatic that the MVP of the finals would be MVP of the season, but it does mean that the award will be given to someone who shows his mettle when it counts.

Kobe = MVP
Nuff Said.

So far, my predictions have been accurate. I called it Lakers in 6 before the series started. However, as far as the Finals series with Boston, I've had to change my mind. More on that in a future post.


* Kobe Bryant is back and playing his best ball all year. He's shooting well, he's making good decisions, and he's cut down on his turnovers.

* Derek Fisher has been playing very well. I was one of his biggest critics during the season. I didn't so much mind his lack of defense as I did his tendency to miss wide open shots. Lately, he's been hitting KEY momentum shots, and he's proven to be the valued number 2 option.

* Phil Jackson is doing his thing. Say what you want to say about Phil, the guy knows how to win. There's so much that goes on behind the scene that we fans don't know about, and I think that is what causes the issues some fans have with Phil. Personally, I feel comfortable with Phil doing what he does, although it doesn't always make sense to me. I think we fans have to just trust him.

* Farmar, although spotty, has played competent defense and has hit some key shots. For the role players, it's no so much about scoring alot of points, but scoring points at critical moments. For the most part, Farmar has done this.

* Sasha is still pesky. The best thing that Sasha can do is get under an opposing player's skin. Sasha has a way of irritating the hell out of you, just like Danny Ainge use to. Usually, an opposing player is too angry with Sasha to concentrate on playing well. I look for Sasha to drive Ray Allen or Rondo absolutely crazy, maybe get one of them thrown out for game or two...


* I've said this all year, when Pau is in his comfort zone, he's brilliant. But put a physical type player on him, and Pau wilts and hides in his 'special place'. This is what makes him fools gold. Earlier in the playoffs, Pau was grabbing rebounds, hitting shots from all over the floor, and playing like a real man. But ever since that big center for the Suns got to playing him tough, Pau went from a hero to a zero. And this is the biggest concern I have over our series with Boston, who is the toughest team, mentally, in the league. Without Pau playing well, we will lose this series in short time.

* What good is Bynum? I don't know. Can someone tell me? I guess he's too hurt to be of any good. If Bynum can be a force against the Celtic thug front line, it would take some of the pressure off of Pau. But Bynum has been very inconsistent, and I don't see anything changing. Speaking of inconsistent...

* Artest and Lamar only show up once every 3 games. When either of these guys are hitting shots, we almost always win. Lamar being an offensive presence take the focus off of Pau, who then relaxes and plays better. Of all the players, I still say Lamar Odom is the key to the Lakers success. As for Artest, we just need him to play lockdown defense. This is why we brought him here. If he can hit the occasional shot, so be it. But we need defense against the shooters of Boston.

So who will win the series? I'm working on my analysis and I will post it later. One thing I will say is that the Lakers have had to play two solid teams in Oklahoma and Phoenix. From that, and the fact that the Lakers have home court advanage, I'd say the Lakers are coming with with more than a few things on their side.

But there are ominous matters that must be discussed. I'll elaborate later, but I'll tell you this, I'm very concerned about Pau Gasol's wilting away before our very eyes...

I love the Kobe Bryant that has evolved during the last 3 years. Playoff Kobe never loses focus. He doesn't waste his energy bitching at the refs...for the most part. He inspires his teammates with his leadership. He'll cut his opponent's heart out, and then show it to him. And he's cool enough to talk stuff to the opposing coach after burying a dagger jump shot. Yet, he's human enough to be able to joke about Sasha's faux pas in the 4th Q. Although, I wonder if Kobe would have been so forgiving had Sasha's gaffe cost the Lakers the game! LOL.

When Kobe did that shot at 30' left and touched Gentry, I knew we were the WCF Champions!
What a good night of sleep I'll have...
PS: Lakers in 4!

63 Footer...

Yep, that was Mel!

ouchhhh - I banned you from the chat because you made personal and inappropriate comments to Faith

Guys - The game wrap is up


Mike T should have the humility of Hollinger, who bragged that he was 11-0 in calling the playoffs until Boston eliminated Cleveland. That's when he said, "I may end up 11-3."

Actually it was "11-4" = the Cleveland lost, two wrong calls in the semis and one in the finals.

Of the past 4 MVPs...

1 has been to the finals 7 times and won 4,
1 has been to the finals once... and was swept,
2 have been to finals 0 times.

Now one thing is clear. If James is King (we'll know more about his chosen kingdom in July), Kobe is Emperor . And we have to live with the absurd fact that over his career he may end up with only 1 season MVP award. Just as Phil has had only one coach of the year award, whereas Mike Brown - now generally written off as incompetent (possibly because he placed too much confidence in cartoon King) - was voted coach of the year a couple of months before Phil Jackson overtook Red Auerbach as the coach of two millennia.

I guess when you move into that stratosphere nobody bothers to keep track of what you're doing. They're too busy looking for the next star, anointing and apotheosizing them and placing them on a throne poised on a cloud of chalk.

To all the Gasol doubters:

I just got back from a trip overseas and watch the last two playoff series within two days. Gasol has been huge, EXCEPT for this last game.

Especially in games 1 and 2 vs. Phoenix, Gasol tormented Lopez and the rest of the Suns at will. In game six they switch Amare to play Gasol. Amare deserves credit for playing passionate, desperate D on Gasol this last Game 6. Add to that, Gasol almost always being double-teamed. The Suns' D is what shut down Gassy.

If you want to talk about soft players and teams, just look at the Celtics last two opponents.

Lakers in 5. They have the momentum.

Kobe was pure grace! I love his game -- he is cutthroat to his opponent regardless of the situation. He never lets up! Heart beyond hearts. There is NO words - he's just that beautiful a basketball player, a champion.

Like Gentry said, "he's the best player -- by far!

ouchhhhhhhh is a spammer ffs

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