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Lakers-Suns Chat

--Mark Medina

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how can the SUNS go fishin' in the DESERT?

GASOL should be ashamed how he played

well, you're so right phred & cannot argue that.
Footnote: for the 6 game series, the Suns attempted 49 more FT's than did the Lakers!

to be fair, I think Steve Nash was playing hard, he always plays hard. But i'm not sure how good he is at translating that into something the other guys on his team can understand.

Also, i am reluctant to ascribe too much to players, but I do think that Kobe's 'I'm gonna kill him' actually seemed to be the sort of thing that shows a personal relationship. Kobe has always seemed to have a soft spot for Sasha, and apparently a dry sense of humor. I don't see say, Kevin Garnett saying that about Glen Davis screwing up.

And you can say a lot about Sasha, and I have at many times, but you can't say he doesn't have a sense of urgency.

Kobe just displayed brilliance basketball tonight, those shots in the 4th qtr were not only fabulous but a trademark of a true warrior, a master of clutch basket. Only a fool would deny the existence of this great and awesome player...Go Lakers.....

Barkeley and Collings - 2 losers

When in Solvenia.......... !

The Lakers are going to sweep in 5

got KOBE?

Plus Ouccch, equals, well, 1 loser, him!

RIP Sasha Vujacic

I change my mind, we already have KOBE

yeah, that last comment about the sweep wasn't me. I guess i'm pretty popular tonight. maybe someday i'll attain jon k status and get a few of my own trolls. I won't even have to threaten to punch anybody in the throat to do it, so I guess I can be reasonably proud of that.

and if history is any indication, i would go with Lakers in six, but i would really just be guessing. Game to game, i never am sure what is going to happen, but i have faith in our ability to make adjustments. Also we seem to shoot better than other teams lately.

I hope you're right phred, but I see it at 7 games. It seems that the Celtics are all playing well, wheras the Lakers have a lot of inconsistency from Bynum, Odom, Farmer, Artest, Brown & for that, I see it going the distance. But it is 5 days away, so.....

You know as much as Oucch's dislike for Gasol makes him deserving to be in a mental hospital at the time being (ouch!) he's not comparable to DFish in that he does not want the Lakers to lose just to prove point.

of course, if i was going to pretend to be me, why would i post something that mundane? darn, probably wasn't a troll. well, my ego with survive i guess. jon K has no competition yet.

I am really enjoying the post game interviews on NBATV.

Posted by: justanothermambafan | May 29, 2010 at 09:18 PM

MM - can you check on this?? I didn't post it.......

Have fun all but work is calling - the muggers & burglars won't wait for me!

Lakers in 3. Celtics will forfeit the 4th game.

I'm back. I changed my mind and want to return to the you.

dallas- the celtics are playing well. of course, so were the Cavs and Orlando until they played a better team. I think the thing that gives me the most confidence is that we have been here before, we lost to the Celtics once, and I think that gives us an edge. But definitely two veteran teams with great players and a lot of playoff experience. Best matchup for us as fans, either way.

have a good one, dallas

justa- we seem to have been attacked by the most boringly uncontroversial troll in the world, or probably just a software bug.


Sorry but I can't find the Hugo Boss post.....the spelling and the grammar is quite good as opposed to the last Ding Ho, who did not know what I was talking about when I called him last year, in Prattville. That gentleman had an accent and definitely would not be able to write the above post mentioning Hopper. So, I conclude, it's a different person, because he's spelling the name different than before, I believe, and the last one tried to use "broken English"..... So someone is so sick that they have at least 2 on-line personas and their own (which is probably) pretty mentally damaged.


the Memphis Chocker was at his best. in a MUST win game he had the worst gane of his life. how long the Kobe biased media will used him as a cover UP.

Gasol - the bigest hyped-loser in the NBA history

We can still reclaim redemption for losing in 2008.


Faith and the other ladies bring a unique perspective to this blog. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. And there are no rewards for BBall knowledge here. Faith, is very insightful and on point in her assessments of the games. There is room on this blog for everybody, even our trolls.

What's the matter...don't you like girls? LOL!

jeannette- welcome back.

human- there has to be a lot of Ding Ho's in the world.

ouch- you still with us?

Justa - I noticed Hugo's tag line in there too... so, the riddle finally solved after all this time? One less holy grail.

Suns gave us a good series, some really fun games. Gentry's a terrific coach.

bronx- myself perhaps excluded, i think the basketball knowledge of the people in question speaks for itself. Me, i never claimed to know anything about basketball. Oddly, this seems to prevent me from saying lots of predictions i have to recant, but other than that, i suppose my stuff speaks for itself too, in one way or another.

anyway, my post victory buzz is wearing off, we still haven't won anything important, so I won't stay up and jabber all night long. I'll stop by later, it's still pretty early here.





Now back to the finals for a third time in three years.


at least some like U, r getting IT. thanks. as always, we r on the same side of the fence. i missed u in he past days. by the way, MM banned me on the Live Chat because i called faith an idiot after she said that we should RELAX after Sasha's stupid play. did that changed the momentum? yes. if we don't have KOBE that game will be lost.

go figure

Ding How. Right.

Thanks for the love Bronx. Blog vets rule.

I'm outttttttttttttttt. See you Thursday.


on the TNT show, fisher was asked what he remembered from the Celtics series.

he said: "131-92" I COULDNT BELIEVE IT!!!! hahaha I love it! We will win this guaranteed!

The thing about tonight's game is that composure was kept even after the technical foul in the fourth.

^Composure. I like it, even though I didn't post it.

Sounds like something I would say though.

I'm outttttttttttttttt. See you Thursday.

Posted by: ouchhhhhhhh | May 29, 2010 at 09:45 PM

that was nottttttttttttttttttttttttttt ME

impostor. Faith??????????????? or some female blogger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on the TNT show, fisher was asked what he remembered from the Celtics series.

he said: "131-92" I COULDNT BELIEVE IT!!!! hahaha I love it! We will win this guaranteed!

Posted by: jac | May 29, 2010 at 09:46 PM

Nice of Fish to mention me after the game.

Alvin Gentry is a MORON


You know it, Faith...I saw your photo on the live chat and can say that the brains you have are matched by your good looks! IMO, you've forgotten more than ouchhh will ever know about BBall!

what's jared Dudley's last tweet???????????

he was cocky before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL Thanks. I don't let it, him bother me.

I'm like Kobe in his prime, people will always find a way to hate ;-)

Meanwhile, Kobe and the lakers continue to own the decade. 7 appearances in 10 years. Sweet!

Why does Alvin Gentry sound like a cowboy from the 1960's? Truly hilarious.

Reggie Miller called the Lakers win tonight. He did say if we lost tonight, we'd lose on Tuesday. At least he was right about tonight.

Kobe is up next on NBATV. We'll see if his game face for the finals is on. Where's Butler tonight?


Let's just say I'm right there with you in the amount of years I've been watching the Lakers. Enough to know the Egan you mentioned is Johnny Egan, a tiny & feisty point guard. We've got a lot of perspective on this thing!

I miss beating the Celtics in the Finals. This will definitely be enjoyable. Lakers win in 6 or 7.

Great series. I know I have aged about 20 years during these last two games.
Lakers in 6...and I'm being generous.

I miss beating the Celtics in the Finals. This will definitely be enjoyable. Lakers win in 6 or 7.

Posted by: Mark G | May 29, 2010 at 09:58 PM

Of course you do. You have only done it twice in 11 tries!


How did you like that one? how was the live chat, I hear ouchhhh got a little feisty?

Love it! Third straight time in the finals! What other team can say that? Awesome job, Lakers! It's great to be a fan of this team!

Bring on the hated Smell-tics! I hate everything about that team, including clover-leafs, leprechauns, and the color GREEN! Go LAKERS!

Thanks phred, cali and mamba24, et al for the warm welcome. I have been a big fan for a while, and I look forward to chatting with all of you as we pursue that 16th title.

Congrats to the Lakers for showing, once again, how to prevail through adversity. Kobe, words cannot sufficiently describe your winning combination of talent, drive and composure. WE (not Cavs fans) are witnesses to true greatness. Never take that (and him) for granted.

Now go get Boston!! Lakers in six.

kobe is the Man. no doubt. but he needs help, from at least one team mate and one supporting guy for a key shot or defensive stop. thats it. kobe will, will the lakers to win. tonight it was ron ron, with good support from fisher. yesterday it was fisher with a key shot from ron ron. most of the playoffs it was gasol with the help. against the celtics we need everybody. i liked sasha's feisty play in the last two games. that little bitch is a flopper.

Kobe is up next on NBATV. We'll see if his game face for the finals is on. Where's Butler tonight?

Posted by: justanothermambafan

Again - NOT me. Why would I ask about Butt-ler boy??!!

Mark G - that was AWESOME!!!!!!!

Yeah - ouchhhh is getting feisty, but you gotta love how much he wants the Lakers to succeed. He's over the top tonight though lol!

I heard he was acting angry in the 4th. True?

every time Gasol was on the floor in this series, lakers wee in trouble

as soon as he was on the bench, see game 5 and this one, the Lakers had a run

Gasyy, Faux Pas, gasof, silly, pink flamingo and other nicknames r based on his play and his character.

TOUCHES, TEAM give me a break. if we don't win a Championship it'd on him. his performance in this series against the GIRLY DEFENSE, it's beyond girly.\

wake up Laker Nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ouch- i think there were at least a couple of fake posts. i'm not even sure if the post where you said it wasn't you was you, as this line has been used before.

anyhoo, i'm back, i thought the buzz of victory was wearing off, but i forgot how boring the rest of my life is. (I think i'm kidding. On the other hand, I live in South Dakota.) So I'm back.

And I would like to say that I have a lot of respect for Alvin Gentry and I have a fair amount of respect for Steve Nash. It's pretty hard to rave about his record with previous teams, but I thought his Clippers teams had some redeeming characteristics, and of course the great Odom-Q Richardson-Darius Miles squad that um, briefly made the clippers interesting.

BYNUM - great job, as limited as U R.

Sorry 131, I'm old, but not old enough to have seen the Celtics win in the 60s. I heard most of those championships came with lots of help from the refs so I guess I didn't miss much.

Luckily I did get to see Bird and Ainge cry on a regular basis in the 80s. That was sweet. Admittedly the Celts have been a mediocre franchise for 25 years so beating them now isn't quite the same, still it's better than beating the Magic. I look forward to it.

Can we check on blog imposters? I noticed posts with my name pop up when the line wasn't mine. I doubt someone else has the same name as mine.

Ya - Gasol has to be traded in the summer. He is useless in big games. The regular season does not matter except for seeding. We trade him for Bosh or Melo. Gasol is never going to be clutch - he is a poser. He plays great against weaker players but he is going to be clobbered by the celtics.

I heard he was acting angry in the 4th. True?

Posted by: Mark G | May 29, 2010 at 10:04 PM

I didn't post this, and I'm not sure why anyone would imposterize me for this post. Oh well.

I just saw Fisher speak the "131-92" quote. He was basically saying he miss Kwame Brown.

Just came on after the game to share in the happy,
but ouchhhh's nastiness smeared poop all over it.
Especially the personal attack on phred.
If it wasn't so ugly, it'd be hilarious --ouch
calling somebody out on a mood disorder.

Can't wait for Thursday.

I have no idea, who is real and who is an imposter. I'm pretty sure this is me.

mike t- how about, if the Lakers win, you can face Ouch in a cage match. If the Celtics win, you can face Ouch in a cage match.

Or we could do something boring, like if the Celtics win I will meet you in Boston, wear a shirt that says 'the lakers lost, way to go winning two titles in twenty years you leprechaun *&^$ing New Englanders! Or something like that, maybe i'll let you pick the shirt. And hey, i'll buy at least the first couple of rounds.

And if the Lakers win you write a post admitting to be wrong about the many many things you have been wrong about over the years.

Yeah, I would volunteer to do that to, but usually when I'm wrong I try to admit it, and I definitely will admit it if somebody demonstrates my wrongness. I roll with the humility.

Let's set this up! I can't promise when I'll be able to be in Boston, but my sister and brother in law have a place there and we might be able to fit our schedules together and hey, i've always wanted to see Fenway.

That clinching shot by Kobe was just wonderful! It reminded me just how great of a ballplayer he is. The man is a true pro and just a joy to watch. He always amazes!! The Kobe/MJ debate is one that is very depends on who one likes. As far as I'm concerned, there is not that much seperation between the two. Kobe is just that good.


No you're not. I'M Mark G

Lisa Dillman? Who the heck is Lisa Dillman and where did she come from? Like Hellen Elliott, it seems like the rats come out of nowhere when the Lakers struggle (these two never write about the Lakers unless they're losing). Is this some sort of redemption thing to allow Lisa to have the first column after a Lakers WC championship? Shame on the LA Times. No wonder inquiries to my expiring LA Times subscription fell on deaf ears a long, long time ago.


Let's just say I'm right there with you in the amount of years I've been watching the Lakers. Enough to know the Egan you mentioned is Johnny Egan, a tiny & feisty point guard. We've got a lot of perspective on this thing!

Posted by: bronxlakerfan | May 29, 2010 at 09:58 PM"

I remember Johnny Egan...played a bit like Goodrich, not as smooth, looked like.....Stockton.....hey probably 40 years goes to show how long I've followed the Lakers. One thing I'm sorry about is that I never got to see Baylor in his prime, or I could not remember. Remember Mel Counts??? That shot of his.....I believe he went to one of my alma maters, OSU (Oregon State)....

What kind of an idiot posts on a blog acting as someone else....a real slime ball....phlegm....

lol magic phil - you KNOW you're exaggerating... LOL!!

Posted by: justanothermambafan | May 29, 2010 at 08:49 PM

C'mon, Justa...Magic Phil is still shaking the grounds around Culver. But, yeah....a nice hour of celebration was enough! That's what matters...
I love wifey
I love the Lakers!

Talk about two great teams with rivalry. Let the was begin.

yeah, i have to say, some pretty inane comments from imposters tonight. 'I predict the Lakers in five!' hah, that'll show him, everybody is going to think he has confidence in the Lakers!


I don't mind if you're really me because I think like your writing better.

I am Mark G

I'm Mark G AND Phred
and you're both better writers than me.


I feel like I should sign every post with something like "The Real Mark G," or "this is really me," but I think the imposters might find away around such tactics.

Speaking of Bye Bye Bye, here's a bet for Mike T Teniente who's itching for a bet:

Since you were too much of a, well, less than a man, to own up to the fact that the Lakers won a championship without Kwame when you said it wasn't possible, I'm going to give you another chance...

Lakers beat the Celtics and you vanish forever from the LA Times blog. Forever! Not allowed to post a single line forever and ever. How about it? Wanna put money where your mouth is How's that for throwing some weight around?

What ever happened to Jeanette? Is she back for good?

i ask U again?



got kobe?

i don't think soooooooo

there is ONE Kobe Bean Bryant and , whowwww, we r lucky, with # 24 he -plays for the Los Angeles Lakers

Magic # is now 4.

Hey Guys !!
Congratulations to everyone on the blog !!!

MM - I got a couple things for you - Saying that Sasha was trying to make a statement by picking a fight isn't accurate.He is a feisty player who did something stupid...Dragic milked it with a great flop and he was in no pain whatsoever...he can be seen looking plainly at the camera while going down..Sasha's fault though
what are you really revealing by contrasting his way with Kobe's ? That doesn't make any sense...too much of a chasm between those two players in almost every facet for any comparison of that sort to be meaningful.
Secondly..Dragic was killing the Lakers before Sasha's mistake....the "momentum" thing is way overplayed by most writers/commentators....A team facing elimination doesn't need a flop as a spark....momentum doesn't mean half as much as the need to keep a level head despite a setback or two and making the right decisions/plays. Sasha's mistake may have hurt the Lakers more than the points it cost..but not a whole lot more...they were making mistakes before and after that play..and it had little to do with any boost in confidence the Suns might have gotten...because..again..they had to be fired up to stave off elimination anyway...

whoops, hit the wrong button-

Mark G- I was thinking something along the lines of that old ad campaign for what i forget, but it was a bunch of clips of people 'saying 'i'm emmit smith' and then at the end emmit smith came on and said, 'No, i'm really Emmit Smith.'

great commercial. "i'm mark G' "i'm mark G' 'i'm mark g'

I'm sure someone already mentioned this, but Ron had a great game. Every time he made a jump shot I kept thinking, "see what happens when you disrespect Ron." But my favorite play had to be when Ron stole the offensive rebound away from Frye (I think it was frye) under the Phoenix basket, and laid the ball in.

Kobe was just unGodly esp in the 4th quarter.

noah- thanks, but i still appreciate the whole 'preserving all the animals of the earth by putting them on the arc' deal. You can coast on that and nobody can say anything critical from there on out.

"MM banned me on the Live Chat because i called faith an idiot after she said that we should RELAX after Sasha's stupid play"

ouch you deserved that. Calling a person an idiot is still uncalled for regardless for. It's very immature and regardless if you were right or whatever it was still immature for you to call Faith an idiot.

Mark G-

I understand. The next time the Lakers lose a series or even a game and its not the refs fault will be the first.

If not for the refs the Lakers would be on a million game streak.

no, we should have relaxed after sasha's stupid play, cause we you know, won.

if Faith says relax, you just relax like the Dude on some serious chronic on a sandy beach in the caribean somewhere, cause we got this.

Just an attempt at humor Phred.
You think I should just stay in character, huh?

noah, I don't know, i have some theological questions for you, but I suppose this isn't the time or the place.

l: )


Now, now don't be so sensitive. BTW, it's nice to see you around again. You seemed to be conspicuously absent when the Celts went through their little rough patch during the regular season. I'm sure the two things are totally unrelated. Still it is a strange coincidence.

Excellent, one day soon then.

Is that a hat?
Or a unibrow?

Gassy in a MUST win game had as an OPTION #2 and from some point of view Lakers MVP a 9 point game

4 points from the FT

5 points game. what a Spanish SCRUB. the EURO MVP the NBA SCRUB

at this moment i'm totally DISGUSTED with Pau Gasol

to WHOM he can point the FINGER now that he performed so poorly ????????

against Lopez and Amare?

Mike T. is RIGHT. Gasol is a liability. especially against the Celtics.

the difference between Mike T and ME is that i STILL want the Lakers to win regardless of Gasol, Fish, UPS, Farmy and especially PJ.

what a DREAM final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what else:


can it be anything better?

enjoy Lakers nation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love the fact that Kobe did this in Barkeley's FACE. and Collins.

who r those bloggers that expected that Kobe is IN for a bad game???????????


these r not the Yankees. pal. try again

That's because 131 is a front-runner.

Laker Nation, our boys did it again.
3rd close out on the road!

I was so happy to see Ron Ron go off tonight and stuck it to the "disrespectful" Suns.

Kobe showed once again why he's the best closer at the same time telling all the haters to "suck it" again.
Haters never learn, but that's why they're losers and we are going to our 3rd Finals in a row.

I see a great series where Lakers chop down the C's in 6.
Revenge will be sweet.
Finally we'll get to celebrate at home.


Collins loves Kobe. I've only heard him say complimentary things about him. What makes you believe he's a Kobe hater?

noah- i think originally it was a typo because my screen wasn't scrolled over all the way, but now I think i'm going to go with pompadour.

maybe ll : )

as i said before:


the Gasol-Fish-UPS-FARMY-Luke faction lost again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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