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Lakers-Suns Chat

--Mark Medina

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Lets go Lakers, time too move on. Lets just hope the Refs arent cheating again in Phoenix...

That boy Artest is ON!..

Lakers fans, show class no matter what happens in the 2nd half. I didn't think the Suns could push it this far. I still they are capable of winning this one.

Hi Laker fans. Good game so far. Not a lot of D. I would prefer that we play the Lakers (better matchups) but I was hoping that the Suns would take you to 7. I am a little confused that you count the 5 Minneapolis Laker titles in your total titles. Do you actually have lakes in LA?
Do the Atlata Braves count the Milwaukee or Boston Brave titles in their total?

I think Barkley used to be refreshing. But the act has gotten a bit stale.

Guess you folks wouldn't be interested in hearing about Hallady's perfect game, or Kendry Morales's broken leg, suffered in the celebration of a walkoff grand slam homer in Anaheim

The Celtics have beaten the Lakers 8 times in the finals. The Lakers have managed to win twice.

Are the Celtics the only team left with all American players?


what's the problem????????

thanks sasha. u r the biggest idiot on the planet

Well, the Suns 6th Man, that is 6th, 7th & 8th - the Refs, let the Suns back in this game!

Last game, Sasha mouths off to Draggic(sp?), then he gets pushed & a double technical is called! But tonight, Draggic walks right up to Sasha, mouths off, bumps him a little & Sasha does throw an elbow, but under the chin & Draggic gets an Oscar as he covered his eyes(in fake pain!) as if that's where he was hit! AND why not a double technical tonight ? Huh Refs ?! SO they get 2 FT's AND the ball; 4 points - thanks Refs!

gasiol facial from barbosa and amare

Sasha really messed up! This is no time for that BULL!!!!

Fish has the heart and cojones of a true champion. The man is clutch!!!


It was a foul, no doubt, but NOT a Flagrant & the Refs have to consider the act - they chose NOT to see that on the replay. So along w/ the poor call, they gave the momentum to the Suns.

That said, Gasol is MIA & after some good minutes & production early, from Bynum - finally - where has he been since ? And Phil should have taken Sasha out at that time. But he got no help on Draggic's 2 drives to the basket - Gasol was late as was Ron on the first one!

where the #@*$ was the defense on Nash's drive ?!

So Gasol stands there, back to Amare, AS jumps up inmo him & Gasol is called ?! It's bad enoiugh to play the SUns, but the extra 3 players in striped shirts too ?!

Nah nah, nah nah nah nah, heeeeeey heeeey - GOOODBYE !

Didn't think they would do it in AZ. but they came thru, despite another poor night or officiating.

Gassy felt asleep again

gassy the MVP. please pinch me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That wasn't Gasol's coverage

But he has had a miserable game

Gassy - back to barcelona. NBA is NORT FOR U

I called Boston over Orlando in 5 or 6 going away.

I called the Lakers in 6 over the Suns.

I'm calling the Celtics over the Lakers in 6.

I'm sorry but I'm usually right about these things.

mike t.

Well, you MAY have been right up to now - along with thousandas of others, but not this time - Lakers in 7!

Hey man,

Any bets out there? I'm taking the Celtics over the Lakers.

Anyone want to make it interesting?

mike t.

I have to say I really like Coach Gentry; he's not a sourpuss, or a whiner, & classy enough to kid with Kobe & congratulate the Lakers. Think I saw Amare walk off without shaking any hands.

Welcome to Armageddon 12.0 Let the superugliness begin.

What the hell? Why aren't the Lakers recieving their trophy at center court? Where the hell are they at...under the stands? Total disrespect!!


If I'm calling the Celtics in 6 over the Lakers
That means they're closing the Lakers out at
Staples Center, the sight of game 6.

mike t.

Sasha should be be fired nOWWWWWWWWWWWWW

Suns 3 pt % 34.6

Lamar's point total; 6.

I'm not sure how many stupid 3's we shot, but i'm going to just go ahead and say it was fewer than them.

NASH - u r a Canadian. Americans r celebrating on MONDAY, Memorial day

Lakers-Celts: The Lakers need Gasol to find his game, Bynum has to be more consistent, Farmer, Sasha & Brown have to offer up more as the Celtics have a huge size advantage.

ouch- chill.

Oops, left out L.O. - he too has to be there every game.

Lakers will sweep the celtics....

mike T- well, i would say that if the lakers win we can mock you for about four straight years, but we already do that. what do you want to bet?

ok, ok...Boston over the Lakers in 5 or 6.

mike t.

I got to jump on to say that I'm super pumped up to play the C's.

It's on now!

Let's go Lakers!!!!!
Let's do this!


memorial day is Important. HERE, not in Canada. we need the right break

you mock me? lol!

no, you read me.

you don't like what I write so you get sarcastic.

But, yeah, I'm open to a bet.

Any suggestions?

mike t.

We are the Los Angeles Lakers, don't ever mess with us! Bring on the Celdicks!

Great way to wrap up a series. The Suns gave the Lakers a challenge. Kobe and Fish won't let our Lakers forget what happened 2 years ago. Hats off to the Suns team, except amare who walked out like lebron did last year without a handshake.-

RIP- Dennis Hopper. I had the pleasure to briefly meet him twice in LA in the 90s. He was my link to the legend James Dean.

Now let's go get another ring for Charles Barkley!

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

HIGH FIVE HIGH FIVE HIGH FIVE HIGH let's go get Boston.....



wow did anyone see nash crying in the locker room???dang he really thought thet had this,you can see pure agony in his face. almost felt sorrt for the guy...almost....

go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MJ? Who?????????????????????????

I have an idea.

If the Celtics win the Championship
the next day's post will read:


If the Lakers win the championship
let me know what you would want from

How about it MM?

Just to let you know I've already made
the title post it's no
big deal. Just fun.

mike t.

Pau and Bynum both played bad and we still won.....the best team usually wins in the end....not like football ("On any given Sunday")

Wife wants to celebrate....
Be back in 1 hour (and 30mins....)!!!!

Nash is such a great player, competitor & team guy - we need another guy like him!

Hugo Boss??? YOU"RE ding how in prattville???

1. People acknowledging Kobe's place in the game. Sweet.

2. Michael Cooper talking smack to Boston. Sweet.

3. Alvin Gentry - a class act.

lol magic phil - you KNOW you're exaggerating... LOL!!

Who would have thought when we traded shaq for Lamar and Caron,........Lamar is very essential, not a great game today, but a "W"......I wonder what Shaq and Lebron are feeling now.....


a much as i enjoy your post, BB wise u understand NOTHING. stick to Faulkner. i can't believe you did not recognize the most famous portrait of your MUSE, Beckettt. it shows how OBTUSE u r, especially about BB.

stick to literature and bipolarity

I think ding how is Kevin Ding.

Celtics in 8 games hehehe

celebrating on suns court: PRICELESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

mike t- well, i really don't most of the time. and saying 'Kwames has great calves!' and 'fools gold!" stopped getting a laugh sometime last year. but they were great times, so props for that.

so far, nobody who offers to bet me has ever actually agreed to any terms, so you can make some suggestions. I don't bet money, just a thing i have, but suggest anyway otherwise.

ouch- sorry you feel that way. It was nice talking to you.

i thought there was a rule in the NBA AGAINST flopping....



anyway, one would think that you could go to a lakers blog after a win and see people who were, you know, happy and stuff.

here, lets try something;


Finally a battle we win.

phred - BB wise, U don't get it.

"Are the Celtics the only team left with all American players?

Posted by: Celtics Ken | May 29, 2010 at 07:07 PM"

Don't know, don't care. Are you a racist? That's a simple yes/no question.

I am so very happy right now!!!


Only 4 more to go, guys! This is gonna be some kinda fun!!!


Nothing but another title will suffice - Kobe Bryant

phred - this is not Simpsons. it's BB. it's REAL.

STFU. Go fly a kite, loser. You're a tool.

Gassy SUCKED again. how long???????????????????

Faith - even KOBE will kill sasha. wake up from your ignorant man LOVE

NASU/BUTLER how my a$$ taste???????????????

Now that the Phoenix Nuns Trolls have been officially slain, the Kharma is back and I am officially un-shunning myself.

Great Finish by Kobe!!! D-Fish Outstanding!!! Drew Came 2 Play!!! Ron-Ron was da Bomb!!!

Did everyone see Gnash Crying in the Locker Room? I was half expecting Tom Hanks to come into the locker room "What's this? Crying? Crying? Their No Crying in Basketball!!!" (League of Their Own)

It's Championship Time People!!! Bring on the Keltics!!!

The Repeat & Redemption Tour All-In-One 2010!!!"


no LUKE today??????????????????

ouch- seriously, drink some water and go to bed or something.





ding ho (Hopper's death), aware of the news....I would bet it's Kevin Ding......I checked out the old Ding Ho when he said he had a restaurant in looked pretty run down.....

I can remember when Fisher was young, he was always trying to draw charges, so he was a bowling ball on the floor, he had no shot, one year he had a leg injury, came back with a super sweet high arcing jumper, as I say sometimes "Pain is Good", because maybe if he were not injured he would not have developed a pretty killer (timing wise) jumper.

phred - i will drink some water

how about U drinking some water and some of your pills also. u missed the the past few days

ouchhhh - wow man - you are rolling.

I'm with you though - very happy the Lakers are back to the Finals!

Dragici Tragic in the post game

human - check out the post above. It's Hugo Boss. Same intro - same ending.

ouchhhhhhhh -- take it easy. Just be happy we won, no need to be insulting people on the blog or on the team. We can't trade any of the guys on the team at this point, including your favorite Laker Pau Gasol whom you affectionately nickname Gassy! :-)

NASHY - where is Game 7??????????????????


ouch- do you think i would mention having a mood disorder if i was afraid somebody would bring it up?

hey, i don't mind talking to people, and i know they are more than a few comments on the internet, and i figure you are upset about something. not sure what, but i'm sorry about that. hey, the lakers just won the conference championship, and i want to talk about it with my friends on here. Join in, or not, but try not to monopolize the conversation with yelling about stuff.


did U banned me because i call u being biased against the Lakers. you BB IQ is equal to NONE. go to the Cavs blog. U will LEAD the HYPE

I'd trade Dragic for Sasha straight up in a heartbeat! I can't believe how incredibly stupid Sasha's play in the 4th Q. was! Granted, Dragic flopped and got away with it, but Sasha has to show more sense and poise than that.

daddy is a LOSER

re: NASH


Defiantly reaching DFish levels of psychotic.


Nash played great and the Phx. bench has a lot of versatility and feistiness. Lakers were tested but came through. GOOOOOO LAKERS!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR LAKERS AND TO ALL THE LOYAL LAKER FANS ON THE BLOG!!!

It was a dumb foul by Sasha, but it was not flagrant !
And from my prior post:
Last game, Sasha mouths off to Draggic(sp?), then he gets pushed & a double technical is called! But tonight, Draggic walks right up to Sasha, mouths off, bumps him a little & Sasha does throw an elbow, but under the chin & Draggic gets an Oscar as he covered his eyes(in fake pain!) as if that's where he was hit! AND why not a double technical tonight ? Huh Refs ?! SO they get 2 FT's AND the ball; 4 points - thanks Refs!

Thanks bronx & back atcha! I have followed the Lakers back to the days of West, Goodrich, Egan, Hariston, Bridges, Hawkins 1 & 2, etc. !

Haha! Sasha and Dragic just made up!

dallas - this is pretty much what i'm saying. but i think the refs were trying to put a lid on it. I'll wait and see, i wouldn't be surprised if the foul gets rescinded, they seem to be doing that a lot these days.

anyway, i mentioned this on the chat, but i wanted to harp on it again; it's an elimination playoff game. you are at home, you are a team that is reasonably experienced and you have a veteran leader in steve nash. Why do you have to wait until one of our bench players taps one of your bench players to get fired up and 'get momentum?' how can you not be playing as hard as you can?

I agree just as it's fun to hear from then all & I love to watch & listen to Charles - did you see him learning how to play better, allegedley, golf with Hank Haney ? Hilarious series!

Who made up? Where?

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