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Lakers-Suns Chat

--Mark Medina

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That offensive foul on Kobe was the biggest piece of BS I've ever seen. If that's all it takes to get a foul called everyone should play defense with their face.

Good lord, talk about your home cooking. Can we have more phantom fouls in Phx's favor please?

I hate how Shannon Brown claps his hands after a dumb foul/turnover. No matter what happens this year, we need a bench next year

UPS should apply for a mascot job

So what do you make of the end of Lost Mark?


Laker fan-

Im not impressed. Please dont duck us!

I know it was the refs. Blah, Blah, Blah ... when you win, its cuz you have the best players. When you lose ... its the refs fault.

Which Mark?

I'm about to watch it, in 23 minutes

Mark G...

I never followed the show, but I want to know if it was real or not.



You totally "Lost" me. If what was real? The Black Smoke?

every time they show a highlight of the Game, someone is scoring on GASOL

it's on Sportscenter. do they show that in Spain?

can PJ see the low lights?

can PJ tell us how Gassy missed ALL the defensive assignments. or that r covered by his foot work and his post moves or left/right hands?

or for Euros, defense is not part of the arsenal?

Spaniards and the matador defense!!!!!!!!

it's part of the DNA.

little confession and the sins r forgiven

till next time

Lakers lost.

I guess they want it to give one to suns

Great defeat tonight. We needed to be challenged so we don't get too big headed. Add the off night by some of our Lakers and we're now up one. I expect a victory on Tuesday and wrap it up in SoCal. I hope I'm right.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

The whole thing, Mark. I just watched parts of the end, and I have no idea what is real and what isn't. You'll have to watch it to see what I mean.


i'm LOST for words!

hoe appropriate that thread of Gasol being the MVP

we want more of those

any wisdom thoughts from Gassy in the post conference?

I'm not worried about this loss. Our team lost not because of the zone defense as a matter of fact in the second half the Lakers scored 62 pts. If this is the kind of defense the Suns will continue to apply in this series this is the first and last win they will have. We lost because of early foul troubles I am not saying it's because of the refs.,the Suns made good of penetrating the ball inside, Amare and Nash did a good job tonight but because of foul troubles our bigs were not able to put up some good defense. I am not worried about this, it's been a long time also that we lost a game. Anyway I believe the Lakers will win on Tuesday..we played good too but we fall short on defense....Go Lakers....

Give the Suns credit...they did what they had to do. The Lake Show shot itself in the foot with 17 TO's. Like PJ says, at this level of competition, TO's always have a price to pay. Big discrepancy in the starting center position as well, with Lopez putting up an unexpected 20 points versus Bynum's 2 points in less than 8 minutes of run.

Just a tiny bump in the road to the title! No worries! We didn't really expect to win 14 in a row did we? It's good for us to be tested along the way. It's been a little too easy the last month.
Though we have to put the brooms away until the Finals, the Laker train is steaming on to the championship.
I'm sadder about Jose Lima tonight than one Lakers loss.

The worst part about the Lakers loss tonight is the release of the trolls on the blog the next two days.

Pau Gasol, contrary to what some people think, has to contest shots without fouling. This was especially true tonight with Lamar fouling out and Baby Bynum being ineffective. In fact, that's one of Pau's best attributes. He's rarely in foul trouble, but plays pretty effective D for the most part. Without a reliable Bynum, the Laker big man rotation is compromised.

in the post conference GASSYYYYYYYYYYY is deflecting all his RESPONSIBILITIES

what a LEADER

bad passes. no inside-out, blah, blah, blah

how about that your defense SUCKED? amare had 42 and LOPEZ 20??????????

62 points. common Gassy man up

Fisher is the highway cone

Gassy is the highway POLE

In fact, that's one of Pau's best attributes. He's rarely in foul trouble, but plays pretty effective D for the most part.

Posted by: bronxlakerfan | May 23, 2010 at 08:52 PM


say WHAT?

What's the difference between Amare and Gasol?

Nothing! Both are excellent offensive player who struggle
defensively. Tonight was Amare's night.

The Suns with a big Amare night and a little defensive
adjustment were able to beat the Lakers. Can they do it
to win a 7 game series? Of course not!

But that's not the point. The point is this: If the Suns, who
run a offensive philosophy, can beat the Lakers with a little
defensive adjustment; then what is going to happen when
the Lakers play the Celtics who are a defensive philosophical team?

48 minutes of defense?

Celtics in 6.

mike t.

Enough of the Andrew Bynum experiment, he has to go! What a totally worthless performance!

in the broken noses department, Lakers up 2-0

Why such a Jekyll/Hyde performance on the road vs at home? The Suns and Lakers both looked like completely different teams. Is it really the home crowd or is it the refs? Amare put his head down and knocked our guys down about 10 times before they called one charging foul on him. The Suns had the benefit of the calls on their aggressive play the rest of the game.

Suns in 6 u yee haw

Trolls are coming out and they salivated for this loss, well the Lakers and Laker fans are still laughing ...don't predict things to happen coz you do not control or power over it....just watch and learn.....

Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard are the best Centers in the world

one is inept offensively and the other one defensively. we have to clone them.

the Memphis Chocker is out at large again.

Big deal lakers lost.I still say lake show wins in 5.I just hope orlando can knock down celtics one time.


If Pau gets in foul trouble, it just adds to a bad situation. Man, DFish with Derek and you with Pau! Wassup with that? Your handle describes exactly how I feel whenever I read your posts. Think I'll stop.

Phoenix will play zone the entire way now and if the Lakers make it to the Finals, so will the Celtics. I'm surprised that other teams don't play zone against the Lakers since the Lakers don't have good outside shooting. I kept yelling at the Lakers to go into the POST to Gasol, but they just kept passing the ball around the perimeter and jacking up wild 3 pointers with time running out.

I can't believe the Lakers pay someone $12 million a year and he can't figure out a way to beat zone a defense. That's what pretty much ended the first 3-peat run when the Suns owner, who was on the competition committee, allowed the NBA to have the zone defense so that the Lakers wouldn't win 8 in a row, which is what would have happened if the NBA didn't allow zone defense.

But it's totally ridiculous that PJ hasn't figured out a way to beat the zone.

I hate to say it, but if the Lakers make it past this round, I don't see how they could beat the Celtics with an injured Bynum and Kobe.

I'm sick and tired of the Celtics.

Odom's inconsistency and low basketball IQ is really hurting the Lakers. If they don't win it all, they need to trade Bynum for Bosh. They lose a little size, but they need someone other than Kobe and Gasol. Bynum has been useless in the last 3 years in the playoffs. Odom's inconsistency is also hurting the Lakers. They need a guard who can make the 3. I say both need to go.

The bad news Lakers lose a game and gave the Suns a chance to stop the Redemption of '06 & '07 playoffs. Zone defense are bothering the Lakers and no stop on Amare's penetration.

The good news JB is smiling a little because there's two million for Game 5, being a gambler he takes the chances of winning at Staples than having no inflow to his coffers. PJ will plan an adjustment for Game 4 to attack the zone, Artest will hone his shooting, Bynum will be back to avoid fouls.

Well, if there's a game to be given to Suns, it will be this game. They are a good team that eliminated the Blazers and Spurs, they are not Orlando Magic. So we can take the loss as long as our players did not lose heart in trying to win in the end.


were is that maturity that u pointed out?

oh, and u called KB Blitz out because he pointed out that Big Mouth was thinking of C's?

that was really a cheap shot at KB Blitz. especially from a balanced martial artist like U.

looks like all the points you made in that long post explaining how Lakers improved from 2008 r down the drain. r they? it just took one game on the road.

team matured
bench improved
they r focused
they have Championship experience
what's left?

so, what did Big Mouth do today?
watching the Game from the bench.
he is preserving his legs for the C's.
making travel plans.
and the lists of guests he will have for his All Star performances in Boston.
his friends and family should be there to cheer for him.

i will stop here. i do not want LakerTom to have a heart attack. he is too old to handle it. and he was not a RADICAL. so he has no experience to fight and break rules. just preserving the status quo.

Good to have a series finally.

The SUNS' frontcourt was dominant and odum resumed form. Nice to see Amare play the game he is capable of. Lopez offsets gasal.

Say, who's the impostor? Not very imaginative nor accurate.



the Spanish Armada?

i know. crickets.

Fisher is ok and got a great game, Gasol was also great in offense tho' his defense has a room for improvement. Being a witness of the Lakers Dark Era of Smush and Kwame, we have made a tremendous improvement on those positions.

As fans, we are in the heat of the fight. If you cannot have what you love, then it is love or cheer whoever is our player there. We can't change horses in the midstream. In the first place, that's the rule no more changing of horses allowed. You can only choose from other players, if you sit Gasol then you have to risk Bynum being fouled out. Would you rather play Fisher or Farmar at the end of the 4th Q, Take your choice.

i'm wondering what Charlie Rosen has to say about Gasol's world wide recognized defense. I guess to be the best Center in the World and the most skilled man in the NBA requires skills at both ends of the floor

let's not be fooled by left hand and right hand shots. foot work. and pretty layups when the ball is served on a platter by Kobe. and shots made from outside because there is no guts to penetrate.

Being a witness of the Lakers Dark Era of Smush and Kwame, we have made a tremendous improvement on those positions.
Posted by: Edwin Gueco

that mantra is kinda like 3 years old. if you don't remember we r the Champions, so let's stop making the same old excuse.


i think the blog is unanimous the way you critique Pau. Coach Collins said it best that he consider Pau Gasol as the best big man in NBA today. Your type of Centers are those big, brawn and forceful style of going to the basket. u really adjust your perception in that area, it's ouchhhh who is bad not Gasol. j/k I think you're headstrong like Mike T. take the unpopular stand and defend it.

Lamar? Pau's defense? What does it mean, let's see Tuesday. Spoiled, but really disappointed. We are far superior to this team. Kobe was huge, where is the rest of the team. Ron Ron, bench, really weak. Celtic's are licking their chops. I really, really, know really hate that.


We have seen Gasol in the past that he can play defense, he is not the Howard type but he can play defense just consider the Utah series and the NBA finals last year, what I observed is he knows how to prevent himself from foul trouble like tonight. Can you imagine if Bynum, Lamar and Pau got into foul trouble early in the game?? Tonight he saw Bynum and Odom in that condition so instead of challenging the shots he opted not and allowed Amare to have his way besides the refs are whistle happy tonight..he will impose himself in this department come NBA finals....

Having to "defend" the idea that Gasol is weak defensively? You have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see that.

He only scores big when he's guarded by weak or short defensive players. That's the problem with the NBA. There are not enough quality defensive
big men in the league.

Perkins/Garnett/Wallace await.

mike t.

Lakers were due for a stinker and the Phoenix Suns have some great players who you knew were going to play with passion unlike the Orlando Magic.

This series is far from over but it did take a couple of extraordinary performances by Amare and Robin.

That with 2 no-shows in bynum and odom spelled doom.

The reputation of Pau Gasol is going to be made in the Boston series. We'll find out if he, indeed, has improved when he has to face a rotation of Garnett/Perkins/Wallace coming at him for 48 minutes. Is he a legitimate big time big man or will he forever be known as Gasoft? Boston awaits and reputations will be made forever.

mike t.

p.s. Make that your comment of the day tomorrow.

Perkins/Garnett/Wallace await. - Mike T

~~ do they represent the deaf, dumb and blind? If you're going to ask me, the first one is pure hulk and dirty player like Kwame who makes a living in pushing, elbowing in the post. The other two are past due, not tried that much in Eastern Conference. You are right, their encounter is inevitable. Don't fast forward, we're still in the Conference Finals. Too much talk of this Lakers vs. Celtics which is not the present task on hand.

the only one who has to defend my posts is really Pau Gasol. he wilted from the beginning. all the breakdown on the defensive end where because of him. he was watching almost from the 3 point line how the Nash and Amare creamed him almost on any possession.

every time he pointed to different Laker defender.
in the second half he had no shoulders. he was already defeated

Faith the Queen of D said that he has to move his feet. really. did he move his feet?


he was eaten for lunch by both Amare and Lopez the scrub. regardless who was his man. just a highway POLE.

watch the highlights of the game featuring Amare and Lopez. those r the Lakers low-lights defensively. Gasol is always the passive clown in the picture. a chocker and a joker at the same time.

the highlights r up on any site. so is his hypocritical press conference.

PJ has to stop to massage his ego. it started with the famous Memphis Speech. and Fisher's support. the MO TOUCHES politics.

PJ he has to give him a mirror and not a book. meeting Oakley does not put lines on his resumé

and by the way. please don't bring Doug Collins into the picture. he will say anything about any player to discredit Kobe and to preserve MJ's legacy. i thought that after so many years you learned that.

that is your comeback argument? Doug Collins?

and if Pau Gasol is not as delusional, he will realize that all the press is praising him for the same reasons. to take away from Kobe. a cartoon piece on the court and a cartoon piece in the media. continually fluffed. and he is buying into the housewife syndrome. actually the joke is on him.

and by the way: like Kobe i really don't care if the blog is unanimous the way I critique Pau. i know that most of the bloggers on this blog want to live in their little Lakers ivory tower. maybe you should read around the web to see how many other Lakers fans have the same opinion regarding Gasol. and actually what kind of names they r calling him. (that is not necessary)

Doug Collins?

who cares what you think?

Garnett/Perkins/Wallace await and Gasol will be great or he'll be punked!

Logical and history says he'll be punked.

mike t.

You know, it's really typical of bynumb to say that he's already getting ready for BOS.

Good thing for PHX, that kind of talk has a way of motivating the SUNS.

Hell, I'm getting kind of worked up to the point, I feel like slapping Gasol.


mike t.

Ouchhh, what makes u think Gasol will stoop to your own level? If you can't accept the opinion of a 3rd party who is not a Laker fan like Doug Collins, then that is the end of the story. There are + and - with all players and Centers, I still go with Pau as the highest IQ among Centers, he is aware of his handicaps and compensates it with effective offense. The reason why Artest was added to the line up is to supplement that area. It would be great if Bynum is healthy and not foul prone or if we have Bosh who can cover Gasol's flaws in defense.

I'm getting kind of worked up to the point - Mike T

~~ I think we have to call it a night. old folks should sleep early. lol!

i know. crickets.

Posted by: ouchhhhhhhh | May 23, 2010 at 09:29 PM

Don't be so harsh on yourself, slouchhhhh. It's not always just crickets when you try to be witty. I'm sure someone was almost tempted to chuckle at your lame attempts at humor at one point in the history of this blog. DFish, you there?

i have a "sensible" question for the spaniard contingent of this blog.

if you watch Pau Gasol playing but his name is Gortat, Nowitzky or Ilgauskas, will you have the same colored glasses?

pfunk36 mentioned earlier that MM does not get it. about BB. he asked MM how he got this job? because his name is Mark Medina and maybe he was a good token for the LA Times politics regarding the Lakers Blog and the city of Angelenos?

no answer necessary. but maybe you can think about it.

and on that note i have to touch on something:

i like MM for one reason.

not of his BB knowledge. because he has the INTEGRITY to have controversial posts POSTED even if sometime he is defensive when one is questioning his posts. he always responds. i think is a HUGE plus. and i value that part of his character a lot. also i know that he knows that sometimes i'm giving him a hard time. but hey, it's a blog. with so many days between games, what else is there to talk about? PRACTICE? :-)

contrary to the K Bros who will just delete the comments that were questioning their write-ups.

these stats were taken during the regular season against the Celtics:
Jan.31,'10 Lakers 90 - Boston 89
fg reb asst pts
Gasol 4/9 11 2 11
Perkins 4/11 10 0 8
Garnet 5/9 9 3 10
Wallace 1/3 1 4 3

Feb 19,'10 Boston 87 - Lakers 86
fg reb asst pts
Gasol 7/12 7 1 22
Perkins 5/7 14 0 13
Garnet 6/16 8 2 13
Wallace 2/11 3 0 4

This info is taken from the regular season and it will be different if the finals, do you think Gasol will matter in the Finals???? Be the judge but don't predict something w/o any data coz it would turn out to be a hearsay.....just watch and learn....

You gotta admit Mike T. has a point.

Gasol has gotten a lot of notoriety by playing big against smaller opponents.

I don't ever remember a monster game by Gasol against a physical player.

You do not seem to be just a victim of poor public school in usa.
I think your problem is something about mental retardation.
I guess the two things combined results in people like you.

Sales of your hole every time when the lakers lose a game
feel sorry boy.
I guess with your IQ must be hard to find girlfriend
you should buy a dog.Maybe he can give you some love.(care love not sex)
And so you can stop to hurt the world.

Many are right on the blog
Gasol should have played harder with two personal fouls and Odom and Bynum with three and four personal fouls

If it is true the judges were allowing play hard to the lakers
the right decision was to find the contact in the paint on every play.

Gasol and Phil stupid I do not understand as they have not realized

Mbenga could have played six minutes to reach its four or five personal foul
and in the low post morrison have won the game for 20 or 30 pts

Some members of this blog should be technical body in charge of this team

Too much talent wasted in front of the pc

Lot of Boston trolls here tonight...

First of all, Boston is the team I wanted all along -- it gives us home court and a chance for revenge. Boston will not have the biggest piece in their assault against us in 2008, not that dirty player Garnett or Paula Pierce, but the cool, clutch cat, James Posey, who hit monster 3's after 3's, specially in game 4, where we lost the series. They also won't have Eddie House, who also hit some huge back-breaking 3's. No Leon Powe either.

The Lakers will beat Boston -- guaranteed! -- in 5 games! Boston is a fraud, they would've been swept by the Cavs if LeBron was totally healthy. They beat a one-man show in Miami and a pathetic team in Orlando. Boston is a fraud. At the most, the series will go 6 games, but I'm calling it at 5 games.

Boston and the Suns are the 2 teams I wanted all along, primarily to exact revenge for past misdeeds. As far as the Suns are concerned, the Lakers will win game 4 and close it out in L.A. It's guaranteedm folks. You heard it here, from Ludwig.

Pau just rested 2 minutes wtf

Ouchhhhhhhh, in Spain to guys like you call them "rabble." What what mob? It is very easy:
Kobe 36 pts, 9rb, 11 as.
Pau Gasol 23 pts (11, 14, 78%), 9rb, 2 so
Bynum 2pts, 2 rb, or asit)
Odom 10 pts, 6 rb, 2 asist
Fischer 18 pts, 5rb, 3 asist
Artest 12, 6, 0
As you will see either the man in the painting Bynum and Odom have played beautifully and the party has lost because Gasol is soft, only scored 78% of their lanazamientos, wretched has caught nine rebounds, and has two assists)
While the Beast has made two huge points and two rebounds wonderful. Odom has played a fable and has managed 10 points and up to six magnificent glorious rebounds.

The lack of a father and his mother's upbringing have hurt him somewhat cavalier
Take the medicacióndiaria for oligophrenic and go to a vet for your useless testicles excised pig prairies!!



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