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Lakers-Jazz Game 4 chat

--Mark Medina

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Why can't I see where to make comments? LINKS?


The only thing I can't understand was why PJ took KB out with a minute or so left? I think he only has one foul. I like the 17 point lead, but preferred a 22 point lead at half. And Powell takes the last second 3? Oh well, lets keep this lead and win!

Bring on the Suns!


Lakers, baby, yes!

Halfway there...

I don't know if it is only me but I think Gasol is an outstanding player, rebounds, shots, blocks, running the court, passing, IQ... I think Kobe said that there is no comparison of a player that is good all of the skills of the game...

Like I said before, in my own opinion our team had already fought the Western Conf. Finals against OKC, many people will hype up the series between the Suns but this early it is all academic for the Lakers. The Suns may give it a fight but the intensity and the pressure our team experienced against the Thunders will never be the same...let us wait who would we face in the NBA finals....

Bah bah bah.....BAH ROOM!!

Way to finish it up, Lakeshow!
Get a week to rest up and get ready for the WCF...should be a good one.


Bravo Kobe and Pau for leading to a dominant victory over Bowlie Cut Chin Strap, Ashton Kutcher Poser, Carlos Loozer/Obie (from Living Single), and Ivan Drago. Kobe tore it up from the perimeter and Pau in the inside........and there is some who still believe the other big dude (not LO) deserves more touches than either of them?

Take the week off Lakers you deserve the nice R&R

Only way to be amused is Cavaliers-Celtics series....this outta be entertaining.

very nice.
thank God for the win, it's great to see them move on to the western conference chanmpionship. the only thing better would be to see them move on to the finals. the only thing better than that would be to see them win the finals....

eight more victories to go!

Deserved more touches? Drew was lousy again! Sorry, he just ain't got it. I would that he would! He shows up every three games or so. Hoping at season's end we trade for CP3 or D.Williams or Bosh. That's assuming anyone would trade for him and give anyone good up. Again, I would like it if he was consistent and dominant. We've seen this story all year. After all the criticism of Fisher, at least he's stepping it up when we need it.

The next series is a PAYBACK for the oldtimers in the Lakers Blog. We suffered a lot in the hands of the Suns against Kobe & the miserable Lakers scrubs in 2006 and 2007. Well, this time the Lakers are the Champs and Suns are the only contender remaining standing in the West. When I read to Troy's comments it's the Nuggets year, then it went Mavericks year and when they got eliminated, it's the Spurs. Nobody said it will be Suns vs. Lakers. I like the match-up and bring on the Suns. We are no longer in the Dark Ages, no more Smush, no more Kwame and no Cookie, no Shammond. Lakers are not 100% yet but they are gradually getting well and learning how to play in pain. One week's rest is equivalent to one months healing.

I need a rest too from blogging and catch up with my reading and earn a little dough. See u all this weekend and goodnight.

a series like this one points out the problem with stats and metrics. going into the playoffs, Hollinger had the Jazz having twice the chance of going to the finals as the Lakers, based on metrics. anyone who had actually observed the teams play against each other knew how bogus that thought was...

So I'm listening to JT the Brick and his annoying sidekick Loony (can't stand the guy), and their talking up how Lebron is saying he would cover Rondo because Rajon is dominating the series.

They're going on and on about how it would disrupt Rondo. And I'm thinking to myself, this isn't like Kobe guarding Westbrook, Rondo in my opinion will run circles around that High School Champion who thinks he's Kobe Bryant.

I hope it backfires and Lebron gets worn out trying to guard him.

Personally, I don't think Lebron deserves to be first team all NBA defense, just because he makes some spectacular blocks on breakaway layups doesn't mean he's that good one-on-one. But then again quite a few people don't think Kobe should be first team defense either.

So it will be interesting to watch if Lebron tries to defend Rondo. Here's to Rondo exposing the myth... the done nothing legend.

Kobe + Gasol = Dynasty. Die Nasty for the opponent.

Just listening to D-Will's interview.

"Some people made Kobe mad. Chuck saying he's old. He can't do what he
used to do, so Kobe went and did them."

The Lakers - Suns game is must see TV!

Kobe is dressed in black with the Neo sunglasses.

The interview question was asked: Does the Suns series mean anything to you?

Kobe's answer, with the GLARE in his eyes: YOU ALREADY KNOW THE

Must see TV!

No, No, No. What am I going do till next Monday?

Well, that was a closing statement by PG of PG (Pau Gasol of Purple and Gold).

Lakers will douse the Suns.

Personally, I love a high scoring game better than 80-79. Bring on the Phoenix Roadrunners. It reminds me of the Ray Allen led UConn Huskies thinking they could outscore the Ed O'Bannon, Charles O, Tyus Edney, Jiri Zidek, Tobey Bailey - 1995 NCAA Champion UCLA Bruins in the Elite 8 game in Oakland, CA. The press had UConn blowing us out of the water. Final score UCLA 102, Panting Dogs 96. Our athletes are more athletic than yours AZ. C'mon Phil let the fellas run!
The 1987 world champion LA Lakers averaged around 125 points in the NBA finals against the Boston "wicked" Smeltics. Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Scott, Coop & CO would take the ball out of the net and score before lead-legged Bird Beak, McWhale & Perish turned their heads around. They're off and running at Hollywood Park.
Go Lakes! dare you! We didn't come to see no KoME or GaSoft. We came here to see the Beast and him dominate everything like Shaq because we all know that the beast must get 30 touches and those 5 fouls he got tonight were tick tack fouls! Getting caught up in the air hitting Millsap? Please that was just good physical defense! There is only one Alpha Dog who truly belongs to the team and that's the beast! How dare Kome not get 10 assists all to the beast and how Gasoft is the junior partner of the beast whose overall game pales in comparison to the mighty 6 points and 7 rebounds in 25 minutes! Shame on the Lakers for freezing Bynum out of the offense and Kome ballhogging to 30 points and Gasoft stealing the beast's 33 points and also 14 rebounds that truly belonged to the beast. If the beast doesn't get his points and rebounds we lose because either the lakers are freezing him out and being selfish or it must be stern for wanting it to make it that kome or queen james are better than the beast. NO ONE IS BETTER than the Beast! feed the beast dur!

Bowlie Cut Chin Strap

the only memorable thing of these series.

Blitz, Hobbit

during the Live Chat i tried to incite the crew with a poll:

Beast or BUST

and i had only one other answer. looks like the Lakers fans were shy and hommies to pitch in

so BUST - Beast ended only 2-0


by the way, doing a spell check on hommies, that was underlined i got: homes, commies, mommies.

Blitz - U forgot the other Alpha Dog: Ear Dog, sorry, EAR Farm

looking forward for Farmy and his great skill sets, HIS SPEED, against Nashy the one-eyed doggy. I hope the REAL UCLA alumni will show this little punk, north canadian one-eyed stray dog, what BB is about.

Ouchhhhhhh today you do not write anything about Pau Gasoft?
You're a shit, miserable!

Hey hobbit, Pau is very skinny, soft, very quien personality for leadership, hahahahahahah. I follow him sice he play in Barcelona. In this moment, Pau was a real superstar around the world, too. Now, i think Pau is better than Shaq in his prime, very skilled player (can shoot, rebounding, defending, bb IQ.....) Undoubtably, Pau is in the Top Ten NBA players as i have said yesterday:


Peretti says:

I don't know if it is only me but I think Gasol is an outstanding player, rebounds, shots, blocks, running the court, passing, IQ... I think Kobe said that there is no comparison of a player that is good all of the skills of the game...

Peretti is a laker fans Ouchhhhhhhhh a big shit!

Ouchhhhhhhhh,Pau passed over Boozer

Pau, with a 'double-double' monumental 33 points, including 17 in the first half and 14 rebounds was the lord and master in the ring, despite the poor form of Andrew Bynum.

Sant Boi player who does not intend to dispute with Spain, Turkey World, was 40 minutes on the runway at EnergySolutions Arena, Salt Lake City, to score 12 of 18 field goals, missed a triple attempt, and hit November 9 personal shots.

Gasol also handed out two assists and two blocks set to lose only one ball and not commit a single foul, while forced the elimination of Carlos Boozer, the Jazz, before the steady booing the home team fans the trio formed by arbitral Tom Washington, Dan Crawford and Bill Kennedy

I have seen all four qualifying games, and aside from the numbers of Pau, personal stats and all that brings on offense is not, I'll leave what I think has been the key to the tie against the Jazz. Boozer vs. Denver: 22.5 ppg, 13 rpg 3-0, 583% shots. Boozer against Lakers: 15.5 ppg, 13.0 rpg, .446% shooting. Defender Boozer, PAU, and I remember the end of last year, defending Howard, is where muyyyyyy PAU.Ahi Pau undervalued in the U.S., and Spain, but here is where you earn the rings. Since playing for Uncle Phil, has changed to 100% on defense. Being very good in attack, defense saliendo.Como follow this so, it would be reasonable to give him the MVP, but that's the Yankees or joke ....

PAU: 33 pts (12 of 18 shooting from the field and 9 of 11 free throws), 14 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 loss, 0 errors, 2 caps = 42 VALUATION. KOBE: 32 points (11 of 23 field goal shooting and 10 of 12 free), 3 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal, 3 losses, 3 fouls and 2 blocks received = 18 VALUATION. Pau Gasol has taken 24 points from Kobe Bryant valuation. PAU MVPs.

4-0 versus Suns. The Jazz are a better team than the Suns. Phoenix is actually the most ideal opponent for the Lakers in terms of matchups of all the WC playoff teams. The only thing that can lose a game for the Lakers is their overconfidence because they know as well as anyone that they are supposed to sweep Los Suns. So Phoenix can steal a game if the Lakers fall asleep at the switch or if PJ tries to live dangerously by keeping the bench in too long. Or Jeannie whispers something in his ear like $1.5 million extra profit for an additional playoff game.

And yes to the Celtics, Cavs turning into a 7 gamer. Beat each other up I say. Orlando is probably going to be LAL's Finals opponent. I wish it were Boston but the odds favour the Magic.

Lakers are a better team this year than last year. Not at the end of the regular season but the OKC round in hindsight was what the Lakers exactly needed. It brought their mojo back. It is clear in the Jazz series that LA now has a killer instinct that they lacked last year. And another year of playing together in tight situations has improved their teamwork. Artest is finally blending in. Lakers are still nick nacked by injuries but they are getting healthier by the day. Kobe looks even fresher now than this same time last year.


Posted by: lakerigrl1980 | May 10, 2010 at 09:20 PM"

That is a redundant statement but to heck with that!!!!!!

"I don't know if it is only me but I think Gasol is an outstanding player, rebounds, shots, blocks, running the court, passing, IQ... I think Kobe said that there is no comparison of a player that is good all of the skills of the game...

Posted by: peretti | May 10, 2010 at 10:25 PM"

I started saying a few weeks ago that Pau Gasol in one of the top 5 basketball players in the world because that is what I believe, not just the NBA, but for his international play and achievements...It's really nice to know that we have 2 of the 5 best. I havn't figured out who the other 3 are, Nash even at his age may be oe of them. I got it, the three I mentioned plus VladRad and Kwame Brown. I think with this team we can beat any other team, even the new expansion team going in to replace the team that vacated one of the great cities in the United States, the next expansion team, the Seattle Avatars.

We are in the new Lakers - ERA, and right now is THE GASOL ERA, with Kobe Bryant as new co-star and LO as the perfect star in the shadow. Pau is the present, the near and long future. And right now, Lakers should bring Bynum a new chance to demostrate is value. Pau Gasol need a Big body in the middle. No forget Pau is PF, not center, and he need and big man playing at Center. When Pau play for F.C. Barcelona, he was the starting PF and Roberto Dueñas the starting Center. Now Andrew Bynum should play like Roberto Dueñas in Barcelona (defending, rebounding, blocks shoots, patrolling the paint) and Pau should running the offense with Kobe.

Ricky, for God's sake, please go away!!

You're comparing Lakers with Barcelona Basquet, such a shame to Lakers!!

Roberto Duenas, who Duenas?? Oh, that guy who was the last draft pick and never played in the NBA!! Hahahaha!!

You want Andrew Bynum to become like Duenas the nobody?? We want him to become a Shaq or Kareem!!

In your country PFs run the offense?? Then why need Point Guards??


"Pau is better than Shaq in his prime"......


I am not one of the biggest fans of Shaq, but he's in the Top-10 (or even Top-5) NBA players of ALL time!! Have you ever seen Shaq in his prime?? He was a MONSTER!!

Also, one of your latter comments say that Pau is a PF and not a Center, so how is that now you're comparing your boy with a C. Soon you will say Pau is better than Chris Paul, since Pau's RPGs are better than CP3's??


Pau might be undervalued in US, this could be because we have so many valuable players... This might not be the case in Spain, so he might be having all that value there!!


The "Valuation" values you have provided. How do you arrive at that 42 and 18. Care to share please??

MM, Not good to see "sh**" being allowed to be part of a comment.

Kindly remove, and also restate some basic guidelines...

To Ruud "ex-football player" van .......

Pau Gasol played in Barcelona as point guard. He can run the point without problem, also he can play as shooting guard and small guard. You Know Pau play very well as Power Forward and sometimes b/c Bynum´s fault trouble, in the middle. Pau can do everythink. He is a "ALL IN ONE" player. Shaq was exactly that, a Monster, a big body, but not as real Basketball player. He cant play the basis of the game (free trhows) Man, Shaq was a disaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A player what cant make his FT, for me, is a "no real player"

To Ruud..,.,

You have many valuable players??????

You have:


The rest, pure garbage

Ricky-boy, your boy Pau sissied in the closing moments of the Cleveland game and missed two crucial FTs...

So, as per your own words "A player what cant make his FT, for me, is a "no real player"..... how does Pau Gasol count as great???

To Ricky:

There are some players in the NBA - whose names are Carmelo Anthony, Brandon Roy, Chris Paul etc.. If you call them as "pure garbage", that shows your knowledge level of NBA....

Just curious, how were you so gracious to concede Wade and Durant as "valuable".... So nice of you for being so considerate!!

"Undoubtably, Pau is in the Top Ten NBA players as i have said yesterday:


Posted by: ricky | May 11, 2010 at 01:07 AM"

i would drop KG off that list, he was on last decade's list, now he just tries to intimidate by putitng on a show, same show every night, chalk dust, hey Lebron as well,,,,from Yahoo:

"Chalk dust is considered an irritant and an occupational hazard by a number of occupational safety organizations around the world. If you must work around chalk dust for extended periods of time, many safety experts suggest using a filtered mask over your mouth and nose and taking a number of breaks in a fresh air environment. Use other dustless methods of communication, such as dry erase boards or overhead projectors, whenever possible." Do if those guys in Cleveland or Boston sitting near the:" chalkshow" croak, hire a lawyer and bust the assets of Garnett and Lebron (better chance of stealing plutnium"

Lebron does it too, I guess they don't get fined $35,000 by David Stern, I guess he just likes to spend PJ's money on his Michael Jordan endorsed Hanes BVD's.

As for the list ofop 10 NBA playerw, who's the source and who are the other 5 players to make 10 list I think as we see KG could never carry a team, couldn't do it with the help of Latrell and cassell, but got it done with Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Rondo. I'd slide Garnett out of what I think the top 5 list is and put Carmelo Anthony in.

Thismay note sense to aome, but Pau may not ei one the top 5 or top 10 players in the NBA, however as at a pssible top 5 or top 10 player in the world,, I would belive that.

I forget Durant in my first list. He will be a superstar in the near future. Durant is a better player than Lebron (in my opinion) and in the same level than Kobe and MJ.

>>>Now, i think Pau is better than Shaq in his prime,

Did you actually SEE Shaq in his prime? He was devastating. He was a mountain. For the first two Lakers titles, he AVERAGED 30 points and 15 rebounds. Not got them in one game, which Pau has only come close to once. Averaged them for four straight rounds of playoffs!

For the third championship, he slipped all the way to 29 points and 13 rebounds per game. Still way ahead of Pau.

Add in 2.4 blocks per game over those years (compared to Pau's very good 1.9 blocks per game this year).

Pau is very very good, don't get me wrong. But Shaq was a force of nature.

If Pau keeps this up for 2 or 3 more years and gets a couple more rings with the Lakers, then maybe we can talk about who might be displaced from the top 50 of all time to make room for him (probably a Celtic). But until then, he'll have to settle for being one of the top 5 big men in the league right now, and you can stop with this foolishness of comparing him to Shaq in his prime.


One point I will agree with you on... I would put Pau in the top 10 players in the NBA right now. Any of the lethargy he showed with Memphis and maybe a little bit as late as the 2008 finals with the Celtics seems to be completely gone.

He goes out and plays hard and plays well every single night. Not many players do that. For example, if Vince Carter played as hard as Pau's playing now, he would probably be thought of at the same level as Kobe. He's got the natural talent, he just doesn't have the will and dedication. Kobe's got it. And now Pau's got it.

Let's hope Pau and Kobe can lead this team to a FOURPEAT!!! (it would be the first time since the 60's Celtics). That would cement both of them a legacy higher than Shaq, and they'd be mentioned in the same breath as Magic and Kareem and Bird and Jordan and Russell.


O.K., i agree, except "FOUREPEAT". Bufffffff. In this time, I think is impossible (David Stern is the big boss) I hope Pau can win 2, maybe 3 rings in his Laker-career, but i think in a row, not. NBA is business and this situation is no good for the business.



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