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Lakers-Jazz Game 3 Chat

--Mark Medina

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Shannon Brown really screwed up in this game. He REPEATEDLY left Kyle Korver unguarded. Once Korver makes 2 or 3 shots, he gets in a rhythm & then he's much harder to stop. IDIOT Shannon.

And his 4 for 12 shooting sucks even harder. The guy needs to LEARN HOW TO PASS THE BALL. He's taken a lot of long jump shots early in the clock - the worst was a 20 foot jumper on a 4 on 2 fast break. TERRIBLE.

If the Lakers lose this game, Shannon gets 90% of the blame. Lamar gets the other 10%. If Lamar would actually put his hands up on defense once in awhile, it would help.

Another IDIOT move by Lamar. The guy ALREADY HAS THE BALL IN THE BASKET an d Lamar reaches up and fouls him.


Hopefully Kobe and Pau and Fish and Artest can make up for the crappy play by Brown and Odom.

Is it just me or are the commentators TOTALLY cheering for Utah.

Utah turns the ball over and it's "ohhhh nooo".

Deron Williams makes a clutch shot and it's "yessssss"

Wesley Matthews flops in the lane and they're like "Well, Kobe pushed him."

It's like watching a freaking Celtic game. It's completely annoying.

Cmon Lamar - play like you care.

CRAP. That wasn't a foul. Kobe got all ball.

BALL DON'T LIE. It wasn't a foul

Two guys pushing Kobe while he's shooting and that's not a foul, but Williams runs right into Fish and jacks up a wild shot and that is a foul.


That's right Lamar. Pick it up. Get rebounds. Now make your free throws as well.

You know, I wouldn't mind them allowing Utah to body up Kobe on every shot and not call fouls as long as they'd allow the same treatment on Deron Williams at the other end.

Boooooozer Looooooozer


Nice 3-pointer Lamar.

Wow. What a crazy game. I'm tired.

great win,the end was very nerve was almost a wasted game as far as fish and rom having good games, kobes % was great too...the last 2 plays were interesting,even though fish was grabbed why was ron inbounding and why to fish(guess his ft % is better than kobe's) the last play pau misses the rebound,nearly a put back..damn..kobe also said ron had to redeem himself for that bad

Who says Kobe is a ball hog and should defer to make Andrew Bynum the next Shaq?? Or rather that this is Pau's team and Kobe is another Robin??

Who says that Derek Fisher is full of trash (he still does have very sub-par games) and isn't a difference maker??

Who says Ron Artest sucked besides his Defense?

And who the hells put the Lakers be done??

Laker STANS that's who!

The Lakers took the best punch from Utah (Korver nearly couldn't miss no less) and the Lakers prevailed!! Eat that from a quality team like Utah.

Gotta feel sorry for the Jazz fans though. One of their best opportunities to contend for a championship and the Lakers punked their butts out of the playoffs!

Hey Where can I Watch the game on line??? I´m far away



Whew! Outstanding shooting from Kobe, Ron and Derek! Artest and Fisher had BIG shots, and Lamar's 3 was super!

Ohhh - and Scott sneeks in for the final word LOL!!

At least give credit where credit is due. Derek Fisher played a great game tonight. He's got his faults, like any other human ballplayer, but the man played a great game tonight.

well, i got to watch the fourth quarter. Sorry i missed the chat, but i got some good manicotti, lasagna and some decent sorbet, so i can't complain too much. i'm glad we pulled it out with a win. I think Charles Barkley might have described this series as well as anybody when he said a couple of days ago 'i don't think utah thinks they can win.' I think that is exactly how they are playing.

Of course, D Fish was completely mugged on that last in bound pass, so if we had lost, i was ready to rant and rave a bit, then shrug and say something about the fact that we still own this series.

FCM- well, i don't suppose you are too unhappy to be wrong about your pick tonight.



Oh yeah, and Kobe, just another great game!


"Fisher gives up more points and gets less assists than his man in every game
so anyone that thinks he is really doing anything special on there STFU !!!!"

You are so detached from reality.

Ultimately your hate will kill you, you know.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I wonder what RonRon's next tweet will be? "Hey Phil, how does my Jazz taste" LOL

Boozer the loser
Jazz the cheater in pulling Fisher
Cheater never wins
Winner never quits
Lakers 3-0 hahahahaha!!!!

I am very happy right now.

Championship mettle - that's what it's all about.

Put Odom in the 2nd or 3rd Q, but I sincerely believe Phil, it should be the Twin Towers to close this series. Go for the triangular fire Kobe-Gasol-Odom whether it's offense or defense, that match up is hard to be covered by Utah. Tonight, it's Kobe time plus Artest and the Fish coming thru. Odom's defense is easy to penetrate. He made the 3 in the perimeter and the 2 in free throw but he gave away also open shots to his guards.

It's funny how we can all see a game differently. I actually thought the Lakers were fortunate to win this one. They weren't feeding the post enough, especially in the first half. Bynum was effectively fronted and Odom wasn't nearly as agressive as he should have been. Too many outside jumpers in my opinion but at least they were falling. I hope we don't fall into a shooting battle against the Suns... our real strength is our power game.

Nice contested game! Derek Fisher very impressive tonight, as was many on the team.

@DFish grow bp buddy!

Nice contested game! Derek Fisher very impressive tonight, as was many on the team.

@DFish grow up buddy!

True Dave M, only on Lakers Blog....either there is too much love or too much hate why don't we just watch the game and interpret it as-is. I guess it gives valid meaning to "jaundice eye". The proverb says: That's like tje pot called the kettle black

Boston will kill the Laker's with their box and one trap defense. Cleveland will over power laker's with Shaq. Orlando will bring Super Howard with eyes of a tiger to each game. Utah inexperience as team showed with ball, lead, and possessions then commit turn overs, fouls, missed free throws, and missed shots at end of games last 3 minutes. Good Luck next session. Utah should do Laker's a favor an play Bostons defense to prepare them for finals. Fisher big three point shot and Artest's defense on Williams proved to be difference in game. Laker's fans won big with Laker's Fisher hitting three point shot at end of game to pay for trip to Utah and stay in Vegas, win/win. ABC had five million persons watching games. Sold out Energy Arena. Too bad we couldn't repeat series of Utah and Chicago with Micheal Jordan buzzer winning shot to make money for Jerry Buss. Utah vs Sun's series was very tough. Will Laker's prepare for Suns, Cleveland, Boston Orlando ? Will league prepare them for finals series? Will players from league and coach's help with planning of games in finals? Will Jerry Buss use Pro's vs Leagues experience to win another championship? What NBA Star War's Team and Players will man their planning for attack in finals?

complex(my)brotha -

Missed you on the chat - hope you got a chance to watch the game though!!!

Lakers win though, so it's all good!

Hope you're doing ok.....

DFish, enough with your tantrum. What you're saying is not very realistic. You are downgrading Deron Williams who is a par excellence guard while bitching on fisher who did his best in equaling or at least slow him down. C'mon, it's time to be a man and give Fisher the due credit. Your too much criticisms is going over bounds and falling on deaf ears. Be realistic.


Where are you from?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Donald B,

Don't pre-empt the Finals with those Eastern teams. Lakers will do it one at a time. Lakers are 3-0, that is the only thing important in this blog. We don't look at the future but revel on the present victories whether it is one point or too many points, a win is a win.

Go lakers

So, where does Derek Fisher rank among All-Time Greats in three-pointers scored in the playoffs?




Above who?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Three best trolls ever:



Red's Love Child

That's it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Fisher gives up more points and gets less assists than his man in every game
so anyone that thinks he is really doing anything special on there STFU !!!!

Posted by: DFish | May 08, 2010 at 08:17 PM

Better than "I am going to start next season" Jordan Farmar!

"KB there is nobody that thought this team could contend for a Championship !!!

Posted by: DFish | May 08, 2010 at 08:18 PM

He was totally a non factor in game 3. EG I are not winning the Championship with this clown starting !!!

Posted by: DFish | May 08, 2010 at 08:51 PM"

Oh is Mr. Fishie is so saddie he's eating crowie that he even contradicted himself :):):)

" Hubie Brown should also be retired...didn't have a clue what he was talking about half the time. "

Hubie Brown is 100x the announcer over the Lebron Homer Mike Tirico, the Houston Homer Jeff Van Gundy, and the Kobe clown Mark Jackson. The only announcer that is better than Hubie is probably Marv Albert!

"i repeat...Lakers will not win the Championship starting Derek Fisher the CLOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!"

2009 NBA Champions LA Lakers with Derek Fisher as their PG. Yea you DFish are the clown!

"He shot well...he is still a 6 foot traffic cone on DEFENSE !!!!!!"

Better have a shooting well fool than a clown who wants to start and not even play damn well and a dude who thinks he's the next Brandon Roy and did even worst than Rudy Fernandez in the dunk contest!

It's ok DFish have your little tantrum with a meal of crow and a glass of Hobbitmage approved bear with it :).

That should be Hobbitmage approved beer not bear :P silly me

The Jazz took away the Laker bigs by doubling hard and in response the Lakers made their perimeter shots. That was nice to see.

Very entertaining game to watch.

DFish, you are not watching the game. You are just counting on Fisher's miscues which are really few in this game. Do you think anyone can really guard D'Williams who moves around thru p & r or go on multiple screens, Chauncey Billups was frustrated in their first round encounter. How do you know Fisher will not give the Lakers Championship, again i say what you're saying is pure bias or bs to put it bluntly. Fisher has given the Lakers 4 championship and 6 Finals, c'mon...he is aging but still fine at the heat of the fight. You are not really connecting tonight, you're like a little child crying wolf! every time you see Fisher. Get a psychological test, I don't think you make any sense tonight.

Even DFish the blogger can't ruin this victory.
Try to pack the lane to keep the Lakers bigs from dominating inside and our outside shooters kill you. Huge game on offense and defense from Derek "Mr. Clutch" Nice game from Artest. Kobe was brilliant, again. 5 wins in a row feels so good!!! The final nail in the coffin is coming on Monday for the Jazz. Let's show 'em how to close out a series. I predict the Suns will lose to SA tomorrow.

DFish - don't even try justifying your rants at this point. When you first started posting here there was at least some modicum of intelligence present. You've since become nothing more than an annoyance, picking senseless arguments and constantly bashing a good guy who's won his 4 rings through hard work and dedication. In all honesty, I've rarely come across a more objectionable being on this blog.


Were you aware that I said in previous thread that this is a L game for the Lakers? Supposing the last shot of D'Williams went in or Matthews follow up, do you know what is the focus of conversation? The 'no call on part of the refs. when it was a clear foul in pulling Fisher when the ball was thrown in his direction. That is not even a close call but a clear foul. Those last two shots by Jazz were freebies by the refs to extend the series, well that is fate: a cheater never wins.

It is DFish on the blog who is the goat tonight with all the prognostications and criticisms on what is really obvious. Even a blind man could feel it that Fisher had a good game.

KB do you even know who is the play play guy and who is the color commentator ?

Posted by: DFish | May 08, 2010 at 09:11 PM

If you consider Mark Jackson's and Jeff Van Gundy's commentating to be good you know why you are laughed at in here!

"It is the same old story on this blog...when the Lakers lose most of these guys are calling for Fishers scalp. When they win thye forget about his defense is."

You could say that for ANY franchise. When Wade was playing horrible with injury in 07-08 Heat fans were calling him to be traded for they are wishing he will stay in South Beach.

While Jon K. can be an over optimistic idealistic crusader at times he is much better than your sore losing ways who doesn't man up when he is wrong. Fact of the matter is Fisher has played very well this series against the best PG in the league! Then you hurl insults at us and become a sore losing instead of being man. You know it is perfectly fine to admit you are wrong at times but hell all it matters is that YOU are *always* right huh? It doesn't matter if the Lakers lose or not all you care is that Fisher gets blamed for all the losses and when he plays well it's because of the other team sucking to the point where you insult a team that won 53 games in the regular season that while isn't a team that any Laker fan would root for is one of the reasons why the Western Conference is a tough conference to play in.

Fisher had a great game (and clutch to) and you man up now! No, that "oh he had a great shooting game but bad defense" crap that you try not to eat your crow with...he played GOOD. Just like Ron Artest played GOOD tonight! Man up instead of being a wuss since you owe it not only to your supporters/detractors but to YOURSELF to act like a man and admit that Fisher had a great game and not belittle it by saying that Deron Williams was a crap or that Fisher got torched (hey Kobe/Brown got lit up by the amazing Kyle Korver going by your logic huh?).

DFish says: "Why should I man up. Most of you know little to nothing about basketball."
Haha... you're like an annoying insect that buzzes around in the dark. There comes that inevitable point where you get out of bed and roll up a newspaper and swat at the stupid little pest until it's squashed.

"Most of you know little to nothing about basketball." - DFish

That line is very familiar on this blog, it is not coming from you but a Mike T favorite phrase. We are not even in WCF and you are already talking of the Finals.

This is my last response to any of your posts. You are not a very reasonable blogger who will be fair and square to how the game turned out to be. It is really useless in trying to convert you because you simply can't understand our point, you refused to accept the truth and you truly believe in yourself. From hereon, it is best to talk to yourself and convince yourself too.

Same old answer when someone else points out his errors "You know nothing about basketball". Don't even bother with the fool Y'all.


It was a nice win for our team...Utah may not be as tough as the Cavs, Celtics or Magic but the way the Lakers won tonight's game it was necessary. I think they carried the mindset from game 6 against OKC, winning on a hostile crowd that's what matters in tonight's game. Our team did not play heads up defense but they were able to withstood the pressure, that's the mark of a champion. They did not buckle down, hitting those 3's in a timely fashion and it seems they were confident. I really like the way Kobe talked to Lamar during the time out and he hit the big 3, Lamar was really off tonight but he delivered when it mattered most. My concern is Bynum it seems he is really hurt, he's so slow and lost tonight well get well soon coz we really need your presence. I think our team should make for the jugular in game 4 in order for them to have some rest, they need it if they go up against the Suns, anyway we will be in the NBA Finals for the 3rd straight year.....Go Lakers....

nice game Fish!
7-13fg, ONE turnover plus two very big personal fouls on DWil when the Lakers needed somebody to step up and stop the bleeding in the second half. always a good performance in the big game!

thank God for the win!

Then get out of here DFish. You are nothing but an ignorant psycho who thinks the world revolves around you. You do not even man up when given the chance and continuously give excuse after excuse just to be right in your own little world. You are proven to be nothing but a sore loser and get mad at the Lakers because they won thus proving you are a hater and just posting because of a hurt ego. Here is a box of kleenex you big baby and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Even Mike T. admitted he wasn't a Laker fan (and he gave props to the Lakers when they won the title in 09) while you go out to bring the laundry list of excuses just to think that you are the king of the world and everything you say is fact while everyone else whether they be a Laker fan or not is always wrong unless they say crap about Derek Fisher.

I'm with Edwin last time I"m talking to your sorry butt and while you won't give a crap like I don't either just know that trolls like RED'S LOVE CHILD, 131-92, and Let's go C's! had more guts then you ever had.

I showed Dfish's comments to my brother-in-law, who is profiler for a federal law enforcement agency, and guess what he said about the individual behind DFish, just guess ...roflmao...

Oh, and FANTASTIC job Lakers...

KB Blitz,

you wrote: It's ok DFish have your little tantrum with a meal of crow and a glass of Hobbitmage approved bear with it :).


That should be Hobbitmage approved beer not bear :P silly me



you wrote: Why should I man up

my response: Are you a man? Then "man up".

side note: I thought I was the only one who got to stick his chest out around

side note2: Speaking of sticking their chest out ... justa, I'm still waiting.
[ :) , yes that was a joke. :) ]

Lol. Now DFish, we have you on record at the top of this post preparing yourself a big dish of sauteed crow. Mmmm.

What do all the Fisher haters have to say now? And don't say "well, it's just one game." No, it's the biggest game of the year, post season, everything riding on it. It was the regular seaso contests, if any, that had a lesser weight.

What can you say about a guy who comes thru in the clutch like Fisher?

What you can't or don't do, is talk smack the whole year, and then, NOT stand up and say, "hey, I was wrong."

So, Fish bashers, line up. Who's first?


DFish and his rosy attitude, even when his namesake plays like a star.

You're complaining about Fisher's defense? I have a news flash for you:

Deron Williams is THE BEST PG IN THE LEAGUE. He's going to get some points and some assists no matter who guards him.

But consider this...

Here are Deron Williams average stats vs Denver in the first round:
25.8 points, 11.3 assists, 1.17 steals, 48% shooting on 3-pointers, 49% overall

Here are Deron Williams average stats vs the Lakers in the second round:
22.3 points, 8.7 assists, 41% shooting on 3's, 38% shooting overall

Fisher has been Williams primary defender most of the series. Yes, it helps that Bynum and Gasol are back there to block or alter some of his shots at the rim, but Denver also has some decent shot blockers in Chris Andersen, K-Mart, and Nene. But Fish has actually slowed down Williams much more effectively than Chauncey Billups (you remember him - the All-Star).

So whine about Fisher all you want, but so far in this playoffs, he has played VERY well, is exceeding my expectations, and will have contributed MIGHTILY to the 2010 Lakers Championship team.

"Three best trolls ever:



Red's Love Child

That's it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Posted by: Jon K. | May 08, 2010 at 08:54 PM"

Other top trolls, were The green weinie from beanie" he used another name, but I forgot, cuz like I care (LGC???)....and another one who lurked but wasn't anti-Laker, and that was Ding Ho from Prattville, who I actually think was Kevin Ding from the OC Register, reading up on the real Newspaper of Los Angeles. By the way, I respect Kevin Ding, as a quality writer who will probably have a job for life following the Lakers, as a writer for the OC Register (hokie) or move over to the Times, we need some fresh insight. or start writing books, on the Lakers.

Marv Albert!..... amazing how this guy got his job back after his behind closed doors escapades....makes Kobe and Tiger look like choir boys.... I never liked Marv's style and his "Yesssss!!!!" is on par equal in irritation to the soccer announcer who screams whatever he's screaming after a score......It's a sad world when in order to be successful you have to be a freak. Whatever happened to "Dancing Barry"? He was great for the Lakers but I think he wanted a raise or just plain wanted to get paid for his routine.



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