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Lakers-Jazz Game 2 chat

Phil Jackson on Utah

--Mark Medina

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This game is specially dedicated to Mamba24 aka Larry, our real hero. Go Lakers.

Sup everybody!

Lamar is really hustling tonight. I hope he keeps it up.

If not for that chica in Laker yellow behind Phil Jackson, I would fall asleep.
Ay papi!!!! senorita es muy caliente!

I swear, if it wasn't for Shannon Brown the Lakers would be up about 18 right now. He's not guarding anyone, he turns the ball over. Total liability.


I saw the womanin Yellow with the cleavage, but when did they show Phil?

Can Kobe get a foul call? He's been fouled at least 4 times without a call!!

Gotta pick up the defense guys! See where PJ isn't going to keep him on the bench for half the 4th this game!

That play right there was stoopid. Utah missed a shot and Bynum and Odom both stood under the rim and watched as they passed the ball to Paul Millsap and he drove right to the rim. Neither of them bothered to go out and guard him. They just stood and watched. That's the sort of play that got them the 21 point loss to Oklahoma City.

BTW, Thank you Lamar for going to the rim twice here in the start of the fourth instead of jacking up wild 3's. And thank you Jordan for being open for the 3 and hitting it when they kicked out to you.

Even with the injury, Bynum has been a beast tonight.

Let's hope he can keep it up.

Jordan had a couple of bad offensive plays in a row there. Actually, they both started out brilliantly - he sped right past his man to the rim and missed a reverse, then he drove and dished to Pau for an easy shot, but ran into Millsap on the pass and got the charge. I think Jordan's pressing a little again.

Shannon Brown once again guarding nobody and his man cuts the lead to 4.

Some people may whine that they let Utah get back in the game, but I'll take it. At least they aren't tied 1-1 like Cleveland.

And once again, the Lakers shot 50% and held their opponent under 40%.

They need to cut down on the turnovers, but other than that good game.

KB24 as the good humor man!? That is the funniest pic I've ever seen!

Yeah, well Utah may be outmanned but Jerry Sloan's team still has more class because Kobe is simply a PUNK. I just don't get how someone so blessed can act so surly and agitated virtually all of the time.

hey everybody. sorry i missed the live chat, my internet provider had some issues. had to run over to my parents house to watch the game, so i'm sorry i missed y'all. I'm sure it was fun.

also, man, we dominated inside. Fesenko has to be one of the worst centers i have ever seen on a playoff team. He makes Kwame look like Wilt.




six down, ten to go.

nice, a four day break before game 3. this scheduling is just pathetic. i get that it maximizes ad revenue, but this is ridiculous.

dwntwn atty,

Yeah, they were in such a hurry to get the series started then they give a huge break between games.. something just aint right!

Well, not that pretty, but we are right where we need to be 2-0 going to Utah. Be good to win one there at least.

Kobe with 30 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds and 3 blocks, the REAL MVP!

what a boring game! happy to see the Lakes win but i almost fell asleep. kobe's turnovers were really unfocused and artest, artest, what is wrong with you and your shot. i'm talking about layups! oh well, a win is a win.

Many more good things are about to happen.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


┬┐Gasoft? Not too bad today.
22 pts 15 rbs 2 ast 2 bls... and lost 6 balls with his butter hands -one less than Kobe who has lost seven-:)
Like Mr.Jekill and Hide he has had good and bad moments in the game but at the end statics are the best photo of his efficient and regular work through all playoffs.
Tomorrow will be another day.

MM, Thanks :-)



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