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Lakers take advantage of time before West Finals matchup with Phoenix

Even if Lakers fans are wondering when the heck the Western Conference finals  between the Lakers and Phoenix Suns will ever get going, the Lakers don't feel the same way. It isn't that they're not looking forward to the series. It's just that  this weeklong stretch between the West semifinals and finals affords the Lakers much-needed rest, a welcome development for a team whose assorted injuries have affected it all season.

For example, guard Kobe Bryant and center Andrew Bynum sat out of Friday's practice to rest  right knee injuries, something  Coach Phil Jackson said complicates their preparation, particularly on defensive rotations. But Jackson didn't appear concerned and said he plans for Bryant and Bynum to partake in shooting drills at Saturday's practice, although they likely wouldn't participate in a full practice.

With three days still to go before Game 1 Monday, forward Pau Gasol was able to phase back into the practice lineup after missing part of Wednesday's practice because of sinusitis. Gasol said he still hasn't fully overcome his illness but expects feel better as game time approaches.

"It helped overall," Gasol said of the time off. "Now we have three days to focus and prepare ourselves for Phoenix."

Those three days will also prove valuable to reserve guard Sasha Vujacic, who says he's ready to play against Phoenix after missing the first two rounds of the playoffs because of a severely sprained left ankle.

"I'll be active and ready to go," Vujacic said. "This is my fourth practice or so. I'm really excited. I can't wait."

Yet, Jackson said Vujacic's playing time will hinge on how much his health improves before the series starts.

"I basically told him there's an opportunity for him to play in this series if he gets himself back and healthy and he's got two or three days left." Jackson said. "He's got an idea of what this series is like and how he's got to play."

--Mark Medina

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Helllo my fellow LAKER FANATICS!!!

I now know why Lebron sucked during the playoffs, he was too busy perfecting his RIVER DANCE!

Check it out:

NBA false idols have fallen and when the smoke clears, Purple and GOld will be backlit on the mountaintop... maybe with a dry ice effect.

Great to hear Sasha might get back. He was starting to heat up when he tweaked the ankle. At 6'6, he's trouble for 3 shooters and has to be respected from that distance on the other side. The ball doesn't stall in his hands as it does in Shannon's... the extra option will be welcome.

I'm not optimistic, I'm convinced. We got this.
GO Loud, GO Lakers!

LeBron is like Rocky being defeated by Clubber Lang. Too happy with himself and his business to care about the sport. Then being humiliated.
Well, Rocky at least was the reigning champion.

Lakers should sign up LeBron given he agrees to the following:

1) He signs up for the MLE so he can help shore up the bench

2) He changes his name to "LeKwame James"

For those of you who didn't get to see it, Steve Nash Press Conference After Losing to the Lakers:

Courtesy of The Hot Tub Time Machine...

Sinusitis, an illness for Pau Gasol. Welcome to LA pollen season, hay fever and aching! there are a million people suffering from sinusitis, it is not an illness but a trademark that you are an LA resident. lol!

Sasha, the machine, you better play and redeem the botched playoffs against the Suns. If you continue to be in the injured list, you'll be forgotten like Chris Mihm. We need Sasha to stop his countryman Goran Dragic.

How about Drew's injury, how's he coping with it? When a bone surgeon was interviewed on BSPN 710, he said that his meniscus problem is curable just like having blisters. He further added it is common for people who are 50 years old and above. Well, Drew is only 22, it appears that his foundation in the knee is weak and brittle. lol lots of people will not like that joke. I saw his picture the other day on LAT where they showed the slender legs of Drew. Compare them to the legs of Dwight or Artest, we get an idea why he's susceptible to meniscus problem. After this playoffs, can the Lakers send Drew to Walter Reed Hospital and put some prosthetic metal knee support? LMAO! The fate of the Lakers repeat lies on that knee and in the mind of a 22 year old gutting out the pain. Don't think of Walter Reed instead Willis Reed Game 7 1970 Finals.

Headline on

"With the Suns and Lakers playing their best hoops of the season, who will claim the West's crown?"

Didn't bother to read article. Following the premises that both teams will be at their best, Lakers will sweep the Suns.


You'll only have to play 'till the 25th, and then you may rest again and wait for the Tragic or the Septics.


Phoenix Buns will have LeZERO chance at this.

The actual WCF games will only be for formality, It'll only be for documentation purposes.


Is it game day yet? LOL! This is a sobering preview of what it’s going to be like for Lakerholics after another 8 wins. Thank God they invented baseball to ease the withdrawal over the long summer days. Thank God I’m a Yankees fan, too. Which is naturally why I really really really really hate Boston.
Rooting for the Leprechauns to prevail in the Eastern Conference Finals is the type of all-in move that we could live to regret. All things being equal, I think the Celtics are a better team than the Magic but throw home court advantage into the mix and I definitely think we would have an easier time taking out the Celtics with home court advantage than taking out the Magic without home court advantage. Bottom line, I don’t want to face the Magic’s 3-point shooting circus that shoots red hot at home.
I am amazed at how resilient Steve Nash has been to this point in his career. I thought it was a smart move at the time for the Mavs to part way with Steve because he looked like he was one good lick from being physically unable to play. That’s what Marc Cuban thought, too. Then after the Suns imploded last year, I was sure the Canadian was done again. Fool me once, shame on you. Twice, shame on me.
Watching Nash take apart the Spurs with surgical precision made me wonder how the Lakers would be with Steve at point. I doubt we would have any problems feeding the post. And without a doubt, Nash is the purest shooters and craftiest players to ever win 2 undeserved MVP awards. This led to a daydream about Goran Dragic having such a spectacular WC Finals that the Suns decided to cut him this summer. Eager for revenge, Steve Nash then signs with the Lakers for the MLE for 2 years.
You can tell that Phil and the entire Lakers team is amped to play the Suns. The guys who were there in the meltdown blown 3-1 remember how we dominated inside and how Kwame choked completely. You can bet Drew is looking at this as his chance to show how to catch and finish at the rim. Drew has dominated Amare in previous matchups and he will be extra motivated to outplay him because of his unsportsmanlike campaigns to further his career by classifying himself as a center. Do you realize he was listed as the All-NBA Second Team Center? All All-Star AND All-Pro Center? Beast him, Drew!
I think the Lakers are peaking just right. Unlike 2009, they have their eyes clearly on the big picture and have the Celtics in their gun sights. This team is not going to get sidetracked by the Suns. Kobe is going win Finals MVP this time against the Celtics. Drew is going to play like the beast we want him to be and Pau is going to finish strong for no other reason to avoid Kobe’s wrath. The relief on Pau’s face after he got that game winning tip-in that redeemed his soft play was almost puppy-like.
Wow! That was some troll infestation. What happened to the security guards? LOL. MM needs to have a link we can click next to each post where we can instantly alert him that there is a post that is in violation of the blog rules. Of course, then the trolls would start clicking the link on all of Jon K’s comments and we would be right back where we started from. Either Mark or Mike Medina need to remain awake 24/7 to protect our fragile psyches from abusing comments and speculations. JK.
So where will LeBron land? I thought it telling that during his post-game interview the only time he used the word “team” was when he was talking about the LeBron James, Inc. team – not the Cavs. This guy does not have his head screwed on straight in my opinion. He has bought into the whole gig about being the King and doesn’t know and may not learn how to take his game to the next level. You don’t learn how to have a killer instinct in my mind. You either have it or you don’t – like LeBron.

Normally, I don't like to look too far ahead but, since some on this blog like to come up with ridiculous trade scenarios, here's my two cents worth. How about Mitch go after Shaun Livingston(currently a Wizard) for the PG position, since PJ likes tall and long guards.

I'm sure he would be affordable and(if he has good sense) would luv to play for a perennial championship contender.

Any thoughts?

Let' go Lakers...all the way to a repeat!!!

Posted by: D(erek)J(eter)

"Sorry whoever, not sold on Drew at all. He's way too complacent and very oft injured. Wasn't a factor in our 2008 run and our 2009 Championship. Time to trade, that is if we're not too late to get value: Bosh or CP3."

I'm with you on this one. I don't see how there is even a debate about whether to trade him or not. He has proven over and over again that his body cannot withstand the punishment of an NBA season. I just hope they can get someone even a step below Bosh or CP3 because it's not like the other GMs out there are oblivious to Bynum's chronic injuries.
I think a Bynum/Farmar or Fish for Bosh/Calderon would be an excellent trade.

Posted by: G in DC | May 14, 2010 at 07:43 PM

"How about Mitch go after Shaun Livingston(currently a Wizard) for the PG position, since PJ likes tall and long guards."

If he had a better outside jumper, then I think he'de be a great fit, but looking at our current roster, we desperately need a baller who can shoot the three at a clip of at least 45%.
I know he's not a PG, but I would love for us to trade Artest for Kyle Korver(would have to be a sign and trade since he's a free agent). I think Artest has had less than ten good games all year and had been terrible from the outside.
I would love to steal Billups from Denver but there is no way they would trade with us.

Posted by: mclyne | May 14, 2010 at 08:27 PM

"If he had a better outside jumper, then I think he'de be a great fit, but looking at our current roster, we desperately need a baller who can shoot the three at a clip of at least 45%."


Good point MC but, I was thinking more along the lines of being a better defensive stopper than perimeter shooter but, we definitely could use another 3-pt shooter.

Thanks for responding!


How bout a thread breakin down matchups on the orlando/boston series? Maybe a poll on who people think wins..

Personally I give edge to boston even without homecourt... Jameer/ Pierce/vince.. Should be fun...My early prediction vince is exposed. Becomes next choke victim and boston prevails..

Lakers in 6...again...

Go to final and THE RING...
GL Great Lakers...

it would be great to get Korver, we need a good outside shooter, and Bynam's body cannot handle a basketball season, so we need an answer for that.

Hey guys we got a new post up. yellofever - as far as the celtics-magic breaking down matchups, management wants lakers centric content. later down the line im thinking of looking at which finals matchup would be preferable to the lakers.



"You don’t learn how to have a killer instinct in my mind. You either have it or you don’t – like LeBron."

What about a guy like A-Rod? He was known as a choker in the playoffs until last year, when he finally came up big for the Yanks when the games really mattered.

I agree that some players are naturally more mentally tough than others, but that does not mean that players can't develop mental toughness or a "killer instinct" over time.

I wouldn't worry. Under Kobe's tutelage, LBJ will take his game to another level.

Wow! What another day in Lakerblogville! It was a day for learning and revealing secrets about the future and our beloved bloggers.

Today I learned that we will dominate the Suns working from the inside out...or we'll have a ton of trouble with the Suns because of something or other that happened a couple months ago. The past is gone and the future is not yet written.

I also learned that JonK is a bigot. Hey Jon, is that why you went to China, to tag the great wall? (I still wonder who is messing with OOOOOOuch's Wheaties).

Then all of the trade and acquisition possibilities that could maybe someday take place...Isn't the second season still being played or did I go into a two month coma again?

Will the Lakers prevail over the Suns? More than likely and it won't take more than 7 games. Who will come out of the East? Who cares, we'll take 'em on.


sorry to interrupt your program but this is too much

We Are LeBron Video

i really feel brain washed

LT - "So where will LeBron land?" LeBron should go to the Clippers, they only have 4 or 5 guys signed for next year. That could be a very entertaining train wreck. And maybe they could get Doug Collins to coach them, "just like he did with Michael!!"

Oh, by the way:
My last post had the sarcasm font on in bolds.
JonK, no way do I believe you dislike anyone because of race or nationality...except maybe illegal Romulans. Rotten pointy eared SOBs messing up America's corn fields and replacing all of our Sushi chefs for minimum wage or less...



G in DC said "How about Mitch go after Shaun Livingston(currently a Wizard) for the PG position, since PJ likes tall and long guards." Posted by: G in DC | May 14, 2010 at 07:43 PM

That sounds like a plan, but one I definitely would not go for...then I looked at his stats, for a little under 26 games last year he averaged 9.2 pts and 4.5 assists, but that team was dismantled so he had free reign to do whatever he wanted, as they were taking a look at him as well, under Phil, the screws holding his knee together would be tightened up so much his knee would shatter (that was cruel), he's made a tremendous comeback, however, only totally minimum salary and non-guranteed contract so we could unload him and try someone else. It does take years to learn the triangle and we've invested alot of years in sasha, farmar, and 1.5 years in Shannon, I think that Kobe and Lamar are going to have to spend more time playing the point, and that we better have 3 long prospects in El Segundo come October.... because the future is uncertain with Fish, Farmar and Shannon...say they are all gone come this Fall...sorry but Wil Conroy, though available, is not the caliber of player that we will need. We should have given "29 minutes" 29 minutes in 29 games...instead of 29 minutes in one season.

Hey laker bros, first time poster....i just had to chime in about chris bosh. we don't want him!!!!I understand the frustration with 'drew, but bosh will not be a difference maker for this team. he is orlandro wooldridge w/ a better outside shot If anything, we would benefit from picking up our point guard of the future, someone fast who can break down the D & still dish or get his own shot. farmar is not the anaswer & s. brown isn't either. however, brown is keeper 4 now. right now we should b able 2 annilate Los Suns, if our bigs continue to play tough inside. That means quality minutes from Bynum, no disappearing acts. Odom needs to string together several above average games, with no ballet lay ups, just take it 2 the rack & slam it home/& 1, the bench needs to be a factor, & oh yes, kobe has to pick his spots when he should Play Hero, not when he wants 2, & oh yeah, lock down D!!!!having said this, we should prevail against the suns, no let downs here. the bigger prize awaits & I'm no optimistic sasha will B a factor, but an praying!!!!for the record, I'm a life long LA fan who has been living in Portland the last 7 years after 40+ in about being down behind enemy lines. I represent everyday, even after the rose quarter orgies by blazer fans...Take care & go LAKERS!!!1



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