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Lakers say they're pursuing a title, not defending one


All season long, the Lakers clearly had an end goal of winning another championship. But most of the team may have gone about attaining that goal the wrong way.

"I do think that, at least by our play," Lakers guard Derek Fisher said, "it looked and felt as though we were playing to protect something, as opposed to playing to go get something."

Quickly jump to the postseason and you see the Lakers playing much differently, as indicated by their six-game winning streak entering Game 1 on Monday of the Western Conference Finals against the Phoenix Suns. Various factors have contributed to that resurgence,  with Kobe Bryant's improved health resulting in five consecutive games where he scored at least 30 points, Pau Gasol playing consistently, Ron Artest rising on  defense and a semifinals opponent in Utah that had the tools to compete with the Lakers but not enough  actually to beat them.

Also among those factors, Bryant and Fisher observed, was that the team's collective mindset evolved. Before, the Lakers approached their championship run by worrying about defending the 2009 title. Now, Fisher and Bryant say, the Lakers simply are aiming to win another one.This may sound to some like an exercise in semantics, but let Bryant explain why the evolving approach has yielded a significant difference in the Lakers' on-court play. 

"I think it changes the sense of urgency that you play with," Bryant said. "We're not playing tentatively. We're playing aggressively. And we're playing with confidence. You're playing with a certain amount of aggression that you need to win something."

Bryant noticed the mindset changing once the playoffs began. There are plenty of statistics that reveal how the Lakers have played better in the playoffs than in the regular season. But based on the Lakers' playoff performances, the shift actually didn't appear to take place until after the team's embarrassing 110-89 Game 4 loss to Oklahoma City in the first round. 

The Lakers had long played with effort, dating back to April, and it carried through into the postseason. But the first four games against Oklahoma City illustrated the Lakers' inability to establish a definitive pattern. They took Game 1 after taking an early lead and imposing their will inside. The Lakers also won Game 2 because of Bryant's late-game heroics. Bryant's similar approach in Game 3 didn't work. And the Lakers' loss in Game 4 revealed the team's mistakes and ineffective execution overwhelming their frustration. 

So what to make of it? The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding hit the nail on the head at the time, arguing that the Lakers' lacked fearlessness and played as if they were afraid to lose. The concept outlined in Ding's article resonates with what Bryant and Fisher observed with the changed mindset.

Don't get me wrong. I totally recognize the factors that have contributed to the Lakers' confidence.  Part of the Lakers' sweep against Utah simply had to do with the fact the Lakers' had a distinct competitive advantage (size). The stars also have aligned, with the Lakers becoming healthier and having a weeklong stretch before their West Finals matchup with Phoenix, which further has improved the team's injury report.

But the Lakers also have played with a sense of purpose lately, and it doesn't take a sports fan to recognize the benefits of having a win-win mentality. In the workforce, such a mindset results in more creativity and innovation, but a win-lose perspective often spurs people to do just enough to get by -- enough not to get fired or hassled by superiors (think "Office Space"). The same applies to the Lakers. Instead of playing not to get hurt, they have taken the necessary rest to ensure a healthy roster once the West Finals start. Instead of  trying to do just enough against Utah, they put the game away early. Though each contest became closer, the reasons pointed more toward the Lakers' poor bench efforts and the Jazz never giving up.

Interestingly, Lakers forward Pau Gasol had a much different take on the team's approach to winning the title than the assessment shared by Bryant and Fisher.

"You still want to win it no matter what," Gasol said. "That's still your goal and your mindset. No matter what you did last year, you want to win it. You know you're going to be extremely disappointed if you lose it. You know you're going to be extremely satisfied if you win it. So that doesn't change."

But it clearly did. When Bryant shared his observations today, I thought about his assessment of the team following the Lakers' 109-107 win March 9 over the Toronto Raptors. Instead of expressing giddiness about nailing a game-winning shot, Bryant expressed irritation over the team's effort. One of the reasons included how the team had approached the game.

"What we have to do right now is focus on execution," Bryant said at the time. "A lot of times what happens is you get so wrapped up in the length of the season and wanting to win a championship that you overlook the small things."

That surely jibed with what Bryant and Fisher described after Saturday's practice. As was the case in that Toronto game, the Lakers were too focused on the big picture, looking down the road and wondering how they would defend the title. What was important was the current moment, where any positive development or contribution planted the seeds for better play as the season unwound. Though I've mentioned several times that the Lakers missed their opportunity to play at their peak by the end of the season, they've still been able to shift their mindset at just the right time.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Kobe Bryant celebrates his and the Lakers' first title in seven years. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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looking at the pic, i'm wondering how many bloggers will cry for Ariza?


i expected more from U

the finals are 2-3-2 game 6 will be in LA


Don't be mad. I make mistakes. I own up to them. :)


you wrote: by the way: PJ introducing Gasol to Oakley means nothing. gutsy play and toughness does not rub of. especially in a conversation.

you imply mostly that Gasol is weak/soft physically. i will add that the problem is mental.

my response: you've misinterpreted me. Allow me to clarify.

The Oakley introduction addresses that Pau was playing like a marshmallow.
This is to address the whitewashed version that LakerTom & Ricky have

I agree that toughness can't come from a conversation. The taunting by Kobe
during practice can help. There was an article a little while ago, which
actually talked about this.

I have never thought that Pau was weak physically. It's a mental thing. It
comes from the style of play in Europe. It did help that last year he hit the

re: he believes that he has no faults. he is totally delusional.

my response: I believe this was pointed out to him after he threw Kobe
under the bus. Kobe started feeding him the ball and he couldn't swing it.
This has been my contention about the inside-outside basketball cliche.
When Kobe *initiates* the offense & Pau fights for position ... inside-outside
basketball works. When Pau plays like he's entitled it doesn't work. I think
he's realized that now. Perhaps I'm wrong.

you also wrote: and yes, to some degree i agree with Mike T. that some of his stats r garbage ones. indeed like LBJ he is a great stat padder. when u r the tallest guy on the floor and the ball falls on your lap, that is not rebounding. same with LO.

how many times we've seen both of them letting little guys securing rebounds and penetrating and they r also like highway cones? that is mental also.

Gasol is not soft only from a physical point of view. that can be transcended mentally. HE CAN'T. and with Odom is the same. the difference is that sometimes Odom is plugged to a different battery set. and other circuits r working. i'm not sure who can figure out the right connection.

my response: As I said earlier, there are lies, damn lies and statsistics. If
you go back to the February 2009 game, Pau played hard. He played harder
last year. I think he's starting to get that back. I hope so.

Is it game day yet?

The thing that disturbs me most about the Arizona/immigration issue is the banning of ethnic studies in that state. We have laws bannng books in America now, and no one sees anything wrong with this? This is frightening.



Supposing Lakers retained Ariza and Artest went to join the Cavs what would be the outcome of the Lakers in the playoffs and ECF?


Mike T. wrote: "if you're a girl...there's nothing wrong with being girlish. That's why you're like a cheerleading fan.

Little knowledge... lots of emotion.


1. Little knowledge... lots of emotion from Justa
2. Lots of flowery lingo from LakerTom with no substance
3. Lots of rhetoric from Edwin Gueco as usual aiming for user comment of the day
4. Lots of research on stats from hobbit but after the fact
5. Lots of cheer leading from Jon K with no intelligent input
6. Lots of noise and OUT Freaking standing from mamba24 with no real contributions,
7. Lots of arguments from Ouuuuuuch just for the sake of…


sorry, i forgot to put the :-) about 2-3-2 sign because i was ready to leave.

we r saying the same thing (referring to the long post), except maybe you r more gray zone (even if LakerTom does not agree with it).

let's say in the Gasol thing i'm coming from Missouri. the SHOW ME STATE. till he proves it on the court my position is the same.

i believe that we, all human beings, should be forever students and learn as much as we can till we die.

but at the same time there r things in our make up, constitution, patterns that for many or less Freudian reasons stay the same or become aggravated during our life. so we have also the saying: One can't teach an old dog new tricks. and Gasol has like 9 years in the NBA and he was booed out of memphis because he was soft

and immediately i expect people to say

he was great against Howard. that is a myth.

Howard is one of the most incompetent big men out there. he has NO SKILLS and no offensive game. Pau was behind him. but in front of him was an incredible defense by Fish, Kobe and Ariza that cut off all the passing lane and all his little dribbles for a layup. all what was left was dunks and put backs.

the defensive game plan was brilliant. remember, PJ had Shaq before so they knew exactly how to defend against a powerful big man. the C's are different. scrappy, dirty, pushy. also Garnett and even Perkins have a much better offensive game than Howard. and they fight for every inch of court, ball, REB. they r really relentless. at least in 2008. and Howard after being intimidated, kinda chickened out.

as u recall the 2 sequences: one when Kobe snapped the ball out of his hands and he committed a foul on Kobe.

and the one when Kobe fouled him and he missed 2 FT's setting up the last sequence with Fish heroics.

by the way, Gasol would have not made those 2 plays and actually was his man. but kobe was a BEAST? is it ok to borrow that word?


"Ulitmate playoff stat - Head to head ... Pau 0 v KG 1"

Is that stat referring to the number of gold teeth?

Here's another stat for you: Kobe 4 v. "Old" Three (combined) 3.

Can you dig it?

Los Lakers son mejores que los Suns.


"The thing that disturbs me most about the Arizona/immigration issue is the banning of ethnic studies in that state."

I have mixed feelings about this.

One of my degrees is in World Arts and Cultures (essentially aesthetic anthropology). I see a tremendous amount of value in ethnic studies. I also recognize, first hand, how the system of "ethnic studies" as separate from "American studies" creates a tremendous amount of abuse.

A lot of the educators who teach ethnics studies classes are activists with a chip on their shoulder about something or other and they teach these courses to young, open minds from an adversarial perspective. The THEME of these classes is that there is the ethnic group being studied which is separate from American culture (which is represented clearly as "white people.")

First of all, any implication that American culture should be defined as "what white people believe and do" is absolutely and utterly distorted and wrong. American culture is a quilt of different ethnicities, cultures, histories and heritages. THAT is America.

However, too often that is not the depiction, I think, in part, because all the founding fathers were white men of European heritage.

For this reason, you get these ethnic studies courses that teach a distortion that their culture is "different" than American culture and communicate a certain bitterness towards "American culture" and the belief that they can only maintain their identity by maintaining a separateness from this "American" culture.

It's wrong, adversarial and breeds conflict and resentment in our society.

In short, I'm not against ethnic studies courses because everything isn't (nor probably should be) homogenous in American society. [I absolutely LOVED the courses I studied on the history of African-American music, by the way.] I just don't like the way many academics frame these courses. They pursue an agenda that is based upon distortion and personal insecurities which is overall academically unjust, corrupting to young minds, and societally unbeneficial.

I think a ban on studying anything is wrong, but I understand the urge to place a ban when what is being fed to young minds is pure garbage.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Let's hear it for the PHX MERCURY who defeated LA's finest last night. Seeing the champs get their rings before the game...a great event. Beating LA again, after ousting Lisa Leslie and Candace Bryant last year in the WCF, was the icing on the cake.

Lots of Nothing,

Lots of criticism with nothing positive or valueable to contribute. Just complaints.

Everyone LOVES a person who comes in a place and starts complaining without anything positive to offer.

Kudos to you! Your mamma raised you right!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Why can't they give Drew a cortisone shot, not so much for the pain, but to reduce the inflammation/swelling.

Is it Monday?


if Artest goes to Clevland

he would take care of PP. and maybe LBJ would have been on Rondo. he did a little with little success. LBJ is not the great defender the media makes him. remember game 5 when Rondo did not have a point in the first half. but made all the plays. Rondo is the cockiest and trickiest pony out there at this moment. and moves even better than CP3. and does not have the referees on his side.

that is for defense.

for the offense: LBJ was chocking in game 4-5-6. artest smells a chocker like the wolf, or whatever animal you want to use, and he would have take over. depending of his play i'm not sure what the outcome will be. but after a season of being even more in the shadow of LBJ, versus being honored by Kobe with clutch shots opportunities, i will say that he would have made the loses even larger than it was. Artest is a freelancer. and he was at St John and on any team he played with. and for PP to defend artest would be easier than LBJ. i think even Allen could have done it.

regardless on what team Artest would have played this season, the planter fasciatis would be there. and maybe even worst case because the climate in Clev. is much cooler than LA. walking outside in the snow does not relaxes feet.

obviously Ron has lots of respect for KObe.

and "serendipity" moment?

ron going to the showers to tell Kobe: if i play with the Lakers, i will never let this happen to U. i hope he will have the opportunity to prove it.

Mark G,

"Why can't they give Drew a cortisone shot, not so much for the pain, but to reduce the inflammation/swelling."

I don't know. Can't they? Is it because cortisone is a steroid?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Lots of Nothing

i'm really happy you brought all the "original" topics to the table. indeed, lots of NOTHING?

Is there a difference between the Suns and the Mercury?

Mark Medina,

Do you believe that T.J. Simers, Bill Plaschke, and Mark Heisler deserve to be considered elite journalists? And, if so, why?

I'm not trying to get you in trouble here. It's just that so many of us express outrage at the so called "contributions" of these guys who are unaffectionately known as "The Three Stooges" by many of here on the blog.

Please explain some of the logic of the L.A. Times staff in giving these guys such a high profile... because I don't get it.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"Let's hear it for the PHX MERCURY who defeated LA's finest last night."

Hold onto this moment, pal, because that's all the cause for celebration you're going to get.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Are the Suns going to hang the Mercury banner to fill the empty space they have?

Just asking......

Jon K

It is a steroid, but I don't think it's a banned steroid. I'm guessing the banned steroids are more related to muscle growth?

MM, do you know anything on this subject?

"I'm not trying to get you in trouble here."


What kind of stuff is that? Trouble? Like, I better not say the wrong thing or my posting privileges might get revoked.

Gee, MM, can I kiss your shoes while I'm down here groveling?


mike t.

Micheal C. Teniente,

"Gee, MM, can I kiss your shoes while I'm down here groveling? "

Ah, Big Mike, it's good to see the years have not softened you yet.

How's the poetry career going?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Glad you find joy in the WNBA, because there will only be weeping and gNASHing of teeth henceforth in the NBA for Los Suns.


the Bay to Breakers parade/march/run is happening under my window. it is noisier than the Lakers parade. i went out to get some coffee and at some corner of the street was a group in Warriors shirts and screaming about their team

i wanted to ask them: how bout them Lakers?

at the same time i wanted to make it home alive.

Mark G.

"cortisone" shots usually take about 5 days to have effect, some say less, some say more. I've had 2 shots in my heel, 2 behind the meniscus (aiming toward ACL and MCL, 2 in each hip, 2 in lower back. In your lifetime your only supposed to have a HMO thinks it's "holy water".....If they shot his knee, he may experience discomfort from the shot itself for over a week....and as I said, I believe limited effectiveness, especially for a guy that big, with such a fast metabolism. I think in my mind of the cartoon of shooting a blow dart at an elephant.

You've got a good point Jon K. I've always thought that one mistake young college students make is they get so into their own self descovery, that they sometimes sacrifice making friends with people who don;t share a similar ethnicity.

Still, you improve the classes, you don't ban them.


humanomaly (29 minutes)

Lol, TY, that was an informative, and more importantly, and entertaining answer. I knew there was some controversy over effectiveness. My bro-in-law got one for his rotator cuff, he swore by it, but I guess for others, not so much. I've had my experiences with prednisone, which some docs also think is miracle drug. It is to some extent, but it has some nasty side effects.


You have not seen yet the best of Artest as a Laker. I think he will show it in this series in taking Richardson and Grant Hill. I like Ariza as slasher and ball thief but comparatively Artest is still the better player. I regard Artest defense against Durant as the reason why we're in ECF and gave Kobe the time to recuperate in 2nd round. I'm not sure of the outcome if Ariza was the one assigned to Durant. Well, it could have been a win-win for the Laker if they chose Ariza and dropped the contracts of Ammo + another 2nd stringer. That is now water under the bridge, we moved forward.

Jon K - I think it's fairly obvious. Plaschke is an eloquent writer and has a knack for storytelling, loves sharing opinions on topical events. Whether you agree or disagree with them, his opinion always carries weight because of his column and ATH platform. TJ is simply a very entertaining writer. Some people may dislike his approach, but I think even his detractors admit that he's always good for a laugh. To his credit, he's never afraid to grab the bull by the horns and ask tough direct questions and demand answers. I think most coaches and players respect him that he may take shots, but he always appears in the locker room and talks to you directly. There's no BS with him. Heisler is valued because he's a good writer and brings lots of great historical perspective on the Lakers and NBA.


I'd even argue that ethnic studies should be an assigned part of the curriculum for all students. Especially in light of all the race-related problems we're having today. The perfect place to discuss this stuff in a healthy environment should be in an ethnic studies class. No, you don;t ban "minorities" from these classes, you make the topic par for the course for everyone.



I think Plaschke writes the prettiest sentences in the business. I don't agree with 90% of what he says, but he's like the Thomas Hardy of sports writing.


Mark G.

The type of short that they would be giving him would be a corticosteroid, think like hydrocortisone cream you can buy over the counter for rash and itch. The banned steroid, would be a different type, the anabolic steroid (see Dwight Howard, just kidding, I think...nah, he's clean, they test these guys randomly during the year, and I'm sure they would include looking for an anabolic steroid in Dwight, as much as they would be looking for delta-9 THC in Lamar (4:20).
So in answer an injection of the corticosteroid is legal. Just not highly recommended, IMHO....sometimes guys lose the feeling cuz it kinda numbs out and masks the pain, and they may keep playing and damage it further. Stay away from drugs even legal ones. (just kidding, use the legal ones properly)

shot, not short

But isn't he going to get in trouble for even asking?


mike t.

Mike T says, "Gee, MM, can I kiss your shoes while I'm down here groveling?"
Um, I want MY shoes kissed too. C'mon people, it'll make me really happy!

And you think Plaschke has it bad with us fans, there was such a public backlash to Thomas Hardy's sad masterpiece "Jude the Obscure", so many people hated him for writing such a tragic story, that he never wrote another word of prose....he became Thomas Hardy the poet...

So sad.



I actually like Heisler quite a bit. He knows his stuff, has a sense of humor, and he's not a total homer. Some people like total homer sportswriters, but I prefer a little objectivity.

I'm with Jon though on Plaschke and Simmers, under the bus they go! To me Plaschke only writes two basic columns: either the _____ (fill in team name) are verge of utter and complete disaster, or the _______(fill in team name again) are the greatest team ever seen in the history of the particular sport. Of course he has some slight variations on each theme.

hey guys we got a new post up


I looked at that list of banned drugs and it's fine....the one that stands out is sudafed, because it has the effects of uppers, when I used to work retail, the pharmacies could have bottles of 100 for sale and people would come in and buy 20 bottles then take it home and cook it into something with more the past some athletes have accidently taken sudafed and gotten in trouble (olympic medals taken away) because they had taken cold medications which are often combinations of a decongestant (sudafed), an antihistamime, and sometimes a cough suppressant.

humanomaly (29 minutes) |

Well I knew it wasn't a banned (anabolic) steroid, so I was clear on the legality aspect of the shot. That's why I was unclear as to the reluctance to give Drew the shot. However you pretty much cleared that up with your first post. Ty though for all the information. :)

In regards to the cortisone shot, Andrew got a shot in the latter part of the season and then promptly injured something else (hip first and then achilles? Can't recall). In my researching it on-line, I found that the next injury he had (the achilles if I recall) may have been brought on by his cortisone shot.


Your name reminds onr of a Radiohead album, or maybe a Bjork video...why the 29 min, by the way?

And Humanomaly, lately I've found myself thinking about 2 specific time periods in the last hundred years-- the years right before my own birth and the years my parents grew up in. So, the summer of love, when I was spawned is fascinating for me, as is the time period of "The Sandlot" the last 50s when my parents were young.

Am i the only one who feels a connection top these two slightly out of reach epochs? Am I the only one whose mind explores these times? I think it has something to do with wanting to know a world that is similar, but different. A world less congested and maybe a bit more innocent.

But, who knows...


Mark G,
Yeah using prednisone (oral) for anti-inflammatory is kinda like 40 years ago type medicine. Well, maybe not, if it was just a one time prescription, it's not something you want to be on regularly, it'll start having affects on other systems in your body. I've tried all the anti-inflammatories (knicknamed NSAIDS, for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug), as I said the effect of each varies, sometimes they work great for a while then the effect stops, so you have to have dr. change you to another one, eventually you can go back to one you had before and it may work fine again, for a while.

I don't know the Lakers' specific stance on this. But normally, three cortisone shots are the legal limit



That's interesting, I didn't know, or had forgotten, Drew had already gotten a shot.


I guess you know that Alex Chilton died a couple of months back?

I really don;t know him Mark G. I did just see the Doors documentary, and to see that was fascinating. All the images of Los Angeles in the late 60s were priceless. The freeways with no traffic, Reseda with no cars. Fascinating stuff.



With regards to your comment on anti pain killers in the other thread, when I was med. rep we recommend anti-pyre tic medications in order to relieve pain. There is a recommended dosage for it and for the length of usage. In the case of Alonzo M., he abused in taking it and he admitted it in his book, Resilience. I think if the usage is limited for this playoffs, I don't Drew will develop any organ harm, it is on prolonged usage that caused kidney damage. Another way is numb that knee just like what Kobe is doing with his broken finger. One thing I can project whether numbing also affects Bynum's brain and guts. lol!


I love Radiohead as well,

why the "29 minutes"....there was a player the Lakers had last year, who I wished would have worked out for them in the long run, he got off to a bad start (hey, do you blame him, did you see his girlfriend???) I just thought it would have been cool to have a 6'9" point guard again. Sunrise, Sunset....he only got to play 29 minutes during the entire season. So I guess he didn't impress enough in practice to earn real court time. But 29 minutes in the whole season???? C'mon.....that's one gripe I have over Phil, what if he was good enough. As I said, we had to watch "the machine" throw bricks for 3.5 years before he had 1 run. We had to watch Jordan turn it over time after time and walk with his head down, avoiding eye contact with the bench...for years, and he's still doing it. That answer that?

I think Drew's injury may be OK because if forces Andrew to stay near the basket and rebound intead of always trying to be the 1st guy down court for an alley-oop. Maybe. We're going to need him strong for either Howard or Perkins.



He was the guy that sang "The Letter" with the Boxtops. But in the 70s he was in a band called Big Star. They were a huge influence on bands like The Replacements, Meat Puppets etc.


numbing his brain, I said all along, as long as used properly, and monitored by physician. Regular liver function, kidney function, and blood tests.
Drug rep, eh??? You must be a sharp dresser!!! And man, the babe drug reps, whoa!!! I worked in a pharmacy that was in a center with alot of restaurants, so I got a lot of freebie lunches....and as a pharmacist, they could let their act it was fun.


That Ok Computer cost me $2 in a market in Thailand, and for 6 months it was the soundtrack to my explorations of Thailand, Burma nand Laos. What an album, what an experience...


humanomaly (29 minutes)

Taking Prednizone orally is still widely used for things like ulcerative colitis, Chrons etc. I'm sure though that your right about it not being used for inflamed joints thought.

Anti-pyretic's are for fever, you were probably told to push their usage because some remote study showed it would help for pain. Let me give you an example, tylenol, is an anti-pyretic, they use it for fever, and for headache. It is actually approved for arthritis....the maximum amount that should be consumed is 4000 mg/day.....well guess what, the dosage of using tylenol for arthritis is 4000 mg/day....that would be 8 of the 500mg (Tylenol extra strength, or they probably have it labeled Tylenol arthritis strenght, SOS)...... Arthritis is a chronic condition, not a now and then HELLo... would I take 2 extra strength tylenols 4 times a day on a regular basis, sign me up for the liver see, sometimes, you can't go with what they tell you, yes, it MAY work, but there are safer alternatives, and I play it safer.Walk into a drugstore, look at how many different type of Tylenol brand name products there are, they're just Tylenol, with another ingredient for a given condition. Vicodin's the tylenol in there (acetaminophen) that will kill you eventually, not the Hydrocodone.

"It's not the bullet that kills you it's the hole" (can't remember who said it, maybe Laurie Anderson, justa quote I like)

"I don't know the Lakers' specific stance on this. But normally, three cortisone shots are the legal limit


Posted by: Mark Medina | May 16, 2010 at 10:51 AM"

Sounds fine by me, gotta go work.... the benefits of not having bankers hours in my career. Enjoy the day, and get back to talking about BBall....

ariza did good by us last year, but i'm loving artest (partly because and in spite of his antics).


I'll look up what Alonzo was taking and comment on it late tonight....

bye y'all

humanomaly (The International Man of Misery) JK....just kidding, well hell, who else has to go to work today?

Lakers will get their butts handed to them this series.

1. No stopper on Nash. He may be old and getting slow, but he's 10X better than Fisher.

2. No stopper for the 3-point shooting. Ron has been battered up all year, same for Mamba. Watch out for JDud, JRich, and Frye's 3 balls. They're combined over 44% shooting.

3. Bench. Odom inconsistent, Brown inconsistent, Farmar error prone. Suns have much better rounded bench, especially now with Lopez taking over at C position.

Final Prediction:

Suns 4 Lakers 3

Lakers will get their butts handed to them this series.
Posted by: A2Z | May 16, 2010 at 11:38 AM

So you're saying they Suns will grope the Lakers?

it is noisier than the Lakers parade. i went out to get some coffee and at some corner of the street was a group in Warriors shirts and screaming about their team

i wanted to ask them: how bout them Lakers?

at the same time i wanted to make it home alive.

Posted by: ouchhhhhhhh | May 16, 2010 at 10:19 AM

- That's the truth. Dubs fans are NOTORIOUS for their hatred of anything Lakers-related. I don't blame them; 1975 (if I remember my finals facts) was a LOOOONNNNGG time ago.


Drug rep that's a long time ago which was my first job in early seventies in the Phils. I'd say worst dresser but a workaholic debonair wooing nurses and lady md's. lol! Well, that may be true on the anti pyretic because we were pushing cough/cold medicine that has the ingredients of cough, pain and fever control. You didn't ask but I also had kidney ailment from B/P elevation. Everything is controlled now and saved myself from possible dialysis. Cross my fingers. That's the reason why I bought AM's book.

Celtics up by17 right now. Did y0u see Carter fight for a basket? Beautiful! Too bad it's part of what I call a GARBAGE STAT.

: )

mike t.

24 hrs from now, Game 1 will have been over for a few hours...looking for a good game with the men in purple and gold getting the "W".

Phil Jackson will need to treat Bynum for mental problems with match ups with Wallace from Detroit to Boston in title play-offs. Walton can't guard Wallace, Garnett, or Pierce either. So, fake your injuries guys. Be losers, not winners and lose another title. Who can Luke Walton guard, defend, and score over in Suns or Boston? Can he guard Davis or Perkins? Can Morrison, space cadet guard Pierce or Garnett? Laker's waste 16 million dollars on bench that doesn't deliver in play-offs. Then, 15 million on players that aren't all-star players yet after five years on team. Laker's need a Duncan, Stoliemere, Anthony, or Durant to help defend title. Should teams trade to match Boston's five all-star players and four MVP players ? Should their be All-Star teams at end of season the determine NBA championships like Super Bowl in NFL? Phil Jackson will have experienced team for play-offs but lack preparation to defend Bostons players experience, talent, and defense abilities for 48 minutes. Do we have to watch another 40 point loss to Boston in final game? With 5 million viewers tell each team to go seven games to make 3-5 million per game in ticket sales plus tv/broadcasting revenues to owners. Boston has to be favorite to win in 2010 with Wallace vs Bynum at center.



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