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Lakers Roundtable: L.A. Times reporters discuss Lakers-Suns series

It's served as the highlight in the Lakers Roundtable's short history. That is, whenever The Times' Mike Bresnahan, Broderick Turner and I get together and discuss the Lakers, it's always over chips and dip.

There have been a few hiccups, for sure. The first time I brought nearly expired dip, leading Bresnahan to wonder if he would die of food poisoning. But for the next few roundtables, I've always made sure to check the expiration tag before purchasing. But my parents grew concerned that making this a ritual would only contribute to our nation's obesity problem.

So we present to you another segment of Lakers Roundtable -- featuring protein bars and shakes. Hey, the Lakers aren't the only ones who need to remain healthy for the postseason.

Among the highlights:

--Bresnahan and I continue to make Turner wonder why he still talks to us.

--We discuss whether Phoenix can make any adjustments to stop the Lakers' offense.

--We weigh the likelihood that the Lakers and Celtics meet in the NBA Finals.

-- Mark Medina

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"It is tempting to begin thinking of the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant as a Monty Python character, the knight who keeps getting his limbs cut off with a sword but yells, “It’s just a flesh wound!” The main difference between Bryant and the knight, of course, is that when Bryant is missing a couple of limbs, he may still score 40 points in a playoff game. "

Here's the link to Calvin peeing on the Celt logo:

Posted by: Mark G | May 20, 2010 at 02:45 PM


You left off "Superman wears Kobe pajamas"


"God wishes he had Kobe's jumpshot"



Don't worry, you made it.


LeBron should go to New York...


You guys are like the polar opposites of the Three Stooges.

Three Muskateers, mayhaps?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Is it me or does Turner look like he would be more at home on the Food Network or maybe Bravo instead of a sports oriented video?



Like Jolly Rancher made it.

WELCOME TO TWILIGHT ZONE...You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension: a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into... the Twilight Zone.

Take the case of Billy Bobs of Lakerville, Ooooooouch, Staples24, yellofever, Rick Friedman, Justa, Mamba24 and Jon K. The year was 2010. Little did these simple minded fans realize that they had fallen into the bottom dark abyss where they all thought Magic was jealous of Kobe and that he wanted Celtic’s to win. His entire playing career Magic fought fiercely against his old nemeses so that the Laker fans could hold their heads up high. He fought with all his might and left legacies that never shall be diminished in the eyes of the fans who truly understand his love for the Lakers. It defies all logic, sad but true, these simpletons of Lakerville crossed over to Twilight Zone: where logic and intelligence is not the norm; only angst, anger, ignorance and paranoia rules supreme. These fans never knew Magic and what he means to the Lakers!!

>>>What do you mean bordering !!! I was going for over the top PSYCHOTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL. Best post ever by DFish.

Staples 24:

You wrote:
Lakers - Celtics , NBA Finals 2010!!!!
Lakers Champions! Yeah!!!!
Artest vs Pierce, Kobe vs Rondo !!!
This series will be everything bruising, jawing and hard fouls!!!
This is the best feeling to win a Championship and the Celtics will give us that feeling. Yes!
Posted by: Staples 24


Man who run in front of car get tired.
Man who run behind car get exhausted.

Stay in present and savor the moment breadth at a time. One cannot take more than one breadth in advance but only one breadth at a time. Tomorrow does not exist, for it to become real it must pass through a portal called "now". Once it exits the "now" portal it becomes yesterday, kaput!!


Okay maybe I was exaggerating a little but i was counting 2-3 at a time reducing our math to 10-14 years.. Nothing substantial to back my number except for wilts claim to fame of 20,000 women.. LOL.

Kobe today : broken finger...bad knee...ankle issues...about to turn 32

Kobe has "aged" about 4 years since 2008...back when he treated us to a .404 FG% {53 for 131} lights-out shooting display in the 2008 Finals!


"Kobe has "aged" about 4 years since 2008..."

And he recently had six consecutive 30+ point games followed by a 13 assist game.

Remember, When Kobe blinks, time stops. That's why he never blinks.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I thought Aged Kobe makes the meat more flavorful? Tell us Red, how does Kobe taste in your mouth...

aged or not, your choice....

Hey mark,

I don't usually comment on this blog, but that video was great. Would love to see more of these 'talks' -- they are entertaining and informative.

- JP


Heres the video of the Black Knight.

Now here's a writer who understands basketball and can breakdown a player. Unlike most reporters who are clueless like Plascke and Simers.

The Kobe Bryant distribution center

JPkb24 and Jon K - Hey glad you guys liked the video and Jon K - The Three Musketeeers comment is hilarious. We always have a good time doing them. It's just a matter of timing them out and see if they fit in our schedule because game nights are always hectic for all of us.


The Lakers are Making the Suns Look Like "Alvin and the Chipmunks"!

NBA ref gets double-tech and thrown out of next game.....

“When Kobe has the repertoire that he has and the ability to do so many different things,” Fisher said, “when he’s healthy, I don’t know how much more you can do if you’re the opponent."

We want Boston and they want us. We see their Rondo, Allen, Garnett, Pierce and we'll raise our Bryant ...

Yeah yeah phoenix still has a shot at beating us ... same way nash deserves his 2 mvps.

24 + 16 + [3|1]7 = The Purple Tinted Golden Age

It's our time to shine people ... our era ... 24 seconds per shot clock to enjoy it ... and 24 hours a day to relive it

Another thing to remember about the Celtic / Laker rematch is that there is no Eddie House sitting there to kill our momentum with his dagger 3s, and there is no one, no Posey, to guard Kobe.



I love ya man, but that video had problems. The tape loop of the same four bars of music repeating over and over again didn't help. And, I know you thought over a minute of talk about whatever you were drinking was great viewing, but . . . And on top of that, the analysis wasn't so very deep.

I think the world of you and think you could do a whole lot better. You will!! Keep it up. And,


Reds has aged four years in this blog. From Red, he's gradually turning purple. He and 131 wanted to go back to their boyhood days in MA but couldn't. They won't exchange their good life here, would rather cook BBQ at a backyard in February than shoveling snow at their present age. Wandering around Boston Commons is no longer their cup of team, Cheers restaurant seemed to be ordinary nor take a fish meal at Quincy Market for family past time. Now they are more elegant, sociable and color blind too, on people. During their youth, they were snooty, smart talking Easterners who always regard California as another country. They disdained informal dressing, unmatched blazers and denim pants in tennis shoes. Today, if they ever visit MA, they won't bother to drop by their youth's enclave at Cape Cod nor consider it as a beach in winter, it is just too far, too cold and damn. Boston is too dirty and not a good place to spend time for the holidays. That's the new thinking of Red and 131. It is not Newport, not Santa Monica nor Pacific Palisades but a place to fly a kite and sailing. Another thing, they have limited time for the holidays, they'd miss their dogs and good life in the West.
I think Red and 131 are transplanted Californians living side by side with illegal aliens who seemed to understand the immigration issues. However, they would root for Celtics as a reminiscence of their of their Shamrock days and hang out with fellow liquor-thirsty Irishmen at a nearby Pub. They cheer for the new Bostonians, KG and PP who are like them, prefer to live in California during summer than settle in the good old Massachussets.

Johnny P - I thought the music would give the background noise pleasant so it wasn't just a silent drone with us talking. As far as the analysis goes, I thought BT and Brez shared some good insight. We're not presenting a documentary. The video is aimed as almost a quick hit type thing. Get your fix of Lakers information in a quick few minutes type thing. I'm definitely interested in your feedback though


1. Hobbit I love the article. LMAO.

2. Which one is Mark Medina? (watching the video probably gives a clue lol)

3. Are we ready to put the fear of Laker glory to the Suns? A beatdown at home is just the right prescription.

Mark, given the speed at which technology moves, your casual roundtable maybe the way we see our nightly sportscast in 5 years. Video on the web is getting better and better.

Mang Edwin, I think you just described half of Orange County.

Ahhhh, just like the Thunder, Jazz, and now the Suns, I'm a victim of the dreaded triple post!

Mark Medina,

Dude, you may need to start, ummm... providing better food for the Three Muskateers.

I understand the urge to be hospitable, but, I mean, come on.

Let me school you:

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


i know we're all jumping the gun, including yours truly....about a L.A. - Boston re-match for the NBA FINALS. but let's take care of business, TWO MORE WINS against the LOS(T) SUNS! however, i must admit, i'm salivating at the thought of re-match possiblity, just like i would over a "double-double" from tommy's on beverly and rampart after a dodger's game! ha ha. LOS LAKERS CIENTO VEINTICUATRO, LOS SUNS CIENTO DOS.....DOS JUEGOS DERRIBAN, DOS EN IR!

A shotglass of liquid from his knee?

Give me a break. I've had a like almost a cup drained from my knee.

Is that what everyone's been talking about? Really?

Remember, Kobe doesn't play basketball. Kobe IS basketball.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"i know we're all jumping the gun, including yours truly....about a L.A. - Boston re-match for the NBA FINALS. but let's take care of business, TWO MORE WINS against the LOS(T) SUNS!"

You're right.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K - Haha I don't think the food is to be taken seriously. It really just serves as fodder.

Faith - I'm the one in the middle.


94 % of teams that go up 2-0 win the series.....

But for PJ, its 100% for his teams.

Book your tickets, rooms, and transportation. The Lakers are going to the Finals.

Hey guys we got a new post up. Cool new soccer ad where Kobe makes a brief appearance


"BK is another run of the mill diehard kobehating journalist.. he will do anything to diminish kobes contributions.."

-I do not know the work of this journalist, I do not know what his intention but
I do not think that speak well of Gasol decrease the work of kobe.

"Let him bask in the moment but let it be noted pau's last game is coming against one of the worst defensive teams in the league if not THE worst.. Amare hates contact and hates playin D... Pau thrives under these situations.. against weak non physical teams.."

-Always a good game pau is because the other team is bad defensively
I guess that's what people are accustomed to say, I've been reading this blog for several years before I was angry. Now these comments so much fun to me.
After this season I think all the teams in the nba will have a poor defense.

"Boston will be a TRUE test of his mettle.. His laker legacy may be defined in this nxt series.. Boston will throw everythin they have at him and rough him up every chance they get.. Off the ball hard shoves and dirty hard fouls to rattle him.. If pau steps up here let no one ever call him gasoft ever again."

-I agree with you.
Let me explain something that perhaps many people do not understand
on Gasol.
He's a very smart and persistent. Two years ago juice for the first time
beyond the first round of play offs, and he learned.
Last year showed how much he had learned from past experience.

Past year he played basketball world with Spain the non-summer break
but he wanted to win that championship and got it

He had learned that the only thing important is the play offs
He has been preparing for this moment all year but his efforts are not near their limit yet. Pau been resting and improving their weaknesses during the regular season.
We will see the change that has had pau these last two years
when we play the final for the ring

Pau want boston in the final have no doubt about that he wants revenge,
he has been waiting two years that time.

Winning is an obsession in his career and not waste this opportunity
While other players feed his ego with the press will buy huge mansions
and enjoy his fame and fortune, Pau just work, work and work
in the finals (I hope against Celtics) let's see the result.

If the thugs are thinking boston it is easy to intimidate Gasol be digging his grave. Pau expected this long time, no one in doubt, that no dirty celtic
stand in their way.

Phil Jackson is as valuable as Kobe and Pau. Period. There are no more championships for Kobe when Phil Jackson leaves.

Jerry Buss - if he has a pulse and can still get it up - should NEVER EVER let Phil Jackson go. That was his worse decision before. It will be his worse decision again if he ever lets Phil Jackson go.

Jerry Buss is WORTH the money they pay him now. He should NOT take a paycut. Are they asking Kobe for a paycut? NO. There is no salary cap for coaches.

Pay him the money, Jerry. He is THE COACH that takes teams to championships. And he has TEN OF THEM. FOUR WITH THE LAKERS.

He has the total and complete respect of the players. No one can step in to replace him when he can still coach. All replacing him would do is to degrade the Lakers. It would be assuring the Boston Celtics that they will win the next SEVERAL championships.

Stick that into your craw, Jerry Buss.

If championships are what you crave, Phil Jackson IS THE COACH.

If you want to lose, choose any other coach.

The Lakers make money.

Pay the coach that gets them that money.

Pay Phil. He is WORTH IT.

calm dwn everyone, phil jackson is going nowhere. he will be the laker head coach for the next two to three years and the lakers will repeat. his will take a paycut because he was overpaid the last couple years. yes, he won the championship but $12 million was extra money given to him to lure him back. now he will settle for about $7 million and sign a two or three year contract.

i can't wait for boston. we will crust them like we did to utah and the suns.

been waiting for payback since 2008 cant forgot laker exit from cetic game when reported that thier bus was rocking back and forth by celtic fans after the game. lets return the compliment!!!!!!!!!!!


The attempt to bring levity into your videos is appreciated Mark. But the way you guys do it kind of takes away from any insightful comments that you might have and makes the video seem a tad frivolous when it actually it not.( More so last time than in this one. The bag of chips..lame jokes )
Ok. Lamenting done. Thanks for the efforts you have been putting into making this blog better for all us.



The video doesn't have to be that of a documentary for it to present decent analysis.I am sure you guys are perceptive and great at what you do. Just saying that you could have shared better insights than what came through in the video above

Boston fans and LA fans screaming for a rematch should be careful what they wish for.

For LA fans, the Lakers would be facing an experienced, physical team, brimming with confidence from beating the two best regular-season teams in the league, led by the only other baller in the conversation for playoff MVP thus far, Rajon Rondo, at the position of greatest weakness for LA's defensive unit. The Lakers' potential opponent knows something no other team in the NBA knows: how to beat LA 4 out of 7 at the end of a season. They also have shown they know how to humble a team once thought of as "the team to beat" in *this* year's playoffs. *Twice.*

For Boston fans, the C's would be facing a defending champion who shook off the "soft" label last summer, led by the playoff MVP, but built on a foundation of 3 skilled big men, a combo the C's didn't see two years ago. Gone from the C's are key bench players like Posey, Powe and House from 3 years ago. And Paul Pierce wasn't staring at Ron Artest at the 3 2 summers ago, either. The C's potential opponent is demonstrating against the Suns that they can follow through on settling a score with a past playoff nemesis.

Millard - Which insights specifically? I'm not asking to be defensive. I just want to know your feedback because I always want to improve


Hi Mark,
Insights like how effective has the Lakers's pick and roll defense really been against the Suns (which Coach Pop said San Antonio couldn't do for long stretches in the second round along with an inability to defend the 3 pt shots).
They shot a decent percentage even when their usually good outside shooting went cold.Do the Lakers need to tighten up on D ?
Amare was bad individually but how much of the Suns's defensive struggles can be attributed to Amare alone ?
Can the Suns shoot the Lakers out of the game at home without doing a lot different on defense since their bench plays a lot better at home ( except Amare , of course ..he sure needs to improve a lot).How probable do you think is Amare getting out his defensive funk and him/others rebounding better since that really is mostly about effort and not size alone ( eg Charles Barkley ).Is it important for Nash to improve his production on offense a lot when the outside shooting is cold or will it have a negative impact on their offense overall ?
I am no blogger like you man and I don't pretend to understand the game as well as you do. Given how your posts usually are, I just expected the video to be a lot better, especially when you compare with others I see on the web ( of course no analytical videos like those from Kevin Arnovitz but just better )
Btw, you put in a lot of effort man. No complains there.Just that a seven minute video could have had you guys making some substantial your viewers/readers something they would usually not notice/figure out..


Millard - Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate you liking how in depth the posts usually are. For the video I was aiming to have a mix with informative and a casual setting where we're just talking about the team. But we'll continue to improve the videos


There are few sporting events which rival a Celtic - Laker final. (Maybe Cowboys - Steeler Superbowl). This is what we all want. Kobe is an amazing warrior, as is Garnett. Rondo has blossomed into a champ. I can't wait.



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