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Lakers' Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, Phil Jackson, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum discuss 111-110 Game 3 victory over Utah Jazz

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant and Lakers forward Ron Artest

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

Lakers forward Pau Gasol

Lakers center Andrew Bynum

--Mark Medina

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Bynum's honesty scared the living crap out of me: "I was just passive."

Andrew, thanks for being honest, thanks for taking responsibility for your poor play... BUT! Dude, it's the fricken playoffs! There is a zero tolerance rule for passivity! Come on, man!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Agreed on Drew. Playoffs, step up, you can do it!

And for fun, the last minute of last year's game 3 against these same Utah Jazz:


Plaschke and Simers tagteam turning on the state of Utah and their fans, and laid off the Lakers. I cant help but read the articles start to finish.
Love the picture of angry pasty white mormons behind Phil Jackson. It must be long bicycle ride home for those losers.

WOW just finished watching the game on my DVR. A classic playoff game. I didnt read any sports related articles coz I didnt want to spoil the fun of watching it. And boy was I glad. It was heart attack galore for me.

The Jazz really fought hard. You have to respect them for that. But I love how our Lakers never gave up till the end, never doubt that they can win the game in a hostile environment, never lost the championship swagga out there. It'll be hard to beat this team in a 7 game series. Kobe is back! He's getting healthier each game, you can see it from his body movements. Derek Fisher I love you! You have the heart of a champion, PJ and Kobe never give up on you, they always back you up. And that's enough reason for me to ALWAYS back you up despite all the heat that you get from the media and fans. And Ronnie was big tonight! He stopped hesitating to shoot the ball, and was aggressive all over the floor. The jazz didnt respect his outside shooting so he was left almost unguarded, and boy did he make em pay for it. I read on twitter that he was the first one to practiced on the court yesterday, he was hitting 3s from all corners. Keep it up!

I love love this team!

Lastly, Wishing your moms, your wives, new moms, moms-to-be a Happy Mother's Day!

If there are any mothers in here, Happy Mothers Day!
I know there are not many mothers posting here, there are different kinds of mothers though. If you know what i mean.

If Jazz fans hated us before, they REALLY hate us now.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K,

I am a Yankees fan as well as Lakers, I am used to it, ha, ha, ha!

"I am not much of a sports fan but my wives like the Utah Jazz"

awesome finish.. lets give credit where its due:

-- kobe: thank you again for saving us.. jazz went on a big 2nd qtr run and almost put the game away until you took over... again.. and dont worry i saw all those ridiculous noncalls in the 4th too.

-- dfish: his best game of the year and couldnt have come at a better time at a better place for him.. even had some strong defensive stances against deron in 2nd half but 20 pts are you kiddin me?.. first time ALL YEAR dfish broke the 20 pt barrier this year and only 3rd time last 200 games or so.. also shooting almost 45%FG and 44%3ptrs this playoffs.. very undfish like numbers.. absolutely no complaints here.. if he keeps this up lakers are unbeatable even when its 8 on 5...

-- ron ron: can you say breakout?? 4 for 7 from 3ptrs.. had a great little sequence in the 3rd.. be patient with this guy.. hes a much better shooter than seems advertised.. keep shootin the rock.. i think phils mind games are workin..

-- phil: congrats for not playin luke a single minute.. i see u aint fartin around this playoffs.. no fun all business approach this playoffs.. or wait should credit go to you or mr pinched nerve?

A bit concerned how Utah could take away our low post advantage. Emboldened by the fact that we could beat them from the outside with Korver shooting %100.

The conversation has been about FIsh and ROn because they've been under the radar on offense but quietly, if that's possible, Kobe Bryant played another masterpiece of a floor game. He bolstered the bench. He was involved in all the big plays.

This team has a lot of ways to win. Most of them start with Kobe.

Wesjoenixon, since I know you like music. Don't know if you know who Richard Thompson is, great guitar player, though this is more of a folk song:

Mark G and Wes

And if you scroll down the side of that Richard Thompson utube page, click on "Persuasion". It's a duet with his son Teddy. Wonderful call and response between father and son. Cleaner version on itunes.

Doug Collins made an interesting comment about the playoffs the other day that I thought clearly showed why he will never land another head coaching gig in the NBA. Doug said that game-to-game adjustments by the coaches don’t really matter and that swings in momentum are usually the result of increased urgency by the team that lost, not changes made in matchups or defensive strategies.
Excuse me, Doug, but the playoffs are all about adjustments, about the cat-and-mouse game-to-game moves coaches never get a chance to make during the regular season. Yes, the losing team usually comes out with more energy and urgency the next game but that rarely lasts 4 quarters. In the end, it’s the changes in matchups and whom to double that win or lose a game or series in the playoffs.
I guess you could forgive Doug his naivety since he obviously did not watch the Lakers 1st round playoff series, where switching Kobe Bryant to guard Russell Westbrook in Game 5 shut down the Thunder’s fast break offense and allowed the Lakers to seize control of the series. And he must have missed last night’s 2nd round thriller, where Jerry Sloan’s defensive adjustment to double and triple team the Lakers big men in the post almost allowed the Jazz to sneak back into the series.
You have to give the Jazz credit for playing their hearts out, Kyle Korver props for his Goran Dragic impersonation, and Jerry Sloan kudos for a smart defensive game plan but what this game showed was the Lakers unmatched versatility. In the end, the championship caliber play of Kobe Bryant, the constant clutch shooting of Derek Fisher, and the all-around brilliance of Ron Artest prevailed.
Last night, Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher, the Lakers proud co-captains and 4-time NBA champions, showed why you cannot underestimate the heart of a champion. Last night, Ron Artest demonstrated similar championship mettle and savvy. By packing the paint and doubling and tripling the Lakers big men, Sloan smartly turned the game into an offensive shootout. Unfortunately, when the dust cleared and the nets stilled, it was the Lakers, not the Jazz, who were the only ones left standing.
My only complaint about the game was that I thought the Lakers settled too easily for jumpers rather than being more patient and reversing the ball to the weak side to get it inside. Part of the problem was also a WTF passive effort by Drew, only taking 1 shot and grabbing 2 boards. As a team, the Lakers barely won the rebound battle and actually lost points-in-the paint to the Jazz. Look for Phil and the Lakers coaching staff to adjust and rotate the ball to counter the doubles on the bigs. That will be the adjustment Monday night so that we don’t have to rely on shooting lights out.


TY for the tip. I hadn't heard that tune before, nice. It must be a blast to play music with your kid. I've tried to teach the guitar to my niece. She really can't jam yet, but still it's pretty fun.

Laker Tom...

Very astute analysis of how the Jazz defense disrupted the Laker bigs last night. One other thing, though. The Jazz fouled on just about every play. They were digging down and slapping at the hands and arms of whichever Laker had the ball. Usually without any calls from the refs. And don't worry. The Beast will be back. This is part of the learning experience for him. Andrew is still far from a finished product. He still has yet to fully embrace the level of intensity that is necessary at this level of the postseason. But it's coming!

I know it's Mother's Day, but the blog sure is silent. Do we really just take playoff victories in stride, like they're an entitlement?

It took a lot of maturity and willpower for our team to come out on top in Game 3. I gnashed my teeth through a lot of it. But the end result was impressive.

Happy Mother's Day. Another great day to be a Lakers fan.

Mark G I don't play, but every guitar player I know worships Richard Thompson. Do try to download the album version of that song. It's on the cd "Action Packed: the Capitol Years". A life enhancing earbud experience.


For one thing, I think Drew had 4 boards not 2. I'm not sure just reversing the ball works here. This was different from OKC where the post defender was fronting. Last night Ron's defender was just sitting in Drews lap. I don't know how reversing the ball helps there?

Just so you know I'm not a Drew basher, nor a boot licker. I've always liked him since that Dunk on Shaq (You know the one). I don't think the Lakers can win in the finals w/o Drew being fairly effective. I'm not ready to say he's Shaq yet either though.

Hey guys we got a new post up


MARK G… “LakerTom, For one thing, I think Drew had 4 boards not 2. I'm not sure just reversing the ball works here. This was different from OKC where the post defender was fronting. Last night Ron's defender was just sitting in Drews lap. I don't know how reversing the ball helps there?”
Thanks for your comments, Mark, and for correcting me on Drew’s boards. Rapidly rotating the ball from the strong to the weak side is how you beat defenders fronting or doubling your bigs. Giving the big cutters to pass to rather than just spot up 3-point shooters is another way. We played right into Sloan’s hands in my opinion by just “taking” what the defense was giving us and were lucky to win the shootout. The smarter way to attack the doubles on the bigs is with ball and player movement.
“Just so you know I'm not a Drew basher, nor a boot licker. I've always liked him since that Dunk on Shaq (You know the one). I don't think the Lakers can win in the finals w/o Drew being fairly effective. I'm not ready to say he's Shaq yet either though.”
LOL. Actually, though, Drew last night did remind me of Shaq – not the Three-Peat monster but the broken down Fat Shaq who can be a no-show on any given night. I thought Drew played some good defense and passed out of the double teams well but he needs to use spin moves to seal off his man on the offensive boards. Spin to get inside position. Be a beast on the boards. Don’t just be a watcher.
The Lakers need to adjust to the double teams of our bigs much like they did to the Thunder’s fronting of our bigs. Pick up the pace on offense, have Drew and Pau beat the defense down the court before they have a chance to double. Look to penetrate rather than settling for jumpers when defenders slack off. Run the Triangle Offense. Ball and player movement and penetration for easy shots rather than shootouts, especially with the run-and-gun small ball Suns waiting in the on-deck circle.

Hey guys, check out just about any Richard Thompson song and you will find greatness. I've listened to r n r for years and have to admit only got turned on to RT in the past few years. Thankfully at middle age there is still something to discover. As for game 3, hahahahahaha!!!!
For years I've felt the Jazz fans are the least knowledgable in the NBA, now barely behind the Kings and Thunder trailer rabble. Am in exile in Sac, want to come home to LA and can't wait for another title. I miss my Lakers!!!!

Where's that CRAVEN jackal, who bogarted Derek Fisher's good name -- DFish -- where is that obsessed tool? Come up from your hellhole and eat your miserable crow, you despicable, no class, infantile troll!

It's one thing to criticize a professional athlete for poor performance, but it's altogether another C-R-E-E-P-Y thing to bogart a specific player's good name and spend the entire season slicing and dicing that player's worth, value and character seemingly before and after EVERY game.

Where are you, you craven, obsessed troll? Come up and eat your filthy crow!



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