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Lakers' Jackson and Artest meet, exchange apologies

May 8, 2010 |  4:23 pm


Phil Jackson and Ron Artest discussed Artest's recent anti-Jackson rant on Twitter, with both coach and player expressing sympathetic feelings toward one another.

Late Thursday night, Artest posted a series of dispatches criticizing Jackson, one of which said the Lakers' coach should "close his yapper."

Artest declined to speak Saturday before Game 3 of the Lakers' playoff series against Utah, but Jackson summed up what had happened when they talked with each other.

Jackson said he was "sympathetic" when Artest apologized to him Friday afternoon, the day after the Lakers' forward took to the Internet to rip Jackson.

“I’d been a little animated the day before at practice and I think I kind of stirred the mix, so to speak, a little bit," Jackson said. "I kind of understood where he might have some difficulty that day. He had a funeral he attended early in the morning which kind of disrupted our practice. I was a little bit hard on him about that.”

Artest said on his Twitter account Thursday that he didn't appreciate being criticized by Jackson for taking too many three-point attempts from the corner.

--Mike Bresnahan, from Salt Lake City

Photo: Lakers forward Ron Artest wants a foul called after making a basket against Utah in Game 2 on Tuesday night.