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Lakers don't counter Phoenix's adjustments in 118-109 Game 3 loss to Suns


The Lakers pledged to carry the momentum into Game 3 of their Western Conference finals series against Phoenix and not waste any time in putting the Suns away. Instead, the Lakers found themselves unable to duplicate the same balance and lost, 118-109, Sunday to the Suns, which snapped the team's eight-game winning streak.

The Lakers adjusted beautifully to the numerous matchups, double teams and zone defense Phoenix presented in Game 2. But in Game 3, the Lakers couldn't showcase their numerous offensive options against the Suns' zone defense beginning in the second quarter.

The Lakers spent the first two games exposing Amare Stoudemire's shoddy defensive effort, an area that came under intense scrutiny following his comments that Lamar Odom had a "lucky game" in the Lakers' Game 1 victory. This time around, Stoudemire exposed the Lakers' flimsy defensive performance with a team-leading 42-point performance on 14-of-22 shooting and a 14-of-18 showing from the free-throw line. That performance coincided with Odom's disappearing act: 10 points on four-of-14 shooting, six rebounds and six fouls; far from the two double-doubles he produced in Games 1 and 2.

As a result, the Suns cut the Lakers' lead in the best-of-seven series to 2-1, forced a Game 5 at Staples Center on Thursday and showed they're not just going to allow the Lakers-Celtics NBA Finals matchup to happen, at least not easily. I had predicted before the series started that the Lakers would beat the Suns in five games, meaning the Suns' Game 3 victory serves as hardly a surprise. But I admitted in the game chat that given the Lakers' complete dominance against Phoenix in the first two games that the Lakers were capable of sweeping this series. That didn't happen, and now the Lakers enter Game 4 on Tuesday knowing there's plenty of adjustments they'll need to make to counter the ones the Suns showed in Game 3.

Sure, the Lakers provided some of the theatrics fans are accustomed to seeing. Kobe Bryant continued to remain a triple threat and nearly recorded his first playoff triple-double with 36 points on 13-of-24 shooting from the field and an eight-of-eight finish at the free-throw line, 11 assists and nine rebounds. But Phoenix Coach Alvin Gentry had maintained all series he didn't have concerns with Bryant's scoring spree so long as it doesn't trickle down to other players. That made Bryant's seventh 30-point-plus performance in the last eight games that consisted of quality pull-up jumpers and timely passes to Pau Gasol all but pointless to a player that did everything he needed to do in Game 3 with exception of going two of eight from three-point range. Gasol scored 23 points, marking the sixth time in the last seven games he's dropped at least 20. But the power forward, who made 11 field goals, took only 14 shots, clearly showing the Lakers didn't do a good enough job in getting the ball inside. And with Andrew Bynum collecting more fouls (four) than points (two) and Odom collecting as many fouls (six) as boards (six), Phoenix managed to effectively neutralize the Lakers' inside presence with only 44 points in the paint.

Lakers guard Derek Fisher picked up his strong shooting after being quiet offensively in the first two games, scoring 18 points on six-of-11 shooting and a three-of-six mark from three-point range, including two three-pointers in the third quarter that delayed the Suns' run. But with the Suns playing zone, the Lakers took the bait and shot a playoff-record 32 three-pointers, making only nine of them, including a streaky Ron Artest, who had 12 points on four-of-13 shooting, two of seven from three-point range.

Lakers fans might point to the free-throw disparity with Phoenix going 37 of 42 from the line and the Lakers going only 16 of 20. But that disparity mostly rooted in the Suns attacking the basket, while the Lakers settled for outside shots. It served as a microcosm of the game in which the Lakers didn't respond to the Suns' adjustments, much like they managed to do in Game 2.

The Lakers may had been impressed with the Lakers' bench performance in the first two games, but the only highlight from that unit came when Shannon Brown dunked from Bynum's missed free-throw to give the Lakers a 36-29 cushion with 11:44 remaining.

But the Lakers mostly featured plenty of breakdowns, plagued by foul trouble, poor transition defense and late-game miscues.

The foul trouble: After Stoudemire pretended to run a screen and roll on Fisher for Suns guard Steve Nash, he drove to the lane while Gasol stayed on the perimeter. When Stoudemire received the ball in the lane and converted on a three-point play with 9:08 remaining in the first quarter, Bynum picked up his second foul and the Suns tied the score at 9-9. In the third quarter, Stoudemire picked up a pass on the left block, drove left and drew Bynum's third foul, with the runner and free throw giving the Suns a 58-52 cushion with 10:40 left. After the Lakers came off a timeout trailing 98-92 with 6:56 remaining, Odom drove the lane and was called for a charge, and the Lakers wouldn't hit a field goal until four minutes later.

The poor transition defense: After Fisher missed a three-pointer, Nash ran the break and found Jason Richardson open for a near-side three from the corner. The Suns cashed in on transition and took a 27-22 lead with 3:59 left in the first quarter. Then in the fourth quarter, Artest kicked the ball out to Bryant, but the ball sailed over his head. Bryant saved the ball from going out of bounds, but Phoenix recovered and ran a break that resulted in Richardson making a corner three, which appeared to seal the deal by giving Phoenix a 98-92 cushion with 6:58 remaining.

The defensive breakdowns: Fast forward to the second quarter and you have Nash and Stoudemire running the pick and roll again, with Odom failing to pick up Stoudemire in the lane, resulting in the Suns tying the score at 45-45 with 3:29 remaining after going on a 6-0 run. Stoudemire also beat the Lakers individually, using a quick jab step to throw off Gasol before driving the baseline for a reverse layup, giving the Suns an 88-86 lead with 11:08 remaining in the game.

The aforementioned breakdowns shouldn't cause Laker fans to panic. It just means the team needs to properly adjust. But they must do it immediately in Game 4 instead of allowing Phoenix to carry the momentum and confidence when they head back to Staples Center on Thursday for Game 5. By that point, it'd be in the Lakers' best interest to have that game serve as the series-clincher instead of another tightly contested in an extended series.

--Mark Medina

Credit: Lakers power forward Pau Gasol is fouled by Suns forward Grant Hill in the first half of Game 3 on Sunday in Phoenix. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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A few days ago I made a comment that Bynum had /has been a total ZERO in the playoffs. Well, anyone who saw game 3 knows what I am talking about. Bynum is a ZERO. I hope Laker management is taking a good look at their mistake and wondering if it is worth keeping him. He should be placed on the trade block for a couple of PG's and shooters. Five years of NBA experience and he still plays like a high school kid. No maturity, no hustle, nothing but injuries.

is this a photo caption contest thread? ouchhhhhhhhhhhhh

i close my eyes. softy Hill is after me.

so...they went to the FT 42 times? Is that correct?

15 FT in 1 quarter?

This is worst defensive series the Lakers have had in 3 years. All this time they have been trying to erase that image of just being a soft offensive minded team and they even were starting to convince some of us, but now we see perhaps that this is really who they are.

An excellent defensive teams every time dominates a good offensive one, remember Lakers versus Celtics 2 years ago or all those Suns Spurs series from years before, heck the Magic had the best offense in the playoffs prior to playing the Celtics.

The Suns on the hard are doing whatever they want on the offensive end. Even the old, crappy Spurs and the banged up Blazers made the Suns work much harder for their points and that's a total disgrace if you're the Lakers.

I think they will win this series but it seems to me THAT IS GOING TO TAKE ANOTHER PUNCH IN THE MOUTH FROM THE HATED CELTICS for this team to figure out how they are supposed to exert and give their all on defense.

It would be nice to see the Lakers give Thibodeau a chance. This team on so many occasions need a guy who can lit a fire under their bellies. You got Fisher and Kobe, and the rest of the crew is either soft, lazy or both (and I'm not demeaning anyone's talents). But let's look at Bynum, do you see him mad or frustrated once he gets all those calls? no, to him it's just another day in the city.

This time, PHX was the aggressor while LA refused to attack the paint.

Good to see Black Jesus get his game going. That's more like what we've seen from Him in the last few months. Frye didn't do dink though, but Lopez held his own vs gasal.

Coby seemed lost in the zone, unable to attack as usual. Credit Gentry for that one.

But one more win is needed before anything changes.

FTW? Lamar stunk up Phoenix
FTW? Artest really stunk up as well
Puke should have been played in the 2nd quarter.

I blame Phil for Bynum's, Lamars and Artest's histrionics

Is that true that Kobe went to the FT line for the 1st time in the 3rd quarter? And Gasol went to the FT line for the 1st time in the 4th quarter?
Is that correct?

Magic Phil - That stat indeed is correct


You do not seem to be just a victim of poor public school in USA.
I think your problem is something about mental retardation.
I guess the two things combined results in people like you.
Sales of your hole every time when the lakers lose a game
feel sorry boy.
I guess with your IQ must be hard to find girlfriend
you should buy a dog.Maybe he can give you some love.(care love not sex)
And so you can stop to hurt the world.

Many are right on the blog
Gasol should have played harder with two personal fouls and Odom and Bynum with three and four personal fouls
If it is true the judges were allowing play hard to the lakers
the right decision was to find the contact in the paint on every play.
Gasol and Phil stupid I do not understand as they have not realized
Mbenga could have played six minutes to reach its four or five personal foul
and in the low post morrison have won the game for 20 or 30 pts
Some members of this blog should be technical body in charge of this team
Too much talent wasted in front of the pc

The Lakers have arguably the best player in the nba, the best power forward in the nba and a top notch defender against Boston's best offensive weapon on top of home court in 2 -3- 2 series and everybody in the city is dying to get payback from 2008.

If Phil doesn't win this one, I don't want to see or hear more of Phil Jackson anymore. I don't care if he makes it to the finals.

Why am I saying that? because I highly doubt the lazy ass, soft, defenseless and unmotivated (that's on you Phil) I saw tonight will be able to beat the Celtics.


no comments about defense? or u r deflecting the subject Like Faux Pas?

so Gasol ending on the line ONLY in the 4th, what that means? maybe something related to assertiveness and aggressive plays?

does not matter because he is a liability at the line

in Game 2 he had 2 consecutive AND 1 plays in the 4th and on both sequences he missed the FT. it did not count and no one pointed it out because the lakers won

in Game 3, in the 4th, with 2:42 remaining, Lakers down by 10, Gasol is again at the line and of course he missed the 2nd FT.

indeed slouchhhhhhhhhhh and Bynum was watching from the couchhhhhhhh. looks like the little name calling fires back. does not help the BIGS. the BEASTS.

by the way isn't called SLOUCHING when Gasol lowers his shoulders and looks impotent on the defensive end?

thanks for improving my English vocabulary. that was the exactly word i was looking for.

slouching defense. what a novel notion. in the WCF. as a preparation for the C's.

my hat off. the slouched one.

Well, that was a stinker. The Boston Celtics are laughing their butts off, right now. Where we in LA see Purple & Gold, the Green Meanies see only red meat. Game 3 in Phoenix can only be described as a classic Laker let-down.

Kobe & Fish showed up. They came to get it done. Their team mates may have just as well phoned it in, because they never showed up in US Airways Arena.

Lamar just figured he'd get lucky again; he didn't. Andrew was still dreaming about the Boston Celtics. Artest thought he could just live by the 3 again for much of the game; Instead he mostly died by it. Shannon Brown's one good offensive play was offset by three bone-headed defensive ones. Because neither Lamar or Andrew showed up, Gasol wilted from the unrelenting attention on both offense and defense.

Alvin Gentry had his guys not only ready, he gave them a plan. The Zone Defense worked better than Gentry had allowed himself to hope for. In his postgame interview, he seemed amazed that the Lakers never deflected it. Phil Jackson, who readily admits (and has time and again) that in-game adjustments just aren't his strong suit, proved once again that in-game adjustments just aren't his strong suit.

All is not lost. The odds of the Lakers blowing Game 4 are between slim and none, and slim is on vacation. But the Boston Celtics are not the Phoenix Suns. 131-92 and Red's Love Child will be around any minute now to remind us. If the NBA Finals start June 1 instead of June 3, the Lakers have just put themselves at a disadvantage. If Phil has to play Kobe the entire 2nd half again on Tuesday, it's going to put an incredible strain on the Lakers centerpiece.

The Lakers blew more than a game on Sunday night. The Orlando Magic will not challenge the Celtics on Monday the way the Suns gritted it out on Sunday. The toll on Kobe and Pau from the team's Game 3 lackluster effort has the potential to exact a high price. This fan doesn't like that one bit.

Thx MM, for confirming the stats....unbelievable!
And is that true that Lamar and Bynum had 4 fouls each before halftime?

The Suns certainly came out to play tonight; kudos on a fine performance during yet another uneven night of outside shooting for them. They made the adjustments and left our Lakers flat-footed, and without enough intensity.

Well done, Phoenix.

Bill Plashcke is saying LA needs to rest bynum for the BOS series?

These LA Times writers are sure motivating the SUNS, making sure they don't lose focus.

Fischer will get served one of these days. He's been hitting playas for years whenever LA gets down. He's like the rick fox of the present day team, a guy with limited ability and a short man's complex.

I can't believe some of these people consider themselves to be fans.

It's disgusting.

On some level chicken littles are worse that trolls.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I was barely able to watch the game tonight it was so busy at my gangster bar serving Patron and Grey Goose to thugs with dollar rolls the size of an apple held together by a rubber band.

{Exasperate sigh}

I don't know really what the heck went wrong, but I'm not happy about it, but I also recognize that it's not the end of the world.

The Bynum versus Lopez stats are particularly disturbing.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


wow any laker fan who can complain after this game is nuts and should not be able to root for the Lakers again. Um, this was the first game they lost in a MONTH, and you honestly have the balls to say they can't win the finals? Please get a hold of yourself, jerkoffs.

It's one game, there was a + 20 free throw disparity, and DONT tell me that doesn't matter, cause it obviously does. I highly doubt this game will occur again on Tuesday. Oh, and for that fool up there who was saying the lakers have no defense, please stop making a fool out of yourself. It's pretty hard to stop a team runs wild out there.

With all that said, we were tied in the 4th quarter, so I don't see how anyone can really complain that much about this game. We did a LOT of things wrong, and still had the game if we just played a little better down the stretch.

Please Laker fans, stop embarassing yourself and other fans who are intelligent. No, the season is not over, and no, you should no the allowed to celebrate once we win the championship. You are a bandwagoner, now get a life.

Adversity breeds character.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


The Lakers stink and they are overrated and they proved it tonight. If they think that they can have a lackluster performance against Boston and still come out as champs, they are more delusional than their fans. It's going to take more than Bynum on a bum knee and Kobe hitting 3s for them to come out on top. Can't wait to see the C's mop the parquet floor with them (again!)

i see ONE positive side effect of this loss.

the Orlando seeing the Phoenix comeback, may gain some incentives to play with more guts and pride. one win in Boston and the series can go back to Orl. one more win at home and it's a 6 game series

let's see if the C's are as complacent as the Lakers. or if they can close a series.

We lost by nine. They had 22 more freethrows.

A bunch of our players played like crap.

It's not the end of the fricken world.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Lakers just didn't play with the same intensity as the last 8 games, but still had a chance to win it...a bad shot, losing an offensive rebound, a dumb foul and there went the chance of getting the "W".

PJ and staff will be dissecting the zone that they saw tonight and point out the weak spots...Gentry will find out pretty quickly that he'll need to abandon the zone if he wants to tie the series.


that wasn't really all that surprising. i didn't think the Suns would just lay down like the Magic did.

Phoenix was very aggressive and played as well as they can. RA and LO had bad nights. there's nothing to do but move on to tuesday's game, learn from the mistakes and do better.

The Suns played zone defense in the entire 2nd half and our team scored 62 pts. I do not see any wrong with that. If that is the best the Suns can offer I am not bothered...we lost because of foul troubles and the bigs for that reason cannot play solid to man or zone defense it only proves the Lakers can adjust and score. Go Lakers

So Ron is about 20% from 3pt range for the entire playoffs, right? He's jacked up tons of 3's so we have an idea of what his average is.

That was great how Ron talked back to PJ after missing about 5 out of 6 threes in the last 6 minutes of the game.

hahaha,theirs a lot of trolls again posting if Lakers dont win,where are you guys when we prevail?All the trolls shut up and drink your milk or else the black mamba will eat you.KOBE the greatest player of all time.Lakers all the way baby!!!

no need to panic! not only did the suns score 21 points more than the Lakers from the f.t. line,BUT, they get the "lifetime performance" from robin lopez, 20 points......ARE YOU KIDDING ME! if that happens again, then we're in a heep of trouble. kobe, gasol and d-fish were the only ones who showed up offensively. odom and artest were "bricking it" all nite long! down the stretch i still thought we'd pull it out, but richardson hit a couple of 3's to seal the deal. i hope they learned their lesson after tonight. pound the ball inside. beating the 2 - 3 zone doesn't mean "jacking up" 3's constantly. if bynum is going to play, TRY STAYING OUT OF FOUL TROUBLE. if not, don't play and rest your knees. with the Lakers letting lopez go off, the suns fans think they have the "better lopez," brooke on their team! ha ha. ok phil, make your adjustments defensively and offensively, then take care of business on tuesday, ok?

Those zombie horses just refuse to believe they're dead. Oh wll, time to beat the dead horse all over again.


My name is Israel and I live in the Canary Islands. Spain. I took a year following the blog, but it is my first post.

I do not write to defend my countryman, Pau Gasol, because I think it is now enough good as to show his qualities on the court. I do not blame other players to defend Gasol.

I just wanted to say is that

1. The Lakers dominated the series 2-1.
2. Pau just did not win the ring. Koby alone does not win the ring. Bryant and Gasol, alone will not win the ring. The lakers team are the only ones who can be champions.
3. Gasol defended badly and I hope to improve in the next game against an imperial Stoudemire. Amare is a great player and will have some merit of his 42 points

A special greeting to ouchhhhhhhh so clear to leave your opinion and all excuse me for my bad English.

WAY TO GO JAC !! You nailed it. This is the first game we've lost in 9 tries and sooo many people on this blog are willing to throw in the towel in despair and start bashing Lakers players !!! Damn. Talk about Faux. Talk about Soft!!

As Magic Phil has been pointing out via free throw stats, this was a heavily lopsided game and we were still very much in it with 5 minutes to go.


This loss just means another $ 2.0 more or less for Staples Center, other than that not much.

On May 28, we will be preparing for Boston.


The zone defense bothered the Lakers; they attacked the gaps in the zone well in the beginning with dribble drive penetration and entry passes to the high post followed by quick dump downs to the low post, classic zone offense, but the Suns adjusted, deflected and denied those passes and turned the Lakers into a 3 point shooting team.

Doug Collins commented correctly that the longer teams play against a zone they start to figure out where the holes are in it and where to attack it. He is correct but, the brain dead Lakers had already figured it out and instead went away from what was working and turned into a bunch of three point shooting fools.

Phoenix would be very happy to see the Lakers continue to launch a large number of 3's by Odom, Artest, Fisher, Farmar and Kobe; if the Lakers do we are in for a wild seven game ride.

BTW, Kobe completley ran out of gas in the fourth quarter, he looked dead for the last 4 minutes of the game.

So Stoudemier and Butler really came to play, Bynum, Artest, LO, not so much.
It took a seasons best from Stoud and Butler, can they do it 3 more times?

I don't know, but I won't rest easy until the Lakers win #4 in this series and exorcise those Suns 2006 demons once and for all.

2010 Finals: Lakers vs Celtics

Lakers win, though I hope Lakers destroy the Celtics in 6 games, not 5, not 4.

After which, LA fans should throw everything on that bus, when the Cleptics leave after the game.

I hope Mitch would not even give them a driver. I hope that bus wouldn't even have an engine. BOSTON CELTICS SUCK.



It seems like the Zen Master doesn't have control of this team. I think in the second quarter he had Lo, Brown, Farmar, Artest and Bynum. The logical thing was to get the ball inside to Bynum. Bynum will post call for the bal, go on the other side and repost and still they wouldn't pass to the kid. Instead they jack up bad shot after bad shot. I was screaming at my tv pass the $%&ing ball to Bynum. Bynum being the youngest probably doesn't demand the ball but they should have gone to him.

sorry lakerland, but your team is pure garbage. Only have 2 players, the rest, garbage.

Bynum: fuffffff. This player is the real problem this team.
Odom: sometimes, but fufff......... inconsistent, irrelevant.....
Fisher: sometimes, but fuufff.ff.....
Artest: irrelevant all season.

You have only 2 players what can play, Kobe and Pau, the rest........ Boston have 5 players what can play (Garnett, Pierce, Allen, Rondo and Wallace) the rest been real role players (Davis, T. Allen, Robinson, Perckins...)

Sorry guys, but this laker team is not dept. ONLY 2 real SUPERSTARS. The rest PURE GARBAGE.

Dj Mbenga: Is not a real player
Vujacic: Ex-player
Morrison: the same that Vujacis
Odom: overrated, inconsistent, prone mentality problems
D-Fish: old, exhausted, cant defend real point guards

Real NBA players:

Kobe and Pau.

Whit only 2 players Lakers cant win this championship against Boston.

That was a big loss for LA. Kobe played plenty minutes and he came up short. So now he has to play again tomorrow. LO had that dazed look on his face all night. Only when LO is locked in is LA almost unbeatable when he drives and screams at the end of his play. Gasol needs to post deeper and stop being soft. After 3 games I am worried that LA is only trying to outscore the Suns instead of trying to lock them down and keep them under 100 points. If La plays like this even in the other 2 wins the Cs win easily. The Cs know if they turn us into a jump shooting team they will win because Rondo will be penetrating on the other end.

If Phil will let Bynum play then instruct his team to get the ball inside to him at least get him in some type of rhythm. Boston fans shoud feel good because they are the favorites. Letting the Suns score well over 100 points for 3 straight games is deplorable. Laker fans and I am 1 of the biggest we will get mauled by the Cs if we play like how we played over the last 3 games. Phil is just too laid back man. Man if we had a former general like Pop this team would be unbeatable. I agree with Nash Pop is the best coach right now. Phil just depend on inertia for wins instead of chewing out his players. We also need specialist players who if you cannot score hustle rebound like varejo. No jump shooting team has ever won the title. That offense was so pathetic they stood on the perimeter and swung the ball from side to side. When they did try to get the ball inside the entry pass was poor.

Then what bother me with Phil is that he tried to subtly drop hints that the refs favored the suns with the calls. Why would he give his players an out. We shot 32 3 pointers unsucessfully I might add. Amare got all of his baskets at the hole and 1 all night. Lopez got all of his points in the paint. So don't you think they will get more free throws? How can a coach allow his team to jack up over 30 3 pointers all night? Get the ball inside. pau should have gotten(sp) deeper position. I see why Buss want Phil to take a big pay cut he is just pathetic in key moments.

Who has Phil develop in his coaching career? Doc pretty much honed Rondo skills into now the best point guard in the NBA. Pop developed Parker.

Mark---I think you missed one of the keys to the game: It was the TOs: Lakers had 10 more than the Suns. Combined with a 1 offensive rebound advantage for the Suns, this translates into 11 more possessions for the Suns.

The Lakers outshot the Suns percentage-wise, but the 11 fewer possessions gave the Suns the victory.

And Odom & Artest combining for 7-27 was counterbalanced by the Suns' 3-21 from the bench.

Despite not playing well, the Lakers had this game if not for the TOs.

I think Amare got "Lucky" - LOL, sorry I couldn't help myself...

Look, I was hoping, as well as all of the Laker Nation, for a Sweep. But hey, the Suns came out with some heart. What do expect... we're the ALL MIGHTY WEST BABY!!!! Our teams have PASSION and PRIDE unlike most of the WEAK EAST teams... we won't mention any names, right Orlando, Cleveland, Milwuakee & Atlanta?

Celtic Fans, don't get your panties wet just yet... who the hell have the Celtic's beaten so far? All of them essentially "One-Man" teams like the Lebron-aliers and now the Orlando Howard... you know damn well the Lakers are not just a "One-Man" team, although we do have "THE MAN". Keep up the DREAM that this "one" loss means you can beat us in the Finals... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Attack. The. Zone.

That is all.

@ island priest - Hmmm, let's see now, Phil has been to the Finals now, oohh I don't know now, about 13 TIMES!!!! And Doc has been there, let's see, just ONCE. Heck PJ has lost more Finals apperances than Doc has even been in.
And he has WON MORE than Doc can ever HOPE to, including Pop as well.

Phil doesn't develop "players", he develops "CHAMPIONSHIPS" hence "CHAMPIONS".

Go pray on that.

Kobe is the greatest player of all time??? Wth hell r laker fans smoking!  Kobe threw some good passes to Suns .. I remember Kobe shanking passes last year against crippled rockets and yesterday .. I saw Kobe the greatest player of ALL TIME throw up an airball .. Like 7 ft from the rim..  Get ur heads out of whateva its in .. Or keep it in there and Celtics will take it out for u .. Pistons did it to Kobe in 04. .. Inglewood Pierce did it to Kobe in 08 .. Never saw MJ take 30 ft 3 pters to bail himself out .. Never saw MJ shank passes .. Nope .. I just remember him take 6/6 from Ewing, Barkley, Malone And the rest .. 

All I see is seething wanna be Jordan with small hands!

Butler, the only time you respond is when you win!!!!!!!!!Get on your own blog and shut the ---- up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why Laker Granny, you know it ain't so. I'm here win or lose.

One thing which is perhaps more encouraging than the SUNS' gritty performance (Nash may be the toughest playa the NBA has these days) is the way in which LA tends to come apart at the seams when a loss exposes the delicate balance of egos.

Phil Jackson can corral his playas up to a point; I'm still not convinced that Artest has let go of his past habits. It was only last season he was ejected twice in the HOU-LA series.

Butler, What did we lose by? Nine!! 42 to 20 freethrows. I guess that says it all.

jimjoyce - That's a fair point. I should've mentioned that in the story. Nonetheless, I thought the main thing entailed the Lakers not making adjustments




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