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Lakers' 2008 Finals loss to Boston rekindles bitter memories


The Lakers had largely stayed silent on their obvious desire to play the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals, despite the excitement built apparently everywhere else. Lakers guard Kobe Bryant said, "I have zero reaction to that," when a reporter relayed to him that fans at Staples Center chanted "We Want Boston" as early as when the Lakers held a 1-0 lead over Phoenix in the Western Conference finals. Bryant's teammates shrugged off the scenario, reiterating over and over that the only colors they're thinking about are purple and orange as they played the Phoenix Suns in the conference finals. The only exception belonged to Lakers center Andrew Bynum, who acknowledged during the Suns series on two separate occasions his high excitement level for the likelihood the Lakers would square off with the Celtics in the Finals.

The Lakers no longer have to play the diplomatic route anymore. In what will be the 12th Finals featuring the teams, the Lakers and Celtics matchup beginning Thursday will rekindle stories over the rivalry's history, including here at the L.A. Times Lakers blog where I plan to feature each day one of the Celtics-Lakers Finals matchups. That begins tonight where I'm highlighting the Lakers' most recent Finals loss to Boston in 2008, an outcome that remains fresh on the Lakers' minds.

The Lakers' makeup have changed since that loss. Bynum will actually play this series, with the torn cartilage in his right knee not enough to sideline him like the dislocated left knee cap did in the 2008 Finals. The team's defensive toughness improved, particularly with the off-season addition of Ron Artest worth $33 million over five years. And the team has a more consistent and aggressive post presence with Gasol and Odom, though Odom has been more prone to off nights than Gasol.

I plan to capture each series in chronological order, but since motivation from the 2008 Finals will have the most impact, I'll start there first. I detail after the jump why the Lakers fell apart two years ago in six games, an outcome that will surely serve as a teachable moment as the Lakers aim for a second consecutive championship and redeem themselves against Boston.

Game 1: Lakers' 98-88 loss

Raise your hand if you've heard this already. Boston played physical. The Lakers played soft. While the characterization has since taken on a life of its own, the Lakers' 98-88 Game 1 loss to Boston provided plenty of examples on how both teams lived up to their respective reputations.

The Celtics out-rebounded the Lakers, 46-33, held them to 41.6% shooting and limited the Lakers to 15 fourth-quarter points. In a storyline that has mixed interpretations among Celtics and Lakers fans, Boston forward Paul Pierce returned midway through the third quarter a few minutes after being carried off the court in front of a concerned Boston crowd because of an injured knee to lead a Celtics run.

Meanwhile, nobody on the Lakers showed up. That included Kobe Bryant scoring 24 points on a dreadful nine-of-26 clip, capping his worst shooting performance since going nine of 26 from the field in the first game of the Lakers' first-round matchup with Denver. Lakers forward Pau Gasol became outmuscled, mustering only one second-half rebound. And Lakers forward Lamar Odom proved equally ineffective, finishing with 14 points and six rebounds.

"We don't like to be out-rebounded like we were tonight," Gasol told reporters. "There were a lot of loose balls that we didn't get. That's a big difference. We started shooting a lot of jumpers. Hopefully next time out, we won't be as anxious and we'll be more focused and sharper."

Game 2: Lakers' 108-102 loss

The Lakers managed to cut a 24-point deficit to two in the final eight minutes, but the effort proved to happen a little too late. Beyond bounce-back performances from Bryant (30 points, eight assists) and Gasol (17 points, 10 rebounds), the Lakers provided little to feel good about, most notably knowing only three teams have managed to overcome 2-0 deficits to win the NBA Finals. Jackson described Odom to reporters as "confused." Lakers guard Derek Fisher collected nearly as many fouls (five) as points (nine) and the team had only 20 assists for the 41 field goals.

And that was just on the offensive end. Pierce proved to both fan bases he's a dangerous force in the Finals, scoring 28 points. Boston's offense remained sufficient, with 31 assists contributing to 36 baskets. And to the chagrin of Lakers Coach Phil Jackson, Boston reserve forward Leon Powe had 21 points and went nine of 13 from the line in only 15 minutes of playing time.

"I'm more struck by the fact that Leon Powe gets more foul shots than our whole team does in 14 minutes of play," Jackson told reporters regarding the free-throw discrepancy between the Celtics (27 of 38) and Lakers (10 of 10) . "That's ridiculous. I've never seen a game like that in all these years I've coached in the Finals. Unbelievable."

Game 3: Lakers' 87-81 victory

This time the Lakers managed to overcome three quarters of uninspiring basketball. They outscored Boston, 27-19, in the fourth quarter. Bryant overcame his recent shooting struggles by making 12 of 20, making a 19-footer to give the Lakers an 85-78 cushion with 1:06 remaining in the game and converted on a leaner for an 87-81 lead with 38 seconds left. And Lakers reserve Sasha Vujacic lived up to his nickname as the "Machine" by scoring 20 points.

But Jackson had plenty of reasons to describe the Lakers' Game 3 victory this way: "It was not a beautiful ballgame." Odom remained ineffective with more turnovers (five) and fouls (five) than points (four). Gasol provided little presence beyond a pair of put-backs in the final minute, contributing to his nine points and 12 rebounds. And the Lakers couldn't build a sizable lead, let alone a lead itself, despite poor shooting nights from Pierce (two of 14) and Kevin Garnett (six of 21) as well as a sprained left ankle to Boston guard Rajon Rondo.

Jackson knew who to point to for helping the Lakers avoid a 3-0 deficit and force them to try to become the first team in both Finals and playoff history to win out.

"It's the leadership of Kobe Bryant out there," Jackson told reporters. "He was aggressive right from the start. Obviously, they caught up and went by us, but we stayed aggressive out there and Kobe was very instrumental in that."

Game 4: Lakers' 97-91 loss

Beyond the Lakers' toughness (or lack thereof), they fed another stereotype regarding the organization in Game 4: maintaining leads. Despite leading by as many as 24 points and owning a 20-point third-quarter cushion, the Lakers allowed Boston to creep back into the game in numerous ways.

The Lakers were outscored 57-33 in the second half. The Celtics' reserves outscored the Lakers bench, 35-15. And Boston secured this advantage despite limited play from Rondo (sprained left ankle) and an injured Kendrick Perkins (strained left shoulder). But the reasons were not so important as to how embarrassing the outcome. The Lakers allowed the biggest comeback in Finals history since the Elias Sports Bureau kept official stats for the NBA starting in the 1970-71 season.

So how to bounce back from this? Bryant had an idea, and it didn't involve overnight stays at the gym.

Said Bryant to reporters: "A lot of wine, a lot of beer, a couple shots, maybe like 20 of them, digest it, get back to work."

Game 5: Lakers' 103-98 victory

Jackson entered the locker room at halftime and expressed happiness the Lakers only led by three points. "Thank God we don't have a [large] lead because we just don't know what to do with it," Jackson relayed to reporters rather facetiously. That's because the Lakers led by as many as 19 points in the second quarter, only to allow Boston to creep back in similar fashion in Game 4. This time, the Lakers secured a win despite struggling to hold onto a lead, including a 14-point fourth-quarter advantage.

But in one positive development, the Lakers' disappearing act from their post players finally came to an end. Both Odom and Gasol combined for a 14-of-20 effort and played with aggression, a quality that they sorely lacked during the Finals. but proved instrumental in the Lakers preventing Boston from celebrating its 17th championship at Staples Center.

Said Odom to reporters: "We didn't want to see champagne popping."

Game 6: Lakers' 131-92 loss

In the end, the Lakers saving face from a season-ending loss at home came at the expense of a wasted six-hour flight across three time zones. The Celtics' dominating Game 6 victory struck a nerve in Lakerland in every way imaginable.

The Celtics stayed ahead of the championship race (17-14), widened the discrepancy in Finals head-to-head matchups (9-2) and handed the Lakers the most lopsided loss in Finals history since Chicago's 42-point victory against Utah in 1998.

The images were far from pretty. Pierce danced on the Celtics bench during a timeout in the final minutes. The Boston crowd chanted "Where's Kobe?" -- a reference both to his sitting on the bench in the last moments and the fact Pierce won win the Finals MVP over Bryant, the regular-season MVP. And the "Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye" chant began with five minutes left in the game. Surely, these images remain fresh in the Lakers minds as they prepare for Boston again.

"Just upset more than anything," Bryant summed up his emotions to reporters. "But I'm proud of the way that we performed all year. I'm proud of my guys. At the same time, understand that second place just means you're the first loser."

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: From left, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Vladimir Radmanovic watch the final minutes of the Lakers' one-sided Game 6 loss to the Celtics from the bench. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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On This Memorial Day a salute and our Prayers go out to all who served this country and the Valient Warriors who gave their lives for it. The Laker Nation says THANK YOU!
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Even the Lakers` owners love the Celtics :

Magic has all but predicted the Celtics to win the title...while Jerry Buss dyes his hair "orange" as a subtle tribute to Red!!!!

I can't wait to let Artest loose on Pierce. And the first two games are in Staples this time, not Boston. Can't wait.



Greetings Lakeshow Fans,

Just watched Sportscenter (Sunday night) that featured a clip with the "Three Amigos" of Pierce, Garnett, and R. Allen.

I find it quite interesting that when they conduct interviews, especially with ESPN/ABC, they always are hip to hip, tongue to tongue (in a literal sense) with one another. I guess they want/need to "validate" their existence AGAIN with a purpose to intimidate those who despise them.

Just wondering...Should ESPN/ABC likewise invite KB24, Gasol, Fisher, and Artest to their studios in LA to keep the "rivalry" from being too ONE-SIDED and biased via Boston's location in the east coast (where ESPN's headquarters is located at)? Hmmm...Do you see what I see?

For the sake of being a good sport, as always, I personally see no reason why the Lakers need to counter Boston's BULLYING tactics via the "triplet show" (invited or not)that most media outlets adore like a brand new baby diaper.

You know it's ON when KG said during the interview regarding a question involving the rematch with the Lakers..."Getting another shot at them? Or, getting another shot at us? Just keeping it REAL (with a smug look on his face)..." As a Lakers fan, that's what makes this year's Finals that more interesting to watch...Seeing players BACK UP their talk...

BTW, no matter what happens in the final analysis (which I BELIEVE will be a Lakers REPEAT), KB 24 will STILL have more rings than the three of KG, R. Allen, and Pierce individually. That's a FACT!

To wrap this 2010 FINALS in a bow, here's the long as the Lakers PLAY HARD, INSPIRED basketball for 48 minutes each game on both ends of the floor, with a heavy dose of patient INTERIOR play (making their bigs MOVE and FOUL prone) and "consistent" perimeter defense (chasing guys like Allen, Wallace, Pierce OFF the three-point area via Fisher, Artest, Odom, and Kobe), they will hang their 16th NBA Championship banner.

Most of all, win it ALL with a CHIP on their shoulder, injuries, adversity and all, for the debacle in 2008. The Lakers SURELY need no MOTIVATION! Also, their demeanor after winning the WC title in Phoenix spoke many volumes...

Go get em' Lakers like you did in 2009...Back to Back!

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

Even the Lakers` owners love the Celtics :Magic has all but predicted the Celtics to win the title...while Jerry Buss dyes his hair "orange" as a subtle tribute to Red!!!! Posted by: RED`S LOVE CHILD | May 31, 2010 at 05:08 AM
Good Morning Red. Now you know Magic only said that to give the Lakers added inspiration. As For Mr. Buss' Hair...

To wrap this 2010 FINALS in a bow, here's the long as the Lakers PLAY HARD, INSPIRED basketball for 48 minutes each game on both ends of the floor, with a heavy dose of patient INTERIOR play (making their bigs MOVE and FOUL prone) and "consistent" perimeter defense (chasing guys like Allen, Wallace, Pierce OFF the three-point area via Fisher, Artest, Odom, and Kobe), they will hang their 16th NBA Championship banner. Most of all, win it ALL with a CHIP on their shoulder, injuries, adversity and all, for the debacle in 2008. The Lakers SURELY need no MOTIVATION! Also, their demeanor after winning the WC title in Phoenix spoke many volumes... Go get em' Lakers like you did in 2009...Back to Back!Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY! Posted by: Let's Go L's! | May 31, 2010 at 05:14 AM
Good Morning Let's Go L's. I couldn't have said it better! Great Post!

I can't wait to let Artest loose on Pierce. And the first two games are in Staples this time, not Boston. Can't wait. Posted by: wesjoenixon | May 31, 2010 at 05:09 AM
Wes, you and I both! 3 more days!


I am utterly unhappy with your last two posts. One telling Lakers lost to Celtics in your 2k10 simulation, and this one bringing back to our memories the horrific finals two years back!!

Try to bring a positive vibe to the blog dude. Do you think the readers would have felt happy to read "Celtics beat Lakers in simulated games" (we don't want Celtics to beat Lakers - simulation, child's play, real game, whatever)

And this one, portraying all the mistakes we did, what errors we committed and how we failed as a team. I don't think this is something we people would like to read, when memories of a nice win are still in our minds....

I dont think would made a post if one of its bloggers played 2K10 and it lost to the Lakers even in 7 games in "simulation".

Are you trying to do the "sensational journalism"...?? It sucks mate, let me tell you... Your post is re-kindling the bitter memories more!!

wow Lewis, nice post. I was also thinking on similar lines.

Its been just one day since we became the WC Champs, and re-entering the Finals for the 3rd year in a row.

Its true that Championship is the absolute goal, however, lets cherish our achievements over the past few weeks for a day or two, before moving to the final goal.

A pic showing the faces of Laker players in agony/humiliation, and another showing Pierce's hand raised in jubilation, makes me wonder was I in a Lakers site or the Celtics.


Mark, if you thought this is being "hilarious" or "inspiring", then its a BIG F-A-I-L :-(

The entire season was geared for this, Lakers vs. Boston, oh what Bliss
Bliss yes, it may well be, But It’ll be hell if we forget our Laker D
Don’t let Celtics Injuries fake you out, Smash & destroy is what I’m talking about.
Don’t relax and give an inch or you may find winning is not such a cinch!
Being a Laker is a very great thing, But reputation alone won’t win a Ring.
Magic says Boston will win it all, He’s yesterdays news in Basketball.
He may well be a Laker Great, But Magic, forget predictions, worry about your weight
The only Lakers comments that’s a must, Is Kobe Bryant in Mamba we trust
Phil says a very interesting thing, He’s ready to get that 16th Ring
If 10Rings said this then you should know, Bet the Mortage on the Lake Show
The Finals will not be easy, but break it down you will plainly see
Can Boston win 3 in a row at home? Not even if they are playing in the THUNDERDOM
Can Lakers win 2 in a row at Staples, You damn right, they are more than able
So if these 2 statements you examine, There is no way Boston can get 4 games and win.
Revenge they say is best served cold, It’s sad that the Celtics are so dogone old
Be that as it may let me make it plain, we will have our Revenge & leave the Celtics in pain
So to Red Loves Child and 131-92, We’re the Freakin World champion Lakers who the Hell are U!

@Lewis, Ruud van Nistelrooy, I also was thinking along similar lines. But it's all cool. It'll just help remind us we must have our REVENGE and also remind us if we rest on our Laurels, we could be looking like those pictures again. But still MM can we have some POSITIVE VIBES also going into the Finals. I realize you are a journalist with neutrality and not a fan of either team per se. BUT and a very big BUT...This is a LAKERS BLOGS!

What a night.
I dreamt I won the lottery.
A big, giant, hugest lotto ever.
I decided to buy the Boston Celtics.
Somehow, I was able to take over the Celtic franchise during the Finals tied at 2 games a piece (weird how dreams work).
In game 5 I benched KG, Rondo and Pierce.
Doc Rivers went ballistic.
They all got so mad and unruly I had to suspend them for the remainder of the series.
Over the summer I completely dismantled the team.
Next season, and all the one's after that, the Celtics will be lucky to win 10 games a year.

Over the summer I completely dismantled the team.
Next season, and all the one's after that, the Celtics will be lucky to win 10 games a year. Posted by: Art - FL Lakers Fan | May 31, 2010 at 05:59 AM
Art you are a Vicious, Vicious Man!...I love it!! LMAO!

Red's Love Child,

It is more believable if you switch name to Jerry Buss' Love Child because of his prolific reputation as a man of many lovers. Late Red was more of the source of smog with endless love of tobacco. In order to see him clearly, you've got to clear the air and once he opened there is nothing pleasant to hear if you are a Laker fan. His legacy was reincarnated to the future Celts, the smog, the Red's kills the symbol of life which is Green.

If you want to be identified with the winner, come to the Los Angeles Lakers, home of the brave and beautiful people. We don't need to yell "beat Celtics" or "beat Boston", your team looks like a beaten Goliath as Big Baby stumbles and dazed in the extended games of the season.

Do you have enough power to sustain the pressure? Red, it is hard to generate power when you are old.

On this Memorial Day, we remember our dead heroes and our old veterans, not the geriatric Celtics but the old solciers who refuse to die until they just fade away.


Is Lakers blog a neutral blog?? (your comment said: MM, I realize you are a journalist with neutrality and not a fan of either team per se) Then we should call it NBA Blog, right??

How many of you think a Lakers' blog should be run by a neutral person??

Is it true that Wallace got one of those motorized scooters for free through his Medicare Advantage plan and sold it to Pierce?

It's good to watch how the celtics humiliated the gaykers game 6 2008! same thing will happen in 2010! but this time boston will humiliate the gaykers in 5!

If you want to be identified with the winner, come to the Los Angeles Lakers, home of the brave and beautiful people. We don't need to yell "beat Celtics" or "beat Boston", your team looks like a beaten Goliath as Big Baby stumbles and dazed in the extended games of the season. Do you have enough power to sustain the pressure? Red, it is hard to generate power when you are old.
On this Memorial Day, we remember our dead heroes and our old veterans, not the geriatric Celtics but the old soldiers who refuse to die until they just fade away. Posted by: Edwin Gueco | May 31, 2010 at 06:20 AM

Is it true that Wallace got one of those motorized scooters for free through his Medicare Advantage plan and sold it to Pierce? Posted by: Tom Daniels | May 31, 2010 at 06:26 AM
ROFLMAO!! Yeah now Paula is a really Mobilr guard. haha!
How many of you think a Lakers' blog should be run by a neutral person??
Posted by: Ruud van Nistelrooy | May 31, 2010 at 06:21 AM
I think MM is doing a super job at times he takes this neutrality thing to a lil
further than I would wish. But I'm the type of person who likes to hear all types of view and not just one. So consider this a vote for MMM over the prior regime.
(00) JON K. - OWNER – Mike T will you apologize when the Lakers destroy the Celtics? Bring on the Celtics!
(02) FATTY - RIDING SHOTGUN - Roses are Red Violets are Blue Lakers to the Celtics
(03) ZairaAmaterasu - ENFORCER/BLOG GODDESS - To have BSPN keeping playing Lakers out is just a point in favour AND a point of honour. Those are the same fools predicting Crabs unbeatable and the glory of the Biggest Loser of all time. They simply are delusional and so out, out, OUT of reality ;) Just saying. 2010 it's revenge year. Such a sweet, tasty, awesome year for us ;) I can feel it, coming in the air of night... ;) It's the Make it or Break It moment and champions don't have to overthink that blissful push at stepping further. Champions come and at a sudden point, all that had to start working to take them (and the team) at the next level START to work. But it's not miracle. As someone smarted pointed out earlier, it's out from all the failures, mistakes, adjustements previously made also in rusty ways. That trials create the best bet possible after. Fatty - Let the war begin. First on the blogs, then on the court.
(04) #4
(05) MR.NANO – PATH FINDER - Only a few thoughts: 1- I've said it: Lakers in 6. Sorry stevie, i've told you.2- We haven't won anything -real- yet. 3- Slovenian players are anoying even between them.
4- Lakers v/s C's, Lakers in 6 (although, they can win in 5). Now: THE PAYBACKI hope our players came to the blog to sneak a peek. I hope our players have the 131-92 video in all their electronic devices, just to remember. I hope our players change their ringtones to "Beat LA!"
I hope our players changing room papered with that 2008 finals (like Farmar did with Morrison, but with real effects). I hope that a green 2008 champions watch our team practices from now on.
I hope they remember, because we remember. Now only the glory is enough!! We will prevail!!
For the championship: GO LAKERS!!!!!!
(07) XYZ – SEARGENT AT ARMS - I watched the trophy presentation and the team looks like it's very focused and ready to go against the celts.......Phil said that they are looking forward to this series with great intensity........what a great even chimed in, saying "Boston, u wanted us.....we're coming for u".......and if u saw magic's commentary on espn, u can see that the old competitive juice started flowing within a die hard laker fan, I'm all lathered up and ready for this classic finals matchup......
(09) OUTLAW - SECURITY 2 - To all my fellow Lakers fans: This is what we've been waiting for. Thursday, baby. It's gonna be fun. Go Lake Show!
(11) WES JOE NIXON - MORALE OFFICER - Someone must have given this speech last night:
(12) FAN OF THE MAMBA - Is it Thursday yet? Cause we ain't seen nothing yet!
(14) VMAN – THE TERMINATOR - THe coming war is the reason Ron Artest is a Laker. His basketball career was aimed at this purpose. Pierce is about to visit Ron's park, where it's hard to breath and legs are heavy. Just 4 mo' blog bros.
(15) BRONXLAKERFAN – REFEREE - Art-FL Lakers Fan....Kudos, my friend. That adaptation of "Casey at the Bat" was clever and extremely well done. I'm printing it to save as a memento of the Laker's 2010 playoff run which will hopefully end with the C'ship. Thanks!
(16) Nemaia Faletogo - LAKERS IN 6
(18) RICK FRIEDMAN - Michael Jordan was the NBA's White Knight, whose glorious journey put the sport on the map. Kobe Bryant is its Dark Knight, who takes wonderment to its most breathtaking and leaves us gasping while moaning for more. Kobe Bryant. Laker. Greatest of All Time. Ever!
(20) Ruud van Nistelrooy - STATISTICIAN –
(21) Nemaia Faletogo – Lakers in 6 Nuff Said!
(22) CARLOS DEEP – Make room for me. I BELIEVE THEY WILL DESTROY THE CELTICS AND SEND THEM BACK TO THEIR CAVES FOR ANOTHER TWO DECADES – BANDWAGON The Celtics may be good but LAKERS are the defending Champions and are ready to defend home court and their rightful place as reigning Champions. Bring it on! LAKERS in 6
(23) HUGO BOSS - We'll, we made it to the Finals and that's great. Time to celebrate with a bar-be-que in the summer day and a few bevarages of my choice.
(24) WALLACE - You know that I'm good for Jon K's bandwagon!!! It's payback time! I agree with Red that "enuf said" on the topics and let's focus on the game itself instead of spitting poison at one another. It's the NBA Finals in heaven. Good against Evil! Two best NBA franchises are at in the Finals once again. But this time, we will WIN!!! It won't be easy. The Celtics has a good coach in Doc Rivers & a great defensive guru in Thibodeau. We have the Zen Master & the best player in the NBA period, Kobe - The Black Mamba! It's a NBA version of "Clash of the Titians!" Lakers in 7!!! It will be a classic!!
(25) EJK - While sweeping Boston would be nice, I kinda want the Lakers to celebrate winning the championship at Staples. First, Boston fans take after KG, so they're generally a low-class, vile bunch whose capable of despicable things. Second, it's been 10 long years since we've won the championship at home...there's something special about winning it in front of your home crowd.
(27) SHE-KOBE - HELLO GUYS, REVENGE, REVENGE=LAKERS IN 6, Don't worry, our team will be CHAMPION this year period. Kobe knows best and he will motivate the rest of the team to keep their focus for that challenge against the Celtics.2010 is our destiny & nothing & nobody can take it from us.
(28) D(EREK) J(ETER) - If I am not too late for the Laker Bandwagon, put me on board! do think it's funny about all this sweep talk on either side. I think it will be 6 or 7. Of course I am with the Lakers. I thought Suns would lose to us in 7, but 6 was much nicer!
(29) INFAMOUS EL GUAPO – GRENADE TOSSER - Put me on the Armageddon Bandwagon!!! I don't need a seat I'll Be ridding on the roof Tossing Grenades, Manning the 50 Cal Machine Gun, The flame throwers and swinging El Guapo's Pair Machetes named "Death" an "Doom"!! And I'll be picking off every little green leprechaun zombie all the way to the Larry O'Brien!!!!
(30) TIM-4-SHOW - No Mercy. Back2Back Payback! YEAH!! A few weeks ago I pondered if we would see more of the former Kobe or more of the struggling Kobe. Three weeks later and Kobe has most definitely answered it. Not only is he himself again, but he's currently putting together one of the most impressive playoff runs in the history of basketball. Should he pull this off in the next round, what you have just witnessed has been nothing short of spectacular. Mbenga on Perkins would be AWESOME If they want to get rough, put in the black belt that defied death. LOLOLOLOLThis is going to be epic great. I truly believe you're witnessing the crowning achievement of Kobe and the Lakers.
(31) RDLEE – MERCY DISPENSER - 12 down, 4 to go. No mercy!
(32) DWNTWN ATTY - As we all know, the real question is whether the Celtics' defense will be stiff enough to hold us back. I'm think it won't be, but our bigs will need to come out angry and determined -- our shooters hitting shots. and Kobe -- well we know Kobe is going to show up! that was a kobe performance for the vault. Close out game, closeout shots. No chance was Kobe going to lose this game.
(33) New Mexico Laker lifer - Lighten up and enjoy the JOURNEY. Lakers in 6
(34) RON – I still remember clearly the pain and anguish of the 39 pt drubbing like yesterday and have always dreamed of the day when we would face Boston again. "If only" we had homecourt two years ago I was thinking...well we have it now....and now it's nervous time. The key is to contain Rondo and Pierce. For all those people who criticized getting Artest over Ariza, this is why we made the move! Pierce was able to dominate Orlando because no one could guard him--he won't have that luxury this time around. But the biggest key will be if Pau and Lamar show up big in this series. Bynum is the big question mark but his presence alone in the middle already helps the Lakers out tremendously. Kobe will have a much more difficult time against the Celtics' defense, but he will be clutch when it matters, you can bet on that. It is time to exorcise those demons once and for all and to rid ourselves of this lingering ghost once and for all. If the Lakers are to win back-to-back titles, who better to defeat than the Boston Celtics? We hate the Celtics with a passion and winning it all against Boston will be the sweetest thing since '85. 'Nuff said.
(35) ALLNET - Remember when, after the game 6 loss to the Celtics in the ’08 Finals, Artest got into the Lakers’ locker room and made his way over to the showering Kobe? Recall what Artest reportedly said? “I want to come help you. If I can, I’m gonna find a way to come to L.A. and help you win the title.” Well, Ron-Ron, your big chance is about to arrive. And against that same evil nemesis, the Celts. May your words – and the defense to back them – prove ever true!
(36) LAKERTOM - Once again, my prediction is the Lakers to win in 6 games, taking the first 2 at home, 1 of 3 in Boston, and then closing out the Celtics in Game 6 in LA. That’ll set the stage to win our 17th title in 2011.
(37) LAKERMIKE - This single point of maturity is in my opinion a VERY significant element in The Finals. It would seem to be a low-risk prediction to say that at least once a big lead will be lost in the end, with either Celtics or Lakers grabbing a great come-from-behind victory. I like what I have seen. I am anxious for that series-determining comeback game to unfold!
(39) FAITH
(45) ICELAKER - I loved seeing the hate and intensity in Michael Cooper's eyes when he told Boston "You wanted us, here we come!" These Lakers are angry right about now. I really fear for the celtics come thursday. I know Pierce needed a wheelchair in '08. He's gonna need a stretcher once Ron Ron is done: "If you're not strong enough, you shouldn't be fighting with me. If you can't match my strength then why would you try to pick a fight and test me?" I'm hoping for Lakers in 5. I want them to celebrate on the Gah-den's floor.
(46) SEGEBOY- THE SHERIFF - Yo words can not describe how proud I am that we're returning to the finals for the 3rd year in a row. We started the 55 win bandwaggon when we were running with smush parker, we believed so hard in our team and they laughed in our faces. They gonna respect us yo cuz we ain't asking for it, we're here to work for it, to fight for it, to cement our place in history. I love this team yo. And shout out to our PGs for their play last game, y'all know we keep calling u d weakest link but nobody's happier when u prove us wrong. Fish u d man. Our time is freaking here and the next series is against our arch enemies, the green weanies from the east. In the words of 300 ... we're gonna take everything from them and give nothing back ... F the celtics and anyone who loves em.
(47) MAGIC PHIL - Well, let's ask somebody who really understand the game: - Kobe, who do you think is gonna win the championship? - We will So, I get the word of King Mamba. LAKERS IN 3!!!! I MEAN, LAKERS IN 4!!!
(49) PHRED
(50) JAC - The most arrogant, narcissistic franchise ever. They refuse to give ANYONE credit but themselves. Even when they lose, they act like they won. I don't understand how anyone can liek their franchise. All I want to do is own them and celebrate in front of them ON their home floor ( or ours). I'm disgusted by them. I don't understand how the media can go from saying they will be eliminated, to crowning them the champs. Lets face it, they are a bunch of babies whose prime is over. They will not be the 10 champs, and I hope they never get close to a championship again!
(51) KEIFO –
(52) ANOTHERBLACKMAMBA - I hate PAUL PIERCE PERIOD. Celtics basically bought the championship in 2008 with 3 franchise players in one team. Pierce Celtics sucked ass before KG and Ray Allen and now all of a sudden he is freaking a showboat. KG is another showboat. You know there is no way Celtics is gonna win the finals. Just look at Suns, how steve nash and raja bell and ...were showing off in 2006/7 when Kobe was playing with bunch of trolls. I wonder how far Steve Nash would have taken a team with Kwame Brown and Smush.
I wanna bitchslap Paul Pierce and KG. I just hate Paul Pierce or I should say Paula Pierce THE QUEEN of Celtics.
(53) WINTON DUPREE - What's better than the NBA2K10 championship? The real NBA 2010 championship, and not only will we get this one, we will pass the next one as well. We are living in great times Laker fans. Enjoy!
(54) JOE CORAD - I rather see the Lakers Hoist the Hearts of the celtic team than the trophy, lol. Actually i take it back, i want to see the Lakers hoisting the trophy while stomping on the hearts of the Celtics.
(55) LET’S GO L’S -To wrap this 2010 FINALS in a bow, here's the long as the Lakers PLAY HARD, INSPIRED basketball for 48 minutes each game on both ends of the floor, with a heavy dose of patient INTERIOR play (making their bigs MOVE and FOUL prone) and "consistent" perimeter defense (chasing guys like Allen, Wallace, Pierce OFF the three-point area via Fisher, Artest, Odom, and Kobe), they will hang their 16th NBA Championship banner. Most of all, win it ALL with a CHIP on their shoulder, injuries, adversity and all, for the debacle in 2008. The Lakers SURELY need no MOTIVATION! Also, their demeanor after winning the WC title in Phoenix spoke many volumes... Go get em' Lakers like you did in 2009...Back to Back! Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!
(56) EDWIN GUECO – JUDGE/JUROR/EXECUTIONER - If you want to be identified with the winner, come to the Los Angeles Lakers, home of the brave and beautiful people. We don't need to yell "beat Celtics" or "beat Boston", your team looks like a beaten Goliath as Big Baby stumbles and dazed in the extended games of the season.

Ruud Van Nistelroy,

Lakers Blog is not neutral but there is a semblance of objectivity in our posts. We are fair even if our sentiments is for the purple and gold. We infuse reason in our passion. It goes both ways, we disdain our players who have no heart nor the fortitude to carry on the winning tradition, at the same time, we also protect our colors from wanton destruction by perceived enemies. I believed Mark M. captured the inner sensitivity of LA fans in his blog. It is fair on both spectrum. In order to be a winner, Laker players should first permeate that attitude in their system, BELIEVE in the winning Laker tradition and perserve that trademark. Once that energy becomes a part of the system,it becomes an uncontrollable force like a tidal of wave.

We are against all forces of evil who yell "beat LA" heard it from Nuggets, Cavaliers and Mavs at the middle of the season, heard it in Oklahoma as people clad in white chastised our team. We also heard the phrasei in the home of the Mormons. It reverberated to our ears from Los Suns who wanted to be friendly to hispanic while representing an unfriendly state. This time we hear it from our arch rival Boston Oldies.

Being a Laker fan, there is no room for meekness and weakness. We have to UNITE as one and defend our homecourt advantage because the leprechauns are in our midst, protect your children and anticipate a dirty game.

Good morning,

It's nice to see what I call the "Mamba Mindset" taking hold on this blog. We're *supposed* to get angry when simulation calls for the Celtics to win the series. We're *supposed* to get angry when a replay of the '08 series is jammed down our throats. We're *supposed* to get angry when ESPN tells us how wonderful Boston's "Big 3" thinks they are.

I'm glad Red's Love Child comes here to challenge us. I'm glad that 131-92 comes here to post something snarky.

I don't know about you, but every time I've watched a game for the past two seasons, the need for that Road to Redemption has gnawed at me. I even still have that nauseous feeling when I think about the Finals against Detroit.

The Mamba Mindset gives us a tiny peek at what Kobe Bryant is thinking. It gives us a small inkling of what motivates him on top of his natural inclination to be the best. I want every single player on the Lakers roster to emulate that anger and to channel it into positive results when the series starts on Thursday.

The 2010 NBA Finals are going to be a lot about mind over matter. Players on both teams are banged up. Both cities are fired up. The coaches on both teams have programmed their season to reach this goal. Talent and match-ups aside, the results of every single play in every game will be impacted by mind over matter.

The more we as fans channel the Mamba Mindset, we will be sending the right energy into the Universe. I want Kobe to impart the Mamba Mindset to every one of his team mates and coaches. The showdown is coming. The Celtics will be ready. Don't underestimate them. The Mamba Mindset can be the Lakers' ultimate weapon. Embrace it. Channel it. Live it. Go Lakers!


Still on the way back to LA as we braved the gridlock along 5. I spoke to LakerTom over the phone not long enough because I was on the wheels as we approached the Richmond bridge. He appeared to be nice and easy going. Good day and will blog again as we get to LA.

I have to agree with the following comments. Its rather odd to post those last threads. It comes across like Mark's catering to visiting Celtic fans.

But as Mark said, he's not a Lakers fan. He is a competent writer, who is slaving, what seems to be 24 hrs a day to keep this site flowing with information.

Throwing in obvious, and antagonistic data against the Lakers follows the general thought and direction of the LA Times sports dept. I truly hope that is not the direction Mark is following as well.

We somehow found a way to deal with that. We don't read their articles. Odd, that some of the most knowledgeable Lakers fans on the planet don't read the Times Lakers cover. I wonder why?

We have lived with BK's irrational Lakers rants in the past and should have no problem if a few threads from Mark are not to our liking. We just do what we always do, write up what we want and ignore the post. (lol)

Mark, if you read this, which I doubt. I've sent you many direct questions, you haven't responded too. Don't take this personal. If you want to become better at what you do. Consider all comments, good and bad, and grow from them. And try not to let your bias's come through even if you say you have none. This blog can see through anything.......


The Almighty Celtics who are playing with a purpose, beating the best two records in the NBA in the Cavs(1) the Magic(2) with the chance to beat the third best record, the LAKERS. Oh and while the best records held home court advantage.

Sounds like they are great and no team can defeat them right? Well NBA2k10 said they will win, were days off in between games considered? I don't think so.

Their game plan will be push, elbow, slap, and MOST importantly FLOP. Oh and lay on the floor many minutes so that the BIG 3 can get to their oxygen tanks and take a breather.

Lets not forget get technical fouls. Anything to make the game long and slow.

Laker Fans, lets not forget, K.Perkins is one Technical foul away from being suspended. He has so many techs that need to be rescinded since he plays a good clean defensive effort againts Centers who are better than him; NOT!

The more we as fans channel the Mamba Mindset, we will be sending the right energy into the Universe. I want Kobe to impart the Mamba Mindset to every one of his team mates and coaches. The showdown is coming. The Celtics will be ready. Don't underestimate them. The Mamba Mindset can be the Lakers' ultimate weapon. Embrace it. Channel it. Live it. Go Lakers!Posted by: Rick Friedman | May 31, 2010 at 06:43 AM
Great post Rick. Keep Channeling, I AM!
Still on the way back to LA as we braved the gridlock along 5. I spoke to LakerTom over the phone not long enough because I was on the wheels as we approached the Richmond bridge. He appeared to be nice and easy going. Good day and will blog again as we get to LA. Posted by: Edwin Gueco | May 31, 2010 at 06:47 AM
So how was the Wedding? Details please sir!
And try not to let your bias's come through even if you say you have none. This blog can see through anything.......Fatty Posted by: Fatty | May 31, 2010 at 06:47 AM
As long as you can't see through my Purple and Gold Thong I'm with you Fatty, Lol!

I saw the ESPN Sundays Conversation with the Big 3, it was entertaining and very thoughtful. But also i felt i was going through a book of 'Where's Waldo', reason being i saw a cane, a wheelchair and an airplane ticket out of Boston. I don't know maybe it was just me

Laker Fans, lets not forget, K.Perkins is one Technical foul away from being suspended. He has so many techs that need to be rescinded since he plays a good clean defensive effort againts Centers who are better than him; NOT! Posted by: Joe_Corad | May 31, 2010 at 06:56 AM
Oh we won't forget Joe. Perhaps Ron Ron can goad him into that Technical.

Nah, i don't think Ron will get that Tech for Perkins, maybe it will be the dimmed lights he can't stand, or the net around the ring of the basket, who knows he elbows everything.

Mamba24 that poem was tight. Perhaps Magic don't want Kobe to win #5 tying his rings. I am sure Shaq is pulling for Boston as well. Ron Ron, Lo. Fisher. Gasol, Farmar, UpS, Bynum, Sasha, Mbenga and Walton this is your time. Play hard and physical and execute. Phil bring in Mbenga to bang and get the rebounds. Kobe continue to bring out that inner Jordan and get it done.

Lewis - There's no preconceived agenda on my part. I've done the simulation before during the playoffs and no one had a problem with it picking the Lakers to win. Bottom line are you really going to get all serious over what a video game predicts. It's true that game's been credited for how realistic it is, but in the end it's a video game simulation. I just found it as another way to have fun with it. As for this post about the 2008 Finals loss, I'm featuring all the Lakers-Celtics Finals matchups as a way to just go through the whole history of the rivalry.


The difference maker in the series will be Rajon Rondo. Yet another point guard who makes his team better. A PG who the Lakers can't defend, specially Derek Fisher cause he is old slow and a statue. Rondo will decide the Finals cause his teammates needs the best out of him to make plays or create plays to the Big 3. Rondo has outplayed the Heat, Cavs, and the Magic with his stats that compare to all the Greats.

Those are some great stats, but who has been his competition? Who has been his opposing PG? Carlos Arroyo of the Heat, Mo Williams of the Cavs, and Jameer Nelson of the Magic? Who has been the opposing PG's in the west that D-Fish has faced? Westbrook (up and coming good PG), Derron Will, the best point guard in the NBA(I say that cause he doesn't take naps in the floor, and plays hurt) and S. Nash, the 3rd best PG.

What has happened to the top 5 PG's in the playoffs? 3 of them have lost to the Lakers, Brandon Jennings lost to the Hawks. Only one remains and he is ranked 5, so how big can he possibly when we already faced a PG who can score/pass/rebound/steal/lead a team a team on his own. Oh and get hit in the face and bleed and get stitches and get up within seconds and play the rest of the game. That aint Rondo, but he is smart, he knows his team needs to a breather in the first 2 minutes of the game.

I wonder how long the Finals are gonna take. On average it's supposed to be aout 3hrs and 30 mins, that was the 08 Finals, but now i think maybe about 2 days or so, that way the Celtics Big 3 can get some rest and rejuvinate.

A couple of thoughts regarding mental toughness between the last series and this one:

Celtics do not have Posey and House, who were really tough off the bench in that series, which is a loss.

Lakers have Artest as starter in place of Radmanovic, which is an uptick.

Lakers have home court advantage.

So I am thinking that if mental toughness was an advantage for Boston last time, it is not so this time.

@Island Priest, Thank you my Brother!


I loved your 'Apocalypto' picture from the last thread of the Lakers ripping out the hearts of the Celtics. That was absolutely brilliant!

Good morning LakersNation:

Just like most you on this blog, initially I was quite upset at MM's NBA 2010 SIM results and the game by game covers of the 2008 Finals where we were punked by the Celtics. To be fair to MM, I think his goal is to remind all of us that in 2008, our team did not respond well to the Celics' rough plays. Pau was soft, Luke couldn't keep up with Pierce, Lamar was horrible in all area and our bench was, as usual, non-existence. I have nothing but praise to Mark Medina ever since he took over this blog from the K's brother. He's a hard-working jounalism who keep us busy reading with a timely post on various issues. I am more perturbed by Magic Johnson's prediction of Boston winnin the Finals. I don't know where he based his prediction from but as one of the Lakers' great and a minority owner of the team, I am quite disapppionted. We don't hear any negative predictions from other great Lakers; Rick Fox, Coop, Big Game James Worthy and Ron Haper. They are all in Lakers' corner. Perhaps Magic feels obligate to give his employer, ESPN, what they wanted to hear. Perhaps Magic is afraid of Kobe's chance of replacing him as the great Lakers ever!! Who know?

Both teams match up with each other pretty well, if Pau can play at the leve he is capable of instead of reverting into a soft European style players, we should win the Finals. Our team is much better this year than the one in 2008. Artest's availibility would allow Kobe to focus on defending Rondo instead of helping out Luke, who got destroyed by Pierce, on defense. Reaading Kobe and PJ's body language and comments after game 6 on Saturday, I'm convince that they are looking forward to erase the memomy of the carnage given to them by the Celtics in game 6 of the 2008 Finals. 131-92 defeat is still in their memory. It's a personal humiliation to them!

I envisioned the ultra physical games for the entire series. We will need a steady contribution from the bench especially LO and Sasha. Our BIG 3s must rise up to challenge Boston' Big 3s. Kobe will soar like you've never seen before. We did witness the greatness of Kobe in the closing minutes of game 6. Noone in the world could stop him, not Dudley, not Hill and he knew it! He will carry this team to the finishing line.

MM, any words on the bloggers getting together after the Finals? Perhaps we could meet at the ESPN Zone near Staple center for a beer? You did owe me one, didn't you?

In Kobe, We Trust!!!

Go Lakers!!!


Rondo - Fisher: Rondo
Allen - Kobe : Kobe
Pierce - Artest: Pierce
Garnet - Pau : Tied
Perkins - Bynum: Perkins

The main problem is Bynum. If Drew cant play, Pau should play vs. Garnett and Perkins, Wallace and DAvis, too. I think Lakerrs have any possibility. 1 big vs 4 bigs. Andrew Bynum cant play the whole game and Mbenga (well, that I can say about)

Big Problem: Pau Gasol cant play vs. 4 bigs b/c Bynum injuries. Drew can only play 8-15 min. per game. Lakers cant win this champioship b/c the center position. We have the same situation 2 years early. Pau Gasol vs. Garnett, Perkins, Leon Poe and Davis.. Now, Garnett, Wallace, Perkins and Davis (not easy for Pau)

What you think about??????

LakerLass, Justa, EastCoastJessie, my Virtual Loves where are you?

Walllace - Thanks for the love man. I'm surprised the posts caused a firestorm to me. It's just highlighting the rivalry. And the video game simulation is something I've done throughout the postseason and people like it.



That's actually a good point. We sometimes forget how effective Posey was in breaking the backs of the Lakers with his well timed 3's. As for the mental toughness, I think the Lakers understand fully what level of toughness they need to come in with.

My concern is Pau. Pau and mental toughness is like oil and water...just don't mix. That said, I'm hoping Pau will just concentrate on being determined, as opposed to being tough (there is a difference)


Pehaps justa is still considering your (marriage)! YOu're killing me brother!!

Lafraud's Elbow -

"And don't tell me Wheelchair found his game all of a sudden, he was being guarded by VC aka half man, half washed up. If LeBrawn can stop Pierce, i'll take my chances with Mr. Artest."

It think this point you made is the key to the series.

Rondo will get his points as Fisher said with Rondo's speed, quickness, leaping ability AND the way the NBA protects penetrating pt guards.

So, how well do the Lakers guard the rest of the Celtics? In the past, many of them required doubles, not this time, not even the self-proclaimed, "greatest player in the world", Paul Pierce.

Lebron completely stymied him. Ron Artest will do the same.

In 2008, it was Vladimir and Luke. And when he beat our throwaways, Pierce boasted like Ali, "I am the greatest!"

In 2010, it will be a heavy dose of Artest, with occasional help from Lamar and Kobe. This should make Pierce into a non-factor.

Larry(Mamba24): Pehaps justa is still considering your (marriage)! YOu're killing me brother!! Posted by: Wallace | May 31, 2010 at 07:52 AM
AW ISH!!! You saw that huh Wallace? I thought I could kinda slip that in while everyone was on chat. But Nooooooooo! I should have known that Wallace The Braveheart would bust me on my heartfelt Virtual marriage proposal to Justa. Lol! Oh well looks like I got more ISH to clean up when Justa comes back! They may take may post but THEY WILL NEVER TAKE MY VIRTUAL PROPOSALS!! LMAO!

My concern is Pau. Pau and mental toughness is like oil and water...just don't mix. That said, I'm hoping Pau will just concentrate on being determined, as opposed to being tough (there is a difference) Posted by: troy | May 31, 2010 at 07:50 AM
Troy my friend no need to worry about Pau. Like Kobe, for him this series is about Revenge & Redemption! I keep telling "y'all" The Lakers have been holding back for this series. I think it will be a sweep unless The Lakers want to win it at home, which is why I predict Lakers in 6.
Game1 = Lakers, Game2 = Lakers, Game3 = Boston, Game4 = Lakers
Game 5 = Boston, Game6 = Lakers & RING 16...yES!

I'm all for reviewing the 2008 beatdown. In fact, I had forgotton a lot of the facts like the rebounding edge the celtics had, the 21 points off the bench from Poe in one game, the 57-33 second half scoring run the Celtics put on us in LA. These are things that the team is surely addressing, so why shouldn;t we?

This is the time for intense study and discussion, not a nap in the poppy fields.

All eyes open, I say:



I totally forgot out Vlad who was not materialized as our long range sharp shooter let alone dedending anyone. After Saturday, I am worry about Pau's mindset, he seemed disengaged and unfocused after the rough and physical plays on him by Amare and Lopez. with his history of playing soft in the big games,he needs to expect those treatments from the other team players. Remember, the "Art of Wars" 's strategies! The Celtics will attack our weaknesses in the frontline and double and triple team Kobe when he has the ball. There will be plenty of opportunities for the open Js for DFish and Artest.

Dang, I couldn't believe it will be 3 more days before game 1.

Unprecedented "MUST WIN" Game 1

Never before has the first game of series been considered must win, but for the Ceptics, it is, especially considering PJ's 43-0 when winning game 1.

Am I the only one that's comforted by the image at the top of the page?

Just seeing Vlad Rad sitting there reminds me that a massive reason why we lost was because we had weak defense at the 3 spot.

Well, that no longer applies. (of course we have a new prob in weak D at the PG spot, but unless Ray Allen can crush like Paula did, should not be nearly as much as a factor)

Let's face it, we have two pit bulls on defense now (verses just one), AND we have the beast on defense.

I really think the Lakers can pull this off in 5 games. The key is to win the first games at home. From there, the dominos will fall.

So, in viewing it from getting this thing done in Boston where we can light a cigar at mid court after the win, game win is a must win for the Lakers also.


>>> All eyes open, I say

Dude, you've been on an awesome roll. Keep the great posts coming!


I look forward to read all your comments. You're one of the great leaders on this blog and I do revere your infectious enthusiastic view of our team!!

I did notice that I didn't hear from Justa since you slipped that proposal through. No news is good news, right? You almost think you got away with that, didn't you? haha!! Busted!!

@Wallace, Aww Thanks...I think! Lol!


Please dont' take any comments from some of us personally. We are just all die-hard Lakers fans and would defend the team with passion.

I'm not a gamers therefore, I couldn't care less with the NBA 2010 SIM prediction. I do appreciate your efforts trying to keep our focus on the game at hand. None of us can argue with the facts that we got trashed by the Celtics in 2008! There are several intangible attributes that work for the Lakers this year; one of them was pointed out by many bloggers in this thread, Kobe is still upset at the loss in 2008 which he will use as a motiviation. Second, PJ wanted to beat the Celtics' mastery of beating Lakers in the Finals. He didn't want distinguish career to be linked as the coach who lost to the Celtics twice in the Finals. It could be his last year as a coach of the Lakers and he wants to get out on top!!!

Mamba "Heff" 24...

I'm starting to hear voices:


@Wes, "Hef? What you talkin bout willis" Lol!
This is not the End!, No this is not even The end of the Beginning
But it may well be, The beginning of the End for Bostons @zz!!
Great Clip Wes.

The deal with Gasol is that he has to play reduced minutes to be effective against Boston. He will wear down if he plays over 40 minutes a night. None of the Boston bigs play that many minutes. That is why they can afford to be physical. We need Mbenga and Powell to contribute some minutes in this series. They ought to be able to hold their own against Big Baby and Rasheed, otherwise we will be in trouble.
Also if Nate plays we should play Farmer. He is the only pt guard on our team who can post up.

Name one point guard who has been able to defend the other one in the NBA this year. Fact is that, the triangle does not allow our point guards to dominate the ball. Makes it easier for the opposing point guard to not exert a lot of energy on the defensive end.
That is the issue. It has very little to do with the slowness of Fisher or Farmer or whomever plays the point.

hey MM, another post about the Celts beating the Lakers?
Get this juju out of here.
LAKERS IN 2! YEAH, 2...2 wins at home, then closing in their face.

May 31, 1984

This being the 26th abbiversary of "The Steal"...I thought it might be a nice gesture on MM`s part if he were to display a photo of Gerald Henderson, as the feature on the next post?

Mamba24, can we get a "bandwagon" going on this?

It's nice to wake up and see morning crew is burning on high octane, Mamba24 man 4:00am, YOU'RE THE MAN. This series will not be a cakewalk, all hands on deck CANDY MAN, THRILLER and the BEAST BYNUM (no more excuses). All I want to see is @zz and elbows, FOCUS, DEFENSE and more DEFENSE, the evil one's will try to intimidate and PUNK us with their physical play. Repeat after me" WE WILL NOT BE MOVED, FORCE WITH FORCE". The X FACTORS, the bench needs to bring it every game on the defensive side with some timely offense.

PREDICTION- LAKERS IN 7 (P.S. I hope the parade routs the same, I had great seats.) Gooooo LAKERS

Wallace- Re; Gasol?

I still feel the key to winning is controlling Pierce. But I was very surprised to see Gasol become so timid after some of his shots were blocked by the Suns. They were hardly physical in defending Pau, which will be nothing to what the Celtics will do.

In 2008, KG was able to roam and cause a lot of problems in and around the paint to the Lakers. This year, he's hardly the defender he was back then. I assume its because of his limited lateral mobility and lack of quickness from his knee not responding like it used too.

Gasol will give him problems with his reach, forcing KG to try and shoot over him. Similar to the 2008 Finals, KG should struggle.

I give the Lakers a slight advantage this time around, even if Gasol plays timid. KG is not the defensive leader he once was, still very good, but not the KG that deservedly won 'Defensive Player of the Year' in 2008.

And further, Gasol will get that 12-15 ft jumper. He needs to confidently take and make them to help loosen up the key, making Kobe and LO's job easier in penetrating.

@2Phatt, It's Finals week 2Phatt , I can sleep after we get number 16.

Good Morning Laker Blog Fam,

I'm absolutely hyped about the Lakers going to the NBA Finals for three straight years. Which brings me to my soapbox. How the hell is that not one of the major stories right now. Every media outlet since we clinched our game 6 victory is talking about the Celtics. The big three, Rondo, the Celtics Defense, but there's very little being reported about our third straight trip to the finals. If it was any other team that's all we'd be hearing.

Well I'm here to shout it loud and shout it proud! The Lakers are going to the Finals for the 3rd straight year. That is an awesome accomplishment for any team. Injuries haven't stopped them, officiating hasn't stop them, team chemistry issues haven't stopped them, up and down play hasn't stopped them, and the Celtics won't stop them either!

Stepping down from my soapbox now and returning to average citizen #3,000,000,001. There's nothing to see here, move on people, move on! LOL!


with our much anticipated matchup with the celtics things sure are getting testy around here...

maybe MM is adding a little fuel to the fire wouldnt you say?

first a ridiculous simulated video simulation showing boston winning and now a thread showing boston beating us all over their floor complete with pictures and videos showing the embarrassment of 2008..

not to mention he awarded a ROCD to a suns TROLL the very same week we were playin them...

i'd say MM is trying to open old wounds and pouring a little salt in them..

MM you wanna STOKE OUR COMPETITIVE FIRES.. be my guest.. its may be workin... just be careful my friend.. you entering some dangerous uncharted waters..

we DIEHARD laker fans blogger... careful who you messin with!!!

I agree with the blogger about not wanting to relive the 2008 Finals . Its all too painful!

Regarding Pau, I hope he is hitting the weights still..It helps strengthen the mind as well as the body..I think towards the tail-end of the WCF he got a little discouraged and started pressing and such that it affected his game..He has to play through that! Amare decided to out-physical him and he has to know Boston is gonna come with the same B.S.!! Pau is too skilled to let this impede his total game -- he has to counter and he has to crush the boards..If we beyotch slap them on the boards -- we will bust their ass! Believe that.

Lakers all the way baybee --- otherwise DIE!

Mamba my man...I hope you're right.

where's my post!!!

for anybody that misses mike t i wouldnt worry too much..

i wouldnt take MMs bans too seriously.. they have all been very shortlived and temporary...

just like the rickys and dfish of our world were given a second chance mike t should be back terrorizing the lives of all lakers fans very soon.

stay tuned!

but MM sure has had a quick trigger lately.. with 4 bannings in the last 4 weeks MM is quickly building a reputation as a tough no nonsense take no prisoners moderator...

MM the quickest blog banner this side of the mississippi!

OK, I'm annoyed.

Skip Bayless said that the Lakers fear the Celtics, and that the Celtics don't respect the Lakers.

NBA TV just showed a montage of Game 6 of 2008, and now we've got this thread.

MM, did Red put you up to this thread?

hey MM, what about this video to inspire your next post?


Fatty's commentary on the Technical Foul suspension rule....

This the dumbest rule the NBA has EVER created. Putting that much power and control over a game and possibly a series, to these wimpy refs, is just plain wrong.

Case in point, Perkins on his 7 techs. The NBA had to rescind one tech, to right the wrong of a ref nailing him in the 2nd quarter against Orlando. Without Perkins playing in the middle of game 6, it could have meant an entirely different outcome of the game and possibly the series.

And now it gives the Lakers an unfair advantage over the Celtics in the Finals.

Perkins will get a tech and will be suspended a game. This time the Lakers will choose the time and the game if they so choose.

All the Lakers need to do is have Bynum wait for Perkins to push him a little, then confront him by grabbing him and pretend they are struggling. A double tech will ensue, the NBA will not rescind that, and Perkins will have to sit a game.

If you could pick the game, which one would you decide? I would wait until game 2. Game three in Boston could be pivotal, especially if we split in LA.

True, this is exactly what Boston would do to win, if they could. And yes, it is a stupid rule. But it might take some of this type of thinking to win this series, it will be that close.

None of us wants to face the painful past, and with the Ceptics, there's quite a bit of that. I'd expect if MM continues his line of posts, we'd hear about 84, 85, and 87... so we'd end the week on a positive note talking about the times Magic and the Lakers pwnd Larry and the Cepts.

It's rare that a team has the opportunity for revenge.
It's even rarer that a Lakers team has it...
It took Detroit 16 years to get back, and then they punked us again due to injuries. It took the Ceptics only 2 years and this time, though somewhat injured, we're strong enough to exact the revenge.

Can't wait.

My mouth is watering.


terrorizing Lakers fans????

Why???? The Key Matchup for me will be the BIGS.

That is the reallity:

Lakers: 1 Big (really PF). Bynum will play limites minutes and DJ......
Celtics: 4 legitimates Bigs (Garnett, Wallace, Perkins and Davis)

that is the reallity. Pau cant play vs. 4 bigs the whole finals, against Perkins in offense, for sure, against Garnett in defense, and vs. Wallace and Davis at the rest times for the starters.

We are in the same situation 2 years early. Now we have Artest and then not have Powe, Posey, House and Casell) But then have 4 legitimate bigs vs. 1 Laker big. For me, LAKERS have a great problem in the middle. Of course, the bench is another history, a Celtic history.

Laker fan-

Calling memories of the 2008 Finals "bitter" is very inaccuarate!

The Pau´s influence in this finals will be eliminate for a number question 4 vs 1. Period.

Laker fan-

Please dont forget that this weekend marks the 25th anniversary of the Memorial Day Massacre!

Nothing's bitter when you're the reigning champs.

Welcome challengers, lol.


On the next tech, does Perkins get ejected, or just suspended the next game?

Assuming the second, I'd go for a suspended game 3... followed closely by a suspended game 4.

Game 3, as you said, is PIVOTAL... but it's pivotal regardless of how things play out in Los Angeles. Any scenario I can think of LA 2-0, 1-1, 0-2 makes that game 3 pivotal.

The problem I have with choosing game 3 is that it would allow Boston the opportunity to have the home crowd rush that might wipe out the advantage to a degree.

I guess upon reflection, it really would depend on where we're at in the series. Suppose the Lakers win the first 2 fairly convincingly (5pts+), then having no Perkins in game 3 would be really really tough to overcome. Sure, they'd have their backs against the wall and the home court rush, BUT they'd also have some massive doubts about winning the series and once the Lakers finish that first half IN the game (say, within 7 points), the series would be effectively OVER.

Now, game 4 would also be a big game to have Perkins out because this is where the home court lull can start creeping in and there's still only a day in between games (so adjustments can't be made quite as easily).

Game 5 would be my LEAST favorite precisely because they'd have that extra time to plan ahead.

Now, if you want to get technical (pardon the pun), any of the first two games would be the biggest as per determining the ultimate winner of the series.

Point blank, the Ceptics lose both those games, and the series is over. Hell, if they lose the first game, the series is over.

Nice of the Celtics to show up. Shortened the interval down from 22 years this time, eh?

The bench matchup.

Farmar, Vujacic, Morrison and Odom
T. Allen, Wallace, Glen "Big Baby" Davis, Daniels and Nate Robinson.

Bufffff, I think the Celtics Bench is more better right now.

Phil has these finals perfectly choreographed. Lulls everyone into believing he's running an 8 man rotation... then unleashes the ravenous Mbenga and Powell.
The Lakers seem to love being in the penalty situation anyway, so why not rough up the well coached but inferior to 08 front line of the Celtics. Provoke Perkins into that suspension with some technicals...

For those who still think Pau needs to be something he's not (he IS the most skilled big man in the game)... here's a cartoon that explains his temperment:

Hey everyone, they still believe its 08! Good good good.....

i'm having a hard time predicting this series... need some suggestions.. so far i have:

W, W, W, W

W, W, L, W, W

W, W, W, L, W

Obviously the Lakers need some help from Bynum, but Phil thinks Bynum is the most dumbass player in the entire NBA. Bynum is ZERO for this Finals. He Cant Help nobody b/c injuries o b/c is a pathetical player (Perkins is better all day) We have only 1 legitimate big (a PF really). We cant win this matchup.


Can I get a
GOOO Lakers!

Watchin' us all with the EYE
of the Mamba

ANDREW BYNUM = DJ MBENGA. The same garbage.

I was at a convention so I haven't been on the blog for a couple days, so I'm not sure if this has already been gone over, but...

Hey Ricky... still think Pau is the best player on the Lakers?

Thriller gonna go Zombie on Pierce.

I did a simulation in my mind last night, when the Lakers won there was dancing in the streets, the sun came out, flowers bloomed and the little children sang...
We Love LA

And since it's memorial day, here's a nice rememberance of a familiar face:

Rediscovering 'Fredo' from 'The Godfather'By Lisa Respers

(CNN) -- John Cazale is probably the most famously unfamous actor in the history of cinema.

Fans of the actor, who is most recognized for portraying Fredo in "The Godfather" and its sequel, know his work and love him -- yet practically nothing is known about the man.

"His greatest ability was making the actors and filmmakers around him look really good," said Richard Shepard, director of "I Knew It Was You," a new documentary about Cazale. "He worked on three movies with [Francis Ford] Coppola, he did three films with [Al] Pacino, he did two movies with [Robert] De Niro, and he did a play and a movie with [Meryl] Streep. These people wanted to continue to work with him because they knew he made them better."

The documentary, which airs on HBO Tuesday night, shines a light on the actor and his times. Cazale, who died in 1978 of cancer at age 42, was at the heart of the '70s film golden age, despite appearing in just five films -- "The Godfather," "The Godfather Part II," "The Conversation," "Dog Day Afternoon" and "The Deer Hunter." Every one was nominated for a best picture Academy Award.

But the filmmaker's biggest get was actress Meryl Streep, who worked with Cazale on "The Deer Hunter" and was involved in a love affair with him when he died...

..."He was an interesting guy if you accepted that he liked to drink, he liked to smoke, he liked to sleep around with women and he liked to act," Shepard said. "He was an actor and it's not like he climbed Mount Everest blind. But once Pacino and Streep told me about what he taught them about acting I realized that was where the documentary needed to go."

Cazale's work influenced an entire generation of actors and filmmakers, said director Brett Ratner, who produced the film. But, he added, he believes Cazale has too long been ignored.

"He never got any accolades," said Ratner, best known as the director of the "Rush Hour" films. "His movies garnered like 58 Oscar nominations and he wasn't nominated for a single Academy Award."...

What a great, great actor.



I'm leaning the standard

W, W, L, W, L, W

but maybe

W, L, W, L, W, W


To further my discussion - if the Lakers come back to Boston 1-1, then I think I prefer game 4 with no Perkins. I'm fairly confident that after game 4, it would be at worst 2-2 or at best Lakers up 3-1. If the Lakers were somehow down 0-2 going to Boston, then game 3 win would be a must... whatever means necessary.

So, If I'm PJ and the coaching staff, I'm thinking playing straight the first game and to get the W.

No tricks or purposeful plays to get them off kilter.

You probably will see Kobe though play a little out of character in game 1. I think he's going to charge it to em' repeatedly until they do something to make him stop. But, if that's the Ceptics game plan from tip off, then we'll see the passing 13 assists cut you up with the open man Kobe instead. Either way, game 1 will be a Kobe dominant strategy.

Game 2 I think is where the coaching staff might be inclined to start something. Mbenga checks in when Bynum is in foul trouble after two bogus calls in the paint. He frustrates Perkins so much that Perkins snaps and there it goes.

Now we hold the cards.

We win game 2, and have a pretty big advantage in game 3.

And if the Lakers find a way to lose game 1, and game 2 looks scary, (problem is this would have to be planned and it won't be no matter how much we speculate), that's when you see something started to get a purposeful tech.

So - highest probability to see a PURPOSEFUL scuttle to induce a tech in game 2.

Sorry Fatty, I play poker, and these types look at possible outcomes ahead of time so that their plan is in place ahead of time.

Mark G,

I can't disagree - but am HOPING FOR:
W, W, L, W, W

or a less likely:
W, W, W, L, W

or an even less likely:
W, W, W, W

I just really want this thing IN BOSTON. I want PJ lighting up a cigar and blowing the smoke in Bill Russell's face on national TV.

Wow... that would be worth a $50,000 fine by the NBA for smoking on TV


i was thinkin the same thing..

but if i was a betting man i would like to get an edge as early as possible in the series.. the first few games may very well decide this series and its always better swimming downstream than up... that means T perkins up game 1 and ensure his suspension in game 2.

Laker fan-

Anyone notice that the more the Celtics won ... the softer Pau got?

When the Celtics clinched I bet Pau was sweating more than Mike Tyson at a spelling bee!

Ricky -

I'm sorry, I don't know much about you, but you are saying some silly things.

You keep forgetting to add Lamar Odom to all of your equations.

The Lakers use a rotating front line of Gasol, Bynum, and Odom. Still one of the best in the NBA (see what they did to OKC, Utah, and Phx)

Even a hobbling Bynum can guard Perkins and Rasheed around the basket. I also don't feel Sheed, nor Davis can keep up with the mobility of Odom's game in the open court.

The Lakers have a huge advantage there.

Its your opinion, and I respect that, but its not 4-1, but rather 4-3, and we can always put a better 2 in, than their 2 in, at the same time.


>>> Pau Gasol cant play vs. 4 bigs

Weren't you saying that Pau is the best player on the team? First of all, those 4 bigs can't all play at once. The C's are not going to play Garnett, Perkins, Wallace, Davis, and Rondo. Pau will only have to deal with ONE OF THOSE BIGS AT A TIME. Maybe two, in certain situations on the block.

Kobe had no problem with 2 or 3 defenders coming at him in the last game. He still did his job - 37 points on nearly 50% shooting. Where was your hero? 9 freaking points on 22% shooting!?!??!? What is that? Those are Kwame Brown level numbers.

You keep complaining about Bynum, but even injured Andrew got more points and more blocks (and almost more rebounds) in half as many minutes as Pau played.

Pau has been great this season, but he's going to have to play more like he did in the first 14 playoff games than the last 2 if the Lakers are going to win a championship. He needs to step it up when the pressure is on. Not miss over-grandized dunks when the team is only leading by 3 with less than a minute left.


For Sure, Pau is the best NBA player lake President Obama have said. He is the difference, the point guard in the post. No Pau, no ring. NO Kobe, no problem. Pau is the Key. Pau will have the key matchups in this Finals, vs. Garnett and Perkins, Wallace and Davis, too. Kobe only vs. Allen, and sometimes Rondo. Pau will win or loss this finals. Only Pau. The Lakers history still in the hands of Pau, not Kobe. The Threat from Bostom will be Garnett, Perkins and Davis (Wallace maybe), and like vs. Suns, Pau probably should guard too Rondo as Nash. Pau is the entire Lakers Team, is Phil on the floor, Kobe is only THE SCORER.

Pau Gasol is more important for this Team that Shaq in his time.

Phil Jackson should call President O'Bama for homeland security force to protect players at both Boston and Los Angeles. Laker's will need LAPD force at Boston to protect them against Boston fans. Boston fans set on fire police cars and got into fights with fans. NBA needs to address this security problems in playoffs and finals games like Super Bowl. Security should be at home and at game during play-offs for players and families.
Jackson should be aware that Pierce, Rondo, Wallace, and Allen shot the three-point shots for Boston. They make from 30-40 shots on 80 attempts per game. They turn over ball many times. They have six all-star players on roster with four to five on court. Four of five have MVP awards from past championships, play-offs, and conference finals. They are old but strong on defense. Weakness is in center position, if, Wallace former MVP of Championship , if, not playing, then, Davis and Perkins. Scoring comes from Pierce, Allen, Rondo, Wallace, and Garnett. Garnett is just back to old form from days with Timberwolves where he scored in 30-40 every game. Wallace can shoot three-point shoots. Jackson should be ready for double traps on Kobe and box and one defense that limits drives to basket, so players will have to stop an shoot jump shot, not drive to basket like Brown. Secret weapon Nate Robinson from New York Nicks. He past two years slam dunk champion in finals he block from behind Howard's shot twice. If, Laker's can score 25-30 points per quarter should be able to win . Boston never shots more than 20 three point shots in game. Boston never passes up an open shot based upon shot clock. Boston shoots free-throws at 80 percentage range.
Laker's need to understand they play by each possession , basket, and free-throw as team. Every free-throw makes a difference in game based upon three-point shots made or missed in game. If, Boston starters are in foul trouble increase laker's chances of winning. They have beaten Super Star Wade, James, Shaq, and Kobe in past with this experienced team at every position. Boston and Laker's have played together each for three years which team is unity, working together as team, and coaches will determine outcome of games. Doc Rivers out coached Phil Jackson in last championship with player selection, rotation, match up of players, and game plan. It will be great series for fans, owners, tv, and cities with 3-5 million gate per game with 5-10 million fans watching on ABC/Walt Disney Co./ESPN, not TNT, Fox Sports West, or KCAl 9/CBS.

I hope the team is studying 2008 more than we Lakers fans are. A lot of people here want to flush the scorpion down the toilet after it bites you, when keeping it will probably be the thing that saves your life. We need that 2008 series as fresh as blood in our veins. No time and need to forget that now.

This is my play to avenge 2008:


>>> Bynum is the most dumbass player in the entire NBA.

You-sir are a lo-ser.

Bynum played 20 minutes in the close-out game and got 10 points and 2 blocks and 6 rebounds.

Pau played FORTY MINUTES and only got 9 points and 1 block and 7 rebounds.

If Bynum is the most dumbass player in the NBA, then that make Pau CBA level talent.

Get off Drew's back. He's playing hard through injury because his team needs him to. He can't play 40 minutes, but he's providing positive things for the team in the minutes that he's playing. I respect that, and we'll see if it's enough.

Pau needs to stop being Ga-soft (like he was in the last 2 games) and get back to playing like the man. Lakers need A LOT more from him, and he's capable of it.

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