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Lakers-Suns matchup: Reporters share their series predictions


Mark Heisler, L.A. Times' NBA columnist

Pick: Lakers in five

Reason: Lakers in five, assuming the usual suspects' knees hold up and Steve Nash doesn't figure out a way to shoot 21-for-20.

Mike Bresnahan, L.A. Times' Lakers beat reporter

Pick: Lakers in five

Reason: I love watching the Suns' offense and they are a surprising 8-2 in the playoffs. But they have no answer for the Lakers' size ... or that Bryant guy.

Broderick Turner, L.A. Times' Lakers beat reporter

Pick: Lakers in six

Reason: Lakers are just too big for Phoenix. The Lakers are also athletic enough that they can defend their three-point shooters and pick-and-roll offense.

Mark Medina, L.A. Times' Lakers blogger

Pick: Lakers in five

Reason: Both teams have been playing at their peak, but the Suns won't be able to match the Lakers' size. The Lakers also will prevent Phoenix from beating them in transition by playing at their deliberate pace.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers forward Ron Artest takes part in drills during a team practice session at the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo on Wednesday. Credit: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times

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While the Lakers peak in their quest to repeat as NBA champions and MM transforms the Lakers Blog into a 24/7 thread factory and automatic posting machine, a small group of rude and raucous contributors continue their campaign to propagate mass hoop fictions with their indefensible opinions and unsupportable positions while redefining what constitutes a troll and what passes for courtesy and respect in our virtual community.
HOOP FICTION #1 – Mike T would have you believe that the Lakers are not a tough or physical enough team to beat the Celtics in the NBA Finals. This is despite the fact that this Lakers team has added over a 100 lbs of muscle and toughness to their starting lineup with Andrew Bynum and Ron Artest while the Celtics Big 3 have gotten two years older, won’t have home court advantage this time, and may not make it past the Magic.
Aside from publicly wishing for Drew to get injured, this is the “expert” who spent months documenting Phil Jackson’s coaching mistakes in his ridiculous self-serving Jackson Journals, the “pundit” who proclaimed the inept Kwame Brown to be the key to the Lakers future, and the iconoclast who has said that the Lakers will never win until they get rid of Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant. Remember, he’s Mike T. Who are you? LOL!
HOOP FICTION #2 – Ouchhhhhhhh would have you believe that Pau Gasol is a worthless fraud, a soft 7-footer who folds whenever the game gets physical. He would have you believe that Pau is fool’s gold, a player whose stats come only because he is taller than everybody he plays against. This belies the fact that Pau has been the second best player on this team during the last two years, including the NBA Finals triumph against Orlando.
Aside from his lame “everybody is fair game” approach to dispensing his wry insults and back-handed insults, this is a guy who suddenly thinks he is ready to graduate from his delivering his daily short doses of pain and angst to pontificating as if he truly had anything intelligent or meaningful to say about the game of basketball.
One you get past the hurt and anguish he so casually dispenses, you realize the guy really has nothing to say.



"The Lakers also will prevent Phoenix from beating them in transition by playing at their deliberate pace."

i said before: this will be the problem for Los Suns. except if Farmar gets on the court and his hectic play will result in TO's. luckily his day are numbered and he is on the shortest leash on this team.

Wow, who is that reporter Mark Medina predicting Lakers in five? He must have been swayed by fellow Mark and Mike. lol!

Uh....Celtics are up by 15 in the second quarter. They are no joke. I hope they win.


wes - yeah but Magic are totally sucking right now. No field goals for 10 minutes?? Who are those guys? LOL! Nothing like a long break between series, and not being tested to date, to make you look bad.

MM - no chat?

Top NBA blog,ESPN and yahoo writers who are picking the Celtics to beat the Lakers in 6 games.Great pick, Celtics in 6 NBA Champs.

Adrian Wojnarowski
Michael C. Teniente
Marc J. Spears
Dan Wetzel
Johnny Ludden
J.A. Adande
Chad Ford
John Hollinger
Chris Broussard
Marc Stein
Ric Bucher
David Thorpe
Skip Bayless

Hey MM !

How are you doing ??? Thanks for the predictions . Can we get the same from the other side too ? I mean the reporters who follow/cover/see more of the Suns game that you guys get to ?



I agree, some of the Magic's problems are due to rust. Down by 9 at halftime, not that bad.

That Tyson saying, "Everybody's got a plan until they get hit," has to be the smartest thing he ever said.

I'm having a real conflict with this game that I didn't have with Cav's/Celts series. I want Celts in the finals so the Lakers can stomp them, yet at the same time I also want the Magic to Stomp them. It's a conundrum.


Half of the writers mentioned in your email predicted that the Magics would beat your "C" team. Let's our team finish their task at hand first before predicting the outcome of the re-match.

Go Lakers!

You should post Links Mike. I'm surprised so many ESPN guys are predicting a series that isn't even scheduled yet? Weird.

Predictions never matter. How the games are played does.

Mark G:

I don't think Mike can produce evidence of ESPN (OR BSPN)'s writer predictions since it's just his twisted imagination. Most of those writers were predicting Cleveland to win it all any way. Yo know what happened to their prediction.

Go Lakers..

You knew eventually some of those 3s were going to fall.

Who needs famous LA Times writers to predict this series when we have the world's foremost NBA Lakers experts, right here on the blog?

With only a prayer...
- that they can survive
The Suns win one...
- to stay alive
This Lakers team...
- will take no jive
Sorry Suns ...
- Its Lakers in five


that was quick. more like a SWEEP. :-)

I recently heard some talking heads arguing over GLOAT -- and if Kobe will be considered the one. Jerry West mentioned last week that before it's all said and done Kobe will be considered the greatest laker of all time.

Much work needs to be done my good friends -- if we are to put Kobe in the same sentence as Magic or Kareem, Kobe HAS to beat the Celtics if they get there.

The reason Magic is considered widely the GLOAT is not just because of his 5 rings, but because he beat the leprechauns. Period.

This is not your typical rivalry. These teams have been battling for titles since the 50s and most of the time with the L's on the wrong end of the whipping.

This is the Lakers the standards are HIGH, very high and they don't put up conference championships, they judge themselves by titles -- to be the greatest of them you have to do the extraordinary -- not just win a championship or 5.

So Kobe -- if you want to be considered GLOAT -- if such things matter to you. IF the C's get there -- beat them. A repeat of 2008 will not elevate you past Magic, even if you win two more titles against other teams later.

I pick the lakers in 6 over the Celtics if they play in the finals,which i predict will happen.


Well said. But again, don not put the horse before the carriage. Each respected team has to win their series first. I like our chance and hope the Septics could make it there too.

OMG! The Septics lead by 20 points over the Magic! 67-47. Who are these Septics?

Wow. The Celtics are almost up by 20. They are a serious championship contender. Now, I still want to face them, but only becasue I want game 7 in LA if it comes down to a final game in the championship round. I don't want to jinx myself though by wishing for any specific team. Do that, and the team you wished for beats you every time.

But the Celtics are an amazing team. Their defense is great. I don't see too many double teams, even on Howard. It's one on one, and it's working.

If the Celtics take game one, and they've led the entire game, then they have te experience and the home court advantage.


Even Rasheed is playing well. See, those old Celtic geezers are a lot like the Lakers. Derek Fisher came alive just like these Celts are.

Bring on the Suns, quick. I can't take any more.


Most ESPN writers , TV commentators did pick Orlando over Lakers in 6 "finals". Let them eat crow.

Celtics up by17 right now. Did y0u see Carter fight for a basket? Beautiful! Too bad it's part of what I call a GARBAGE STAT.

: )

mike t.

Time to switch it up. Start Lamar and rest Bynum for our Boston Revenge!

Andrew needs much rest, if not surgery, to get his knee right. His worth to us long term outweighs his worth to us in this Suns' series. We can beat these guys silly with our eyes closed. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just tying to sell you papers or paranoia propaganda.

And like I've said all year... Shannon Brown vs Tony Allen is going to make for great television!

Hey Mike T,

Are you still a Lakers fan, or just the NBA in general? Any specific team you like? What do you think about Bradford? I remember you being a Rams fan.


re: Magic, Orlando

last year before the finals most of us liked the team because they were cool, quiet, modest and playing well. or whatever. there were no issues and history.

but let's go back to what happened during the games

Courtney Lee - the punk pushed Kobe in the air from the back like 2 times. no flagrant

in the last game when Gasol was by himself on a fast break toward the end of the game was pushed in the back by Pietrus. no flagrant

so they don't look so nice and clean, do they

this year they got Barnes, one of the biggest punks in the NBA. and we know that history how developed and his twits.

so all of the sudden even if they don't have Lee, they r even more dirty. at least some of them.

on a personal level, i find J Nelson kinda disgusting with him chewing his mouth piece all the time.

and as much as i respect anyones religious believes, i can't stand bible thumpers especially when they flaunt it: see Dwight Howard.
plus he being over-hyped for a guy who has no game at all. and yes, after any writer and commentator pointed his poor offensive game during the finals, he came back with NOTHING. actually is even worst. and he is a whiner who got used to get all the calls. and he does not get them anymore.

listening to Stan's voice - only Avery is more annoying. at least smarter.

and the homerism of Jeff Van Gundy (i find it a totally a conflict of interest). actually he can suggest something on the air and these days with twitter and text he can directly suggest to his brother (via assistant coaches) what adjustments to make.

anyway, i know this is very subjective. at the same time the first points i made they r real. dirty players.

i really despise them now. from the moment with the Barnes incident. i hope they choke this series.

and karma. we have home court advantage. and a dream final.
i'm a little scared of the bigs, but hey, i will defer to hobbit and expect that PJ, Kobe, Pau learned some lessons from the previous final. and we have Artest this time.

go C'ssssssssssssss

Just pump Bynum a cortisone shot, kill the pain.Lakers NBA 2010 CHAMPS

Before we get too excited about how good the Celtics are, this is just game 1 and after a long layoff the Magic are playing just plain bad.
The magic have already shown they can win in Boston.
Just hoping this goes 7, wear 'em both down.

I'm still a Lakers fan but I can't stand Phil Jackson.

So, while Jackson is around I'm an NBA fan.

Boston looks like a winner if Garnett stays healthy.

Orlando pure pretender.


I was hoping they would grab the kid from Nebraska. I think they need serious help on the defensive line and that kid, to me, would have turned the Rams defense around.

Now they have a quarterback but no defense. I would have drafted the defensive kid and traded for Michael Vick.

mike t.

not only Howard is an unskilled player offensively, he's really a DUMB player. the BB IQ as small as his head.

Laker Tom,

I think maybe our vibratory essence may have briefly merged in the either and you absorbed a few of my thoughts.

If anyone is watching the Boston/Orlando game...can you tell if the non-offensive player, Perkins, is putting the defensive wood on Howard.

Of course he is, especially when the game started.

That's what a defensive center does. He has enough weight to make Howard work too hard for his. Take away the easy baskets and it's a whole new ballgame.

Boston in 5 or 6.

mike t.

I'm still a Lakers fan but I can't stand Phil Jackson.

Posted by: Michael C. Teniente


Did you see Howard make that basket? Against a short Glenn Davis.

That's the only time they dominate, when they have a big advantage.

None of that stuff against a Perkins type.

mike t.

Mike, Perkins is playing very good, one on one defense on Howard. Perkins only has 4 pts and one rebound, but Howard only has 11/11. They'll take that every day. Every Celtic player is handling his man well.


ouchhhhh sez:

"this is not San Antonio with broken noses and broken shoulder,"

C'mon ouch, sweeping SA was unprecedented. No, they're not what they used to be but they killed DAL and also LA at the end of the reg season. LA could not have swept SA.

By the same token, PHX is not UT. PHX comes in fully healthy and UT was the weakest team in the West playoffs.

As long as we're on the subject, LA isn't as good as they were last season at this time. No Ariza to hit timely and reliable threes...and not much of a productive bench either. LA is not unbeatable this time around.

On another note, I'll go on record saying it's fantastic that everyone is picking LA to win. Every time PHX hears or reads that they have "no chance" as Plashke put it, the will to prove the world wrong intensifies. No one thought the SUNS had a chance to get this far! And they've been hot lately. We'll see what happens, but it'd be foolish to think PHX will turn its back on an opportunity to reach the Finals.

unfortunately, Perkins is hack a shaq 2.0

Geez, the Magic look gutless. Dwight Howard looks like he can join Le Choke on the all time super choke team. Seriously, the guy can't make a shot and the longest attempt is like 2 feet, and Wallace has totally got in his head. Not to mention he's worse at the foul line than Shaq. And stop friggin smiling when your getting your butt kicked. Mbenga will get PT if we face the Magic for Hack-a-Howard. Carter is the only guy even showing up. Lewis, Barnes, Nelson..not in the game. Magic bench AWOL. The Celtics are kind of sloppy too just like in Cleveland, winning but doing it ugly. Not that impressed. Perkins is average, Garnett is good but not the KG of old, Paula is on & off and with Artest in his jock he's going to have to hit the geritol hard. Ray can still ball but he's got to deal with Kobe on both ends and Rondo is the one guy who scares me. The C's bench isn't like the championship team's. I'm starting to think Los Suns may be our toughest opponent. I just hope the Magic can stretch the series to 7 games to wear down the Green Geezers.

Wow. 5 pt game...8 straight by Magic...


One minute left, jump ball, Celtics by 5...



one thing at a time

this year u had your SA moment. that was too much to stomach. come back next year for more. indigestion in the desert is not very good for the mind. and especially for the body. enjoy your summer. start your air conditioning or go fishin'.

I can't believe the Magic let the Celtics come in and beat them at home. It doesn't get worse than losing game one at home. We'd better be ready for the Suns on Monday.


is Jeff Van Gundy crying yet?

Mike T. Stan V Gundy said your team, the Celtics, blew 14 double digits lead games this season. That is a real STAT and not GARBAGE. The C is hanging on to their lead by the fingers..Ooocchh!

Celts are playing like they did when they beat LA in the Finals. I still think Paul Pierce is better than Coby at least in head-to-head matchups.

Howard is meaningless in these games. super-whatttttttttttttt

Go C'sssssssssssss. bring us HOME COURT ADVANTAGE


U R AN IDIOT. there is no other way to call u. and learn to spell KOBE if u want any credit on this site. even if you r inane as BB smarts.

it is KOBE. but you will learn how to spell his name after he will cream you in Phoenix.

I remember when Ray Allen made Sasha cry in the Finals by going past him for a lay up in Game 4...I never thought of Allen as truly great until that play.

But he's still a distant 2nd to Nash as a shooter.

Mike T. Stan V Gundy said your team, the Celtics, blew 14 double digits lead games this season. That is a real STAT and not GARBAGE. The C is hanging on to their lead by the fingers..Ooocchh!

Posted by: Wallace | May 16, 2010 at 03:23 PM

Really? When did Stan say that? Do you mean Jeff?

Laker fan ... You consider yourself so knowledgable until you open your mouth.

Now take all your predictions and go back in your hole!


Paul "Inglehood" Pierce, aka "The Lie", is nothing but a FAKER. If it wasn't for KG, Ray Alien (aka "The Great Gazoo") and Rondo, he'd be playing in Europe...

As said before, with your LeWhimp and Tyreke rant, your nothing but a HATER from "Cow Town"!!!

BUTLER, you should definitely stop drinking your LSD laced Kool-Aid. You're confusing Coby Karl with the Best Player on the Planet, Kobe Bean Bryant!!!!

LakersRule(Amit) - That definitely sounds like a good idea. I may do that in the NBA Finals if the Lakers advance



Have to agree with your Hoop Fiction #2 about this ouchhh clown. The only thing more pathetic than his juvenile, non-sensical rantings is his attempts at humor.

i remember when they were saying that Grant Hill is better than Coby (for BUTLER i had to translate).
he felt off the planet and ended at 37 on the Sun.
they think he is shinning.
but there are no Moons.

and the biggest achievement of Nash is carrying the Canadian Flag at the Olympics. because as 2xMVP he never did/do/will carry the TEAM to the Finals.

all is left is the flag pole.

Here's my take on the list of people predicting 2008 part duex.

Adrian Wojnarowski - LeBron Lover Extreme. Kobe Hater Extraordinaire.
Michael C. Teniente - He's famous for a reason
Marc J. Spears
Dan Wetzel
Johnny Ludden
J.A. Adande - There's a reason why we cheered when he left the LAT.
Chad Ford - One of the most over-rated analyst out there. When was the last time he was right about something?
John Hollinger - LOL
Chris Broussard
Marc Stein
Ric Bucher - Is Kobe wearing a Chicago uni?
David Thorpe - BSPN idiot
Skip Bayless - My IQ gets lower just seeing his name let alone watching, hearing, or reading his stuff


how is Le None these days. now that's humor. too bad you don't have the sense.

i wouldn't call Plaschke a good writer, not by any measure. he uses fancy wording just to make his writing seem more important than it is. he is suited for romance novels and other "hack" work. he wishes that he was Jim Murray, but he only has some of the form, he has none of the substance. he is an embarrassment to the idea of journalism.

Simers is a different hack. his style is based on attacking others to make himself smart. he is at best a troll, someone who only writes to upset others. without upset readers hating him, his opinions are pointless and unneeded. he IS better at putting a sentence together than Plashke, however.

the LA Times today does the saddest job of covering the home team that i have ever seen in almost 50 years. i have never seen a home press attack a WINNING home team so viciously. the clown at the Times writers in general seem to think that the columns they write should be about the writers themselves, rather than just letting the local FANS know what's up, at least that's how this reader sees it.


Keep it real brother. I for one enjoy your post. Blog group think is boring and sometimes just plain wrong. Keep bringing it and don't ever let'em see you sweat.

Paul "Inglehood" Pierce, aka "The Lie", is nothing but a FAKER. If it wasn't for KG, Ray Alien (aka "The Great Gazoo") and Rondo, he'd be playing in Europe...

As said before, with your LeWhimp and Tyreke rant, your nothing but a HATER from "Cow Town"!!!

Posted by: MarcB | May 16, 2010 at 03:38 PM


Brilliant! If it wasnt for his best 3 players ... Pierce would be playing in Europe!

OK. If it wasnt for Gasol, Odom and Bynum ... Kobe woundnt be playing at all cuz he woulda lost to Oklahoma!

Adrian Wojnarowski - LeBron Lover Extreme. Kobe Hater Extraordinaire.


AW is the only writer who totally dismantled LBJ in the past week. his latest article is about LBJ holding NBA hostage regarding his agency.

also in the previous article he said that he is no KOBE. a few weeks ago he had some great articles about Kobe.

on what do u base the contrary?

131-92 (aka: 1-14 double digits blown):

Ok, it's Jeff VG not Stan, pardon me to get the brothers mixed up. But it's fact that your team is a "CHOKER" this season. I gave you a credit for today's last stand...Now it's 1-14. No w please stop crying since at the end, your team would be gone fishing! It's just one game...


how is Le None these days. now that's humor. too bad you don't have the sense.

Posted by: ouchhhhhhhh | May 16, 2010 at 03:44 PM

Yeah, that was hilarious. Hilariously pathetic.

Thanks for providing Exhibit A.

thanks Fan of OUChhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i don't sweat it at all. and remember, i was the one who suggested that people should have thick skin on the blog. i made sure i measured mine. the measuring tape was to short so i decided that i can go ahead.

and no, GLIB elders don't impress me at all.

Ok, it's Jeff VG not Stan, pardon me to get the brothers mixed up. But it's fact that your team is a "CHOKER" this season. I gave you a credit for today's last stand...Now it's 1-14. No w please stop crying since at the end, your team would be gone fishing! It's just one game...

Posted by: Wallace | May 16, 2010 at 03:55 PM


Crying? LOL ... Far from it! Are you talking about the regular season? Ask the Cavs about the regular season.

My team would be gone fishing? Are you still making predictions?

BTW please repost where you gave us credit ... I cant seem to find it.

fo those who remember, and those who don't...
there's NO WAY Mike T can EVER be considered a Lakers fan, or anything other than a troll on this message board. he is the one who ACTIVELY PRAYED for Anndrew Bynum to have a devastating knee injury when he was outplaying Kwame Brown, just before AB was injured and Kwame was traded. he was Mr. SourGrapes the rest of the season about Pau and he spent as much time as possible on bad vibes and gloating over misfortune. he also actively prayed that Kobe would NEVER lead the team to a title. fans of a team don't wish for losses and hardship.

Will people stop saying that having the Cs in the Finals is a blessing because it gives the Lakers HCA? If you haven't noticed, the Cs do BETTER on the road than they do at home, both in the regular season and the playoffs. Not having HCA means nothing to them.

The Cs are rounding into championship form, led by their defense. A healthy Celtics team will have an advantage over a not-so-healthy Lakers in the Finals, especially Kobe and Bynum. The good news is that Kobe looks better than he has all year but I'm very dubious about a gimpy-Bynum vs Perkins matchup.

Just viewing things objectively here, not being a defeatist or dumb green troll, but just think some folks here are a little too cavalier (no pun intended) about our favorite Green Meanies.

131-92: "Brilliant! If it wasnt for his best 3 players ... Pierce would be playing in Europe!

OK. If it wasnt for Gasol, Odom and Bynum ... Kobe woundnt be playing at all cuz he woulda lost to Oklahoma!"

With the injuries he's played with, probably so. Healthy Kobe, entirely different.

Inglehood Pierce has been to how many Finals? One. And has how many rings? One.

Kobe's been to 7 Finals and has 4 Rings!!!

Last Year, No KG, No Finals! But wait a minute, Ingelhood had Ray Alien, Rondo and the rest of his team and still No Finals!

Last Year, Bynum was a non-factor. Ring!!!!

Go Lakers!!!! One, Two, Three, DOMINATE!!!!!


i really believe that the C's will be the only incentive for the Lkaers to put their act together. seriously. finally all the team will be motivated. and Artest does not need any becuase he needs a ring

did u see the video when he pulled PP's shorts down during a game?

a gimpy Bynum against Perkins is not as ineffective as a gimpy-bynum against Howard.

and now, that we r entering the late stages of the playoffs, it is more and more obvious that there r ONLY 2 very solid teams in the NBA: Lakers and Celtics. the rest are overhyped pretenders like Cavs and Magic, or clowns like Denver and Hawks or Chockers like Dallas.

Phoenix is the cinderella team but the clock will hit midnight and they won't make it back home. no pumpkin carriage. even if they play in ORANGE.

Hope the Times writers are right, but I am thinking Lakers in 7. Phoenix is really good and peaking, but so are the Lakers! I think it's going to be a really tough series though.


not over yet, just the first game and your team draw the first blood. perhaps, you gained the court advantage from the lethargic magicians. anyway i cheered for the leprechauns for two consecutive series now. if lakers would die in the finals i prefer that leprechaun spell or the other way around. if you want the championship u got to dethrone the defending champ.

Kobe's been to 7 Finals and has 4 Rings!!!

Last Year, No KG, No Finals! But wait a minute, Ingelhood had Ray Alien, Rondo and the rest of his team and still No Finals!

Last Year, Bynum was a non-factor. Ring!!!!

Go Lakers!!!! One, Two, Three, DOMINATE!!!!!

Posted by: MarcB | May 16, 2010 at 04:12 PM


7 Times? Who were his 3 losses to?

Laker fan ... Never lets facts get in the way of a good post!

Before the Celts get too worked up, remember they were up 3-2 on Orlando last year and lost. Just sayin. And yeah, yeah, I know, no KG. But if we are going by ifs ands and buts, IF the Lakers were totally healthy, La would have a cakewalk the rest of the way.


"...'I think it changes the sense of urgency that you play with,' Bryant said....


Dang it, now we know Kobe is reading his own press too much.

One more note from today's game that I noticed was that Celts wore down in the 4th. That's usually the Lakers' best quarter.


Too bad our Banner Holder is not here so just a reminder display your Laker flag, we're inundated here with leprechaun thinking, with Mike T's philosophy, with Gasol ouchhhh(j/k only), with Butler knives, with all kinds of troll to remind ourselves we are Laker fan first and NBA analyst second. Who else will show the Lakers pride except us. LAKERS ARE THE DEFENDING NBA WORLD CHAMPION second to all analyst-paralysis.

Before the Celts get too worked up, remember they were up 3-2 on Orlando last year and lost. Just sayin. And yeah, yeah, I know, no KG. But if we are going by ifs ands and buts, IF the Lakers were totally healthy, La would have a cakewalk the rest of the way.

Posted by: D(erek)J(eter) | May 16, 2010 at 04:26 PM

I thought Laker fan didnt live in the past? I see you working though ... getting those excuses ready, just in case!

At least give Mike T credit for congratulating the Lakers last year. I think even sonny belfast congratulated them also.

OTOH, this blog seems to be plagued by green trolls who only post when their team is doing well. When they're not...crickets. That's the very definition of "gutless".

As a lifelong Celtic hater, the worst case scenario for me would be watching the Celtics win another Chip in this or any other year. Already, they are playing Celtic style defense, which means fouling four times on every play, because they know that the refs can't call everything.

I'm rooting hard for the Magic, for the simple reason that the Celtics can't win the Finals if they are not there. I don't want to see them in a Final series against my Lakers...where a twisted ankle could make all the difference.

I think the Magic will bounce back. They had 2 easy series against teams that shouldn't even have been in the playoffs. They simply weren't ready for the level of intensity that was generated today by the C's. But if they're not careful, the Septics will push them right off the court. Rasheed only comes to play about 20 games a year, so he's fresh. He and Baby Huey Davis were really taking some cheap shots at Howard. The Magic better wake up.

Lakers will probably a little rusty tomorrow, too. But they'll shake it off and get Game 1!



great picture up there. Ron Ron in his loneliness against the Lakers logo and with no RING on his finger.

the Lakers have to win one for him. he will feel more comfortable between champions!

i know that the photographer wanted to put him in the center. actually he is a little too in the front for the movement. less space behind him would make a better picture

but the great picture would have been if Ron covers the S in the Lakers so him alone will be just a LAKER. anyway i know that is too much to ask and it is easier to read pictures than to take pictures.

the real art is to MAKE pictures.

EG, I have always thought it is fascinating that Celts or Suns or Cavs and whomever come to the Laker Blog. I wouldn't even think about going to their Blog (if they even have one). I guess it's their way of paying our Lakers a BIG COMPLIMENT, ha, ha, ha!

I can see its time to install my 'anti-troll' software.

Butler is back?! The guy who stole Nash's jock strap from his locker and sleeps with it under his pillow. (You don't want to know what he does with it)

Or is it just his head has been thawed out from the Scottsdale Cryogenics Lab for the series?

I don't know. But I think we need some troll anti-sweep patrols. Any volunteers?

Ok, I'm gonna try that again-

If I would ever have a problem with anything about this blog community, it would probably be that so many people are going for quantity over quality these days. Every single thread, there are three or four people who have six or seven posts, usually about three sentences long. No offense to anybody, but when I get behind in my reading and start scrolling high speed to catch up, lots of those just whiz by, so I don't read them.







Come on, read those small threads! At least mine, ha, ha, ha! I sometimes have a hard time reading the really longs ones.

and yeah, about that interview, i'm not sure how old I was when i sort of figured out that Spider-Man and Superman were pretty much guilty of record breaking sorts of journalistic fraud for making money by 'covering' themselves under different identities, but hey, i figured it was comics, suspension of disbelief is fine. ESPN? Don't bother. Isn't journalism, never was journalism, but is now pretty much the punchline to the joke that they are making of themselves.

um, guys? We gotta beat the suns first. Just sayin.

Oh, BTW, have been a Fan of my Lakers and my Yankees since the days of Jerry and Elg and Mick and Yogi. Keep in mind I was very, very young then, ha, ha.

phred, agreed on the Suns, I think it could easily go 7 (we win of course), but I am a fairly cautious person!


hey, when I see your name, i always scroll back up and read. I mean, despite the fact that technically you seem to share the name of probably my third least favorite baseball player ever.

(Roger Clemens and Alex Rodriguez, overrated cheating &@#&s. I would never read their stuff if they posted here. Just saying.)


how about some epic poems about LOVE

like some 20 verses
with lots of rhymes
posted a few times

I am so ready for payback... to the Celtics!!!!! We owe them big time for 2008. That's who we want - not the disney world kids! Lakers in 5

Edwin, I'm with you. Its time to focus on the task at hand.

First things first. Its time to get behind our team and motivate them to a beat down of the Suns. That's our job as fans. Its a hard one, but we have proved time and time again, we are more than capable of doing it.

And if Phil needs advice, we give it freely, even if not asked for. And why? Because its our job!

And if Mark Medina needs us to go with him to Lakers practices to hold his mic, we do it without complaining. Because, its our job as LA Times Lakers posters!

Unfortunately for Suns fans, they have never been able to lift their team to such a lofty height. And why? They just don't have what it takes to be winner fans.

Looking ahead, can be dangerous for us fans, no? We should take this wise advice from a man of the Purple and Gold cloth.

"No dreaming of the Finals, until we realize the Western Conference Title!"
- Pastor Fatty

No knee injury to KG and the Celts would be working on their three-peat right now.


I stand corrected. 6 Finals, 4 Rings! Better Winning Percentage With The Correct Stats!!!

That's How Many Finals More than Inglehood? How Many More Rings?


131-92: "Who were his 3 losses to?"

Obviously, ONLY 1 of his 2 losses were to the Keltics!!!!

Oh! And, BTW, Gasol was half a season with the Lakers the year your Keltics claimed their ONE Inglehood Led Title!!!

And No Bynum At All That Series!!!

Kendrick "Turtlehead" Perkins won't be bodying up Gasol with Bynum in the Lineup...

131-92: "I thought Laker fan didnt live in the past?"

Just By Your User Name, We Can See You Don't Live In The Past... LOL

How many of your 17 Keltic Championships were in the Past Decade? ONE.

How many of your 17 Keltic Championships were in the past 25 Years? TWO.
If Inglehood's So Great, Then Why, Even With a Consistently Weaker Eastern Conference, couldn't he make the playoffs the two seasons prior to KG, Ray Alien and Rondo joining the Keltics?

Why couldn't Inglehood's Keltics Get to the Finals Last Year Missing Only KG?


Can't Wait to Bring It On!

Go Lakers!!! One, Two, Three, DOMINATE!!!!


What is your point? And why do you only go back 25yrs?

Ive had this discussion a million times with Laker fan ... you cant pick and choose what year you start counting titles!

But if it makes you happy to go back just 25yrs then so be it. You and the rest of Laker fan have the authority to change all the records so you can make yourself feel good. How Laker fan of you.

I hear Bull fan wants to start counting only the last 20yrs.

Haha!!! I loved how "Mike" posted a list of "Top NBA blog,ESPN and yahoo writers" and put Mike T. in there at the #2 slot. Never one to sweat the small stuff like humility, right?
Fatty & Edwin - agreed, it's all about beating the Suns right now. I do however, hope the Celts/Magic series goes 7 ugly, grinding, long games. Some double overtime would be nice.

131-92, the Point Is The Point You Brought Up: You Claim That We Live In The Past, But All Your Glory Lives In The 60s!

Been Drinkin' Too Much Green Ale To Get The Point?


Why do you think they bothered to keep score in the 60s?

Mike T.

To say that you're not a Laker fan anymore because of Phil Jackson shows that you feel the guilt of being a posse' of your true self. Thank you for examining your conscience. There is no such thing as a former Laker fan, once you're a Laker fan, you're a Laker fan forever whoever the players/Coach are. If we cheered for Kwame/Smush during the Dark Years, you should also cheer for theLakers under PJ.

Being a Laker fan is not offered to everyone, it is a privilege and a badge of honor second to our US flag. It may be morbid to express it today but there will be a day in the future when a Laker fan dies, his coffin will be draped in a Laker flag.

Therefore, as a Laker fan don't compromise your allegiance, don't hide your loyalty. Be proud of your City and your team, The Lakers.

phred - haha you may not want to admit it, but i think the fact that kobe agrees with me about the sense of urgency gives me some more credibility on the subject, don't you think?


FCM- it doesn't earn you credibility, but it earns you sympathy. I can't blame your for over utilizing cliches if you are just quoting. Of course, it's an athlete's job requirement to spout cliches, and a sportwriter's thankless and miserable job to try to make them interesting. unless you are TJ Simers, who apparently gets paid for the use of his name on the byline.

"on what do u base the contrary?"


I had a knee jerk association to the wrong sports writer - had the wrong guy. My bad.

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