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Kobe Bryant's cameo appearance on 'Modern Family' to air on May 19

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant took a simple approach when he made a cameo appearance in ABC's "Modern Family" following a Lakers home game. Let's just say he didn't obsess over the script as much as he does  game film.

"I'm winging it. They just told me to be myself," Bryant said in March. "So I'm just going to be a smart."

Well, the approach paid off. His appearance made the cut for "Modern Family's" season finale, which will air May 19 at 9 p.m. Though Lakers forward Pau Gasol also was filmed, his appearance didn't make the final cut, ABC representative Yani Chang said by e-mail.

As far as what the episode entails, we do know this: Sophia Vergara (as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett) and Ty Burrell (as Phil Dunphy) appeared at the Lakers' game March 2 during their 122-99 victory over the Indiana Pacers and filmed a segment that featured the Kiss Cam locking in on them, leading to an awkward exchange where the two hesitated to kiss. In a press release, ABC mentions that Julie Bowen (as Claire Dunphy) plans for the family to take a new family portrait but obstacles arise. That includes Gloria and Manny (played by Rico Rodriguez) going with Phil and Alex (played by Ariel Winter) to a Lakers games, Luke (played by Nolan Gould) being tied up with a school project and Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) getting a gig as a wedding singer.

-- Mark Medina

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Hi Lakertom

I been called a lot of names in my life but never yellowfinger.. LoL.. Maybe u been watchin too many bond movies? Haha.. Either way I'll take it as a compliment :)

JAMF… “Laker Tom - Pepsi's better than Coke. What are you smokin?” LOL. Still at work so no smoking breaks yet. I may actually join you guys in the Live Blog since I don’t have to login as LakerTom20430439. I’ll take a few tokes just for you before my first post. :-)
Seriously, Justa, you have just provided empirical evidence that you are of the female persuasion. Coke is the original. Pepsi is a girlie drink, a watered down, over-sweetened, fizzled flat copy cat of the world’s finest beverage. None of that Jihad Cola for this man. Send that stuff to Sandland.
Coke is Yankees – Pepsi Mets. Coke is Lakers – Pepsi Clippers. Coke is Kobe, Pepsi LeBron. You get the idea. I am actually on a 3-cokes per day limit as part of my agreement with Mrs. LakerTom to improve my culinary habits. If the Septics win, I’ll snort a 4th Coke tonight to celebrate.


I'm sorry, I saw the name Sophia Vergara and my mind seemed to drift off. What did you write again?

EJK… You mean UCLA vs. USC? LOL. Since I attended both schools, I can say without any bias that Bruins rule and Trojans leak. It’s like Democrats vs. Republicans. West vs. East. Left vs. Right. Good vs. Bad, High vs. Straight, love vs. hate, GHF vs. GHE.
YELLOFEVER… LOL. Sorry about that. Busy day and typing very fast to avoid anybody looking over my shoulder. I can’t ever start to explain how my fingers typed FINGER when I was thinking FEVER. Could be the start of Alzheimers or a brain fart caused by justa’s asking me what I was smoking. Nothing like the first toke, oops I mean drink, after a hard day at the office. And you should take it as a compliment. We may not always see eye to eye but I really respect you and your basketball acumen. Just watch out so you don’t catch that dreaded yellofinger.

Since we've all been carrying on a convo on Celtics/Cavs, our Celtic Followers might enjoy Bill Simmon's work to get unify the chanting and get under Lebron's skin.

Kinda funny and completely Boston sport fan. I'm even little surprised they use Rs.

It would also be good to pass this down to the Lakers if the Celtics get the honor of being the challenger to the champion. Just so they know what to expect.

In honor of all the demonstrations against the Arizona law, the Staples crowd should chant "We DON'T want tacos" when we crush the Suns and hold them under 90.

Justa and LakerTom,

Re: Coke, sorry justa you've been my homie/homette for years, but I have to go with our elder statesmen on this on. Coke rules.

"I don't like it. It's immature and its bad karma."

Posted by: Jon K. | May 13, 2010 at 12:02 PM

It's a sports blog where adults write about the Lakers as if their opinions really matter. How is maturity even relevant?

Were you trying to be ironic here intentionally?

Mark G - lol I totally understand. Kobe made an appearance on Modern Family and it will air on May 19


MM, thanks, I'm not sure what happened to me there. Weird.

So I'm totally rooting for the Green Geezers, but I'm afraid the Cavs/Mavaliers win tonight and take game 7.

If I predict a definite Cavs win, will the B-Ball Gods smite me with a Celtic victory thereby actually giving me what I want? Can I use reverse psych on the B-Ball Gods?

Justa is right, it's Pepsi.

Crabs v/s Ceptics

Can they both lose???

This was good for a few laughs before I take off from work early to watch the game.

Laker Tom??? You'll be on the live chat????


#4 - whatever.... :)

Mark G - I KNEW you'd be on my side LOL!

PEPSI IS THE GREATEST bandwagon - coming to a blog near you!


Thanks for the kind words.. The feeling is mutual.. No worries on that freudian slip of the finger.. I guess Crab got ur tongue too? Lol.. been a thoroughly enjoyable 2 days since the crab choked so I've had a hard time containing myself.. Tonight could be the climatic orgasmic finish. Haha

Wow. A combination of two of my favorite things: The Lakers and Modern Family. Awesome!

Speak for yourself, LT. Coke is Pepsi's poorer cousin ;)~

Modern family is hilarious, I must admit. Good to see Al Bundy on TV again.

And yes....Mark G, you and I may be at odds on Coke/Pepsi, but Sophia Vergara....wait, what was I saying?



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