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Kobe Bryant appears on season finale of 'Modern Family'

May 20, 2010 | 12:57 pm


For someone who said he was just "winging it," Kobe Bryant's cameo in the season-finale of ABC's "Modern Family" on Wednesday night came out remarkably well. Of course, Bryant's lines weren't that complicated, and his appearance lasted so briefly that I constantly rewinded and fast-forwarded the episode on my DVR wondering when I'll see the Black Mamba.

Now wouldn't that be a travesty. Spend all this time and money filming Bryant, showcasing him on the promo and then just leaving his footage on the cutting-room floor. But that's what happened to Pau Gasol, whose acting apparently is restricted to CBS dramas.

In Bryant's brief appearance (you can view the full episode here), Phil Dunphy (actor Ty Burrell) went to a Lakers game and shouted from the stands toward Bryant at the entrance tunnel just as he was about to come out for warm-ups. When Bryant enthusiastically asked Phil, "What can I do for you?," Phil appeared at a loss of words, not exactly expecting Bryant would respond.

"Do you like (pause) being a basketball player?" Phil squeaked.

"Are you serious?" Bryant asked, perplexed.

"I choked," Phil said. "I didn't think you'd look up at me."

"A little preparation next time," Bryant advised. "It's a mental thing."

Those wondering if this served as the rare moment Bryant didn't have a stoic game face prior to the game can be relieved this segment was filmed after the Lakers' 122-99 victory March 3 over the Indiana Pacers. But it surely would've been understandable to some degree had Bryant been so laid back before the contest, considering this was during the time the Lakers just wanted the dog days of the NBA schedule to end.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo credit: ABC / Michael Desmond