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Derek Fisher spoke at Jordan Farmar's 6th grade class

Lakers guard Derek Fisher never shies away from making speeches. He frequently gives them to the team. He also frequently paraphrases those talking points to the media. Apparently, one of those times included when Fisher visited Jordan Farmar's sixth-grade class.

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson shared that anecdote after Monday's practice, using it as an example on how long the 14-year veteran has lasted in the league.

"That was kind of an interesting thing," Jackson said. "He thought it was pretty remarkable, actually. But that's youth, and that's a veteran for you."

As far as Fisher's response? He confirmed the story only "because there's photographic evidence.

--Mark Medina

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Derek Fisher you are the Personification of Class! I salute you Brother!!!!

My daughter-in-law was in that class. She and Jordan were buddies in Jr. High.

She is a big Fish/Jordan fan of course, but only watches when Jordan is in.


Finally Fisher playing on thr right court


Strangely, your life sounds quite a bit like mine, aside from the fact that I'm a bit further East of 40. Degree in the computer field, work with many different kinds of computers and applications, Scifi nut etc...or then again, maybe it's not so strange considering the lure of the blog.

Speaking of sci fi, a few days ago someone mentioned a show in the 70s where people were aboard a space ark but only the leads realized it was an ark and were looking for the bridge. It was called The Starlost.


JR - that was me! Did you find any episodes to watch ??

I remember as a kid I absolutely LOVED that show!

LAL vs ORL in final..... LAL in 6..

Posted by: bayu.lakersforlife | May 04, 2010 at 06:53 PM

Beg to disagree brother. Because the Lakers don't have homecourt this year vs. Magic, I'm thinking more LAL in 5. 1-1 in Orlando, 3 and done in LA.

Oh yeah? When I was in 3rd grade a classmate made a presentation asking for kids to work on a film his dad was making. They needed little people for some role. This was Morningside Elementary in San Fernando, Ca, and the film is a horror classic. The kids they used actually have a pretty good role in the film as the midget/hooded figuures that run around everywhere and the arms that pop out of odd places to grab people. Only in California:


That wasn't Phantasam was it?

Cult classic.


Oh, happy day! Good win, Lakeshow...and glad they have a few days to finally rest a little.

Get the W in SLC on Saturday!!

How's about posting the picture =]

Interesting... No comment from Dfish claiming that Farmar lost all interest in school after Fisher's speech.

Not even a claim that he has statistics to prove that all the kids that went to that school that day, even ones who didnt hear the speech would have been better off in their lives if Fisher was replaced as speaker on that day...



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