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Cavaliers-Celtics chat

--Mark Medina

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MM - I've sent a couple of comments through on the chat. They're not going through.

The comment shows up and says "in moderation"..... It never did that before. We just got "success" other chats.

I'll predict a Cavs win tonight, though I hope to eat crow tomorrow.

sup Mark G - can you get on the chat?? I can't...

MM comments are not going through

sup chic

MM -- how can I find this chat on the ScribbleLive page? (My comments don't seem to go through when I do it here.)

Justa, what did you do to the Chat?

Hey jamf,

Did the chat freeze up?

Hey guys we have a new chat box up


....(do what I about whatever I want, wherever I want). I didn't say that.


where is the new chat box at? i don't see it.

Man people don't realize how much of a liability shaq has been for the past few years on D....
KG just took whatever he wanted at the start going 3 for 3, not to mention that the Cs can easily exploit him on a pick and roll whenever they want to.

You could have smush parker running the pick and roll against him and guys would still get wide open shots...


It's not immature to celebrate LeBron and Shaq's downfall. Lebron was declared the best player in the NBA over Kobe. The Cavs were just about handed every award there is in the NBA. Best record, best team, best bench, best player etc...All they are waiting for is the Finals where they were expecting to humiliate the Lakers. I hate Lebron James with a passion and now Shaq is on that same team makes me hate that team even more. Their failure makes me very happy, and I think I am not alone on this one. Only because they happen to be playing the hated Celtics we shouldn't even talk about it? Now, that to me is immature. The Celtics were not threats to the Lakers all year. Maybe after they eliminate the Cavs they will be. Then we can start hating them again.
My biggest surprise was your opinion found a lot of support from other bloggers.

Also, telling people what to like and what not to like is also immature.

Yea lebron is kinda like pop music. He's got a lot of number one hits but no classics.

I got a classic for you, Lebron getting swept in the finals by the hated Spurs. Or better yet, 60 win team loses 2ND ROUND to the oldest team in the playoffs! And on a back 2 back mvp yearS, ouch. And you choke in the final 2 games, sucks. I can't wait to see if he shakes hands, WHY AREN'T THEY TALKING ABOUT THAT

I'm gonna tell you this, I like that Rondo.

I LOVE IT!! The Celtics fans are chanting "New York Knicks" with LeBron at the line. nice.

I'm currently hanging in the dirty dirty, Alabama and Bosstown just beat Leave Land!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colorado and ALABAMA loves our World Champion Lakers!


Nice - lbj go home with your meaningless mvp trophy!!!!

Kobe and Lakers - come on baby - one more ring!!!!!


Cavs just don't get it.

Less than a minute left and they're down 9, and THEY DON'T FOUL.

Absolutely clueless.

Well, at least LeBron learned from last year - He was a good sport and congratulated the Celtics.

Next up for LeBron... Knicks?

Oh yea - at least Shaq doesn't have a shot at that 5th ring this year!!!! They're going to blow the cavs up!!!


thanks Chic

I'm glad princess jimmy took one to the chops - again. HAHAHHA!!!

BUT - like I said in the chat - back to reality time - BOSTON SUCKS.

Anyhoo - it's all about the LAKERS baby!!

GO LAKERS!!! Can't wait for Monday.....

Time to cheer for the Magic. I hate the Celtics.
Go Dwight, Go Vince. Knock 'em out.

love shak

no playoffs with the suns

eliminated now. in middle of OHIO after playing on the atlantic coast and the pacific coast. what a miserable finish.

Minny needs a big man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One more turn over for LBJ, it would have been a quadruple double!

I've got one word...


LeBrick almost got a cuatruple double:
L. James 19rebounds 10assists 27 points and... 9TO's LOL

And this is my last laugh at him.

My thoughts:
1. Did Lebron choke or did he intentionally threw the game? 9 tos and most of his passes were lazy.
2. Rondo is the 2nd best pg in the Nba behind Deron.
3. Cleveland fans must be lining up getting ready to jump over a bridge right now.
4. On the flip note, New York must be partying like they won a Superbowl or something.
5. I guess we can finally say that the NBA is not rigged and Stern ain't the Darth Maul we all perceived him to be. I didn't see the Refs taking over the game and giving Lerbon the silver platter.
6. Kobe must have been cheering his lungs out for Boston. He is the real KING of the Nba and he is STILL the best player in the NBA. He's all about winning championships.

more like Le None

regardless if he threw it or chocked, it was not a GOOD PICTURE.

Mike Brown is incompetent. Boston played exactly the same way as in game 5, Brown never made adjustments LBJ played well but the Cs just frustrated him with their version of the Jordan Rules. Stop LBJ, the rest of the team fails. Jordan had PJackson, LBJ had a Jackass.

Celtics- We want you.

this is becoming an INTERNATIONAL tragedy

I've been through Boston vs La in the 60's, 70's 80's 90'0 and 2000's. I hate the Celtics. But home court??

He choked. Whats to stop him from leaving even if he wins a championship?


looks like the oil spill killed the crabs

Conspiracy theorists can still say Stern rigged this to get LeBron to NY.
I've never seem such a poorly coached team. The Cavs looked absolutely clueless on what to do on offense. They were so out of sync you wonder if they practiced at all. They couldn't even intentionally foul in the last minute or so to keep the clock from running out. I've never seen a team quit so fast since Adam Morrison's Gonzaga team against UCLA.

Kobe has taken SOOOO much crap for every playoff game where he had a bad night, so I just want to reiterate:


LeBron's stats:

27 points, 19 rebounds, and 10 assists (actually good stats)...

But also 9 turnovers, 8 for 21 shooting, and weak ass defense.

It's clear that Mo Williams is NOT a good enough second star, and Shaq is no longer good enough to be a second star. And Antawn Jamison was a joke: 2-10 shooting and 5 rebounds in an elimination game.

I doubt another major star will ever GO to Cleveland. If LeBron wants ANY CHANCE of winning a championship, he HAS to leave Cleveland.

Hey Laker family,

Sooooooooooooooooo sick of hearing about LeBust this entire playoffs and the past two years. Good riddance!!! Time to move on to the real games now that all the impostors and wannabes are gone(yes, that means you, Cavs, Nuggets, Mavs, Spurs, Jazz and Hawks. I left out Thunder and Bobcats out because no one really expected much out of them). Hopefully Kobe and the Lakers have felt slighted and it gives them extra motivation to repeat. Go Lakers!!!

Take away Lebron's 15 points, 12 boards, and 5 assists in the 2nd half, and the Cavs only had 11 points and 13 rebounds.

That's right, the ENTIRE REST OF THE TEAM managed 11 points and 13 boards in the second half, not counting the points they got off of Lebron's assists. And he was the one playing hurt.

Epic fail.

Chic - i agree. everytime he had a big game he was tentative. he is good as clowning during warmups and practice shots from the centerline. from the floor. unfortunately those plays r not available during a real game. in an elimination game.

Le Choke

Always thought it was interesting that Nash, Malone, Lebron have two MVP's and 0 Rings. Kobe and Shaq have 4 Rings and only one MVP! What a deal!

Not sure how most of you guys can hate LBJ more than the Celtics. I know I can't get myself to root for Boston regardless of who they're playing.

Anyhow, in the offseason, here's hoping Kobe, Phil, Mitch and Buss recruit LBJ aggressively and find a way to bring him to LA.

Here's what they are saying in Cleveland (from the Plain Dealer sports blog):
It's very simple. God hates Cleveland. I don't know why, but it's true. It's not enough that we have crappy weather, only 1 out of 7 days are sunny. It's not enough that we are the butt of jokes that are older than the people telling them. It's not enough that our crime rates are soaring, that our housing market tanked and no one seems to notice or do anything about while helping the Sun Belt. It's not enough that Columbus and Washington continuously screw over any expenditures on infrastructure continuing our slow decay. It's not enough that our generation has suffered more dramatic sports heartbreak than the entire nation has in the last 100 years. No. It's all not enough. We have to get basketball Jesus who happens to be from next door in Akron, only to have him quit in the middle of our best chance for SOMETHING, ANYTHING positive to happen to our city, probably because he is on his way to someplace bigger and brighter. It's all so cruel.
We deserve better than this. Cleveland is Job. When does our suffering end? What more must we endure?

You can almost feel sorry for them.

Darth stern will never lose. Lebron is only a queen in his game. He can get a new one out of a pawn. You never put all of your eggs in the same place.

If the C's pass tru orlando, is the dream finals.


I am with you there bro. I too hate James with a hate more passionate than love!!

All that crap he and his punks were doing in the pre-game announcements, they were showing their classlessness and immaturity and calling it "camaraderie".... idiots.

How about the Big Empty Diesel's statement, when he arrived in Cleveland - "I am the bodyguard for the king, and I am here to win a ring for the king" So

So Shaq, whats the ring you're going to give Lebron - you gonna gift the poor cry baby one of the rings you won with Lakers or Heat, so that queen James can proudly display "I got an NBA ring...."

Dan Gilbert must be the most miserable man in the country currently.

Hey MM or anyone really, if Dr. Buss wanted to sign LBJ or Wade and he agreed to pay whatever, could he? I know he might not, but are their any rules that ABSOLUTELY prohibit him from doing that? I realize that above the salry cap he pays a boatload, but actually could he? PLMK, thanks!

Amazing that people are putting this game on Lebron. He just threw down a 27-19-10 while injured, plus was the only guy who could defend anyone on Boston's perimeter, and the loss is somehow his fault?

The coaching was horrendous, and the Cavs were completely outmatched at point guard, shooting guard, and power forward the whole series. Center was a wash and Cleveland's bench got dominated too. But yeah, the losses were Lebron's fault.


27 points, 19 rebounds, and 10 assists <-- This proves that stats are really deceiving. It doesn't reflect what happened in the game.

This also proves that LBJ could NOT will his team to win a must win game.

The Queen gone fishin'... bwahahahahahaha

LA Guy still licking LeGone's nuts up until the end. LeGone is Dominique to Kobe's Jordan. I love it. This is just vindication for Kobe.

Nobody wins here.

In terms of the Lakers, we get a better matchup and we have a 50/50 chance of getting home court.

But I don't hate Lebron. I just don't give him or the Cavs that sort of the respect.

Sorry I didn't make it in for the chat tonight but I had grandchildren climbing on me throughout the game.

Something I noticed, neither team looked particularly sharp tonight. In face, some stretches of the game just sucked.

At the end, did anyone else see Mike Brown telling his troops to foul and they ignored him? I actually saw the moment when "The Best Team in the NBA" gave up. It was pretty enjoyable.


EJK -your love for this pathetic choker is PATHETIC. go buy a Shirt with #23 and cry rivers. if will become a collectible.

Lebron had poor defense? Paul Pierce was Boston's leading scorer during the regular season and shot 47%. Matched up against Lebron, he averaged 13 ppg and shot 35%. The only game he went off was game 5, when Lebron was switched over to Rondo and Pierce scored 21 points, almost all on Anthony Parker and Jamario Moon.

Plus, Lebron averaged 2 steals and 1.5 blocks per game in the series.

Jolly Rancher, wasn't LBJ the real coach anyway?

Lebron just QUIT!

I am very disappointed in his demeanor on the court. It seems that he was more concerned about his personal stats than on winning the game. there was no fire in his belly... I have not seen such a casual approach to the biggest game of a team by any franchise player in the history of the NBA. He is nowhere near Kobe, MJ, or Magic. Just plain disappointing.

Cleveland was/is the best team on paper built for the playoff.. position by position, they remain the best team in the entire NBA. 5 allstars(bron, mo, Shaq, Antwan, Z)-2 hall of famers, and the deepest bench, and they did a very good job at choking in the biggest game of thier lives... it speaks volume of thier leader... Lebron James...

Go Lakers!

What now, Cleveland fans?

Hey LA Guy! Are you LBJ's apologist or his nuthuggies?

(D)erek (J)eter:
Buss can't sign Wade or LeBron because the Lakers are over the salary cap. The only way he could sign them is if they do a sign and trade (we'd have to give up salaries close to the amount we sign him for) or if one of them would agree to come for the MLE (about 5 mil per season).
In other words, no way will we see LeBron or Wade in a Lakers uni unless we give up Gasol or Kobe.

It was interesting that LBJ had great stats, but somehow just didn't seem great? I dunno?

I thought it was funny that they played this at the Gaahhden after the Celtics beat the Cavs.



Yeah, but is there a specific rule how far over you can be? If Doc was willing to pay whatever over the cap, could he?

I'm a basketball fan, trying to talk to a bunch of psychos. It looks like only one person here was watching the game, and everyone else is speaking crazy talk. Seriously, I'm not nor have ever been a Cleveland fan, but I'm not a hater either, and I can recognize that Lebron didn't lose that game.

Lebron got 15 points, 12 boards, and 5 assists in the 2nd half even though every single other player on his team was completely sucking it up. He controlled Pierce, who only had 13 points on 4-13 shooting even though he hit two threes in transition. And he added 3 steals and 1 block while every guard and power forward that the Cavs threw in there was getting killed on defense.

Lebron had way too many loose passes - I don't know if he was trying to force it too much or if guys weren't where they were supposed to be or if the elbow is just making his touch way off. There's no excuse for it though - he had too many turnovers, plain and simple. But the rest of his game was extraordinary. Anyone else goes 27-19-10 with lockdown D, and its a career game. Lebron does it, and it's not even enough for a win because the rest of his team was choking so bad.

You can't be over AT ALL to sign new players. You can go over to re-sign your own players or a MLE only.

There is another option if salary matching is a key in terms of a sign and trade. If LBJ is making basically $17 Mil this, his last year. Drew makes $14 Mil next year and we drop the $7 Mil that Ammo made this year. I'd assume you could sign and trade Drew ( and Walton) for LBJ and pay LBJ $ more with dropping Farmar at $3 Mil next year. I guess I am saying that in theory IT could work. We probably need CP3 worse, however?

Sic transit gloria mundi

rdlee, I do appreciate your replies. Being A Yankee fan with George's OPEN checkbook, I am used to spending whatever whenever, ha, ha, ha!

My take on the Cav's ouster this year:

Lebron needed to be taught a lesson in humility and in "paying his dues." This lesson came in the form of successive years of crashing out of the playoffs and not making it to the NBA finals, despite his team having the best record and him given the regular season MVP. He will come to a realization that he is not the real King, and that he needs to abdicate.

Next, he needs another lesson, and this is in the form of recognizing the real MVP, giving respect, and seeking the real MVP's tutelage. This can only come in the form of LBJ going to the Lakers. After the Lakers win the championship this year, giving the Mamba his fifth, LBJ needs to come on board and allow himself to be mentored by the Mamba for five years where they will win five straight together.

In the sixth year, the Mamba will hand over the leadership reins to LBJ while they play two more years together to up the titles to seven straight (together; nine straight for the Mamba) , giving the Mamba 12 to overtake Bill Russel for all-time rings. The Mamba can then opt to retire... or play a little bit more, but playing is just gravy by then.... and LBJ would have atoned for his sin of pride.

Hey, I could dream freely, right?

The last couple minutes of that game were really odd. I don't think anybody threw the game, it was just a momumental meltdown of team chemistry.

Hey LF72, that's what I'm sayin', ha, ha!!



Who cares if LBJ caused the loss or not? The fact remains that "The Best Team in the NBA", that the media proclaimed as the next champs, lost...again. Yeah, he had a good game tonight (except the 9 turn overs), but he is supposed to be the MVP. The guy that makes his teammates better. The guy that demonstrates the best that a player can be. Sorry, he did not perform to the level expected of him as the league's MVP.

His post practice 3 point competitions, his sideline antics, and his "I've only had 3 bad games in my career" were not what his team needed to focus on winning a championship. Well, he's gone fishing (and possibly to NY where they won't put up with the same stuff) and the Celtics get to go on to the ECF.


Thanks for the props DJ! I am of the mindset that LBJ is not evil... he was just raised wrong (by Stern). All he needs is to mend the error of his ways, and recognize the true MVP (Kobe/Mamba/24).

With that, LBJ's immense talents can be used for the betterment of LakerLand.

All this Boston win proves is that the regular season is a fraud.

82 games? Too many games to get a true feel of what is going on this season.

I'm saying that Boston takes the Magic in 5 or 6 games.

I say the Celtics' defense with a healthy Garnett takes the Magic out!

The Celtics know how to focus on a team's strength and take it out.

What do the Magic have, really? Howard wasn't all that dominate this season. And can you tell me that Vince Carter is going to come through? I get the impression that the Magic rely on 3-pointers too much. The Celtics deal with that like taking candy from a baby. What? Do you think the Magic are going to penetrate the lane on the Celtics? The Cavs couldn't do it with James and the Magic will be able to do with...who?

Celtics in 5 or 6.

mike t.

I don't want LeBron on this team. I'd take Russell Westbrook or Brandon Roy. I might even take Ray Allen or Mike Miller for the MLE.
For this year, we should have enough to win it all. If Kobe, Bynum, Lamar and Artest are even 85% we should win it.

It's nice to know that there are some rational Laker fans out there who would welcome LBJ with open arms.

There's plenty of room on the LBJ Riverdancing All the Way to LA bandwagon!

82gamescom started a new stat category in honor of LBJ and LA Guy

chocking/season. he is 4-0 started with the 2007 finals, ECF 2008 final, ECF 2009 final, and 2010 ECF SEMI-FINAL

his chocking stats r getting better and better

Celtics in 5 or 6 going away....

That means it's not going look like 5 or 6 games.

Kind of like the Lakers and Jazz. The Jazz were never in it.

The Magic will never be in it...but will win a game or 2.

mike t.

it's very disappointing moment, but as a team we had a GREAT time together

Yeah, it's like whatever makes us better! I know that George has bought and paid for many NYY championships, BUT they are STILL championships, ha, ha!

i want to see Snak at the podium

LA Guy... what good does 27-19-10 with a lockdown defense if you cannot will your team to a win?

BAsketball is a game of runs... LBJ could have gotten in his teammates asses and fire them up and made thier run and afterwards maintain that focus... he is thier leader.. leaders lead thier people to perform at the highest possible that they could.. such was not the case in this game nor in game 5 of thier series.

Remember 2006 LA vs. Suns? Kobe willed and lead his mediocre team to improbable wins against the Suns.. there was extreme fire and strongest will. but at the end... the team melted under duress becuase they were a weak bunch.. this cleveland team is not mediocre.. there are 5 allstars on that team and 2 future hall of famers plus a deep bench... all season long pundits have been crying loud as to how good the cavaliers bench is... the last I look only 2 weeks ago.. they were still the favorite to win it all...

Remember the Oklahoma series?... after game 4... all analysts and basketball fans have written the Lakers off... Kobe was too slow.. lakers was too slow.. Thunder was too good.. too young.. and too gifted for lakers to hang around... but Kobe willed his team to a win in game 5 and close the series in 6 in Oklahoma... that my friend is leadership.. you fire your people up so they perform at thier utmost.

Lebron didn't have it in him.. I saw the game... perhaps you saw it too.. everyone knows what I am saying...

Go Kobe! Go Lakers!

the press should be ashamed that they asked all these question to pamper him and to excuse him?


Lakers fans do we appreciate Kobe or what? Lebron is being lambasted now for not doing what kobe gets critized for. Thats taking the game over. Thats kobe at his best and lebron just can't do it. Oh, shaq's a fat ass. He should go sit with that other fat ass barkley.

Where are those people saying the CHOSEN ONE is better than KB24? Indeed he was the CHOSEN ONE....when it came to CHOKING!
KB24 has been playing thru injury since December and look where the Lakers are now. Can the CHOKING ONE truly compare?

Shaq, I think, made a BIG mistake not going to Kobe and telling him to be patient perhaps one more year or even give up leadership to Kobe and that his time was coming soon and let's win a couple three more Rings together. Poor Shaq.

The way this playoff is going.. I see a Boston-LA Finals...

That would be gravy!!!!

If Boston can take care of thier business east...

Give us an early christmas gift basketball gods...

Last year LeBron hit a last second 3 pointer to barely win Game 2. At that time it was interpreted as more proof of his greatness. But it really was a big warning sign when the Magic almost won the first two games on the Cavs home court.

The Magic almost beat the Cavs in 5 games. The Lakers then beat the Magic in 5 games. That shows you how inferior the Cavs fundamentally are compared to the Lakers.

Not that surprised that the Celts beat the Cavs this playoffs because no matter how the Cavs tinker with their team, they always wilt against an opponent with true playoff toughness, whether it be the Spurs, Magic, or Celtics.

the cavs don't have the ACTIVATOR

but they HAD touches. it was pretty. they had as a TEAM a good time. so now they can meditate while FISHIN'

>>> I guess we can finally say that the NBA is not rigged and Stern ain't the
>>>Darth Maul we all perceived him to be.

Oh yeah?

You don't think maybe Stern wouldn't prefer to have his most marketable player in the most populous city in the United States? Do you understand how much more money the NBA will make with a strong team in New York (rather than one in Cleveland)?

I wonder how much Stern paid LeGone to tank these two games and go to the Knicks.


>>>>Kobe and Shaq have 4 Rings and only one MVP!

Kobe and Shaq EACH has 4 rings and one MVP.

Combined they have 2 MVPs and 8 rings.

I hope it will be the Lakers and Boston in the finals. There is no sweeter payback than what's in front of the Lakers now if ever -- beat the Suns in WCF and the Celtics after-- two birds in one season... SWEET!

the MEDIA can't say anything bad because they shoot themselves in the foot. they created the monster

Le Frankenstein


but some said that he is 1/2 of an alpha -DOG. we r familiar with that on the blog. the BEAST, Faux Pas …

Thank God that's over. I can start rooting (passively) for the Magic.

I really hate the Celtics.

I'll have a full Secret Agent Report tomorrow. Surreal.

I really hope the Browns pull it together. This community could really use that... and they've always meant a lot more to this community historically than the Cavs.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


As I sat next to a friendly acquiantance of mine watching the game disolve, he stated, "Mike Brown versus Doc Rivers. It's like a marathon combat of two retards playing Rock-Paper-Scissors."

He then shook his head silently and sipped his beer.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


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