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Caught in the Web: Previewing Game 2 of Lakers-Jazz series


Lakers links

--The Times' Mike Bresnahan has medical updates on Andrew Bynum and Kobe Bryant.

--The Times' Mark Heisler compares this year's Lakers team to last year's Lakers team.

--The Times' Broderick Turner reports that assistant coach Frank Hamblen believes Game 2 might be a trap game.

--The Times' Lisa Dillman details how the Lakers plan to sharpen up in the fourth quarter.

--The Daily News' Vincent Bonsignore highlights Bynum's effort to fight through the pain.

--With everyone, including myself, dissecting Bryant's wardrobe in the L.A. Times Magazine's photo shoot, The Orange County Register's Janis Carr sorts through other players' fashion tastes.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding reports that Bryant believes LeBron James deserves the league MVP.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky breaks down the bench's inconsistency in Game 1.'s Mitch Lawrence believes the Lakers will do fine in the postseason so long as Bryant and Bynum hold up with their injuries.

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's David Lassen has more on Bynum's injury.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin explains part of Bynum's wanting to play through his injury entails putting off surgery.

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford explains why Bryant feels like his normal self again.'s Mike Trudell focuses on the difficulty Utah has in stopping Lakers forward Pau Gasol.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius debates the impact Ron Artest will have in the rest of the Jazz series.

--Silver Screen and Roll's C.A. Clark hits on some of the hot topics surrounding Game 2.

Jazz links

--ProbasketballTalk's John Krolik details Carlos Boozer's ineffective defense in Game 1.

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's Lassen details the possibility Jazz forward Andrei Kirilenko could return in Game 2.

--The Salt Lake Tribune's Steve Luhm believes a healthier Bryant will just provide more problems for the Jazz. Luhm details Jerry Sloan's wanting  center Kyrylo Fesenko has a big presence in Game 2.

--The Salt Lake Tribune's Kurt Kragthorpe praises Ronnie Price's effort in Game 1 against the Lakers.

--The Salt Lake Tribune's Gordon Monson argues Gasol has Utah perplexed.

--The Salt Lake Tribune's Ross Siler details the Jazz's effort to remain confident and positive heading into Game 2. He also explains why the Jazz would value Kirilenko's return.

--Hoopsworld's Eric Pincus details what the Jazz need to do to steal a win in L.A.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Shelley Smith highlights Wesley Matthews' effort in guarding Bryant.

--SLC Dunk's clarkpojo details what Utah needs to do to win Game 2.

Tweet of the Day: "Stylist explains Kobe photos, says look he was going for in hat pic was Tupac (????) Um, fail." -- jadande ('s J.A. Adande on stylist's explanation for Bryant's controversial all-white wardrobe).

Reader Comment of the Day on what Bryant's teammates really think about his photo shoot: "He lost a bet. A huge bet. I don't want to discuss it further." -- Jon K

General Reader Comment of the Day: "Not very good actually even if it's art. I've seen better art from Kobe Bryant." -- KB Blitz

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant scores on a driving layup down the middle of the Utah defense in Game 1 on Sunday. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times.

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ZAIRA… Nice job by your man… What would be great would be to have Karim do an LA Times Lakers Blog T-Shirt Design…Or an LA Times Lakers Blog Championship T-Shirt design. He has a great eye for design. With a little loving from his woman, I am sure he would be inspired…

(01) LAKERTOM – OWNER – Let’s show Larry how much we appreciate everything he does to get us jacked up for our beloved Lakers. He is the heart and soul of the LA Times Lakers Blog and deserves the love and respect of every blogger who has made this their virtual home away from home.
(02) SHOTGUN -

Please punch another ticket for THE THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, MAMBA24, BANDWAGON. The man makes me a better Lakerholic.

Gasol has Utah perplexed, Gordon Monson said at The Salt Lakes Tribune.
Very good article about our soft man, the most valuable invisible man in the league.

I don't think Kobe failed - one of those photos, my very first thought was "OMG, Tupac" - you know, the photo of pac wearing the wire rim glasses dressed in all white????

And then the hood shot was also pac-like.

There used to be a saying, and J.A. better remember it - you don't want Kobe to go Tupac on you.

It's bad news when Kobe gets the hit em up going.

Let me just tell you.

Or better yet, ask Avery Johnson

I want on both bandwagons.

For Drews Wagon: Release the Kraken!!

For Larry's Wagon: We want another photo shoot with Mamba24 in his purple and gold thong!!

LakerTom don't forget those of us who signed up on the previous blog post.

(001) LAKERTOM – OWNER – Let’s show Larry how much we appreciate everything he does to get us jacked up for our beloved Lakers. He is the heart and soul of the LA Times Lakers Blog and deserves the love and respect of every blogger who has made this their virtual home away from home.
(002) JEANETTE - SHOTGUN - FINALLY!!!!....BANDWAGON FOR LARRY (MAMBA24).....Do we still to say we need to get a seat on them?.....It's a scramble now!!!
(003) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN – WINGMAN ELITE- Count me a resounding IN for the THANKS MAMBA24 BANDWAGON!! Larry - for everything you do - for everything you mean to me and the rest of the blog - a heartfelt THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.
(004) #4 – THE ENFORCER - LakerTom, please put me on that Bandwagon for Larry. The guy is the heart and soul of this blog.
(005) ZAIRA - OUR ITALIAN PRINCESS - Larry, you're like our wonderful rainbow over here.
No matter how hard times get, no matter what curse or bad moment we face, you are always in with so much lively power, so much embracing flair and so much inspirational pulse that we can never really feel like anything else but a very happy, tight and special family.
(006) EASTCOASTJESSIE – OUR LATINA PRINCESS - I'm definitely on the Mamba bandwagon. Larry has been the glue that holds this blog together. During the miserable years of Smush and Kwame, Mamba single-handedly helped us keep our sanity. He has rallied us all when all we wanted to do was trade everybody not named Kobe.
(007) ART – FL LAKERS FAN - Put everyone that's on the Roll Call on the Mamba bandwagon!!!
(008) J24 – LONGTIME BLOG PRINCESS – THE LADIES LOVE MAMBA24 - Please put me on Mamba24 bandwagon. THANK YOU for all that you do for this blog. You truly are one of the gems of this blog fam.
(009) RICK FRIEDMAN – CONDUCTOR - Please punch another ticket for THE THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, MAMBA24, BANDWAGON. The man makes me a better Lakerholic.
(010) CHIKNSTU – STYLIST - For Larry's Wagon: We want another photo shoot with Mamba24 in his purple and gold thong!!
There just must be 100 bloggers who care enough to speak up and be counted

Sorry Larry, you can't stop the unstoppable. We love you!
Tom, put me on the mamba bandwagon.

Add me as well to the MAMBA24 Bandwagon! Whether the ride is smooth or bumpy, MAMBA24 always gets you there safe and sound!

PS-Add my son to the MAMBA24 Bandwagon, he doesn't blog, but is a BIG Laker fan (wonder why, ha, ha) and we talk on the phone before, during and after Laker games!

Why do you even wait to put me on the thanks Mamba24 bandwagon?


You know I'm down with the Mamba 24 bandwagon!! This site wouldn't be what it is if not for that gentleman!

Hey bronxlaker fan, you like the Yankees as well? Hope that isn't a silly question!

I mean bronxlakerfan!

Larry, Larry, Larry, Larry!!


That zoot suit picture of Kobe's, the 1st one, is amazing. Kobe's photo shoot is more than one of those themed shoots you get every now and again, like Lindsey Lohan posing like Marlin Monroe. It's much closer to art than fashion as another blogger already said. But when you have art mixing with anything you get a better world, right? Art and language gets you hieroglyphs. Art and architecture gets your the great pyramids. Art and food gets you this:

And Z, your BF Karim did a wonderful job with his Kobe hoodie pic. Send out appreciations.


Shamelessly re-posting poetic verse disguised as sage points of basketball wisdom:

Except that the Biggest Loser can't really live up to the hype. I LOVE how his lovers are start whining about *the elbow*... PLEEEASE... Kobe plays with three injuries combined since November. Please. The fact you can't hit meaningful stuff in playoffs derives not from an injury, but from your flaws, Caveman. Learn how to lose with dignity. Then teach your fanclub about it. You all need a reality check, "MVP when it doesn't count" ;).

I know... I am practically overlooking Utah and I don't wanna sound pretentious, because we always learn the hard way, with the Lakers, that the less we think high of the opponent, the hugest troubles arise to us.

One case of "putting energies up in full, to save energies up in full".

Posted by: ZairaAmaterasu | May 04, 2010 at 09:39 AM

These critical points must be considered as we march our way to the Larry O'Brian!

Speak it, Zaira, speak it!

BTW, why am I not on the Mamba24 bandwagon. How have I managed to let it pass me by? I need to board, post haste!



Please add me to the Bandwagon.

Larry is the GodFather of the blog.

You and Larry have been on the blog from the beginning and this is as good as time as any to say thanks to both of you guys for your contribution to the blog.

Lakers Rule!!


Um... yeah, LakerTom. You better put me on THAT bandwagon. I loves me some Mamba24. So does Baby Outlaw. We'll both take a seat.

Go Lake Show!

Put me on the Mamba24 bandwagon. He's a legend here. He'd be even greater if he started an LBJ to LA Bandwagon...

Hello my LA friends,

Well, the SUNS finally made the spurs pay in a Game 1. If this keeps up it'll be an all-Pacific WCF with the chance to play BOS hanging in the balance.

Can't say I see Utah as a serious threat. LA has its way with them...I only wish we could have seen DAL or POR play LA before the WCF for more entertaining series, because watching UT is boring.

hey guys we got a new post up


Put me on the Mamba Bandwagon! Our own Laker's chicken soup for the soul!


--- Henry Abbott, a perfect example of a Lebroniac sports writers... picking the cavs to sweep the celtics, what a fool ----


one more for mamba24bandwagon.

What a Goal Amazing .....



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