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Caught in the Web: Your daily fix of Lakers links


Lakers links

--The Times' Mike Bresnahan highlights how the Lakers are drawing motivation from their first-round exits in 2006 and 2007 against Phoenix.

--The Orange County Register's Janis Carr highlights Kareem Abdul Jabbar's view that basketball players should get a degree before going to the NBA.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy and Brian Kamenetzky preview the Lakers-Suns series with former Clippers Coach Kim Hughes.

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's David Lassen highlights the multiple skills Lakers forward Pau Gasol brings to the team.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Arash Markazi argues a LeBron James-Kobe Bryant Finals matchup would have been good for both players.

--The Orange County Register's Jeff Miller argues the Lakers' recent playoff losses against Phoenix will have little bearing on this series.

--LA Weekly's Dennis Romero reports that the L.A. City Council wants Lakers fans not to spend money if they travel to Arizona for the Lakers-Suns series.

--The Daily News' Elliott Teaford details what the Lakers' bench must provide against Phoenix.'s Mike Trudell previews the series with TNT's Kevin Harlan.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius explores what the bench provides for each team.

--Silver Screen and Roll's Gil Meriken previews the Lakers-Suns series through a video game.

--LakersNation's Stan Park thinks the comparisons between LeBron and Kobe need to stop.

--The New York Times' Lynn Zinser wonders whether the James free-agency saga will overshadow the NBA playoffs, including the Lakers-Suns series.

Suns links

--The Arizona Republic's Dan Bickley details how Grant Hill is enjoying the Sun's playoff run.'s Fran Blinebury also highlights Hill's playoff journey.

--The Arizona Republic's Paul Coro looks at how it will be a test of wills between Phoenix's league-leading three-point shooting and the Lakers' league-leading three-point defense.

--The Arizona Republic's Jim Gintonio explains how Goran Dragic's confidence has made a difference in his game.

--Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix details Phoenix's resurgent defense.

--Bright Side of the Sun's Seth Pollack wonders when this series will ever start. He also highlights how Jared Dudley and Goran Dragic try to replicate Steve Nash's one-eyed shooting performance in Game 4 of the Phoenix-San Antonio series.

--Valley of the Suns' Michael Schwartz focuses on how the Suns' success brings a different context to Nash's contract extension.

Tweet of the Day: "Lakers eased back the last couple of weeks since they couldn't catch Cavs - ended up getting bypassed by Orlando -- a mistake?" -- EricPincus (Hoopsworld's Eric Pincus).

Reader Comment of the Day: "lebron is kinda like pop music. He's got a lot of number one hits but no classics." -- johnnyboy

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers Coach Phil Jackson talks to his players during a team practice session at the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo on Wednesday. Credit: Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times.

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I'm glad that it is getting closer to game-day. I can't stand all the talk about off-season stuff when there's still a championship for one team to earn (I'm hoping it's the Lake Show).

I can't even get baseball highlights when I turn on the tube today! A live conference with Dan Gilbert?

I guess I can't watch any TV over the weekend; too much focus on someone who isn't playing for the rest of the season.


I am sorry that I keep beating on this horse, but would really like to understand the NBA Salary Cap rules. I guess my question is, could Dr. Buss sign LBJ straight out and pay whatever fines. Kinda like in theory, or do rules expressly prohibit going over a certain amount PERIOD?
I am also a NY Yankee fan and George basically can buy whoever he wants if willing to pay fines, etc. It's kinda nice (if you are a NYY fan that is).

Every so often an event occurs that swings the sports pendulum back from the fickle fate of fantasy to reality. That is what we all “witnessed” last night in Boston when the Celtics embarrassed LeBron James and the Cavs and exposed ESPN’s legion of false kingmakers and tabloid basketball analysts as overreacting fools and foils. So before the national sports media put their self-serving spin on everything, here are LT’s hoops realities:
(1) KOBE BRYANT IS STILL THE BEST PLAYER - There is no doubt that LeBron James is a physical marvel, a small forward with the power and physicality of a power forward. But there is also no doubt that the guy has not yet learned – and may never learn – how to close out a critical game or series like Kobe Bryant has shown. Clutch players are born with an innate ability to perform under pressure rather than a trait they learned.
The Boston series this year and Orlando series last year showed that LeBron James is not ready for prime time as a player or leader. His play in the clutch was indecisive and his impact on teammates far from inspirational. It is very possible that LeBron will never win a championship and will end up being the Dominique Wilkins to Kobe Bryant’s Michael Jordan – a great player who could never find his way beyond personal achievements.
(2) THE REGULAR SEASON DOESN’T MATTER – Avery Johnson said it best during his post game analysis after the Celtics satisfying win last night: the regular season is boring, especially for elite teams like the Lakers. Once the playoffs start, you can basically throw out the regular season results. The playoffs are a completely different environment that requires a completely different mentality and approach to be successful.
The Celtics and Lakers both realized that and rested players the last week of the regular season even though it cost them in terms of seeding and home court advantage because they knew the playoffs are like a new season. Teams who never enjoyed success in the playoffs like the Cavs, Jazz, and Suns still have not learned that lesson. That is why the Cavs stumbled and succumbed to the pressure of the playoffs and were exposed as pretenders.
(3) TALL BALL STILL TRUMPS SMALL BALL – In the NBA like many aspects of modern life, size matters. Bigger and longer is better. Advantages in height and length on offense translate into easier shots, higher shooting percentages, and more offensive rebounds and free throw attempts. Greater height and length on defense equals more deterred, altered, and blocked shots and fewer offensive rebounds and foul calls.
It is not a coincidence that the best two teams in the playoffs and the favorites to meet in the NBA Finals are also the two teams with the biggest advantage in height and length – the Lakers and the Celtics. Teams playing small ball often enjoy success in the regular season only to lose to bigger teams in the playoffs, who dominate inside and post huge advantages in points in the paint, second chance points, and rebounding differential.
(4) HOME COURT ADVANTAGE STILL COUNTS – One of the toughest tasks to accomplish in the NBA is to win the rubber game of a 7-game series on the road, which means that teams without a home court advantage are almost always forced to win the series in 6-games to avoid facing that tough 7th game in a hostile arena. That’s why last night’s game was so important to the Celtics to win. They didn’t want to return to Cleveland.
Home Court Advantage is why I will be rooting for the Boston Celtics to defeat the Orlando Magic so they will be the Lakers opponents in the 2010 NBA Finals. If we play the Magic, game 7 would be in Orlando. If we play the Celtics, game 7 would be in LA. I would much rather face Boston even with the Finals 2-3-2 schedule. Win the first 2 at home, steal 1 of 3 on the road, and return home for a game 6 closeout with game 7 insurance.

MM... “Guys, A new post is up. I also just changed the settings to allow 100 comments on one page. Figured it'd be easier than having to click multiple pages.” Thanks, Mark, but what we need is a single page option. That would make our life much easier. Thanks.

Don't forget me MM, thanks!


WesJoe, lakerfan

AND WRITE .... hahahaha

I can barely speak English!

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | May 14, 2010 at 12:11 PM

Posted by: lakerfan | May 14, 2010 at 12:14 PM

~~For your information, I did not post this. That's how dangerous we are today in this blog. We don't have any control on our handle somebody always act as an impostor. Mark Medina has totally lost control on the posters, perhaps they can ban some but still out to destroy this blog.

Another thing, one of these days you will have no more Edwin G. to read or kick around for we have been in this blog for too long. It is your time lakerfan to contribute more....

t sensei,

Sorry to drag you when I referred to Asian posters. I am referring to the trolls last night mentioned by DJ. If you are not a troll then my post does not refer to you.

DJ... NBA teams that are over the salary cap like the Lakers cannot sign any free agents for more than the MLE ($6M per year) and pretty much have to match salary dollars when trading with other teams. That means the Lakers cannot sign LeBron, Wade, or Bosh as free agents unless they are willing to settle for $6M per year. Nor can they trade for an elite player without giving up one of their elite players – likely Bynum, Gasol, or Odom.
Thus, the only way they could get another star player like a point guard would be to trade for them, giving up around the same amount of annual salary as they get back. If a player is a free agent, the team cannot trade him unless the player agrees to a sign and trade, which he might do because the team that owns his Bird rights can offer another year longer contract. Thus, Bosh might tell the Raptors that he would be willing to be traded to the Lakers via a sign and trade to get him more dollars and to get the Raptors some players in return.


Thanks! That helps!


Another hoop reality: Pau and Drew are not Kwame and Mihm. Phoenix is in for a rude awakening this time around.

And since you're a swell guy, your seat on the LBJ to LA bandwagon is reserved :) LTLF beat you to shotgun though.

The Lakers got the ball inside to Kwame Brown and the Lakers went 3-1. What do you think is going to happen with Bynum and Gasol catching it, Drop it or pound it IN?


Is this scenario possible? Look for a team who has a decent PG like Brooklyn Nets, Devin Harris, his salary is in the vicinity of 8M per annum although under contract up 2013. They may need veteran players, Lakers could go for sign and trade Fisher and Farmar plus Walton. Do you think that will work? This is just an example on other capable PG's our there.

I have also emphasized to look for PG's elsewhere outside of NBA. They may be playing in Europe who are fast, good 3 pt. shooters not named Rubio.

EDWIN... Your trade proposal could work if the Nets were willing to give up Harris for what they get in return. LTLF had a great post a while back that outlined how the lottery will have a big impact on which current point guards might be available if certain teams get the top pick and go for John Wall, a can’t miss point guard star. Like LTLF, I think we will not trade our front court advantage for a point guard. As Tom Daniels aptly pointed out, other than Magic, point guards have not traditionally been the difference maker as far as championships.

EJK... LOL. Save my empty seat on that LBJ bandwagon. I think it is only appropriate that LBJ’s bandwagon look like the Q after the Celtics eliminated the Cavs – lots of empty seats but no takers.

Eric Pincus,

"Lakers eased back the last couple of weeks since they couldn't catch Cavs - ended up getting bypassed by Orlando -- a mistake?"

San Antonio beat Dallas without the home court advantage
Utah beat Denver without the home court advantage
Boston beat Cleveland without the home court advantage

Good teams can win on the road. Home court may get your team a few more $ in ticket revenues, but it doesn't win you championships.

That is true also LakerTom, I will not trade Bynum...unless the exchange is equally great like D'Wade, CP3 or D'Williams coming to the Lakers. Even in Ricky Rubio, we have to evaluate ho RR could pare in NBA. However, I also believe we should infuse youth in the future Lakers. Don't imitate the Celtics in recruiting all the old foggies just to get over the hump.

By the way, Mike Brown is about to be fired by the Cavaliers and Mike Woodson of the Hawks got the walking papers too.

I am seeing Lebron, John Wall, Brook Lopez, Yi Jianlian in Brooklyn Nets uniform. If they can trade Devin Harris, Sean Williams and Courtney Lee for a Dwayne Wade or Joe Johnson, they will have a team to be reckon with.

Lebron needs to play with young talented players not with Shaq, Z and mo.

They will still need a strong back up at PF and PG.

Remember this is the Eastern Conference.

Celtics are a year older again, Hawks does not have a Coach and Joe Johnson, Cavs has lossed Lebron.

This means the 2nd, 3rd and 4th ranked team in the East can be gone mext year easily.

This is what LEBRON and WADE should be looking at and thinking hard. Right time to bolt out in a NEW NETS ARENA, NJ, NY, CHINA market and very rich RUSSIAN NBA owner! What a combination!!!

Evrything they ever wanted, MONEY, FAME and a chance at the NBA ring!!!

Orlando Magic in the East and the LA Lakers in the West are the only two teams that will stand up to them.

If I am Wade and Lebron, I will do it and unite in Brooklyn!!!

Blog Chaser Time Again... LOL

I jumped into the Hot Tub Time Machine, Fast Forwarded to the End of the Western Conference Finals and Uploaded Steve Nash's Press Conference:


Edwin Gueco:

You wrote: Another thing, one of these days you will have no more Edwin G. to read or kick around for we have been in this blog for too long. It is your time lakerfan to contribute more....

Response: Don't take posters seriously, especially, they don't know you neither do you know them. I do enjoy reading your posts and admire your passion for not only the game of BB but for the Lakers. If you quit then we will have to call you LBJ...hahaha. I personally find the trolls funny.....

cheers my "elder" blogger friend.

I wonder if we'll see more of this:


NJ-NY-CHINA Market!!! Brooklyn Nets!!

Lebron, John Wall, Lopez, Yi JianLian, and WADE!

I am sure Lebron and Wade are both tired of carrying the team by themselves alone.

I would like to see Kobe on Wade, Artest on Lebron, Bynum on Lopez, Gasol on YI and John Wall on???

PG are getting better, younger and matured these days in the draft.

Last two year's PG draft alone had:

Derick Rose, Russel Westbrook, Eric Gordon, Oj Mayo, George Hill, Goran Dragic, Mario Chalmers, Bayless, Agustin

Tyreke Evans, Stephen Curry, Brandon Jennings, Ricky Rubio, Jrue Holiday, Ty Lawson, Darren Colisson, Jonny Flynn, Jeff Teague and Rodrique Buobouis.

Fisher's playoff cluth games are special, but defense and regular season games needs an upgrade with all the young point guards he has to face.

Farmar is not the answer, Lakers PG need to be more bigger with a SG/PG combo skills, like Fisher only with length and quickness.

Eric Gordon would fit perfectly for the Lakers.

Staples 24,

China is a complicated market in Asia. There are a billion people and hundred million basketball followers but their per capita income is about $ 3,800/yr that's within the poverty limit category. To put it bluntly which may appear as an insult to Chinese but it is a reality in Asia that NBA goods sold locally are not the same goods sold in China or in Asia unless they are smuggled and goes in the black market. Would you believe I can buy Kobe's pair of shoes sold for $3, jerseys for 50 cents. It not the same quality but Every technology transferred from US whether outsourced, exported or stolen, it is mass produced in Asia by sweat shops, underground factories. It happens to genuine italian shoes and handbag, swiss made watches and cd, dvd. Therefore, when you refer to China market for Lebron/Dwade they are good names about to be Shanghied. lol!

Another thing, D'Wade & James are popular but they don't visit the place regularly. Kobe invested time of visiting Asia at least every year. He conducts clinic there that's why he became very popular figure during the Olympics.

Lastly, the best China player here is not Yi but it's Yao Ming.

As great as Bosh is, I will not trade Bynum for Bosh! LAKERS SIZE is MIGHT with BYNUM.

Gasol for Bosh is about even in talent, but Gasol is proven fit for the Lakers, so why make a change.

Odom for Bosh, maybe yes!

Phoenix 110, Boston 103 {Nov. 6, 2009}
Phoenix 116, Boston 98 {Dec. 30, 2009}

Please, LA, us Bostonians are begging you.....Beat Phoenix in the WCF!!!

We want absolutely NOTHING to do with those Phoenix Suns!!!!!!

Bynum needs to start playing lees games in the regular season like 60 games only to protect him from wearing down in the playoffs. As long as Gasol and odom are healthy Bynum's importance is in the playoffs!

It is where the bigs dominate, and MVP's do it all like Lebron James fades!!!

I am truly contented, highly satisfied with Bynum, Gasol, Odom, Artest and Kobe... I just need insurance. Lakers just need upgrade on two positions, starting PG and back SF/Sg! Lakers should have just signed Trevor and Artest at the same time last summer.

Ariza is the perfect reliever for Aretst and Kobe at both positions.

The perfect recruit this summer for the Lakers in terms of similarity would be somone like Trevor Ariza and Eric Gordon. It is like replacing Ariza with Ariza and Fisher with a younger more athletic body type.

D(erek)J(eter) - I forwarded your question to Mike Bresnahan, the Times' Lakers beat writer and this is what he said:

"Because the Lakers are well over the salary cap, they could only offer LBJ mid-level exception of about five years and $33 million, the exact dollar figure to be determined when the league releases financial parameters for next season's MLE contracts in July. In other words, he'd have to take a gigantic pay cut. Gigantic."


Lebron and his coach are now history tho' Lebron will be a hot topic in July F/A. The story of the week will be ECF Celtics vs. Magic and in WCF Lakers vs. Suns. Is this not the reason why teams go on draft pick, trades, paying high priced coaches to go for extended dance in late Spring. Mavs. Cuban spent 86M plus luxury taxes but got eliminated on 1st round, not good enough isn't it? NY Knicks spent 85M plus lux taxes but did not even get to the playoffs, that's bad ROR for the team. The best thing that could happen to them is DREAM of Lebron James who is a perennial loser and spend another hundred millions to covet another DREAM of going to NBA Finals. Poor New Yorkers and Brooklyn Nets all they do in the off season is DREAM.

who r all the scrubs in the pic above?

if LBJ can become Kobe and GET the KILLER INSTINCT practiced (LOL), our 3 wannabe point guards can become Rajon Rondo overnight. or a bastardization between RR and Nash.

but in that case what happens with KOBE-Nash? (i really find that kinda offensive, don't U - but i guess it's their inside joke)

>>>The perfect recruit this summer for the Lakers in terms of similarity would
>>>be somone like Trevor Ariza and Eric Gordon.

You know, if you're really going to pine for people that the Lakers are almost certainly not going to acquire, why don't you think bigger and say the perfect recruits are Dwyane Wade to back Kobe up and Deron Williams to start at PG. The Lakers are about as likely to acquire those two as Ariza and Gordon.


>>>"Because the Lakers are well over the salary cap, they could only offer LBJ
>>>mid-level exception of about five years and $33 million,...

But that's only as a free agent. In a sign-and-trade, the Lakers could offer LeBron exactly as much as Cleveland could. It's just a matter of whether Bronnie wants to play for the best coach with the best team in the league. He has the power to force a sign and trade if he really wanted it.

To be honest, I think his ego's still too big to team up with Kobe, or any other player who's ever led their team to a title (e.g. Wade) and who's still relevant (e.g. Shaq wasn't). He'd probably be willing to team up with Bosh or Dwight Howard, as they've never won anything. But he doesn't want to be seen as having ridden on anyone's coattails, and if he came to the back-to-back champion Lakers, it would certainly look that way.

If the Nets gets John Wall, Devin Harris will be available. Would Lakers or Nets be interested with a swap of C and PG?

Bynum/Brown for Lopez/Harris

After Dwight Howard, I think the best young Centers in the league at 2nd and 3rd are Bynum and Lopez.

But Bynum has more upside in dominating the defensive end in the future if he remains healthy.

While Devin Harris is a better all around player than Shannon Brown and Brown is a better suited back up for John Wall. Harris can start at PG for the Lakers. Getting Lopez would even out the loss of Bynum in terms of size at the middle.

Would this be a trade that works out for both teams?

That photo is cracking me up. It looks like Phil is really working these guys.


I can't stop laughing at all the delusional Suns fans. I actually had one say to me "you don't have to be tall to win basketball games." Ummm, last time checked, it certainly helped. And the fantasy of the matchups being in their favor. Who's going to stop Kobe? Who's going to stop Gasol if Kobe is slowed down? It's a never ending parade of foolishness. Please, hurry up Monday! I'm sick of this!

Ok, so what if Labron insists the Cavs do a sign and trade with,
the Celtics!

-If Roland Lazenby is to be believed, LA's on Lebron's radar, apparently. I don't see it happening, but hey, we got Pau for Kwame, we got Shaq and Kobe the same year, we even traded Norm for Byron. Strange stuff can and will happen. This is LA, and its the Lakers.

-WesJoeNixon, I'm glad he's working this particular set of players. These are some of the guys that need it, especially for this series.

I think 2 weeks from now, you should see a similar photo, but with Lamar and Ron in it too. Magic or Celtics, were gonna need those guys to show and prove...

This Blog is becoming DELUSIONAL!!!! I may have looked into the future with my Hot Tub Time Machine link to Steve Nash's Post-Series Press Conference (, but I'm still concerning myself with the current championship run.

Instead of Staying on Target, LAKERS' NEXT RING, many of you are now deluding yourselves that somehow LeWhimp could be clothed in Purple and Gold...

With all the roll players the Cavs added, he still couldn't make them a championship caliber team. I personally don't want "Gene, Gene The Dancing Machine" on the Lakers.

He's Egotistical Enough in Cleveland, How Big Do You Think His Head Would Be in LA? You don't see Kobe, Pau, Lamar,et al, dancing at timeouts.

If he became a Laker, we'd have to replace the Diamond Vision Scoreboard with the Studio 54 Disco Ball!

Here's an Idea: Let's Make LeWhimp an Offer to be the Lead Dancer & Choreographer of the Laker Girls!!!!

Go Lakers! One, Two, Three, Dominate!!!!!

As for the role players in the caption photo for this post, there should be a cartoon bubble next to Sasha holding his head as follows:

"Oh Sh!T! I forgot to walk Maria's Shih Tsu! Phil, Phil! I have to leave practice early today. Maria will be sooooo pissed..."

Just funnin' you Sasha.

I Wish You'd Score As Well On The Court As You Have Off The Court...

Go Lakers! One, Two, Three, DOMINATE!!!!!

Re: your Hoops Realities - awesome, as always. When are you going to start your own hoops blog? Seriously. I think you should.

We're only carrying 13 players and of those, there's a few that could easily get PT someplace else, but don't here. I'm really hoping that we grow our talent pool this summer. We've got scouts and player personnel but there's always an emphasis here on players who are ready to pay dividends sooner rather than later. It's understandable, we're a championship team with veteran players, HOF coach, giant payroll, etc... and the expectations are always very high. But, we need to plant seeds and water them for the future, especially given the payroll situation and rapidly aging key players. So, euro player, second rounders, d-leaguers, etc.. I'd love to see a special coach whose main function is developing a "third unit" that's being actively groomed for the post-Phil, post-Kobe era.

thanks pfunk36 for holding the fort this morning

i missed the inside-out indigestion. r we still regurgitating the same GAME PLAN?

Utah series - was Fisher redeeming

Suns series - the bigs have to be redeemed

i hope we can make it to the finals - any KOBE TIME left?

we've seen how NO-JJohnson time expired in Atlanta and how LBJ made his team better. EVEN Shaq got better. he had 21 points in one game. yesterday Mo got better while Jamario Moon, after scoring like 5 points in a row, started to be heralded as the spark HERO who traveled the world from team to team. only LBJ did not get better. it is a short time: 48 min. +48 min. +48 min. (game 4-6) to make TEAM better and to develop the KILLER INSTINCT.

remember, one commentator called him the 1/2 alpha-dog.

they did NOT need the MVP yesterday. just a cold blooded killer. unfortunately it was MIA.

Thanks to MM and LTLF, gotcha.

Sorry whoever, not sold on Drew at all. He's way too complacent and very oft injured. Wasn't a factor in our 2008 run and our 2009 Championship. Time to trade, that is if we're not too late to get value: Bosh or CP3.

Lebron should quit the NBA and join the Dancing with the Stars. Maybe he can win there!

Quick note: all that think this Finals Championship is going to be a walk in the park better take off those Purple and Gold colored glasses.

Follow up: I think we can win it all, but I think guys are gonna have to step up. Fisher stepped his play up big so far, that's super. We need Artest and Odom and Drew to be the players that they can be.


That's funny. You know when LBJ, in my opinion, dissed the Bulls and got into it with Noah for dancing during a timeout late in a game when Cavs were up big was very poor judgment and is just another reason to dislike LBJ.

Hey guys we got a post coming up in like 20 minutes


Helllo my fellow LAKER FANATICS!!!

I now know why Lebron sucked during the playoffs, he was too busy perfecting his RIVER DANCE!

Check it out:

hey guys we got a new post up


Dave M.

Yes, that's a good idea. How about Lakers investing a team and compete in the Euro League or perhaps have some tie-ups with Euro team to exchange players who are already out of the draft status. How many players in the league both college, d'league, euro and south american league are willing to play with the Lakers for peanuts. I have been clamoring for a report from the scouts so far that is the area not discussed in the blog. All we have been chasing are those marquee players at high cost.

"I have also emphasized to look for PG's elsewhere outside of NBA. They may be playing in Europe who are fast, good 3 pt. shooters not named Rubio.

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | May 14, 2010 at 01:52 PM"

That's true, and it's my belief that a foreign player may be more apt to pick up the triangle offense, as opposed to the slamjams which most young American players worship.

" As Tom Daniels aptly pointed out, other than Magic, point guards have not traditionally been the difference maker as far as championships.
Posted by: LakerTom | May 14, 2010 at 02:06 PM"

Especially in the Triangle offense.

I think there are 2 free agents who Lakers should make a run at, you never know, one is so young, his salary will be minimal, or probably twice minimal...and that would be Wesley Matthews. The other, I read is nearing 30 years old and hasn't earned $10 million in his career yet, I like him because he is versatile and has attitude, Matt Barnes. Both will be offered contracts probably signifacantl raises from their 09-10 contracts, but draw them here with the allure of playing with the Lakers. As I said earlier, put Walton into coach in training mode, with the option to activate him when needed. His back problem sounds like it's serious. As for all the talk about Lebron somehow coming to the Lakers, I would not go for it if it meant giving up any of our top 6 players, the only way, the Crab should come to the Lakers is to swallow his pride and take the mid level. Same as Artest did, and act as Artest has, a model citizen, who is going to be a role player until he is needed. He needs to definitely eat some "Humble Pie"....

About the Suns, I think we go big and stay big, eventually, they will tire and will never get a rebound. We even have Congo Cash and Josh Powell to stay big, don't let them rust, we may need them in the finals. The 36 year old Nash is amazing, but he will not be able to win a series against a focused well coached, well planned series plan prepared Laker team, and they should be with the time off, Our time was spent healing and preparing, their time was spent dreaming. An upset will never happen. I'll even go so far as to say that they Suns could win the first 2 but the Lakers would still win the series.

MM announced another post up, I just killed another post, this one....



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